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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 25, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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>> congressman jim jordan, that's it for us tonight. reminder to grab a copy of his new book, one of the art? from crack addict to ceo, we look forward to seeing you monday. have a great weekend. good night from new york. as dep up their opening remarks in the impeachment sham. one thing is clear. this was only about a grab. one big old giant power grab. the democrats don't know how to create a thriving economy. they don't understand economics. i would argue give, they have done with china or iran. they only understand one thing. power. they want and they intend to get it. fun it means trashing the constitution on which our great nation was built. i'm trish regan.
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chuck schumer is a political animal. that's pretty much fact, right? he doesn't have a clue about the economy or how it works. if he did he would find a better way to represent taxpayers in his state. but he only understands politics and right now it's all politics. he wants mitch mcconnell's job. chuck schumer wants to be senate majority leader and he believes this is his big opportunity. and thus he carries on like this. >> we want witnesses and documents. the american people to each of their senators, democrat and republicans is asking now and will ask on into the future, where were you so afraid of witnesses and documents? trish: this is posturing. no one is afraid. i think a lot of people would love it. you get that leaker wrsh up there, schiff's staff, adam
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schiff himself should be called. joe biden, hunter biden. but the principle of all of this. senator schumer, you want to know why you have got no good witnesses? because your buddies smif * and nancy pelosi -- your buddies adam schiff and nancy pelosi never bothered their jobs. they are arguing obstruction of congress when there is no requirement the president turn anything over to nancy just because she asked for it. we have the opposite. it's called separation of powers. if the house wasn't so lazy or political, they would have taken their request for witnesses teen actual judge. then they might have had a leg to stand on in the ole obstruction thing. but they didn't do that.
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and who is to say whether the president would have resisted it. but they wanted to make this a schiff show. now, you want to redo with witnesses. it ain't going to happen. schumer can't help but insult the very jury he's trying to appeal to. that's how you know he does not care. he doesn't care about outcome. he only cares about how he will campaign. and any possible sympathizers he may have had, they doubt his motive. republican senator susan collins telling "politico," i don't think chuck schumer is interested in my opinion. i don't think he's really very interested in anything but trying to defeat me by telling
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lies to the people of maine. and other senators are seeing through schumer's behavior. >> i think the democrats make a mistake when they call outrage time and time again. if everything is an outrage, mission to an outrage. >> this is about the democrats trying to take control of the senate. it's about the 2020 election. trish: if chuck schumer has the senate and the dems hold the house, it doesn't matter if they elect president trump again because nancy pelosi, the squad, adam schiff, and chuck schumer can undo it. they can and they will undo your vote for the president of the united states. they have already signaled that courtesy of adam schiff who wants you to no longer believe in the integrity of our great system.
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>> the president's scheme to pressure ukraine to do their political dirty world fund mine our national security when he carried out his scheme to cheat in the 2020. election. he's still trying to cheat in the next election. trish: cheat? remember that. this is an important moment. the democrats are engineering the hostile takeover of the government. they want to get rid of the president and they are attempting to dictate different paths to achieve that outcome. they want control of the country and they don't care hose vote they have to throw out to get it. that's tonight's intel. joining me, jenna ellis, constitutional scholar and attorney to the president. i look at the charges, obstruction of congress, it's bizarre because there was
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nothing to obstruct. then abuse of power which is an opinion which they have not been able to back up. ways your sense of how things are going and what we might see from the president's legal team tomorrow. >> this is 100% about the democrats desperately seeking power. they desperately want control. they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to obtain it. this is 100% about them undermining our constitutional republic and our system of government. over the past three days in this entire impeachment hoax, president trump is so right, this is a hoax, this is a coup, because they are willing to weaponized the power of impeachment. if they had the majority in the senate they would be weaponizing it. abuse of power and obstruction
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of congress are not crimes. article 2, section 1, executive authority is in the president of the united states. we voted president donald j. trump into office so he will be make our policy decisions. trish: if they were to be successful, think of the precedent it sets. even if they aren't successful, it's still establishing a horrible precedent. >> absolutely. it's my hope there will be enough senators who are willing to have a backbone and stand strong and say at the end of all of this, at the end of the 16 hours of questioning and after president trump's legal team gets to stand up and make these constitutional arguments, to stay enough is enough. the majority of the house cannot weaponize impeachment and force an american president to answer
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for his policy decisions in the context of an impeachment trial. that not what our founding fathers wanted. i hope there are enough that will stand up for that. trish: it will put us at a tremendous disadvantage. it has put us -- we have been doing great. but it's in spite all this. in terms of the economy. it will not -- it has not worked. just imagine what would happen if everybody would get on the same page and want the same things like prosperity for every single american. jenna, thank you so much. a disturbing trend that's been festering for a while. democrats taking the side of foreigners while berating average american voters. >> there have been times when americans have shown arrogance and been dismissive and der
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risive. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. trish: gaffey joe is piling on saying daca recipients are more american than most americans. the liberal media is obsessed with history webs specially how historical the president's impeachment is? >> pelosi announcement, truly historic event. >> the busy and historic day ahead. trish: where were those so-called unbiased journalist when the first president ever in history spoke at the march for life? sounds pretty historical to me. look at this comparison.
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trish: nearly $400 million, that's how much money american taxpayers were to hand over to ukraine. corruption was so bad joe biden was sent to clean it up. then his son got gig at burisma shortly after he had been kicked out of the military for drug use. if you were the president of the united states and you believed the u.s. should note be on the hook for other country's problems one might take issue with that, especially when you are out there telling voters this. >> all of our partners are expected to pay their fair share of the tremendous defense burden which the united states has born
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in the past. we protect europe. we spend hundreds of billions of dollars and they are not paying their fair share. so last your went and said folks, sorry, you have to pay your fair share. they were supposed to pay. >> everything we do, we are now putting america first. trish: then you find out, right, that u.s. policy has us giving hundreds of millions of dollars to ukraine. and you find out that the then vice president joe biden was getting his son a gig and fired the prosecutor looking into his son's new company. >> we are not going to give you the billion dollars. he said you are not the president. i said call him. i said you are not getting the billion. i'm leaving here in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money.
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well, son of a [bleep] he got fired. trish: along comes abc news, the bastion of reporting. the video posted on youtube in april 17 aired on abc news sunday night. >> abc makes a colossal mistake reporting on flynn and suspends brian ross. >> we convinced her to talk to us. it was unbelievable what we had, clinton. we had everything. i tried for three years to get it on to no avail. trish: abc news, you be biased that it is allegedly comes out with a tape they won't actually play of a conversation been president trump and his team
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regarding marie environment yovanovich. this conversation appears to show president trump saying get rid of her. i don't care, get her out tomorrow, take her out, do it. again, abc news doesn't have the tape, they are not playing it for us. they are just saying that they heard it so you have to take their word on it. the ingraham angle and raymond arroyo sat down with the president and the president pushed back on it. >> were you relying on lev parnas to get rid of your ambassador. >> i am not a fan of that ambassador. >> were you telling parnas to get rid of her? president trump: i probably wouldn't have said that. city make no bones about it. i wants ambassadors chosen by me. i have the right to hire and firearm bass doers.
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trish: he does. he has that right. and the ambassador in question was not fired for another year after that alleged tape-recording. meanwhile, you have joe and maria bartiromo out there and theo -- you havegot joe and hunt there, and they are not off the hook. >> the biden family i call them the biden five. it's like a corrupt united nations. you have got hunter biden doing deals in ukraine and china with state actors, corrupt oligarchs. they get the contract to build 100,000 homes in iraq. frank meeting with the costa rican president when joe biden was vice president. trish: watch this. >> if the shoe were on the other foot and this was liz cheney or
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pence's son doing this in the ukraine, adam schiff would be leading the charge. that impeachment managers are telling the united states senate and the country as a whole the biden allegations have been investigated. that is a flat untruth. nobody has done an investigation. we cannot have an america where upon one side is looked at. trish: calling for an investigation. former trump national security advisor, kt mcfarland. we'll get to lindsey graham in a second. the president is saying i have a right to the ambassadors i want. one thing i think is getting lost in all this is the american people elect the president of the united states to decide on foreign policy as opposed to the
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bureaucrats that have been there for years and years at the state department. who decides on it, the president or them? >> that's why we elected him, to drain the swamp. at the first meeting in the white house situation room. we were talking about obama's policy and i was giving the staff an update on the new policy. there were people who said i was wrong. and i had to point out, i think to the whistleblower. this is what trump wants us to do. there will be new policies. the american people voted for him because they want a change. it's the american people who were in charge. trish: the ceo is the one who makes the decisions about the direction the company is going. if you don't like the direction the company is being taken in,
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if you work for that ceo, you have the right to leave. you see people have a different opinion on the direction a corporation might take. so maybe they leave and go somewhere else. the state depth, i realize you can't go to another state department. that's kind of it. but you have got to accept, i would think, that this is your job to implement and carry out the policies of the person the american people elected. >> government employees and military intelligence, their job is to take their directives from the american people through the president of the united states. the got it american people elected. but when we gone it trump administration there were people actively sabotaging the new programs. they thought the american people made a big mistake in electing president trump so they were going to be in charge of making sure he couldn't govern. that's what this whole
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impeachment thing is. it's the people in washington who think they are smarter and better than the people of the united states and they think their opinions are more important. and 63 million:americans, they made a mistake voting for donald trump. guess what? a lot more americans will votto re-elect donald trump for this very reason. trish: if you are going to hands out taxpayer money, you better make sure there is no funny business going on. it was happening under the previous administration. that's kind of alarming, kt. >> their job is not to hand out taxpayers' money to corrupt country. we knew ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in the world. they were buying off people light wil r -- people right, let and center. >> you played that crip of joe biden.
8:23 pm
my jaw dropped when said we fired that guy, we fired that judge because he was investigating the company that was paying joe biden's son's salary. trish: if you say i'm going to blow the lid off this swamp. something i see as a disturbing trend. starting with obama. democrats increasingly taking the side of foreigners while berating average american voters. remember this? >> there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive and enter risive. -- and ente d and even derives.
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trish: democrats for whatever reason, they don't seem to actually care about actual americans. that's how it feels. joe biden is the latest candidate to make the push for illegals to become legal voters. here he is at a stump speech. >> they have done very well. in many cases they are more american than most americans are because they have done well in
8:29 pm
school. trish: this comes on the heels of joe biden saying drunk driving of illegal migrants should not arrested by i.c.e. >> you are fired if you do that. you only arrest for a felony and i don't count drunk driving as a felony. trish: so much for the families of loved ones killed by a drunk driver. tie know what the toll of war looks like. if i do not speak up for the child who is going to be displaced because of could be applicant, who will? trish: i don't disagree. but what about our kids? don't american kids come first in all this?
8:30 pm
it doesn't feel that way. because if you listen to the liberal media or members of the left, we never should have killed the number one terrorist who killed americans in the first place. >> we saw iran act with perhaps more restraint than our own government. >> once you are in the business of assassination -- >> the assassination of quassem soleimani -- >> it will be the second most important person in the country assassinated. trish: america laughed. that's a self-hatred of our own country. this has been out there for a long time. obama's apology tour followed by this. >> you could put half of trump supporters into way caught basket of deplorables.
8:31 pm
racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. trish: that's not what trump supporters are. joining me, niger innis. how is this going to play for them? when you sit there and say nobody should be arrested for drunk driving if they are here illegally, that the i.c.e. officer should get fired, that doesn't really gel, i don't think, with most americans. >> no, it does not. it's about as resounding a good thing to hear as was kamala harris comparing i.c.e. to the kkk, klu klux klan. it's insulting not just to native born or legally immigrated americans in the country. but even to this population of
8:32 pm
daca, this population of one of the americans. what joe biden, the squad, senator harris, the entire democratic team might do. what the far left is doing, they are creating a new class of entitled wannabe americans angry at the very country and constitution and laws and law enforcement officers that enforce the laws that they want to be a part of. trish: you think of generations in the past that come here and are grateful for this opportunity, the chance at prosperity. it's a different mindset. >> it's actually very, very dangerous. it promotes what i see as the biggest clear and present danger to the united states. it's not russia or even china.
8:33 pm
it's the balkanization taking place on our college campuses and the so-called mainstream media and intelligentsia. the. out of many one. wherever it is on the planet, we have an obligation to become good americans. trish: don't do this to ourselves. let's stand up for what's right and uphold our values in a system that always worked. the most successful nation on earth. coming up next, the liberal media loves to point out how historical trump's impeachment. >> coverage of this historic day. >> a busy and historic day
8:34 pm
ahead. trish: today on a pretty historic day. the first time a president has ever attended and spoken at the anti-abortion march for life rally. they were all over it, right? crickets. total crickets. cnn in a commercial break while fox took president trump's historical speech. they took a schiff presser. they only care with journalism and history when it serves their agenda. curt sm i'm your mother in law.
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historic event. >> you are watching special coverage of this historic day in our nation's capitol. >> it will be a busy and historic day ahead. trish: the left-wing media can't wait to dub anything from this impeachment circus as historic. but i don't think they would know historic if it hit them on the head. that's what the president's speech at the march for life rally was. it's the first time a president has shown up for a rally like this in person. >> this is a very special moment. it's so great to represent you. i love you all. [cheers and applause] and i say with true passion, thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you all.
8:40 pm
thank you. trish: you wouldn't know this was a big deal or this was historic. if you haven't heard enough from adam schiff already, they will make sure you hear a little more. joining me right now is kurt schlichter. i think they are making the decision as to what they think is historic. they decide schiff is historic. this march for life thing is not historic. we aren't going bother with that. we care about history. but it's only the history they care about. >> is something truly history if no one cares? no one seems to care about this impeachment except pore people on television and people on twitter. what was historic is the
8:41 pm
president coming out and standing in front of tens of thousands of mairs americans on the side of one of the most polarizing issue in america. and giving an indication of what he might do the next time he has a supreme court judge justice to appoint. it doesn't matter whether you are pro abortion or antiabortion. whether you think adam schiff is a great lawyer or the sergeant schultz of american politics. this is the media not doing its job for viewers. if you are a viewer of cnn or msnbc. you will be surprised by the strength of the anti-aworse movement. and you shouldn't be if you are rinsing to a real news network. but if you are listening to them, you are not. trish: for the record, it was on
8:42 pm
fbn and on fox news. but not on these other stations. cnn anchor chris cuomo is finding himself in hot water. he's make it very apparent and has over and over again that kids are off limits. and i agree with him on that. he says on twitter and i quote, why do the trumpers think it's okay to go after a kid. he's effectively talking about greta thunberg at davos. mnuchin said i will talk to get after after she has taken some economics classes at college. does anybody remember when he went after he and his whole network went after a kid. here we go. >> nick sandsman doesn't seem to
8:43 pm
be afraid. but he did make a choice and that was to make it into a standoff. that was not good choice. trish: he went after a kid. does it not count if the kid is conservative? >> it should count since cnn just wrote a big check to that kid. but putting that aside. i have a beef with the whole kid thing. greta is now 17. i led 17-year-olds in my platoon in desert storm. if somebody is going to presume to tell me what to do like don't eat cheese burgers or ride a bike instead of my nice car. i will have a response and it may not be particularly pleasant. but in this case fredo cuomo
8:44 pm
hypocrisy is hard to take. trish: you know, they don't give him a chance. they are fair game, but greta is not. it's a double standard over and over again. curt, it's good to see you. what if you were a parent who saved and saved and saved and you worked three jobs so you could pay for your kids' college. wouldn't you want a reimbursement under elizabeth warren student loan reimbursement. one dad did. he went straight after elizabeth warren for it. finds out how elizabeth warren reacted to that. the deadly corona virus spreading across china. it's shutting down entire
8:45 pm
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trish: the deadly coronavirus is spreading across china. 40 people are dead and 1,300 people are infected. disneyland shut down. there are parts of the great wall of china closed. if you listen to the chinese government we have nothing to worry about because they have it all under control. the chinese government notorious for truth and transparency. the english language television program, overseen by the chinese communist party. >> i'm note a member of the communist party of china.
8:50 pm
they do not impact any country. >> on no count they are real training centers, they are not camps. they have open gates. there are no armed guards. trish: joining me is the author of the coming collapse of china, mr. gordon chang. they say they have it all under control. we shouldn't be worried. >> you look at those videos coming out of wuhan. you have people falling down on the streets with blood coming out of their mouths. the corpses on the floors have been there for more than half a day because healthcare worker don't have time to clear away the dead. they have locks down 46 million
8:51 pm
people in 1 cities. trish: they are building a whose in wuhan. this is a hospital to house all these people. >> that's a 1,000 bed hospital they are putting up. but that probably won't be sufficient. right now there are 6,000 cases in wuhan alone. maybe that's not true. but clearly a lot more than they are admitting to. trish: they are controlling the information and they will decide what we can and cannot know. what you have seen -- they were fibbing all along. but for the last two days they have become more controlling in terms of social media what they put on state television has become much more censored. so clearly they are worried.
8:52 pm
up until tuesday they were a little bit oblivious. but since that time they have gone to full censorship mode. trish: the trump administration is cracking down on birth tourism. china is a massive offender. according to the statistics we have looked at, 33,000 cases a year of people come together u.s. to give birth so their children can get united states citizenship of which the chinese are big offenders. >> it will be much more because of we are seeing in china. you will have a lot of chinese come together u.s. because they want out of their own country. there is a lack of self confidence there. whatever that number is, it will be higher. there will be more pressure on
8:53 pm
the administration to stop this. you will have more people trying to get into the u.s. from china. trish: the houston rockets have been in hot water because they have been trying to suck up after they got into all that trouble because of the manager. now they are sucking up to the chinese party by issuing a happy new year thing on twitter. i want you to see it. >> i wish all the chinese fans -- >> we appreciate your love and support. >> breakin break be. >> the chinese love this. what the houston rockets are doing is the modern equivalent of a kowtow.
8:54 pm
i wish we could outlaw this. but we have free speech in this country. this feeds the he goes of already inflated he goes in china right now. trish: the basketball industry is multi million dollars. we'll make our players speak mandarin. >> the nba was so craven in its response. this is just a disgusting episode. trish: a dad who paid for his kid's college confronts elizabeth warren on her student loan forgiveness plan. can this dad who worked hard to pay for his kid's college get any money back under her socialist plan?
8:55 pm
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my buddy had fun, but a car, i save my money. he made more than i did. i worked a double shift to give make extra money. my daughter works and she was ten, so you're laughing at me. that's exactly what you're doing. we do it right and we get screwed. maria: the gentlemen's rights. he is absolutely positively right. and this is the entire problem. with everything the democrats are trying to do right now. free this, free that, freed this, free that, you are actually the poor guy or gal who is working hard to do it the right way, that's like most americans, and you're trying to pay your bills, and you're trying to put your kids through school, and you're trying, maybe to save a little bit of money for retirement stayed out the sponge off the government, you're the one that gets penalized. and that's wrong. it's apsley positively wrong. they need to come up with the new system. the president believes in
9:00 pm
helping everybody, to help themselves to get everybody back to work, so they all have a shah. that living the american dream. people like elizabeth warren and bernie sanderstomorrow nigh. kennedys up next. night night. kennedy: is this thing over yet? is impeachment done? god it feels like it's been going on for a month, but today was actually only impeachment argument day number two. this afternoon and evening the presentation was about abuse of power. the democrats, jerry nadler was first up to the plate he is sick and tired of the president for telling his above the law. >> the president who uses his office to ask for or worse to compel foreign nations to meddle in our elections, is a president who attacks the very foundation of our liberty. that is a grave abuse of power.


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