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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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environment we're in. >> people think that they're moral heroes for being able to dictate who you can and can't converse with. david: beware of moral heroes. beware. that does it for "bulls & bears." we'll see you back here next time. liz: okay. we have phase one of the china trade deal coming tomorrow. today more news of historic job growth. one record after another being broken for the stock market. stocks on a tear. tonight they are already lining up for the president's rally in milwaukee, wisconsin. but the president's opponent, they look weak and divide. house speaker nancy pelosi lost the politics of impeachment. she delayed. got nothing. she caved. tomorrow, the house votes to send the articles of impeachment to the senate where the trial will start tuesday. republicans saying the case is really weak. now in just a few hours the democrat debate, the democrat divisions will explode into view. victim identity politics, talk
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of sexism will likely dominate tonight. we debate, why are the democrats silent on iran demonstrators? why the silence how their gigantic big government plans will tax the poor and slam you, your families, and cost about, wait for it, 70% of the size of the entire planet's economy. why the silence also on what top wall streeters warn that the democrats policies will bring back a 2018 market collapse and could likely wipe out as much as 40% of your pensions and 401(k)s? we're talking for teachers, for firemen and cops too. we have ben carson with us tonight. taking on inequality, income inequality sure to be a democrat debate theme in just a few hours. also tonight, bernie sanders is leading but we're going to show you the real bernie sanders. you will not belief the showing and disturbing things in bernie's record that we found. you may not hear any of this at
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the debate in last couple hours. yet another bombshell in the doj watchdog report on the fbi fisa abuses. ball administration, fisa spying abuses on the trump campaign. was a former obama justice department official working with an ally of russia's putin to ruin and bring down then candidate trump? plus this late-breaking news, the democrat led house judiciary is going to investigate the trump administration's remain in mexico policy. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. the latest update on impeachment. chad pergram on capitol hill with more. chad?
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reporter: good evening elisabeth. we have two emerging items regarding impeachment in the past couple minutes four committees investigating impeachment for the house of representatives announce they will send over additional information to the senate as part of the impeachment inquire rye. we're sifting through some of those documents much the other news flash, the house speaker said at 10:00 eastern time she will roll out the impeachment managers prosecutors who present the case to the senate. we'll find out who they are tomorrow at 10:00. probably sometime early in the afternoon, a short debate a vote to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. probably late in the day tomorrow they will actually walk the articles of impeachment over to the senate. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell indicates they will have the opening day, kind of bookkeeping, house keeping to start the senate trial where they present the articles of impeachment to the senate on thursday morning. the big lingering question on capitol hill is about witnesses.
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here is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> we'll be dealing with the witness issue at the appropriate time into the trial. and i think it is certainly appropriate to point out both sides would want to call witnesses that they wanted to hear from. so when you get to that issue, i can't imagine that only the witnesses that are democratic colleagues would want to call would be called. there is little or no sentiment in republican conference for a motion to dismiss. you really got to wonder, what the definition of a fair trial is. reporter: now democrats, especially in the house of representatives are insisting there be witnesses. here is hakeem jeffries of new york. he is the chairman of the house democratic caucus. >> the senate should conduct a fair trial, a fair trial involves witnesses and documents. what is the president hiding from the american people? if it was in fact a perfect call, we should hear from mick
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mulvaney. we should hear from john bolton. about that july 25th phone call. and the geopolitical shakedown. reporter: we don't think they will get to the heart of the debate in the senate trial until next week or later. the other thing that is going to be interesting, just how long this trial lasts. again, four of the jurors are democratic presidential candidates. democratic senators. we think that the trial will probably upend some of their campaigning in both new hampshire and iowa. elizabeth. back to you. liz: we're in historic times. chad, thanks so much. great to see you. a senate trial could possibly start next week. the democrats push now to delegitimatize the senate impeachment and the trial there. on the senate floor, senate leader mitch mcconnell ripped into house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer saying house democrats wanted to impeach trump from day one. they failed to prove their case. they're looking for the senate to pick up the ball. it is senate's job to judge the case, not help them make it. joining me now republican mike
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johnson of louisiana much he is a member of the house judiciary. listen about mitch mcconnell. >> secondhand impressions of civil servants, this was a predetermined, political conclusion. members of her conference had been publicly promising it literally for years. that is why the investigation stopped long before the house had come anywhere near proving what they allege. they pulled the plug early because of the facts were never the point. they were never the point. the point was to check a political box. liz: now let's bring in, we've got republican mike johnson of louisiana. you are a member of the house judiciary. your reaction to what senator mcconnell was saying today? >> hey, elizabeth. he summarized that very well. if you took all our comment in defense in the house judiciary
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meetings during all these weeks that is a good sum of what happened. they rushed this. they did this impeachment sham 20 times faster than impeachment against bill clinton. they want ad predetermined political outcome. they wanted to i will peach president donald j. trump by christmas. it is a joke. in house judiciary committee, 24 members, 24 democrats. 17 of them wanted to impeach president trump before the call to zelensky took place. they had three impeachment votes before they. people have zero confidence what happened to this point. liz: no crimes alleged like the nixon and clinton impeachment. to your point, the nixon impeachment took 14 months of hearings. mountains and mountains of inquiry evidence looked into. the case is seemingly so rushed, so weak, the house wants the
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senate to quote, go on a fishing expedition, to quote north -- senator mitch mcconnell. again no crimes charged. ukraine leaders said they saw no pressure to investigate joe biden or quid pro quo. democrats own witnesses pretty much said the same. watch this. >> either of you ever have any evidence of quid pro quo, mr. morrison. >> no, ma'am. >> ambassador volcker? >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery. >> no, ma'am. >> no, ma'am. >> not that i recall. >> they did not. >> he said i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. >> you testified you had no direct knowledge of any nefarious motivations to withhold aid to ukraine, correct? >> correct. >> and to your knowledge you testified that there were no strings attached to the aid, correct? that is page 184 of your deposition. >> i had no such knowledge. liz: ukraine leader said the same. no bribery in the articles as a charge. no obstruction from the mueller
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probe in the charge. what's their case? >> they don't have one and it is a great point, elizabeth. this is the reason this is only the third time this happened in the 243-year history of our republic. it was designed by the framers of constitution to be exceedingly rare thing. impeachment was only reserved when a president is engaged in treason, bribery, high crime or many of as you point out there is no crime here at all. the abuse of power is amorphous thing that says majority of the party in the house disagrees with the president's policies and the way he communicates. the second charge is this obstruction of congress is equally without merit. they could have simply gone down to the street to federal court and gotten a judge to sort out the differences whenner requesting in discovery from the white house. they were rushing it through to get predetermined political out come and they have slow-walked it for a month. the american people lost any confidence they might have had in the procedure. having trial in senate and
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getting it done quickly is best interests of the country. liz: within six month the president being inaugurated it went to impeach 45. you will see right now the push to impeach trump. nine articles and resolutions introduced. the next thing to watch senators who are pushing for witnesses to testify. we know senators roy blount susan collins, mitt romney say they possibly want to see witnesses but ted cruz, rand paul saying you call john bolton as a witness, we will demand joe biden and hunter biden appear. do you think that will happen? >> well, i don't know if they will get toness witnesses at all. leader mcconnell should follow exactly right. the only procedure in the modern era. the precedent is impeachment of clinton trial. opening statements. both sides put on the case. allowed for questions of the senator through the chief justice who presides over the trial. then you determine if witnesses are needed.
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you can't do that prematurely. if there are witnesses the bidens would be the first on the list because that was the genesis of this whole controversy. there's a lot of unanswered questions we love to have answered. it is muddy. liz: did the president say help us out, look into joe biden? was that military aid withheld directly because of biden because of corruption in ukraine? looks like the house didn't make the sale to the u.s. voter. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. we'll be watching of course. we'll move on next to iran. saying iran, enough is enough. now threatening sanctions on iran if it pursues a nuclear bomb. that obama nuke deal, collapsing. more on the stockpile of money iran has on the side to fund middle east terror. as its people suffer iranian demonstrators now say to the regime, you want to know who the great satan is? look in the mirror. r problem.
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someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. ♪. liz: iran's push for a nuclear bomb. backfiring. britain, germany, france, now taking a step toward sanctions on iran to get iran back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. this as reuters now reporting
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canada's prime minister, justin trudeau, joining iran's religious dictators and blaming president trump for the shoot-down of that ukraine plane that killed 176 people on board, including 57 canadians. fox news benjamin hall has more from amman, jordan. benjamin? >> good evening, liz. today iran announced it was arresting a number of people in connection to the downing of this plane. many people saying that it is signifying they're trying to placate the people who have been protesting ever since the plane came down but we don't know how many people have been arrested. we don't know who they are. hassan rouhani called the act an unforgivable error. the protest are the not only about the downing of the plane. they are about unemployment. they are about corruption. they are about money spent abroad by iran on foreign wars while at home iranians have so little. a few dozen protesters were also
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arrested today. on capitol hill there is hearing looking to assassination of qassem soleimani. experts were there to offer their views on the assassination and where it leaves the u.s. now >> the pause in military exchanges between the united states and iran is just that a pause. iran is not standing down. it will continue to take military actions against the united states i believe as well as our allies. reporter: iran's government has more problems. britain, france, germany today say they are triggering a dispute mechanism part of the nuclear deal over iran's failure to live up to the terms of the pact. they say, they can no longer leave the growing iranian violations unanswered. boris johnson said perhaps it was time to move on from president obama's iran deal.
6:18 pm
the jcpoa, maybe it is time to look forward to president trump's deal. liz: benjamin hall from amman, jordan the thank you so much. as benjamin was reporting the obama nuclear deal is on the brink of collapse. iranian street protest now in their fourth day. demonstrators saying you want to know who the great satan is, iranian dictators. just look in the mirror. look as u.s. stock market, u.s. economy going strong. oil prices not reacting, not rising as iranian regime in paralysis. that iranian public that the leaders are weak. fox news military analyst, retired colonel david hunt. good to see you. your thoughts to reaction of the killing of general soleimani? >> nothing difficult. nothing unexpected. the business about rioting we have to be careful. we have been hoping for overthrow of the iranian government for almost 40 years. but only way that it is ever
6:19 pm
going to happen is the iranian military participants. they are massively corrupt at the senior level, owning businesses just like the chinese do. so i don't see any way that the rioters in the streets are going to overturn the iranian government and, let's say a miracle they do. we want always, when there is regime change, to have a new regime be friends of ours. so, we don't have that kind of control. we have very seldom, if ever had that kind of control when we've been directly involved in regime change. it is hard to do. liz: understood. >> you get the worst end of the stick. liz: understood. maybe move from religious dictatorship into a military dictatorship. we don't know. a great point you made, colonel. reports iran's economy is not sustainable. one out of four young men are jobless. that could stop it from retaliating. it has to focus on problems at home.
6:20 pm
colonel, former israeli ambassador to the u.s. danny ayalon told us that iran has a slush fund on the side to fund terror in the middle east. let's listen to this. >> it is no secret that khamenei has a slush fund, a secretive fund of $200 billion that he is using at his discretion for their own corruption on the one hand and on the other hand using it for undermining the regime's in the surrounding area of iran, destablizing the entire situation. liz: your reaction? >> number one, you got to breaking news story because that is very classified bit of information that the ambassador just talked about, about the slush fund. yes, they, iranians have a slush fund that they don't just use for terrorism. it is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. the point they have a worldwide reach with their, with, their
6:21 pm
terrorism organization. liz: what do they use it for what do they use it for? >> sorry? liz: what do they use the fund for? >> oh, the 200 billion-dollar slush fund is primarily put in their on pockets. this money is used for payoffs. this is money if you check private bank accounts have most of the money in it. some of the money is used for terrorism. the ambassador, no idea why he wanted to let that information out. they got a lot. liz: we're running out of time. john kerry is also excusing the obama administration giving $50 billion to the, to the iranian regime when they have a slush fund on the side. "the new york times" had created impression in the story that the soleimani drone strike was done rationally right after the embassy attack. then "the washington post" and nbc saying no, this planning for the drone strike on the general was months, if not years in the making. i want to move on to this.
6:22 pm
nancy pelosi minimized the iranian demonstrations. let's watch this, take a listen. >> the fact is this. the, there were protesters in the streets before against the regime. after the taking out of soleimani, there were protesters in the streets joined together as you know against us. that wasn't good. but there are different reasons why people are in the street. of course we would love to see the aspirations of the people of iran realized with a better situation there but, escalating the situation, unless we have exhausted every other recommend. >> which we haven't? >> well we don't know that. liz: people are dying on the streets of iran. they're being tortured and oppressed. critics saying this is not a good look for democrats to be taking this position right now. republican kevin mccarthy introduced a resolution to show more solidarity along with the president. the president already has shown this with the iranian street
6:23 pm
demonstrators. we hear your., about efficacy and effectiveness of the demonstrations. your reaction nancy pelosi minimizing it? >> staggering. soleimani was a bad guy but or and. like killing baghdadi. this is a very, very bad man needed to die in the war on terror. the mistake the administration made was justifying this with imminent attack business for 20 years could have been dropped. all they had to say we killed him because of the war on terror. this is a time for people to be standing behind this country and behind the president for which was a very difficult decision to make. the right decision to make was a high-wire act. we were almost in a war. it was averted by smart people on both sides. we have to move on to the next target. not keep the nonsense he was a bad guy but. no, he is a bad guy and he is
6:24 pm
dead. we're safer for it. liz: colonel, thanks for insights. come back soon. service for our country. thank you. next up we take you to milwaukee for a preview of the president's rally. it is kicking off in 40 minutes there. hundreds and hundreds lining up for hours to get in. coming on the heels of the president and first lady getting a standing ovation, cheers when he attended last night lsu- clemson game. ♪. ♪ limu emu & doug
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♪ liz: got angles covered for you in the race for 2020. fox news's kristin fisher at the president's second rally of the year, this one in wisconsin. a state he won in 2016. hillary vaughn at the democrat debate. let's start with kristin fisher
6:29 pm
in milwaukee. reporter: liz, president trump putting on a little bit of counterprograming tonight. he will speak an hour before that big democrat debate begins, the last debate before the iowa caucus. that will be a big focus of the president's remarks tonight, especially bernie sanders. the president, really went after bernie sanders very hard at rallies in toledo, ohio, last week. we expect him to do the same tonight because the trump campaign now believes that bernie sanders is the front-runner, the indisputable front-runner after "the des moines register" poll came out that put him in first place. here in wisconsin, our latest "fox news" polling shows that bernie sanders is ahead of president trump by about four points of the as for joe biden, he is a ahead of president trump by five points. the trump campaign really does have its work cut out for him in this critical battleground state. remember president trump won it, by just a slimmest of margins in 2016. in large part because, hillary
6:30 pm
clinton didn't even campaign in this state. so democrats are determined not to make the same mistake in 2020. they're holding the dnc, their convention here, this summer. but president trump has a very strong economy on his side. that is the number two most important issue to voters here in wisconsin, according to our latest "fox news" polling. and take a look at the line of people waiting to get into this rally. it started last night. about a dozen people waited overnight in freezing temperatures and some snow to get in. they're all here and now thousands are waiting for president trump to step up to the stage right behind me. liz? liz: kristin fisher, thank you so much. the final democrat debate before the iowa caucuses will happen, the debate in few hours. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders going at it. let's get to hillary vaughn. she is at the debate. hillary. reporter: this is the last debate before the iowa caucuses
6:31 pm
in three weeks. we expect one of the topics discussed to be foreign policy. this is the first debate following the iranian missile strike on u.s. military forces on two days in iraq. we're expecting candidate to flex their foreign policy on stage tonight. we also might see for the first time senator bernie sanders and elizabeth warren getting personal. there is trouble in paradise for the two progress serves after senator elizabeth warren spilled the tea what she says bernie sanders told her in a private meeting last year, when warren told him she was thinking about running for president. she says, she confided in her friend and senate colleague. sanders told her he did not think a woman could win in 2020. warren saying in a statement, quote, i thought a woman could win. he disagreed. i have no interest in discussing this private meeting any further but bernie's team is pushing back, saying warren is lying about what happened behind closed doors. sanders campaign giving us this statement from the senator,
6:32 pm
quote, it is ludicrous to believe at the same meeting where elizabeth warren told me she would run for president, i would tell her that a woman couldn't win. not everyone in the race is going to be on stage tonight. andrew yang, one of those in the state of iowa campaigning but will not be on stage. also michael bloomberg will not be on stage tonight. he is out with ads explaining why he is not trying to meet the criteria to make the debate stage saying he does not want to take any donations or money from anyone because he is a billionaire and he still can't be bought. liz? liz: great to see you. hillary, thank you so much for your reporting. let's bring in my next guest. he is dr. ben carson, secretary of housing and urban development. >> good to see you, in person. liz: good to see you too in person. income inequality dominating the debate. alexandria ocasio-cortez saying the market up, wages not rising.
6:33 pm
>> you have to look look at the bureau of labor statistics. which have 158,000,803 people working. that is incredible, highest number we ever had -- 158,000,803 people work. non-supervisory and production workers, wages have gone up by 3% or more. it has been a long time, since we had that kind of growth going on. so those are the kind of thinks that are addressing it. we have more people looking for jobs, who are coming in from, off of the the dole and, who also just had given up on markets. in fact in the last quarter of 2019, 74.2% of people who came into the workforce were from out of the labor force. liz: that is interesting. what a data point that is.
6:34 pm
you know, what is really interesting, aoc talks about the market only benefiting the rich. no, it helps teachers, firemen, cops, pension. >> absolutely. liz: the bottom 10%, as to your point, they have seen their wages go up. >> exactly. >> remember what the top 10% under obama wages went up? >> exactly. liz: there are more job openings now than workers. >> the problem is being rectified. liz: yeah. >> hud, for instance, we are redoing section 3 which says if you're getting hud money you have to hire, train, or give contracts to the low income people in the area. been on the books for 50 years. hardly used at all because it was so cumbersome and complex. liz: you're reviving it. >> reviving it. new rules coming out very shortly, make it very simple. the reason that is important, because we can begin to retool people. liz: yeah. >> so they can take advantage of this booming economy. liz: you know, we have bernie sanders. his ballpark estimates,
6:35 pm
$60 trillion cost for his plan. that is 70% of the entire planet gdp. that is ballpark estimates economist are saying. stanley drunkenmiller, paul tudor jones, leon cooperman, they're all big hedge fund nice, if elizabeth warren or bernie sanders elected you could see a market crash and pension plans wiped out 40% for teachers, cops, firemen. >> those people will be hurt. the people not going to be hurt are very rich people who can just take their ball and go home. liz: right. >> and they will. they will go somewhere else. that will hurt. hard to do, look at a place like venezuela. i visited there a number of times before they made that long left turn and it was wonderful. it was resorts and hotels and museums. the biggest problem i ran into, people are saying aren't we the most beautiful people in world now look in very short period of
6:36 pm
time. liz: they wiped out small business class, middle class, bigger government, that is what happens. dr. carson, final word on this, what do you think will happen going forward with the income inequality and that debate? >> of course they're going to try to exacerbate that because they try exploit any differences. race, income, age, religion, sex, you name it. drive wedges, try to create a problem so that you can come in. try to proclaim yourself a hero. american people are smarter than that they're not going to fall for that. you see the polls, i had many people say to me i really love what you guys are doing, but don't tell anybody. liz: sir, great to see you. come back soon. dr. ben carson. great to see you. coming up bernie sanders leading in the fund-raising powering ahead. we'll show you the real bernie sanders. you won't believe the shocking, disturbing things we found out
6:37 pm
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♪ talk, talk liz: bring in kayleigh mcenany, trump 2020 press secretary. kayleigh does the president want bernie sanders to be candidate? he is a socialist that will turn off moderate voters. does the president want that. >> president will take on any candidate. bernie sanders is a avowed socialist. joe biden is gaffe machine. margaret thatcher is prime minister of england. mixes up iran an iraq. you ask me who is bad or worse. bernie is bad, biden is worse. one or the other. we'll take either. liz: bernie sanders's record he voted against a congressional resolution, in 1994 condemning a leading member, louis farrakhan, nation of islam.
6:42 pm
bernie sanders voted against the resolution condemning khalid mohammed. he made anti-semitic statements calling jews blood suckers. farrakhan suspended him from the nation of islam. bernie sanders said he did not vote for the 1994 resolution, his argument if he did so it would empower the horrible voices. what is reaction to this story? >> that is despicable. the democratic party has a very big problem with anti-semitism. we see it from the members of the squad. we see it for example with that from bernie sanders. he has been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy decision. he is on the wrong side of soleimani. lewis louis farrakhan, a horrible anti-semitism if you have that record you have no right to run for president. liz: bernie sanders supported
6:43 pm
soviet union. he supported u.s. government taking over all industries back in the '70s. he supported communist cuba. bernie sanders is trying to invoke jfk in his new ads in iowa. voters may remember bernie said he wanted to quote, puke, listening to jfk. watch this. >> i was very excited and impressed by the cuban revolution. there was kennedy and nixon talking about which particular method they should use about destroying the revolution. remember the irony, we learned history later on. kennedy was saying that nixon was too soft on communism. i took up point rick was making in cuba. usually unemotional not to be sick, i actually got up from the room and almost left to puke. liz: your reaction? >> yeah, while praising the rise of fidel castro and communism which devastated cuba, caused so many cubans to find the american dream in america. i find those comments appalling but unsurprising. as you recall, bernie sanders on his own website, his must read
6:44 pm
section, literally has a sentence that the american dream is more apt to be realized in venezuela. liz: yes. >> startling words, unacceptable words. liz: he said food lines and bread lines are a good thing. sanders was a hawk on illegal aliens saying for years they would take american jobs. you may not see those questions by the debate moderators. kaley mcdonald, great to see you. >> thank you, liz. liz: good to see you. lou jobs joins us now what is coming up on his show. lou. >> liz, thank you very much. tonight at the top of the hour from washington, d.c., we'll be talking with treasury secretary steve mnuchin steve mnuchin about tomorrow's historic signing of the phase one deal in the u.s. china trade agreement. we'll also have the very latest on impeachment. we'll be talking with congressman jim jordan, congressman mark meadows, and we'll be joined as well by fox business national security and foreign policy analyst
6:45 pm
dr. walid phares, an dr. michael pillsbury, with analysis on this historic trade deal with china. that at the top of the hour. please join us. liz, back to you. liz: another jam-packed show. great to see you. breaking news. president trump tweeting that apple, tech titan denied a request from the u.s. attorney general bill barr to unlock two iphones belonging to the saudi air force cadet who killed three sailors, wounded eight others. the president happened in pensacola, florida last month. here is the president tweeting quote, we are helping apple all of the time on trade and some issues. yet they refuse to unlock these phones used by killers, drug dealers, other violent criminal elements. they will have to step up to the plate, help a great country now. make america great again. that's a big privacy debate. we'll stay on that story to you. to yet another bombshell in the doj watchdog report on fbi fisa abuses. did a former obama justice department official try to work
6:46 pm
with an ally, an ally of russia's putin, to ruin and bring down then candidate trump? the story next. [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. liz: two another bombshell. another bombshell in the doj watchdog report on fbi fisa abuses. footnotes indicate, former justice department official bruce ohr looks like he was working with potentially anal lie of russia's putin, a russian oligarch? order to ruin and bring down then candidate trump. let's bring in former congressional investigator, attorney sam dewey. sam, your reaction to this story? >> i think it is another interesting development. again it is another part of the report from the inspector general that raises questions, that are going to have to be pursued through other channels. i think demonstrates the importance of the ongoing inquiry by durham. and then, more broadly, the importance of press attention to this issue. >> quite the turn around from democrats in the media reporting that then candidate trump was a russian asset. let's show the viewer again what the doj watchdog report says.
6:51 pm
i'm going to read it to the viewer. it reads as quote, following, on december 7th, 2016, bruce ohr conveyed an interagency meeting including representatives from the fbi, about strategy in dealing with a russian oligarch, one of ohr's junior department colleagues, at the meeting talked with bruce ohr why the u.s. government would support working with this russian oligarch. bruce ohr told her that christopher steele gave information that the trump campaign was corrupted by the russians. she asked if bruce ohr went all the way to then candidate trump. bruce ohr said, yes. that is why they were working with the russian oligarch. that was the basis for this meeting. your reaction? >> that is pretty extraordinary, that was occurring, that was just assumed even when there were questions about the underlying evidence from steele and other sources. it is also extraordinary, at the time more people were not asking
6:52 pm
questions. it raise as broader question of what exactly was happening at the obama justice department, that this type of inquiry and conduct seemed to occur, continuously at very high levels. liz: at high levels, high levels inside of the russian hierarchy. we have the controversy over fbi fisa abuse denier. that is what he is being called, appointed by the fisa court to oversee fbi fisa reforms. mark meadows is upset about it. devin nunez is upset about this. david kris has basically downplayed the fbi's misleading and abusive, abusing the fisa court to spy on carter page. your reaction to this story? >> i certainly understand why mr. nunes and mr. meadows are so concerned because you're right about the position mr. kris took. he took it vocally and more broadly, it raises a question of whether or not the fisa court is tone deaf? you know, why would they
6:53 pm
possibly appoint someone this type of record to look into these issues? it does not make any sense to me at all. liz: devin nunes is saying like the fisa court wants to abolish itself. sam, great to see you. come back soon. liz: thank you very much for having me. same here. we love having you on. next we'll ask texas attorney general ken paxton on the breaking news, house judiciary democrats, now want to probe the trump administration's remain in mexico policy for central americans seeking asylum. remember canada and europe have the same type of policies that debate coming up. it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow.
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[♪] liz: democrat house judiciary chair, jerry nadler announced today his committee is launching a probe of the trump administration's remain in mexico policy which forces some central americans seek asylum to wait in mexico during the claims processes. ken paxton, the texas attorney general. your reaction to this. europe and canada have similar policies. >> this is ludicrous. the president has a lot of the discretion as it relates to asylum and i think he's barking you have the wrong tree. liz: do you see this going to a
6:58 pm
fight in the courts? >> so far there hasn't been a lawsuit over asylum, but it could happen. liz: "the washington post" reporting that the trump administration is preparing to get another $7.2 billion to build and fix the border wall on top of the $3.6 billion the president is reprogramming from the pentagon toward the wall. the united states has taken in 22 million illegal aliens. the quinnipiac poll show 77% of americans think immigration is a good thing. but they want border kerr security. -- border security. >> we are happy about it in texas. we have been asking for this for a long time. the president is getting it
6:59 pm
done. i applaud him for that. i think texas would applaud him for that. liz: does the wall work? does a border wall work? >> it works in el paso, and it worked in other countries. liz: in what way. >> in the late 90s george bush put a fence similar to a wall along 100 miles of land in el paso and their crime rate went from one of the worst in the country to one of the best. liz: you see it in california, too, the crime rate dropping in those counties around the wall in. >> it makes sense. it's harder to operate if there is a barrier. liz: border officials and yourself, you say it works. ken paxton, thank you for joining us. thank you so much for having us in your homes and thank you so much for watching.
7:00 pm
lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. [♪] [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. tonight from washington, d.c. president trump is holding a trademark trump rally in mitch n milwaukee, wisconsin. it comes on the day the dow jones industrial average set a record high close above 29,000. on the eve of what will be an historic signing ceremony in washington in which the president and china's vice premier will sign the phase one agreement.


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