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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> he' here's my miles morris. >> there he is. there's miles. have a great day, everybody. see you next weekend. >> eric: there's new personal details this morning on the u.s. soldier suspected of killing 16 afghan civilians. some friends describing army sergeant robert bales as having a sunny disposition. this while a family blog reveals he had a complicated home life. good morning, everyone. i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's news headquarters on this sunday morning. >> i'm patty patti ann browne ir janijamie colby. he's in a military jail at fort leavenworth, kansas. records are painting a different
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record. peter doocy joins us live from washington. hi, peter. >> reporter: we still don't know the specific motivation behind the alleged attack but we're piecing together bits and pieces of his life thanks to a blog kept by his wife caroline who was pregnant in 2006 when she wrote i only want the days to go by fast when it comes to bob coming home. when their daughter was born, sergeant robert bales was overseas. his wife wrote again in december of '06 about a phone call. it was bob calling from the airport in kuwait. it was so good to hear his voice. i told him how the birth went, and he got to hear quincy squeaking in the background. carolyn clairl thought if the family was pro active, they'd get their next stop. she listed as germany and italy as their top choices because they had the best adventure opportunities. we also know that her husband, the suspect here, joined the
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military after 9 l/11 because ty thought being a stock broker at that point was insignificant. >> he had such a big heart, too. he was in the financial world. he couldn't take that, like losing people's money when the market went down, so he felt that he needed something bigger in his heart and his mind and his soul. that's why he went in the military in general, you know, to help people. >> reporter: and carolyn bales also blogd about her family's disappointment that her husband was not promoted to e-7 sergeant last year because of all the sacrifices she says that he has made for the love of his country. >> peter doocy live in washington. thank you. is afghan president had a hd cakarzai fed up with the u.s.? he accused u.s. officials of being uncooperative and has called us demons, guilty of satanic acts and says he's at
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the end of his rope. this despite the great sacrifice of lives and dedication that our country has given to his nation. embass door john bolton joins us. he's a fox news contributor who is with us every sunday at this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric. glad to be here. >> is it time to leave afghanistan? >> no. despite the tragedy that we've just seen unfolding, despite the earlier incident a few weeks ago with the burning of the koran, these are obvious problem spots in the relationship. president karzai is not doing himself or us any favors, but the basic american national interest remains, keeping taliban and al-qaeda from taking control there and using afghanistan as a base for terrorism and also keeping pakistan out of the control of radical hands and keeping that arsenal of nuclear weapons out of their hands. so as bad as the atmosphere is, it does not change the
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underlying american interest. >> how do we do that and at the same time cooperate and deal with karzai who wants our troops out of the villages, whose strategy apparently seems to be in direct opposition to the united states? >> well, this is a time to grit our teeth and put up with frankly lot of nonsense from president karzai. as you said at the beginning, he said he was at the end of his rope. i'll tell you this. if we leave as he's requesting and our president has said we're going to, and if taliban then take control again, karzai will be at the end of his rope and not me metaphorically, either. he's playing a dangerous game. people have to plan constructively how to proceed. the real problem, the underlying problem is not ha hamid karzai's inaccuracies. it's president obama's desire to
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get troops out of there by 2014. >> eric: the americans are saying this guy is criticizing us after we've given so much to his nation. why are we trying to save him? >> i never expect gratitude from any foreign country. we don't get gratitude for liberatinliberating europe in wr ii any more. we're not there to make afghanistan a better country. we're not there to help them. i'm glad if we do as an incident to our presence, but our presence is because of our national interest, stopping taliban and al-qaeda and make sure pakistan's nuclear weapons don't go astray. whether we get gratitude from the afghans or their leadership or not, we've got to focus on our interest. that's very difficult. it's very frustrating for the american people, and frankly, in the last three years, president obama has not done his job of explaining our national interest, but we've got to focus
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on those. we've got to keep our eyes on the prize and that's where our focus should be. >> eric: you talked about the president's plan for the withdrawal of the military troops by 2014. what do you think will happen? do you think that could be accelerated? >> i'm deeply concerned if we withdraw in 2014 or certainly as we begin to wind down combat operations next year, if the president is reelected and that plan is followed, we risk losing everything that we've paid for in american lives since we overthrew taliban in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. i could easily see the country coming back under their control, al-qaeda reemerging and once again using the country to plan international terrorist attacks. it's just a huge american national tragedy that i see in prospect, unfortunately. >moit >> eric: more than 4,000 lives have been sacrificed. finally, mr. ambassador, karzai is coming to this country in may
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for a nato meeting in chicago. how does chicago welcome him. what do we do when he comes here? what do you think he should say when he's here on our soil, the country that he's criticizing so much? >> well, he should say thank you and thank you very, very much for the support we've given him and the afghan people over the years. whether he'll do that or not, i don't know. but again, this is something that is very difficult given his behavior, but i think americans need to keep focused on what their long term interest is, and that is preventing another 9/11 on american soil. >> eric: u.s. ambassador john bolton, always good to see you. thanks so much for joining us and for your insight this morning. >> thank you. >> a fox news alert. violence in syria as opposition forgeses mark a year since the start of a national uprising. a car bomb exploding in a residential part of syria's second largest city.
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no word yet on any deaths or injuries. meanwhile, protesters are gathering in damascus today following car bombings yesterday. the attacks targeted government buildings. at least 27 people were killed. the u.n. estimates more than 8,000 people have been killed there over the past 12 months. >> eric: u.s. ambassador john bolton was talking about al-qaeda. they may have struck again in yemen, killing an american when two american on motorcycles gunned down a teacher working at a language school. >> up next, in the battle for the g.o.p. nomination, the state of illinois.
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mitt romney cutting short a campaign stop in puerto rico to spend more time in the prairie state. romney feeling the pressure after losing mississippi and alabama to rival rick santorum. the latest real clear politics average shows romney leading in illinois with 37.7%. that's more than a six-point lead over santorum. here now to discuss what is at stake in illinois is washington times columnist charlie hoessele hurd. thanks for joining us. >> he cut it short, heading to illinois. is this a sign he's concerned. >> yeah, he's been concerned for weeks now. i think that's also a sign of a very organized campaign. he's run a very organized campaign. he's obviously had problems sort of putting it away the way i think he would like to, but he doesn't -- he's not taking anything for granted, and you know, this thing has gone on so much longer than i think he
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wanted or many republicans, you know, establishment republicans wanted. so yeah, it's probably very important. it looks like he's doing very well in puerto rico right now, and while he's still ahead in illinois, those numbers look like they're sort of closing a little bit, so he needs to shore that up. >> how important is illinois? >> you know, i think it's important, but there have been so many states where the babbling press in washington said he's got to win this one and he goes and wins it. rick santorum, his only really strategy for going forward is to deny mitt romney the required delegates needed to clinch the nomination neatly before the convention. i don't really know what his argument is once he gets to tampa. is he going to say look, i have fewer lel gates, therefore, i should be your nominee? santorum has failed to clinch a
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lot of states where he should have won, places like ohio or south carolina which, you know, his sort of politics would appeal to very much. he hasn't won in those places, and mitt romney may not have done exceptionally well in those places, but it just sort of, you know, yes, mitt romney is having a hard time closing up the nomination, but neither newt gingrich nor rick santorum really -- i don't know what their argument is for why they should be the nominee and not romney. >> if it made it to that convention, yeah. nonetheless, santorum is managing to drag this out. is there the chance that it is going to come to that? >> i think obviously anything is possible, but i also am wary of the fact that so many people here in washington that follow politics, there's nothing they love more than a brokered convention because it gives a great story to cover. i think there's a lot of pipe dreaming about that. even if it came to that, i think
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that mitt romney would still be in a very strong position because he probably will have the most delegates at that point. he's very organized, and he's very good in those sort of closed convention-type settings at sort of winning over the audience and sort of making a real strong pitch for why he should be the nominee, and i just -- and if nothing else, mitt romney has proven that he's the best candidate at organizing and the best candidate at raising money. rick santorum can make or say well, i'd rather have people over money. well, that's great and everything, but you still in modern politics have to have money. you don't have a campaign without money. >> so the bigger question for the republicans going forward is what impact does this protracted battle have in the general election against president obama? >> that's a great question. it's a little too soon right now to say for sure, but i think
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republicans who insist that this is somehow damaging them, you know, beyond repair for after the convention, i don't think that that's exactly fair to say at this point. if you look at four years ago or three and a half years ago with the democratic nomination, it went on much longer than this. it was much bloodier than this, and of course, it invigorated people. there was an unpress depthed amount of money pouring into democratidemocraticdemocratic c. they had a flawe flawed opponenn the general election. it was a bloody mess and actually ended up helping democrats very much. >> charlie hurt of the washington times, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, patty ann. >> eric: so they were having a party last night on saturday
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night and something happened that was very dangerous. the floor in a three-story building gave way in queens, new york. the top floor collapsed into the second floor last night while a bunch of young people were up there partying. a dozen of the young people were injured, two brought to the hospital. one person was trapped in the debris and had to be extracted at one point. they're now investigating the cause of that sudden collapse. an annual derby car race sends several competitors to the hospital. the race was held at a maryland ski resort. it was running smoothly until a cardboard pirate ship careened off course. several passengers were ejected and two victims were airlifted to hospitals. five others were taken by ambulance. >> eric: it's a beautiful sunday in some parts of our country, but there's severe weather that's expect questioned to sweep through the southern plains today. forecasters say the region could
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see high winds, thunderstorms, and maybe even some tornadoes. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox weather center with the very latest. tornadoes perhaps this sunday, rick? >> yeah. i think for the next three days we'll see a chance of it, but it's because of this really potent winter storm across much of the west. california still seeing it, southern california, rain and snow, heaviest of the snow right now across the mountains of arizona. interstate 40 in both directions is closed, and take a look at what this picture looks like from prescott, arizona. this picture sent in to me on my twitter page. lots of stuff coming in on facebook and twitter. that right there is a foot of snow in prescott that's fallen overnight. these are the mountains of arizona. people are not thinkin thinkingt that's where you would get snow. minneapolis, 78, phoenix, 58. when you get the system out of balance, there will be severe weather. that's what's going to happen this afternoon. anywhere from parts of nebraska down throughout texas and towards the big bend. the threat for severe weather
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probably a tornado threat around the panhandle of texas, western oklahoma, and that south central area of kansas. tomorrow this very slowly inches to the east. it's a really slow-moving storm. because of that, it means a lot of rain will fall and we'll talk about the threat not only for severe weather but the threat for flooding. take a look at what some of these rainfall totals look like over the next three to four days. a big area seeing this 4 to 8 inches of rain and a few spots will be 8 plus, maybe up to 10 inches of rain. you get that and all kinds of flooding and so we already have flood advisories posted. it will be a big story this week, not only the tornado threat, eric, but the snow, the flooding, the heat we've had, a very crazy spring week going on for people. >> thanks, rick. coming up, a soldier. he's a father, but he's never seen his son. he's now returning from afghanistan. we'll have their touching introduction ... next. >> eric: have you heard about the new study about something
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>> patti ann: more than 200 soldiers are back home with their families this weekend in oklahoma. and for one soldier, it was more than a reunion, it was a chance to meet his newborn son for the first time. staff sergeant kevin hughes returning home after nine months in afghanistan, and moments later, he met his four-week-old son. >> i've been waiting for this moment for a long time. i finally got to see this little guy. >> no one, no one hates war more than the soldiers or their families because we understand the cost. >> patti ann: well, the baby boy is named after his dad, by the way. congratulations. >> eric: that's absolutely wonderful. mitt romney criticizing president obama this morning on the administration's handling of the war in afghanistan.
7:22 am
mr. romney sat down for a 1-on-1 with "fox news sunday" a week after a soldier allegedly went on a rampage and killed 16 afghan locals. mr. romney this morning explaining how he would handle the situation. >> the timing of withdrawal is going to be dependent upon what you hear from the conditions on the ground. that you understand by speaking with commanders there as well as, of course, the people in afghanistan and their ability to maintain their sovereignty and to have the capacity and a military that can stand up to the challenges they face. the time table, the guidelines that continue to be in effect unless, of course, there are changes in conditions that suggest a faster withdrawal. >> eric: mitt romney spoke with bret baier who is in for chris wallace this morning. good morning, bret. welcome to the sunday shift. you talked to mitt romney this morning, quite in contrast to the obama strategy to get everybody out by 2014.
7:23 am
>> he actually supported president obama in a time table but said like the bush administration has said and the obama administration has said, military commanders on the ground will talk about conditions. the thing that's interesting, and excuse my voice, my allergies are kicking in, but the thing that's interesting is that the republican party has largely seen a large part of the party and lawmakers up on capitol hill, other candidates speaking out about accelerating the withdrawal. romney is not saying that, but he is saying that the president has not been engaged enough in afghanistan dealing with commanders and dealing with had hamid karzai on the ground. >> we talk about his comments and he's coming to the u.s. in may. do you see this gaining as a campaign issue as we go into the summer and the fall? >> i think so. i think both parties are going to have to deal with a growing number of voters who want the u.s. out of afghanistan quicker,
7:24 am
and so far president obama has said that he's going to stick with the time table as is, but the thought on capitol hill is that it may accelerate. the question is, the voices who say we need to be on the ground and transition to the afghan national security forces in a decent way, in a way that the afghans can actually stand up, whether those voices are loud enough to push back on what is an american public opinion poll shift. >> eric: bret, we'll let you go. the cherry blossoms are getting you this morning. >> they are in the voice. >> eric: take care. get some honey and tea. you can watch bret baier on fox news this morning. he has mitt romney on, and guess who else? george clooney. not talking about his latest movie but his arrest protesting outside the sudan embassy in washington. an the co-founder of
7:25 am
the enough project both talking about charities and efforts in sudan. "fox news sunday" will be here on the fox newschannel at 2 and 6 p.m. later today. patti ann ann? >> patti ann: put down that steak knife and back away from the bacon. a new study that suggests what's for dinner could be the death of you. we'll tell you about that. yogurt is often touted as great source of probuy on thetics. sounds great, but what are they an how do they benefit your health? that's straight ahead. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at
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>> eric: and as always, it's time for sunday house call. joining us this morning is dr. david samati, he's the chief of robotics at the mount sinai medical center in new york. >> dr. mark segal, also the author of the inner pulse,
7:30 am
unlocking the code of sickness and health. >> doctors, good morning. good to see you as always. we'll start off this morning with an astounding new study, a warning on red meat that came this week. it's a shocker. the study shows that meat could be more hazardous to our health than many of the studies previously showed us what does the study show and how much meat can we eat and not worry about it? >> eric, previous studies have all shown a very strong association between the consumption of red meat and diabetes and heart disease, stroke and cancer. this particular study actually goes one step further and looks into the longevity and the fact that consumption of red meat can increase death. this is a recent publication in the archives of internal medicine that looked at over 100,000 health care professionals and nurses, great follow up of 28 years. they found that adding one serving, three to four ounces of meat which is the size of your
7:31 am
palm or the size of a deck of cards actually increases the risk of death by 12%. it will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 16% and the risk of cancer by 10%. significant finding, and the news was actually even worse for processed meat because that risk went up to 20%. you really want to be careful about this. now, it's obviously an observational study but it's a good one because the follow up is great. you have to be careful. the biggest news that came out of this as far as physicians and for the patient is really replacing it with other types of foods. if you replace red meat with fish, you can reduce that risk by 7%. using, for example, nuts can bring it down by 19% which is huge. poultriry woulpoultry would be t dairy food, on and on, whole grain. replacing red meat with other sources of proteins is extremely important. the big take home message to the parenpatient is if you take oner
7:32 am
two servings less a week, it won't kill you. make sure you eat fruits and vegetables. when you go to the supermarket and grocery store, stay away from the middle aisles. all the good stuff is in the periphery. always add exercise. you should be fine. >> eric: you're talking about three to four ounces once a week, twice a week? >> the study looks at three ounces every single day. you replace it with poultry or fish or nuts, plants are great for you. if you replace the red meat with something else, it decreases your death rate significantly. the other thing is cutting the portion size. they found in the study that if you use half the portion size, instead of three ounces, use half of that. it cut the risk down by 9%. in other words, having red meat once a week, having it once every other week, having a meat monday, you know, maybe having processed meat, a hot dog once a week. the point is every single day
7:33 am
over many years is a very bad habit and it leads to bad health outcomes including increased risks of many different kinds of cancer. >> when you look at your plate, make sure half of the plate, this is what i tell my patients. make sure half of the plate is fruits and vegetable, quarter is meat and fish, and the other quarter is completely empty. >> eric: you go to the steak house and you want the 16 ounce. >> listen, you can have your barbecue and your steak, not just every day. >> not too much. >> eric: good advice. >> patti ann: we're hearing a lot about probiotics but what exactly are they? how beneficial are probiotics to our help? the doctor will talk about that. >> you already hit the headline. we have good and bad bacteria, and they balance each other out. it's an eco system. they fight each other all the time. when the bad bacteria predominate, we get disease.
7:34 am
probiotics means for life. it goes back to the ancient greeks where they used sour milk. the persian version of the old testament said abraham was drinking sour milk to keep himself alive. that's probiotics. we're starting to find out that more and more we can give probiotics to help our gi tract, especially after we've wiped out the good bacteria with antibiotics. after you have had antibiotics, friends, after you've been treated with them, it's a good idea to replace with probiotics. we need more studies. it's looking like it may have a use for dental procedures. it may actually wipe out the bad bacteria in your mouth. we talked about that in a previous week. it also, believe it or not, a study in 2009 in pediatrics shows it may help your immune system in fighting off colds. it's a very good thing. >> patti ann: you can get it in
7:35 am
different sources but you can also get it in foods. is there a difference? >> we don't know yet. it's in sou sauerkraut, soy sau. we look for it in yogurt. david probably has additional places. >> we learned about studies and the history of persian juice. going back to this, it's basically lac lactobacillus. we need them. when the balance is off, you have an immune system in flux. you have a risk of infection. you may have some inflammation. that's one of the reasons behind ulcerative colitis and crohn's. you can take it in pills, and many foods such as cauliflower and soy and beans. you should not take it on a regular basis unless you're
7:36 am
getting very recurrent infection and inflammation. >> patti ann: that's the next question, doctor. is there a risk to taking too much? >> we don't know that yet. i've been looking through the research. it seems like the biggest problem is diarrhea. we've talked about diarrhea, one of our favorite topics on the show. if you're not tolerating your probiotics, stop it. beyond that, no evidence of any major health risk with probiotics. there's 400 different kinds. they need study. >> a big problem we're having now is the fact in most hospitals, there's a huge misuse of antibiotics which is going to wipe out some of these, not just bad bacteria but good bacteria. as a result, some of the opportunistic pai parasites sucs fungus to become prominent. in those cases, cutting down on antibiotic and probiotics would be helpful. >> eric: good point, especially
7:37 am
with the greek yogurt popularity now. coming up, we'll have information on a painful condition that affects millions of us. if you're always on computer or if you're texting or using your smart phone, there could be a risk. there's new and important information on this when the doctors come back in just a moment. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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7:42 am
is. it's important to know. the nerve we're talking about which is the median nerve travels through this area around the wrist. there's a tunnel called the carpal tunnel surrounded by the joints in the wrist and also a ligament over that. it's responsible for the sensory part of the hand except the pinky finger. that's important to know because anything that would increase the pressure here or pushes against that nerve is going to cause tingling feelings an sensation around this area. that's called carpal tunnel syndrome. now, what are some of the causes? it could be basically anatomical. we see it more in women because the area is a little tight. anything that would make you do a lot of repeated injuries, texting all the time, being on the computer all the time, if you're a musician or a chef and you do any kind of repeated movements, it could cause inflammation in the area. we also see sometimes some cysts or tumors that can cause it. make sure you see an orthopedic surgeon. in general, things such as
7:43 am
diabetes that can cause nerve injury, the inflammatory process such as rheumatoid arthritis where the bones push against the nerve, or you know, just other factors can cause this kind of pressure. a lot of times we are just taking anti-inflammatory medications or staying away, take a break from doing all that texting. that can take care of it and ultimately, of course, there's surgery as a last resort to open the ligament. in the hands of experienced surgeons, it's a very effective operation. >> eric: before you get to surgery, do you take advil, anti-inflammatories, or use something like a bar to raise your wrist level on the computer. >> david is absolutely right. you do consider anti-inflammatories. what you're worried about here is the nerve itself because the carpal tunnel, as he says, goes around here. these three fingers are most affected. you see tingling and you see numbness, and you start to get weakness. that shows that the nerve is already being damaged.
7:44 am
actually as david says, you can release the carpal tunnel. before you get to that, we tend to do something called splinting, eric, because at night you sleep in a flexed position, so when you're sleeping at night, your hands are like this. you're putting a lot of pressure on the carpal tum. the stlint splints work well. the doctors do a test in their office called the tinnell's test. you tap over here and you can reproduce the sensitivity in these fingers, and you may very well have carpal tunnel. if you wake up in the morning and you're having symptoms, see your physician about it. i have no problem with surgery for this rather than seeing nerve damage, but there's many things you can do first. >> surgery is the last resort, obviously. >> exactly. >> splinting is very effective as mark mentioned in pregnant women because there's a lot of swelling in the area. you can try all of that. there's also steroid injections. you do all of that before you do surgery. >> eric: talk to your doctor if
7:45 am
you think you have it. good answers. patti ann? >> patti ann: what about heart burn? if yours has turned into an inferno, you might be the victim of acid reflux disease. the doctor has some advice on what foods to add to your diet. >> patti ann, all i do all day long is tell people what not to eat, so i love this topic. i say stay away from chocolate, alcohol, nuts, caffeine. what do you eat? you look for foods that aren't acidic. that's what you do. bananas, oatmeal, apples. i say to people stay away from nuts. i found out this week you can eat almonds. they're the one nut that you can actually eat that decreases your risk of reflux, and also cooked vegetables are good, cooked green beans, string beans, broccoli, cal because the theors instead of eating acidic food,
7:46 am
you're eating non-acidic foods. the goal is to treat it with food to stay away from medication. drink lots of water. >> one of the things with water is that if you're drinking more water, maybe you're drinking less of the bad drinks like the sodas and the coffee that just aaggravate it. >> we love coffee on the show. we talk about the great benefits of coffee many times, but when it comes to reflux, it can be a problem. >> patti ann: chicken with the skin is the worse for you. brown rice fills you up and it's neutral. >> the biggest ticket in this whole thing is the fatty food. it relaxes the actual sphincter and the acid can go up. chocolate has all of that. it has caffeine, cocoa, fat, so you want to stay away from it. one of the reasons why i became a surgeon is to tell the patient
7:47 am
they can eat whatever they want and take care of the cancer and everyone is happy. remember ginger and parsley. that's what you need to take care of this, but really, this is about lifestyle changes because a lot of people can take all the h2 blockers and all the over the counters. you need to change your lifestyle. you've got to make sure that you eat less, you eat early, you eat frequently, and chew your food. that's how the acid would work. stay away from eatin eating tooe at night. you eat late, lie down flat, the acid goes up. if you have to do it, take chewing gum. that takes care of some of the acid. ultimately there are some people that have defective valves and they don't know. there are effective surgeries called fundoplication that can take care of it. we see hig high atall hiatal he.
7:48 am
don't take care of it on your own. >> losing weight, patti ann. >> patti ann: excuse me? >> not you. >> eric: coming up, the doctor's will answer e-mail, this week's questions on supplements that boost memory and focus. do they really work? we'll have the answers from the doctors straight ahead. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers f sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva.
7:49 am
discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can revee copd. spirivhelps me brthe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. is this where we're at now? we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber one. immerse yourself in all over relief with alka seltzer plus. it's specially formulated to speed relief to every inch of you. liquidate your flu symptoms with alka seltzer plus.
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7:52 am
>> eric: we're back now with the doctors. new studies show people's ability to remember and understand information begins to break down at age 45. we have this e-mail from steve todd in california. he writes do supplements that improve cognitive functions work? is there any risk in taking them? dr. samadi, what about this claim? >> eric. gingko biloba has been used for the last 500 years. it's the leaf of a tree that exists for many, many years. there has been a lot written about this. it's been correlated to the treatment of alzheimer's, asthma, bronchitis. there's been extensive research in cognitive skills and memory
7:53 am
and also in younger men and women in processing the information much faster, so a lot of people are taking these herbs either on their own or recommendation of doctors. i looked at the data across the board, and unfortunately, i could not come up with a very strong scientific data that would back this up, so my recommendation to the patient is right now i don't see a strong reason to really go ahead and take these. we need further studies. at the same time, having said that, a lot of people are taking these herbs because they think it's not a prescribed medication so i'm going to take it. since there are no side effects, so what? that's the wrong approach because they have side effects. there is interaction with other blood thinning medication such as coumadin, a aspirin, or play. i would urge you if you're planning to take any herbs, this one or others, speak to your doctor and make sure it's the right thing. >> you wouldn't think of side effects because it's not a
7:54 am
prescription. >> you could have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. i agree with david totally. anything is a medication that has active chemicals in it. there also was a study in the journal of the american medical association which looked at thousands of patients between 70 and 96 years old and found no advantage with gingko biloba and cognitive memory. i say just like david said there's no advantage, don't use these. >> eric: good advice. thank you. >> patti ann: sitting at a computer doesn't seem taxing in some ways, but it can cause problems, not just carpal tunnel, it can also wear you out. how can you add some pep to your next work day? we'll talk about that coming up. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
7:55 am
it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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7:58 am
ready? come see us. now that's control. (bike bell) >> well, sitting at your desk all day may not seem physically taxing, but believe it or not, it can be exhausting. but there are things you can do. >> you just did one of them, you started squirming in your chair, take a deep breath, get out and walk around. people read the research and they say, exercise three or four times a week, you're fine -- no! it's what you do at your desk. your muscles get tense.
7:59 am
your back starts to get tense. have you to give your metabolism a chance to start. you take mini breaks. and watch what you eat in the morning. you want the kind of energy that will last all day. you do that with proteins or long-acting carbohydrates. walk to work, walk to your friends here -- >> yeah, i think, you know, like mark said, sitting more than 6 hours a day, many studies have shown tcan affect heart disease. moving around, even if it's a short period is good for you. taking breaks. many companies now are creating certain areas where you can actually take a break and interact with other people and relax, take a deep breath of all of that has shown to increase productivity. and the only thing, the first prime minister of israel used to stand on his head and his claim was that it would increase the blood flow to his head and be less stress.
8:00 am
we can't do that in our office, but that's another tip. >> interesting. >> the boss comes in and said, why are you standing on your headism it's a prescription. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you as always. if you want more information on great advice we have here every sunday morning, go to and check it out. >> a fox news alert, new video of a murder scene in yemen, an american teacher gunned down in yemen's second largest city. two gunmen on a motorcycle targeting the man in his car. the teacher was working in a language school, an al qaeda-linked group is claiming responsibility. yemen has been rocked by a year-long uprising, ousting their former president.
8:01 am
>> the republican candidates are digging in, ahead of tuesday's crucial next primary. 69 delegates are at stake in illinois njust 48 hours. mitt romney, cutting short his campaign trip in puerto rico. that holds their primary today. mr. romney is focusing instead on what has become for him a much tougher contest in the midwest and illinois. i'm eric shaw, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> the state of illinois is critical for romney. recent polls show his lead in the land of lincoln is dwindling with rick santorum closing in. doug is here with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are approaching a huge week in the republican race with the puerto rico race happening today. illinois on tuesday. puerto rico unique in that its residents cannot vote in a general election, but they will award 20 delegates in the primary today. given up proportionally, unless one of the cappedidates win more
8:02 am
than 50% of the vote. then, it turns to illinois, where romney has a lead over santorum, the polls have romney up by 6.4 points with 37.7% to santant's 33 opinion 3%, gingrich lagging far beyond. asked this morning about the mathematical possibilities of either candidate achieving the 1144 delegates to claim the nomination, romney had this to say. >> i think the people of our party want to make sure we have a nominee that can beat barack obama. i know a lot of people will talk any delegates and strategies and math and that's all very interesting to the insideirs, but i think the american people want to see someone with the leadership skill and experience to defeat the president. >> some analysts have suggested it's all but impossible for santorum to cross that 1144 mark, given that all of his victories have been in extremely
8:03 am
conservative, primarily southern states. he responded this way on cnn. >> the hypothetical also presumes that governor romney can't get there. if -- through running this entire process. if he can't get there with the huge advantages he has, i think it tells you something about his support within the republican base. >> if neither candidate is able to reach that 1144 delegate count before the last primary in utah on june 26, we would be looking at the first convention floor fight for a nominee since 1976, between ronald reagan and president gerald r. ford, 1976. it's been a long time, guys. >> all right. thanks. >> some conservatives have been stepping up the pressure to try to force newt gingrich to quit the race. but he says, he will have none of that. he vows to stay in the hunt until the party's nominee convention in tampa in august. should he drop out or stick with
8:04 am
it? joining us is the former president of the women's media center and a fox news political analyst. welcome. jimu, you are the democrat. you think that newt should stick with it or bow out? >> well, eric, i agree with governor huckabee, it is not fair that so many people are calling for him to drop out, especially when those folks have never supported him to begin with. it would be one thing if the newt supporters were asking him to drop out, but people who have never been his fans should have no say. i think at the end of the day, we know that speaker gingrich is meaner than a skillet full of rattlesnakes and he's going to stay in this because of how much romney and the super pacs came after him in iowa and florida. i think he. s payback and he wants that contested convention to harm governor romney.
8:05 am
>> meaner than a skittle full of rattlesnakes is what you said? >> i think that's what she said. >> angela, do you agree? look, why should he drop out? he's won two states. he has two delegates and he is a unique, urknique original, in terms of politics. he likeeps himself to churchill. he department quit. >> no, churchill didn't. our forefathers meant that anyone should run. but it is different, politically, strategeically, newt gingrich should bout bow out gracefully. as for rick santorum, can he get the conservative vote? yes. but can he defeat barack obama? no. mitt romney's the only condidate that can pull those independents forward to defeat president obama. >> with that type of strategy or thinking, people would say, everyone should drop out of any race -- if they are not winning the racism the thing is this:
8:06 am
politically, newt gingrich said he was going to do his southern strategy, that he was going to take georgia, alabama and mississippi. he only took georgia. so let rick santorum have his day, let him pull the conservatives, but at end of the day, between mitt romney and barack obama, mitt romney will get the conservative votes. when the dust clear, they will support him. >> jehmu, what about the contention that they are splitting the social conservatives and that helps romney. >> well, i think that what they should be concerned about, instead of thinking so hard about gingrich dropping out is just the fact that governor romney hasn't been able to close the deal. he has not been able to gather the forces of support that are necessary and gallup came up with a poll a few days ago that shows, if romney is the nominee, 19% of republicans are either going to stay home or vote for
8:07 am
president obama. that's what he should be focused on. i mean -- what is gingrich bringing to this conversation? he is talking about taking gas prices to $2.50. i have talked to so many energy executive it's. >> wait a minute, wait a minute -- >> did you hear what you said? >> 19% of republicans will switch over to president ork 'bama. do you buy that, angela -- >> or stay home. >> i don't buy that at all. i don't think they will stay home. yes, mitt romney does have some champions and getting the conservative vote. but he is having surrogates and top aides meet with the tea party organizers and evangelicals. dave buchanan is reaching with the churchgoers. he is doing a grassroots strategy and i believe he will be victorious. >> is that an endorsement. >> jehmu, we both know, we can't
8:08 am
endorse candidates. but i am for anybody who can defeat barack obama because it's time to take our country back to prosperity and he ain't doing it! >> 48 hours to go before il illinois -- illinois. >> i think that santorum is going to continue to be a thorn in the side of governor romney and it is going to continue to be clear that governor romney just daint have what it takes to get the enthusiasm on his side. santorum with a small win. >> mitt romney is going to take illinois. and he's going to move to the victory and we will not have a brokered convention. democrats would like that, but it's not going on happen. >> the republicans -- [laughter] >> the republicans set up this process to get to a brokered convention. michael steele said that himself. we are going to sit back and watch the drama. >> you make it a fight to sunday
8:09 am
morning. thank you both. >> there are new fears that the rising price of gas could pose a serious threat to the recovery of the u.s. economy. the average national gas price is energy $4 a gallon and some economists say it could hit $5 and cause an immediate downturn. brenda buttner is here. >> hi. >> it impacts what you pay to transport the goods and that raises the price of the goods. so how severe is the impact? >> we have been luck thetime, as opposed to between the 08, there are a couple of thairngs different. number 1, some energy sources have been going down. we have seen natural gas falling. so consumers haven't been hit as hard by the rising price of gas. and they have been saving more as unemployment has been going down a bit. but we are right at a tipping point. >> you hit a key point.
8:10 am
that's hiring from small businesses. some surveys are showing that small businesses are getting hit and they are about to start rising prices prices and they're about -- the rising price of oil and of gas is about to hit their hiring. they are about to start pulling back on hiring because they can't afford the petroleum-based products and the transportation to get their products from one place to the other. the other key part of this is want just the price of oil, but the fact that even though oil may be plentiful around the world, is that refiners are closing down in the northeast. they can't get the good kind of crude oil that it takes because there are no pipelines bringing it from the midwest, basically, to the northeast. so they are shutting down. they can't make the money. so they can't produce the gas that they need to get gas lower. we are seeing a number of developments that could really bring gas higher and hit that $5
8:11 am
a gallon price point. >> yeah. what happens then you? mentioned a tipping point of $5? that $5 a gallon? >> yes. it's important to realize -- you think about it, an extra dollar a gallon, if you spend a dollar more on gas, you are not spending a dollar more on other services and it shouldn't make that much of a difference. but it does because half of that money is going to go to oil-producing nations, outside of the united states. so we are not going to be spending it here in the united states. and that's where we are going to start feeling it. so right now, we do see that about every 25 cents more in a gallon of gas -- knocks off 2/10% of economic growth. we can't afford that right now when we are at 3% economic growth. we are just getting traction on this economic recovery. we can't afford to see gas go a
8:12 am
lot higher. consumers can bear it right now, but not for much longer. >> all right. brenda buttner, thank you. >> okay, thank you. >> hop up on, back at t. there has been a new round of arrests in new york. protesters gathered last night in the park. they have pitched their at the present times 6 months ago. they are trying to re-energize the movement. but police were ready. we go live to the park this morning with more. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. yeah, so -- you can see behind me, the crews are power washing the park. it's all clear now after quite eye spectacle. police telling us, they made dozens of arrests. the protesters began gathering yesterday afternoon, making it known this was the six-month anniversary of the movement. they began marching on wall street and having sing-loopings
8:13 am
in the park. by 11:00, 300 people had gathered. at midnight, 100 cops went into the park, making arrests. earlier, 15 people were arrested and 3 police officers were injured. you will remember on september 17, protesters first brought in the tents and began camping out, drawing attention to the income gap between the 99% and the 1%, the poorest and the very rich. then, police came in and cleared the park, claiming the protesters were breaking the park rules and couldn't set up permanent structures. nypd last night, they saw 10s going up and asleep sleeping bags rolling out and that's why they moved in. now, the occupy wall street movement said it was mostly a jubilant mood yesterday
8:14 am
afternoon and evening and claims that the protesters were not setting up any permanent structures as the police do insist. according to the group, several protesters were brought to area hospitals and three remain in the hospital at this hour. they tell us the group does plan to march on wall street, every friday. and there is speculation that once it starts to get warmer, we will be seeing more from them. >> that could be them trying to get back to the park. thank you. >> millions of homeowners are finding themselves under water. ahead, new tips on mortgage releetch what to do if you owe more than your house is worth or you are struggling to stay afloat in the stake take-charge consumer segment, coming up. people with a machine.
8:15 am
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>> there are new signs that more americans fab may be facing a serious risk of foreclosure. new data reveals that more than 22% of all homeowners may owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth. our take-charge consumer segment is about how it protect yourself. let's bring from a real estate and business attorney. >> thanks for having me. >> for folks who are under water
8:19 am
or close, what action can they take? >> it depends on the outcome they want. if you have a fannie and freddie loan, there are alternatives to short-sell your home or do a deed in liu of foreclosure. some are doing cash for keys, paying people to leave their homes or do a short refinance. >> but that leads us to the next question. the obama administration has five different mortgage relief initiatives and none of them have lived up to the stated expectations. some have been more successful than others. the fha short re-phiprogram -- re-fi program has not helped as many people. >> there is a lot of -- a lot, a lot of reasons why they haven't worked. to be simple, we can put them in two buckets. one is the problem itself. the problem itself has been evolving as we go. this began as a subprime crisis.
8:20 am
when the fha or hope for homeowner programs, they would help the subprime borrowers. now we have a problem with negative equity and unemployment and the programs have been rolled out and we are behind the problem. we have never been in front of the problem. the other bucket is the players. we have government, banks, not-for-profits, all the groups who are trying as hard as they can, but they are not coordinated. they too are want in front of the problem and they all have their own agenda. in have incentives to perpetuate this problem because there are jobs depending on this problem. >> for homeowners, which program would you recommend? is there a lack of awareness of them? >> that's the biggest problem. as the programs roll out, homeowners are not getting the message. in fact, borrowers are giving the message of false expectations. and a lot of time, that has led to distrust, so they are not
8:21 am
responding to anyone. and there is a lack of incentive. when you can live for free for two or three years, why take $20,000 but the big, important thing is that you don't lose monoyour home, unless you sell it. we know that with stocks, we know if the stocks go down, we hold them until they buy. and your home is part consumable and part investment. when you buy a car, you know it has lost value, but you don't expect the person who sold you the car to make up for that. the homeowners need to look at the big picture and solutions that take advantage of the low rates and keep people in their homes. >> all right. thank you for joining us. >> sure. have a great day. >> you too. for more on how to take charge on a number of issues, go to and click on the america's news headquarters page and look for a link to many of this program's segments. >> there are new concern this is
8:22 am
sunday morning over a possible home-grown terror attack, after the u.s. sergeant, suspected of killing 16 afghans. coming up, we will discuss what is being done to prevent retribution. after embarrassing high-profile patt downs, tsa may be easing up on one group of passengers. that's next. what do you get when you combine the home depot
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>> check the headliance, gunfire erupted in downtown indianapolis last night, after a st. patrick's day celebration. at least five teenagers were wounded. two are in critical condition. three victims are getting released from the hospital. but police have made no arrests. there is good news for older passengers. the tsa is easing some security checks for those who are over the age of 75 years old.
8:27 am
tomorrow morning, four airports will allow seniors to keep on their shoes and light jackets and skip the pat-downs. the test runs being held in chicago, denver, orlando and portland. a homecoming celebration for hugo chavez, the venezuelan president holding a rally, after 3 weeks in cube awhere he had cancer surgery. >> the fbi and homeland security warning americans to be extra vigilant in the wake of the deadly shootings of 16 afghan civilians. chad is the founder and managing principle of a group. the fbi sent the warning on friday to be wary of possible home-grown violence here at home, due to the visit in tensions in afghanistan and the taliban has specifically warned of retribution for the killings
8:28 am
of the afghans by the u.s. sergeant. so what is the u.s. doing? >> fbi and dhs are leaning forward. they have issued a bulletin to heighten awareness and vigilance and calling on the public to participate in reporting any suspicious activity. if you do witness any activity that is suspicious, please report it to 911 or tips.fb. >> we have seen in a number of plots, citizen reports have been absolutely in disrupting home-grown terrorist plots. >> we talk about suspicious activity, what specifically should we be looking out for? >> in in case, one of the unfortunate things, when these events happen abroad in military action, they can spark retaliation against domestic military facilities. we have seen this in the past,
8:29 am
for example, with the ft. hood plot, the worst attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, where 13 were killed and 29 wounded, or in the case of the ft. dix plot, which was disrupted, or the arkansas recruiting station, where a private was killed and one was wounded or in june, with the seattle recruiting station plot, disrupted. these are examples of military facilities that are targeted. in particular, we need citizens and security officials to be vigilant around military bases, which are the most likely targets of retaliation, should someone be mobilized to attack. >> and there does seem to be mobilization, going on, right now. in addition to the killings, there is the fallout from the accidental burning of korans. how can the tensions be eased? how can we curb this anti-american sentiment? >> in the loping run, this is a battle for the hearts and minds of those out there that might be
8:30 am
susceptible to this perverted, violent, extremist philosophy. so you are exactly right, long term, we have to deal with the -- wing over the hearts and minds through community engagement. i was in the bush administration, we had a forum called the incident management team where we worked closely with the fbi and the local american-muslim community leaders. any time there was an insdep, we conseened a call and asked for the support from the leaders of the community to report any suspicious activity and we would inform them of what we knew and offer to investigate any kind of discriminatory action against them if there was blowback. so it's that trusted partnership between american-muslim community leaders and law enforcement that is critical. unfortunately, we are in a perfect storm, as you said, against us, whether it's the inadvertent video of the koran and the regrettable videos of
8:31 am
the american marines urinating on the afghan dead and the conspiracy that this is more than a single act. this is, unfortunately for the obama administration, an absolute perfect storm in the war of ideas to defeat this extremist philosophy. >> yeah. so what about in afghanistan itself, where there is growing anger about the u.s. presence there? how should the u.s. be reacting to that? >> well, i think, they're react be appropriately to denounce this. the secretary of defense and the secretary of state have all renounced it and they have said, they are not going to let this disrupt our long-term strategy. however, i think one of the impications we will see, just like in. >> shannon: iraq, where the status of u.s. forces posts our long-term withdrawal. we typically, whether it is postwar germany or japan, we require our military to have immunity in those locations. and so, fortunately, this
8:32 am
incident will -- there are calls for this soldier, sergeant robert bales to be prosecuted in afghanistan. we will not allow that to happen and that will be a source of tension. so the breakdown of talks in iraq that led to our inable to leave forces behind was as a result of immunity issueis and think you will see that here in this case as well. you can expect that this will be a very difficult issue in the days ahead. >> all right. chad sweet. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> did you know that rising gas prices may have u.s. drivers looking for deals and putting themselves in danger. some bargain hunters are heading south of the border to mexico, filling up in areas, plagued by drug cartel violence. is the cheaper gas really worth the risk? we go live to los angeles with
8:33 am
more. casey, they are really crossing the border to fill up? >> reporter: yeah. they are. triple-a estimates that the price of a regular unleaded gallon is $3.84, up 30 cents from a month ago. and the price for the same gasoline in mexico -- $2.91 a gallon. nearly $1 cheaper. experts say that's because the mexican government regulates the price of fuel to keep the economy going. people we know will do just about anything to save money, so the lower prices are luring american drivers in border states to head south and fill up their tanks, despite travel warnings from the u.s. state department relating to cartel violence in mexico. >> i do work with a lot of people who do go across the border for gas and other stuff. but they're risking their life. there is no way i dolled it.
8:34 am
>> in addition to the danger, the quality of the gasoline in mexico is not as good as what you get here in america. in fact, you could even void your car's warranty just for filling up there. american standards are certainly different from mexican standards when it comes to gasoline. and there is more regulations, more of a process that gasoline here takes in the united states. so i would caution folks from doing that because there may be an unknown quality of the gasoline that they are purchasing in mexico. >> there is no way to track how many netsch drivers are going to mexico to fill up. but the folks at tell us that number is in the thousands, eric. >> wow. doesn't seem to be worth it. all right, thanks. >> coming up, we will have an update from the fox news voter fraud unit. guess who is investigating america's voter i.d. laws?
8:35 am
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>> now to the fox news voter fraud unit. the united nations investigating our election system. the controversial human rights council is delving into the issue of voter i.d. naacp sent an investigation against the voter i.d. laws there, saying they disenfranchise minorities. and critics say, that's ridiculous, they reduce voter fraud. >> if you allow it to happen, it's trickery, it's a sleight of
8:40 am
hand, worst thing that happens here and we don't want it to happen to you. we utilize the u.n. as a tool to share that with the countries all over the world. >> this comes as eric holder and the justice department blocked a second state this past week, from enacting its voter i.d. law, texas. the justice department has sued south carolina first and that state's attorney general, allen wilson, joins us from columbia, south carolina. welcome to fox news. >> thank you for having me. >> what gu is your reaction that the united nations human rights council is investigating photo-i.d.? >> i don't have a reaction to it. first, it is not disputed by anybody that the u.n. has no legal authority to investigate or enforce anything under the laws of our constitution or our state. secondly, while they have no legal authority, they are no moral authority. when you look at the members of the counc they'll comprise, saudi arabia, kine china, cuba, they have a long history of
8:41 am
discriminating and violating human rights. i am not concerned about their opinion. i am concerned about enforcing the laws of our state that are otherwise constitutional. >> just for a moment, communist china, cube akuwait twasn't until 2005 that they allowed women to vote. you mentioned saud odd -- they don't let women vote now. they won't have the right to vote in saudi arabia until 2015. >> you make a very valid point. like i said, it's amazing that they are throwing us in front of this council to be judged by these people who have no moral authority to judge us on this issue. our laws do not affect or prevent people from voting, they require -- people have to be registered to vote. this requires that they have a photo-i.d. or a state-issued driver's license. so we are not stopping people from voting. if you don't have a photo-i.d.,
8:42 am
you can vote in south carolina, but you must sign an affidavit, creating a paper trail that you are who you say you are. >> that's the basis of the naacp and other oppons of the law. that's the basis of their argument, they claim that it suppresses minority votes and prevents people from voting. let's take a look at the naacp web site. they have a student. they say the student at texas christian university will not be able to vote under a new texas law that does not recognize his california driver's license as a valid form of identification. lthey are saying that this guy, that austin can vote in texas. what happens if he came to south carolina? >> well, under our state laws, there are several forms of i.d., obviously a state-issued south carolina driver's license or identification card, obviously a military i.d., a passport photo. a student i.d. would not suffice
8:43 am
f. that student wants to come to a university here in south carolina and register to vote and declare permanent residency, he can vote all day, every day hahe wants. we are trying to prevent transient students who are registered to vote in their home state, they come here for a year, two or four, to attend a university or school and then they return from whence they came. it's to prevent them from voting in two localities. >> texas officials say, all you have to do is get a photo-i.d., naacp and opponents say that's too much trouble. >> my view is that he will have to register to vote. i can't go to wisconsin or california or oregon and go and walk in and say, i want to vote. you have to be a registered voter. he is mad that they are requiring he use a state-issued i.d. no one's saying he can't get a state-issued i.d. if he wants to have the state
8:44 am
photo-i.d. in texas, we can do that. it is no more onorous for him to get -- oenerrous to get registered to vote than to get an i.d. in texas. you can get your voter registration card and driver's license in the same location. >> do you believe you will prevail to stop the obama administration from preventing this law. >> the united states court has upheld this law in indiana and the justice department under other administrations has upheld it for other states under the voting rights act. >> so i believe there is a precedent that this will be a losing battle for the federal government. >> it's controversial and they may go after other states, coming up next. what do you think will happen? >> i believe at then of the day, the law will prevail. this does not suppress minority vote. they make claims all the time that didt does. but they show no data. there is no proof that what they
8:45 am
say is true. they are just saying it. i believe the law will prevail in the end. >> alan wilson, the attorney general of south carolina. thank you for joining us on the fox newschannel. i hope that the u.n. doesn't knock on your door. >> i am want worried about the u.n. >> by the way, if you suspect voter fraud, go to voter we want to know about it. >> great job. >> u.s. troops have made great gains in the war in afghanistan. but several recent incidents could undermine their effort there is. a look at the challenges ahead, coming up. ♪ [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series.
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8:49 am
>> the spanish city of valencia marking the arrival of spring in spectacular fashion. the five-day festival of fire features vivid displays and stub stunning pyrotechnics and fun. amy kellogg is streaming live from valencia. >> reporter: hi. absolutely nada here in moderation, the spaniards know how to live for sure. valepsia is in the 3s of this
8:50 am
festival, which is a festival within a festival within a festival. the biggest papier-mache models, the loudest fireworks, the swishiest gowns. i don't know, just the most festive crowds i have seen in a long time. the highlight of the afternoon is something called the mascletta with the earthquakes. it is an amazing display of gunpowder. about 500 pounds are used up in the course of under 6 minutes. thousands of explosions go off. and according to one source, generation pyrotechnique tcreate it is great emotion here and a feeling that you can really understand, he says, if you would experience one of these before. >> it's a feeling. it's a lot of noise. but you have a sense, no?
8:51 am
it's much -- each time and more and more and more and then at the end, it's like everything. you have to say it for feeling. >> reporter: then, have been, there is food to fuel the fiesta. paella comes from valencia. so they have a competition each year. the real purists, use the wood of orange trees as fire for the paella. valencia is known for oranges. but this is a more utilitarian scene right now. two bits of packed paella. despite the fact that we think it's made with seafood, the real paella is made with chicken and rabbit. it's the men who typically cook paella as a sunday lunch. we are here at festival. it celebrates the day of st. joseph, the patron saint of
8:52 am
carpenters, it's a rite of spring special father's day here is monday, as l. that's the latest from valencia. >> all right. live in spain. thank you. have fun. >> paella -- sunday -- lunch. the new republican concerns of a party divided with the nomination process dragging on. halley barber will be here in the next hour with his predictions. éñxñm÷v÷m÷rpepm1ñ if you're considering a loan,
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>> lthe massacre of afghan civilian, allegedly at the hands of army sergeant bales is at the center of media coverage. what is the media saying about him? liz trotter, author of journalist and fox news contributor, has her commentary. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's a tragic and horrible situation. how is the media playing? >> well, you know, the massacre is just one element in a series of things that have gone wrong in afghanistan. these kinds of things go wrong, sad to say, when an occupying army has been occupying for too long. i mean, that's the matter of military history. meanwhile, the media's trying to decide what president obama's going to do. and how the whole question of afghanistan and ourus forces will figure into the november election. let's consider a samp fret wall
8:57 am
street journal. a commandener chief's job is to relentlessly explain the war strategy, where it is being pursued and why the sacrifice is worth it. mr. obama... >> this is particularly pertinent because of the phone call that is being talked about from president obama to president karzai in afghanistan. it is hard to get a handle -- there are so many leaks going on -- to get a handle on what has been decided upon. the stated time table by obama, who considered afghanistan the right war in his 2008 campaign, is that by 2013, most of the troops will -- will leave and that we will have already handed
8:58 am
the bulk of the duties over to the afghan national army. just in a pran -- paren thesis, a nato report said that out of 178 batallions, only one afghan batallion was ready to take over the responsibilities of the americans. there would have to be a miracle between now and 2014, which is obama says is going to be the absolute deadline for troops getting out. so what you have is you have a debate going on about what does obama mean? we have karzai saying, wait, we want you to get out early. this is one interpretation. and what we really said in that phone call was, we want to you agree to be out by 2013, move up the date one year. so that's basically what is reverberating through the media now. >> clearly, i mean, the bales situation, so many conflicting reports about him, he's happy go lucky, an outstanding soldier
8:59 am
and commendations and others say he snapped. that's what they say about what happened. and that adds everything in the mix. >> years ago, i had the privilege of covering the court-martial of lieutenant william calli in a massacre. when the anti-war feeling, even among if the so-called hawks begins to really take -- get some traction, that's when these kind of incidents take place, that's when discipline breaks down. that's when an army is ready to go home. >> you finally just -- very quickly, you see that potentially happening here. >> i see this as the sign, as i have met with many armies that up on, when have you series of these things going wrong, you know that it's time to go to the door. i think obama knows that instinctively. >> all right, liz. thanks so much as alway


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