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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 15, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lou: thompson and congressman jim banks among our guest monday, these have a great weekend, we will see you then. thank you for being with us, good night from sussex. liz: fox business alert, you're looking at a live picture of the house, vote on the $3 trillion stimulus package and, more high drama in washington. nancy pelosi is failing to rally support for the latest package, in the face of a veto threat from the president and even democrats now joining republicans to oppose it. republican steve scalise blasting the bill for not saying anything about china's accountability for the covert outbreak, also blasting nancy pelosi for same criticism of china is a distraction. this as new protest breaking o
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out, angry citizens out of a job running out of money, they're demonstrating against a lockdown, in michigan, the long island new york and washington, d.c., north carolina and rhode island, new fights are corrupting and escalating between lawmakers in pennsylvania, kansas, wisconsin, texas and california, they are fighting to basically override governor shutdown orders in order to get their state open, even supreme court are getting involved. with us tonight, south carolina senator tim scott, former trump 2016 campaign manager corey lewandowski, former louisiana governor bobby jindal and conservative commentator kristin tate on these stories and much, much more. president trump unveiling operation warp speed, he is saying he's confident the new public partnership can develop by the end of the year, hundreds of millions of vaccine doses to fight covid-19.
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can he do it? that story tonight. new bombshells in the unmasking scandal michael flynn, new firestorm, critics say key obama officials like joe biden, james cropper and john brennan are in full meltdown mode after a light was shown on them showing what they were doing to undercut michael flynn into undercut candidate and now president trump in even more trouble for joe biden interviewing more than six dozen former staffers who work for joe biden including 62 women, the story deep into the story, we looked into it, pbs's finding biden was also a touch or seemingly oblivious to whether physical contact made even these women, many of these women uncomfortable. that behavior has persisted in recent years, this looks like it's on top of the eight women who have already accused joe biden of misconduct. plus why the intercept wayne greenwalt, he's a journalist, he
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says the obama administration systematically abuse the powers of american intelligence and security agencies to undercut donald trump in the media should be esteemed of themselves for not covering the story properly. ron all of those headlines and more, i'm elizabeth mcdonagh come "the evening edit" star china ♪ starts right now ♪ ♪. liz: welcome to the show, you're watching a fox business network, let's start with republican senator tim scott whose home state of south carolina is largely reopen, senator great to see you, your take on this, health experts including the former head of the cdc, great to have you on. we've seen experts morning of many ways of covid-19 as the economy opens too soon, were seen protest breaking out in multiple states they were losing our jobs, losing our income,
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singing suicide on the rise, alcoholism on the rise, poverty kills as well, the media is saying if you cover that side of the story, the media is ignoring us, the mainstream media and the democrats having a fit of discussing a reopening, where you come down on the. >> that's one of the reasons you tell the facts, the bottom line, shows 41 of the 50 states have cases that are static or declining in-hospital capacity is right where it needs to be in order for us to start responsible reopening of our economy, this is an absolute necessity, to think about why we shut the economy down, it was for hospital capacity, we have met that goal and frankly knowing this, 99.9% of americans will leave this virus with their lives intact, question, how do we reopen our economy and save as many lives as possible, the
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answers are fairly clear, you start with nursing homes in the senior citizens and then you go to those folks who have more than two underlying conditions were more. if we do that, were able to responsibly open our economy using the hygiene is social distancing protocols and get back to work, our lives are at stake, in this process. liz: state lawmakers and states like pennsylvania are saying, they're doing it responsibly, people are saying i have to pay my bills, we have to reopen responsibly in the social distancing medicaid the risk. , you know this, more than 36 million people have filed for jobless benefits and you know who gets hit the hardest, the poor people, low-income people, nearly half of those are the poor, your reaction? >> the bottom line, we need to keep this economy moving for several reasons, not to mention the fact that everybody needs to pay their bills bottom line is
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this, 48% of americans did not have $400 in their savings account going into coronavirus, imagine where it is right now, if we get people back to work, they can pay their bills, there is dignity and work, there is a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem on the line but more and partly we can open the economy and save lives, it's not a binary choice of one or the other, we can do both, were seen happen in south carolina and all around the country, the dakotas have less in the two states combined. we should take the responsible approach of getting people back to work as soon as possible possible. liz: georgia and forgot her removing to reopen, then i seen a spike in cases, here's the thing, we sell retail sales and initiative they would decline double digits, new york state is saying potentially 1 million people facing homelessness because of the shutdown. but then you have -- let's look
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at what's going on side inside the state, your seen in pennsylvania, republican lawmakers are saying to the democrat governor, local counties and businesses are going to open but the governor there is saying i will suspend local small businesses operating licenses if they open with my shutdown order, you saw that happen in michigan, your ticket what's going on inside the states. >> i spoke about michigan earlier and what i found in my research, six out of 83 counties in michigan represent 80% of the cases and about 80% of the deaths, and other words, 77 counties might be on the verge of opening in a very safe and responsible manner, we could take a serious look within states and give people the opportunity to get their economies moving especially when the oppressive nature of governors and state like michigan and pennsylvania do not
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reflect the will of the people, we have to take the will of the people into consideration because they're not going to stay home, and unjust law will be broken by many, many americans and we need to take that into consideration and not put them in harm's way, we do that by responsibly reopening this economy and taking super sound science plus common sense and that should lead us on how to responsibly reopen the economy, receiving that in south carolina, cases are static, hospital capacity is better than it was before the virus started and that means we can isolate the hotspot, mitigate the spread and get people getting a paycheck again. >> were seen jcpenney moving to file for bankruptcy and j.crew moving to file for bankruptcy, wall street is warning, you will see more bankruptcy in leisure and hospitality and restaurant, energy, airline, real estate, there warning about more bankruptcy there, of course we
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sell michigan shutdown the capitol in lansing, we've had multiple protest, it's canceled the legislative session, were now seeing threats against the democrat governor whitmore, critics assume that's unacceptable, michigan does have the fourth highest fatalities in the nation, also the michigan governor faces a lawsuit. talk to us more -- leave it to the citizens to do it correctly, pennsylvania, wisconsin state supreme court saying the citizens of the state are doing it and can do it responsibly and follow the guidelines to reopen and they are moving to do that, your take on that? >> there's no question at the beginning of the virus they told us we would lose 2.4 million americans and right now that number, i saw the latest projection ours 134,000, why a drop of over 90% because we can trust americans to follow the
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proper social protocols, the hygiene protocols, the distancing protocols, the masks that were seen all over the public, americans are willing to do what is necessary to be able to go back to work and be in charge of their lives, we are free and independent people, there is no way to keep us coming down for long and frankly it's been the responsible actions of the everyday person that has bit the curve and find the curve in such a way that we cannot have the serious conversation about responsibly opening our economy and think about this, if we don't do it, we cannot force people to stay at home for months and months until a vaccine happens, that is not only responsible but it'll never happen. what we have to do is make sure that we reinvest in our people. liz: to this development, we are tracking this, 36 states have released 16000 prisoners from
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jail due to covid-19 fears, groups like the aclu are filing class-action lawsuits against counties in order to release prisoners from jail, we're tracking serious criminals who committed major felonies being released from prison, the same time you seen states go after small businesses with fines and suspended their operating licenses as they reopen, even jail they are threatening. your take on that developer? >> , and think of for the governor of texas, who is told the broody salon owner, she has no right, no reason whatsoever to be in jail and he helped her get her released, the same time were seeing the free release from the prisons, we need to be very careful not to overreact to this virus, especially when it comes to public safety. the good news, we seen citizens at home enjoying their families and loved ones and if we fall on
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top of the thousands and thousands of criminals being returned home trying to get the covid-19, that may put more lives in jeopardy than the one that you release, the neighborhood that they go back to, the communities that they go back to you. what we have to do, what we have to do with surgical precision is to makes it sure we safeguard the health of the precision and we start that nursing homes and continue that by having folks have symptoms isolating, when i looked at the department of corrections of michigan about 2000 of the folks in the department of corrections have the virus, there's a way to isolate secret mitigate the spread of the virus, you may have to take your prisons or your incarceration and divide them out to people are isolated within the facilities, i want to reemphasize this, we cannot allow people to leave prison who are violent criminals and a threat to our society.
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liz: enjoys great to have you on, come back soon. >> i look forward to it, have a great day. liz: coming up growing calls for joe biden to come clean, after a week of flip-flopping, biden denying and then omitting and then denying that he knew about the obama administration investigation into michael flynn after biden's name appeared on a list of inter-circle, flynn's identity former trump corey lewandowski takes that one and also the cbs story, that is coming up next. family at home or those at work, principal is by your side. we're working hard to answer your questions. like helping you understand what the recently passed economic package can mean for you. we're more than a financial company. we're a "together we can get through anything" company. now, more than ever.
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>> i was never part or had any knowledge of any in criminal investigation into flynn while i was in office. , not one single time, thought you asked me whether or not had anything to do with him being prosecuted. i'm sorry. i was aware that they asked for an investigation, that is all i know about it, i don't think anything else. >> that was joe biden, first denied knowing about the flynn investigation, he was denying to abc george stephanopoulos, then he admitted and then he denied it again with msnbc, what happened was earlier this week joe biden's name came out on a list released by intel chief
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richard grenell, the dni of obama's inner circle who asked to unmask flynn's identity, ron johnson, chuck grassley released the list, let's welcome corey lewandowski former trump campaign manager, it is great to have you back on, he's going back and forth, back and forth back and forth, if you were advising joe biden in the biden campaign, what would you advise them, what does this mean for the campaign. >> the first thing i would advise joe biden, stop talking, every time he makes another mistake in another era, we saw just this week when he said 85000 jobs, 80 million people have died from covid, thousands of people, millions of people cannot get a simple fact straight, if it's difficult to follow what he says, and the george stephanopoulos interview, it is really critical that 64 seconds apart from the same interview, first he denies knowing about the investigation
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and then he says i knew about the investigation but i had nothing to do with the prosecution. joe biden should not have anything to do the prosecution but what we do know because rick grenell, a lot of the information is that joe biden specifically asked to have michael flynn unmask, he asked to do in the period of time after donald trump was elected and before he was sworn in and we don't know why he did that or white 38 other government officials also leave the same inquiry. liz: these are law enforcement or security officials or intelligence officials doing the unmasking, it was political insiders asking for the unmasking and that's why people are saying when will they be held accountable, republican tim jordan is saying this is. staff, he thinks congress should have a chance to talk to biden and the other officials and asking what the heck were you doing during a presidential transition and the other thing
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that came out, fox news contributor said the unmasking of donald trump's children happen on the morning of trump's inauguration, watch this. >> it's not just michael flynn, there was an unmasking request made the morning of the inauguration, the morning of the inauguration, president trump's family members names were unmask. that needs to be reformed but you also have a really nice witness list to start investigating the leak of classified information. liz: why were they unmasking trump's children, do they have anything to do with intelligence or talking to foreign officials? i'm talking about the children. >> of course not, who else were they spying on, were they spying on jared kushner, and other members of the campaign, where they spying on chris christie who is ahead of the transition team, we don't know, what we know is there is a process to go through to unmasking an unmasking is not illegal, what
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is illegal is releasing them to the washington post and not doing that properly, that is absolutely illegal, that's a clear-cut case of putting people in jail and remember scooter libby was accused of unmasking and valerie plume and that's what happened to him. liz: that's a great point. that's the issue too, that and leaking to the washington post that u.s. attorney john durham is investigating that, john brennan is saying what happen here, revealing my name having unmask is an abomination, he is saying it's an outrage, but james clapper did say to cnn, leaking of that of the michael flynn name and all that is illegal, watch him admit that and watch the video cut out after mr. clapper expressed about that. watch this. >> if anyone did leak the content of these conversations
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with or without the name, that would be a problem, yes? >> we've lost the shot, i wonder if we can get him on the phone. liz: your quick reaction. >> it does not surprise me, the guy has never been offered tb before, all of a sudden he's a ghost, it's amazing let's get him arrested and hold them accountable. liz: corey lewandowski, thank you for joining us. we will take a quick break, stay right there, we have a whole lot more show coming up. ♪ staying connected your way is easier than ever.
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liz: another twist in the michael flynn case, the federal judge overseeing michael flynn's case, he is u.s. district judge emmett sullivan, yesterday directed that the law firm that he has fired, he ordered them to come back in as an interested party, the judge is considering perjury charges against michael flynn, michael flynn first pleaded guilty when represented by coping ten but then flynn fired them and hired sidney powell and pleaded not guilty, is your head spinning yet, prosecutors seek to six months prison sentence for michael flynn, he is fighting all of that, let's bring in fbi special agent to straighten this one
6:27 pm
out, this is ahead spinner, there's another twist, your take on it? >> it is crazy, i'm not sure going to be able to straighten out but i'll do my job as best as i can, the judge is supposed to be an impartial arbitrator of the law is presented to him, the judge is not supposed to decide i want to prosecute this person even though ironically the prosecutor does not want to prosecute this person, certainly i think michael flynn has been through enough, it's time to move on and the judge needs to do what judges do, look at cases, not on prosecutors or prosecutions. liz: what is really interesting, the president is saying this, where is fbi initial 302 form that recorded down what michael flynn initially said, it is missing, basically president trump insane general flynn is being prosecuted, even cnn reported the fbi official said they found nothing misleading
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and what michael flynn initially told them that they did not think it was lying or misleading, nobody could find the 302 document, what is going on here? >> when the fbi takes a statement from somebody, the writing down notes which go in a 18 envelope, retained for the life of the case and beyond in case there's any appeals et cetera, those notes, the original notes in the formal statement should be available forever. i was an agent for 21 years, all my notes are still available if anyone wants to look at a statement that i took, the fact that the case of this magnitude, notes are suddenly missing, that is inexplicable that there's no reason that should be happening. >> what was your reaction when you heard newly revealed documents show that peter strzok altered those notes to the
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initial interview on michael flynn that he edited them? >> that's a crime of the highest order in my opinion, we are sworn to a pulled the truth in the constitution, when a statement is written, that is it, that's a federal offense to change any sort of statement after it's been amended, when i was going to report and later on learned additional legitimate information, i will write a secondary report addressing what might've been incorrect in the first report, i never go back and change the original report, every police officer on the street knows that infrastructure have done something like that, that needs to be addressed, that's a bad message for all of law enforcement especially the fbi. liz: we dig into the government documents and footnotes, here's what we've assembled based on the facts of what's been disclosed, the fbi knew by june or 2017 it did not have the
6:30 pm
goods in the trump dress-u prese probe of the stills osseo is falling apart nothing to indicate he was conspiring with the russians, so obama officials sought to unmask flynn, then fbi tried to entrust him debating let's get him to lie to us and then they basically circumvent the white house counsel downplay it with the talk of flynn, treating it like it was a discussion, not anything to do with the probe and then actually before that, peter strzok enlisted page said whether and when to give michael flynn his miranda warning, clinton didn't have a lawyer there, he recorded in his notes, what is their goal, truth and omission or to get flynn to lie so we can prosecute him. so that all happens and they basically went out of their way to deceive flynn downplay the white house interview and then
6:31 pm
after the fact they edit the interview notes, your take on all of that? >> also really quickly, lisa pages not in fbi agent, she should have no role in preparing the report, no one should be editing the report, via obviously the fbi, it's onto men and women of the fbi, those people need to be punished. >> come back soon, we love having you on the show. great to see you. >> good seeing you. >> coming up later in the show, joe biden at the center of two separate firestorms, he's found in the inner circle trying to unmask michael flynn, pbs interviewing 74 former staffers, 62 of them women, many of them are saying he was a touch her, oblivious to whether physical contact made women uncomfortab uncomfortable, that this behavior from joe biden persisted in recent years, this looks like it's on top of the
6:32 pm
eight other women who have said joe biden was inappropriate with them. we will talk about it with conservative commentator kristin tate after the break. stay there. - [announcer] we've all seen it.
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liz: will come back to the latest controversy the nearly 90% are happy to hurt under nursing homes were talking more than 30000 staff members now dead nationwide, outbreaks that nursing homes have note been noy deadbeat under deadly california, illinois, michigan, and new york, many states enacted coronavirus policies that are to blame for putting their nursing home residents and staffers at risk. but now there's a number of states and executive orders to block against nursing homes in the states for doing this.
6:37 pm
let's welcome former louisiana governor bobby jindal, this is quite a story, nursing homes have been criticized for being like crew ships on land, these are like petri dishes, indian democrats in states like new york are demanding more from investigation attacking the democrat governor, your reaction? >> thank you for having me back on, it's great to be with you, you're absolutely right, in some cases unavoidable tragedy, you hit it on the head, don't take enough people are talking about this, new york reverts governor cuomo's disastrous executive order, you remember the early days of this virus back in march, they order patients to be discharged, covid patients to be discharged from hospitals into nursing homes, that was a time when there was hospital bed capacity at the javits center and they sent the navy ship up there and empty hospital beds with those patients could've gone and flood, they have finally reversed themselves, he does not want to go back and except responsible your except the fact that they made a
6:38 pm
mistake, the reality is they should've been accepted in nursing homes, there should've been testing in place, there should've been ppe for the staff, there should've been procedures to protect the patients from each other as well as visiting loved ones and now belatedly using the states have those exact procedures in place, they've come unsaid you can't have the on budget, you can have the normal activities and you have about a million people across the country in nursing homes, about half% of our nations population and like you said a third or 40% of fatalities have happened in the nursing homes. liz: this is why americans are upset, new york, when you think about it, your loved one, your grandparent, your senior citizen relative is in a nursing home, look at this, new york enacted a rule that basically prohibited requiring a hospitalized resident who is coming out and
6:39 pm
back into the nursing home and said you cannot even test that person, you cannot test them for covid-19 prior to bringing them back into the nursing home, now they're saying, we consume new york or other nursing homes were doing that, you know what i need, this is why america is angry, this is why they're saying reopen, we have to live with the idiotic policies that have enacted by democrat governors like the one that happen here in new york state. >> a couple of things, now you're seeing states in some states, stepping up the national guard to help disinfect the nursing homes providing additional testing equipment, we have a very important point in terms of reopening, the reality is our approach to this it has been risk, and certainly makes sense to reopen in a safe way but it's just as we should protect those that are most moldable and compromised immune systems, the elderly that makes no sense to shut down the rest of our economy for everybody else, i'm glad to see states are beginning to reopen their economies, let's remember the
6:40 pm
democratic politician, the same liberal governors and as well as bureaucrats keep moving the goal post, first they told us we had to stay home to flatten the curve and they are generous people, what we did what we were told that we had to do but then the curse got flat and then the scene politician said is not about flattening the curve, it's not about icu capacity or ventilator capacity, now all the sudden you have to stay home until we get to 0 cases in a vaccine and a cure, that's why you have folks upset in michigan and folks upset wisconsin folks upset in pennsylvania, with the democratic governors, folks even in los angeles when they're talking about extending the stay home orders, they talked as long as three months, people are saying enough is enough, the ruling to be reasonable and responsible and help protect their neighbors health but we cannot tell everybody in america to stay in place wherever and keep shipping the definition and keep moving the goal post, we understand lighting the curve but is not responsible to destroy the economy forever.
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liz: thank you so much for joining us, come back soon. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, she is a great writer, great author, a great columnist. she is a pleasure and a joy to read, she is kristin tate, we will have her on about the new bombshell report out of pbs finding more than six dozen former staffers who work for joe biden, their finding even more women who are uncomfortable with joe biden's inappropriate conduct, that is breaking news, kristin tate next on that story t for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better
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we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. liz: pbs is about to air a story were and talk to 74 former staffers, 62 of them women, former individuals staffers of joe biden, many of these women are saying yeah, they saw joe
6:46 pm
biden engaged in inappropriate conduct with women including in recent years, looks like it's on top of that he women who have already complained about joe biden including tara reade let's talk about all that with kristin tate, kristen, so more women look like they're completing, a take on this in recent years. >> this is looking really bad for joe biden, and these women were coming forward have such courage, we've seen what happens to women when they come forward in a huge democrat of sexual misconduct, we can see the way linda was treated, paula jones and the other clinton accusers, they had their lives destroyed and if these women were accusing biden, they can have their careers destroyed if he becomes president. >> the media is falling over itself always to try and protect biden because he's a democrat, it is really disappointing, they
6:47 pm
mean to movement was quite an important movement for women but it's a real disservice to that movement when you only believe women when a republican being accused. liz: light switch gears, let's talk about glenn greenwald of the intercept, he's the journalist, he says that the obama administration did a massive abuse of power getting the security in the intelligence apparatus to undercut donald trump, but show the full-screen quote of what he said, the pairs of the security state, the fbi, cia, the nsa in the d.o.j. were systematically abused a part of the 2016 election, afterward for political rather than legal and, the powers here were blatantly and repeatedly abused to manipulate election outcomes and achieve political advantage. , that is greenwald saying that about the obama administration, do you agree with it. >> yes, the newly revealed documents show that the powers
6:48 pm
of these agencies like the fbi, cia, nsa and the d.o.j. were in fact being abused, not just during the 2016 election season but afterward for political purposes in comey and clapper have seen jail time, this is the same jim clapper who lied under oath about whether or not the patriot act is being used to spy on u.s. citizens. of course later, we find out that the u.s. government was collecting data of nearly every american man, woman and child in that commerce did not know about it. as long as the patriot act exist, and as long as a secret unconstitutional by the court are trying people, many of whom are innocent, what happened to mike flynn should happen to any of us. mike flynn deserves an apology, what is going on here will go down as one of the biggest evil u.s. government, the fbi, this is not even ground to interrogate flynn about his conversations with kids lack, it is routine, it is not criminal
6:49 pm
for an incoming national security officer who is senior to reach out to foreign people, counterparts important government to try to ease tension, every american ought to be concerned about these armed governments being weapon iced. liz: kristen, glenn greenwald saying it blew up in the obama administration, using the problem is in the media is exacerbating it, it's about tribal loyalty, about whose side are you on and it's not about which policies you support, it's not a policy debate, it's do you like this guy or do you not, now we have former cia director john brennan lashing back that president trump is doing worse propaganda and disinformation in russia. >> the press and frankly a lot of our representatives in washington, d.c. are tearing the country apart at its seams because of the polarization in
6:50 pm
the tribalism, a lot of people on the left in particular have abandoned long-standing principles about the justice system, but you do not have to agree with flynn's political views to understand that what happens to him is terrifying. none of us should want to live in a country where people in washington, d.c. can weaponize security agencies, the fbi, the nsa to go after any citizen and spy on us unconstitutionally. it is really sad to see was going on. exactly, it is a huge scandal, but i think the media is finally being forced to start to cover this in as the american people learn more about what really happened, hopefully more people will start to wake up and see that this matters, we cannot let this happen in the future. liz: kristin tate, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much liz, always a pleasure. liz: next up, we will bring on retired army colonel, on a
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brand-new show that nancy pelosi saying republicans talking about china is just as a distraction as china is meddling in u.s. elections, that's according to china back media, that story next. ♪ want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try neuriva for 30 days and see the difference.
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liz: welcome back, let's welcome fox news military analyst, he's retired army colonel. great to have you back on, nancy pelosi is saying republicans like steve scalise saying why aren't you holding china accountable in your $3 trillion u.s. economic aid package, there's nothing about china nancy pelosi saying that the distraction, china is saying china is going to threaten to metal in the u.s. elections if the u.s. continues to hold china accountable for the covid-19 outbreak, your take on all this? >> china has to be taken very seriously on the threats are making on technology. in the world of cyber. they have a very capability, they have reached almost every level of u.s. government military intelligence agency and private business. they will have military
6:56 pm
organizations dedicated. the second piece is our election system is third world, it's not protective at all, that's a serious threat, we out of his attention too, first of all how about we make our election system a lot harder to break into than they are now. there's things we can do, not just economically but also to prevent of them doing anything, one of the biggest things we do in this country is vote. liz: china is also threatening to sanction several republican senators including senator tom cotton and josh holly for their efforts to hold china responsible, here's a quote from the outlook called the global time, controlled by china, since communist party will not to strike back symbolically but will impose countermeasures that will make them feel pain and that they will face severe consequences which will impact
6:57 pm
the upcoming november election, this sounds pretty serious. >> i think the same as the other, the cyber, this capability, even in this country in which you can hold hostage in the entire communication system and the internet to held hostage, there are ways that china can do that to individuals in their systems. again something to take fiercely when china and cyber and we also have to work a lot better here protecting our boating apparatus in our government system, they're not well protected there. liz: should democrats like nancy pelosi downplay this and say to republicans, you're trying to use china as a distraction? >> no one should downplay the threat from china when it comes to the cyber business, they're
6:58 pm
very capable, very serious, they've done it before, we are very vulnerable so no one should be taking the slightly. liz: what's the worst that china can do? >> they can shut down our supply of our power grid, they can capture and they have, cyber capability of our intelligence community, this is a very powerful system they have and we have today, not done a very good job in counterfeit, i wrong can do this, russia can do this, china can do this, north korea, is a serious threat, we needed to get more seriously, not politically but to create the ability to hurt us, right now. liz: how did china take a hold of the intelligence community? >> they broke into backdoors,
6:59 pm
they broke into 14 different places reversed from that, in other words if you're connected to the internet entirely, you can be breached and it takes a 24 hour capability to work against and we have been hurt over the last 15 years, threatening by china and other countries in our election system is very vulnerable. in the last election we had the voting registration stolen cyber early. liz: by universities. >> exactly. it's an issue we better take a tension tube but from a safety standpoint and protecting our systems. >> great to have you on, great undertaking for service. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that doesn't for us. thank you so much for watching we hope you have a wonderful weekend, please join us again on monday. ♪ tonight" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, and breaking news on capitol hill where the house of representatives is debating a $3 trillion economic stimulus bill, a massive, pork-laden travesty only thinly disguised as a wuhan virus relief bill shamelessly put forward by the queen of the hill, speaker pelosi. the speaker, however, is this time running into some resistance from within her own party. she could be, in fact, approaching a battle in her party. several democrats today announced they will buck the speaker on this vote and vote against her new measure. the so-called moderates s t


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