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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 12, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lou: that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. senator rand paul and kt mcfarland among our guests tomorrow. we hope you will join us for that. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: dr. anthony fauci testifying before the senate today warning about covid-19 coming back in the fall if the u.s. does not prepare. dr. fauci also saying in no way is his relationship with president trump confrontational, nor has it ever been. we have that story. plus senator rand paul really mixing it up with dr. fauci, getting into it. we have got the sound there. also tonight, another big question, republicans now increasingly asked what did democrats obama and biden know about the controversies in the trump russia probe and what did they green light? what did they know about the fbi talking about a trap for michael flynn and more? plus explosive new details on
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obama officials demanding the unmasking of american names in intelligence documents including lieutenant-general flynn and much more. the acting director of national intelligence, he has got the list. he is naming names. also tonight, did president obama green light who exactly leaked the names of these american citizens to the media? and now even more questions, did this unmasking of regular americans citizens names start earlier than 2017? did the obama administration access the nsa's massive surveillance database going back to 2015 to, maybe get information on opposition candidates? we at "the evening edit" we're covering what no one else in the media does. we're digging into the footnotes, into the government documents. we're finding what the documents show. looks like a colossal abuse of power. we have that story. plus how the clinton campaign used british ex-spy
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christopher steele was talking to "the washington post," "new york times," cnn about his dossier, that it helped pay for during the 2016 campaign. did the clinton campaign know the problems in that steele dossier including russian disinformation inside it? okay we've got every angle of this and more covered tonight with senators chuck grassley, james lankford, house judiciary jim jordan, former federal prosecutor doug burns. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. dr. anthony fauci testifying to the senate, warning if the u.s. skips over the checkpoints in the administration guidelines it risks the danger of multiple outbreaks throughout the country. look at this, senator rand paul really mixing it up, a fiery
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exchange with dr. fauci. watch this. >> as much as i respect you, dr. fauci, i don't think you're the end all. i don't think you're the one person makes a decision. we can listen to your advice. people on the other side say there wit noll be a surge and safely opening the economy. the facts will bear this out. if we keep kids out a year, poor underprivileged kids that will not have a parent teaching them at home will not go to school for full year. we need to look at the swedish model and i think it is a huge mistake if we don't open the schools in the fall. elizabeth: welcome back, senator chuck grassley in a fox business exclusive. thanks so much for joining us again. you were on the president's task force reopening america. your reaction to fauci's testimony today and what senator paul just said? >> i think it is okay to urge caution. i tend to agree with senator paul, i just heard him on your program. i think that we can't shut down
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the economy forever. in fact if we're going to maintain a healthy, preventative health system as well as getting people well, we have to have a strong economy. we can't go on borrowing 3 billion, $3 trillion like we have now. we got to get america back to work. when you pay people not to work, obviously what is going to be the result, you will get less work. what we need to expand this economy is get people back to work because without an expanding economy we'll have a weaker health system. elizabeth: senator, moving on to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday saying to former president obama, stick with the tradition of not criticizing the, you know, the next successive administration. president obama said the trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic was quote chaotic disaster. senator mcconnell said that
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was classless for obama to say that, that he should have kept his mouth shut. your reaction to that story. >> the tradition in the united states, look at george w. bush, one example, he hasn't criticized, obama took over after him. he hasn't criticized trump, that i can remember. and that's a pretty good lesson to learn for obama and i think he, he should be very careful. if he wants to comment it ought to be in a way where it adds to the debate, not detract. it is a, he ought to be speaking in a helps a profit to be a better president, not to always find fault. elizabeth: staying on that. the debate is, how do you safely reopen and work with an economy under a pandemic? economists are warning now about
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a w-shaped recover and covid cases again could come back by the fall. i mean the lockdown really does hurt the poor. it is about a 30% unemployment rate for the lower 20%, one in 10 for upper percentile. your reaction to that. 10 states have 70% of the cases and deaths right? this really does hurt the poor. >> i think go back to february, when for 50 years record of low unemployment, report wages for, hispanics and african-americans, lowest unemployment in 50 years, people making a living on their own, not only helps the economy, it helps them and it is going to put them in a position to advance themselves up the ladder and we ought to encourage that
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sort of thing and so, getting the country back to work is part of the way of helping people to get out of poverty, because if you're on government programs, you know what you're guaranteed? a life of poverty. and if you want to get people out of poverty, the world of work is a way to get them out of poverty and work their way up. that is something that made america, we ought to continue that. elizabeth: you've been saying do it safely. drug treatments are coming in. senator, you've been warning do reopen but do it safely. we hear you on that. move on to the mushrooming scandal involving the bungled, botched fbi probe of michael flynn. a perjury trap there. senator, what was the key question you have for president
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obama and senator joe biden? >> it goes back to january 5th, 2017 meeting, while they were still president and vice president. they met and received information on the investigations of flynn and things of that nature. i think, and for the first time in the last couple weeks we've had enough information, we know of their involvement t was a suspicion before but now it is a fact. we want to know more about that meeting. so i asked on the floor of the senate last night what did they know and when did they know it? now i don't think we're going to get them to tell us but we need all the information we can get. so today i'm sending a letter to ambassador grenell, acting dni director and to barr, asking for at least three documents and maybe more. one would be, we've never had
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public the conversation between flynn and the russian ambassador. we, we have never seen the yates email that she wrote at the tail end of, of that administration. and we also need to know now what we didn't know before, that we know who was unmasked. and that needs to be made public. if, if my name was unmasked and i i don't believe it was, if it was i should know that what would be wrong with a country knowing who was, who, for political purposes or other purposes that you were, that somebody at the white house was using their power to get names that shouldn't be known, to, follow up on them in a secret way those individuals didn't know about?
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we have a chance to bring transparency to that. with transparency comes accountability. elizabeth: you know, senator, we've been going through the government documents and the fisa court judges have noted that there are improper searches in the nsa metadata surveillance databases going back to 2015. that raises a possibility, this is again, just a question, whether or not under the obama administration they were doing the, intelligence officials in the fbi were doing searches on the names, maybe of all 17 republican candidates, not just president trump. your final word? >> probably was and also they were doing it to follow flynn because they knew flynn was a threat to the intelligence community because he knew where the bodies were buried. if he was in a position of power, they, there might be a lot of people threatened. and so with that even goes back to the obama administration.
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but for sure, when he was national security advisor for president trump he was a real threat. that is why they continued to spy on him. elizabeth: all right. senator grassily, we love having you on the show, thank you so much for your insights and perspective come back soon, senator. great to see you. >> i will be glad to come back. thank you. elizabeth: we're going to stay on what senator grassley just reported to us, the news that he is asking the ag for more information on what is going on with unmasking. we're going to talk about it with heritage foundation hans von spakovsky next. stay right there. in this alone. we're automatically refunding our customers a portion of their personal auto premiums. we're also offering flexible payment options for those who've been financially affected by the crisis. we look forward to returning to something
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that feels a little closer to life as we knew it, but until then you can see how we're here to help at [ piano playing ]
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♪. elizabeth: okay, remember we have been reporting to you over the last few years how the obama administration at the 11th hour before obama left office loosened the rules on revealing redacted names of american citizens in intelligence reports. now this is called unmasking. acting director of national intelligence richard grenell has reportedly declassified, given the do-j list of obama administration officials involved improperly unmasking the names of regular american citizens on the trump campaign. it includes lieutenant-general michael flynn. the question now is, did obama green light, green light this?
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who leaked the names to the media and more? welcome hans von spakovsky from the heritage foundation. great to see you, hans. your take on this story? >> this is a very important move. we need to know who did the targeting in the obama administration and who was targeted, for this simple reason. look, the intelligence, foreign intelligence intercepts are engaged in and caught by our intelligence agencies like the nsa, what they're doing is intercepting phone calls and other communications of foreign government officials and foreign intelligence agencies. it is not intended to be used against americans. americans are protected by the bill of rights. they are protected by both the bill of rights and statutes that require warrants before you engage in electronic
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surveillance of americans. if this unmasking occurred because americans were inadvertently caught in these electronic and intelligence intersents, if that unmasking was occurring not as a way of countering espionage against the united states but for partisan political purposes, that is frankly an outrageous abuse of the powers granted to our intelligence agencies. elizabeth: all right. so the implication is this. according to the justice department inspector general, the obama administration's fbi knew democrats funded the steele dossier. that file had russian disinformation in it. >> right. elizabeth: that the cia was telling the fbi, listen this internet rumor. by january 2017, they didn't have the goods. they see conversations with the russian ambassador, they get flynn's name, not blacked out or
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redacted. leaking takes place. is that part of what you say happened? >> it is and what it is so unfair here in this entire episode was this leaking was done to make it look as if michael flynn was doing something wrong. he was the incoming national security advisor. part of his job and his duty was to talk to foreign officials such as the russian ambassador. there is nothing illegal about that call. it was perfectly legitimate. i mean that is one of the reasons the justice department move toddies miss the case because the fbi had no legitimate to even be investigating michael flynn. if we look at bear bone facts what happened. we're now seeing fisa court judges, saying fbi under the obama administration, in one
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instance, 85% of their searches in nsa databases were improper. we're finding that the searches through the nsa database, the met at that surveillance program, may have started in 2015. it may have even gone on sooner than that. this feels to me and our team like tip of the iceberg stuff, hans. why was the the obama minute administration, intelligence authorities going into nsa databases searching for information in the surveillance program? >> if that is correct, michael flynn is the tip of the iceberg, it really looks as if the obama administration was abusing its power to use our intelligence services for domestic political reasons, instead of what they were supposed to be used for, which is, as i said guarding against foreign espionage and foreign terrorism and everyone who was involved in doing this
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within the obama administration has to be held to account. that means transparency, disclosure, frankly, investigation by the justice department to see what possible federal statutes were violated by this. so people can be prosecuted for engaging in this kind of behavior. elizabeth: yeah. political opposition surveillance. so you know, senator grassley did send a letter, he told us the news moments ago, he sent a letter to ag bar and dni richard grenell wanting more information about unmasking and the original phone call details between michael flynn and the russian ambassador. so you know, this story is only beginning, hans, final word. >> it is only beginning but like i said the main thing is people have to be held accountable for abusing their power while in office. elizabeth: okay, hans pa could
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have could spakovsky thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: president obama may have been involved in the trump russia probe than more people realized. we'll go to the federalist editor christopher bedford to see how far it possibly went. that story next. ♪.
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♪ >> his words, quote, the president asked jim comey to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team. comey said he would. now what exactly does that mean? here's what it means. the president of the united states turned to the head of the fbi, the most powerful law enforcement official in america and said, continue to secretly investigate my chief political rival so i can act against him. comey's response? yes, sir. elizabeth: that was tucker carlson last night talking about new documents showing president obama was more involved in the trump russia probe than anyone realized asking former fbi director jim comey to keep him aprizeed, keep obama apprised the flynn investigation. let's take this to
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"the federalist" senior editor, christopher bedford. chris, your reaction? tucker also said quote, any normal period in american history this exchange would define obama forever. obama would be known as former disgraced former president who used federal law enforcement to hurt his political enemies. your reaction to the story? >> he is broadly right. the reason why it is gotten away with, the media on the side of president barack obama. richard nixon is the president we often think of as someone who attacked political opponents and tried to do anything he could to stop them. someone that paved the way for that, lyndon b. johnson, democrat, who tapped, spied on, put spies in opponents campaign offices, memos leaked against them. you don't hear about that in history. you won't hear about it with barack obama. the reason for that, exactly the same, media is on their side. elizabeth: so you know, what we're seeing is, in the fisa
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court judge documents in 2017, 2018, you know, tens of thousands of improper searches in those two years, nsa metadata. you see in the oval office meetings, susan rice's email memorializing what tucker carlson just spoke about, that email about the oval office meeting on january 5th, 2017 between, obama, biden, comey, sally yates, cia director john brennan and james clapper, it reads, quote, president obama said he wants to be sure as we engage with the incoming team, meaning the trump transition team we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason we cannot share information fully as it relates to russia. why is obama talking about with holding information from the incoming trump team? >> it was a constant pattern of sabotage by the obama administration, set from the president on down where susan
6:28 pm
rice, basically every other, every person in the cabinet working as far as they could to make this difficult as possible for the incoming administration. they decided that he wasn't a legitimate president. they decided they were going to basically disregard what the voters said. this is really, really troubling on a constitutional level, just on the health of our country level, that this would be happening right now. susan rice, she personally thought that michael flynn was a spy because he was more worried about china than russia? that is absolutely insane justification. it hobbled this administration for the first two years and it was entirely embedded by a corporate media in bed with them. elizabeth: you know, the other question people are trying to get to the bottom of is, how did obama know the details of the conversation between lieutenant-general michael flynn and the russian ambassador? obama knew about it. told sally yates about it. james clapper denied being the one to tell obama about the
6:29 pm
details of that phone call. then james comey basically testifies that you know, he already testified before james clapper is saying that to congress, james comey said, yeah, we were the one who told clapper about the details of the phone call with russian ambassador and andrew mccabe said same thing. why is james clapper now denying he is the one who told obama about it? >> looks to me because everybody in the situation now has egg on their face. i was talking to a counterintelligence official, when it was happening, contrary before people were calling this a conspiracy. he told me this looked like a classic set up by deep state operatives, intelligence operatives, briefing president, brief incoming president. used those things as pretext to leak to the press to sabotage them. no one wants to get caught doing this, because potentially illegal, with regards unmasking general flynn to the public.
6:30 pm
elizabeth: quick, final question, is all of this really out of sync with the broad zoom perspective about the abuse of power allegations against the obama administration? it is tens of thousands of requests to unmask names of regular american citizens, including those in the trump campaign. it lists about leaking those names to the media. it is about things like the obama administration, wiretapping reporters phones, their phones, reporters at the associated press, "new york times," fox news, things like getting the irs to target conservative non-profits. is this all of a piece of a pattern here? >> yes, it is. it is a history of abuse and history of people who think they have the good and rightousness on their side. they can do no evil and do nothing illegal. everything they do is right because they're justified. elizabeth: christopher bedford, come back soon. great to have you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay. just ahead more on the
6:31 pm
disturbing and concerning revelations in the newly revealed house intelligence documents. they show the top lawyer for the hillary clinton campaign admitting, yeah they knew that british ex-spy christopher steele was talking to reporters at "the washington post," "new york times," cnn about his now debunked dossier during the 2016 campaign but did they tell the reporters that they paid for it? we'll ask oklahoma republican senator james lankford about this and much, much more. stay right there. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: newly revealed house intelligence documents show the top lawyer, marc elias for hillary clinton campaign admitting, yeah they were aware, he knew that british ex-spy christopher steele was talking to reporters at "washington post," "new york times," cnn about his steele dossier during the 2016 campaign. the question is, did the hillary
6:36 pm
clinton campaign tell those reporters that the dnc and that campaign were paying for that steele file, steele dossier? take it to oklahoma senator james lankford. senator, great to have you on. this is steady information river coming out of house intelligence, media leaks, setting stage for impeachment. we're still at the beginning. we don't know a lot. your reaction to all of this. >> a lot of it we already know. we're getting opportunity to get it confirmed in writing. getting to see what many of us known along. the house was sitting on items they knew full well, saying for the public from democrats from the house, we've got all these issues. we know there are some things. we have the smoking gun. when you go to the actual evidence, the smoking gun actually goes the other way. hillary clinton campaign and dnc were working with a foreign agent, a british citizen which they had hired to work with russia to try to create a document to be able to come back and to be able to work with.
6:37 pm
getting it leaked out to the press. even the fbi fired him but quietly there is a democrat within the fbi, bruce ohr trying to get all the information out to make it public. we have all seen it. you can put the pieces together. now we have the actual final evidence on that. elizabeth: you know, later on, then we find that the steele dossier has russian disinformation in it. the cia told the fbi it is internet rumor. the steele owes own sources were say it is hearsay. take wit a grain of salt. it is just talk over beers. steele's own sources attacking him as embellishing it. there is so much here. marc elias testified in 2017, he was head of of the perkins law firm that funneled money from the dnc and clinton campaign to steele to get opposition research. but then the question, your reaction is this, media leaks were totally damaging here. did the democrats not do, you
6:38 pm
know, of course they're going to leak to help their own side but when you see adam schiff at house intelligence, you know, sitting on a lot of information and doing selective leaking what was your reaction when you saw ail of that? >> at the time i was serving on intel committee and jim comey was saying publicly, and privately we haven't found anything to be able to confirm the steele dossier. we're still looking, we're still looking. but fbi led by jim comey, stated that spot. they would not say we debunked. we're still confirming it. there is no evidence that the fbi was actually working to confirm this, to get it resolved one way or another to get to a decision. as long as they left the steele dossier sitting out there, they would leave assumptions. farther they went on it, more they knew that it was all rumor and indwent dough and russian misinformation with president trump.
6:39 pm
what clinton campaign and democratic colleagues says trump was working with russia. they were putting out disinformation against trump at that time. they were working against both campaigns. we said all along, russia was not targeting one side or the other, they were trying to hurt all americans from all side and creates a much chaos as they can and democrats played right into it by continuing to stir this russian disinformation for years. elizabeth: russia is treating the election process here like a cat's paw, you know, just basically planting and meddling in different levels. so when you hear the term russian interference, you know, it goes to a lot of levels including, you know, getting democrats to play along with what their disinformation was. what troubles you the most about this entire saga? >> i think that the key issue still has to be resolved and will be resolved. it is unmasking of general flynn. it is the, everything being prolonged. who at fbi was actually trying to go after mike flynn and also,
6:40 pm
to be able to extend this russia probe, when from earliest days we know there wasn't evidence there, there wasn't any there there. they were literally trying to dig to find something or put people in situation like people of michael flynn, to put him in a situation to push him to say something actually factually wasn't true so they could get something done. finding out who actually unmasked all the individuals, who delivered it to the press which is a federal offense to take classified information and leak those names to the press will be very important. that will help close the loop on this, say to any administration in the future in that transition of power you can't release classified information to hurt the next president because you don't politically agree with him. we have to put a stake in the ground, that is not what we do in america and it can't ever happen again. elizabeth: senator, great to come on. thank you for your insights and perspective. come back soon.
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>> thanks. elizabeth: up next, the u.s. attorney for connecticut john durham, is going, quote, full throttle looking into the origins of the trump russia probe. that is what we're hearing. we'll bring in former federal prosecutor doug burns. he will weigh in on that one. that's next. for nearly 100 years, we've worked to provide you with the financial strength, stability, and online tools you need. and now it's no different. because helping you through this crisis is what we're made for. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. elizabeth: okay, just a week after the justice department drops its case against lieutenant-general michael flynn we're hearing the u.s. attorney for connecticut, john durham, he is the one looking into the origins of the trump russia probe that he is now, quote, going full bore, flat-out on to it. let's bring in, bringing in reportedly even more prosecutors to help him out. former federal prosecutor doug burns. doug, here's what we're seeing.
6:46 pm
potentially the top attorney, the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, doug, this feels like they're going to dig into abuses of the fisa court. stay with me for just one second. the fisa court under u.s. district judge james bobburg found the fbi in 2017 and 2018 found there were tens of thousands of improper searches by the fbi during those two years. there was more. take first on that? >> no, i remember liz, when the fisa court issued a report saying there was improprieties and abuses and work off the way you set this up, that is exactly where john durham is going. of course you know, looking ahead legally, most of us are wondering is this just going to be a report as you had with the inspector general, or are there going to be criminal prosecutions? it is a little hard to handicap. it is a little bit of a crystal ball situation but as you have been saying, i agree 100%, there
6:47 pm
were a lot of improprieties in connection with the application for the initial fisa warrant and three subsequent renewals, liz. elizabeth: yeah. but also, also this, fisa court judge, you know, rose collier said there were unnamed private contractors who were mining the nsa database in 2015 and 2016. that information flowed to the fisa court. she said 85% were non-compliant with court privacy procedures. so who was doing this under the obama administration using the nsa, going to the, fisa court? feels like tip of the iceberg, doug. also then unmasking tens of thousandses of requests under the obama administration to reveal the names of private u.s. citizens, that could be on the opposition team, you know, on the other side against the democrats? your reaction? >> my reaction under the nsa
6:48 pm
rules unmasking is only supposed to take place in limited circumstance, having to do with national security. it is not to be used as you just said with respect to the united states citizens. it is very, very troubling. that is exactly what should be delved into but your larger point, very important to repeat honestly, a lot of what went on here was using foreign issues, you know, as domestic weapons in a potential criminal loss scenario against political opponents. everybody has been saying it. tonight you laid it all out and exactly that is what was going on, abuse of power for political gain. elizabeth: it is foreign court, right? the fisa is for foreign intelligence, is that right? foreign actors against the u.s.? >> real quick point, the point is that fisa applications, if you look at the statute, are to develop, you know, information about you know, foreign governments and their
6:49 pm
interactions here and so on. and again, it is very, very troubling that these warrants were used against carter page and of course and you know, it was just terrible what went on. but again, we'll see what happens with durham in terms of a report or a prosecution, or prosecutions. liz. elizabeth: we'll have you back, doug. thank you for coming in. great to always see you. great to have you on. coming up house judiciary ranking member jim jordan joins us next. he is pretty outraged. he is angry. he wants answers and wants them now about what was former fbi director james comey up to? jim jordan next. stay right there.
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♪. >> jim comey is one of single worst actors in american politics and government in decades. the extent to which he absolutely showed no respect for, in many cases the rule of law, the constitution, bragged about it publicly. he was a bad actor during the bush administration. he has been a bad actor now. he has been somebody that clearly, you know, office of professional responsibility at the department of justice had
6:54 pm
better be very actively investigating the role that he he has played. elizabeth: republican liz cheney on former fbi director james comey. he was even a bad actor under the bush administration. house judiciary ranking member back with us, jim jordan. great to have you back. your take on what you just heard? >> no, liz is right. look, i said this a couple days ago but, you look at those three weeks in january of 2017 and jim comey's involved in every single key date. you have schumer first of all say you mess with the intel community they have six ways from sunday getting back to you. jim comey is part of the intel committee. very next day he tells peter strzok, january 2017, tell the two agents, field agents who said michael flynn shouldn't pursue him anymore. peter strzok, says, no, no, comey wants us to go after him. january 5th, obama meets with clapper, comey and talks with jim comey about michael
6:55 pm
flynn. january 6, that same group goes up to the trump tower and -- [inaudible]. visit with president trump and talk to him about the dossier. jim comey. talks to the president-elect, president trump about the dossier, that comey already knows is a false document, already knows it is paid for by the clinton campaign, already knows there is russian disinformation. 12 days later, he sneaks two agents into the white house, doesn't follow the rules. doesn't follow the white house counsel to sneak him in, set up trap michael flynn. liz is exactly right that this guy needs to be held accountable. elizabeth: arranging a media leak about the conversations with the president in order to get special counsel robert mueller appointed, right? >> exactly. so when he gets fired, great point, when he gets fired then in may of 2017. so fast forward five months, five months down the road, he gets fired. what does he do? immediately leaks his memos, some of them essentially
6:56 pm
containing classified information, leaks that to do what? get bob mueller to be the special counsel. this is what is interesting, the insurance policy started out as the investigation itself. that was the insurance policy to stop president trump. but when he gets elected, as they move into this, the insurance policy became, oh, we got to protect the fact that we did this investigation. so we have to get michael flynn. if he stays on as national intelligence, or national security advisor, excuse me, he stays on there, he was at defense intelligence he will know how to figure all this out. he will understand what we did. we have to get rid of him. comey gets fired, uh-oh, who will protect us now? we have to have bob mueller run the bogus special counsel investigation and spend $40 million, have 19 lawyers, 40 agents not find anything. elizabeth: you know, there is also this backstory here too. did the obama administration, and the fbi, under the obama administration, you know, it is
6:57 pm
about abuse of a fisa court. did they do unauthorized searches in the nsa database earlier than realized? we're seeing judges on the fisa court saying this started in 2015, what the fbi was doing, using the nsa date base, metadata possibly searched on for political opposition research. your reaction to that? >> well we don't know, but frankly in light of all we learned, think about what we learned in the last week. all these transcript the were made public. clapper and brennan saying one thing publicly but under oath behind closed doors saying something completely different. there were was no collusion, no coordination, no evidence whatsoever. so, it wouldn't surprise me but we don't know. this is again why this is why, this is why the investigation that john durham is doing and supposedly that will be done this summer is so darn important. i want to commend bill barr. the attorney general, but for his work, it was bill barr who put jeff jensen u.s. attorney to
6:58 pm
go back to look at michael flynn case f that doesn't happen we may not ever learn the information we learned about michael flynn last week. christopher wray didn't tell us. he has been fbi director for a couple of years. i applaud the work bill barr is doing. sydney powell, mike flynn's lawyer. which don't know how far back this garbage went. that is what we have to find out. more importantly have to hold someone accountable involved in this i think primary suspect, primary one looking at should be jim comey. elizabeth: senator chuck grassley joined us earlier in the show. he had this to say also. he is talking about president obama, joe biden. i like your reaction to this sound bite. watch. >> well, it goes back to i think january 5th, 2017 meeting while they were still president and vice president. they met and received information on the investigations of flynn and things of that nature. i think, and for the first time now in the last couple weeks
6:59 pm
we've had enough information that we know of their involvement t was suspicious, suspicion before but now it's a fact. we want to know more about that meeting. so i asked on the floor of the senate last night, what did they know and when did they know it? elizabeth: so he is saying obama and biden too, he is suspicious about them as well. your reaction? >> yeah. again, this is an important meeting. happened the day before they go up to trump tower and brief the incoming administration and brief president trump. comey is the common link between both those meetings. sticks around and end of the meeting talks to obama. sticks around and talks to president trump. we need to get to the bottom of all of this. elizabeth: all right. congressman, jim jordan, always great to have you on. good to see you again. >> you bet. elizabeth: jim jordan. come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on the fox business network that does it
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for us. we hope you have a good evening. thank you so much for watching. join us again tomorrow night. bell." "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we begin with breaking news. there is a standoff between two of the top officials of the trump administration, the attorney general william barr and the acting director of national intelligence, ric grenell, are on a collision course over who has the power to disclassify information about obama era officials including their names about who played a role in the unmasking of members of president trump's administration. this confrontation between the department of justice and the office of the director of national intelligence was unforeseen and will likely mean


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