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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 13, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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[tina] you're an old lady. kat: thanks for watching the show tonight, to's tomorrow goog i am back hosting by everyone good night. narrative over president trump's order mani' to kill qassem soleimani. the u.s. military you killed their leading terrorist. a week later the radical dimms and leftist media aren't congratulating president trump for ridding the world of iran's top terrorist. nor are they able to explain why thousands of iranian
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demonstrators took to the streets expressing their outrage not at president trump, but at the ways in which the ayatollah lied about shooting down a crane yanl jetliner with 176 aboard. hundreds of those protesters at tehran university showed remarkable respect for the united states. they refused to step on the u.s. flag as well as the israeli flag painted on the streets. president trump hailed those demonstrators who refused to step to the american flag. he tweeted this. wow, the wonderful iranian protesters refused to step on or denigrate our great american flag. it was put on the street in order for them to trample it, and they walked around it
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instead. big progress. the president's tweet came after he warned iran not to harm the demonstrators. to the leaders of iran, do not kill your protesters. thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you and the world is watching. more importantly, the usa is watching. turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free. stop the killing of your great iranian people. the iranian police did try to break up protesters and demonstrators and shot live ammunition and tear gas into the crowds. president trump has been given great credit for eliminating soleimani for his skill and forbearance as the ayatollah ordered missile attacks that were clearly meant to miss
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american troops. and the president standing in support of those prove testers. president trump adding to his historic successes, the trump economy continues to roll, the markets continue to soar. the market as all-time record highs. the dow closed ahead 83 points, finishing up 56% higher since president trump was elected. for the first time in three years the u.s. trade deficit has fallen. trade policies work exactly as he said they would. the president is poised for another victory. a chinese trade delegation arrived in washington for phase one trade agreement with china. a deal that promises to reorganize and reshape america's trade relationship with china and change the international trade model for the entire
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world. president trump's tariff policies are responsible for creating this opportunity to balance america's trade relationship with the entire world. ambassador lighthizer and treasury secretary steve mnuchin, the president's lead negotiators. ambassador lighthizer joining us on what his latest in the china trade deal. >> i have the deal right here. the agreement is right here. this is the english version. we are about finished with the translation. it always takes time. you are the first to sight. this is the agreement. we are going to make it public wednesday before the signing. that's a decision we want to make. but we have given a lot of people briefings. a lot of people know what's in it. lou: china is no longer a
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currency manipulator as a precondition to the deal, i assume. the impact of that decision as you move forward with phase one? >> i would say in this agreement there are a variety of real structural changes. one of those is commitments on currency. not to be -- not to manipulate your currency. and also certain transparencies. we have an enforceable commitment on this currency agreement. i think that's the reason the secretary decided it was not necessary to have them be a currency manipulator. >> obviously you will be able to get pretty clear information on whether they break that deal by simply watching them in the market. the second part of the market where there are trip wires here is if they continue to steal
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u.s. intellectual property, if they carry out cyber attacks, that is visible, it's a trip wire. what will be the u.s. response and over what period of time will it be required of the chain eats to demonstrate they are in full come -- of the chinese to demonstrate they are in full compliance. >> if i can put this? context. we believe that we have a serious problem with china. both an imbalanced economic rim, 450er. >450 or more in unbalanced deficit. them practices like cyber attacks and the like. the president has been talking about this for at least 30 years. he has been talking about it forking a long long time, so he
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decided to tackle it. you try to decouple the economies. that probably is not practical. or you try to write rules that work for the united states and benefit the united states. that's what the president decided to do. he decide to do it where you can get done what you need to get done. this deal has real structural change. it has substantial purchases and it's completely enforceable. and we maintain $350 billion worth of tariffs on important products. across the board it's a good deal for the united states and it will work if reformers in china want it to work. fit happens, great. if it doesn't happen, it's fully enforceable. there are other problems with china and we'll take on those in phase two and three.
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the biggest thing to me is to get a big deal going. there are a lot of ways you can tell what they are doing. the purchasing is easy to enforce. the current i have we talked about -- the currency we have talked about. they are living up to their ask ask promises on ip and agriculture standards and the like. this is something we have to monitor. i'm not pollyanna about this. we expect them to live up to the letter of the law. and we'll bring case against them if they don't. but this is a big agreement and a huge step forward. lou: and you are getting some counsel from the chamber of commerce about what you can do to improve this. this would be you emanating from the same council that has been
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involved in this mess. >> there is an expression that nothing is impossible for the man who does haven't to do it. the great teddy roosevelt's quote about the critic. the critic is not the person who ends up getting the credit. it's the person who is actually in the fight. the president is in the fight. he's the one who is standing up and really for the first time ever. this is not a new problem. it's obama, it's george w. bush, and it was in many places made massively worse in the clinton administration. he single person said they would take it on. and this is the first president who has done it. i think the president has a vision, he has us working hard on it, and we have a huge step
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forward. lou: congratulations to you. secretary mnuchin and president trump who as you correctly stated has been working on this issue for a very long time and is backing up exactly what he said. just as an observer of all of this, ambassador. what fun it has been to watch the so-called orthodoxy, the purveyors of the status quo who singing handedly d who single -- who single handedly tried to stop this president. with tariffs they said wouldn't work and they would destroy markets and the economy. historic growth, historic markets. ambassador, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. lou: ambassador robert light licer.
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an hi historic week ahead. nancy pelosi may send the articles of impeachment to the senate. but she is suggesting she may have something more in stock for the -- well, for the swamp. we'll tell you about that. michael bloomberg says he's willing to break the bing to beat president trump. a billion dollars. really? how much is he willing to spend to win? i'll take that up and much more with ed rollins and michael goodwin next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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[♪] lou:well another big day on wall street. stocks moving higher. new records being posted. the new record high, its third this year. the nasdaq closed at its fourth record of this year. volume on the big board 3.5 billion shares. crude oil $58 a barrel. gold down to $1,548 an ounce.
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the treasury department unveiled tbhu rules for foreign investments involved until infrastructure, critical technology or personal data. the new rules go into effect february 13. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. michael bloomberg said win or lose he wouldn't rule out spending a billion of his own money to try to defeat president trump. he's also promised to pay 500 staffers through november to help whoever is the party's nominee. bloomberg already spent $200 million in television ads in the first two weeks of 2020. according to real clear
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politics, 5.6% of those surveyed. that's 20 points behind joe biden. house speaker nancy pelosi says she'll sends the sham articles of impeachment to the senate this week, but she is also reserving the option to open up more charges against the president. >> do you think it's possible the house will have to file more articles of impeachment? >> let's see what the senate does. the ball will be in their court soon. lou: president trump urging republicans to put an end to the impeachment nonsense. he says republicans shouldn't be lending credibility to the impeachment process and should dismiss it. i think the president is exactly right. there is no crime. there is no evidence.
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there is just more partisan efforts to subvert this president and overthrow him. joining us former reagan white house political director, ed rollins. and fox news contributor and great american, michael goods win. michael this is michael bloomberg, the mayor of this fine city for three terms out there with four separate commercials in the football game last night. he means it. he's spending he time -- well, he's spending his pocket change on it. >> it is extraordinary how he's flooding the zone everywhere with tv ads and people, too. he's got at least 200 staff members going up to 500. that's an extraordinary cost in
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and of itself. he's not so much meeting with voters. he's doing very little retail campaigning. he's not involved in the debates. it's a total media advertising campaign. it hasn't gotten him very much. he says he's going to support whoever is the democrat with this whole apparatus. i guess he's creating his own super pack for that. i'm not sure zooms what the rules are for that. it could make a difference in the swing states. ed: michael bloomberg never abided by election rules. he paid off the city council. lou: the great denizens of the city. ed: he bought us bike lanes and congested parking.
10:20 pm
i would be happy to have a debate with him on the bloomberg mayors. he won't be a factor other than the fact he will be a nuisance. the media is paying attention to him. and after the ads all i learned was he was fired by the time he was 39 years old. i want to know why. what a great country. you get fired at 39 and go on to become a billionaire. lou: it's a great time -- ed: interest on his debt. lou: it's stunning to watch the democrats. they have simply sold their souls to the devil. the radical dimms are the party of hate. they cannot let go of this. they have done everything they can, given the special counsel
10:21 pm
report and all the reporting we learned about, spygate. they tried to overthrow a president and lied about it through their teeth. i don't understand why any vote were in their right minds would pull the lever or punch a card for a democratic candidate. this sullied this party -- i would say for decades. >> you would think independent voters, people who are not yet supporting president trump and have an open minds would react that way and say, they tried me about russia so why should i believe anything they are saying now. lou: they lied about impeachment and special counsel. they lied about everything. they lied about kavanaugh. name something they haven't lied about. >> soleimani being the latest. iranian terrorist. if any of them were in charge he would still be alive.
10:22 pm
>> the president's extraordinary accomplishments. he set out to do certain things for this country and he has done all of them. he rebuilt the military and he rebuilt county economy. lou: pelosi can't even begin to speak now about those demonstrations. she can't speak about the president's decision making only eliminating soleimani. there is nothing any one of the democrats said about this president's policies and decision making. i got a kick out of that bloomberg ad. his tagline, michael, get it done. what does he think trump has done? does anybody believe he could do a fraction of what this president has done? >> i certainly don't.
10:23 pm
>> i think that's a big problem for all the democrats. i refer to representative al green's line. if we don't impeach him, he will get re-elected. i think that's what nancy pelosi is all about. this is what they are all about. lou: we know what some of the folks are the obama administration, the george w. bush administration and the clinton admin descraition, the press -- administrations sending out a letter demanding press briefings because we don't know enough about how our government is operating. >> 24-hour a day news station where basically blasting what the president is trying to do. i don't care what the former press secretaries want. i think they need to make sure everybody in the administration is on the same party line as the
10:24 pm
president. lou: they better learn not to contradict the president. you would think that would be the baseline minimum that a secretary in this president's cabinet would understand not to publicly contradict the president of the united states. if you want to keep a record of historical error. but public contradiction? who ever saw this before? >> i completely agree and i would add that this president has been more accessible to the knead media than any previous president that i am aof. they get -- that i am aware of. there is no question about where he stands on any issue. but as to your point, i think you are referring to the secretary of defense is per. why he would go out there and go on those shows and feel the need to parse with them questions of what imminent means and whether he saw evidence.
10:25 pm
it's ridiculous. you know what they are trying to do. why walk into a setup like that? why even go on the show? lou: you are forgetting one thing. that's who you work for. the president of the united states. for the united states. it's stunning stuff. i know you have got a theory that some of these secretaries and other officials are simply intimidated by the national left-wing media. >> if you live and work in washington your entire career. all you know is the new york times, "the washington post." they will come after you if you don't give them what they want. lou: what i think some of these guys can't figure out is they are going to come after them no matter what the hell they say. >> they work for one man who makes the determination. this president communicates every day about he 10 minutes. you know what's on his mind by
10:26 pm
his tweets. if you read his tweets you know what he's thinking. lou: the bush secretaries can't stand the fact that the american people don't have a filter between themselves and the president of the united states who says what he means and says it the way he means it. >> does anyone want to see another performance from jim acosta? lou: who? up next, president trump socks count radical dimms' efforts to undercut his decisive actions on iran. remember how concerned and somber nancy pelosi was? i assume she is also prayerful. we take that up and much more after this quick break. stay with us. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards.
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president trump: we killed soleimani. bad person, killed a lot of americans. killed a lot of people. we killed him. when the democrats try and defend him, it's a disgrace to our country. they can't do that. and it's not working politically very well for them. we killed the number one terrorist in the world, soleimani. it should have been done 20 years ago. lou: joining us is jim hanson, former u.s. army special forces. jim, good to have you back with us. let's start with is the president right? should it have been done long ago? >> it could have been done any time in the past couple decades. all decent people should have celebrated the death of soleimani. that's why the democrats are so out of touch and damaging themselves. they are not capable of putting aside their hatred of trump to
10:32 pm
celebrate the death of an evil man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands including a thousand plus americans. if you can't bring yourself to politicize political continues, there is something wrong. lou: the democratic party is the party of hate. it's being expressed in so many ways by so many of their leaders and leading figures, whether you are talking about -- you can go through the list. it's unending. for the american people to put up with this to me is unimaginable. i cannot imagine that the democrats could possibly hold on to the house of representatives in particular. i think they are in deep deep trouble. >> they earned it. all they had to do was act like patriotic citizens, not political partisans. i think you are right there is a sickness in the democrat party, the crazies are ascendent.
10:33 pm
nancy pelosi has lost control of her party and she is trying to get it back. she was complaining today because trump retweeted that picture of her and chuck schumer in front of an iranian flag. if you don't want to be compared to p.r. slacks for the iranian regime, don't act like that. lou: i want to turn to fox news reporting today that the department of justice was consulted before the soleimani strike. i also want to take this -- these remarks from attorney general barr, if we could hear that, please. >> they had attacked u.s. bases. they attacked our embassy, they killed americans. these ongoing attacks were being planned and orchestrated by soleimani. our ability to deter attacks had obviously broken down.
10:34 pm
the iranians had been given a number of red lines and were crossing those lines. lou: straightforwardly. the attorney general talking about precisely why the order was given by this president. the legality of that order. yet the democrats are talking about how many lives would have been lost had he been allowed to live. instead of talking about the crimes and the terror that this man waged against americans and american interests around the world, and by the way, over 600 americans killed directly by this man. >> the democrats want to quibble over what the meaning of imminent is. as if we somehow had to find soleimani running at the front gate of the u.s. embassy with his hand on and suicide vest
10:35 pm
trigger. it sent a message to fal people around the planet that the president stands up for america. the whole world knows that. lou: the fbi brings in an obama-era official to clean up the credibility of the fisa court? how does that work? we'll take that up and more with judicial watch's tom fitton. he's here with us next. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna tray it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! hey guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get it out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent
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wherever we want to go, autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. lou: ready to sign the chinese trade delegation has arrived in washington to sign an historic trade deal with the united states wednesday. nancy pelosi meeting with party leaders tonight. her entire caucus she'll meet with tomorrow before he sending the two farcical articles of app and -- articles of impeachment over to the senate where it just might be dismissed. iran firing live ammunition and tear gas into crowds of protesters. they are calling on the country's supreme lead tore step down after the government lied
10:40 pm
about who shot down the ukrainian jetliner with almost 180 people aboard. it was the iranian military that shot the jet down. a former judge from the obama administration has been selected to overseat fbi the fisa surveillance reforms. davis k rirks s is supposed to be -- david kris is supposed to be overseeing it. president trump says kris has who credibility. '. he ruled against the release of photographs of osama bin laden's dead body. joining us tonight is tom fit
10:41 pm
on --tom fitton. i know you are work hard on this issue. how does judge roberts permit this to happen? >> that's a good question. the fisa courts were obviously lied to. one of the problems we uncovered is they knew about this corruption but did nothing about it. we asked for tran scripts of the hearings of the fisa courts about these warrants that were at issue. they were targeted candidate trump, then the president of the united states. the justice department ask's admission that the fisa courts held no hearings on this. we have an obama appointee running a fisa court. edition naits as a special friend of the court to respond
10:42 pm
to the ask information put forward by wray. this anti-trump activist. he's out there blogging, attacking the president of the united states. lou: how in the world can this happen? how can john roberts let this happen? there is nothing independent about him. there is nothing that is balanced about him. kris is the general counsel for time-warner that is the parent company and the subsidiary line of cnn. this is crazy stuff. and it's in your face crazy. >> the koarts -- one of the big lies is the independence of the courts in practice. the courts and the fbi and the doj work hand in glove in areas like this. if you leave it to the court, if you leave it to the fbi and doj,
10:43 pm
they are going to work together. lou: what do you have to do? impeach chief justice of the supreme court to say this has got to stop? this is political corruption. >> the president in my view needs to higher a special counsel to investigate the spygate crimes and the crimes before the courts. relying on the agencies to do the work based on past experience, that is not going to happen. hoping there will be justice. as to individual attention from the president, that's not the way the system works in this corrupt d.c. the president should take direct action and appoint a special counsel personally and directly. lou: the president says as have many of his supporters, that mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, should dismiss upon receipt these farcical
10:44 pm
articles of impeachment. why go through the pretense of this solemn formal approach that is designed clearly to give this disastrous process pelosi put together some sort of credibility? it's a waste of everyone's time, taxpayer money. and it's a further offense against the president and the nation. >> i have long been of the view there should be no senate trial arising the coup attempt by pelosi and schiff. no due process for the president. the idea they would be rewarded with a further abusive trial? and it will be abusive even under the rules mcconnell is trying to put out there. there is no majority to bring in witnesses president trump would bring in. but there is a majority to bring
10:45 pm
in witnesses to smear president trump. either way, witnesses or no witnesses. it will be two weeks of smearing president trump. he will win in the end, but be abused by the process in the meantime. there should be a preliminary hearing by the senate into prosecutorial misconduct by schiff. that's the only process that should be put in place. president trump shouldn't be on trial, schiff should be. lou: mitch mcconnell is on the phone for you, tom fitton. >> i am happy to talk. lou: maybe you should call him. the australian government using helicopters, dropping 5,000 pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes to feed animals that have been devastated by
10:46 pm
brushfires. hundreds of thousands of animals killed by the fires that destroyed 27,000 acres. our parent company news corp merged $20 million to the bush fire relief. those fires go on and the tragedy continues. up next attorney general william barr details the military shooting by a saudi nationalist. stay with us. the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs... on a ski lift... everywhere. for a limited time, go to to save $50 on your first year of membership. i need all the breaks, that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need.
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attorney ask general bar said a shooting at a naval air station in pensacola, florida was an act of terror and he acted alone. barr criticized apple for not helping the fbi get access to the shooter's personal smart phone. joining us is byron york. chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner." byron, the trump administration
10:51 pm
is working with big tech. pompeo talking to the leaders of some of the big tech firms. barr is talking straightforwardly about what has to change with apple. we are seeing a real confrontation with big technology by the top -- some of the top members of this administration. >> on this specific case. there are two big issues. one, why are we inviting anti-american foreign nationals into the country for military training. that's a question right there. and the other question is with apple. here we have a dead shooter in a case that has been determined to be terrorism for which the u.s. government has a court order. and apple is not allowing them or revealing to them access to the dead shooter's iphone. we had this situation in 2015, a
10:52 pm
terrorist killed 14 people in california. and we mad the same situation, apple would not help the government in that case. lou: in point of fact that is taking sides against the country that you owe allegiance to in the case of am or any of the ask ask companies head quarters in this country. what can the secretary of state do other than express dismay. there is any law that would help the one descri secure the help of those who should do so immediately as acitizen? >> i believe the san bernardino case ended without going to court and getting a ruling one way or the other. but that's going to have to happen. we have seen this happen again. if apple continues its position, it is supported by groups like the aclu and other groups on the
10:53 pm
left. if apple continues with this, it seems like the administration or the ghost will have to take them to court on this. lou: taking them to court. that to me is a disgrace. they should be embarrassed and frankly i don't know what the consequences should be. there should be a significant consequence, i would think. let's turn to this media research report on impeachment coverage. if we can put up this breakdown please on the full screen' of the way the networks spent time covering from september 24 through january 1 in the last quarter. the time network spent on impeachment and other issues. 849 minutes. withdrawing troops from syria, 126. fight against isis. 78 minutes. north korea, 17 minutes.
10:54 pm
trade and the economy, 9 minutes. that is breathtaking. and against that backdrop, 5% negative -- 95% negative coverage against this president. >> almost all of it was negative on impeachment towards the president. if you look at polls of democratic voters in some of the early primary states. the age old question. one of the most important issues to you. they rarely say no issue is important. but they make gradations between how important they think issues are. the economy is down at the bottom. it's doing well. it's not something democrats can use against the president, so let's not talk about it. that appears to be what's going not networks as well at a time when you have this trade battle going on with china that's
10:55 pm
enormously consequential and has not been tried before. lou: and this president creating more history. this will change the model in my opinion for all trade around the globe. balanced trade brought to you by a candidate which wall street and the business community just detested because of his application of tariffs which were the way he was able to work was clearly a miracle in trade relationships and their reshaping. byron york, always good to have you with us. stay with us. we'll be right back. our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. aleit's a master stroke ofe's heartachew.
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11:00 pm
evening, and vice president mike pence will be our special guest wednesday. a lot of special guests this week. a remind tore follow me on twitter @loudobbs. see you tomorrow evening. good night from new york. [♪] trish: the brutal iranian regime trying to crack down on its own people, shooting protesters as massive protests break out in iran. the iranian people reacting to news that their own leaders shot count airliner. slamming the ayatollah, and president trump may go down in history as the man hop changed the middle yeast and set in place the path to peace and prosperity. but you wouldn't know it by
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