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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 19, 2011 3:42pm-4:00pm PDT

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executive executes the law that congress passed. this is a law congress explicitly rejected. on the grounds of prosecutorial discretion and law enforcement. this is not the first time. they try to do this cap and trade. where it was rejected in the congress. now trying to enact it on their own. in this case we heard from the secretary of homeland security it doesn't make sense. it's not her job to decide which law make sense. it's not her job, or the president's job to enact a law rejected because he has electoral needs next year. even though i would have sympathy with the young people who get deported in these cases, imagine what it does. it tells the world anybody who wants to come to america you jump the fence if you are young and attractive, you will get to stay here.
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you will get work permit here and maybe even earn citizenship. the millions of people around the world waitin waiting in line illegal and patiently are chumps for not doing it your way. >> can i just say, i think the whole deportation issue raises the question once again what do we do with the 11, 12 and some say up to 16 million people who are here? >> that is what supporters are saying. supporters of the administration say we have undocumented population the size of the state of ohio roughly. there has to be decision about prioritizing targets, which to go after first and which ones don't matter right now. that's their point of view. >> it isn't as if this government which spend $3.5 trillion a year wouldn't have the resources to hire some people who would to the backlog. i would take the ethanol subsidy and take a sixth of it. billion dollars a year. it's not as if we have no capacity of deciding all of
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these cases. if we had an epidemic of robbery, we wouldn't say well, given our resources, only those who killed somebody will be prosecuted. everyone else gets a pass. in this case, what i think is really important is that nobody is calling for deportation of 11 million people. this is 300,000. in the end, the answer to your question about the 11th million is if you shut the boarder, you seriously make an attempt to say that this is the last cohort of illegals, we're serious about this. we are going to build a fence. i guarantee you majority of americans would say in that case, last cohort yes. let's absurd them. give them a dignified life here. have them live in dignity. but you have to shut the border first. >> for some republicans, who supported the dream act or
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spoke about it in positive light, steve. is this somewhat of a relief to them? that the president has done this. they don't have to vote on this issue. essentially, supporting those who have grown up and want to contribute to the country and serve the military and go to college. people like senator mccain and others who have said this, but then they don't have to vote on it. >> i don't think it is. because this doesn't solve the broader problem. the reason this is objectionm beyond what we mentioned here it doesn't come in the right context. if it were part of a broader legislative package that would do some of the things that charles is talk about ta, would strengthen border security, in that context, you can see people saying well, we have to do this kind of prioritization. and this is the way we ought to do it. but in the absense of that kind of broader argument, you are not actually going anything to solve the problem. so this in effect is making perpetuating the problem rather than solving it. >> down the line, is this upheld in the court?
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>> probably, yes. probably. the president has a lot of leeway. >> law enforcement resource issue. you can make that argument. but just going back to another piece of what sieb was saying. it's missing that earnings component. earn your citizen. it's missing that. that is what the miles per hour people is going to react to. >> charles? >> i think it's procedurally scandalous. but i think with enough good lawyering, they could find a clause. old laws that would justify having triage. that is what they argue of the grounds for doing this. clearly a violation of the spirit of how our laws are put together. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round including the latest on syria. do you think president bashar assad will resign, step down? vote in the online poll on the home page, results after this break. ♪
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every week, viewers vote for your choice online. in our friday lightning round poll. this week, president obama's vacation, won with 43% of the votes. we talked about it before and back with the panel. what about it? the first full day and the images and in this environment, steve? >> they are going to try to control the images but i don't think it will matter. the problem is he is tone deaf on the issue of sarah palin said yesterday. the real problem is if you talk to people and spend time outside of washington, d.c., you talk to people, people are really struggling. people, you know, at virtually all economic levels. people who are middle class miles per hours, who might have jobs, tightening their belt to afford things that were afterthoughts a couple years ago. here is president is playing golf on martha's vineyard.
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i don't begrudge the president of the united states to take a vacation. he deserves one. but the images and optics op this up with are bad for him politically. >> it's the august habit of the media to attack any president, republican or democrat, for going on vacation. it's just, they're not allowed to go on vacation. i want to make a historical note. the world war ii on the horizon, fdr went on a week's long cruise. he came back with lemlese. he dreamed that up on the cruise and that enabled the british to stand up to nazi germany, temporarily. >> bret: you think something good could come out of martha ice vip yard. >> i hope for the plan to bring us to 6% unemployment. >> if obama returns with the equivalent, i'll become a democrat. see if he can do it. the odds are small. >> bret: there are conspiracy people, theories out there that you are hidden. >> the longest running sleeper in the history of america.
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30 years, secret agent. >> the problem is at the end of the bus tour, he said i know what to do and i'll announce it when i come back. a lot of people are hurting. if he knew what to do and he has answer and a plan and a program, why wouldn't he give it immediately and start helping people? that is in the back of people's minds. >> bret: before the break, we asked you will syrian president bashar assad resign? 95% said no. 5% said yes in the unscientific poll. charles? >> in that part of the world you don't resign. here you resign and you end up on the ranch, even nixon ended up having a good retirement. you don't end up with a good retirement. you end up dead. he and the others who run syria ruthlessly are either going to win or going to die. so i don't see it happening. i think what is important that happened this week, the europeans are working on a
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boycott of syrian oil. that would have extremely important effect. it would be the best step we could take in the west. >> bret: often people say sanctions don't work in big picture but it depends what the sanctions are. >> it depends what they are. it works in the context of broader panoply of things. this is the first chapter of a continueed long war. in syria. the good thing about this week for the obama perspective is we don't have image of assad as a reformment. keep in mind, john kerry perpetuated this a few months ago. hillary clinton was embracing the idea this guy is a reformer. that's behind us at least and at least we isolated regime, us and the europeans and isolated regime that is isolated in the arena. that is progress. >> the state department today
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broadcast we won't use military force against bashar assad without calling for saber rattling or threatping the use of military force. foolish in extreme to take it off the table. that said is what we are looking at is a policy failure from both administration. the second part of the bush administration when we had an opportunity to squeeze assad and make him do what we wanted him to do or encourage him strongly to change his behavior. we opted not to do them. largely because we wanted him to participate in the peace process. then you look at the engagement, the obama administration tried, sending ambassador, talking to assad as reformer. it's failed. this is what happens when you have regime and dictator that is the nature that assad is. >> bret: quickly, earlier in week we showed a string of sound bites from the administration saying muammar gaddafi's days are numbered. what is the number? >> the days are numbered. it may be a big number but the days are numbered.
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this has been going back and forth over the past two months. it sounds like the rebels starting to get it together. the fighting sounds to have been good for rebels. see where it can go. >> the rebel leaders are surprise at the lack of counteraction from gaddafi's forces. the on the ground story, the proposition that the days are numbered. >> i hate to be a pessimist, but all of our days are numbered. his will be a couple of months. the real issue is the rebels who are advancing from the west. we don't know. they are not be benghazi rebels that we recognize. what will happen afterwards? i'm not sure any of us have a plan or know who the people are. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned to see how president obama stacks up against some of the world's foreign leaders.
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>> finally tonight, a number of newspapers recently featured photos of russian prime minister vladimir putin and russian president medeved to look rugged. one look at how president obama compares after his recent bus tour across the u.s. >> while putin is in siberia bagging tigers, what did obama bag in his safari through the midwest?


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