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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 15, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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seeou tomorrow. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: eight days from the deadline, is the congressional supercommittee closer to a deal tonight? this is "special report." >> bret: i'm bret baier in washington. pressure is building on members of the deficit reduction committee to come up with a deal on cutting $1 trillion from the federal budget. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us the resulting tension is apparent. >> with the thanksgiving deadline approaching, supercommittee republicans and democrats say the congressional leadership on the line is getting more involved.
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>> the leaders are paying attention to what is going on. we have to see how the next eight days go. >> reporter: boehner and reid met to discuss the supercommittee. earlier he was bipartisan in praise. >> the republicans and democrats have done good work and have worked hard. >> reporter: the top senate republican called on democrats to reach across the aisle. >> this is how divided got works. real cooperation and search for common ground and solutio solutions. this is what the republicans on the joint committee have been trying to do. >> idea may be gaining traction. asked the relevant congressional committee to figure out how to do it later. a panel democrat said he is fine with that. >> i'm open to a two-step process. a multistep process.
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>> erskine bowles, cochair of the president's commission sounded pessimistic about the chance for success. >> if you haven't thrown up yet, you are getting ready to. >> if the super committee fails, $600 billion would be cut from defense. leon panetta warne warned in ths letter to senator john mccain, "rough estimates suggest after ten years of these cuts we would have the smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest number of ships since 1915, and the smallest air force in the history." yet, the president's budget director says he is still hop hopeful. >> this has been written off prematurely. >> but reid sounded negative and tucked about the super committee being in headlock. >> both sides agreed failure is bad for the country but
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there is not a clear path to success. >> the start of the primary season is closer, the republican race for mt. is getting tiger. a new survey today showed a four man dead heat at the top. correspondent shannon breem has the numbers. >> it's getting crowded at front of the g.o.p. 2012 pack. fresh poll from iowa shows a virtual four-way tie. herman cain has caucus goers in the hawkeye state followed by ron paul and surging newt gingrich. as he continues to climb in the poll, the former house speaker is forced to revisit the questions about his personal life. after anonymous flier distributed in iowa highlighting his must want approximately marriages. >> it's a matter of public record. i'm open to the fact i have moments in my life i regret. i indicated i have had to go to god and ask for forgiveness and seek reconciliation. >> analysts say gingrich may be the one g.o.p. candidate best equipped to take the
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heat. >> most candidates have to sweat. gingrich has had many periods of sweating in the long career, so he is used to it. >> some of gingrich's games seem to come at the cost of the man still on top, herman cain them. he slipped in recent polls. awkwardly long pause. when a reporter asked him about his position on libya. he addressed that moment at improp tu press conference today. >> the pause is pause to gather my thoughts. >> the man who finished distant fifth in the latest poll spent the day there trying to turn things around. with a message of uprooting and overhauling washington. >> it's time to create part-time congress where the pay is cut in half. the office budgets are cut in half. and the time in washington is cut in half. >> mitt romney facing fresh criticism for a decision to
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skip events in hawkeye state focused on another key state, south carolina. touching on hot button issue there. >> the american workers have the right to work in a nonunion state. i don't think the federal government should tell south carolina you can't be a right to work. >> for now, his lack of time with the iowa voters doesn't appear to hurt his chances there but the second place finish this iowa in 2008 when he lost by nine points to mike huckabee is a stumble he does not want to repeat. >> thank you. >> governor romney was our guest this afternoon in first "special report" hangout. interactive chat done with google plus. streamed live on the special report home page. it's there now and will be on the fox news youtube channel. three viewers engaged with romney in the virtual town hall. alice ridgeway asked this question to governor romney. >> governor romney, it's very easy for people to say one way
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to ache care of the budget is to eliminate the department of education. i wonder how realistic is that. how would you use to evaluate which programs to keep and which programs to reduce? >> i had the same kind of problem when i came as the governor of my state. we had a huge budget gap and we decided to look at every program we had and ask is this program essential? in the case of federal programs i'd look to each program and say is this program so essential to america that it's worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? a lot of things i like, a lot of programs i like have to end because we can't afford them right now. would be is obamacare. it's $1 trillion a year. i would eliminate that program. other programs i like is the corporate for public broadcasting.
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the national endowment for humanities and the arts. these are great programs. but right now, the idea of borrowing money from the next generation to pay for nice to have, not absolutely have to have. not a good idea. >> bret: on education, that is not one of the departments you would see cutting in the list. >> i haven't laid out which compartment is consolidated and combined and made efficient. i think you will find in my case, the education department becomes smaller department. it may be mergeed with another department. >> bret: his answer about how he would run against president obama on the issue of healthcare coming up with the all-star panel. the recent rise in the poll could be mixed. brit hume has analysis. good evening. >> good evening. the good news for newt gingrich is the gradual rise in the polls turned in to a
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surge. including in first place in a national poll and close second in the latest polling average. that is also the bad news. being second place to mitt romney is dangerous in politics. look at what happened to perry, bachmann and cain, who took the romney lead and pithered in the scuteny that came with it. the same could await gingrich. he left house republicans back to power after 40 years in the majority but that was 17 years ago. the subsequent speakership were tush lect, marred by two shutdowns that were unpopular for which he and republicans were blamed. in 1997 he was reprimanded by the house for college courses he taught. they were minor but he's the only speaker to be sanctioned. he was nearly ousted by his party in 1997 and finally stepped down and left the
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house next year. he has been valuable and full of ideas but not all conservative. they may overlook his past at the moment but the moment is just beginning. >> bret: when you hear critics or people who question his candidacy say he has too much baggage and you hear his answer now. what is your thought? >> the answer about the marriages may work. he said he wasn't a perfect husband and did things that were wrong and asked for bob's forgiveness. the more difficult question concerns his record in office, positions in the past on global warming that many conservative voters may find unattractive. that is where he will have a lot to answer for and where scrutiny may be a factor. >> brit, as always. thank you.
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[ inaudible ] >> the economy of the euro zone did not fall in recession in third quarter but it puts the growth rate at paltry .2 of percentage point. they walked off the job to protest the austerity message. in syria, 90 people were killed, many soldiers ambush by the army defectors. leaders in neighboring turkey say they lost confidence in the regime. they canceled plans for joint oil exploration project. a u.s. service member was killed monday in central iraq. the military noted it's under investigation. provide nod further details. the coming u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq was a subject of a tense exchange between john mccain cane and leon panetta today.
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>> the truth is this administration was committed to the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq. they made it happen. >> senator mccain, that is simply not true. you can believe that. i respect your believes. >> i respect your opinion. and the outcome is exactly as predicted. >> secretary hillary clinton gets an eyeful. that is later in the grapevine. up next, apparently some job creating projects can wait after all. that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bret: the nation with second -- [ inaudible ] that you may have to step in with more of your money. faa reserve are in a dangerously low level. wendell goler reports there is a good chance that things will get worse before they get better. >> a new report says the
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chances we'll need a bailout next year are close to 50%. in the past five years, the market share has grown and the tax return have fallen. >> it's over $1 trillion of mortgages they guarantee. they have $635,000 of them. >> bad home loans fuel meltdown at the start of the recession. senate committee hearing today. they look for the hope that the housing market to stop holding back recovery. >> i have never seen the nation move to economic recovery without housing being and get the housing market on the move and driving again. >> but conservator of fannie mae and freddie mac have little to offer them.
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they remain on government life support. >> one of the colossal failure in government history. 182 that taxpayer squandered. >> still, president obama is counting on it to help people refinance the loans more than the houses are worth. under executive order. >> we'll just act on our own. >> edward demarco is defending tens of millions in bonuses paid to the top executives. >> i am trying to encourage them to stay and demin niche losses and keep the finance system operating. >> demarco is trying to reduce fannie and freddie's share of the market to have the private sector pick up more. >> now it has overstayed the welcome. >> the fha has been standing in the way.
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>> the fha bail-out could be tens of billions of dollars. experts say without the fha loan guarantees, the home prices would have fallen further. >> goal goal live on the north lawn. thank you. canadian developer of a controversial oil pipeline project says it will move the route away from environmentally sensitive area of nebraska. >> a day after transcanada agreed to reroute the oil pipeline around the ecologically sensitive sand hills the state department which will give the final approval refused to budge on environmental review. the fourth one. not to be completed until 2014. after the election. the state department denied it's designed to appease the constituentsy of the obama administration. >> the state department has the lead on the issue.
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we are going about in a transparent and apolitical way. >> unfortunately, this is a political decision on the part of the president. thhe sacrificed 20,000 american jobs to save one, his own job. >> the delay occurs when the president repeatedly said we can't wait, criticizing the republicans obstructing the energy and the jobs programs. >> this competition for new jobs, businesses, middle class security the race i know we can win. >> the house republicans bit in the pipeline delay like piece of red meat. >> a president going off to australia, playing golf in hawaii. the guy at 1600 pennsylvania avenue is destroying the country. >> it means the white house has to navigate path between the democratic constituencies, environmentalist and big labor. afl-cio affiliate reading a statement late today. "we are deeply disappointed that the president decided to delay a decision on the keystone xl pipeline project." even how many jobs it will
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produce is in dispute. a new study showing how many jobs will be created is overstated. the oil industry is criticizing the cornell study to put the total less than 5,000. >> it's blatantly false and inaccurate. if you can imagine that someone is concluding there is very little job creation over $7 billion investment, 700 billion miles, it has a huge economic impact. >> the delay has vast ecological repercussions. canada said they would continue china as a terntive partner if there were delays with keystone. supporters say it could hurt u.s. -canada trade and lead to more pollution. >> bret: thank you. still ahead, the football coach accused of abusing young boys at penn state says he is innocent. but first, unoccupying wall
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>> bret: a group of republican conservatives demanded again that attorney general eric holder step down over his handling of operation fast and furious. they held a news conference on capitol hill today. the confirmation of one of holder's aids to the u.s. code of ipeels to the armed forces may be in peril over the issue. chief of staff olson says he knew nothing about the operation wile at the justice department. this weekend marks the beginning of the travel surge. it's estimated more than 23 million people will fly between the 18 and 29. tsa says it will no longer require children to remove
3:24 pm
shoes before going through security. early this morning, split in riot gear cleared the city park that served as the epicenter of the movement. correspondent julie banderas shows us what happened. >> it has been a tense 17 hours since they were ordered to close zuccotti park. birthplace of the occupy wall street movement used as a campground by thousands of demonstrators for months now. it started and 1,000 people have been arrested. 200 last night. this guy tuesday afternoon after he ran in the park and tried to get the american flag confiscated by police. in the overnight raid greenlighted by michael
3:25 pm
bloomberg, the city officials warned demonstrators the park was cleared cleared and restored. but when officers moved in at 1:00 a.m., hundreds of protesters staying in the park overnight resisted. brookfield property is the owner of zuccotti park asked the city to help clear the park, which had been parked with unsanitary cons. mayor bloomberg said the park would be reopened. >> the first amendment protects speech. not the use of tent and sleeping bag to take over a public space. >> but protesters say the more resistance, the stronger they will stand. >> on the 17th, so manymore people come out because of this. it doesn't stop us. it only makes us stronger.
3:26 pm
>> the lawyer guild had a court order to prevent them enforcing park rule on demonstrators. the judge said that rules in favor of the city banning tent and overnight equipment here. >> julie banderas live in new york. thank you. >> the effort to recall wisconsin republican governor scott walker is underway. the organizers plan 100 events. they are upset over the walker support for a law that restricts the bargaining right for public workers. walker launched his first tv ad against the recall. the postal service says it lost $5.1 billion last year. that is better than predicted. losses were forecast for $10 billion. but a $5.1 billion payment was deferred. but the postal situation says it'it's dire.
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>> bret: arnie duncan accepted an apology from the president of the chicago teachers union for a joke she made at his expense. karen le with us was speaking at a conference when she said this. >> this guy with the nerve to
3:31 pm
stand up and say education is rival rights issue of our time. you know he went to private school because if he went to public school he would have had the lisp fixed. >> bret: she also joked about speaking weed in college but then said she shouldn't have said it. the teachers blamed what it called the right swing public education advocate for highlighting the speech. french president sarkozy and obama trying to smooth it over with benjamin netanyahu. the two were caught making disparaging remarks about the leader this month. sarkozy wrote condolence letter to netanyahu following the death of his flare-in-law pledging friendship despite the differing views on the middle east. finally a man wearing a loin cloth and carrying a torch surprise secretary of state hillary clinton in a photo op with a hong kong
3:32 pm
official in hawaii over the weekend. take a look. [ laughter ] >> bret: they did capture that. it's still unclear who the man was and why he was there. the former assistant football coach at the center of the penn state child sex scandal says he is innocent. jerry sandusky says he made some mistakes but denies being a pedophile. correspondent david lee mill aerothe latest on the story that rocked the school and the nation. good evening. >> reporter: let's first start with a breaking development here. it's now being reported that mcqueary we're who identified as the witness who testified before the grand jury and said he observed jerry sandusky in a sex act
3:33 pm
with young child has a different story. now the morning call newspaper is publishing e-mail he sent to a former classmate where he says he did have discussion with the police and officials in charge of the police and said i did stop it, not physically but made sure it was stopped when i left the locker room. now penn state is reeling after the accused pedophile jerry sandusky started speaking out. >> everyone on the campus watched, read or heard about the alleged child molester televised interview with bob costas claiming he was innocent. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workou workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact.
3:34 pm
>> none of the dozen people we randomly talked to believed what sandusky told nbc news. >> he is absolutely guilty, i think. for what the interview said, it's gross. he said he's innocent. >> did you believe him? >> no. >> it seems like crap to me. >> since the interview, sandusky has not been spotted despite half a dozen reporters and photographers that set up camp outside his state college home. the "new york times" citing unnamed sources says as many as ten new victims contacted authorities. >> for the first time since head coach joe paer to know was fired, the interim coach held a weekly news conference and tried to focus on football. >> have you seen it or had a reaction? >> i did not. i was working on ohio state last night. i had other things to do. >> in another significant development, there is now a report that the judge two released sandusky on $100,000 unsecured bail received
3:35 pm
donation from the foundation that sandusky founded. they were allegedly given to the judge in 2007. >> bret: thank you. fox news learn house conduct committee are reviewing 200 e-mail from steven chu related to the solyndra affair. chu will testify before lawmakers this thursday and will likely be asked why he overrode objections from aides when he approved the loan guarantee and he may have questioned about the documents that showed they persuaded a chief investor in solyndra to postpone layoffs until after the midterm election. >> gabrielle giffords told constituents in audio message she is getting better and wants to get back to work. she was shot in a head in constituent meeting in january. today's message comes after a broadcast last night of her first extended interview
3:36 pm
alongside husband mark kelly. >> is there a word for mark? what is the first word you think of? >> brave. brave. brave. >> thank you. >> brave. that's what i think of when i think of you, too. brave and tough. >> tough. tough, tough. >> bret: great story. the super committee is not looking so super with its big deadline approaching. we'll talk about that with the fox all-stars after a quick break. [ male annouer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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i'm open to a two-step process. it could be a multistep process. so long as it's clear where we end up. honestly, the answer to that question about where we end up will be given by the congressional budget office. >> i'm not going to sit here and say i think it's 90% nicely a deal comes off of the super committee but it's been written off prematurely.
3:40 pm
>> this is how divided government works, for cooperation and common ground and solutions. this is what republicans on the joint committee has been trying to do for several week weeks. >> john boehner and harry reid met for 40 minutes to discuss the super committee. if there is not mcconnell census, we talk about the trigger in the law set to go in. the cuts that would automatically according to the law written happen. $600 billion cut from defense and $600 billion from the domestic spending. this is what the defense secretary said about the defense part, in a letter to herman cain. rough estimates suggest after ten years of the cut we'd have the smallest ground force since 1940, smallest number of ships since 1915, the smallest air force in the history. of course, we heard the lawmakers saying that is not going to happen. what about the super committee? let's bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard of the hill. and syndicated columnist
3:41 pm
charles krauthammer. steve, a lot of back-and-forth today. optimism on one side and analysis it could be kicking the can down the road. what is your take? >> that is the question. what should you feel? optimistic or pessimistic. i'm pessimistic. think about the latest proposal from the soup ecommittee. the reason that congress punted to the super committee is congress couldn't get the job done. they had decades of overspending and they couldn't come to consensus how to cut spending. what they said was in effect, here you cut $1.2 vii1.2 trillin deficit and figure out specific. we want you to come up with specifics. the latest proposal from the super committee reverses that. we will give you a new target number and send it back to committee to come up with specifics. >> the double punt. >> the double reverse.
3:42 pm
the double punt. you have can't make it up. if you were doing satire of how it work you that is what you would write. take nothing from jeff a serious guy and understands the problems here but on the surface, not a proposal to solve a problem. >> bottom line, does something happen by the 23rd, a.b.? >> unlikely that somebody satisfying happens by the 23rd. they might do the next punt where they come up with a figure to say it's assigned to committees. come up with the own numbers. we can't come up with any ourselves. or they won't come up with anything at all. the grand bargain of $2 to $4 trillion is not arrived at. true sacrifice that brings the pain to both this political party is not arrived at time. all the talk of trying to get out of the sequest tration is
3:43 pm
unbelievable. the idea to tell the market and the american people that was a fake. never going to pass the cut. it's outrage. >> when you hear representative bacerra say i could get around a two-step process or multistep process. what do you hear? >> he is going to dodge. not a serious proposal and in the end it will look like an agreement but no agreement at all. a double punt. the reason is two-fold. a huge divide that is very real and significant. only decided by an election. no way parties with obama at one end ideologically and the republican house on the other is going to agree on this. but second, the trigger is a phony. we have heard from mccain.
3:44 pm
figures on republican side. no way they would agree to the sequestration of defense. now from the obama secretary of defense, this letter which lays out what it will do. where he says it would devastate the military. not a budget he could recommend. they are going to disarm the trigger. >> the trigger was meant to be a wall. the back up against the wall. we are not going to do this. we have to get it done. now we are talking about taking down the wall. >> in the end, as we learn with the other attempts for congress, to force itself in to doing "x," if you put a padlock on the refrigerator but you are a congress, you keep the key to undo it any time you want. >> moving this forward no matter what happens, the big issue of tax reform essentially gets punted to the presidential campaign.
3:45 pm
>> triple punt. the tax reform won't happen and this doesn't sol tv fundamental long-term problem. you have one political party that won't agree to entitlement reform. >> both parties need to be blamed for this. this is not just the democrats. not fair. >> the republicans will not agree to the new revenue. >> new revenue doesn't sol tv problem. look at. >> i can't believe you are blaming the deadlock on the committee on democrats? >> not blaming the deadlock on the committee. i'm blaming the entire problem on the failure to address this. >> they are both to blame. >> bret: 23rd, something done or not? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> okay. next up, the latest from the campaign trail and the 2012 race. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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i am very open. it's a matter of public record. i'm open to the fact i had moments that i regret. i indicated i had to go to god and ask for cor giveness and seek reconciliation. all of this stuff will come up. that is part of the process. i think people will look at the totality of my life. then they have to make a decision themselves. i am comfortable relying on the american people to have a sense ofdy sensy and understanding of the humans. >> bret: former house speaker newt gingrich talking about his personal life after anonymous flier distributed in iowa that highlighted his multiple marriages. here you see the latest poll from iowa. bloomberg. herman cain, ron paul at 19% in iowa.
3:50 pm
mitt romney and newt gingrich. plus or minus 4, that's a tie across the board. gingrich, surging in most pol polls. steve you spent time with the speaker. your take? >> interesting to listen to him talk about his personal baggage. i interviewed three dozen people in south carolina. i was stunned how many people are willing to look past that and say what he has done, he has done. he said he asked for forgiveness. he has moved on and we shall, too. in the course of talking to the people in south carolina, i would say 90% of them said in the first sentence, he is intelligent. maybe the smartest person in the field. excellent debater. he is using it in the stump speech extensively. >> the herman cain campaign trying to get past the sexual harassment allegations.
3:51 pm
he had another bit of a hiccup we showed you last night about answering a question in an editorial board about libya. he talked about that today. >> the pause was to gather my thoughts. people want to make a big deal about it. if you were asked seven or eight questions, somebody switches to libya and they are not clear with the question, before i shoot from the lip, i gather my thoughts. >> bret: he said the libya comment was pause to gather his pause. a lot of people have seen the video today. >> it was a very long pause. to say, you know, i was thrown eight questions on different topics is not a great defense. if you are a candidate for the presidency. you have to answer 50 topics. serve asked different questions all the time.
3:52 pm
to say it wasn't clear, he was asked if he agreed with the handling of libya. that is not a dodge question. i'm surprised that his support is hanging on. it's not dropping as a stone as you would have expected. he is over his head. he is winging it. particularly on the foreign affairs. a dismal performance in the foreign policy debate over the weekend. he is clearly not at all with the subjects. what was it about libya that he had to gather his thoughts on? it looked as if he either didn't know where it was or what country it was. or how the war turned out or what obama policy was. i'm not sure was what there was that required minute of thought gathering. >> today in the hangover, former governor mitt romney in a followup question asked about how he would run if he were the g.o.p. nominee against president obama on issue of healthcare. take a listen.
3:53 pm
>> i can say in my state he can uninsured, 8% of the population. we have didn't change the plan for the 92% of people that had insurance. unlike president's plan my plan didn't cost $1 trillion. we didn't raise taxes at all. we also didn't cut medicare. this is the only president in modern history, in all of history who has cut medicare. he cut medicare by $500 billion to pay for obamacare. these are reasons that the american people say no to his plan. if i get a chance to talk to him before the plan i would say before you put yours together you should have given me a call. i would have told you, you are going about it the wrong way. >> bret: good plan? >> he has discovered good talking points. ultimately, he will attack president obama on medicare cuts and he will say you voted for paul ryan budget plan and you wanted to cut medicare.
3:54 pm
but as for mitt romney's problem in the primary electorate, he is only at 30%. which he has just broken now finally. because republicans -- >> bret: in one poll? >> one poll. he could inch up in others. but after running for six years he is not doing very well. the republican party is looking for another choice. and many, many conservatives still blame him for imposing a mandate on people uninsured in the state of massachusetts period. end of story. so that is why they are shopping first donald trump and then michele bachmann and then rick perry and herman cain. now the former speaker newt gingrich on the fifth backup date to the prom because they don't want to go with romney. >> bret: what about ron paul at 19% in second place in the bloomberg poll in iowa? >> that is interesting. if you see his numbers tick up, he could be a factor in iowa. a real factor. when we had him here, he said he thought he needed to come in third place. if he came this third place with numbers like that, he gets a second look.
3:55 pm
i don't think he will get the nomination, of course. but that could have an outcome on who does get the nomination. if you are pulling people away from potentially a newt gingrich or others who might have a stronger libertarian streak on economic policy, that could help mitt romney. >> bret: charles? >> as the non-nominee i think he could have the largest say of anybody in the country on who wins the general election. if he decides to run as an independent, he has a base, extremely loyal. we know how large it is. if he ran, he could hand election to obama. it it would be best thing for democrats in this entire cycle. >> bret: by the way, that google hangout, is on our "special report" home page. also, it will be on the fox news youtube page. the channel. shortly. that is it for the panel. but stay tuned for finding out what works and sticking with it. if insurance were sold in the grocery store --
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