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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 19, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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at "lou dobbs tonight." thank you for being with us tomorrow. it will be a lot of fun. don't miss it. good night from sussex ♪ ♪ elizabeth: stocks turning down after a vaccine experts question moderna's success, but morgan stanley is ballparkinging eight vaccines, hatche could be ready by they tend of the year, the other four next year. this as michigan and new jersey governors now saying until we have a vaccine or drug, this is the new normal for their states, shutdowns. all that as republicans now seriously ramp up their probe into the obama administration's abuses of power in the trump russia probe. the indianaght, senator michael braun, house intelligence ranking member deafen devin nuñes, former trump
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campaign deputy manager david bossie, and the intercept's founding editor, glenn greenwald, who's taking a wrecking ball to cnn, msnbc and other media for what he calls resistance journalism against trump instead of just reporting the facts. republicans now say the media got played by the obama administration and the fbi with predetermined leaks in the trump russia probe a and the flynn probe. we've got that and much more. this is happening, senate judiciary moving in its probe, firing off document requests about obama officials demanding the nsa unmask the trump team including president trump, his children, donald, ivanka jared jared kushner and more. and wed have this, house
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republicans now driving ahead. they want to talk directly to one of the fbi agents who interviewed michael flynn. also this: that curious e-mail from susan rice saying the obama administration and president obama did things, quote, by the book is now declassified. we're going to talk about that and how anything, it was basically done, far from being done by the book. also michael flynn's attorney files a motion to boot, to get rid of the judge on the flynn case for egregiously a overstepping his authority. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's welcome indiana senator michael brawn. senator, great to have you on. >> hi, liz. elizabeth: hey, senator, you had
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a lunch meeting today with the president. can you fill us in on what you guys talked about? >> i would say that the general with tone of the discussion was broad ranging, but on the topic we're going to talk about i think that the president is sensing that maybe his moment of vindication is coming. there was an exchange between him and lindsey graham, and the president, a i think -- after al that he's been through where he's been harassed from the moment he was elected through the mueller report that fell flat, through impeachment -- that we need to get to the bottom of what was going on. and from what you just mentioned in terms of the number of individuals, letters, potential subpoenas, this looks like it's the real thing. he threw the gauntlet down at lunch that, you know, stick together on the topic. democrats always do when they come at you. and i think it's fully warranted because the president's been
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under a assault. it's impacted the agenda. the agenda's been working wonderfully in terms of the economy, and that's one reason we'll get through coronavirus, and the economy will get back on its feet. but, in general, i think he felt upbeat because finally e the day of reckoning is coming. elizabeth: you know, senator, senate judiciary led by senator lindsey graham, they're going to vote june 4th to approve subpoenas of potentially 53 obama officials. the list is extensive, it's james comey, john brennan, loretta lynch, also john podesta. also demanding thehe nsa un-- yu know, finding out who demanded that the nsa unmask the president, his children, donald j. and ivanka trump, jared kushner, kellyanne conway and others. usually you unmask if people are doing -- talking to foreign governments.
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it's unclear if that was happening with these individuals or if this is just, you know, unmasking for political opposition purposes. what's your, what's your take on that? what's going on there? >> i think we'll are that revealed. --- have that reveale. i think the big essence of what you said, 53, that is so many. it means it goes deep and broadly into an institution that we should expect differently of it. and thank goodness lindsay is bringing it to the forefront. if there really are are that many individuals involved where you immediatete to find out and even if it gets down to a small fraction of it, that's significant. the american public ought to be concerned about that. that is really the deep state kind of run amok, and it's time, like i say, that we get the truth. elizabeth: you know, senator, house republicans led by jim
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jordan, also devin nuñes, they want to get to the bottom of the trump russia probe. jim jordan wants to talk directlyly to fbi agent joseph y yen ca. he interviewed michael flynn somehow those interview notes are nowhere to be found. the fbi wanted to drop that case. peter strzok and the seventh floor of the fbi kept it open. the questionnd is, was that by e book? now we have that curious e-mail from susan rice to herself saying obama did things by the book. it's now declassified. james comey and obama really look like they were really looking hard and focusing sharply on michael flynn. was this, any of this -- does this sound like all of this is by thef book to you? >> sounds like a rogue mission, to me. and i think when you put the two and two together as we watched it all unfold, if you recall, it was immediately kind of dismissed as conspiracy theory. no, that's been debunked.
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those were kind of the two dismissal statements that you'd hear that never did make sense. and there was so much going on in the process of trying to get at the origins of it. i knew from just talking to lindsey and ali few other committee chairs that it was going to happen. i think the fact that it's taken this long, maybe that means they're just martialing the case to make it effective. ffbecause my discussion with lindsey would have been probably back in december or january. things never move quickly around here to begin with, but, no, i think it's more than just with not i following the book or getting out of line. i think that was revealed with horowitz's,, you know, initial pass onni it. i'm also interested to see -- elizabeth: yeah. >> -- where durham goes, because the justice department will be weighing in as well. i think this'll all be con
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verging in a way that's going to make a clear case. you'll see that it wasas a rogue mission to go after the president which looked like it had the foundation from right after he was elected in terms of how it was going to be orchestrated. never imagined that something likeli that could be done in ths country. we need to get to thehe bottom f it. elizabeth: you know, senator, the question about whether susan rice is right that things were done by the book, you know, you could see the pushback on that wasn't by the book to have the steele dossier with russian disinformation in it used to launch fisa wiretaps and the trump russia probe. was it by the book to leak information to the media to get, basically, the special counsel robert mueller appointed? was it by the book to leak information to the washington postto t get -- to set the stage for flynn interview that the fbi initially wanted to shut down, but then they, or you know, set upp a potential perjury trap for him. was that by the book?
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>> that stuff is i all by the book. you know, i thinknk we need a nw book. and that, again, would be a talking point where, to be honest, this was getting no traction. other than in a place or two. and when i talk to the folks that have brought it to this point, especially lindsay, he said it will happen, we'll get there, i didn't think it would end up being early june. but i think when you is have got to pry as hard as he's apparently going to have to pry in the preparation to do
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on. elizabeth: senator, great to have you on. >> thankal you. elizabeth: this coming thursday, may 28th, 11 a.m. eastern time with host stuart varney join by best selling author and radio host david ramsey e and much
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more. you know what? they just might answer them during this special. coming up, we've got the intercept's founding editor, glenn greenwald, taking a sledgehammer toe what he calls resistance journalism. he's calling out cnn and msnbc for spending the last three years, quote: peddling all sorts of ultimately discredited conspiracy theories about trump russia collusion, but they didn't have on their airwaves anyone who would disagree with them. glenn greenwald is our guest coming up later in the show. ♪ ♪ refunding our customers a portion of their personal auto premiums. learn more at [ piano playing ]
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it was a very struggling period of time. up and down. depression to exuberance. and you could name many, many cycles like that over the years. my generation, having come through so many wars and so many things... persistence. it's the heartbeat of this country. stick with it. ♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: to the news, as senate judiciary e led by senator lindsey graham may soon subpoena about 53 obama officials connected to the fbi's potential surveillance abuses of the trump campaign. this as house democrats did ask the supreme court to let them see secret grand jury evidence from the mueller probe to continue to investigate and potentially try to impeach again president trump. this time by sticking on obstruction of justice. we welcome to the show house intelligence ranking member congressman devin nuñes, great to have you on, congressman. >> it's great to be with you.
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thanks for having me. elizabeth: sir, house republicans have been doing -- you've been doing your own probe for three years. no referrals for obama or joe biden. a.g. barr says he doesn't expect to sees criminal referral charges, criminal referrals. who have you made your own criminalar referrals for? >> well, i'm not going to get into specific names, and i've had a longstanding policy of that because ilo just don't thik it's appropriate. i think we have to have a strong justice system in this country. and what i have talked about is i have talked about what we did rear if for. so we have two conspiracy -- rear if for. we have one referral specifically on a set of meeks, another referral on leaks and a referrals on lying or misleading congress. so that's the breadth of the referrals. i also expect now that a lot of people have been ablet, to reada lot of what's been declassified over the last couple months, i
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do expect to have referrals on what i call the mueller dossier team who put together a two-part fantasyland story and then also indicted people from that. if so i expect to have some indictments on that also at some point. or, i'm sorry, referrals. elizabeth: you were just h sayi, the conspiracy referrals, could you explain just in general terms? i know you can't get into specifics, i understand that, you can't name names. generally, what is it about conspiracy here? >> yeah. so there's two specific ones. so there question is what did people conspire to do. so if you look at defraud the united states is a good one. lie and mislead congress, obstruct, obstruction of justice, civil rights violations. so people conspired to do that in two different areas. from our perspective, from our
8:18 pm
investigation. one was for the purpose of they manipulated, they conspired to manipulate intelligence to break all m of those laws. and that, you know, that refers, everything from the intelligence community assessment to other things that were done. on the other side, they conspire to abuse the fisa system, the system that we use in this country to target criminals or terrorists or people that are trying to steal our nation's secrets. and that's the other referral. very similar referrals but kind of two different areas that we have been investigating over the years. elizabeth: you know, the breaking news, the full text of susan rice's e-mail to herself where she said that early january 2017 meeting, that that meeting that obama did things by the book, it has been declassified. it shows james comey suggested obama and his officials not share information related to russia with michael flynn. what's your take on the new
8:19 pm
information about this e-mail? >> well, i would say, first, why would this classified to begin with? why wasn't this made public? it took ambassador grenell, the acting director of intelligence, to actually come forward and declassify this. this is something we have wanted to see for a very long time. secondly, if you really read it closely, it's actually exculpatory, right? because comey admits to obama, according c to -- if you can believe anything they say, okay, which is a whole other question. you have to really, you know, if you read the fine print, it's actually p exculpatory on generl flynn, because they admit they didn't have anything. but when you go to things that we actually do know that are factual, the day before there had been a closing -- the day before the meeting, remember, the e-mail was from two weeks later, which is that's a strange circumstance in and of itself. but you go back to january 4th, 2017, the fbi agent who was in charge of the flynn case had wrotete a closing communication,
8:20 pm
and it was prepared to be filed. then you had the dirty cop start toll call, to stop that closure from happening. then you have the ultimate interview of general flynn, i believe on january 24th, in the white house where that 302 that congress had been briefed on and we had had other people tell us about the existence of it, that 302 -- for your viewers, a 302 is a report that fbi agents do after every meeting. there is no 302. it's gone missing. so there was one and it's gone missing. those are the types of things that when you look at hard evidence thatt we know exists, i think that's going to be tough, tough to really get away from hopefully once indictments come forward. with that said, you know, the purpose of that e-mail, i don't know, but clearly it was exculpatory on general flynn. clearly -- and, also, you have to look at was comey lying to
8:21 pm
the president at that time, because there was no information that would say that general flynn was, you know, any type of, you know, shouldn't even be hinted that there was anything that general flynn could possibly do that one would be concerned about in the u.s. government. elizabeth: quickly, can you give us a general feel about your referrals, about lying and also referrals about leaks? yeah. and, you know, let me go back to what you just -- you know, your first question on obama and biden. i don't want people to think that obama and biden are, are innocent. in fact, i think they're, i think they're very much involved in this. [laughter] i think they knew a lot about it. but just because knowledge about it doesn't necessarily mean that they were in on it, you know? did they break any laws. and that's really what we're trying to get to the bottom of. i feel very confident that
8:22 pm
durham doing the job that we expect him to do. elizabeth: allll right. congressman nunes, we ran out of time there. will you come back on? come back soon. >> thanks so much. i'd be glad to come back on. elizabeth: sure, terrific. we'll have you on. coming up later in the show, republicans and immediate what critics increasingly -- media critics increasingly say the media t did get played by the obama administration and the fbi. they leaked to the media in order to fuel and power ahead the trump russia probe even though there was a lot of problems. also it happened in the prosecution of michael flip, a lot of problems there. we're bringing in former doj official tom dupree to talk about how this happened and whether it should be with stopped from happening again. the story next. ♪ea largest gig-speed network.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. republicans increasingly say the media got played by the obama administration and the fbi in the trump russia probe and the flynn probe, that the media has no rearview mirror on accountability for anyone in this and that their job to not o pick sides and hope for the narrative that they or anyone else want. imand now republican jim jordanf
8:27 pm
ohio and mike johnson of louisiana said last night because fbi director christopher wray, quote, has declined to respond to their may 4th letter for information about the misprosecution by the fbi of the flynn case, that they did send a letter directly to fbi agent joe by cent ca. he sat down with peter strzok to interview michael flynn in early january 2017. let's bring in deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree. tom,m, it's great to have you bk on. a lot of stuff going on here. can you break it down? >> absolutely, liz. and you are is so right, there are a lot of moving parts here. the thing you just mentioned, to me, is one of the most extraordinary aspects of all of this. the fact that house republicans initially made a request to director christopher wray of the fbi asking for permission to interview and get testimony from these fbi agents, they never responded to to the letter. the house republicans are
8:28 pm
basically saying if the director's not going to respond to our let ors, we're going to go directly to fbi agents themselves and ask them to come over to capitol hill and tell their story. elizabeth: you know, tom, here's what's going on, you know, in utabout february 2017, cnn and e washington post and " other meda reported michael flynn did not mislead fbi agents in that interview is. remember, the fbi initially wanted toly shut the flynn case. peter strzok said no to the case agent, keep it open. the seventh floor, the powers that be want to keep it open. then they went over there, flynn did not have an attorney present. they circumvented the white house general counsel's office to do the interview, debated not giving him his miranda rights, debated also saying what's the goal here, get him to lie. and now jim jordan and mike johnson want to talk to bill
8:29 pm
precept too, the fbi guy who said get him to lie. to your thinking, susan rice says everything was done in the obama administration by the book. trdoes this sound by the book to you? >> there were a lot of deviations from what i would consider the book. an comment example of this is you -- an excellent example is you need to look no further than the words of jim comey who admitted that the way the fbi agents interviewed flynn deviated from the way it's normally done. in fact, comey admitted it was a stunt he couldn't is have pulled with any other administration, but he thought he could get away with it and he did, in fact, get away with it when it came to the incoming trump administration. normally, you give the white house a heads up that the fbi people are at the door. but comey didn't do that in this case. elizabeth: you know, tom, also house judiciary ranking member jim jordan said the obama administration purposely leaked, made key leaks to the washington post to set the stage to get
8:30 pm
flynn prosecuted. those leaks came a day before the fbi interviewed flip at the white house to try -- flynn at the white house to try to corner michael flynn. "the washington post" asked in a day earlier story whether quote violated the logan act of 1799. hardly h anyone's been prosecutd under thatt old law. is it by the book for the obama administration to repeatedly leak, they leaked basically, you know, to the washington post, the fbi leaked to the media constantly throughout the trump russia -- crossfire hurricane probe. that by the book? >> not by any book that i'm aware of, liz. [laughter] the fact is these unmasking requests are extremely common, but it's very sensitive information. when you get a -- [inaudible] conversationnm unmasked, that in ad of itself is almost always classified information. and it's a very dangerous combination of unmasking and leaking where they would get the
8:31 pm
information and then pass it along to favorable reporters. tom dupree, thanks for coming in. really appreciate it. >> thanknk you, liz. elizabeth: sure. coming up next, the bear sent founding editor -- intercept founding editor is blasting what he calls resistance journalism saying cnn, msnbc and ores, you've spent three years, quote, peddling all sorts of discredited russiagate theory, you didn't have anybody on your airwaves who disagreed with you. are you reporters or just being change agents instead in glenn greenwald joins us next. ♪ ♪
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mow ♪ ♪ elizabeth: the intercept founding editor glenn greenwald in his column published yesterday really went after, quote, resistance journalism that has taken over many in the
8:36 pm
media in the trump era. and we welcome him now. great to have you on, glenn. can you explain what you mean? >> -- actually comes from a newly-published column by "the new york times"' media reporter ben smith who was the editor in chief of buzzfeed where he raised questions about some of the reporting done by ronan farrow concerning the me too movement. he said it's part of a broader problem of resistance journalism. as long as you're a member of the media, you can say whatever you want, you can attack whomever you want no matter how december credited your stories end up being as long as the narrative that you're promoting is popular among liberal elites on social media and is targeted at people who are sufficiently hated. so it's a completely fact-free activity that journalism has become, resistance journalism in the trump era, where you can
8:37 pm
gain all kinds of career benefits, ratings, book sales as long as you're attacking the people who are hated by media elites without regard to whether or not there's a touchstone in factual reporting which, obviously, is something that can destroy journalism more quickly than pretty much anything else. elizabeth: you know, glenn, you called out cnn and msnbc for spending three years at the, peddling all sorts of ultimately discredited russiagate conspiracy theories. i'd like you to take a listen to what's going on on the airwaves with talk about all of that. let's listen to a few examples. watch. >> they're lies, they're conspiracy theories about michael flynn. or poor michael flynn, he was duped. >> president trump and his top aides have been i routinely ignoring the truth. and pushing phony conspiracy theories. facts don't seem to matter to the trump administration at all. >> they've been throwing out
8:38 pm
these conspiracy theories from day one. every conspiracy theory they have thrown out -- and really they've embarrassed themselves, they've made fools of themselves over the past several years. >> trump talking points and right-wing media conspiracies demolished. elizabeth: so, glenn, you've talked about journalists following the loudest voices out there. do these sound like some of the loudest voices, and are people getting the facts if they only listen to the loudest voices? >> well, the clips you played are about the greatest acts of projection i've ever heard in my entire life. i have a lot of profound disagreements with the trump administration on the area of policy, about how the war on terror is is being conducted, tx cuts for the rich, but one of that got any attention because our politics have been drown for three years by a lot of the people you just featured by two
8:39 pm
particular conspiracy theories, unhinged conspiracy theories. vladimir putin and the kremlin had effectively infiltrated the federal government and taken sol control of the united states through the use of blackmail efforts, financial and sexual, over the president of the united states. a conspiracy theory that not only -- the mueller report after 18 months of searching didn't corroborate, it didn't even mention. there was no evidence to support the claim that those networks were relentlessly promoting. and the other was that the trump campaign cop spired with the kremlin -- con spined with the kremlin, and yet robert mueller despite a huge team of highly aggressive prosecutors closed his investigation without indicting a single american, let alone a high level trump official for criminally conspiring with russia. those networks and the washington post drowned our political discourse for three years in completely unproven and
8:40 pm
ultimately discredited and disproven conspiracy theories and now are claiming that other people are responsible for conspiracy theories. and there's zero accountability and zero recognition or reckoning with what it is they did. elizabeth: you know, the mueller probing i don't think the mueller report didn't even mention the steele dossier. do you think thenar give their blitz -- their pulitzers back, as the president has said? >> if i ended. getting discredited, i would go in front of the camera and burn it. i won a prettier in 2013 for the snowden reporting. if it turned out nothing was supported by evidence in the available evidence negated it, i would hang my head in shame. but there's zero -- that's what gets back to your first question about resistance journalism. as long as you're promoting a narrative popular among that precinct of cnn, msnbc,
8:41 pm
washington post, new york times, establishment liberalism, this is no accountability needed because even your lies and discredited reports are forgiven on the grounds that you were doing anytime service of the right cause which is undermining the trump administration which, as i said, or i'm no fan of. but that doesn't excuse fact-free and discredited journalism. elizabeth: glenn greenwald, you're terrific. can you come back on the show? we love having you on. >> [inaudible] elizabeth: come back soon. >> great. elizabeth: coming up, senate judiciary moving fast, talking about a june 4th vote about subpoenas of about 53 obama officials. we also have this, they want to know, led by lindsey graham, why did the nsa unmask the trump children? and also more trump officials who likely didn't have anything to do with foreign governments at all and talking to them. that's what unmasking is supposed to be about. former trump 2016 deputy
8:42 pm
campaign manager david bossie a weighs in on that and much more next. stay there. ♪ ♪ family at home or those at work, principal is by your side. we're working hard to answer your questions. like helping you understand what the recently passed economic package can mean for you. we're more than a financial company. we're a "together we can get through anything" company. now, more than ever.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: george washington university constitutional law professor jonathanit turley, hes also slamming the media for a double standard. and widely dismissing the growing allegations of abuses of power under the obama administration and the fbi there. jonathan turley saying: it would have been different if the scenario were the bush administration, say, targeting the obama administration for secret surveillance and then leaking to the media. but the media will not do that reporting now because their own coverage would be called into question. let's welcome former u.s. attorney for the district of utah, he's one of our show's favorites,e he's brett tullman. i want to read this quote from jonathan turley. quote: the media remains fully
8:47 pm
invested in the original allegations of trump russia collusion. if obama administration officials were to be questioned now, the media's coverage and theirr judgment would be placed into question. your reaction? >> yeah. you know, jonathan turley sometimes is impeccable in his research and in his writing, and this is one that is a pleasure to read because sometimes the i feel like i'm screaming into the wind. for anybody that's been in or around national security and the criminal justice system in this country, what occurred in that meeting, what has been unveiled that occurred in that meeting and the unmasking and the leaking that occurred is not only outrageous, but imagine, imagine the fact that it is such a significant meeting the oval office that one individual has to go back to her computer and write herself an e-mail to cover hers and others' participation
8:48 pm
in what was revealed in that meeting. and then another individual in that meeting is so shellshockedded by what they discover that they can't think or focus on what's being discussed. elizabeth: yeah sphwhmpt and that's not media-worthy right now? elizabeth: and let's put it in by the time of thatt meeting, te fbi knew that the steele dossier may have had russian disinformation in it, that steele's own sources were undercutting him saying he embellishes a lot of things, that a lotot of this is hearsay, speculation, take it with grain of salt, it's just talk over beers. you know? and so if that's the context of what you're talkingat about, tht early january 2017 meeting where then-president obama and joe biden are talking along with other obama officials about targeting a political opposition campaign and unmasking their officials and their children to potentially go after them, that's the context. go ahead. >> yeah, that's right. and, liz, you bring up a great
8:49 pm
point. at this stage they are days away from handing over the reins of the country to a new administration that has been elected, and they have already put in place the national security adviser. why, why is flynn already in place before they're even in the oval office? because he's supposed to be. he has to have conversations with ambassadors and others across the globe. is so what is frightening is that they know at at the time there's no real basis for the breadth or the extent of their iinvestigation, let alone the unmasking and then the leaking of what information they had gathered against general flynn. elizabeth: and then tried to corner him in a potential perjury trap with no miranda warning, no lawyer present. i mean, so i guess the media, democrats and everybody inn the country should be okay with that. by the way, jonathan turley also
8:50 pm
pointed out how the media, quote: universally made fun of and m mocked trump in 2016 for saying that the obama administration was placing campaign officials under surveillance. turns outut the doj i.g. says, yeah, that was true. >> the worst thing for the media, what they can't accept is that president trump has been right on so many things now looking back at it. elizabeth: all right. brett tolman, thanks for joining us. so sorry we ran out of time. we'll have you back on. >> thanks, liz. liz: next up, former trump 2016 deputy campaign manager david dd bossie on this new bombshell from senate judiciary, now demanding documents, subpoenas. all of that now against obama officials. he's going to t straighten this out and tell us what is next in the senate probe here and also what's going on with the house probe as well. stay with us, david bossie next. ♪ chase mobile app,
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: welcome back. as we reported to you last night, senate judiciary chair lindsey graham is moving and moving fast, launching his investigation at the senate jewish tushly into apparent fbi misconduct in the trump russia
8:55 pm
probe. we're talking subpoenas, documenting requests of a multitude of obama officials. let's bring in former trump 2016 deputy campaign manager david bossie. dade, you know, so he's -- lindsey graham wants his report, he says it's going to come out before the election. basically, the broad story here is how under the fbi, led by james comey and andrew mccabe, they repeatedly leak ared to the media to fuel their trump russia probe and the flynn probe. your reaction to that. we're going to walk the viewers through the leaks. i want your first take on that. >> well, first of all, it was a totally politicized fbi by the obama/biden administration. so thank god that president trump fired the crooked cop, james comey, at the top of that problem, the bad apple at the top. but we're going to get to the answers over the next five months through lindsey graham's and john durham's
8:56 pm
investigations. there are several investigations ongoing. i think the final result is going to be the american people are going to find out that the obama/biden administration was the most corrupt in american history. using the power of our intelligence services and the fbi, our police forces, and the fisa courts to pie on americans. finish -- to spy on americans. it's un-american. it is against e everything we stand for as americans. and the trump campaign knew, found out about it, we knew it, and during the transition, look, i was there the day that james comey came -- well, the three of them, the three horsemen came into trump tower. and i spoke to james comey that day. it is a memorable day when he dropped that fake russian dossier, the beginning of this. this is the a disgusting mess that we have to get to the bottom of, and it cannot be swept under the rug. elizabeth: all right. so that, after that meeting ehsomehow the steele dossier ges
8:57 pm
leaked to buzzfeed news, you know? and then it was katie bar the door. one of the earliest leaks, and the media went along with it, the dnc democrats, the hillary campaign funded the steele dossier, fusion gps is. they sit down with yahoo! news and then the fbi uses that story to get a fisa warrant wiretapped to do surveillance on the trump campaign officials. so we've got circular there. do you see how the fbi purposefully leaked and used the media, the media went along with it in order to fuel the probe. go ahead. >> this is what's called single sourcing stories, right? we all know what this is. this is bad actors within the fbi with political motives. something that is not allowed, something that should never be spoken of because it shouldn't
8:58 pm
happen. these people at the top of the fbi, a tremendous agency, a powerful, prideful agency that should -- that does the right thing att the agent level. but the top was corrupt. and what they did -- elizabeth lee yeah. >> -- is single sourced. they leaked. andy mccabe leaked. comey leaked. strzok leaked. and they leaked individual stories to keep this politically-motivated story into the papers and into the media. elizabeth: wait. david, but they used -- wait, wait, wait. wait, stay with me on this. the fbi used their own leaks to the media as a pretext to keep the investigation going. i mean, comey was talking about, quote: cnn likes hooks, likes news hooks. peter strzok was watching cnn and saying use it as a pretext uto go interview more trump campaign officials. so it's using media leaks to get
8:59 pm
the mueller probe launched, to get the flynn -- >> they put those -- go ahead. >> liz, they were sourcing -- [inaudible] just as you said. they went one step further. they. used these same articles, wsyahoo! news and others, to goo the fisa court and show judges. they manipulated these fisa court judges. there should be penalties for their actions. that's what i hope lindsey graham -- and, look, we have to be very fast here. this is not anything -- we don't have any time. we can't be keeping this as an october surprise. lindsey graham has to get the pedal to the metal, and we've to to -- wee have to get some actin here. elizabeth: we'll see. >> we're so grateful that he's doing, but we have to get to the answers before election day. elizabeth: david bossie, great to have you on. come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thanks so much for joining us.
9:00 pm
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