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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 30, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a oo good morning everyone. home you are having a great weekend. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers fox news alert. a tragic crash in new york city after an suv plunges off a highway and kills everyone inside. >> i have been in the fire department 30 years. how long howe? 30 years. sometimes you come upon events that are horrific and this was one of them. >> police say that the out of control vehicle being driven by 45-year-old maria gonzalez crashed through a barrier into a
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ravine on the grounds of the broncs zoo. they say gonzalez died instantly. the crash also claiming the lives of 6 of her family members, her parents, her sister, her 10-year-old daughter and two nieces ages 7 and 3. officials say the car was driving fast and possibly blew a tire. >> the driver was in the left hand lane struck the barrier on the left-hand side and reaction of striking the barrier it was forced over or made a turn and flipped the vehicle and went severely to the right and over the side of the -- into the well as you might say. one firefighter was hurt at the scene. the cause of the crash is under investigation. cops don't believe anything criminal was involved. it is time now for your top five at 5:00. new reports say that newt gingrich will meet behind doors
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with mitt romney. gingrich telling fox news he will end his campaign wednesday of this week. he was originally expected to drop out on tuesday. severe weather alert in missouri as residents brave fce more wild weather today after a weekend of strong winds and hail. this was the scene after a beer tent collapsed in st. louis. 200 people were inside of it. a celebration of the cardinal's win over milwaukee turning deadly after a straight line wind shattered the poles and lifted it right off the ground. one man died five seriously hurt. heavy rain, thunderstorms expected to hit again today. new developments surrounding the disappearance of isabel c l celis. people in the surveillance video could be key witnesses. this lot is blocks from the 6-year-old's home. this happened the night she vanished.
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authorities are tight lipped about what exactly this man holds out. >> last night a benefit opera concert was held at a church in scottdale. it raised 3,000 dollars for the family. isabel celis' family say they last saw their daughter a week ago. warning students to be on the lookout this morning despite lifting a campus wide lock down. there was one suspect wanted in an armed robbery. another made off with thousand dollars and a cell phone. one shot was fired during the incident. thankfully no one was hurt. a bizarre story to tell you about. a philadelphia man is giving details about his child abduction more than a year after he found his own face on a missing person's web site. news he had been adopted as a
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hawaiian orphan as a child. he found one of the age progression images on-line of what he would look like the 35-year-old told fox and friends his story. >> you look at a picture it's almost so similar you don't know what to do. everything with the case lined up with my situation going to the orphanage. you almost have to believe it is you. since finding out i have reached out to my half sister and my biological father. >> carter says he's still trying to figure out who his mother is and what happened in the three weeks before hafter his disappe. >> that is crazy. >> isn't it amazing? >> yes. >> the white house top counter chairman advisor making it clear al qaeda is still planning attacks as the one year anniversary of osama bin laden's death approaches. kelly wright is live in washington with more on this.
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good morning, kelly. >> al qaeda did not die at the death of osama bin laden. they are still capable of planning a terrorist attack. because of that potential threat there is a tremendous need to remain vigilant in counter-terrorism effort. navy seals carried out the mission to take out osama bin lad laden. the white house acknowledging al qaeda has been downgraded over the past decade but more work lies ahead. >> we are determined to destroy the organization. we are going to destroy it but that will continue to require us to maintain pressure outside of whether it be in pakistan, afghanistan as well as in yemen. >> part of that pressure includes the use of more predator drones. obama changing the policy allowing drones to target mid level members of al qaeda and yemen. they have been gaining more strength. meantime u.s. counter-terrorism
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officials say al qaeda would still like to carry out a strike particularly against the united states. >> generallial guide is not in the game of symbolic attacks. the at this ti tit for tat is something special to them. they will keep an eye on tooth for a tooth eye for an eye behavior and aim at obama or the next one. there is no specific threat to our home land at the present time. obama campaign is highlighting the order to raid islamabad compound last year. in a new ad when asked if it is appropriate to politicize anniversary of that raid he said he doesn't do politics. back to you. >> kelly wright perforeporting from us. we will have a political debate on that one in a couple minutes.
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>> the war on terror is now speaking out on enhancement programs his team used after 9-11. oo oo he defends the use of water boardnd and others. first last night on 60 minutes jose rodriguez did not hold back about the administration's current policies in fighting the war on terror. >> we don't capture any money any more. their default option of this administration has been to kill prisoners, take no prisoners. >> the drones? >> the drones. how could it be more ethical to kill people rather than capture them? i have never understood that one. >> president obama has said what we did was torture. >> well, president obama is
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entitled to his opinion. when president obama condemns the covert action, activities of a previous government, he is breaking the covenant that exists between intelligence officers who are at the point and at the speer hanging way out there and the governments that authorize them and direct them to go there. >> rodriguez also spoke about 9-11 mastermind shall leak mohammed calling him an evil man. rodriguez says this is a man who was not phased it whatsoever. >> rodriguez went on to say all of this was done for the right reasons and he has no qualms his words, about the interrogation. some of them are used on u.s. military from terms of their training. >> it has been wild in some parts of the country.
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first degree weather update with maria molino. we have cold weather hitting the northeast today. we had such a beautiful weekend. >> unfortunately we are seeing freezing temperatures across northeast and also across new england. take a look at the temperatures. 2k50e8gs in burlington, vermont. it has been warmer in new york city than it was over the weekend. 46 degrees for your temperature around this time over the weekend we are talking about temperatures hovering into the 30s. freeze warnings are in effect along new england and interior northeast. some is temperatures are below freezing. could be looking at damage of plants. a lot of you caught spring fever and planted the plants and dealing with the freezing temperatures for several hours during the overnight hours could kill some of those plants. warming up in the 60s.
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take a look across parts of the southeast. well above average. we could be seeing records being set. 90 degrees will be your high temperature in atlanta. 87 in memphis. even in tampa, florida we are seeing a temperature that is above average for this time of the year. high expected of 90. northwest very warm as well into the 70's. we will start to see some of the warmer temperatures heading into the northeast as we head into later on this week. no problems expected in philadelphia, atlanta, chicago. you have showers and thunderstorms around the area. you could be seeing delays. here's a quick shot of where some of the showers are most of the heavy stuff south of the city of chicago, across parts of missouri and into oklahoma where we have flash flooding concerns. that's the same area that got hit hard over the weekend with severe weather. yet again today we could be seeing more sever weather around the st. louis area around parts east of tohio. more large hail and damaging winds will be possible. >> thank you so much.
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now time forststories you can b on. apple side stepping billions of dollars in taxes. >> joining us with more on that lauren simonetti with the fox business network. how are you doing? >> happy monday. how are you? >> you are looking pretty in yellow. >> thank you. >> apple apparently legally paying billions in taxes. how are they doing this? >> the smart accountants in apple are parking money in other parts like the netherlands and ireland. and place where is they don't have a corporate tax rate it saves millions of dollars. ment tax rate they pay is 9.8 percent. less than two-thirds of americans own their own homes now. more people renting. >> 62 percent of americans eye cordi according to a gallup poll own their homes. that's the lowest we have seen since the survey was done.
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al record high 43 percent of americans say their home is worth less than what they apaid for it. >> that's not good news. >> let's end it on a positive note. may just be a nickel. penny saved penny earned. gas prices going down. >> the national average as of this morning 3.81 a gallon down by about a nickel in over the past week. this is good news for drivers out there. ee special little as we get cloeter to memorial dber -- -- to memorial day. >> see you guys tomorrow. >> it is 12 minutes past the top of the hour. we have some video to show you. sickening video. a driver plows right into a biker and never stops to help. he might have gotten away with it, though, except for one thing, the camera was rolling. >> how far we have come. the freedom power reaches to new
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heights. fox and friends will be right back.
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>> it is now 16 minutes after the hour. here's a look at the headlines. shocking have hvideo of two men houston, texas. they set a bar on fire. they did it after being kicked out for fighting. people were still inside the building. the men were seen barricading the front and back doors of the bar dousing them with gasoline and reportedly yelling this place is going to burn. luckily everyone inside were able to escape the bar. both men were on the run. >> suspending the search for a missing sailor off the coast of
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california. the sailor was on board a yacht that is believed to have collided during a race to mexico. move over empire state buildings, because today one world trade center becomes the tallest building in new york city. check out this video. time lapse video showing one world trade center going up. the winds are for giving over lower manhattan. workers will hoist a steel column into place of 271 feet. that 21,000 higher. check out the two buildings side by side. they are still adding more floors to the freedom tower. it is likely to be declared the tallest building in the u.s. third tallest in the world. the freedom tower when it is finished the final height will be 1776 feet.
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the construction started about 6 years ago and coming up in a half hour we will go life to ground zero. >> there is a bit of a debate between chicago and new york. the former sears tower now called the willis tower do you count the spiral? >> all of the construction workers working on that building, you count it. a new ad is creating a whole lot of controversy. mitt romney could not do what he did that is kill obin laden. >> wait until you hear what they plan to do with missiles. ♪ plush flu ♪
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>> welcome back. it is 22 minutes after the hour. there is a big debate that is brewing in washington over this newly released web ad by the obama campaign. >> he took the harder more honorable path and the one that produced in my opinion the best result. >> a whole lot of critics are saying the president is playing politics with the death of osama
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bin laden. robert gibbs defended the ad. >> it is not over the line. just a few years ago president obama then a candidate said in a speech that we had actual intelligence of high value target in pakistan we go in and get that high value target. mitt romney said that was foolish. he wouldn't do such a thing. he wouldn't move heaven and earth to get osama bin laden. >> let's talk about that one here with a balanced debate. let's start with you dede. president obama had initially said he wouldn't fight the football meaning he wouldn't brag about the death of osama bin laden. he thinks this will back fire against the president. >> i do think it will back fire. today is the day the world trade center is going to be the tallest building in new york city. this is a big day for america. this should not just be about barack obama. it should be about all americans.
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president bush and navy seals it was a team effort by our presidency. to use this as a political football is not right. he accused mitt romney of not taking the same path or eluding to the fact that he wouldn't. >> i want to get your reaction that john mccain said. the president turned into one decision he got right into a pathetic political act of self congratulations. shame on barack obama for diminishing the remembrance of 9-11 and the killing of osama bin laden by turning it into a political attack ad. what is your reaction to that? >> i don't think it is shameful at all. it is a point to remember president obama put together an opportunity for us to remember what he did. 6 months of training and he did it on the job. president obama is able to make these decisions. if you look at mitt romney we don't know what he would do he has been inconsistent on anything.
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how will we know for sure he will make a decision. he clearly stated he would not have focused on afghanistan and not focused on pakistan. >> that's not the same thing. the full quote from mitt romney has not been often revealed in the media. he talks about other threats to the united states including hamas, hezbollah, et cetera. let me get back to you with this. president bush ran ads in the 2004 campaign. i know you worked for the president. he stood on the pile at the world trade center and also talked about the death of -- or rather the deposition or sadam hussein being deposed. was that fair of the president to do? >> president bush, president obama all americans, the navy seals this is a time for america. this is a time we all celebrate. this should not turn into a political ad from barack obama. this should be about how our country survived something perfect. mitt romney of course commander of chief would have done the
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same thing. every red blooded americans would. >> thank you so much. 25 minutes after the hour. coming up, the comedian in chief over the weekend. >> four years ago i was locked in a brutal primary battle with hillary clinton. four years later she won't stop drunk texting me from cartahana. >> we have more from the white house correspondent's dinner. >> a plane crash lands right into the ground, but this plane was brought down on purpose? we will tell you about that. >> first on this day in history back in 1976. anybody remember this "wings." back in 1976 they had their hit song "silly love song."
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>> the washington hilton we want to thank you for hosting us tonight. president obama wanted to move it to the kennedy center. republicans wanted to keep it at the hilton. they compromised and here we are at the hilton. mr. president, you remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. that was your best one yet. but honestly, it is a thrill for me to be here with the president the man who has done his best to guide us through difficult times and paid a heavy price for it. you know there's a term for guys like president obama. probably not two terms, but... >> grin and bear it. welcome back to fox and friends first. i am heather childers>> i am heal. >> i am heather nauert.
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>> time for your 5 at 5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. deliberations will begin for the new york city man accused of being part of one of the most serious plots to attack the u.s. since september 11th. he is a bosnian born american. prosecutors say he was trained by al qaeda and planned to detonate a bomb in new york city subway system back in 2009. he faces life behind bars if convicted. brand new details about the assassination of robert f. kennedy. a witness to the murder claims she heard two guns firing during the 1968 shootings and authorities changed her account of the crime. there is only one arhettsed and convicted in the shooting. they are set to rule on a request to be released or grant a new hearing based on the new evidence including the woman's
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first hand account. an apartment building in london armed and ready for battle for the olympics. authorities saying they may put missiles on the roof of an apartment building two-miles from the olympic stadium. hundreds of people living there being warned it will be part of the air defenses for the olympics. it will only be used as a last resort if there are any terrorist threats. a man in court today after being arrested for this. he's accused of slamming into two bicyclists with his car and taking ofl. the whole thing was caught on a helmet cam. look at this. >> ouch there. police were able to use the video to track the driver down. it turns out he had actually stoenl the car. the bikers are doing okay. >> thank goodness for that. >> look at this. a plane brought down on purpose. this was all part of a stunt by the discovery channel. the 747 loaded with cameras,
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more cameras and test dummies and brought down into the mexican desert. the show is called curiosity. how to make the disasters more survivable. good thing back in 1999 the same project was proposed and eventually nicksed by the faa. th that is your 5@5:30. while you were sleeping president obama and president clinton teaming up. joining us live is doug luzader. tell us what they are teaming up for? >> for reelection primarily. coming off a late night of fund raisers. they spent the weekend trading barbs with mitt romney's people. >> the biggest idea we are running on is to continue moving in the right direction of fixing this economy. we know this about mitt romney he is not a job creator.
2:34 am
when he was governor of massachusetts they were 47 out of 50 in job creation. his experience in down sizing out sourcing jobs and bankrupting companies and walkling away with a lot of money himself. failed economic ideas that we tried for 8 years. >> when you have in a government senor economy like president obama has put forward are fewer jobs, stagnant incomes, higher prices for gas and electricity. what you would have under a president romney would be more jobs rising incomes and lower prices for gas and electricity. and it's not just white house and campaign officials that are making the president's case. former president bill clinton is lending a hand, too. bitter rivals during the campaign trail in 2008. then candidate obama was taking on hillary clinton. this time around completely different. the president appeared in this campaign ad for the obama campaign to talk about the decision to give the go ahead to
2:35 am
kill osama bin laden. that was one year ago tomorrow. the white house is pulling out all of the stops to remind them what happened that day. a rare interview from the situation room to talk about the bin laden mission. the white house is politicizing an event that drew the nation together. back to you guys. thank you so much. speaker of the house john boehner is also talking this morning. he's slamming the president for picking quote fake fights. >> i tried to avoid a personal attacks on the president. but let me say something. the president is getting some very bad advice from his campaign team. because he is diminishing the presidency by picking fake fights, going after straw mefrn ry day. even the president admitted it was a gimmick. then we have the rose garden ceremony talking about
2:36 am
manipulations in the oil markets without one sled of evidence. he has an entire administration to go after speculation or manipulation in the oil market. then they pick this student loan fight where there is no fight. the point i have been trying to make in the last couple of weeks is that the president is bigger than this. the presidency is important. america as big chag lengllengin fiscal challenges. he ought to be working with democrats and republicans on capitol hill to address the big issues that effect the american people. >> wouldn't it be nice if we could work together? an update reports that nut gingrich was meeting with mitt romney today. new chief spokesman hammond telling fox those reports are untrue and newt is not meeting with romney today. >> oo 37 minutes after the hour.
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before you leave the house let's get the first weather update from maria molina. chilly temperatures coming on the last day of april. good morning. >> good morning. we are wrapping up the month of april across parts of the northeast. so chilly we have freeze warnings in effect across parts of new england and parts of the northeast. temperatures are below freezing and could cause damage for the plants for those of you who already planted them. otherwise as we head west we have severe weather risk across central planes and into the ohio valley. we had over 200 reports of large large hail and damaging winds. you could get hit with it yet again today and get another across parts of the central plains. keep a close eye on that as we head into the afternoon and evening hours.
2:38 am
there has been an area of low pressure lirnging producing a lot of heavy rain and flooding concerns over the weekend. yet again today we are talking about 1-3 inches local lie higher amounts of rainfall across south florida. where do we have rainshowers around the great lakes and parts of wisconsin and michigan. we have a line of heavier rain across portions of missouri and also into oklahoma. this is where we had a lot of rooifrn the weekend as well. flash flooding has occurred and will still be possible today. we are going to continue to see the line of storms continuing to go over similar areas. severe weather risk south of the great lakes and also across parts of the central plains with large hail damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes possible. >> hopefully the weather will calm down in that part of the country. >> although it was beautiful over the weekend here. >> we sure liked it. maria, thank you. >> thank you. the movie "stink like a man" that is holding the top spot at
2:39 am
the box office for the second straight weekend. it made $18 million. the pirate as band of miss fits with 11.4 million. behind that in third "the lucky one" with 11.3 million. dancing with the stars judge terry ann nava has her eye on a new job permanently filling the morning talk show seat left vacant by regis philbin. she already co hosted with kelly ripa 6 times. kim kardashian wants to become a sitcom star? she is in the stages of developing her own half hour comedy series. sources close to kim says she is eager to establish herself apart from her family. >> the reality show is already a sitcom. >> that's what i was thinking. >> 40 minutes after the hour now. it is time for a look at your starting lineup. a roundup of all of the sports stories making the headlines at this hour.
2:40 am
>> the celtics losing their opener against the mauks yesterday. they will lose rondo for one game. he got a technical for arguing and second technical automatic rejection for the bump. >> they storm back after a 21 point deficit after grizzlies in game one. la lost butler who has a broken left hand. we may return to linsanity. he may be ready to rejoin the nicks as soon as game four against the heat. we will be watching that one. ready for more linsanity. >> when it comes to new york sky skrarps forg skrarps -- skyscrapers. he joins us live to explain. >> good morning to you and good morning to everyone. there is a new star in town in the new york city skyline. one world trade center. it will become the tallest
2:41 am
building in the skyline today. it is a major milestone that comes incidentally yearlynearlyr to the day we learned of the death of osama bin laden. steel beams will prop pell it into rarefied air. it will become the tallest building in the city. taller even than the empire state building which stands at 1,250 feet tall. that is not counting the broadcast tower which sits on top of the empire state building. that adds about 203 feet or so to the height. most people don't factor in antennas when they are calculating the height of buildings. mayor michael bloomberg says this day was a long time and coming and an important one for this city. >> lots of people deserve credit. it has taken a long time. this is probably the most complex construction site any place ever. i think what we have shown is
2:42 am
that democracy works. once it is completed it will stand at 1,076 feet tall. the port authority will mark this historic milestone with a ceremony at 2:00 p.m. that is the latest live from the try vehicle k triveca section o manhattan. >> i like how he said rarefied air. >> it has been going up at a pace of about one floor per week. any time you fly by it you always notice the progress. nice to see. >> 42 minutes past the top of the hour. coming up president george w. bush giving back to the wounded warriors. great project in a big way. we have all of the behind the scenes pictures you haven't seen yet. >> and the four must have gadgets in the week including the first robots controlled your smart phone. stick around. we will be right back. maybe we can get this thing to clean up for us. we will be right back.
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>> welcome booack. the wife of john edwards former campaign add on the stand today. carry young will talk about how she helped cover up the affair with rielle hunter. she he's accused of using hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors to cover up his relationship. victoria grover was hiking in a dessert in utah when she broke her leg. she had no food or shelter for four-days. she is a physician's assistant said she relied on her medical background and her faith to pull her through until she was rescued. 46 minutes after the hour and an update on our top story
2:47 am
this morning. we are learning more about the tragic car crash near the bronx zoo in new york that killed 7 members of the same family. with more on this let's go live in the bronx. do we know what caused this car to go off the bridge and down into a ravine yet? >> not yet, heather. good morning. very good to see you. police are still looking into whether or not speed may have played a factor in that crash yesterday. just in a short time since all of this developed we have recently gotten pictures of some of the family members that were involved in the crash graciously given to us from family members in the sound view section of the bronx. 35-year-old maria gonzalez her 10-year-old daughter jocelyn. maria was in fact driving the vehicle the white mini van when it went over the embankment, the guardrail there. also in some of the pictures some of her nieces that were inside. we are also learning inside the car the 7 members were made up of maria her 10-year-old
2:48 am
daughter ter sister, her nieces and her parents. also adding to the tragedy the parents arrived to the dominican republic was supposed to be having a series of family get togethers over the weekend. it was around yesterday at 12:30 when they didn't show up at one of the events that other familiar members had gotten calls that something happened. we spoke with authorities and they shared with us just how difficult it was for the first spoernds to process all of this when they were trying to get to the rescues. take a listen for yourself. >> i have been in the fire department 30 years. how long howe? 30 years. sometimes you come upon events that are horrific and this was one of them. again police investigating whether or not speed played a factor in this crash. it is a narrow road with very low guardrails. not the first accident to occur
2:49 am
there. 48 minutes after the hour. coming up we will tell you about a beauty queen who finds herself on the ugly side of the law. wait until you hear why she was busted. then the four must have gadgets of the week including the first robot controlled your smart phone. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends"." >> good morning, heathers. turns out you don't need a background check to work with the tsa. congressman randy thor is here with his reaction to that. tony par reno with the so-called war on women and what it means for both parties. donald trump and donovan the singer who not long ago inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. he will be performing about 15 feet from where i am sitting. join us on fox and friends live from new york city ten minutes. stay with us. r me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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>> well comb back. if you have an foirng an iphon we have accessories. senior head tore hayden lynch with more on this. first up, welcome l this morni- morning. >> they like to call it a wing man for your desk top. it clamps down. it's an articulated holder for your ipad. you can clamp it on to your desk top computer or a ledge in your kitchen if you wanted so it is floating around. you can get neat apps to sink up your ipad with your other computer you can link it up as a second screen. >> with a camera on that it would work well as well. if you are face timing with someone. >> these head phones. >> everybody is walking around
2:54 am
with bees head phones. these are just as high quality and they have a variety of them they are made from hand carved ebony. >> really beautiful. they have a range. this one very high end models these are good for long-term listening for hours. this is more collapsable. you can pop those in. they range from 120 to 200. >> we want to get to the cool thing. this is the i droid. >> i droid robot. if you didn't have enough reason you can control a robot with it. >> you see this app here you can use it to do things like twist the claw around. >> nice. see that. >> i think it's this camera over here. >> it can close-up the claw move it in all kinds of different directions. of course see if we can get it to move back regards here. >> of course it has a gun. >> that's awesome. how much does that cost
2:55 am
roundabout? >> $250. >> it comes from hong kong. it will be there in a couple of weeks. >> that will be on a lot of christmas lists. adults and kids alike. thank you so much hayden. appreciate it. always fun to have you here. >> heather, what's up? >> so cute over there. he dances, but does he do dishes? >> thank you so much. it is 55 minutes after the hour. coming up, it's your word of the day all scrambled up. here it is. can you figure out what it is? stick around for the answer. that's coming up next. then president george w. bush giving back to the wounded warriors in a big big way. we will have the behind the scenes pictures you haven't seen just yet. ♪
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>> 2 minutes after the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. brand new photos of president george w. bush biking for our wounded warriors in texas with our own dr. marc siegel. it's a three day race and they covered 100 kilometers. next, we have the bad. a dolphin stranded in shallow waters in california for three days. he ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up in the wetlands. rescue crews may move in today to help. and the ugly. 26-year-old beauty queen nicole hood is under arrest this morning. she's accused of punching, kicking and biting her boyfriend. the former miss new hampshire
2:59 am
u.s.a. reportedly went berserk because she thought he was cheating on her. not the first time we've heard that story, is it? >> no, not a good ending to that. let's hope the bad about the dolphins turns into a good and they can rescue it. >> that's right. kind of reminds me of those whales that got stuck up the sacramento river about four years ago and it was a big rescue effort to get them out. >> great job by dr. siegel with the wounded warriors project. >> fantastic to see. in such great shape. all righty, let's get to scrambled up, gretchen carlson is here to help us out with the word of the day. gretchen, all those letters. >> it's monday. my brain is not in good shape! >> holy catdoodle. >> the freedom tower? >> it's one word. >> that dinner, i had to go to a soccer tournament instead. >> let's see. >> correspondents. >> we got


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