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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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i think that we should all try to support every u.s. senate seat coming up. >> sean: that's all the time we have. greta's next. >> greta: tonight, speaker of the house, john boehner reaches out to president obama. what does president obama do? he makes travel plans to leave the country. go figure am meanwhile, we are dangerously close to the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> folks, what is going to happen in the next four years fobama is true to form, that's the problem here. the mechanism for recovery is isn't going to be there. >> raising taxes on small business people is the wrong prescription, given where our economy is. >> is it on the table to talk about it -- the wealthier americans -- >> i made it clear yesterday, raising tax rates is unacceptable and it couldn't even pass the house. >> i would like a real republican party to am come back because the democrats need to have their feet held to the fire, also. but you need to have --
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[overlapping dialogue] >> you can't have crazies running a party. on both sides. >> by the way, california is where we are head audio california is almost, folks, a microcosm of where the country is headed. >> i mean if they are balkanized out there, it's a bunch of different states. the rich live in a few places and the rest of the state is dying. it's a shame, actually. >> in the future, it would be nice -- it would be nice if, i think -- if people felt like the party wasn't something that wasn't for them. i think the republican party has in the past been a brilliant party, when you bring up lincoln, that's a fantastic thing. but you have to keep in mind that we have evolved since then and the feel and look of america is changing and we all have to change -- we all have to do it. >> you have 72% of the country, right now, they are voting, they are white. the paik of their voting. it won't get much better than
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that. how are you going to reach out to the other groups of americans who are not part of that? >> republicans don't seem to in touch with it at all. >> you mention benghazi, the president is going to be facing several hearings coming up in the house and the senate, pressing for answers. you have a republican leader saying they believe they were stonewall in the days leading up to the election. what was very clear from the beginning of the attack, it was very coordinated. there are terrorist activities active in benghazi, in the months leading up to this. of course, there are more than dozens of suspects. but the administration itself has to come clean, what happened before, what happened during the attack and then they have to explain how they misled the american people and the world about what really went down in benghazi. >> something went clearly wrong here. it just seems to me, there was influence from outside and that should never happen when you are dealing with the intelligence
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community. >> why does anybody vote for a democrat isn't democrat party is the party of stuff. the democrat party's the party that takes care of you, when you don't work. the democrat party is the party that is going to punish the people who do work. with higher, tas. why does anybody vote democrat? >> greta: dick morris joins us. goodine, dick. >> good evening. good to be here. >> greta: good to have you. all right, dick. the day after the election, i posted on, your op-ed, which you say you have egg on your face. believe me, you got some egg on your face. come clean. what in the world happend? tell me, what in the world happened with your predictions? it looks like it was off-the-chart its wrong. >> two things. first of all, i sate said when i gave those predictions that if we have the same turnout pattern in '08, obviously, obottom's going to win and then i went on to say twouldn't happen.
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i said 'o8 was an outlier. well, i was wrong. '08 is a real year and that's what happened. black, lateeno and young people turn out and single women turnout was 8 points higher than it had been in '10, about equal to '08. mine was about 5 points wrong because the vote among that population was about 8 points greater. the other thing is the storm. i wrote a column on the wednesday before the tuesday election, right after the storm, warning that i think obama was gaining because of the storm. then i thought when he went out and campaigned and used the revenge word and all of that, he gave it back. but the problem is, i was flying blind them then because they didn't do any polling, nobody could poll during the storm. so i didn't have the data to deal with. but pas far as i am concerned,
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what happened is a permanent change in the composition of the american electorate. and that's very, very significant. it's like adding a whole other state to the country. and from now on, we have to all take account of that. i am sorry i missed it. >> greta: all right. moving on. the agenda for the new congress, tell me, now that things have -- we have a message from the american people, who they want to be president. we have the remaining house speaker john boehner and senate leader harry reid, going into the next congress, what is the agenda? >> well, i'll address that in just a second. i want to make a point. this president is the first president in american history to who has ever been re-leaked for a second term by a margin that is smaller than that which elected him in the first place from, a seven-point margin to a one-point margin. so there are a lot of people very critical of the republican party, our friend karl rove, for example.
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and they don't deserve that criticism. they did a heck of a job in pairing him back. every other president who has lost strength from his election, ran out of room and lost re-election. rage apand clinton -- and all bush all gained strength, running for a second term -- >> greta: i don't think those numbers and that differential, i don't think it makes any difference. a win is a win. the president won this race and the american people have spoken. they may think, numbers, schnumbers, they have listened to the numbers and everybody's wrong. what is going on happen with the american people with the new term? >> i think that in the short term, there is going to be a budget deal reached. i think that nobody will let us fall off what they call the fiscal cliff, which would either trigger enormous cuts or necessitate borrowing beyond imagination and would eliminate the dollar as a viable currency.
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i think wais likely to happen, boehner will go along with what he calls revenue increase, not increases in the tax rate, but capping the deductions for state and local taxes, charitable donations and mortgage interest and a bunch of deductions -- >> greta: doesn't that raise your taxes? >> yes, it does. >> greta: we are -- now we are into the washington gimmick, we won't raise your taxes, but we will cap your deductions and we won't call it taxes. >> i think it's unfair to people who bought home, assuming they would have the deduction and it punishes charitable institutions and makes life worse for voters in high-tech states. but i think that is what will happen. i think obama will be forced to accept major cutbacks in entitlements. i don't think there will be a block granting in medicaid to the states, but i do think there
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will be significant cuts and i think that has to happen. i think both sides won't like the deal that emerges. i think that boehner will tend to ignore the tea party members. i think whoever is the democratic leader will probably ignore the kind of move on dot-org members. >> greta: you know what, tell me you what really annoy meas. everybody has known about the fiscal cliff for a year and-a-half. in november last year, we knew it was going to happen. now we have had the election, we paid their salaries while they ran for office on both sides of the aisle. they have six weeks to come up with a deal. it is want much time. on the edge of six weeks coming up, what happens? we need everybody to get in the same room. president needs to call the major leader and the speaker. what does the president do? he plans an overseas trip into burma, instead of staying home and bringing everybody to the oval office and pounding out an agreement?
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>> what the president has to do is to propose a budget, propose a plan. he didn't do it in the debt limit fight. he let one emerge from the negotiations. i don't think that's a presidential leadership. he needs to submit a program of what he wants to do and let the congress deal with it, which is its function. but i don't mean to imply that barack obama is going to govern as a moderate. i think during the session, he will ram through and in the ensuing months, a series of treaties that fundamentally compromise american sovereignty in important areas, like gun control and off-shore drilling. and carbon emissions. i think hingly push through a very far-left program, which i think he will do through legislation or executive order. >> greta: well, i suspect everyone will be watching, you know, as the days and weeks unfold. but we have to get past the fiscal cliff which is about to hit us in the head. dick, thank you itch thank you: >> greta: now to the benghazi
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murders. still, so many questions unanswered. tonight, there is new information, under pressure from democratic and republican senators, the state department is now allowing the senators to look at documents related to the consulate attack. but there is a catch. and that catch is big. the senators will only have access to the documents today and tomorrow, when most senators are not even in washington. also today's news that the house foreign affairs committee will hold an open herg -- hearing on the attack on thursday and they have asked secretary clinton to testify. and thursday, both the house and senate intelligence committees will have closed hearings. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is here. >> good evening, i am very long -- very well. this is a homicide investigation, among other things. happened september 11. and i don't think we are any farther ahead except a lot of brick chris wallaces. >> it's already a very compromised homicide investigation, right? i mean, it didn't take place until two, three weeks after the
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homicides took place. a lot of the evidence was lost. a lot of evidence was dorphed by the press or people from foreign affairs. i think that it is going to be really difficult to kind of figure out what happened. unfortunately, the administration has done so much obfuscating about it, it has put itself in a very difficult position. >> greta: the fact that the state department says you can only look at the documents today and tomorrow and know that the senators are not in town is a strong indication. i will give you other examples. ed henry reports that the president will give a statement. he won't have a press conference with the white house press corps, but he will give a statement about the economy. thereby avoiding any questions on this. we know that fox news wasn't invited to the conference call a month ago, when everyone in the media was given their time line and then when the cia did it, we were left off the list. we're asking questions and the
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administration is giving none. now they are stonewalling the senate, which is so interesting because in the senate, the democrats are the ones -- they run the committees. they are asking for the documents and they can't get them. >> did the president know about the prior attacks? if the president knew about the prior attacks why didn't he supply the security that was necessary -- to protect the ambassador? i mean, this is six, seven weeks, i don't know the answer it that. this consulate was attacked twice, it was attacked once when they blew a hole in the wail. we don't know whether the president knew about it. if the president did know about it, why didn't he supply more security? and then when he found out about the third attack, why didn't he act, in a more forceful manner to get the military there, to get reinforcements there, the cia was held up at the airport 3 hours, these are incredible questions that the longer the administration waits, the more they are going to create a sense
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of suspicion about this. >> greta: i don't know -- they gave two stories out of the gate. that's when i got suspicious. when i hear two story, i get suspicious. i don't think that's unreasonable. they have continued to hold to it. and the most we have heard from the president on november sic, asked by local tv about senator mccain's comments that it looked like a coverup since they can't get the information. he referred to it as nonsense, the legs -- the allegation of coverup. i find it so significant that the democratic committee in the u.s. senate, senator dianne feinstein is now saying, you know, we need this information. i mean, they can't call it politics if the democrats are asking for it. >> you can't possibly look at this and not wonder what the heck were they doing? several explanations, totally conflicting. totally strange pattern of behavior in the four months leading up to this attack, including not protecting the embassy. an embassy that is attacked, you put extra security there.
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why was there no extra security? why did the president take as along as he did to react? why weren't more forces put in? why do we have two conflict explanations? and why does the evidence keep getting discovered by the press and outside people, not by -- by the fbi, by administration officials and if they are going to put out the information to the senate, why don't they put it out for two days when nobody's around. >> sean: my goodness. you would have to be stupid not to come to the conclusion that there is something very suspicious here. >> greta: you left one out, the fact that a month ago, a tukneesian man was picked up in turkey, spotted by the cia and the video was at the consulate. he was puck picked up, turned over to tunewskneesia and for a month, we'll told we couldn't question him. and final, senator lindsay graham makes a phone call last week and the fbi get access to this man, something the president of the united states didn't do, couldn't do, wouldn't
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do. we have a senator from south carolina makes a simple phone call and now three weeks later, we have access to thim. >> this is not going to go away. no matter how much the white house wants to wish it away, or the state department. it won't go away until the questions are answered. the longer they take, the more contrary information that is put out, the more damaging this will be. this is not something can you spin your way out of. >> greta: the way they did during the campaign. >> greta: especially, you might be throwing the mode media off the trail somehow. but to have senator dianne feinstein, a democrat on the trail. he is not the kind -- she is a very serious u.s. senator, who will want to get to the bottom of this. this may be their worst nightmare, that one of their own is saying what in the world is going on. >> when four americans get killed and we don't get good answers, it gets any american -- republican or democrat -- pretty darn angry. i am angry. i want to know why the four men
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were killed. could it have been preventd? could we have reacted to it faster and explained it a lot more honestly and clearly in those are very, very relevant, nonpolitical questions that have to do with simple justice. >> talk about nonpolitical. senator john kerry, a democrat, on the -- on the -- chairman of the forerelations committee. he has sent two letters to the state department, requesting congressional access to documents and information leading up to the attack. there is another democratic u.s. senator who says, where is this information and he is trying to get it. >> he will keep expanding until they decide that they're going to be transparent about this. the longer they wait, the more you wonder, where request are they waiting? what is there? what are they worried about? why don't they want to put all the facts out? >> i ready that congressman ru
10:17 pm
thesburger, a democrat, is starring to ask a lot of questions. >> we have seen this happen before. i hate to mention watergate. but we have seen this before. sometimes the coverup can be worse than the act. although it's pretty hard to get worse than we lose four brave americans and maybe there was something we could have done. leading up to that in which we could have prevented it. it's pretty hard to get worse than that. maybe it is going to get worse than that. >> greta: in the first term, the pit said -- the president said he will have transparency. tomorrow, he is going to make a statement. no questions. so they are not going to be happy with the press corps. i am going to take the last word on that. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: now out of the pen fwon, iran has fired an unarmed u.s. drone. the pentagon asked and refused stotoanswer whether this is an act of war. there is something going on
10:18 pm
behind the scenes between the obama administration and iran? steven hadley is here, next. and former candidate, rick santorum is here. the election outcome raising questions about the future of his party, the republican party. what does the g.o.p. have to do
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>> greta: the first time, iranian jets tried to shoot down a u.s. drone, that the pentagon says was in international waters. but while this is happening, is the u.s. holding secret talks with iran? president obama senior advisers is reportedly working behind the scenes to lead the talks. the former security adviser for president bush is here, steve hadley. first, your thoughts about the iranians firing at our drone. >> someone's going to have to make a judgment, is it anath of war or know? it's a very provocative act, an aggressive act. the press reports are that the drone was in international air space, where it had a right to be. it shows the volatility of the situation. as we talk about to negotiate, not negotiate, what to do with the nuclear program, this kind of incident or an intersection between our naval forces in the
10:23 pm
persian gulf, could provoke a confrontation, so it's a very dicey situation at this point. >> greta: i don't understand, though, the drone is slower than the fighter planes. either they are really bad shots, because at some point, there was a pursuit. or it was meant to be threatening and provocative in a different way. how could they not -- how could two fighter planes not take down a drone? >> it does defy imagination, a little bit. the press reports are that they followed it for a while. they took a couple passes and took a couple of shots. you will need to get an operator, somebody who flies those airplanes and -- airplanes like it to explain to you. sometimes there is a mismatch between technology. and the best way to handle a high-tech capability is with ao-tech solution. but i can't speak to that. you need to get a fighter pilot here and talk to you about how
10:24 pm
to do that. >> greta: i take twe are not the the only one who is have drones mp the israelis have drones. i wonder if the iranians thought this was an israeli drone or our drone or they took their chances, one or the other. >> the other question is, was this something cleared with the central command authorities or was this a couple of pilots acting on their own. you don't really know at this point. >> greta: how do you think things are received in israel, now that we have had the election and prime minister netanyahu alined with governor romney and he had a frosty relationship, it was reported with president obama, going back to a year and-a-half, when he dressed him down in the oval office. does this re-election change anything in the middle-east at all? >> obviously, i think it strengthens president obama's hand next time he sits down with prime minister netanyahu. but whatever the tensions that might be between the relationship between those two
10:25 pm
leaders, i think in our lifetime, the ties between the united states and israel and the american people and the israeli people have never been stronger. so this is a solid relationship. and these two leaders will make it work between them because it is important that it works between the two countries. >> if it makes a big difference, the red line that netanyahu drew before the assembly, had that red line occurs. the president does not -- has not agreed to this red line. but -- which is when iran moves to the next stage in the nuclear development. so we could be coming upon in the next, six or seven or eight months, a new stage in the tension between iran, israel and the united states. >> we could. but remember hathat speech did. it was up until that speech, there was a fair amount of betting going on in washington as to what was the likelihood that israel would strike the
10:26 pm
program between then and the election and then at the end of the year. and hathat u.n. speech really did was basically to give the administration hathey have been asking for, which is more time. and it really made it clear that -- that until sometime in the middle of this coming year, the israelis were probably not going to do anything millitarily, unless the iranians did something provocative. so the effect was to give the administration what it sought, which is more time to work sanctions and potentially, a diplomatic outreach to iran. >> greta: except, if you look at netanyahu's chart, i would say our time is six more months, which isn't very much time. >> isn't very much time. but again, the administration was initially trying to push it past of the election. now they have another 6 months into the -- into the year. there are a lot ever people who think that the administration will try to make a major diplomatic outreach to the iranians and try to see if they
10:27 pm
can negotiate something. >> greta: valerie jarrett. is that unusual -- it's reported that she might be doing the talks? >> as i understand it, she is a -- an american-born of american parents, whiffle while living in shirazz, iran, does she have a connection with iran? yes. is it kind of unusual? yes. i am not sure it's happened. there is sort of conflicting reports. but i think the underlying point is that a number of people have been saying, look, it is time for the administration to try to put something on the table and see if they can do withay a deal with the iranians, either because it will avoid the need for military action, or it will show a good-faith effort that will expose the iranians as being really not... not reasonable on this subject. and therefore set up whatever additional options the
10:28 pm
administration upons to consider, whether they are additional sanctions and even -- or the use of military force. >> thank you very much. nice toee you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> greta: up next, rick santorum, it looks like the g.o.p. has some work to do. what will the party do? what will the party do? and will he people love our potpourri parties. it's a smell of a good time. this is the juniper! oh that is magical. [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you'll get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-togeth better.
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but does that mean, for some, becoming more moderate? rick santorum is here, you have a new book out. but let's talk about the guild o.p. >> yeah. >> greta: what arure going to do? >> look, this was a very close election. it was an election that, in my opinion, should have been about really big things. but we had a president who wanted to make it about really little things because i don't think he could win on the big thing it's. >> greta: big wins. most people thought the economy was the big thing. >> it was. but that was just -- a slice of it. i mean, what mitt romney did, he ran the campaign he wanted to run, to make it a referendum on the economy. and that's a big thing. but it is not-- the basic foundations of our country. i think what barack obama is trying to do -- and he said it himself, trying to transform america. it is about two different visions of america. that's the debate we should have had. is this a country that is a country that is best in the model of government running
10:33 pm
things from the top down? which is not the american model, a powerful federal government, doing things for us and dictating to us. or do we believe in our founding vision and one that our policies that are consistent with that. not just economic policies, but also social and cultural. >> greta: you talked about the social issues, like abortion and the issues, very much associated with, in many ways, empower the democratic party to talk about the war on women. i mean, there were discussions about abortion row v. wade as 30-some years old, who will pay for contraceptions and the discussions on the war on women. and the president did profoundly better with the women than governor romney. >> with single women. he got creamed among married women. but he lost single women. because we were not out there talking about -- the real war on women, which is the the fact that we are seeing more and more single women, single moms,
10:34 pm
raising their children because fathers are not taking responsibility for their children. and a society that is looser and looser with sexual morals. that's not a good thing. and so what should be our policies to build stronger families? which means, by the way, less poverty and stronger -- and stronger economy. >> greta: but i am not sure that would raiseinate -- a lot of these single mem women are happy to be single women. they see that as trying to interfere with their lives. >> no one's trying to interfere with their lives. but the fact that we are seeing poverty rates go up, family breakdown, neighborhoods breaking down where there are no dads. talk to single women in neighborhoods where there are no dads and most of them would say, it would be nice to have stable families and men in the community to be role models and to help raise these children. that's what we know works. that is -- by the way, the norm, in -- in neighborhoods that are strong and prosperous. >> greta: but the neighborhoods
10:35 pm
overarching auul of that, the fact there is no jobs. the inner city is worse. the thing that disappointed me most about this whole campaign, republicans and democrats, there was no discussion about the fact that our inner cities -- i have more years as a community activist than president obama -- those places are getting worse. detroilt is getting worse of there is no discussion. we discussed five or six battleground states and never talked about the inner city and what has happened this. >> i was the author of the welfare reform act. i was someone, if guon -- and look at me resume, i was involved in almost every anti-poverty measure for the 12 years in the senate that i was there. i am a catholic, i believe we have a responsibility to those who are less fortunate. the government has a role to play. so i was very act identify that front. certainly, a big part of our campaign was talking about those folks, lower and middle-income people and giving them an opportunity to rise in society. i focused on the
10:36 pm
manufacturingion, a way to get the skills necessary to upgrade your -- to train them to get the upgrade of skills to get betterrions. that should be part of our message, not just talking about the business owners. you can talk about the business owners and conduct their taxes ands that's an important thing and i am all for that. but have you to connect the dots as to how that helps the guy on the shop floor or wants to be on the shop floor, in the delivery truck, how are you going to improve their lives. >> greta: i think the entitlements will grow more and more until people the cities can get better -- >> entitlements will grow more as families are destructed. that's one big reason iimmigration reform. is the party going to have to tack a new look at immigration reform? you lost a lot of hispanic vote. >> yeah, we did lose a lot of hispanic rote. i think one of the reasons we didn't talk about all the issues
10:37 pm
that that community, which... as all immigrant communities are, they are disproportionate middle and lower income and trying to strug toll rise. we didn't have a strong message for those folks. i think eye am not just talking hispanics, we didn't have a strong message. i think that's important and family's person to that community, too. again, that's a message -- >> greta: immigration reform? >> immigration reform is something we have to deal with. this president got away with it. i mean, he got away with four years of doing nothing. >> greta: he said he was going to do it hoo he did nothing. and the republican party didn't -- didn't jump on that. >> i know. i mean, look... what governor romney did was run the campaign he wanted to run, which was to take every issue and turn it back to the economy and say, i'm the businessman, i can fix this. that's who he is. we ran a campaign consistent with the candidate we had. he came close.
10:38 pm
you can't say it was a horrible campaign. >> greta: i didn't say it was horrible. butted immigration reform is something that -- a lot of talk -- a lot of chatter and promises itch the reason that it did not get done in my opinion, by this president because he wanted this as an issue. i don't believe the democrats are at all sincere about doing anything and compromising with republicans on immigration, they rather have the issue and continue to drive, you know, drive this wedge between races and creeds and classes and or whatever else they want to divide the america. that's unfortunate. let's see a second term, is serious about solving problems or wants to perpetuate politics. >> greta: you can start with a press conference and answer question, instead of a statement. i think that's the biggest dodge and lack of transparents -- parency. i am taking the last word. i have had too much coffee. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, we are at the edge of the fiscal cliff. but where in the world is
10:39 pm
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>> greta: they say every vote counts and one candidate is learning that the hard way. roger mcdonald finished his city council race, tied, each capturing 669 votes. but here is the kicker, his wife didn't vote. if she had, assuming she voted for her husband, he would have won. why didn't she vote? her husband said she works, goes to school and raises three kids so she just didn't have time. he says he does not blame her and she asked her husband if she run out to the polls at the last minute, he told her, he didn't think one vote would matter. turns out the tie will come down to a coin toss. yes, a coin toss. but the candidates have a few days to ask for a recount. what do you think about this unusual turn of events? go to tell us. we are back in 2.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. fuel rationing is going into effect friday, in hopes of stopping hours-long lines in new york, at gas stations in the wake of super storm sandy. now license plate numbers with odd numbers can gas up on friday and with even numbers, on saturday. seven number members of the navy seal team 6 are in trouble for their involvement in the creation of a popular videogame, the navy saying the group gave classified information to the game, medal of honor, war fighter. since they were all required to sign nondisclosure, they are being penalized with loss of pay. you are waffing the most
10:45 pm
powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> greta: our country's headed over the fiscal cliff and president obama is headed out of the country, going to burma, cambodia and thailand. is that where the president should be when there is a fiscal crisis at home? we have michael crowley and kim stroussle and byron york. kim, first to you, your thoughts on the president going out of town, announced today? >> look, i think given the ability for the congress and the president to push things like this all the way upping until ar hours before a deadline hit, probably not the best idea to be gone, given we are entering this very important period of time. >> greta: byron. >> this is nonessential foreign travel. it's clear, it is nonessential. washington does develop deadline-itis. >> greta: we are at the
10:46 pm
deadline. we have been at the deadline for six months. everybody's known about it for a year and-a-half. >> but they were all campaigning. i think it does at the very least look bad and allows the republicans to say, we are here, we are ready to work with the president, if he would just come home. >> greta: michael? >> both have made the point there is deadline-itis. everyone knows it's going to have tohappen at the last minute. we may decry it and think it's terrible and the congress and the political system are like a college kid who crams the night before the exam. s s that that's the way it is. i don't think the president minds. we don't plummet drg directly off a cliff. it is not like the tax cuts come crashing and some somebody's pounding on your door saying, you owe the government thens of theres. tell spread out over time. so if this goes into 2013, the economy won't crater. it is not a ridiculous trip. we have a strategic interest in
10:47 pm
containing china. this is about china. >> greta: he could send the secretary of state, hillary clinton. he did that when he didn't want to talk to netanyahu or the president of yemen. he is quite used to outsourcing to the secretary of state. even congressman van hollen, saying how horrible this is to the average american person, if we go over the cliff. if you don't care when you know the deadline, i don't think you are doing your job, kim. >> i do think there is a difference from other deadline-itis of the past. we have had an election. before this, everyone knew everyone, when they went do the debt limit talks, everyone was holding their cards back approximate it was about how can you play this best, knowing the election is coming. it's over. everyone's waiting to figure out what is going to be the negotiating position. these guys need some time sniff each other out so they can get down to the nitty-gritty. the longer he's gone, the harder it will be.
10:48 pm
>> greta: would you go, michael? >> i forgot, you are trying to understand why he's going, he doesn't mind if it goes into next year, a lotted of democrats believe the president has more leverage if we get into next year, have you a more democratic senate and the tax cuts -- he wants some of the tax cuts to expire, the high-income tax cuts, he doesn't mind that. >> greta: let me ask. would you go, if you were president? >> absolutely not. >> no. >> greta: would you go? >> i don't think it's a big deal. sure, i would let the staff take care of it and come in. i think i have more leverage next year. >> greta: straight ahead, is the tea party moving? hear what john boehner just
10:49 pm
[ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the capability of a pathfinder with the comfort of a sedan and create a next-gen s.u.v. with best-in-class fuel economy of 26 miles per gallon, highway, and best-in-class passenger roominess? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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>> greta: what role will the tea party play in the congress? take a look at what john boehner told diane sawyer. >> we don't have a tea party caucus to speak up in the house. all of us who were elected in 2010 were supported by the tea party. these are ordinary american who is have taken a more active role in our government. they want solutions. but we have all come a long way, over the last two years. i think we all understand each other a lot better. >> greta: back with our political panel. >> they do have a tea party caucus, the people with the tea
10:53 pm
party support happening of themselves as part of that caucus. generally, they have been for republicans, a healthy influence. they push some of the more establishment republicans in the direction of more fiscal restraint and they are going to play a role in this fiscal cliff stuff, no doubt with it. the role will be to stiffen the spine of john boehner and other house leaders. >> greta: does namean less chance that they can negotiate and give a little bit if they have the tea party that is going to hold their feet to the fire? >> i agree with byron, they have been probably a positive influence, except for when there are stark loans that the members feel they can't cross. one of the mest important things that have happened, there has been growing of understanding over the past year, a little bit more cooperation. and he has been trying to move his caucus. you saw it in the speech this week, when he was trying to lay out some parameters about what he will accept in a deal with the president. i think that was meant just as much for his own party to try to
10:54 pm
move some of his members, as it was to the president. >> that statement was interesting to me. boehner himself, is not a big hero of the tea party. so he may have a little reserve. number 2, to the extent that a broad section of the public is listening, he is away that the tea party is not a phrase or a brand that polls very well. their unfavorable numbers are substantially higher than their favorable numbers in recent polling and they are solutions oriented. i think he is addressing the perception that the tea party has put its foot down and stiffened the spine of the party. but in the view of a lot of people, are intransigent and not willing to compromise with the white house. i understand the republicans think the white house is not willing to compromise. boehner is trying to set an accommodating tone and saying the debt ceiling fight of 2010. >> this allows bainer to act as an in between, saying, i have this tea party caucus, they are really tough.
10:55 pm
i am going to do my best t. allows boehner more flexibility in dealing with the president. >> greta: i have to go. thank you. >> thanks. >> greta: coming up, vite joe >> greta: coming up, vite joe biden making big [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. now, where is vice president joe biden heading next? here is jay leno. >> vice president joe biden said the election is over, he is going to take a vacation. you've been vice president four years. that is your vacation. what are you going to do? where are you going to go? >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. go to we have an open thread to talk about tonight's shochl we have carl rove tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you come back tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern for our show.


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