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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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there is not a lot of sympathy. >> poor choice of words. >> i am waiting for apologies. >> but it's business. >> great to see you. greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> tonight, mr. herman cain, right here to go "on the record" in minutes. and a new development in the fast & furious scandal. you won't believe what the scandal has driven congress to do. you will hear all about it from senator john cornyn. 18 bengal tigers, three monkeys, three mountain lion, one baboon special one wolf -- it is not a zoo here. it's ohio and the animals escape from the cages and threatened ohio and the columbus zoo said it's like noah's ark wrecking in ohio. jack, you and i always have so much fun talking. and this story, i sleuths 100%
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hate. this is the most distressing story about animals. what happened? >> sean: look, greta, i was in penn state last night. i had 18 messages on my phone. i was going to get home at 4:00 in the morning. i thought something was wrong. i hear the story. i don't believe it. i get here at 5:00 in the morning. the sheriff had to order that the animals be shot. people don't understand from australia to england, calling me, wanting to know why i supported the sheriff. greta, if you see a grizzly bear, picture three or four grizzlies and 18 bengal tigers, picture lions, leopards coming down, he opened up the cages, shot himself, the animals went free, darkness within 45 minutes. wev had four tranquilizer guns, animals getting ready to go to the public. can you imagine what would have happened if he hadn't made the quick decision -- you can't
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tranquilize an animal in the dark. it doesn't work. it takes 4 to 8 minutes. tell the veterinarian to go in the dark and check the animal with the sheriff? today, we tried to save a tiger, a big tiger. it was in the grass three o'clock this afternoon. the vet got within 20 feet, the tiger came to the vet, turned and thank goodness, someone was there and the animal was taken out. what happened here today, greta, no human life was lost, it's probably one of the largest escapes of animals in the history of our country. i will look at what is left on the ground, 18 tigers, like you said. i will never forget that sight as long as i live. >> jack, i have been to the columbus zoo a number of times, it's a beautiful place, you can eat off the ground. the animals are happy. it's magnificent. i don't understand why did this guy -- why in the world could he have these animals? why wheredid he get these animals? >> >> reporter:
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okay. we have options here. we have people who can buy a tiger, buy a cobra, whatever. these are options -- i was with the governor on media day. yes, governor strickland had a bill, he signed it before he left office. but he forgoat got here, who enforces the bill? what's the legality of the bill? where do the animals go? if i went to this man's house and i saw this and i said, let's take the animals. where do i take 55 animals? you saw the zoo, we are one of the largest zoos in north america. where do we put these animals? we have had meetings it is last four months, we were 6 weeks away from coming up with this law. now this is on the front burner. 10,000 acres we have, we will make some homes for these animals, temporary housing. we find people who did who he did, these animals will be taken. we cannot do the people who breed the animals for a good
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purpose. they are good people. they spend tens of thousands of dollars, you can eat off the floor of these places. we can't afford to lose the private breeder. but the other people, they will be inspected here in the next few months, probably, if they are doing what this guy did, these animals will be taken to the wild where theyville a home. >> you know, jack, i am not sure i remember, but i think it's the bengal that is almost extinct. there are not many left in the world. i don't know there were 18 here that are now -- that have had to be euthanized or shot. i mean, how did this guy get them? i wouldn't know where to buy one of these or get one? and how did he get the money to feed them? and was no one paying attention to the fact that this place existed? >> reporter: well, greta, i knew this place was there. two years ago, our people were sent there. we saw the condition of the
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animals and we did everything we could, but we had no authority. he's not open to the public so he's want under federal law with the animals. could humane society or some of us done something? i don't think so. the laws are very weak here. governor strickland put into place laws, but we have to enforce the laws and that takes money and people. now we know that and we are ready to act and do something about it. it is too bad that the animals lost their lives because this should have been stopped years ago. >> you know, jack, whatever decision you make, i am 100% behind you. i have known you long enough, you are the best with the animals. i can imagine that this -- this is a tough advice for you. and if you say that this is the right thing, i am 100% behind you. i don't want to leave on a sad note, so can you tell me about what is behind you? tell me about that bear? an awful lot of animal lovers are here. let us enjoy that bear for a moment. >> right here, have you a
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grizzly. you can imagine, look at the size of this bear here. can you imagine three or four of those coming down the road last night? but that's a beautiful, big brown bear, weighing 8- or 900 pounds. this habitat cost over $2.5 mill whereon with the polar bear, $20 mill whereon. this is what you want if you have animals. you can't take them with a low chain-link fence and put creatures in here. you can buy a grizzly for $500 and it will cost a half million to build a correct habitat. >> does the bear have a name? >> that's bruinis and buckeye. they are brothers over there. >> all right. on the good note, very handsome bears. jack, i admire you immensely. tell suzy hello at the zoo. i want to get back to see your zoo. >> thank you, greta. >> and now to the fierce race
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for the republican presidential nomination. we spoke to mr. herman cain. nice to see you, sir. >> hello, gret a. it's great to see you. >> now that you are the frontrunner in so many polls, you have a target on your back. we saw that last night. many of your colleagues on the stage were throwing tarts at you on 9-9-9? >> greta, darts and arrows never felt so good. the fact that 6 of the candidates that were up there, which meant all of them were throwing darts at me, it's simply highlighted the fact, number 1, they don't have a plan that anybody can get excited about. and number 2, their only comeback is, let's go after herman and try to discredit his plan, let's try to scare people. but it didn't work. the american people instinctively know that my plan is much better than what we have today. this is why they are excited about it. so i know i am going to continue to get attacked.
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and some of the accusations that they made were just flat-out wrong. we are going to document those. >> all right. so that i understand, i am trying to dig into this. educate me. i understand you can't pick and choose. have you to look at it as a package deal. 9-9-9. you can't say sales tax, 9%, have you to look at the whole package, right. e >> in correct. >> now -- can you do this, though -- i am trying to understand. i looked at tax brackets. and if you are in the 15% tax bracket, under the 9-9-9, your taxes would go down, income tax would go town by 6% to 9, right? >> correct. now, remember, we replace the payroll tax, which is 15.3% for everybody. so there is a big pickup right there on that second line. >> so do you add that second 9, 6% savings on my tax bracket
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from 15 to 9, what do i do about the payroll tax? where does that fit into this? >> you don't pay any payroll tax. that goes away. >> all right. i am not paying that tax. now i am going to be paying -- i am going to be paying a sales tax of 9%, which i wasn't paying before, so if i take that 6% savings on my income tax and ir put it against the sales tax i am now behind 3%, i am paying 3% more or is that not the right way to look at it? >> it is not the right way to look at it because on the sales tax, you only pay sales tax on new goods, not used goods. so it depends upon your purchase behavior. secondly, we believe that the price of goods are going to go down such that in essence, you are not going to be paying more. that's the toughest part that people having trouble with because when businesses subtract
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purchases in the first 9, we are taking out imbedded taxes so that loaf of bread that has the farmer's taxes, the miller, the bagger, the truck driver and the grocery store, those five taxes are imbeddedbedded and invisible are taking them out with and replacing them with one visible tax, of 9% to get help from the income tax reduction. >> in terms of new goods so i understand it, if i buy a used car, that's a new car to me, but it's a used car. would that be covered by the sales tax? >> if it is a usessed car, no matter who buys it, you don't pay taxes because it was paid the first time. things only get taxed once. that's the beauty of it. >> all right. now, in terms of this whole tax -- and you make some assumption, one is that prices are going to go down because of
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the layers of taxes that have been imbedded are no longer in existence. is that right? >> that's correct. in addition to taking out these imbedded taxes, remember that the top corporate rate right now is 35%. even though many businesses will have an effective tax rate probably somewhere between 20 and 25%. so they are going to go from a 25% effective tax rate all the way down to 9%, which is going to give them a lot of leeway, when a company is paying a top rate of 35% on the top marginal rate, they are passing it on to the consumer. this is another way that the imbedded tacks will come down, because businesses don't have to collect them from the consumers and then pay uncle sam. >> senator santorum said last night and caught my attention, he said that taxes would go up for 84% of the nation's
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househomeds. is he wrong? is he looking at it a different way? >> that study came out by a very liberal organization -- i can't recall the name. yesterday, just before the debate. that study should be ignored. they are notorious for taking anything that comes from a conservative point of view, change the assumptions and put out that kind of information. we have shared and are willing to share our analysis through fiscal associates to anybody who wants to go through our analysis with our assumptions. that result quite frankly, greta, is flatout wrong. igignore that report. and we have our analysis we are willing to share with people. >> i am sure we will have a lot more time to discuss this. the tax is complicated and i need to learn more and question you more about it. so bear with me. i am going to switch to another topic. i want to clarify the electric fence. where do you stand on this
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electric fence and your comment? i want to straight then out and figure out where you are on this? >> when i made the statement about the electric fence, i was at a rally. i did it more in jest. here's my real answer and real solution to this whole problem. we must secure the border for real. it would involve part of it being a fence, part it being technology and part of it being boots on the ground. there are some aspects of that border, we need to have soldiers there to protect people. the american people are tired of our citizens being threatened and kill head and our border agents. secondly, we must promote the existing path to citizenship. we need to clean up the bureaucracy. thirdly, enforce the laws that are already there. the immigration laws. and now, here's one of the bold, more radical ideas, according to my contenders -- empower the states to do what the federal government is not doing. this is how we get our hands around this problem, by making
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sure that we work on all four problems. >> all right. last night, it was interesting from a -- watching governor perry and governor romney. it looked like they were going to come to blows at some point. i am curious, being up on stage, what was that like for you? you are watching the battle between those two? >> there were several thoughts going through my mind. first, dineed to walk around and get between them and say, let's just get along? but i didn't. the other thing was, i am standing there, thinking to myself greta, what kind of message is this sending to the american public? these debates are supposed to help educate the public on not just our individual views, but all the conservative republican views. and i happen to think that they got too much into that, which turned out to be, in my opinion, a negative. so that was what was going through my mind. i am thinking to myself -- i certainly hope that you get through this bickering so we can get on to serious business and
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answer some serious questions with serious solutions. >> i am somewhat sympathetic, obviously, the media, we want to give everybody a chance to respond. on the other hand, there is a little bit of an absurdity of asking important questions and giving you 60 seconds to respond. it's a tough situation. i am thinking, how can we improve the debates so you can get your ideas out and we can find out better what you think and test you on many of your ideas? >> you make a very good point. let's use the example of when all six of them came after me last night. now, first of all, i expected it. but think about this. neither everybody who had an arrow to shoot at me, i only had 30 seconds to respond. and most of their accusations, i couldn't respond in 30 seconds. so in a case like that, i think that the person being attacked ought to be given more time to
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try to explain themselves. somehow, i don't know how it should be changed. but sometimes, some questions cannot be answered in 30 seconds in the form of a rebuttal. >> all right. it's a good poll for nuiowa, i am curious what your plan is now that we have caucus dates set for early january. what's your game plan? >> i am a game plan -- go to iowa, go to iowa, go to iowa. go to new hampshire, go to new hampshire. i am going to be in iowa on saturday for a number of events. we're making plans to go back to new hampshire, south carolina, florida. we are going to spend a lot of time, greta, on the early states, but we are not going to ignore the states downstream. with this whole primary and caucus process being turned upside down and trying to figure out what one state's going to do, we don't want to leave anything on the table. but we will focus on new hampshire, south carolina and
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nevada. >> while you are watching the campaign, you are following what the latest -- you following president obama day to day? or are you too busy? >> no. i have been keeping track on t. he is still trying to sell his so-called jobs plan. it's not aions plan. it's a -- it's not a jobs plan. it's a spending plan with rhetoric. so the president is trying to sell that plan. other than that, i haven't been too aware of some of the think thises he's doing, other than a bus tour to sell it to the american people. >> mr. cain, thank you. i hope you come back. i think it will be a long race. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. i always enjoy. >> straight ahead, harry reid sends the republicans into a frenzy, republicans saying the in theic leader is disconnected from reality. why? that's next. and threatening illegal immigrants at gunpoint. did an arizona rancher go too
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>> okay. ldid you hear what senate mairment leader harry reid said today? >> very clear that private sector jobs are doing just fine. it's the public-sector jobs where we have lost huge numbers, that's what this legislation's all about. >> senator reid was talking about a bill he is pushing, he says is needed to protect the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters. republicans say reid is wrong. dennis neil is here. dennis, this has set off a firestorm, the statement -- >> yea. >> the private sector doesn't seem to be doing i. he said private sector jobs have been doing just fine. i am sure, as soon as that frog jumped out of his mouth, he wished he could have grabbed it. >> i don't think so. he hasn't asked for a do-over.
10:23 pm
i am surprised. >> he's standing by t. but he's factually incorrect. a couple of numbers, we are down 1.6 million jobs since obama took office. and government all levels down 600,000 jobs. what bothers me, it's so upside down. it is so wrong headed. our goal should never to be grow government jobs. government jobs are a drain on the economy. when a private company hires a new job, the guy coming in will make more stuff to sell or sell more stuff to be made. he is going to pay for his salary by productivity, bringing in business. in government, you just tax people and grab it out of the private sector to pay the government worker to then get in the way of the private sector. that's not the way to grow the economy. so he is so concerned about it, it is really a bad sign for us, for the taxpayers. >> i think there is another element to tbesides the economic
10:24 pm
element. there have been so many allegations of class warfare. that's the allegation of the republicans that that is what the democrats are troying to do. and now, in this bizarre sense, it creates -- the private sector versus the public sector looks forrions. it creates more -- now they are going to be at each others' throats. >> yeah, look what happened. obama has a $450 billion job program, he couldn't his own party to pass it. the first piece they pick, a $35 billion plan. it is just a gift bag for unions because it is only going after public jobs. and unions represent less than 7% of private workers, but unions -- that elected democrats -- unions represent 40% of the government workers. so when you have a $35 billion jobs bill, you are rewarding union. >> and there is another serious
10:25 pm
problem. this is the leader of the senate. and if he truly thinks, looking at this quote again that, private sector jobs have been doing just fine -- i am thinking to myself, where in the world has he been? we have a 9.1% unemployment, many of which are private sector people. anybody fosay that it's fine -- in this economy. >> it's a stuping thing to say. >> you know, really, you want the members of congress to have a heightened sense of urgency and awareness of how american people are suffering. and you think it's just fine -- you know, he ought to travel with us. you know, we go all over and it's not fine. >> right. while i am sorry for the layoffs that the states d. when you go to a state that has decided we have to cut where we need to cut and you say, here's some extra federal money, we took it from the people who live in youritate stogive it to you and they don't have to have the discipline, you are getting them addicted to federal bailouts that are
10:26 pm
temporary. this is bad for the economy. it's bad for creating jobs and that lack, that clueless lack of awareness of how bad the private sector is is truly disturbing. >> when i heard ti was so shocked, i asked the staff to look before the quote and after the quote to see if we were taking it out of context because i am stunned that anybody could think things are fine in terms of jobs. but as best i can see, that was a complete thought. unfortunately, i mean, i wanted to be taken out because i want the leader of the senate to realize how important this issue is to so many americans, those employed and those unemployed. i am taking the last word this. dennis, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, a rancher takes the fight against illegal immigrants in his own hands and he had to pay for tliterally. this is ominous and the rancher speaks out for the first time. that's next. and donald trump, speaking out against president obama. sounds like he would probably fire the president, if he could.
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>> an arizona rancher takes a border battle into his own hands. but did he go too far? grif jenkins takes us to the scene. >> reporter: in 2004, roger barnett was here, just miles from the u.s./mexico border, tending to his water pump, when he discovered trash that led him
10:31 pm
to a group of more than 20 illegal aliens crossing his property. what followed that day was a seven-year legal battle that ended up in the supreme court of the united states, with roger liable for more than $80,000 in damages. now for the first time, we bring our viewers here on his ranch to hear firsthand from roger what happened that day. roger, it's 2004. march 7. you are out, doing whatever you do on your ranch here. take me back and our viewers back to the day, to what happened here. where we are and how this all unfolded. >> okay. back up here, a third of a mile, half a mile is a windmill. there is water there. we were driving by to check the water out and make sure the illegal aliens hadn't fouled them up, broke the lines or whatever. we stopped up here in the wash. my dog jumps out and you i was looking at tracks and he gets on them. he's all excited and everything.
10:32 pm
then he's -- he is coming down the ditch. >> this is a wash here? >> the wash. yeah. uh-huh. >> reporter: so the viewers understand, we are 5 miles give or take from the mexican border? >> yes, yes. just a short ways. anyway, i jumped on my atv and loaded it out of the truck, got on it and started to follow the dog down the wash. anyway, he was all excited and everything. and so i was coming on down, following him, to see what he was on. chifelt it was tracks. it was illegal aliens because there is a bunch in there. >> reporter: you have a frequent pattern of seeing illegal crosser come in? >> yes, that's correct. yeah. >> reporter: you feel like you are on to that, the dog is signaling. >> the dog is signaling. i am keeping up with him so he doesn't get hurt and don't get lost and everything because they could -- whoever could be there,
10:33 pm
they could hurt the dog. i don't want my dog hurt. so i come on down here. right in this area here, the dog went off the wash at the hill. what he did, he went over here and he got on this little rise over here. and then right there where the rise is, he was on top of the rise, barking. there something behind there. i pulled a gun out and i started to approach-- >> reporter: you don't see anything. have you drawn your weapon for protection. >> for protection. >> reporter: we are on your property. >> that's correct. yes. >> reporter: okay. >> i went up here. i come up here and he was still barking and everything. and when i come up, i could see a whole bunch of people laying in this area. then what i did, i walked around them and erveg, still holding my gun out. never at one time i put the gun on them, aimed at them because it's dangerous.
10:34 pm
i wasn't planning on shooting anybody at that point because they didn't show that they threatened me in any way or anything, didn't have any guns or rocks in their hands or anything. then i holstered my gun back up. put it back in my holster. >> reporter: how many people did we see here? >> oh, there were 20 pore better like that. and finally, when i got them all counted and everything, there was a total of 26 people. in the meantime, whenever i first encountered them, that's when i call the wife and told her, i found the group. i got on the cell phone, i called border patrol and told them where i was. >> reporter: the case against you involved mostly women? you were found liable for four claims of assault and four claims of inflicting emotional stress. that's what ultimately the supreme court upheld, the lower court finding against you.
10:35 pm
did you hurt these people? what was your reaction when you were found liable for causing emotional stress if what was perceived to be assault? >> you know, you think, what the hell shall i do next? i mean, it just -- where's the justice in this system? there isn't no justice. it just, if the government would do their job, get off their duff and get with the program, they could seal that bord fer they wanted. to there are agents that told me, they can seal it. but the ones that are running the show -- napolitano, she don't want it sealed. >> reporter: the court case makes it sound as if you were a lot more aggressive than you are telling us. some have called you a pretty aggressive vigilante. >> i am not a vigilante. this is my property. i am protecting it. and then also, too, in this
10:36 pm
property, it belongs to the state too. the state says in the lease, you shall protect your property. keep it from getting trashed and all of that. they want it just like when you leased it, what it was like then, they want it there when you return it back to them. >> here's the big news, tomorrow night, we are coming to you live from phoenix, arizona. we are going on the road to celebrate the 15th anniversary of fox news channel. dan quayle will be with us and jan brewer and arizona senate president russell pearce, live tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, democrats and republicans agree, it's 100%. but what they agree on may have you wondering what's up with that? senator john cornyn is next. a kayaker crosses paths with a whale. you will have to see this to
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>> from america's news headquarters, dirty equipment is likely to blame for the dead liest outbreak of food borne illness in more than 25 years. the food & drug administration says positive listeria samples were found on old, hard-to-clean equipment in theienson packing facility in colorado. it's killed at least 25 people killed from eating cantaloupe. dr. conrad murray's attorneys are expected to begin their defense in the michael jackson death on friday. a medical expert testified on wednesday that murray lacks the proper medical equipment to distribute an anesthetic to michael jackson. murray's defense team has said
10:42 pm
that michael jackson delivered the powerful drug to himself. >> lthere is much mystery surrounding the fast & furious scandal. so far, no one in justice will own up to authorizing it. but in the meantime, the united states senate is taking unanimous action. we spoke with john cornyn a short time ago. >> nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. fast & furious has drawn a lot of attention. >> but you have a particular amendment that was voted on. tell me about it. >> it was basically to cut off funds for these kind of gun-walking programs that unbelievably sprung up in phoenix. we don't know how high with witht it went. but months after a border agent was killed in december, 2010, i find it implausible. the evidence seems to cricket that. memos have gone across his desk
10:43 pm
a year early earlier. withbut he said he disnt didn'td the memos. but we shut it down t. can't happen again. it was a bad idea. >> it was a unanimous vote yesterday? >> it was. the closest thing to bipartisan support, 99-0, one senator was out. i was pleasantly surprised. this is a bad program. one senator said she will work with us to troy to get the answers we need from eric holder. eric holier is know been very forthcoming. he needs to be more forthcoming and let us know when he found out about it and if high doesn't know about it, why not? >> as i understand it, though, he has himself judge justice department agrees it was a bad idea, at this point, right? >> i agree. that's right. >> it is sort of curious that we have gotten to the point that everybody agrees, but we have to
10:44 pm
legislate so it doesn't happen again. we are trying to legislate stupidity out of ourselves. >> part of it is just to keep the heat on. and frankly the bright light of publicity on this so we can get eric holdert and department of justice to come clean with the facts. >> but you can see -- everyone thinks it's a bad idea, but we have to pass legislation so we don't do it again. >> it's a very strange -- i agree. but if we get the answers and we find out who was responsible and held accountable, i think that will be worth the effort. that's the thing that i think drives people crazy about washington. they feel like all of this crazy stuff, bad things happen, but nobody gets held accountable. i think that's what this is all about. >> what's taking so long to get the answers? i know that there is the question that everybody wants, who is the highest person in government who signed off on fast & furious? it's a simple question. we ought to be able to find that out with a phone call. >> you would think so. the president himself said that
10:45 pm
the acting inspector general is investigating. but that started in february i. he could make one phone call. >> it is than the complicated. senator grassley, senate judiciary committee, darrell issa in in the house have been extracting the information from the subpoena power of the house and it shouldn't be that hard. but what happens in washington, sometimes when people make mistakes, it is not the mistake, it's the coverup. i am afraid that's where we are headed. >> so do you think they are not busy, they are deliberately trying to cover something up? >> they are certainly giving us a stiff arm. they are not being cooperative. a lot of contradictory evidence which has been -- which has been disclosed by the investigation. it is not explained. to me, when a border patrol agent is killed, using one of these 2,000 firearms purchased from dealers in the united states and allowed with the knowledge of u.s. government to walk across the border and get
10:46 pm
in the hands of the cartel that, should be news. and the attorney general should know about it. if he doesn't know about it, if i were him, i would want to know why he didn't know and who authorized this and hold the people responsible and accountable. >> let me switch to the border area since it is your state. there are some who sort of act -- i don't think they think it is as serious as some other people do in terms of the level of seriousness and violence. can you give me an assessment of the texas/mexico border? >> what is happening in texas is nothing shorts of a drug war, 40,000 people killed as a result of president calderon in the federal government, in mexico, challenging the cartels and trying to bring them to justice. but these folks are very well armed. they have a lot of mon fredrug sales here in the united states. they have the extended networks of gangs that distribute the drugs. >> it is coming into the united states, in your opinion? >> yes. but this is important, though, greta. some of the border towns in the
10:47 pm
texas side are some of the safest cities in america, like el paso, juarez, on the other side of the river, can as you can see, standing on the bridge, is one of the most dangerous. i think the cartels realize if they spill over in a significant way in the united states, they will reap a whirlwind of american law enforce optthem and they don't want to do that. >> is there a difference between the cities and the ranch area? people say el paso is safe, but what about the ranch areas? a lot of ranchers say they are worried? >> they should be worried because our border is not under control, notwithstanding the protests of the president and secretary napolitano. we had well over a half million people coming across last year, selling drugs to people andnot. 59,000 came from countries other than mexico. so mexico is a pipeline for illicit activity and it's very dangerous. people who used to be able to be on their ranches in south texas and enjoy those are afraid now
10:48 pm
because of the -- the violence and the cartels and the type of people who are coming across are much different from the way it used to be. >> thank you, sir. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> straight ahead, donald trump talking about president obama. a as usual, trump is not holding back. hear from donald trump. you are about to see video that gives a whole new meaning to whale watching. it is wild. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. donald trump accusing the president of spending taxpayer money on his re-election campaign. >> take a look at donald trump's latest posting on youtube. >> obama is doing a terrible job as president. all he wants to do is campaign. that's frankly all he's good at. and we are paying for t. our country is blowing up around us. there is unrest all over the place. it is being incompetently run and this guy campaigns and we pay for it. why isn't he paying for it? why doesn't he pay for that bus? why doesn't he pay for the planes and air force scbon everything else that takes him to these destinations where he
10:53 pm
campaigns? this is crazy. what he gets away with is unbelievable. he's laughing at the american public for being so stupid. >> that's probably safe to say president obama will not be the next celebrity apprentice. texas governor rick perry getting competitive. but he is not taking on governor mitt romney. instead, governor perry is making a friendly wager with governor jane nixon. they are betting on the world series. the texas rangers are playing the st. louis cardinals. if the cardinals win, governor perry is to hand over texas barbecue. if the rangers win, governor nixon will send over toasted raffioley and budweiser beer. close encounter of a very dangerous kind. a california kayaker comes face to face with a giant blue whale. the kayaker said his heart was pounding when he saw the 50-foot mammal surface. but he dove into the water and
10:54 pm
swam alongside the whale. he said it was amazing, but he doesn't recommend it. keep an eye out in the water. there you have t. but coming up, your last call. we will have a quick round before we turn down the lights. how is president obama doing without the stolen teleprompter? ♪ [ male announcer ] a simple gesture can spark romance anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day so you can be ready anytime the moment's right, even if it's not every day. [ man ] tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do nodrink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights, it's time for last call. latest chapter in the mystery of the president's missing teleprompter. >> in virginia, stole a truck containing the president's teleprompter. all right? got a lot of use for that. i've got to say i was watching the president, i think he's doing just fine without a teleprompter,. >> thank you. wow.
10:59 pm
>> the head set came from a plane, came off -- would you rather fight or -- time for games and politics... is it... e mail, a tweet, a fax... thank you very much. thank you. >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we're going to see you again tomorrow night. we'll be live in phoenix, arizona. make sure you go to greta right now go to the open thread and let us know what you thought about


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