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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 23, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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joe biden will be. bernie will run third party and disrupt the election which i think is great. david: very quickly, i'm glad our president is not a war hawk. i hope for peace that does it for "bulls & bears." liz: president trump on the move this hour. the president will address the republican national committee in miami. we're going to bring you the very latest on that. it is down to the wire for democrats. did they make the case to remove the president based on abuse of power? did they convince a divided american public, that democrats convince or alienate influential swing vote republican senators because of the democrats over the top attacks on these senators? also tonight the debates. are democrats with their overheated heavy-handed rhetoric, are they setting a media narrative to undercut a potential acquittal of the president? a former bill clinton advisor says in a new op-ed, stop
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impeachment. democrats don't have the case. more on democrat adam schiff reportedly misstating key information to attack the president. and this debate. are hillary clinton and democrat establishment, are they now doing well-timed attacks on bernie sanders? he is beating biden in the polls. bernie is stuck off the campaign trail at the senate trial. he can't talk about what is going on. also a breaking story we brought you first. bernie sanders dark money fund-raising operations it is now been hit with a new charge of violating federal campaign finance laws for not being transparent and more. we got more breaking news. more trouble for the fbi. the fisa court judge issues another rare rebuke based on newly unsealed information that the justice department says the fbi did not have probable cause to spy on carter page. and more on the accelerating global alarm over the terrifying speed of the coronavirus and new
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media controversy. is it a controversy? the white house ramping up the travel ban expansion to more countries. we'll talk to former i.c.e. acting director tom homan about that. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ liz: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. let's get right to hillary vaughn on capitol hill with the latest on impeachment today. hillary? reporter: liz, democrats have one day left to wrap up the opening arguments before the white house defense team gets their shot on saturday. the white house team may wait until monday to lay out the meat of their case because they don't want the president's defense to get buried over the weekend. right now a lot of republicans have not been swayed by what house impeachment managers had to say. a senate leadership source tells me no republican senators
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expressed concerns about anything new they heard so far behind closed doors but democrats think that could change if they convince vulnerable republican senators to join them and vote for a new load of documents and witnesses. >> we are standing by the four witnesses we need and the four sets of documents we need. there are no discussions with republicans. we're not trading. we're not whittling down the list. those four are all very important. reporter: but republicans are not convinced they should be forced to hear from witnesses that house democrats didn't bother to call during their impeachment investigation and, but that also may open up the door to witnesses that some democrats may not want to hear from. >> my part, if we'll call witnesses i think it is now clear we absolutely must call hunter biden and need to call joe biden, based on the house manager's presentation today, we will need to hear from the former vice president, if indeed
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we call witnesses. reporter: democrats are singling out four swing state senators they think could defect on vote for witnesses, susan collins, lisa murkowski, lamar alexander, and mitt romney. senate republicans doing what they can to keep the senators happy by keeping them involved in the process. i'm told all four senators were instrumental in crafting organizing resolution that set the rules of the road for the trial. senate leadership wants to avoid wading into witness deliberation. the president said he doesn't think the democrats want to do that either. the democrats don't want a witness trade. the shifty schiff, his lawyer, the second whistleblower vanished after the released transcripts, the so-called informer and many other democrat disasters would be a big problem for them. liz, in the middle of the impeachment trial the president is working on a middle east peace plan, inviting israel's
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bibi netanyahu to the white house on tuesday. just a moment ago the president teased he would release a middle east peace plan before that visit. liz if. liz: hillary vaughn. great reporting. thank you, my friend. based on what hillary is reporting did democrats convince the influential republicans are the swing vote in the senate that democrats need to get witnesses in there? democrats have alienated senators due to over the top attacks on them as treacherous, doing a coverup. bring in republican tom mcclintock from house judiciary. what is your reaction to that? lisa murkowski and john cornyn, over jerry nadler calling them treacherous and doing a coverup? what is reaction to that? >> i would ignore all that. before they get to answer those questions they have to ask a very basic question, are the charges brought by the house conducive with the constitutional standard of
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treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanor, crime related to the office? the house has not charged any of that. the two charges of the house are abuse of power. which means democrats don't like the way the president conducted his lawful powers as president and obstruction of congress. meaning the president asserted his constitutional rights and privileges. neither of those is grounds for impeachment under the constitution. even if they were, the democrats are offered no legally admissible evidence. all of the evidence is hearsay, speculation, and what witnesses who never met the president read in "the new york times." liz: yeah. you know, no smoking gun documents linking -- >> not even, not even allegations of actual high crimes and misdemeanors. the senate is perfectly -- liz: sorry to interrupt. republican witness, jonathan turley, jerry nadler cited turley as abuse of power, abuse
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of power is a crime, citing senator lindsey graham saying that abuse of power is a crime. the democrats showing video of president on camera, get china, ukraine to investigate the bidens. your reaction to all of that. >> that is not what the founders said. the founders said, they debated this at length. there was a voted nebulous term a modern administration, madison said that could mean anything. if that will be the standard of impeachment, then the president is simply a servant of the congress. that is what the congress decided to replace maladministration, or abuse of power, with specific terms, treason, bribery, other high crimes and misdemeanors. liz: move on to that. democrats are trying to set the media narrative. trying to undercut a senate acquittal of trump next week. americans are provided new pugh poll, 51% said should remove the president.
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gallup, 5 is% say don't do that. mark penn, former advisor to president clinton, from mark penn saying quote, end impeachment. what the president did was quote, boneheaded but not impeachable. aid to the ukraine was not held up. no investigation was ordered. ukrainians officials deny any pressure. your reaction quickly to that? >> longer this goes on the more the polls are grad outly moving in the president's favor. i expect that to continue. only people bring it up to me, impeachment, are republicans. they are hopping mad. what the democrats accomplished what admiral yamamoto said after the japanese attack on pearl harbor, i'm afraid all we done is aweakened a sleeping giant, filled them with terrible resolve. that is a good description how the american electorate is beginning to react. liz: i want to move on to this. "politico" reported that adam schiff may have mischaracterized evidence from lev parnas,
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unredacted material shows adam schiff referring to the wrong mr. z as ukrainian leader but that instead it was the founder of burisma who was looking to basically try to arrange a meeting over was going on in the ukraine with corruption. you know, will the bidens be called in to testify? why, why is there such strenuous opposition to the bidens testifying if the bidens are innocent? >> well, very good question. obviously the senate is well within its rights to say, look you haven't alleged crimes, you haven't presented any admissible evidence. come back when you can charge impeachable crime and present legally admissible evidence. if the senate decides, okay, these are impeachable offenses, there is sufficient evidence to proceed, i think all holds should be off of witnesses. call everybody. both sides, call everybody you want. now it may be the bidens claim the fifth amendment. maybe the president asserts executive privilege but certainly all witnesses, desired
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by either side, ought to be called. then let the chips fall where they may. liz: congressman, great to see you. come back soon. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. liz: more on accelerating global alarm over the terrifying seed of the few none -- coronavirus. we have the breaking news after this. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. get a no-fee personal loan (tim) when people ask me what makes verizon 5g different, i talk about the future of emts. an ambulance can only go so fast. but verizon 5g ultra wideband is being built to transmit
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liz: a death toll rising to reportedly 18 in the deadly coronavirus outbreak. 639 sickened, more than 20 million people in three cities now in china an unprecedented lockdown. basically quarantined, due to this pneumonia type virus that can be transmitted from person-to-person. fox news's jonathan serrie has more in atlanta. jonathan? reporter: the chinese government imposed strict quarantine measures in two cities similar to those in place in nearby wuhan where the airport and train station are closed. >> for the moment w.h.o. does not recommend any broader restrictions on travel or trade. reporter: although the outbreak of a new coronavirus has claimed at least 17 lives in china, the world health organization stopped short of declaring a global emergency. >> we know that there is
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human-to-human transmission in china but for now it appears limited to family groups and health workers caring for infected patients. at this time there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission outside china. reporter: major airports around the world are implementing enhanced screening of passengers from china. >> as of now there are at least 16 identified close contacts. reporter: washington state health officials are monitoring people exposed to a u.s. traveler who became ill shortly after returning from china. >> he appears to be doing well. we hope that he will continue on his excellent clinical course and hopefully we'll be able to return home in the near future. reporter: coronavirus concerns prompt ad virginia middle school to cancel a visit by exchange
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students from china. a official writes while the risk of transmission of novel coronavirus is extremely low, we felt it necessary to make this adjustment. british media report five passengers returning from china with flue-like system were taken to the hospital for testing. a traveler in l.a. and next sass is under going a similar precaution. liz. liz: thank you, jonathan serrie. breaking news. senate health and foreign relations will hold a briefing tomorrow with health officials. they say this is a public emergency threat. here is the other story going on. this is not just health related. there is also a massive fallout economically and could hit domestically and geopolitically. with us is robert scales and a emergency medicine physician. general, first to you, washington reports that the death count may be underlisted because china is listing the
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cause of death as pneumonia. your reaction to that? >> i talk to my friend at nih and health and human services, they give me the exact opposite opinion. in fact while the chinese started off very, very slowly underreporting the serious of the disease, they have recovered significantly in the last few weeks and they have been able to mobilize their medical services to do actually a pretty darn good job of limiting the spread of this disease outside of central china. you know, one of the few, one of the few benefit of living in autocratic society is your ability to control people. so far at least, the chinese have done a pretty good job of keeping this disease hedged within the cities of wuhan and other nearby localities. liz: dr. neshwa with me on set. is there a vaccine that can work against this. >> there is not a vaccine now. novavax is working on it.
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liz: who? >> novavax, a company, working on it next two or three months maybe we'll have a vaccine. of the as of right now, there is no vaccine and there is no cure. we can treat symptoms with support i have care, iv fluids, oxygen, monitoring if you develop -- liz: seems aggressive with terrifying speed, overmaking people in china. >> it is. liz: is it worse than regular pneumonia? >> we're talking about viral pneumonia and there is bacterial pneumonia. for some people when they develop the coronavirus it starts off with cough, cold, runny nose, headache, congestion. for some it develops into viral pneumonia. that can be more severe than the common cold. liz: general, what is going on inside of china, there are risks there, with china. china's cracking down on social media, just scrubbing the internet. censors are working overtime there. it is extremely sensitive for china's leading ruling communist
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party, general. they have rising food prices. slowing economy. trade fight with the u.s. hong kong and taiwan is issue for them. your take on that. with these local governments of china. they're being crushed by huge debt loads. the financial toll for the outbreak could push cities on edge. we're talking about unrest in the hinterlands. >> the chinese stock market dropped 4% on the news of this spreading virus. i won't dispute that. god knows as far as china is concerned this is a tsunami of bad news over the last four-month, in terms of the military, confrontation with the united states, you know, the fear of sanctions and economic downturn. but the chinese situation today is a lot different than it was in 2003 with the sars. you may remember the sars epidemic. their medical care is more efficient. their use of social media to get the word out is better.
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they also have a more robust medical system in china than they did, say, 15 or 16 years ago. so they're doing a fairly good job of keeping this contained, liz. liz: to your point. i hear what you're saying, general. a respiratory expert in china, said beginning of january this is under control. a mild condition. he came down with it. >> yeah. liz: let me back up. say i have coronavirus could i give it to you right now? >> it is possible if you're coughing and sneezing, if you have a fever. it can be transmitted. it was found to be transmitted from a seafood market in wuhan market and animal to human and human-to-human transmission. the rate of the coronavirus in patients is doubling daily and the number of deaths is going up. remember that is in china. with we have only one case here in the united states. so we shouldn't panic. liz: they are talking thailand, singapore, possibly scotland. uk is bracing for it. airports in the united states very concerned about it.
6:21 pm
chicago, l.a., just one case. we don't know yet, every day is seems to growing exponentially. >> it is growing in that part of the world. we still need to take precautions but don't panic. what you have to do is protect yourself is, kept your hands washed and clean. don't rub your nose and eyes. stay home if you are sick. stay home with people sick. if you develop any chest pains, fever, you can't breathe. see your doctor right away. liz: immediately. >> so you can be treated. liz: good point. general, where does this end up? where does it go? >> i don't think anybody knows right now. if you follow the timeline, do a general parallel comparison with say sars in 2003 with the coronavirus now, it seems to be that the management of this disease both in terms of medical treatment, in terms of isolation is far more advanced globally, not just in china, globally today, and the tools that the medical profession has to not
6:22 pm
only treat and contain the disease is extraordinary. not what the doctor just said. can you imagine trying to develop a vaccine in three months 20 years ago? genetic sequencing technology and all of that have come a long way. just think. from a cold start we have medical industry that can develop a vaccine by gene sequencing, instead of trying to isolate the virus. we have come a long way, liz. liz: general, dr. nebraska watt, thank you for coming on. coming up a breaking story we brought you, bernie sanders dark money fund-raising operation, it has been hit a new charge of violating federal campaign finance laws, basically evading transparency, taking lots of money, not disclosing donors and more. the story next.
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♪. liz: to the 2020 race, impeachment trial now hitting joe biden's campaign. biden saying he wants no part of a witness swap involving maybe joe biden, his son hunter, with the president's former national security advisor john bolton. fox news peter doocy in iowa with more. peter? reporter: liz, most national polls have the same two at the top locked in, joe biden or bernie sanders and biden now seems really irritated with senator sanders who apologized when a surrogate called biden corrupt but continues to hammer his record and accuse him of proposing cuts to social security. >> why wasn't his apology enough, mr. vice president? why is -- >> wait, wait, wait, wait. you're getting nervous man, calm down! it's okay. he apologized for saying that i was corrupt. he didn't even say anything about whether or not i was telling the truth about social security. reporter: biden was later hit
6:28 pm
with a hypothetical, would he or his son hunter testify in the impeachment trial if john bolton or mick mulvaney testified in exchange? >> the reason why i would not make the deal, the bottom line is, i, this is a constitutional issue. we're not going to turn it into a farce into some kind of political theater. they're trying to turn it into political theater but i want no part of being any part of that. reporter: impeachment talk does seem mostly limited to biden's -- at least as far as iowans are concerned. do you get a sense a lot of people talking to here are rushing from this event to the watch the impeachment trial or are there other things they are considering ahead of february 3 had. >> i can't not remember the last time i got a question from a voter about impeachment. reporter: considering the caucuses are 11 days out, iowa is uncharacteristically quiet. buttigieg is campaigning in south carolina and washington d.c. biden is off the trail
6:29 pm
completely, meeting privately with advisors. all the senators are stuck at their desks. liz? liz: the peer doocy, with an update. joe biden under pressure, senate democrats talking privately according to "the washington post," that yes, get the bidens into testify in order to get john bolton in. bernie sanders is overtaking biden in recent cnn polls in california and new hampshire let's bring in my next guest heritage foundation joel griffith. good to see you, joel. you're reaction? >> there is so much there. i am not surprised vice president biden doesn't want to take the witness stand during the impeachment. the arrangement his son had, working with ukraine $50,000 a month, earning is a bit of broad definition there, taking in $50,000 a month while his father was serving as vice president, work on ukrainian foreign policy matter, this wouldn't sit well. would not pass the smell test
6:30 pm
with the american people. not surprised he doesn't want to take the stand. liz: if the bidens are innocent, why such strenuous opposition to them testifying? because even george kent, former state department diplomat said he and also other state department officials under obama were worried about the biden conflict of interests in name. the biden name opens a lot of doors in d.c. it was known burisma had a problem with corruption. joe biden also saying this, congress didn't have no choice but to investigate but he says impeachment will probably help the president. watch this. >> i always get asked the question, well, isn't the president going to be stronger, harder to beat if he survives this? the answer is yes, probably. liz: probably he said that. joel, here is another solid question my team is asking. hillary clinton and democrat establishment, are they now doing well-timed attacks on bernie sanders while bernie is off the campaign trail?
6:31 pm
hillary said nobody likes him. nobody wants to work with bernie sanders. he got nothing done -- he is a career politician your reaction to that? >> she say say nobody likes him but bernie sanders is arguably the democratic party front-runner and i think all of us that care about our economic security and pros pair, we need to be concerned about his actual policies. i don't care so much what his personality is like. i don't know him. he might be a perfectly nice man but we need to ask how is going to pay for the 45 to $90 trillion over 10 years? the fact is we know if you were to confiscate every dollar from those earning $200,000 and above it covers just a fraction of this. if we implement cradle to grave welfare system europe has, that means the middle class will have to pay. if you're paying $40,000 a year, you're paying 6 more thousand dollars in europe than the u.s. liz: that is good point you
6:32 pm
made. we've been covering about bernie sanders dark money operations. common cause hitting bernie's cash cow, our revolution, campaign finance violations, joel. took in nearly a million dollars, known names of donors not disclosed. campaign donations should be capped to 5000. bernie campaign charged with trying to evade campaign finance laws. your reaction to that? >> we'll see how that plays out. the fact with the campaign funding issues, political speech is free speech. i think this is hopefully will shine the spotlight on that. especially if he is employing a double standard. what is really interesting, just the name of his organization, the bernie sanders campaignorg saying, our revolution, that is the russian collusion i'm actually more worried about. this idea of implementing the idea of karl marx, very ideas first put in place in russia 100 years ago, we need to take a deep pause before moving forward with revolutionary ideas. liz: we're looking at these
6:33 pm
numbers. nearly 500,000 manufacturing jobs under president trump. turn around in pennsylvania manufacturing jobs. 23,000 added in that state under trump versus 45,000 lost manufacturing jobs under obama. the world bank shows the number of people living in extreme poverty has plunged. there are more people now in the world in the middle class than ever before. more than half the population. jamie dimon says to bernie sanders and aoc, capitalism is better for poor people than your socialism. it is about freedom. final quick word, joel? >> i think the manufacturing renaissance is something we should look at. we're near all-time record in manufacturing output. first records we've seen since 2007. and, the middle class is benefiting from this booming economy. all time, all-time record high, household income. it is truly wonderful. liz: you sound excited. joel, come back soon. love your energy. great to see you.
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coming up more trouble for the fbi. the fisa court judge issues another rare rebuke. this is a separate judge. this is yet another judge issuing a rebuke of fbi for abuses. newly-released classified documents. noting that the justice department that the fbi did not have probable cause to spy on carter page in two fbi warrants. thate story t. rowe price. invest with confidence. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer invethat has spreadnce. to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer, as the first hormonal based therapy.
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♪. liz: to breaking news. more trouble for the fbi. a fisa court judge issues another rare rebuke. newly unclassified documents that the justice department found the fbi did not have probable cause to spy on carter page in two fisa warrants. we'll talk about it with former federal prosecutor. katy, how will this affect u.s. prosecutor john durham's criminal probe of the russia probe? >> it is a pretty sad day when you have to come up with all the new rules to tell the fbi they have to be truthful to a federal
6:39 pm
court. i thought that would be an implied obligation but apparently that is something we still have to work on here. as far as consequences are concerned, you have to wonder what that means for folks involved with making these representations to the court to get these warrants? liz: to your point, senator ron wyden, steve daines, bipartisan legislation, they want to reform the fisa court. and nsa met at that date information gathering. the fisa court noted that the justice department thinks there was insufficient probable cause that carter page was an agent of foreign power. we have fon through the doj watchdog report, about the use of powerful intelligence tools to go after a political campaign. we're showing a footnote in the fisa warrant very weak, the fbi's weak disclosure to the fisa court, about what exactly was going on with the steele, christopher steele it is
6:40 pm
extremely weak. they withheld a lot of information from the fisa court. that the democrats funded the steele dossier. that the cia thought it was internet rumor, on and on. your reaction to this? >> i think it shows what a culture the fbi had of basically having an expectation they would get the warrants. they didn't take seriously the obligation to be truthful to provide information to the court that was updated. that is a real shame. that is a real concern for the american people. liz: here's the other thing. ii want to switch back to impeachment. we have information from "real clear politics" saying that the whistleblower, we still don't know who it is. that person has not been officially named. that this whistleblower was talking to friend within days of the president's inauguration saying, quote, we have to take out or remove president trump. they don't like his policies. this is the whistleblower. seems like they had a vendetta, that whistleblower reportedly had a vendetta against president
6:41 pm
trump from day one. your reaction to that? president trump called on biden and whistleblower to testify. should that happen? >> they absolutely need to testify. we need to understand the again sis of this whole investigation where this all came from. really get to the bottom of this. i think that would be much warranted. liz: your take on rudy giuliani saying yes, i will unload evidence about, quote the biden family enterprise making millions of dollars by selling their public office. rudy giuliani looks like he is ready to go with more information. your take on this? >> well, i think that the bidens might have really stepped in it by continuing to insist that all of the looking into the ukrainian deal had something to do with the election but really it could be that president trump was trying to stop corruption that actually existed and that the bidens were a part of. so i think that is also very warranted. liz: come back soon. great to have you on. >> thank you. liz: next story, democrat tulsi
6:42 pm
gabbard going off on hillary clinton after gabbard filed a 50 million-dollar lawsuit against hillary for defamation. the update on that next. [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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what will you change? make the world you want. ♪ liz: lou dobbs joins us now with a look what's coming up on his show. lou? >> liz, thank you very much. joining us tonight at the top of the hour, excuse me, the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, dr. anthony fauci. on spreading coronavirus. also tonight national economic council director larry kudlow. congressman doug collins on this extraordinary, just, deadly, dull, impeachment proceeding in the u.s. senate. but we'll have the latest for you, right at the top of the hour. please join us. liz: like watching crabgrass grow, lou. >> you know crabgrass is more exciting. liz: there you go.
6:47 pm
watching europe grow. lew, thank you. so much. we'll watch lou's show. look at this tulsi gabbard coming out swinging against hillary clinton after filing a 50 million-dollar defamation lawsuit against gabbard. that clinton care le list maliciously impunedded gab ard's reputation. watch gap barred tearing into hillary clinton on "fox & friends." >> i dedicated my entire adult life to serving my country. for hillary clinton and her powerful allies to attempt to smear me, accuse me, implying that i'm a traitor to the country i love, is something i cannot allow to go unchecked. once again this is a clear attempt to try to intimidate an silence those like me who are speaking out, who are being critical of the policies that
6:48 pm
she has had, the legacy of warmongering and taking our country into unnecessary, stupid, wasteful regime change wars. speaking out against this, this foreign policy establishment is something that she clearly doesn't like, which is why she is attempting to do all she can to smear my reputation and undermine my campaign. liz: let's bring in former federal prosecutor, doug burns. doug? hillary being called to account. your reaction. >> it is outrageous to glibly, one of these never ending why i lost the election tours by the way, she goes on and on with these appearances, explaining away be sore loser, to be honest with you. to say somebody is asset of another nation to break it down legally, implies stuff like espionage and treason. that is not a joke. that is why she is bringing this action. i think it is more political than legal in the sense that she
6:49 pm
wants to get out into the public square as it were, the fact that this is outrageous. i think it is a smart move. most people, it is interesting, when somebody make as comment like that, then somebody sues for defamation, oh, would you, may not be true. you know, i think it is a smart move. legally it is a difficult case though because she is a public figure and we all can have a seminar about "new york times vs. sullivan"s the 1964 case, which by the way arose out of coverage by the civil rights movement. a lot of newspapers were writing stuff criticizing local officials not surprisingly, there were $300 million worth of cases pending, the supreme court of the united states ruled unanimously a public figure has to prove actual malice, you remember that term, she specifically knew it was false or recklessly disregarded truth. you might be able to establish that here because hillary clinton, would be very difficult to maintain that she really
6:50 pm
thought this woman, who by the way has military and other credentials was an asset of a foreign country. but lastly, i apologize for jumping around. liz: keep going. >> i'm saying hillary clinton has the defense that it is an opinion. so opinion, in my opinion, she is a russian asset, ruins the defense. opinion is covered by the first amendment. facts not -- liz: striking part of this story is hillary clinton and the democrats are finally held to account for their over the top rhetoric in the attacks. >> i understand. liz: you see this, now the democrats are shooting off their own feet with their overheated rhetoric no. >> yes. liz: alienating lisa murkowski and other swing vote republicans. hillary suggested she was favorite of russians, russian asset. comes from october 29th, interview. nick merrill, a spokesman, if quote, nesting doll fits it is gabbard. do you think she has a legal case? could gabbard win? >> she could win but it is a
6:51 pm
little bit of an uphill battle in the sense the first thing they will say it is an opinion. the second thing they're going to say that under "new york times" v. sullivan and its progeny. it is a very difficult standard, your honor. they can meet it. i think she did the right thing from the sidelines. my late father a lawyer 50 years. doug, sometimes you bring a defamation case it is a bad move. it reiterates what was said. here it is the reverse. she wants that, because it shows how outrage us it is. liz: interesting. >> hillary clinton suffers from credibility problems. that is not big breaking news and tulsi gabbard really doesn't. that is interesting public relations dynamic. liz: doug, fun to have you on, on something other than impeachment great breath of fresh air for doug burns. former federal prosecutor doug burns. we'll talk to former i.c.e. acting director tom homan about a new media controversy. media controversy is this. the white house ramping up the travel ban expansion to more
6:52 pm
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[♪] liz: a new controversy in the media. they are talking lawsuits, court fights about the trump administration potentially expanding the travel ban to seven more countries. tom homan is here.
6:56 pm
the former i.c.e. acting director. your take on the media controversy over this? >> everything this president tries to do to cure this nation they sue over. but they don't understand the president has access to the most sophisticated intelligence in the world. if he says he wants to add them to the travel ban it shows he has evidence that they are a threat to this country. liz: here is what the travel ban says. that countries must comply with security requirements like stab counter-terrorism policies. biometrics. and it only applies to certain visas. not all the citizens in the country.
6:57 pm
>> these countries are lacking. are you sure you know who this person is? is there any derogatory information on this person? and airport security. if their airport security isn't up to snuff they are putting people on planes who shouldn't be here. this decision would not be made without the president talking to the national security advisors. he knows what we don't and he's protecting this country. liz: the supreme court has already upheld his travel ban. the shocking lack of security at airports overseas needed to be fixed. can this fix it? >> it will address it. if you want to get off the ban?
6:58 pm
you have to prove to the united states government intelligence agency that you have this locked down. liz: we have a new case of drug smuggling on the border. a 65-year-old grandmother and her 19-year-old granddaughter trying to smuggle in 250 pounds of meth. >> narcotics coming across the southern border have increased since the president took action on the remain in mexico program. the caravan, the illegal immigration went down 25%. the cartel needs to fill that void. because congress is pushing back on this president, they seized more drugs at the port of entry so why are we concentrating on
6:59 pm
that? they seize more at port of entry because every car is stopped. a lot of people aren't being stopped. they get by about the border patrol. the cartels are looking to replace income they lost since the president took action on illegal immigration. liz: you are saying they are totally off base and wrong. >> they are saying more drugs come through the port of entry. no. more drugs are seized at the port of entry because everybody is stopped. many people never see a bored agent. they drive through, they drive across. liz: you respect the president for what he's doing? >> i worked for six presidents including ronald reagan. there is no president who has
7:00 pm
done more than donald trump to protect this nation and secure our border. liz: thank you for having us in your homes. thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, the deadly dull parade of the radical dimms redundant bleating goes on without apparent end on capitol hill. adam schiff and jerrold nadler blathering on and on about their disdain for american voters who they would so love to relieve of the burden of deciding who should be president in their vote on november. they blather on with their fictional accounts of the president's conduct. if they keep


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