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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 7, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. it was the closest race of the 2012 republican nomination. it was since the first contest in iowa. >> what is amazing about this, jaime is rick santorum two weeks ago had an 18-point lead in the state of ohio. it essentially vanished.
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a narrow victory for his nearest competetor, mitt romney. >> and interesting to see how it turned out for each of the candidates. we will break everything down for you. we will look at some of the other super tuesday states for you. mitt romney won his home state of massachusetts. no surprise on massachusetts. we are showing that now. he was the governor there and it was a race that wasn't considered that competitive. but it is a win nonetheless. romney also won vermont. it was a state that none of the gop candidates actually visited. it was a state where they had new rules in affect for the first time that required a majority win or the result would be a proportion gnat delegate uh uh -- delegate award. remember this controversy, greg? only romney and congressman ron paul actually met the requirements necessary to appear on the ballot. somethings, greg, i know you will bring up with our panel that if you can't get the paperwork going in a paper
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state what do you learn about the candidate? and one more race out west, romney taking idaho where there is a large mormon population. it was predicted they would turn out for the candidate, but in 2008 ron paul took 23% of the gop primary vote. >> let's look at what rick santorum did. yesterday to be more accurate. he won the state of oklahoma and now 40 delegates there divided. rick santorum won 34% to 28%. let's move to tennessee. 55 delegates there and rick santorum 37 to mitt romney's 28%. north dakota's caucus, not a primary, 28 delegates there and rick santorum, 40% to ron paul's 28%. >> maybe there were some
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surprises, but one surprise i think we can agree on, greg, is georgia. newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. he spent a lot of time there meeting and greeting and hoping for a win there. he takes georgia tonight. alaska of course has not been called. >> but it could be called fairly shortly. wait for that. and now we go live to mitt romney's headquarters in boston. hi, carl. >> hi, greg. once again first in and last out. we will close this place down here. most of the sell -- celebrants took off a longtime ago. he won half of the delegates. that's what the romney campaign hoped for. there were moments in the course of the last 12 hours they were worried it might not happen. there were moments in the last four or five hours where they were impatient for the media to call the races they believe they won, and the number crunchers and lots of media were unable to come to the same conclusion as fast as the
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romney camp were. and in addition to the five states romney won it appears as though he will take second in most of the rest of them. although it is an open question as to whether or not ron paul will take second. five states for romney and three states for santorum and one for gingrich and one outstanding strong night for mitt romney who had wanted most to win yoy yow and -- win ohio and does so. it is a bell weather rust belt state adjacent to rick santorum's pennsylvania. it is not a home state for romney unlike michigan. so he can connect with the blue collar voters. at one pointt they were pointing out for those who made under $50,000 he was exceeding expectations and leading santorum with that block of ohio voters. romney has a big head of steam now winning half of tonight's
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contests in the wake of five consecutive wins in the last five contests. romney has big momentum. now the battle moves on. when it does it goes to the southern states where romney at least on paper is not set to be strong. alabama, mississippi and kansas comes up on saturday followed by alabama and mississippi on tuesday. and there watch for romney to thoroughly encourage a blood bath between santorum and gingrich. there will be increased pressure to get out of the race by santorum and his supporters. they love the idea that gingrich and santorum continue to split the base of the party, and they would do so in the southern states with a possibility that romney could over -- over achieve where gingrich expects to win having pulled off the victory in the state where he began his political career, georgia. that's it for super tuesday. it is in the books. the next big, big delegate collausus is a super tuesday in april.
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there are a lot of states, but not many particularly favorable to romney, but now he has the wind in his sails and momentum of being a winner. >> carl cameron, your reporting on camera was magnificent. i wish people could appreciate fully what you also do off camera in providing us through our computer system all kinds of available insight and information. many thanks as always, carl cameron in boston. >> thanks. >> it is so true. and steve brown is also doing a great job tonight. he is at santorum headquarters in ohio. how are the santorum folks feeling tonight, steve? >> they are not as gracious as the romney folks. we are hearing from the romney campaign. they say governor romney is campaigning in the recent days in the, quote, pro jobs and pro rally message days before and helped push him to victory. the santorum folks are having a completely different tone. both senior strategist and
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senior advisor both referred to mitt romney as obama light. specifically gidley said if there was a worse nightmare for mitt romney, it would be widdled down to two people. so santorum and mitt romney. the santorum folks definitely feel in a one-on-one match up based on how badly they have been out spent in michigan and ohio and still manage to just lose by a razor's edge in both states. they feel in a one-on-one match up collecting votes that might have also been for newt gingrich or ron paul that they could easily turn that around -- turn the losses back around into victories. what they specifically say is this is not a call for newt gingrich to get out of the race. but it is an appeal to those who might support newt gingrich, the tea party folks, the social conservatives other
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institutional conservatives in the party who coalesced around newt gingrich. they say, hey, if you come over here there is a possibility that we can do what it is a lot of folks in the republican primary so far this season have been wanting to do. it is finding the anti-romney candidate that can beat mitt romney. that person has not been found, at least not in a reliable quantity or for a reliable length of time. but the santorum folks say they will obviously fight on. their next stop is in kansas where they have a weekend contest coming up. they like their chances very much in the southern states of alabama and mississippi. back to you in new york. >> how, steve, will the santorum camp use the wins they did have tonight on super tuesday going forward into those states? many of which do carry substantial number of delegates. >> their argument is they have won all over the place and
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mitt romney doesn't have favorable footing in places like alabama, places like mississippi, places like texas where you have a great -- a greater number of social conservatives and a greater number of evangelicals and you have just a greater number of folks that would have more natural con stiff wean -- con stiff wean sees. they believe those #r* places they can go and compete and win and win handily. they like their odds against mitt romney in those contests coming up. as carl pointed out a moments ago, these are territories which are not favorable to the mitt romney campaign and what they had going for them. right now they have, as carl said, the wind in their sails and a winning streak of recent note that does help a great deal. >> it is an important night to say the least. steve brown is continuing our live coverage. >> let's bring in our political panel to talk about
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it. our republican political analyst, campaign consultant and national political correspondent for talk radio service. chuck schumer, democratic strategist and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. santorum had almost a 20-point lead a mere two weeks ago. ity evaporated. one could argue he blew a 20-point lead. what does that say about his ability to close out an important swing state battle ground race and conversely what does it say about romney's ability to come from behind? >> romney is the better financed and better organized candidate. in politics, organization matters. in presidential politics what separates a real presidential campaign from a book tour is an organization. when you talk about santorum, not even having the ability to really qualify for ballots, that says how could anyone in america trust this man to be commander-in-chief of the
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united states military when he can't qualify in virginia and fully qualify in ohio? it makes no sense to me. >> i suspect your reference to a book tour is newt gingrich. >> people have said that is what gingrich has been doing. he would vigorously deny that. >> romney comes out of this thing winning more states, more popular vote, more delegates in all practical terms. is he not only a winner on super tuesday, but the very clear front front runner for the nomination? >> he has always been a front runner. it is a matter of how strong or weak -- >> i can count three other people who were front runners. >> he is the presumptive front runner. there has been the front runner for the anti-romney man tell. they kept some kay dense toward the top. here is the big thing. if you take the delegates of all of the anti-romney candidates combined, mitt romney has a commanding delegate lead. as everyone referenced up
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until us right now, this is a delegate acquisition contest. in that respect, mitt romney has clearly showed dominance. he had a great night with the narrative. he swung 15 points in michigan two weeks ago. he swung 20 points tonight. he has the story to tell that he can rally and come back. he has to learn from some of the lessons the exit polls are showing. even the conservatives are still not convinced she their guy. >> here we have it, chris, romney wins two huge battleground states in november november. ohio and michigan. he just won washington. he has won a bunch of other states as well. he has more delegates. at what point in time do the neutral party leaders begin to come out as the couple did over the weekend and endorse him? >> i think the problem right now is there aren't the neutral party leaders there used to be in the republican party. the party is fractured. they have a lot to do with
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that. you look at what is happening in washington on the transportation committee. the speaker of the house has to remove john micah from being involved in the transportation bill. that has never happened in my recollection in congressional history. the same thing is a problem in the race. they say, it is not your turn. wait four years and we will give you another chance. >> tony, neither santorum nor gingrich seemed at this point in time inclined to quit the race. call them stubborn, persistent, determined, whatever you want to use. but that is great for mitt romney, isn't it? jay sure. -- >> sure. romney has a week or two to enjoy the fact that gingrich and santorum have not resolved their own inter party fight. newt gingrich claims to have had a good night. hehe won the biggest delegate state, his home state. >> he is two for 18 which is
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not good. >> he came third in the two other southern states, and he claims to run a southern strategy. that's not going to holdup. i think you will have the more conservative pro santorum wing go toward newt. >> even though it is good it is splitting the vote, it is okay for fry maries, but it is forcing him further and further to the right. >> he is not taking the bait though. >> you guys have a lot to say. you are going to be around for the next couple hours so hold your thoughts. >> i was going say talk amongst yourselves. we will get back to you. mitt romney is already looking ahead tonight as he spoke to supporters in boston. take a listen. >> tonight we are doing some counting. we are counting the delegates from the convention which looks good and counting down the days to november and that looks even better. we are going to take your
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vote, a huge vote in massachusetts and take it all the way to the white house. he was a member of the foreign policy and national security advisory team. they were serving as co chair for the international organization's working group. good evening or good morning to you. >> thank you for joining us. tell us what you think and at that point, the state that wasn't a surprise that he would take on super tuesday. >> tonight was a big night for the governor. he won five states and he won more delegates than all three of the other candidates combined. it was a stunning victory. he now has almost 400 convention delegates toward the 1150 or so we need for the nomination.
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it is coming down to simple math. the simple math is it is going to be impossible for anyone to catch the governor. >> one of the important criteria is the gop members the voters want somebody who can feel confident and go in and beat barack obama. it is interesting that mitt romney was in boston there and when it comes to health care and obama care, many people fault him for his own health care plans in his home state. do you think there will be discussion about that? and what will they say that could sway those voters? >> i think that is a charge they have leveled at the governor. it hasn't gone anywhere. what we need to focus on is the governor ran a national campaign. he won in new england and it
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was one of the midwest. he has a message that is res son nateing. the attacks on romney care have fallen flat. the fact of the matter is he had a pro fre enterprise -- pro free enterprise program. republicans in massachusetts clearly approve. he had a huge victory. he will take every delegate from the state of massachusetts, his home state. in the general election we need a candidate who can stand up to barack obama and talk about health care and can talk about jobs and talk about the economy. >> what about the southern states? rick santorum did well in the southern states. what do you expect pr them? what can mitt romney do to get those voters to believe in him and his plan, especially with the issues that face them?
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>> it is a good question. what we need to recognize and i don't think the media pointed this out is we have governor romney is going to be the nominee. and republican voters in the south when we have the nominee that is going up against barack obama they are going rally around mitt. we are going to come to tampa. the other candidates are going to support mitt, and the party will come together. it is a tough primary fight and speaker gingrich is from the south, and he will do well in the south. santorum is showing strength there. at the end of the day, gop voters wherever they are,
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whether the south, the north, the northwest, northeast, they will rally around the governor. he won in florida, new hampshire, the states we have to win as republicans to defeat president obama. i think republicans across the country will rally around him as the nominee. >> i have to leave it there. it is great to have you, robert o'brian, an advisor to former governor mitt romney. thank you so much. >> thank you. have a great morning. it is certainly considered the crown jewel of super tuesday. >> without a doubt. mitt romney declared the winner in ohio a short time ago. he was just beating rick santorum by one percentage point? we will have analysis and what this big win for romney means to the gop race for the white house. >> i stand ready to lead our party, and i stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity. >> we have won in the west,
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the midwest and the south, and we are ready to win across this country.
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welcome back.
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419 delegates on this super tuesday. let's see how things stand overall. mitt romney has 386 delegates. rick santorum is right behind with 156. newt gingrich has 85. ron paul has 40. of course 1,144 delegates are needed for the republican nomination. looking ahead to what is next after super tuesday, 12 presidential contests from march 10th to the 24th. the big ones at stake, illinois and alabama to name a few. we go to the center for politics at the university of virginia. great to see you, larry. thanks for being with us. >> good evening. >> it ain't over until it is over at 11:44 without a doubt. so which are the ones you are most closely watching coming up. i know some of the candidates are talking about they are off to kansas, and they are not wasting a moment. >> they are all important
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because they have delegates attached and we will follow each and every one of them, and we will be following them right until the final primary in utah in june. having said that, after tonight it is more obvious to people who will be the nominee. at the same time, the other candidates had decent to very good nights. there is no reason to drop out anytime soon. they won't be dropping out. this process continues for better or worse, at least for the foreseeable future. >> what are the biggest challenges, first for mitt romney, and then for rick santorum given what we have learned about where the voters not only showed up, but voted in their favor going forward for the next couple races. if you were advising them, where would you tell them to go? >> mitt romney wants to get delegates anywhere. he will compete almost everywhere. he has the national campaign
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and the ability to do so. as the perspective nominee which eventually he will undoubtedly be, he has to pivot relatively quickly to president obama. he has been trying since he won the new hampshire primary. more and more i think he will be allowed to do that. i think republican-based voters will expect him to do it even if they are pressing him hard in additional contests. for rick santorum, obviously he has the present advantage in the south and in the border state and the midwest. he is winning most of the contests. he will gain influence at the convention by accumulating the delegates. newt gingrich has to hope that rick santorum fails in the effort and gingrich can become lazerus the third time, rising from the dead. that's a tough challenge, but we will see what happens in mississippi and alabama next
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week. ron paul is simply a matter of accumulating enough delegates to have some influence on the platform in tampa. >> larry, the issues that are important as we look at the exit polls, the social issues, the economy, it is pretty uniform people are concerned with their pocket boob especially with the jobless numbers we have right now. is that what these candidates should focus on, are should they bring up the side issues as contraception comes up, should they add anything to get the independent voters say for example to start thinking their way? >> an election is a mosaic. think of it that way. each issue a candidate raises is another little piece of the mosaic the candidates are placing. placing on the big screen. but it is important in the end for that mosaic to spell out,
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to paint out for voters the central issue or issues of the campaign. social issues are important. loads of base voters and independent voters consider them important. but there is no question that the election is about the economy. if there god forbid is a war with iran, maybe foreign policy becomes a central issue. but right now it is about the economy. it probably will continue to be about the economy. unemployment, growth, gas prices. all of the different spokes in the economic wheel. the candidates in competing with one another have to remember that they are also putting the mosaic together for the general electorat. >> one interesting note i was following was tennessee went with santorum. but it was a state that goes with the business friendly and somebody that understands the private sector main street mentality.
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they have to focus on the issue. thanks for the insight, larry. we always learn a lot. >> i am not reading anything into the sweater vest either. i know you are a fair and balanced guy. >> good. it is just cold here. >> i got it. take care. >> fox news coverage of super tuesday continues. it is now super wednesday. coming up, we will get insight on why voters voted the way they did, what issues mattered to them and more. that's next.
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and welcome back, everybody. our continuing coverage of super tuesday. i'm jaime colby. >> and i'm greg jarrett. let's talk about ohio. it was the big story this super tuesday. mitt romney winning narrowly, and i mean 1% or less. >> now all nightlong martha mccallum was keeping an eye on the exit polls. you can learn so much in the buckeye state. they can be really telling, and they were in terms of what makes the winner in each state tonight and what is likely to happen in other states too. take a look. >> no republican has won the presidency without winning this ohio primary first. and it is tight out there right now. totally different picture that what we have seen in the other states. it is an open primary.
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and sometimes it can make all of the difference. and santorum is leading that group, and then comes romney. look at how these numbers are shaping up. romney is at 31%. ron paul has done very well with independents throughout the whole season. he is in third with them in ohio. let's look at the tea party vote. the tea partiers are torn between these two. they are neck and neck 39-37%. it is between the two top. even the local christians, this group has continued to shake out more toward rick santorum. it looks to be going toward rick santorum at this point in the evening. we have spent so much time over the course of the week talking about women's issues and how women will vote in this republican primary and then in the general election as well. let's see how they are stacking up in ohio. working women in ohio are choosing mitt romney by double digits over rick santorum.
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perhaps it is not surprising given the conversation that has taken place over the course of the week. but married women are split between the two in ohio right now. >> we will check back with martha mccallum a bit later on. in the end mitt romney winning the key battleground state of ohio beating santorum by one percentage point. what does the key win mean for the gop race for the white house? let'in assistant to president george w. bush. good to see you. jay -- >> look, rick santorum won the first. he won three states in one day on super tuesday. he won oklahoma, tennessee and also won north dakota. very close in ohio. is he still a viable candidate? >> he is a viable candidate. there are two parts to the process. there is the selection part by the party and election party
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by the people. you heard the polling break down. independent women will be very important. especially states like ohio, virginia, florida, like nevada, states mitt romney has won. if mitt romney can keep this trend going and after april 3rd it is winner take all. so this race will take on a whole new dimension once we get into these winner take all states. this will be a race that will go on for some time to come. i don't think gingrich is going anywhere. paul is on a scale ven yes, sir hunt for delegates and santorum is staying in the race. car -- santorum got caught up making remarks about religion, women, contraception. i wonder if his comments on these oacial issues overshadow his these sedge at a time when americans care most about the jobs and the economy. >> there is no doubt that happened.
12:37 am
look at his lead a week ago in ohio. and ity evaporated when he started talking about the issues. >> 18 points. >> the american people are worried about their economic survival, their family's survival. when gas goes to $4 and $5 and unemployment is high and bankruptcy is high, states are going bankrupt. these are the bread and butter issues they want to hear regardless if it is the primary or general election. >> romney over the last couple days got two big endorsements. both are in fact regarded as true conservatives at a time perhaps when some of the party are worried that romney is too much of a moderate. does this solidify the base? >> and certainly after today romney has to get some
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conservatives out there who have yet -- who endorse to endorse. once you see these endorsements both in power and out of power and in the states where it matters, governors, legislators and mayors, it will be a big difference in the next couple weeks as we move into the winner take all. >> thank you very much. for most of the night it was a neck and america race in ohio right up to the last minute between mitt romney and rick santorum. in the end mitt romney did emerge with a victory. peter is joining us from our dc bureau. peter, good to see you. what turned the tide for romney even though it was so close in ohio? >> it was so close. romney ended up winning five out of the 10 states that had contests including super tuesday's crown jewel, ohio. when you looked at the exit polls they think somebody with a business background was better prepared to be president than somebody with a
12:39 am
government background. 65% liked the business back ground that would be governor romney and 27% want a government background. ohio voters broke for governor romney in a big way. 41% to santorum's 33%. gingrich and paul are way behind with the voters worried about the economy. another big demographic that broke for romney, we have updated numbers, working women by an eight-point margin. santorum with 35%. >> nevertheless, we can see newt gingrich, you can get the sense that rick santorum, whatever he did, he kept himself as close as possible. do we know what it was he did that put him into that position? >> in ohio you have to look at the independent. the independent decide open primaries like ohio and the general elections down the line. they gave santorum an edge.
12:40 am
six points ahead of romney. speaker gingrich lagged among the independents. santorum had the support of the tea party voters. santorum won more comfortably when it came to christians at 47% to romney's 30. but it wasn't enough to help them win. a win is a win for romney. >> you are right. but those exit polls, those fox exit polls do tell a lot for the story. thanks, peter. >> and for more reaction on the exit polls and why voters voted the way they did, scott rasmusson joins us. great to see you. some of our own polling data before super tuesday confirmed what we learned from the exit polls today in ohio. and that is rick santorum is doing poorly among women.
12:41 am
how do you account for that? >> partly it has to do with the issues he was focusing on and the tone of the conversation. rick santorum has a habit of answering any questions and he got himself in a little trouble. the bigger issue, and peter just mentioned it and martha mentioned it, the tea party vote was split almost down the middle between romney and san tar rum. sansantorum. two weeks ago he was leading by 35 points among tea party supporters. that all change etd -- changed in the debate in arizona. i think it was the line where santorum talked about you have to take one for the team and vote for things you don't believe in. voters are angry at the government, the radical base, mitt romney won tonight. >> what about independent voters? romney seems strong. >> and you have to be careful when you talk about independent voters voters in a
12:42 am
primary. these do not reflect the pool of independent voters who will be there in a general election. mitt romney has consistently lead in almost every state among republican voters only. they are not doing well among the independents or the democrats, but safe among the republican voters. that has a big advantage to him going forward. what we are seeing more than anything else is a reflection of a good campaign. republican conservatives are struggling to embrace mitt romney. you have to admire the tactile skill. when they needed a win in florida the campaign figured out a way to do it. when rick santorum had his big night and won three states, well romney found a way to win both the straw poll and the main caucus. he found a way to win in michigan and now tonight in ohio. this is a campaign that knows how to support its resources.
12:43 am
it may make a lot of republican conservatives angry, but it is an effective organization. >> could be an asset in the general election. he is becoming known as the closer now a days. we will check back with you later on. thanks very much. >> glad he is staying with us. fresh off a resounding win , newt gingrich said often he needed to win georgia. tonight he did, and he is predicting a come back. will the win tonight help? we will take a closer look. that's just three minutes away. keep it here on the fox newschannel.
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gingrich speaking earlier this evening after winning his home state of gorm george -- georgia making it clear he is not going anywhere. joining us now to talk about it, jdhayworth who is a congressman.
12:47 am
newt gingrich is two for 18. one of those is his home state. it was thoroughly expected. what is his path to winning the nomination? >> again let's remind everybody that it is about delegates. yes you have to win contests, but let's take a look at the calendar. immediately alabama, mississippi, kansas, but with the delegates tonight on super tuesday, we are only about one-third of the way through the process. move on. let's look at the calendar. may 29th, texas 155 delegates. and then on june 5th, california 165 delegates. this is kind of like back to the future. it is back to the days where you would go on through california to determine through the primary process who would be the eventule thom knee. and while i can appreciate the efforts of some to spin this as inevitable for romney and
12:48 am
the governor is invincible, that's not the case. one-third of the delegates picked. >> congressman, even if he ran the table he wouldn't have enough delegates. you have to consider the fact that next tuesday alabama and mississippi, those are delegates distributed proportionately. he is only going to get one-third even if he gets both of those states. that's not enough. >> but again this is a process. let's not forget going into the convention all of the delegates are still not pledged. there is still a reason for the convention. so a lot has to happen. rumors of anyone's electoral demise greatly exaggerated. it has a long, long way to go. >> doesn't he think his strength is the southern states? the southern strategy? he has already lost three of the southern states. he lost florida and lost two
12:49 am
today, tennessee and oklahoma, and he came in third place there. isn't his southern strategy in a way already in tatters? >> i think what we have to do is look past this notion we are exscuting some geographical strategy and look at the issues speaker gingrich is addressing. especially when it comes to energy. especially when it comes to nick nick -- i can which empower meant and the fact that newt gingrich has a plan that is so aggressive in terms of cutting taxes and so common sense that i think as people begin to focus on this, greg, what we will see is that that message beats money and this process is very much a work in progress. so again it is far too early to write anybody off. and let's not discount this win in terms of it bowing the firstest with the mostest. >> jd hey worth, great to see
12:50 am
you. come back. >> i sure will. thanks. the firstest with the mostest? is that a political term? the candidates tally up their victories and lament their losses. >> the outcome of super tuesday is shaping up with mitt romney ahead. we will be right back.
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good news is, greg, our panel is calf -- decaffeinated and ready to go. joining us is a political analyst and campaign consultant and political correspondent for talk radio news service and a former aid to the strategist and fox news contributor. gentlemen, what a day. i want to ask you about
12:54 am
particular groups. what they will take away from super tuesday and in the race that may be coming to a state where they live. seniors. >> romney did great with them in florida. he is reassuring. when you think about voters who care about the economy or care about meeting president obama, mitt romney is clearly dominating. the problem for santorum is going to be the groups he is doing the best with. they are really isolated to the republican primaries. social conservatives. it is great for him because he is getting enough numbers to make an impact and to continue down the road. but that is not really a translatable asset to the general election. mitt romney has a better story on the deem grsk -- demographic front. >> it will be hard for any republican to capture the independents. the more it goes along the further to the right it becomes. you have a guy like that
12:55 am
talking about gasoline prices and wants to go to war with iran. the problem you have is mitt romney will have to start talking about going to war with iran. the statements he made this weekend about the president being effectless on foreign policy, and theny quotes the president's foreign policy. it makes no sense to me. independents are smart enough to see that, and they will not support it. >> they will vote on the economy. you know that well enough. mitt romney has not taken the bait. if he were, he would have rejected totally what he did with health care in massachusetts and quite to the contrary he has not given in to the analysts who have said you have to reputiate it. he has almost double downed on it. >> he loves the ryan plan. seniors don't care for that. >> one thing that affects seniors for sure is medicare. also the health care and the supreme court will be making a decision on obama care and the reformed health care plan. how, tony, do you think they
12:56 am
will change the narrative, the candidates, if we don't have a nominee when that decision comes down. >> we likely will. that decision will come in june. if we don't have a nominee by june 5th, we have a serious problem. the reality will be health care is an issue unto itself. it is not about mitt romney's record. it is what the american people think of what the president did with it this past term. every poll that comes out shows the american people still reputiate obama care. >> as unpopular as it is, wouldn't it politically be better for republicans if the spring court upheld them? they would come out and vote by the promise as they got rid of it. >> it is something if this is a settled issue it is hard to come out. it is the same thing about the abortion issue. if the supreme court outlawed abortion how would republicans rally people who are pro life in this country? they want that see the supreme court uphold this and then say romney how his own plan is not
12:57 am
constitutional. >> we will leave it at that. >> more to come. keep it right here. mitt romney is coming out on top on this super tuesday. we are still waiting for results on alaska. it is all here on fox. stay where you are. ul sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness.
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