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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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to run to burger king afterwards. i mean i can't imagine the folks like us stuck on real meat will ever make the switch. >> whopper is better than i'm possible. david: last word from steve. that does it for "bulls & bears." see you next time. liz: two world escrow leading again today in washington. stocks moving higher, good earnings as the president signs nafta 2.0 trade deals, the day after debuting a middle east peace plan. as a new battle in impeachment heating up. tonight the president jumping into the fight head first, scorching john bolton, john bolton would have quote, started world war six. questions mount, will the senate turn impeachment into a free-for-all with witnesses? is the senate going to let the house dictate whether they call witnesses at all? no bidens? is this all over by friday with acquit of the president? the debate coming up. coronavirus worse than sars.
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scientists warn about the next phase, so-called super spreaders ramping up the contagion. this debate tonight. should china outlaw forever it is live animal markets blamed for global epidemics? critics say they're also exhibiting a depraved inhumane abuse of animals. plus it is official, "the cook political report" says the democrat race is in total chaos. likely no front-runner? even going into super tuesday in march? tonight, bernie, feeling the burn from democrats, now full-on attacking him. we'll show you exactly why bernie refuses to answer and is always dodging questions over the same issue that brought down a key rival. even more trouble for former fbi director james comey and his team. the new push on the abuse of power accusations against the fbi. two powerful republican senators now demanding to see un, see declassified, unredacted
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footnotes in the fbi probe of the trump campaign. the information just might undercut what james comey, his team and the media have claimed, that there was no political bias behind the fbi spying on the trump campaign. just might cause criminal prosecutor john durham to throw the book at them. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. two worlds colliding in washington. president celebrating signing of nafta 2.0 into law, after debuting a middle east pleas plan. the next phase of the impeachment fight heating up. let's get to fox news congressional correspondent chad pergram with the latest in washington. chad? reporter: good evening. they're into the question and answer period of the senate trial. this is where senators submit in
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writing questions to the chief justice. the counsel for the president and democratic impeachment managers respond. they're on question 48 right now n 1999 there were 106 questions posed by senators in the trial of president clinton. now the biggest question is about whether or not they're going to call witnesses. that is something they will get it later this week. that issue was front and center with adam schiff, the lead house impeachment manager as he talked about potentially calling john bolton. >> don't wait for the book. don't wait until march 17th when it is in black and white to find out the answer to your question. was all the motive, some of the motive or none of the motive? reporter: it is unclear whether there are enough votes to call any witnesses to call. on friday there is so-called gate way vote whether the senate
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will vote to call witnesses. it will be very close. the senate will have to decide whether to call witnesses like bolton. white house counsel patrick philbin suggests this is not easy. >> national security advisor, that will come in, that will be easy. that is not the way it will work. there is vital constitutional privilege at stake. it is important for the institution of the office of the presidency for every president to protect that privilege. reporter: before we came on the air there continues to be communication between the nsc and attorneys for joan bolton and his manuscript whether or not there is classified information there. in the past hour there were questions directed to adam schiff about the whistleblower. this is adam schiff's response to some republican questions. he said i don't know who the whistleblower is. i have not met him. that is a complete and total fiction. friday will be a seminal day in this trial. they could reject the idea of
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going down the gateway trying to have witnesses or they could decide to call witnesses. if they don't, if they decide not to have witnesses you could have a verdict rendered friday not or potentially saturday. liz: interesting. chad pergram, thanks for joining us. appreciate your reporting. reporter: thank you. liz: as chad was saying will it be over by friday? will senator mitch mcconnell get enough votes to block more witnesses? senator lindsey graham, based on the law and the facts he does not see a need for the witness free-for-all. the house case falls below the standards to remove a president. more witnesses would only slam the bidens. senator graham says there is quote, a mountain of evidence to suggest the biden's behavior was quote, harmful to the u.s. let's bring in republican chris stuart from house intelligence. your reaction to all this reporting? >> i think it is very unlikely the senate will call witnesses. talking to my friend in the senate, it became clear last night they didn't have the vote.
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they recognized didn't matter how many witnesses allowed to be called, the democratic senators would not be satisfied wit. they want to do the kavanaugh point two, blow it up to keep it going. there is no way in the world they would bring in for example, john bolton and not bring in adam schiff or mr. biden or some of the others that the republican was like to hear from. in its entirety, most people are skeptical they will probably get to that point. liz: senator graham said of hunter biden, he basically turned ukraine into an atm machine. is the senate supposed to make the house's case for the house democrats? will it let the house dictate which witnesses to call and no bidens? >> that is exactly right. that is what they have been saying from the very beginning what both of us on the house intelligence committee who had to manage the impeachment process last winter through november and december as we were having our hearings. they could have compelled testimony from mr. bolton. they could have compelled testimony from any one of these
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witnesses if they had been a little bit patient, done what they always done before, go to court and let the courts die if they have a compelling case, if they should be compelled to testify but they wouldn't do that now for them to bring it to the senate, say, well you guys need to finish our job, the thing we weren't willing to do, you have to do. accuse them after coverup if they don't, oh, my gosh, if that is coverup, adam schiff is guilty of covering up, obstructing. >> sounds like the democrats are botching it. in the shadow of impeachment he has more than 45% average approval rating according to "real clear politics" that is the highest in three years. "politico" reporting that three democratic senators may consider vote to acquit the senate, joe manchin, chris ten cinema, doug jones, and joe manchin. senator manchin says yes, hunter biden should testify. do you agree? >> i agree there may be a
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bypartisan acquittal. one of the first hearings we held on the house side. i think when this process is over, there will be less support for impeachment than there is right now. that is really proven to be true. the american people look at this, they hear this, there has got to be more to it. you can't remove the president of the united states from office in an election year on this. it just isn't compelling enough. in fact as you just said, the president's numbers are much improved than they were six weeks or two month ago even to the point some democratic supports say you haven't convinced me yet. liz: okay. everyone should be okay with the democrats funding fake accusations against the president in the steele dossier. getting that information fed into the fbi, get the fbi launching the trump campaign, voters should be okay, with the biden as profiting off the vice president's name in various countries around the world. president's defense team made a damning indictment of the bidens
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in their presentation. go ahead with that. should everyone be okay with that? >> exactly. it was damning evidence. by the way the vice president will have to answer that whether in the impeachment proceeding or before the american people. he will have to answer to that but there is this ultimate irony they are condemning the president for supposedly investigating a political rival when we know irrefutably that is exactly what president obama and the administration did. we know that they investigated, that they sent spies, they eavesdropped, they went through all sorts of surveillance on what? a political rival. i think irony of that is incredibly rich. liz: no russia collusion. carter page never charged. let me put it to you this way the house democrat managers were asked this. if president obama had evidence that mitt romney's son was being paid a million bucks a year by a corrupt russian company and mitt romney had acted to protect and benefit that company, would obama have authority to ask that the potential corruption be
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investigated? puts in new light. center for security policy president fred fleitz, can you impeach a president for a thought crime. the president's phone call transcript said, this is the basis for impeachment i would like you to do us a favor. because our country has been through a lot and ukraine knows a lot about it. whether you think it was tin foal hat conspiracy theories president was talking about, the fact remains, swap out words and put obama and romney in there puts it in a new light. >> i exactly agree, agree. you stated three things there. you're exactly right. since when by the way does someone get immunity from any investigation because they're running for federal office? vice president biden is running it president he can't be investigated? my gosh, we should be held to higher standard, not immune from being investigated. we should be investigated thoroughly if we're putting ourselves in that kind of position or responsibility.
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liz: even in "new york times" story about john bolton and his manuscript, talking about the president wanting to look into corruption involving quote, democrats plural, democrats plural. not just joe biden. do you think voters will throw the book, each and every voter, pick up a book and throw it at house democrat managers? adam schiff again dodged the question about the fact they have been trying to get rid of the president since the time he was inaugurated. we tracked it, we have seen impeachment push starting in march 2016. take that one on. >> that is exactly right. some of my dom creatic colleagues were calling for impeachment the day he was inaugurated. i would ask the american people to read the transcript of the phone call. you can google it, find it in sections. read the transcript. is there anything there that the president should be removed from office? at the end of the day that is all evidence there is. everything else is people's feelings or opinions about the phone call.
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read the transcript of the phone call, make your own determination. you can't read this, as you all explained, you can't read it that there was anything illegal or impeachable. liz: he ran through a red light. he shouldn't have brought up the bidens. they can remove him from office for that? ben, swap out the word, words put obama and mitt romney there, puts it in a new light. congressman. come back soon. up next the coronavirus now worse than sars. scientists warning about the next phase of this, so-called super spreaders ramping up the contagion? the debate, china must outlaw forever its live animal markets blamed for global epidemics and their inhumane and depraved abuse of animals. the story next. ♪. give me a little slack! with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. i said i need some slack on pump three!
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♪. liz: coronavirus now worse than sars. the outbreak topping 6100 cases worldwide. it is exceeding the growth rate in the sars epdem mechanic last decade. now china says the ability to spread is getting stronger. 133 now dead in china. 17 cities there now on lockdown. some 50 million chinese in some kind of travel ban or lockdown. that is about equal to the population of south africa. it has spread to now 19
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countries, even the middle east, and u.a.e., they have got a case there. mongolia shut its border with china. hong kong and malaysia banning visitors from wuhan. fox news's steve harrigan is in atlanta with more. steve? reporter: american evacuees from the epicenter of the coronavirus have returned home. a plane chartered by the state department landing in a military base in california after leaving wuhan, china. the passengers were screened before and during the flight. they will under go more tests before allowed to leave the base. >> coming from this area, had their own traumas. very long flight. and they could be at the base for up to two weeks. reporter: centers for disease control and prevention is now screening passengers from china at 20 major airports across the country. part of a growing effort to contain the virus. so far there are only five confirmed cases in the u.s. the white house reportedly
6:18 pm
considering banning travel to china until the outbreak is over. >> this is a very serious crisis. we're briefing the president literally hour by hour. we'll continue to inform the american people of our views on it. reporter: the cdc says more cases of coronavirus are likely to turn up in the u.s. they're urging anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms to contact a hospital immediately but health officials are stressing there is little threat to the general public at this time. >> when you go on a cruise ship, it is the same type of screening. they ask i, do you have a cough, do you have a fever? do you have any other symptoms? port pot the white house says it will hold two high level coronavirus meetings each day until the outbreak is contained. in atlanta, steve harrigan. fox news. >> steve, thank you so much. experts warning that the actual number of cases could grow significantly higher. the virus is contagious during the incubation period up to two weeks even though people show no
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symptoms. people boarding planes traveling showing no symptoms. there is this deer warning spelled out in an opinion piece in the hill. this is china's chernobyl, basically covering up. that is the allegation. let's bring in retired u.s. army colonel lieutenant james carafano of the heritage foundation. your reaction to this? >> i think the u.s. and other developed countries are in pretty good shape. it is called ring containment. if you have a case, outbreak, isolate them i think you can do a relatively competent job keeping them contained. here is the real problem scenario. the chinese have workers all over the world. say you go to a place without a really developed health care system and good infrastructure like sudan. if it gets there, it will get everywhere. that is the real problem. liz: that is an important point. it took sars up to three months to come close to the fatalities reporting from the coronavirus in less than one month. cases in china are exploding
6:20 pm
higher than haven't all number of cases in sars last decade. in the end sars head 17 countries. it is now in 19 countries the coronavirus. basically the cold spring harbor lab reports that the super spreaders one person can potentially spread the virus to three orfy. your reaction to all of that? >> here is what i don't know the state of chinese health care. a lot of cases we hear people get pneumonia and dying. is this a case with particular sir you you lint strain, killing people we expect the virus to kill or healthy people with normal immune systems or the chinese health system not keeping up? if you get pneumonia, even not a killer strain of pneumonia, don't get proper care you could get very sick and die. are the high numbers because the chinese health care system is failing or disease is particularly virulent. liz: that is really important
6:21 pm
point. that is an interesting important point you made. critics say china must outlaw forever for the live animal markets. it has been blamed for epidemics, coronavirus, merz, sars and. and inhumane treatment of animals. gds slowing down dropping below 5% for the first time since the early '90s. chinese government forecasts that the coronavirus could be significantly a bigger hit than the sars outbreak. your reaction to that? >> kind of like an mma fight. this is like the seventh hit china has taken. complaining about the taiwan elections. hong kong. 5g. you know bri. the china brand has been so diminished, the way chinese handled this has been very, very poor. they have not invited experts from the nights united united s.
6:22 pm
they are reluctant to share information. excluded w.h.o. starbucks, where you're shutting down all your businesses, china is in real danger of destroying its own reputation. so, for its owners the sake of its own reputation, banning these markets you have to do something to regain your international credibility. banning markets might not be a bad place to start. liz: that's a great point. good news, what do you think of this? scientists reportedly in australia for the first time replicated the virus in a laboratory? could lead to breakthrough in quest for vaccine. that could be months away. your take on that? >> right. we often talk about we need a vaccine but with many viruses, remember every year we give people a flu virus, we're guessing what flu they will get, right? the notion there is a vaccine way out of this is probably not the best idea. social distancing, isolating,
6:23 pm
stopping the spread of the virus to begin with, that has to be the emphasis of the strategy. good health care infrastructure, good health care, good monitoring, good response. we can spend trillions of dollars to maybe get a vaccine or we can do these other things and prevent people from getting disease in the first place. right now that has to be the focus of the global health effort. liz: james carafano. good to see you, my friend. thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. it is official, "the cook political report" says the democratic case is in chaos. likely no front-runner, even going into super tuesday in march? we have a new democrat attack on sanders. it is breaking out, this fight. we have more on why bernie sanders constantly dodges questions over the exact same issue that brought down a key rival, elizabeth warren. it could cost him a big democrat voter base. the story coming up. ♪.
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♪. liz: it is official, the respected "cook political report" now says that democrat race is in total chaos. no front-runner even going into super tuesday in early march. four out of 10 iowa and new hampshire voters still undecided versus what went on in 2016 when nearly 60%, six out of 10 had already made a definitive choice at this point in the race. bring in my next guest, former california republican gubernatorial candidate john cox. great to see you, john. >> hello. liz: great to see you, in chaos, your reaction. >> isn't it wonderful to see? for political junkies it is probably pretty exciting but the democratic establishment is really afraid here, liz. they're old enough to remember like i am, maybe you are, george mcgovern and walter mondale who pledged to hand out money for free and raise taxes in doing so and they both went to
6:29 pm
landslide defeats. they certainly don't want that to happen. not only because they don't want to have president trump reelected but also the effect on senate, the house, and down ballot races. the surge for sanders though is really part of the angst seat that is going on in this country among young people and working people of this country, especially here in california because they're finding it is so difficult to be able to afford a real niece liveable life anymore. years of regulations and taxes. liz: in blue states. >> in blue states. in blue states especially. you're absolutely right. liz: 2020 democrats like joe biden and pete buttigieg now saying, hey, bernie, stop dodging, stop avoiding questions now you say you have no idea how many trillions and trillions of your government takeover of everything will cost taxpayers. we know why bernie is dodging, running away from that, because answering it caused elizabeth warren to plunge in the polls.
6:30 pm
bernie already said he will tax the poor, those making 31,000 to pay for his things like government health care. watch this. >> what we will do, what we will do is have a 4% tax on income exempting the first $29,000. [applause] all right. you're better than arithmetic than i am. what that means if you're average family in the middle, who makes 60,000 a year, that means we'll tax you on 31,000 at 4%. liz: your reaction? >> well, having government in charge of health care and in charge of education and in charge of all these things involving more taxes is adding more cost to the system. the better result, if we really want to have things that are affordable, liz what we need to do is cut regulations and get more competition. which means we ought to go after crony capitalism an corporations that buy politicians that drive
6:31 pm
up the cost. bernie's idea of having government keep taxing us and taxing us and taxing us, just adds more cost on the system. the only way to make things affordable for real working people is to have more competition, reduce the barriers to competition. liz: i want to get to this. this bernie sanders interview with cbs likely indicative why obama officials saying bernie never got 60 votes for anything in the senate. "new york times" reports that working class voters say the democrat party left them behind. he basically wants to take health care coverage away from labor unions, including teachers, cops, policemen. he has no idea how much it will cost. watch this. >> your agenda promised free health care for everybody. free college tuition and to pay off people's college loans. the price tag for that is estimated to be $60 trillion over 10 years. correct? >> well, look, we have political opponents -- >> you don't know, you don't know how much your plan cost. >> you don't know. nobody knows this is
6:32 pm
impossible -- >> you're going to propose a plan to the american people and not tell them how much it will cost? liz: you see how he first dodges the question and confronts it, he answers. his abuse of taxpayers would be historic. bernie treats billions of dollars of cost to taxpayers like a rounding error. sanders is saying of course today he wants to renegotiate nafta 2.0. look what else he wants. he wants basically again remove private health insurance from teachers, firemen and cops. he wants to basically tax the poor at 31,000. he want to decriminalize the border on and on. your reaction to this. >> this is what a socialist wants, liz. they want everything centralized in the government. if you think everything is expensive now, wait until the government gets ahold of them. they will make them more expensive. the only way to make things more afford ab, more available, more quality for people, create competition.
6:33 pm
create incentives for other competitors to get in, to offer reduced price and better quality product. look what castro offered the people of cuba. they get health care and education but it is lousy. really expensive in the long run. get things more competitive. it will be more cost efficient. liz: john cox, come back soon. >> thank you. liz: still ahead, we have more on a big fight that broke out republicans elise stefanik and lee zeldin, with reporters. steph nan fick says doubting corruption in ukraine, when the democrats testified to just that. more takes on media bias coming up. it's amazing what you can uncover
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yeah, we wish. wish granted. with four models starting under 37 thousand, there could be a mercedes-benz in your near future. lease the gla 250 suv for just $319 a month with credit toward your first month's payment. ♪. liz: more in a small group of republicans getting into a fight with news reporters in washington yesterday. after that fight republican elise stefanik newest narrative
6:38 pm
of media, doubting corruption in ukraine is ridiculous. everyone of democratic witnesses said corruption is widespread and rampant in ukraine. stefanik with lee zeldin and mike johnson duking it out with reporters. >> you should get your facts straight. the question that you asked me, the question that you asked me was about corruption. the question that you asked me was about corruption. i will answer that question. every witness that testified under oath was asked about corruption testified that ukrainian has rampant corruption problems. >> do you ignore the testimony of many a ambassadors? do you ignore testimony of ambassadors? liz: bring in my next guest, former federal prosecutor katy. jaw cows ski. your reaction. >> that is little bit ridiculous line that there is not corruption in ukraine. people are missing the point. the president has broad authority to look into corruption in foreign countries
6:39 pm
he is dealing with even if the corruption relates to the bidens. the problem arises if he does it for interfering for purposes of an election. that is two different questions. this is total red herring to get into an argument. it is clear that there is corruption in ukraine. liz: the question if not romney had evidence that would obama have the authority to ask whether potential corruption be investigated there? so, you know, it stands to reason, that the ukrainian government, which is still dependent on foreign assistance, might want to curry favor with a potential presidential contender of, in the u.s. i mean joe biden, that who we're talking about here. senator tom cotton already said it is unseemly hunter biden was on the board of burisma, joe biden didn't recuse himself with this. i want to go right to pam bondi, trump lawyer pam bondi's
6:40 pm
withering takedown of the bidens. watch this. >> "the new yorker" reported, quote, once or twice a year he attended burisma board meetings and energy forums that took place in europe, end quote. when speaking with abc news about his qualifications to be on burisma's board, hunter biden didn't point to any of the usual qualifications of a board member. hunter biden had no experience in natural gas. no experience in energy sector, no experience with ukrainian regulatory affairs. as far as we know he doesn't speak ukrainian. so naturally the media has asked questions about his board membership. why was hunter biden on this board? liz: your reaction, katie. >> pam bondi brings up valid points. to the extent president trump was looking into the questions. the question was not whether or not he has the right to do that.
6:41 pm
he has the right to do that as the leader but he can't do it for the purpose of interfering with a future election. i don't think the democrats can prove that. this is a very valid question, and very suspicious line of inquiry to get into. i think the democrats have really caused more problems for themselves than they helped themselves. liz: for the bidens. there could be enough reasonable doubt to acquit the president here. pam bondi also pointed out that hunter biden joined burisma in april 2014. just 10 days later after he joined, british authorities seized tens of millions of dollars in british bank accounts from the owner of burisma. the uk then two weeks later opens a money laundering case into burisma. the other thing happened too, "the new york times" had reported this, biden and the media keep arguing when vice president joe biden threatened to hold back a billion dollars of aid in ukraine unless they got rid of the chief prosecutor, that had nothing to do whether the chief prosecutor was looking into burisma but, did it have
6:42 pm
anything to do with the fact that that prosecutor potentially was shaking down burisma's owner for bribes? i mean that is an interesting angle, that the prosecutor that got shoved out was taking bribes from the owner of burisma where hunter biden sat on the board. nobody is implicating the bidens having any knowledge of this but the story is more complex katie when you dig deeper into it. your take. >> yeah, absolutely. nobody is saying there has been any specific knowledge of the bidens doing anything but the point is, did president trump have the authority to look into this, to have the ukrainians look into this if they wanted to continue to receive aid? i think the answer is clearly yes. just because corruption, or potential corruption involved a political candidate doesn't mean president trump doesn't have the authority to ask questions about it. liz: katie, great to see you. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: potentially more trouble for fbi director james comey for
6:43 pm
his team. a new push on abuse of power accusations against them. two powerful republican senators demanding to see unclassified, unredacted information about the fbi toby of the trump campaign. that information, will it debunk the media claim, the comey claim at that there was no political bias in these probes? the story next.
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liz: even more trouble for former fbi director james comey and his team. a new push on abuse of power accusations against them. two powerful republican senators, chuck grassley, ron johnson, demanding ag william barr give them unclassified, unredacted footnotes of the doj watchdog report on the trump campaign, fisa court abuses there. former fbi assistant director danny coulson. it is a mystery. we don't know what they want or what the footnotes are. it might debunk the political buys on the fbi trump campaign. >> i hope it depunks it. very frankly the key here is not
6:48 pm
what the members of the senate think. it is what the facts are. we need to let durham do his job, not be concerned about clarifying a footnote. we're talking about the greatest scandal in the history of the federal judiciary probably. it involves highest level of the fbi. they need to sit back, let him do his job. come up with a case, if it is fair. that is what we need to know. the debunking after theory to me has no weight whatsoever. the facts are what matters. if the facts, motive -- that's okay. let him do his job. liz: criminal prosecutor what is happening now, what these republican senators find, he may throw the book at comey and his team. senator grassley and johnson in their letter to the attorney general say they are worried and concerned voters are being misled by the doj watchdog report. voters don't have a complete picture what is going on. it is about redacted footnotes. we know that the justice department told the fisa court,
6:49 pm
two of the fisa warrants did not have probable cause to spy on carter page. >> right. liz: the fisa court judge berated and rebuked the fbi there. one note we found, talked about christopher steel's own source for that anti-trump dossier, said the steele dossier was exaggerated. then it gets blacked out. your take of on that? >> when did fbi outsourcing probable cause for a fisa warrant? like we get somebody to write a term paper, they come up with probable cause for the fisa court. what i was there, what is appropriate, that the fbi develops all those sources. they vet all those sources, not rely upon the credibility of one man who is reporting multiple sources. that is a problem. it is real problem for agents that i have known today. agents that i worked with. this is credibility problem. who really needs this thing wrapped up? our fbi agents. they need to know, not only are
6:50 pm
they accountable but the leadership of the fbi is accountable too. if not the morale of the fbi will be in big-time trouble and we need accountable. we want it. liz: the doj watchdog already found political bias contaminated the probe about, contaminated probe about the hillary clinton email server. we found this misleading quote in the fbi's fisa warrant application. the fbi speculates that the identify u.s. person, meaning fusion gps, glenn simpson, likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate number one, meaning the trump campaign. simpson and fusion gm was not quote, looking for information in the summer of 2016. he was trying to plant the steele dossier into the fbi to launch the trump russia probe. that is what the doj watchdog found. final point danny, before i let you get the final word, james
6:51 pm
comey, the director, he knew by october 2016 that the justice department was really worried that they were using the anti-trump steele dossier. he knew it was funded by democrats, he knew it was opposition research, they worried that steele was a democrat operative. the fbi under james comey went ahead any way to get fisa wiretaps to spy. your reaction? >> oh, my gosh, that is disgraceful, when you say one of the lawyers say you did the wrong thing. i met with james comey after the hillary clinton exoneration, i had the same conversation with him, he needs somebody on the staff not looking for a promotion or transfer, to tell him that is a bad idea you're doing now. he didn't have that. everybody wanted to go along with what he wanted to do. that is what we have today. we need durham, to do detailed, develop excellent report. he is capable of doing that. i hope he has courage to do that. we'll see. liz: danny coulson. come back soon.
6:52 pm
thank you for your service. >> thank you. liz: how even "the new york times" reports that working class voters say the democrat party has left them behind. how the president is remaking the republican party into the party of the blue-collar worker. >> i keep my promises and i'm fighting for the american worker. we're all fighting for the american worker. everybody here is fighting for the american worker. ♪.s ..
6:53 pm
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liz: let's take a look at this video of the president signing the nafta 2.0 trade agreement. we are talking many manufacturing jobs with a lot of benefits. brad blakeman, now even the "new york times" says the president remade the republican party into the party of the blue collar worker. that the democrats have basically left the blue collar workers behind. >> they have. they have take their base for granted and donald trump saw an opportunity. these workers have a place at the table. they are equal partners to manufacturing and assembly shine jobs and investors and keeping jobs here in america. these are real accomplishments and promises made by donald
6:57 pm
trump he has kept. when they try and paint donald trump as somebody who is so heavy handed or he comes on too strong, he's not exactly what democrats and republicans should have done a long time ago. we give aid and comfort to our friends and hold our enemies' feet to the fire. liz: it didn't take long for bernie sanders to promise to renegotiate nafta 2.0. he says it's a disastrous deal. >> it's been 20 years in the making. shame on democrats for keeping workers waiting a year. donald trump is committed to keeping jobs in america and raising wages. but bernie sanders and joe biden
6:58 pm
have threatened workers. they will eliminate jobs. no more fracking. wholesale jobs will be lost. you know what joe biden told workers? suck it up, you can find other work. that's absolutely the wrong message to send to america, and it will impede our credibility and the ability to compete. liz: 26% of the people who went to the jersey shore rally according to the ask trump campaign, were democrats. voters have higher rates of health coverage than the national average and less uninsured in the northeast. but bernie wants to take away that health coverage. and then tax people who earn just 31,000 a year. we know blue collar wages are
6:59 pm
rising faster than white collar manager wages. >> unions have had a knee-jerk reaction of supporting democrats without giving the first look at republicans. that's changed. in many instances the leaders of unions still today in our major unions support democratic candidates, but their members don't. donald trump was able to erode union votes away from democrats. because donald trump has a message that resonates. when you talk about healthcare. what better bargaining position do unions have than healthcare. if you take away healthcare, it's a government plan that guts unions. it guts their ability to get the best coverage and packages for their members. at the usmca signing, who was behind the president?
7:00 pm
unions. liz: thank you for having us in your homes. thanks for watching. have a good evening. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody, president trump delivering on a campaign promise replace nafta with a better, stronger trade policy with both canada and mexico. the promise fulfilled when he signed the usmca trade deal. president trump telling the american working man and woman how this new deal with be another boon to what is the hottest economy in the world. county report usmca is estimated to add another 2% to


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