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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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just can't talk. lou: that's it for us tonight. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. trish: the division on capitol hill deepens thanks to the democrats push to impeach the president. we are less than 24 hours from the first housewide vote on impeachment. >> are they going to get to vote? >> i think we have trivialized impeachment. it's an extraordinary remedy and traumatic for the country. it should only be imposed
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cautiously. pursued cautiously, and the final decision should be made on the basis of what's in the best interest of america. let's assume for a moment you think donald trump is terrible for america and they don't agree with him on anything. what is the right approach for our country? to defeat him at the ballot box or put the country through this process that has not been transparent. they are just leaking for every day as they see fit. trish: you have 63 million votes you are trying to undo. to think carefully about that, what kind of precedent is set. of course, i made the comparison, it feels like we are a little bit latin america. the banana republic that can't get their act together as
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opposed to the united states of america. >> you think about the precedent that's set. that's a great point. what will happen, both parties, any time there is somebody who gets elected. they immediately jump on it and they will pursue impeachment as a way to bring them down as opposed to beating them at ballot box. here is the main point. these people should think about it before they vote. the american people did not send them here to spend their time on partisan investigations. they want people working on the things that matter to them, the people. not thing that matter to them. so at the end, i hope they will take that into account. john bolton, let me ask you about him. we heard he was not very happy with rudy giuliani and this president and what was going on in ukraine. and he expressed those concerned
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with fiona hill who told congress about that. do you think john bolton will testify next week? he has been subpoenaed. >> i have no idea. up sure he will do whatever the law requires him to do. i don't blame you for asking the question. but we are operating on the basis of opening statements given by witnesses and answers that the democrats have chosen to leak to the press. we are not seeing all the evidence put together in its entirety. we are operating on the basis of what they have chosen to tell us. and i assure you what they are leak is favorable to the theme and narrative they have chosen. trish: will that happen if there is a formal impeachment inquiry
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vote? will america get the chance to see what's going on down there? >> eventually they will have to do something public and go to the floor and vote on articles of impeachment and eventually they will have to be a vote in the senate. but part of it is let's leak out information so we can impact public opinion so we can make more democrats and a couple republicans feel safer about voting for impeachment. this is about creating the environment so more democrats feel comfortable doing it. trish: you are work on trying to look at how american pensions
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are invested in china. >> i will start with the federal pension. our members of the military and members of congress, employees, they all contribute to the federal thrift savings plan that's heavily invested in china. chinese companies that don't allow us to see their books and audit them the way we would any other company in the world. american investment dollars are being invested so they can steal from us. when you have millions of american government workers whose retirement fund can be wiped out if they decide to wipe them out? they don't operate under the same rules other companies operate under. i think it's crazy. trish: from many different levels we should be thinking hard about what investment we are putting into china.
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let me turn to our trade deal with china which was supposed to be signed by apec in chile. chile was the one country, senator, that seemed to be okay, now chile is a problem, too. >> a lot of this action is the result of some decisions made that raised the cost of living on people. there is reason to suspect that left-wing elements from cuba and venezuela are involved in stoking these protests in chile and ecuador and involved in events in argentina and the recent election that appears to have been stolen in bolivia. the trade deal, it doesn't matter where they seen it. but the biggest problem is allegedly the chinese are saying
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they will do certain things but they won't publicly agree to it. getting a public and signed commitment has proven harder. these are the games they have played for a long time. this administration has been good about standing up to it. they will sign anything then they won't comply. that's hong kong. trish: what's going on in venezuela? it seeped like one point it was on track for regime change. that hasn't happened. if anything it's kind of taken a turn for the worst. we are getting reports that the precious oil, pdvsa is looking to the russians for investment. record from the russian media that russians are preparing to buy all of pdvsa. the chinese are investing down there right here in our hemisphere. what's the plan?
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>> they are -- their production capacity is badly debilitated. it began a long time ago because they stole the money instead reinvesting it in the company like you normally would. the russians have been taking the venezuelan crude and reselling it on the global market to avoid sanctions. it's no longer a source of revenue for theft that it once was. the regime is stuck. they can't travel abroad, they can't access millions of dollars. their relatives can't travel like they used to. they have no way out of a situation. american sanctions, as long as donald trump is president aren't going anywhere until they have free and fair elections. trish: we run the risk of the
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russians go in there and get it all? how do we make sure we created a problem there. and we haven't created. we have been trying to deal with it. how do we make sure countries that are not our friends don't establish a big presence in our country? >> they have a presence there, but let me tell you with the presence is. they owe the chinese and russians a billion dollars. the way venezuela is paying that is not cash, it's oil. they are giving it as barter payment for the debt they already owe. they are really trapped. you see the constraint. you see the maduro regime had to dollarize the economy so people who have access to dollars can go into stores and buy things at inflated prices. everyone else is starving.
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trish: you will find out what senator rubio thinks about ilhan omar. coming up. you will hear senator riewb yoaps reaction. the liberal media. >> how do they tell president trump's allies, attacking the patriotism of a purple heart recipient. >> i wonder if those attacking the lieutenant colonel served in uniform. trish: the liberal media didn't make a people when hillary clinton called tulsi gabbard a russian agent.
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trish: house democrats prepare a resolution to bring their secret impeachment inquiry into the light. democrats plan to wrap this impeachment process up before the end of the year. joining me to unmake it, geraldo, rivera. they are getting ready for their big vote tomorrow. they think they have the votes. if they do, do you think it will provide more clarity into this process. >> i think the charade is a perfect way of putting it. this is a foreordained conclusion. i would submit this has been the
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foreordained conclusion since the moment he was declared the winner of the november 2016 election. they tried russia collusion for 2 1/years. now for the last month, six weeks we have been subjected to this kangaroo court. the republicans rights have been severely diminished. they are rushing this to a house vote knowing they have the majority. they want have much to impeach him knowing they will probably fail in the united states senate. but they want this black mark against this president. >> they are asking john bolton to come forward and testify. fiona hill said john bolton was no fan of what rudy giuliani was doing and criticized that pretty explicitly. do you think they will get
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bolton? >> probably. eventually. i don't know if they will get him right next week or not. but i think eventually john bolton will give testimony. i have never been a fan of the other mustache. but, you know, he's a sharp guy web's articulate. he knows his stuff. i'm reasonably confident what bolton testified to when he does come to testify sooner or later will be the truth as he remembers it. i'm not worried about john bolton. >> is it as they allege, geraldo? >> i think we have to accept that those of us who are broadly supportive of president trump, and i love the guy for all his faults and the issues where we disagree. i think he has done a hell of a job as president.
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you mention with senator rubio, the economy and all the things he has done right. i want him to get a fair shake, to be judged fairly by history. but this is not fair. what's happening with or without bolton's testimony. this conclusion is something they arrived at very, very early on in their plodding. everything they are doing now is trying to get the dots to connect, to get them to this place where they knew they woand up regardless, with the house vote, what the party line vote in the house of representatives. where the democrats because they are majority vote. the republicans stay together. they will vote the other way. that will push it into the senate for the trial. i think in the senate it will be a short trial with or without the testimony of bolton, with or without lieutenant colonel vindman. i think he had this call. he's not a traditional president.
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he's the kind of guy, hey hey hay how are you doing? i don't think this rises to the level of an impeachable offense. this is not what the framers envisioned when they wrote the constitution and they put bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors. you give me a grease the skid, i will do this. i would put you a trillion dollars happens everybody time there is one of these big foreign aid packages. trish: a bombshell claim in the jeffrey epstein saga. something you have been following all along. you have a top forensic scientist hired by he steins brother who says there is evidence epstein did not die by suicide. >> there are three fractures in the hyoid bone thyroid cartilage that are unusual for suicide and
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more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation. hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does. trish: do you think he was murdered, geraldo? >> i do. i have from the beginning thought the official conclusion by the medical examiner in new york was too hasty given the facts. >> in july he was found unconscious with strangulation marks around his neck. there was no talk of finding a ligature or rope he could have attempted to hang himself with in july. flash forward to august after he's on suicide watch. where are the guard who are supposed to be watching him every 30 minutes. they are asleep. there is a sophisticated camera
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system that's not work. the logs are falsified. at what point do you say who had a motive to see this guy dead. trish: it sounds like somebody who has a dakotas an inner gang to the prison system that able to rig this. >> yes, the guy who was his roommate in july was accused of quadruple homicide. you got the killer from the prison. the guard can be asleep. the camera is out. the hulking accused murderer strangles him. maybe with epstein's consent. maybe epstein wanted to die. i don't know. i have the highest regard for michael baden. trish: what about the new york city medical examiner. she is standing by this as death by suicide. >> i heard that the staff of the
8:22 pm
medical examiner's office were much more equivocal about the conclusions and the management at the very top, including dr. sampson decided to jump toward suicide. i think it was way premature. it looks the veritas of an objective investigation. i think michael baden has provided enough evidence. he's a little guy who weighs 125-130 pounds. he ties the rope to the middle bunk and he didn't jump from the top bunk. he was on the bottom bunk. i think it's very fishy. trish: ilhan omar doing it again. remember these?
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>> the professor said al qaeda, the shoulders win the, al qaeda. you don't say america or england with the intensity. you don't air the army with an intensity. cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something. >> he wrote israel has hypnotized the world. trish: i wil ilhan omar is refuo back a resolution calling the slaughter of the armenians a kren cried. retired four star general jack keane is joining us right after this. managing type 2 diabetes?
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trish: the pentagon release aerial footage of the raid and the bombing that killed abu bakr al-baghdadi in northern syria. it's amazing we can do. a proud moment for this country considering the hell he put so many people through. general jack keane. welcome back. number one and number two. very, very, very good enough. i'm glad the american people got to see a little bit of that. that's called a breach team going up to that wall. they cut it off because they don't want to show you how they go through the wall. just a remarkable operation. requires an incredible amount of detail planning.
8:29 pm
the intelligence people helping to locate the target. as general mazloum said one of his syrian kurds was operating inside this compound. that's tremendous that we had somebody on the ground telling them what the rooms were like, what is al-baghdadi's habits. et cetera. so yes, credit to the president because he dogged this target and no one wants to give him credit for anything. but he kept pushing his national security team, let's get this guy. also the courage and daring we are seeing on the screen. we need partners and allies. staying in the region, the president resides his position, the oil wells were part of that. we'll continue to work with the syrian democratic forces, they are syrian kurds and syrian
8:30 pm
arabs. we'll maintain control of the air space as we have been doing in the past and that will keep iranians from going across the river and seizing the out fields. trish: what about the border with turkey? >> the border with turkey is not going to be the same. the syrian assad regime will gain some measure of control of that border they never had before. the ypg though they are advertising they moved out. the truth is they haven't moved all of their guys out of that 20-mile zone. i think it russians know that for a fact but they don't want to get into a contest about it. we'll see what erdogan does about it. he may accept what has taken place and just save okay, that's the status quo. i have got a good deal on this.
8:31 pm
they moved back some from the border but not as far as he would wants. trish: you think about us getting threw that air space volumed by russia. we needed permission to do that. what kind of posturing do you think the president might have wanted to do with putin and erdogan? >> we own that whole air space in eastern syria. we deconflict aircraft all the time moving through there. the same thing in western syria. i think it was a matter of coordination. we were not asking permission to be frank about it. we were telling them this is what's intend to do. we are not going to give them that kind of yes or no over something the united states intends to do. and we also at times let them use the air space for reasons of their own. they are moving aircraft into the region from another base in russia or something. trish: so the democrats
8:32 pm
complaining the president let the russians know before he get nancy pelosi know what was going down. that's political theater. >> he didn't. i'm confident we didn't tell the russians where we were going. we told them we wanted to use their air space for a certain period of time. they are in western syria. they can see us coming from some distance even though we are low. and they will see us exiting. they would never interfere with that operation. there won hell to pay if they did. >> you things we still have teams over there, intel and military:ee. >> we'll have teams on the ground to insure the iranians don't take the oil fields. they will be the trigger to call in airstrikes if they try. knowing we control the air space the iranians won't try. they will die doing it.
8:33 pm
they have their proxies there. if we pulled out completely. we already saw this. they were beginning to amass their proxies on the west side of the euphrates river. and they were going to go across that river and seize those oil fields. develop them and use that money to reduce the economic sanctions the president is imposing on them. that's one of the things that helped revise the plan. trish: are we safer tonight? >> yes. this is a major setback for isis. this guy al-baghdadi formed a terrorist army and got on to the world stage by invading iraq. he had a safe haven in syria. in addition to establishing a caliphate, none of his predecessors had done. he developed sad worldwide movement in less than a year. he attacked or inspired attacks
8:34 pm
in dozens of countries. he attacked 9 nato countries with inspires or directed attacks. his reach went beyond obama's global reach. a setback for the organization. it will affect morale and recruiting and financing as well. trish: good news. general keane, good to see you. trish: the liberal media running to the defense of alexander vindman. >> how do iraq war veterans feel about the president's allies attacking lieutenant colonel vindman. >> here is a what he. why didn't the liberal media act the same when hillary clinton was out there calling veteran tulsi gabbard a russian agent?
8:35 pm
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with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. trish: democrats taking some heat. but the hypocrisy is on full display. where was all the outrage about hillary clinton when she referred to use congress one and as a russian asset. >> i think they have their eye on somebody who is currently in the democratic primary. and are grooming her to be a third party kad candidate. she have sites and bots to support her. that's assuming jill stein will gift up. but she is also a russian asset. they know they can't win without
8:40 pm
a third party candidate. trish: again, nobody wanted to criticize that? >> joining me now, with welcome back. how come nobody was upset about that? >> they were. congresswoman gabbard was upset and her supporters were and a number of the other candidates running for president said hillary shouldn't have said that. but what the difference is. lieutenant col nel vindman is not a combatant. he's still in uniform. he's nonpartisan. tulsi gabbard is running for president. part of what hillary was saying wasn't to pick on congresswoman gab regard. it's to say what we have been saying, we have a problem next year. everyone watching now who want her to stop talking about it,
8:41 pm
she is not doing it for herself. she knows if we continue on this track, about people meddling in our election. that's fundamentally what she was saying about miss gabbard and miss stein. that was established that jill stein did in fact receive support from russia. that's not nine or the clintons or democrats perspective. that was the republican-controlled intelligence committee who said the ira. the internet research agency run by the russians actively helped her. trish: they were active in a lot of different places. >> to hurt her. trish: they were active. they had to take down all these instagram accounts. they were politically active
8:42 pm
communities. black activist groups. >> all toward riling up the left. that is all to rule you have the left. trish: so they have maria batinna. somewhat impact did it have. imagine it this way. let's say north korea and iran really are as afraid of him as he says he is because of what they have been doing. let's say they wake up and say we can't have this man in office anymore because he's been tough on us. the on way that's going to happen is to siphon votes away from him. we need bill walsh or stanford or kasich. we have to make sure money goes their way. it starts with the united states government to make sure that
8:43 pm
doesn't happen. trish: you don't want meddling on either side. vladimir putin will be saying that's pretty goode done good. it didn't matter to him if hillary clinton or donald trump won. >> he wants the chaos. he likes the current situation. setting aside the larger debate and whether it had an impact. putin doesn't get a vote. trish: is she going to run? >> she is not running right now. if there was a reason she woke up and thought she was the best person to beat donald trump, she said it herself. she is up for a rematch. >> we have a couple of presidents walking around out there. i like elizabeth warren and be joe biden. if i don't mention biewpt judge,
8:44 pm
beto o'rourke. trish: you mentioned your twitter feed. we were going to promote that you are on tonight. >> am i block you? i use a mass block algorithm that sometimes sweeps up too many people. it's not personal. you are part of 1.47 million people. trish: i don't think i blocked anyone. >> it was collateral damage. trish: ilhan omar showing her true colors refusing to back a resolution marking the a mennian genocide in world war i. it's an honor to tell you that
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trish: more on my interview with senator marco rubio. but first let's get the senator's thoughts on ilhan omar's refusal to acknowledge the armenia genocide. i not's something you feel
8:49 pm
strongly about. you co-sponsored the senate resolution on this in april. what's your reaction to her vote or lack thereof. >> her politics are weird and the things she stand for. she is not that relevant. she gets a lot more attention than she deserves in terms of her influence on our policies. but she does represent a line of thinking that has grown in currency in the democratic party. you have four or five democratic candidates saying we should cut off fund to israel unless we agree to a two-state solution. i don't know what's behind her support on that. i imagine we are opposed on that like many other issues. trish: she and others that you point out, why is that?
8:50 pm
it's right to recognize this for what it is. the timing is interesting. it wasn't necessarily put in place to irritate turkey. but it's something that happened and something that should be recognized. it was the slaughter of innocent civilians, women and children. it was a genocide. it was a humanitarian catastrophe, it was a human rights violation. it was a crime that happened a long time ago. ifered gains offended by it, he's a difficult guy to begin with. trish: do you disapprove of what the president did with syria and the border. >> it appears they are looking for a way to maintain a presence. it's not about endless wars. it's about having a presence there to do the kinds of things that happened over the weekend. to have relationships with people on the ground to provide us the source of detailed intelligence to allow us to
8:51 pm
target isis and not re-emerge. that ideology is not going to go sea way with the death of one or two people. we have to have somewhere to do it from and people we are working with on the ground to find out where these people are and how to target them. when you pull your troops out you start to lose that capacity. it's my understanding the president is considering various options. we'll see what they come out with and what he decides to do. that will help mitigate some of the damage i think could have been created by that decision. trish: thank you, sir. of course we heard earlier from general keane who said we do have a lot of intel gathering and military personnel still on the ground in syria. kennedy joins me with a sneak peek at what's coming up on her show. kennedy: happy hump day, trish.
8:52 pm
wait until my christmas hall bum comes out just in time for kwanzaa. everyone is getting in mood for halloween. the weekend starts now when halloween comes on a thursday. gather the family around the tv set and enjoy yourselves as we light the holiday on fire. i am torn between a ladybug or a big floody peach for impeachment. and dr. drew will be here, too. trish: it's like a reunion for you guys. the internet is obsessed with this video of president trump and the first lady putting candy on top of a child's minion
8:53 pm
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trish: welcome back, joining me, kat timpf, halloween? >> i already celebrated this weekend, i was luis from bob's burgers. the girl with pink floppy ears, it a cartoon, i am a big fan. trish: we have a advis crazy vin
8:57 pm
arizona woman crashing into a suspected drunk driver, just before the driver would have hit a family crossing a cross walk everyone even the drunk driver everyone lived, amazing, unbelievable. this woman saved that family, the community was so happy, local car dealership gifted her a new car. >> this is a feel good story. this family was saved. things don't always work out this way. however, i know that i'm a pessimist, after i saw, that second thing i thought, i bet that nice lady has to pay taxes on that car. why does government ruin everything. i just you know, i can rain on any parade. >> you stay true, this is not fair she will be punished by the government for saving a family.
8:58 pm
>> i like your realist approach, we have another photo, to show. a father and a daughter proposed a halloween amazon -- zombie themed group. i don't like it i am not into halloween stuff like this. >> when i was three years old, i dressed up as vampire, when i have kids, i will my daughter, will be dressed up at you know all other kids will be a princess or animals, they will l -- 1000% be forced to dress like the undead it building character. >> maybe, my kids we're foing tomorrofoe --doing tomorrow nien
8:59 pm
astronaut, a policeman, for a third year in a row. my little one wanted to be a cheerleader or basketball player, so i got the cheerleader. and see said, no, i'm going to be a basketball player. >> i would be what about zombie cheerleader, this kid quite the costume. czech oucheck out that minion, e president taps him on the top. >> the basket. trish: candy goes off. >> i saw this as some people slamming president trump -- they were this poor child. i am sure the child is okay for having candy on the head and more than anyone who does not find humor with that, that is funny. trish: i still have to figure out what i'm going as.
9:00 pm
>> zombie. trish: next year, kat thank you,. >> happy halloween, on halloween eve, have a great night, kennedy begins now, i'll see you friday. kennedy: thank you, happy early halloween, what in the wide world of shorts is go -- sports going in adam schiff secret bumper, satan fac sacrifice, nue twister? answers. for almost a month shifty adam schiff has been recordin lordine committee powwows behind closed-doors, that not okay, no cameras, no reporters, almost every day, a new witness goes


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