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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 28, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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will be among our guests. thank you for being with us. see you here tomorrow night. good night from new york. trish: american special forces successfully taking count most of wanted terrorist in the world on the orders of president donald trump. i'm trish regan. major historic success. but no good deed goes unpunished. i want you to see the coverage. if you saw it, would you think it had nothing to do with president trump whatsoever. >> strategically donald trump isis back significantly. >> he sound not like a president of the united states. he sounded like saddam hussein
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after torturing people. he sound like more march today today ofive after he would torture people. >> we can at least agree the world is a better place without this guy tonight. the special-ops or whoever they are did this, maybe he should back off and stop brag big it so much. >> the most of after he grow just behavior came cour courtesf the "washington post." this is the headline they ran about the brutal isis leader, calling him a quote austere, religious scholar. no mention of terrorists in that original headline. they had a bunch of different headlines because they got in so much trouble over this one. you read this obit and it sounds
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like a nice piece on him. an austere religious scholar with wire-rimmed glassed and no apartmentr known apartment tide for -- and no known aptitude for fighting. it was unbelievable watching the media coverage. seeing this piece in "the washington post." this is a big, big deal. this guy was a big, big threat. and you know, credit where credit is due, yet they are going to resist even on something like this? >> of course they are. they are giving new meaning to the old i amo ex -- the old expression, dumb as a post. you take a mass murderer, a monster that we don't seep very
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many times in the world. to kill thousands and terrorize people throughout the middle east. he gets better treatment in the obit than donald trump gets every day. greg sargeant was critical of the language trump used. they can't help themselves. trish: he did something america should cheer. but they can't bring themselves to cheer because to say that this is a good thing, somehow that justifies donald trump being in the oval office. don't they run the risk even in doing things like this, do they lose the shred, the ounce of credibility that they might still have? >> it will be great if americans
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can come together and cheer this. it did happen under this president. but calling the most of wanted terrorist in the world a religious scholar is akin to calling jeffrey dahmer a culinary enthusiast. they can issue as many corrections as they want and change the headline, but the damage has been done. the rest of the coverage is almost as bad as the trump der ringment syndrome at its finest or at its worst. this is like comparing it to the coverage where under the obama administration we were able to out osama bin laden the world cheered. but this is embarrassing. trish: it's something we should be excited about, the world can sleep easier knowing this guy is
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gone from the world. the said it happened in spite of his ineptitude as commander-in-chief. that is the line that the media seems to be going with. >> that's their narrative. their narrative, trump never does anything right. so their narrative is by default. they will celebrate his failures, target him for anything he does day to day, and never give him credit. if you turn on cnn, they already moved back to you've crane. trish: that was the news that came out this afternoon. the dimms saying they are going to get this impeachment back on the belt. we didn't change our lead, our
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lead was to focus on what success happened for the world, donald trump and the usa played in all of that. to point out this unfairness in the media. but the other big story going on is the dems are trying to divert attention away from the extraordinary news that the head of isis is taken out under this president. and then they announce they are seeking to move forward on articles of impeachment. we in this business know what they are up to. they could have let this wait a little bit. or were they that desperate to get right back to impeachment. >> as soon as donald trump announced his candidacy they have been doing this. every time donald trump has a success they divert their attention and distract the american people.
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if this wasn't a victory for donald trump, it wasn't just a victory for president trump. under president trump isis was grawshed all areas it controls. the military loves donald trump. the world should love donald trump and the administration and the special forces for what they have done. but the democrats can't give him any credit. all they can think about are themselves and this witch hunt. trish: last night it felt like impeachment was a month ago because everything changed in the world. i think the democrats sensed that. they wanted to control the news cycle. they think they have something there on impeachment. but they keep coming up empty hand. does the american public see through it? >> the more things that happen,
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the american public see through it. the media lets them control the narrative because this is the narrative the media wants to push. "the washington post" head shine, the final headline was calling al-baghdadi an extremist. if they call him a terrorist, they have to give donald trump a terrorist. they minimize mice success, maximize failure. that's the media narrative. fail to compare notes, they all do it. trish: more incredible details emerging on this unbelievablal baghdad yesterday raid. president trump says he may declassify part of the video.
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president trump: he died after running into a dead end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. he was a sick and depraved man. and he died in a vicious and violent way as a coward, running and crying. he died like a dog. he died like a coward. the world is now a much safer place. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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president trump: abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead. u.s. special forces operations forced executed a daring nighttime raid in western syria and accomplished their mission in grand style. he died like a dog. he died like a coward. the world is now a much safer place. trish: pretty amazing stuff. president trump announcing u.s. forces killed abu bakr al-baghdadi. the strategic success coming after the president announced he
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was pulling troops from the area where abu bakr al-baghdadi was found. he predicted the president's move to withdraw move would not impair our ability to combat isis, even in syria. watch this. >> the resurgence of isis is probably the big thing on our mind. but we have to remember that isis is mostly an iraq phenomenon. they enjoy strategic depth in syria. we are able to handle that from just over the tbhoard iraq where most of of these troops are going. trish: from all reports this was all tabled out of iraq. d this was all -- this was all staged out of iraq. barr you said we could do our job and go after isis without
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having to patrol the whole you ard the wholeturkish, syrian bo. >> this is a strong indication of the president's move last week. we do retain the ability to hit them hard when we need to. number two, turkey, the incredible importance of repairing that alliance that we talked about last week. all the while, maintaining our tactical working relationship with the kurds that we were working with there. number four, russia, judo move against the judo master. trish: we needed that russian air space to get our guys in. that took a comes efforts. >> urn doubtedly.
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i don't think we could have done that without the collaboration with the turks that dominate the idlib province. trish: are talk about the operation. they were going into what they knew would be a dangerous situation. they knew this terrorist would be wearing a suicide vest. everybody around him would have a suicide vest. they went in with none other than a military dog. but we have one that was declassified. the president tweeting out a picture of this dog involved in this abu bakr al-baghdadi open a racial. they had to fly through this russian air space. ways all that like? >> it's not all too unfamiliar to guys now. they have been going after guys suicide vests sport last 10-15
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years. we have been using dogs for a long time. in the iraq war i flew deep behind enemy lines in the same scenario. you know your job, you are focused, you know what you have to done you are waiting to execute. trish: what was this place like. i know you spent time there. you traveled to this place where al-baghdadi was hanging out. what was it like then? >> it looked much like it does right now. some of the pictures we have seen on the news. a land of olive groves. very traditional part of syria. i had gone there because i wanted to see if there was any likelihood of the syrian revolution being secular and democratic. at the time it was. after five years of tir able bloodshed radicalized a lot of
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people. trish: you got the guy running the troops, al-baghdadi, out of the picture. >> it's not just taking him out of the picture. everything will be taken off that target. they will have cds, physical handwritten notes, thumb drives, and lots of information on the state of his health, their uniform, their equipment. the people coming off to interrogate will lead to a lot of follow-on operations and degrade isis' capability a lot. trish: the guy turning around syria right now is not a person we like. he did cross that red line. can he help us in this fighter against isis? we don't want our troops there and we don't want isis springing up all over the world. i can't imagine the turks want
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isis, or assad, or the russians. can they do more to work together to get their region under control? >> i don't know that we can have high hopes from assad. the great syrian revolution was the main threat to assad. and they were up begins isis. prerevolution was fighting isis. so assad aligned himself with isis. trish: who will go after isis if we are not there doing it. >> we are. we should joed we are. trish: you had people in iraq and other parts of syria? >> absolutely. but then there is the big strategic reason for isis.
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sunni disaffection. it is fear of the shiia among sunnis. we need to continue to be tough against iran and its moves that are doing so much to create progress for isis. trish: a tremendous victory for freedom, for our country, and yet for the president. attorney general bill barr exclusively responding to far left adam schiff's attack. >> bill barr on the president's behalf is weaponizing the justice department to go after the president's enemies. he don't just seek to prosecute the losing side. bill barr is demonstrating he's merely a tool of the president. not a representative of the american people. trish: our next guest says this
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for online u.s. equity trades. >> some of the countries john durham thought might have some information or helpful with his investigation wanted preliminarily to talk to me about the scope of the investigation and how i intended to handle confidential information and so forth. so i initially discussed those matters with these countries and introduced them to john durham and established a channel by which mr. durham can obtain assistance from those countries.
8:26 pm
trish: you are hearing from attorney general barr. he spoke exclusively with fox on how he and john durham did meet with intel agencies overseas. joining me now, former u.s. attorney doug cummings, and terry kirk. what do you think is going on here. what role would italian intelligence play in john durham's investigation? >> this is an intelligence investigation that began overseas. in any intelligence case what you are looking for is to cut through the layers that were put into effect intentionally to keep you from getting to the original sources. because remember intelligence operation is designed to go after somebody and put them in a lot of trouble. this is a whose kyle intelligence operation directed at the president.
8:27 pm
i think the interviewed overseas helped them cut through layers of all kind of people of and helped the attorney general get a much better feel for what he's dealing with. trish: i don't think any of us know. but, bud, it seemed to me to be somewhat straightforward in that you probably had some overzell sauce people there on the intelligence side that did want to paint this president in a bad light, they were overzealous and worried even before he became the president. that's why you had the nice a warrant. a fisa warrant that was put together with some shoddy research that had never been double or triple checked. which you would think our fbi would do. help me think through what italy and some of these other countries might be offering to bill barr and to john durham
8:28 pm
right now. >> you mentioned the intel people that were involved in this. they are going to fall into several categories. some of them are going to be fellow travelers. they would be sympathetic to the cause and trying every way they could to help set up this president. others may be useful idiots. i don't know which is which. but we know it had begun with information that comes from overseas. we know christopher steele was not a u.s. citizen. he was supposedly gathering information from russia and other non-u.s. certain seasons. we knee non-' u.s. citizens were involved in setting up george papadopoulos. there are a lot of questions to be asked overseas. we know the obama administration went to the same ukrainian government and asked them for information just like president trump did about paul manafort.
8:29 pm
that's not necessarily wrong, it's not wrong for the president to ask for information. it wasn't wrong for the obama administration. but it raises a lot of questions and they are obligated to go investigate. trish: trying to figure out what happened in 2016. you have got the democrats saying the russians manipulated the election. donald trump is saying, i'm innocent. and the mueller report prove that. he's trying to figure out what did happen in 2016 and who was intentionally trying to conspire against him or members of his team. he has a right to know, and the american people have a right to know. but i have a feeling a lot of people on capitol hill will say this is all politics.
8:30 pm
the president trying to talk to anyone in ukraine or the attorney general barr, talking to the i tall janians. this is just politics and a misuse of power. what do you say to those making those accusations. >> it's not a misuse of the attorney general or the department of justice. this is his job. we should thank god he's around and is competent and capable and has the confidence to do this. we'll know that attorney general barr is right in the middle of this. when he goes up there to talk to him he won't be able to say i didn't know. he's in the middle of this investigation to get to the truth. over the decade attorney generals have always been in the middle of cases. attorney general janet reno was as familiar with the uni-bomber as anyone. she even made the final decision
8:31 pm
to publish the manifesto. to convey as adam shiver and jerry nadler -- adam schiff and jerry nadler are trying to do, it's quite phoney. anybody who has done this and been in this work for years knows they are being salute phoneys. trish: democrats scrambling to flip the narrative from president trump's isis victory to impeachment of course. my next guest says it's absolutely positively shameful. congressman louie gohmert is here. he's telling us why democrats are saying they are going to hold an impeachment vote next. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture.
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trish: 24 hours after president trump makes history, having announced the death of the leader of isis by the you have s. military under his watch, the
8:36 pm
democrats are scrambling to shift the attention back to impeachment. louie gohmert sits on the judiciary house committee. so he should be able to attend the secret impeachment hearings. but the democrats banned him. good to have you back. you have been band from a lot of those secret hearings. but apparently it may soon get out in the open. they say they will have a vote on the whole thing now. >> there is only one reason for that, and i have been saying it for months. the only way they would go public with this information and start allowing the public to know what they are doing hund closed doors if they have seen the polls that the american people are turning on them and realizing this star chamber is not appropriate. i think the's what we are
8:37 pm
seeing. the american public is saying this isn't fair. there is supposed to be due process. and the president as much as we don't like him, he's not getting due process. trish: it may have something to do with the news cycle. right? president trump took out the head of isis? how do you come back from that one? >> absolutely, trish. you are right about that, too. trish: it's a runaway news cycle. can't let that happen, right? >> you are exactly right. trish: one thing nancy pelosi was upset about was that she didn't get a heads up. they didn't hear about this ahead of time. and our troops had to through through russian air space. we needed to let you continue
8:38 pm
know before nancy pelosi. how do you react to that? >> my thoughts went back to the meeting they had in the cabinet room when the speaker food up and started yelling sat president trump. when i found out this has been in the works for weeks, then he had to know if he was entertaining a thought at talking about it at that time, i am sure when he got yelled at by her as she stormed fought for the cameras outside. that thought went away pretty quickly. i am not somebody i would trust. she is all about politics. they would put our military members at risk if they tried to hurt the president instead of protecting our military. trish: she is out there trying to impeach him.
8:39 pm
that's what's going on here. so how can you trust her with that information knowing that she is work overtime to get you out of office? >> when you know people are conspiring to get you out of office and three years of trying to say you conspired with the russians fell through, now they are making up something else, then you know these are not people you can trust. by the way, trish, you were having this story earlier and brought up the obituary by "the washington post." i haven't heard anybody mention this. but that was a slapdown of president trump. you go back to 2014. he was saying the islamic state is not islamic. and i said a number of types back then, on the one hand you have president trump no with no degrees in islamic studies and you have al-baghdadi with a phd in islamic studies.
8:40 pm
i think he knows more than president obama and he says they are islamic. when "the washington post" says al-baghdadi was an austere religious scholar, yes. then that is saying al-baghdadi knew and montana obama was purely ignorant. trish: it was a terrible headline and i was shocked when i saw it. this is what the media has become. to not label him what he was right away, that was not truthful. >> but they are exposing themselves, trish. the more they have trump derangement syndrome, president trump. the president's orders. the most of they expose how much they hate him and they are willing to put america at risk.
8:41 pm
our constitutional self government at risk just to slap down one man. trish: this is a time to rejoice and feel great about the country and what our military just did. a lot more coming up. >> i never discussed my business or their business, my sons or daughters'. i never discussed them. where i have to do my job and that's it. and they have to make their own judgments. he was already on the board. great riches will find you when liberty mutual
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trish: an explosive report revealing senator joe biden used his leverage to intervene on behalf of his son's lobby's efforts to government departments. then senator bind reached out to the department of justice and homeland security. joe biden maintaining he knew nothing about his son's business dealing. joining me, former nevada state gop chair, amy tarkanian.
8:46 pm
amy, you know, it keeps getting worse for joe biden, all thanks to his son. >> yes, i believe it's only going to continue to snowball. especially with the appearance of the impropriety going on. let's take a step back and ask, why would hunter bind out of all the possible jobs he could possibly try to fill and want to do for a profession. why would he choose lobbying. pretty convenient. trish: the path of least resistance. it seems pretty convenient. because he also partnered up with one of joe biden's former political aides. somebody who was close to the senator himself. so you have people who are going to be lobbying possibly on issues his father would have power and control over. and a big influence over.
8:47 pm
>> i started off saying things are getting worse for him because of his son. not just his son. it's him. why would you make those phone calls if the reports are true on behalf of your son and his firm. whatever happened to church and state. >> it's bad, trish. i can't come on national television and defend these actions so i'm not going to. this looks bad. this is part of why money and politics is such a problem. i have great respect now for john kerry's son who had the decency to say no to all those opportunities that came his way when was father's name was giving him these kind of offers. deputy number of and money in politics what% me to my core. trish: it feeds in to what
8:48 pm
elizabeth warren has been saying, making it harder for joe tbhiend this primary lineup. she is talking about how big business is so corrupt. donald trump has been pointing out the corruption in washington, d.c. elizabeth warren does the same with big business and d.c. this plays right to her narrative. do you think joe biden is no longer going to be the chosen one for the democratic party? >> correct. i believe elizabeth warren is making a smart move in this area. and i don't believe joe biden will be the nominee. many of my democratic friends who once were supporting joe, they are actually wavering. trish: i heard that quite a bit. the democrats' options for the top of the ticket are looking slimmer and slim.
8:49 pm
you have bill clinton's former visor saying hillary clinton could jump back in thanks to her belief in a higher power. >> if the ghost hillary clinton gets into the election. i think she wants to. she feels compelled to do it. she feels god put her on the earth to do it. but she's hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad. trish: there is a religious calling here. robin, does she wind up getting in? do we go to a brokered convention? >> that scares me a great deal. but i don't think she'll do that? i don't think the vote letters be having anything to do with
8:50 pm
that. as far as calling to serve, i get. that's why politicians should run when they feel that calling. but she has been doing it -- trish: she has been doing it for a while. >> we need some new blood. trish: you guys are trying. but you get the sense maybe they are eating their own here. the viciousness in politics makes it very, very challenging. who do you predict will get it? >> it's hard to tell. ism going to say at this point it does look like elizabeth warren. i'm i am hoping somebody else will couple. maybe use. you are hearing a little bit of excitement for their pete. of course, i'll be voting for president trump, hands down. trish: he's not like a full-blown capitalist who wants
8:51 pm
to destroy what has made our country the success it is. trish: robin? >> probably elizabeth warren. but i'm rooting for amy klobuchar. she is talking common sense. she is hitting her stride. i'm hoping she'll have a breakout moment. but i believe it will be elizabeth honestly. trish: a sneak peek at what's coming up and the top of kennedy's hour. kennedy: a brutal wildfire scenario in california. how much of that is a failure of government and how much, it exacerbate the homeless problems in the state. it's trumpet monday. trish now there are real trump pets. kennedy: it's like a chore us of
8:52 pm
angels in here. trish: john legend is on the verge of releasing a new version of "baby it's cold outside."
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trish: welcome back time for trending with trish, joining us, kat timpf. timpf. i know you are not a big christmas music fan. >> i'm not. trish: i am, this song i really like. you are not supposed to because it is politically incorrect, baby it's cold outside, it a great song, you know my head never went there, everyone said it was not pc, i thought yeah maybe but i never thought of it like that. you now have me new musicians. >> kelly clarkson and john legend. >> a more sensitive feminist
8:57 pm
version of the song, i don't like christmas music. instead for mariah carey all i want for christmas to you and greatest christmas song carol of the bells, i listen to it in july, if you look hard enough at anything, you will be offended. trish: for me, christmas music is part of december, but the lyrics of new song there is one line, it is your body and your choice, to me that is graphic, the other song i was not paying attention, this one, you know, i know they are putting it out there. >> right, like that almost less appropriate to like, i am like okay. >> i don't top play that song -- i don't top play what song, if i were little and i listened to, that i would be what do you mean. the other one i would not. trish: kat has banned hand
8:58 pm
clapping in favor of jazz hands. >> second university in uk that has done this, who feels uncomfortable with clapping? i feel less comfortable with a roomful of people going like this, that is scary. people clap. >and everyone wentlike that. >> that would freak me out, how about people like me who are triggered by jazz hands, if you can't handle clapping this is fine, but take yourself out of college, go handle that issue, clapping is part of your life. >> a new study reveals half of their day cannot start their day positively without a cup of coffee. >> i don't think it is a problem for mean as far as addictions i never heard anyone say i lost my wife and kids and held up a bank for coffee, it okay. i tell myself that.
8:59 pm
i can't funke function until i e two cups. reporter: it is no not so bad te addicted. >> trish: last one, a bus schall sd up by a sinkhole. >> i used to when i did comedy and really broke and doing stand up, i was living on buses, i was on a bus. buses are a miserable place to be, they are very -- they attract a lot of strange people there is no internet, they are uncomfortable, i feel awful for complaining about request bus experience -- for any bus experience i i was, i never got stuck in a sinkhole. where is this in. trish: pittsburgh. >> i felt ungrateful. >> thank you kat, we have big week coming ub, senator marco
9:00 pm
rubio, and greg jarrett, and mike huckabee, congressman dog collins, a lot mere, see you at 10:00. kennedy begins next. kennedy: the leader of isis is dead, dead as a doornail, how did u.s. forces pull off this amazing mission? president trump announced u.s. special operation forces tracked down and killed abu bakr al-baghdadi. who woke up -- hit hitler's barnicles on his taint in hell. he was whimperring and crying before he blew himself up and


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