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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 9, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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they're donating 36,000 bottles of water to hurricane sandy victims. >> brian: that's fantastic. if you have to run from the tv, run to the radio. see you there. the speaker of the house in a high stakes showdown on how to deal with the crushing debt facing all of us. is it friday? martha: the president is set to speak this afternoon a little bit after 1:00 eastern time about the so-called fiscal cliff. what he wants is higher taxes for the top earners. and speaker boehner is already saying on that part of this deal, no-dice. >> racing tax rates is unacceptable. and it couldn't even pass the house. putting increased revenues through reforming the tax code,
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i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem and trying to secure our entitlement programs. i'm confident he and i can find the common ground necessary. bill: that's the same potion had the weekend before the election. meanwhile there are strong warning the fiscal cliff could have dire consequences. lay out the stakes here. what are they? >> according to the congressional budget office, the bean counters in congress, they say recession. if you cut spending and raise taxes as is planned january 1 you get a recession and a 1.9% -- you get a 9.1% unemployment rate next year. the republicans are saying do not raise tax rates. the democrats are saying, president obama and harry reid are saying tax the rich, raise
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tax rates. this is all about tax rates. the democrats led by president obama and harry reid, president obama will speak later today. their firm position for many years has been tax the rich. bill: what boehner is arguing you can find other sources of revenue by reforming the tax system. what does boehner get if he cuts a deal. >> if he cuts a deal and agrees to some kind of compromise where we do raise tax rates on the rich. there are two things may get in return. more spending cuts. at least the promise of more spending cuts. maybe that increase in tax rates could be limited to the very, very rich. for example people making more than $1 million a year. limit the impact of raising tax rates and maximize the amount of spending cuts down the road.
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bill: give me the even game. how do you see this ending, the deal, how does it shape up for you? >> late december, president obama says to republicans you are defending the rich and risking a recession, back off. the republicans listen carefully and say okay, we'll compromise. main we'll just limit the tax rate increases to the very rich and maybe we'll go to more spending cuts, but we'll deal. the president has the upper hand politically and after the election victory very strongly the political upper hand. bill: do you expect this to be worked out before the end of the year? >> i do. i think the chances of going over that cliff are very, very slim because the consequences as we pointed out are so dire. yes, there is a chance you kick everything down the road. there is a chance of that. but i don't think the president wants to do that. i think he's got leverage and he
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wants to use it. bill: why are we seeing the markets sell off? >> because of the uncertainty over the fiscal cliff. industry groups will be affected by a second became term. banks and dividend stocks are going to take it on the chin. martha: we want to update people on what is expected to be a sharply lower open on wall street this morning. dow jones industrial futures are down 102 ahead of the president's statement this afternoon. s and p futures are down 11 points. a very large drop. >> the election is over.
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go look at the cbo report. it shows if you go off the fiscal cliff the economy goes into recession. this is not a small matter. i think we have to address this. martha: the deadline is 6 to 7 weeks away. it makes you wonder why we didn't have an active debate about this during the course of this election process. bill: if there is no deal, check this out. the number of american taxpayers affected, 158 million. american household will face an average of $3,500 in additional taxes starting the first of the year. that means 88% of household will see their taxes go higher. martha: that's one of the many immediate battles facing this president as he heads into his second term. governor mike huckabee joins us on that in his first
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post-election reaction. also this morning we are learning new details on iran's attempt to shoot down an unmanned u.s. aircraft. last week two russian-designed iranian warplanes fired and missed the drone as it flew in international air space. the pentagon says this will not change america's mission in the region. >> the united states communicated to the iranians we'll continue to conduct surveillance flights in international waters over the arabian gulf consistent with long standing practice in our commitment to security in the region. martha: peter doocy is live in washington. if this happens as we are now learning over a week ago, why didn't when find out about it before the election? >> reporter: the pentagon says they kept the lid on details of this incident until yesterday because the drone mission was classified. but a spokesman said it was a
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routine surveillance mission to monitor maritime shipping and this unmanned, unarmed drone never flew over iranian turf. >> our aircraft was never in iranian air space. it was always flying in international air space. the international recognized territorial limit is 12 nautical miles off the coast and we never entered the 12 nautical mile limit. >> reporter: monday was the first time the iranians have ever taken a shot at the u.s. drone. the pentagon says the iranian jets followed the drone for a while before it was able to make a safe landing at an undisclosed location. though my colleague jennifer griffin are sceptical of the pentagon accounts since the
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iranian jets fly at 150 miles per hour and the drone flies at 130 miles an hour. so the jets would have to slow way down to chase the drone. martha: are u.s. authorities calling this an act of war? >> reporter: act of war is a legal label. the pentagon declined to classify this incident as a act of war. american concerns have been relayed to the iranians through the swift protective power. following the embassy take over in 1979. bill: seven navy seals being punished for allegedly giving classified information to a video game maker. each seal received potentially
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career ending letters of reprimand and were ordered to forfeit some money. at least one was a member of the seal team that killed usama bin laden in pakistan. martha: the convicted killer jarred a loughner was sentenced yesterday. here is congressman ron barber who was severely injured that day. >> i turned to mr. loughner and said i am very, very angry and sick at heart about what you did and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. and i said in the end i hope that these long years of
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incarceration that you face will give you the time to think about what you have done and to seek forgiveness from those whose lives to which lives you brought so much tears and sadness. martha: so many lives lost and altered forever. congressman barber won congresswoman gifford's seat after she resigned to work on her recovery. bill: you see gabby giffords the way she was yesterday. martha: her husband said you tried to kill her, but you didn't kill her spirit. bill: we are just getting started. a game change in immigration. what $conservatives are -- what some conservatives are saying. >> this is the two-day session we have had in a year or so.
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martha: still no official winner in washington state's race for the governorship. republican rob mckenna insists he will close the gap and win. 70,000 votes are left to be counted. there is one independent
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governor in rhode island. bill: fiscal cliff might be just beginning. republicans and democrats have a lot to work on the next 2-4 years or 2-4 weeks. john boehner says he's willing to work with the president to solve the problems facing us now. >> the president knows he and i have worked together. the election is over. now it's time to get to work. bill: governor, how you doing? i haven't heard you comment since the election. it's an honor to have you back. what's going on here. boehner is a deal maker. i'm the easiest guy in the world to get along with. >> john boehner and mitch mcconnell are professionals when it comes to understanding the art of the deal. we didn't win the elections, didn't get the senate. we have to accept the hand
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that's been dealt to us. if you don't get to take something off the table unless you put something on the table unless you have got a gun. we don't have a gun. we didn't get that in the election. so what we have got to understand and i'm hoping members of congress will follow the leader and members of the senate will follow their leader. you can't have every republican member of congress and member of the senate trying to create a side deal. that's disaster in the making. they are not going to get everything they want. they have got to get everything they can and protect the american people more than protect party ideology as they try to keep us from falling off the cliff. republicans can't afford to get blamed for this. bill: speaker boehner seems to be speaking the way senator mcconnell speaks. he said people think it means
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we'll agree to democratic demand and hike taxes. i'm here to tell them there is no truth to that notion whatsoever. >> what he didn't say was he would not be willing to put some form of revenue on. boehner said the same thing. they don't want to raise tax rates. they are willing to end loopholes and close gaps. it's not that they are saying there can't be any new revenue. but they want to protect that it comes in the form of an arbitrary rate increase which would be counter productive to business people who are already hemorrhaging and regardless of the fiscal cliff are going to have huge costs associated with obama-care. bill: what you are saying is you are not necessarily going to lose overall on the issue, you can win on the issue if you reform the tax code. but i'm not quite sure we heard that tone from the white house as all. >> we may not have up until now.
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but the president doesn't want this to happen any more than republicans should happen. most of all the american people can't afford to. you had the numbers up earlier this hour that shows everybody takes a gut punch. so i think it's incumbent upon the president to show the leadership he hasn't shown. one thing that the executive has to do whether it's the mayor, the governor or the president. he has to take the leadership role and convene the meeting to say here are the parameters. then the members of the legislature have to decide what they are willing to give in order to get what they are wanting to get. but let's be clear, bill. republicans aren't going to get everything they want. they can't. they don't own the whole game. they own one of three pieces of this and it's a tough piece. and the president has the biggest hand starting this poker game. bill: you are very good on tone.
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you are good at reading an audience and reacting to that audience. we are going to see the president in three hours, four hours from now. what is his tone today? >> i hope it's one of humility, one of gratitude that he's been reelected and one recognizing he was not reelected with 65% of the vote it was a squeaker. even though the electoral college vote was significant, the vote was tied. he has to be ready to lead the entire country and not just the people who voted for him. it's incumbent upon a leader when he wins to be more magnanimous than when he loses. the toughest job is to be a good winner. we'll find out whether the president can be a good winner. bill: is that your expectation? >> it's my hope. i don't know what to expect.
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i haven't seen it in the past four years. but i'm hoping this election served up a good defense reality and he wants to spend his second term governing and not just campaigning for that second term. bill: catch mike huckabee saturday and sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern time. martha: a possible new tone on immigration. sean hannity says he has evolved on this issue. what he's now saying bits and whether the republican party is next. bill: the investigation into libya continues. secretary of state hillary clinton joining the family of chris stevens to pay tribute to america's fallen ambassador. their moving words. >> he died carrying out duties. he died carrying out an assignment he felt deeply passionate about.
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bill: we saw dramatic post election selloff in wall street yesterday and the day before. trading below 13,000. this is while things unwound yesterday, markets down two consecutive trading days. it's the lowest two-day percentage decline since 2000. martha: secretary of state hillary clinton paying tribute to fallen ambassador chris stevens. nearly two months after stevens and three other americans were killed in libya. clinton honored him with the common ground award recognizing him for his effort to bridge
6:25 am
differences between the united states and the middle east. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who serve with him and knew him during this life. he remains an inspiration now and i believe far into the future. we now have a form accountability review board investigating the terrorist attacks that killed chris. we'll apply its recommendations and lessons learned to improving security everywhere. martha: ambassador stevens' sister ann accepted the award and spoke about her brother. >> chris didn't shy away from high-risk assignments. he eagerly served in libya and jerusalem. he felt diplomacy could play a critical role by facilitating dialogue and bringing people
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together. chris was aware that violence leaves scarring wounds in a society a overcoming this legacy is a long-term endeavor. supporting this process was important to him. while we are incredibly saddened he's gone. we'll encourage others to work towards the goals that chris believed in. martha: next week the house foreign affairs committee will hold a public hearing on the libya attack. secretary clinton is invited to testify. bill: the senate side is closed but the congressside is open. there will be some major headlines next week. the election may be over but questions on benghazi are nowhere finished. steven hayes on that. martha: police enforcing new
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bill: police are stationed at gas stations all over new york city and long island. drivers with license plates ending in odd and even numbers can get gas on alternating days
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that's the new policy, adding to the frustrations in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> this is horrible. >> after they get gas they are calm and happy. i'm not getting cursed at no more. god bless america. bill: that's the rule everywhere. wnyw's an into lewis filed this report. this gas station on long island city, queens. the lines are still here, however, the wait times have significantly decreased. and that has to do with the gas rationing rules in place in the city of new york and long island. similar to what new jersey did earlier this week. if your license plate end in an odd number you can get gas on an odd day. if your license plate end on an even number you will have to go
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on an even day. with you have an odd number you can gas up today. we also want to remind people that the police are out in force making sure everybody plays fair, everybody plays by the rules. there has been a lot of frustration with that. city understand that. they are trying to relieve as much pressure at the pump as they possibly can. bill: every person here has a story about how they are getting through this. the line in that piece you saw went over the bridge. over the bridge down the street. that's common. martha: the gas lines have been alleviated in new jersey and long island. the problem seems on moving from place to place. back to politics.
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in the aftermath of the election some conservatives are reconsidering their position on immigration. on his radio show yesterday fox news sean hannity says he now supports a path to season seasonship for some living in the country illegally. >> you control the border and you create a pathway for those that are here. that's a position i've involved on. martha: juan williams is a fox news political analyst. what do you think about what sean says. >> i think that quite significant. you will recall when president george w. bush tried to pass immigration reform after his reelection in '04 it was talk radio hosts on the right including sean that said no. so if you get a sean hannity
6:34 am
saying let's reconsider. look at the results coming out of this election in terms of the hispanic vote, it's time to move on. it could have impact. i was on the o'reilly show last night with laura ingraham and she feels that's not the solution. she thinks democrats will just one up the ante and republicans will never catch up. there is still some way to go. but that was a significant move by sean. martha: george w. bush was open to a path to citizenship, and work arrangements that will allow people to stay. john mccain was criticized when he ran for president for his more open perspective on how to approach this problem. he didn't get anywhere with that. he lost his election as well. what are the lessons here. >> the first lesson is the president is not the only one who can evolve on an issue.
6:35 am
martha: the president said he had evolved on the issue of gay marriage. >> i think it is a significant fire. a signal that maybe we should be open. this will come up in the next congress regardless. certainly at least tone has to be moderated if not policy. and i think that is an important part of reaching out to a new electorate that is growing. there are many people in the republican party such as george w. bush and john mccain who put more politically on the line for comprehensive immigration reform more than many democrats if not most of them. i think there are folks in the party who can listen to things like that. there are ted cruz in texas for instance who is not for amnesty but knows the issue of immigration and border concerns. you have got jeff flake in
6:36 am
arizona understand border issues. but i do think this border issue. promises, promises, promises. folks will be upset including white working class voters. martha: you think back to the moments along the way in these elections and when the turning points were. my mind goes back to marco rubio who was about to put forth some legislation that was very similar to what -- a policy that would literally came out of the lips of president obama days later. right before president obama put out his feeling that people who came under the age of 16 and those ramifications that he put out there, right before he did that marco rubio had this plan of his own. governor romney had been campaigning in florida with marco rubio and was asked do you agree with what senator rubio was saying on immigration and he
6:37 am
hesitated. he said i have got to think about it. i have to wonder if that wasn't a moment that might have changed the course of a lot of things. >> it could be. i think one of the realities here and mary catherine was touching on this. i think you will see core constituencies rush to people like marco rubio and say tell us how you would do this. i think it raises rubio's stature within the party. you have to look at the business community and people in the high-tech sector and wall street who want immigration reform to get the best brains into the country and are willing to make concessions if you tell them we can get the best people here. >> the system is a mess and horribly complex just as most things in the federal government. but this is not some sort of quick fix where you say you are for this and it involves the
6:38 am
problems. it's policy were the on issues barack obama would have paid a price or bragging about how he deported more illegal immigrants it many a cultural issue. the way you talk about it is very important. the discussion coming up will be a testing ground for whether they can do that in a way that's sensitive and addresses the concerns. they are interested in entrepreneurship just as conservatives are. >> marco rubio said to me, if you are saying people deport yourself or we want to deport your grab mother they are not going to hear anything you say after that about values, entrepreneurship, about how we share values about the strong catholic beliefs in the hispanic community. martha: this discussion is far from over. mary catherine. juan, thank you both. bill: 20 minutes before the hour
6:39 am
and there are numerous unanswered questions on the deadly attack in libya. will the public get all the answers they need. steven hayes is next on that. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle during my time there. and it was getting worse. diplomatic security remained week. in april there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. nna see me get some great deals? it's a new way to get cash back deals, and it's called bankamerideals! i sign into my online banking... click the "cash back deals tab"... and pick the deals i want. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay, and then i get up to 15% cash back -- put into my account. ♪ i know, right? [ male announc ] introducing bankamerideals, free for online banking customers. sign into your online banking to choose your deals today.
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martha: fema's mobile office on long island is back on duty after they shut down because of the nor'easter that moved through. officials say they closed the office to save the satellite equipment and for safety reasons. it registered 17,000 homes.
6:43 am
and is seeking permanent housing for people left homeless by the storm. bill: a long weekend yet again. among the president's second term challenges and there are many, the fallout from benghazi. steven, good morning. the election is over. what does it suggest to you about republicans going after this issue in both chambers of congress in the house and senate on the same day. >> i think it speaks to the importance of the issue itself. this is something republicans said before the election they wanted answers to and the white house was not forthcoming despite the fact they said publicly they would be. i think republicans have many, many questions that have gone unanswered about a wide variety of subjects within this wider benghazi scandal. bill: jason chaffetz is on the
6:44 am
house committee. he says -- here is chaffetz on that. >> we know there are dozens of suspects. this flies in the face of what the administration originally told us that there was just some mob and a video that got out of control. it was very coordinated. there are terrorist activities that were active in benghazi in the months leading up to this and there are more than a dozen suspects. bill: i want you to address that. when i hear rudy giuliani saying all the time is that he says you have to ask the president the following question. were you aware of the attacks in benghazi in the six months prior to ambassador stevens being killed. tell us why that is such a critical piece of this equation. >> it's a great question.
6:45 am
to go back to what jason chaffetz said. there was a raid on october 24 of an apartment that belonged to a high-ranking al qaeda official. which makes this much more interesting. makes this much more interesting and suggests there might have been broader ties to al qaeda central that we weren't heard much about. on the other hand. what rudy giuliani is asking is a key question. what we need to know from this investigation, from these hearings and the president himself is what was his role in this? we have this time line. the state department put out a time line. the cia put out a time line or its version of events during attacks and in the aftermath. but what we don't have a good sense of is where the president of the united states was from minute to minute. i think the republicans will insist on that and i think they should. bill: he said he issues his directives immediately after the
6:46 am
attack and during attack. where does that take you? where do you end up? >> that's the key question. when the president of the united states issues a directive, everybody flies into action. the military records what he told them to do, what they have been instructed to do and from that follows a series of steps and people execute his directives. we need to know what the directive was, who it was given to what they did with it. the president said he instructed every bit of help be provided to the people on the ground there. we know that didn't happen. we need a better accounting of why that didn't happen if the president said it should have. bill: there is a statement today at 1:00. i'm not sure there will be questions asked. do you think it will? >> i think there will not be questions today as i understand it. the president will speak narrowly on this topic of the fiscal cliff of what he can do and the congress can do to get
6:47 am
the economy moving again. bill: would you expect a question being thrown across the room? >> if there is a question thrown across the right's unlikely to be about benghazi. but one of the interesting things we'll see is this media that didn't ask so many questions that needed to be asked before the election. if they will show some interest in what happened in benghazi. pill * why would they change now? >> because the president's electoral prospects are no longer in doubt. and i think there was some of that thinking going on at the networks and the newspapers that didn't treat this benghazi story the way they would have treated it under a republican president. bill: david petraeus will testify. mr. clapper. mr. olson. he's the first one who declared it terrorism in the early hours after this story went public.
6:48 am
how much are they going to disclose during these hearings? how much will he say that's classified and i can talk to you about that but we'll have to go behind closed doors. >> this is the big question. what kind of testimony will they give in open session? it's an unknown. we have got to have answers from david petraeus and james clapper. these are people in a unique position to shed light on the discussions taking place during the attack itself, how they came up with the story that was sold to the american people that we know was misleading in the aftermath and can speak to this question that rudy julian write raised that you mentioned earlier. what did the president know, what was the cia briefing on these earlier attacks. what was happening in benghazi. what did we know about ansar al-sharia. what was the cia briefing the president before and was he engaged on these issues. bill: these hearings will take
6:49 am
us in another direction, there will be headlines from it. martha: they are still counting the votes in the state of florida. some, though, already putting this election behind them and moving forward to 2016. a short list of possible contenders already? really? bill: president obama will talk about the state of the nation, the growing deficit, the national debt, $16 trillion. he will make a statement at 1:00 eastern time. we'll cover that on "america live." and what will he say to the people of the country about how we move forward together. >> they can cooperate and focus on ought overall economy to get people back to work you never know what can happen.
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bill: we are seeing frightening video of a massive earthquake in guatemala. after in the aftermath, absolutely staggering. 52 are dead. that number is expected to rise in the coming days. thousands of homes damaged or destroyed all together. most without electricity or running water. it many the quake to hit that country going back to 1976. martha: now that the presidential election is in the rearview mirror. people are starting to talk about the next republican ticket and who might be on the short list for 2016. you see already marco rubio has planned a trip to iowa. chris christie and some people who work for him are starting to take on more prominent positions. let's chat about this with john roberts. you don't want to take a little bit after break in between?
6:54 am
>> reporter: three days after the election and we are bored already. never too early to talk about the next presidential election cycle. the short list is a long list. let's bring up the top contenders. congressman paul ryan of course. i talked to people who are close to him and they say he hasn't thought about 2016. but he has passed the readiness test and he can tap into mitt romney's fundraising machine. rubio's office says too early to talk about 2016. chris christie is tied up with hurricane sandy. senator rob portman who was governor romneys sparring meat. i talked to his office and they say he's busy with his work in the senate. good answer. a couple other folks to keep an
6:55 am
eye on. the senator from new hampshire and governor nikki haley. the next year, susana martinez, the governor from new mexico. and bob mcdonnell from virginia. and senator john thune. and there is the one name out there that people say could win it in a walk but says he has no enthusiasm for it, former governor jeb bush of florida. there is the long short list. martha: it's so interesting. jeb bush's name comes up early in this process. you think of president george w. bush saying he thinks there is nobody better. he said that a while back, to run for office. we'll see. maybe he will. but, a lot of water will be under the bridge by the time we get to that decision. but one thing learned by this
6:56 am
election is you can't start too early in terms of building that ground game. >> reporter: in terms of preparing for it and getting the apparatus in place. but what about those visits to the state. we said marco rubio will go out there next weekend. governor o'malley on the democratic side. but heed these words of caution from karl rove. >> candidates who spend a lot of time in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina in 2013 and 2014 are making a mistake. it's important to make initial foinitialforays. you have got to build your network of fundraisers. you have got to get the job you were elected to do done. and you don't want to wear out your welcome. >> hillary clinton or andrew cuomo, we know how well
6:57 am
organized they are. looking forward to it? martha: you bet. bill: hundreds of thousands still in the darks and a tent city popping up for many. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare...
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan that may be right for you. martha: we are nearly two weeks now out from super storm sandy laugh srapblging th ravaging the north rest. many people without heat. people forced to leave their homes are going to be able to come back, gather a few things. look at those pictures. it's a rough picture. that's how we get started on the second hour of americ america's "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm recommend bill hemmer. wed's nor'easter adding insult to injury. there was a nor'easter here.
7:01 am
starting to take its tolls. >> we all have wells that work on an electric system. we have to get water to go to the bathroom from somewhere else and flush our toilets, that is the problem. i have an electric stove. i can't even kao. >> cook. >> it's not fun. you can't do anything. >> have you been cold? >> yes. >> david lee miller is in ocean port, new jersey today. how are the efforts going there, david lee to start to get lights and power back on after this second storm now? >> success is being made but there is a great deal of frustration and a great deal to be accomplished. there are still just in new jersey over 250,000 people right now who do not have electricity. we are going to roll some video recorded a short time ago. we are at the monument racetrack here in new jersey. it's being using as a staging ground for utility trucks to be
7:02 am
assembled and deployed. we saw literally hundreds and hundreds of trucks, possibly a thousand of these trucks from all over the united states trying to get the power on, and this is just in new jersey. the situation in new york and westchester, 43,000 without power there. 100,000 without power on long island. the governor says the state's utility system is archaic and obsolete. he lashed out at the long island power authority. he questioned the fact that the state gave them a franchise, and in his words they then failed. one of the things that he criticized them about, martha, was the fact that they seem to have experienced a shortage in utility poles, just under scoring the problems that the utilities face in trying to restore the electricity. many people, bottom line, they will be in the dark for at least the next few days. this. again, day 11 since sandy
7:03 am
struck. martha: we are hearing in new jersey that we've run out of supplies and they have to wait for the supplies to come in so they can do the work in front of them. how about the people who just can't go home at all now, because they have storm damage in terms of housing and shelter? >> reporter: there is a figure right now put out by the federal government. about 95,000 people are looking to fema for housing help because they cannot go home. now we are being hold that although fema is trying to provide hotel rooms and mobile homes, the housing shortage is so critical right now that some of the people who are being given temporary housing now are being relocated as far as 200 miles away from home. and, martha, i'll say very quickly, again a reminder just how critical the housing situation is. i talked to transportation workers who came to new york from bluff flow to get out. they can't get hotel rooms. they are here to restore pour.
7:04 am
they have to travel almost two hours each way to upstate new york just to get on the job, housing also a critical problem. back to you. martha: so many volunteers who are kicking in to help. the volunteer power seems to be stronger than anything that is coming from the government according to some folks out there right now. david lee, thank you so much. bill: the scenario or david lee and so many of our correspondents if we could for a moment here david lee, hang with us one moment, here, is that they were out here when sandy hit, then they were out there when the nor easter rolled through. they have picked up on the pain that so many folks have gone through. i think david lee what you find the more you talk to people the more questions they have because ultimately they don't know when they are going to get out of this mess. >> reporter: you're right. bill: what we hear from so many of them is no one is providing any answers. that must be an enormously frustrating place to be in your life.
7:05 am
>> reporter: i think you said it far better than i could. people can cope with the fact that lights have come out, there is no heat, this is an obstacle they have to overcome. what many people can the accept is there is no end in sight. when they call up the power k-rpbgs th company, the utility company, the government they find no one that can give them an answer. they want to have some inkling when is it going to end and that is something for the most part no one can seem to tell them. bill: the other thing that is information for our viewers to understand is you're in new jersey today, but you've been in new york and long island, and the southern end of long island it is dark of night. you fly over there in a plane at night you can't tell where the ocean stops and the land begins. what was your experience out there, david lee? >> reporter: i don't want to sound overly dramatic, being there in the evening in some ways it reminded me of a war zone. it was completely december lit.
7:06 am
december owcomplete completely desolite. there was an occasional law enforcement entity. the word that comes to mind is scary. you get a sense that it could be lawless, people have put up signs warning looters not to touch their property, and that the comforts of civilization that they've come to expect are nowhere to be seen. it's a very different world, bill. bill: david lee, thank you. we'll be in touch throughout the day there. david lee miller, thanks. i remember last week when we were speaking to some of these people, our reporters were i should say. and this guy was sitting in a little home with a candle and he says what do you want me to do leave? i have nowhere to go, and it's not safe staying here. that with us a week ago. martha: people are told they can't go into their own home because it's potentially dangerous. they are cut off and condemned by a house by a sticker put on
7:07 am
the door. the man we spoke to yesterday said i have to go in there, i have to get stuff for my children, baby supplies. i think it's a tenuous situation, this is not going away and it could get a lot worse in the coming days. we'll keep on top of it. bill: okay now president obama will speak to the nation for the first time since returning to the white house, specifically about how to avoid the fiscal cliff that economists he said warn could trigger yet another recession. the president's statement a few hours from now expected to focus on how to deal with the skyrocketing debt facing the country. ed henry back at his position. what do you expect from the president, what is this about? >> reporter: it's going to be about 1:05 eastern time. the president will have folks with him from the middle class, phaeubt extens maybe an extension of the campaign.
7:08 am
they believe inside the white house the president has a head of steam, a mandate coming out of the election. he's going to be going head-to-head with speaker john boehner who is running a house republican caucus on the hill that believes they have a mandate too because they essentially won re-election, they are still in power in running the house, they believe there is a check and balance there. you have the president saying he ran on raising taxes to deal with this fiscal cliff, to deal with cutting the debt if you will, where as you have house republicans like john boehner saying, wait a second, they ran on not raising taxes and instead trying to cut out loopholes and other things to raise tax revenue but not raising tax rates. essentially we are where we were before the election in terms of both the make up of the balance of power, in terms of republicans on the hill and terms of whereat the white they are in this debate, bill. bill: we have been warned about the possibility of a second recession. does it look as if the president and congress can come to terms?
7:09 am
>> reporter: it looks like we're finally hitting a point where they have to come to some sort of terms to deal with this. if you look at what's happened on calm street the last couple of days, we've seen the market take a hit. part of that is because of what's happening in europe. you've heard a lot of analysts saying, is because they want to see, they are wanting washington to come together and deal with this situation so we don't go down the same road as greece and spain and others number one, and number two what might be different this time, you have a lot of corporate leaders in the private sector saying we need a debt deal, whether it's a democratic deal, a republican deal, you guys need to come together. there is an outside pressure as well. bill: thank you on the north lawn there. martha: here are just some of the cuts that would kick in on january the 1st if no deal is struck. the bush-era tax cuts on income, investments, married couples, families with children, and inheritancess would all expire. we would see a $55 billion or 9%
7:10 am
cut in defense spending next year. that would be part of the sequestration we talked about. there would also be another $55 billion in cuts to domestic programs including a 2% cut to medicare providers, an unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless will expire. big, big changes if they don't get this done. bill: ten minutes past the hour now before president obama takes the oath of office for a second time we're hearing about the possibility of a major shakeup in his cabinet. among those who may be moving on the attorney general who said this yesterday. >> do i have gas left in the tank? it's been an interesting and tough four years, so i just really don't know. bill: well, what will that mean for the obama administration moving forward? chris wallace is in the house today, how about that, he weighs in. martha: he's coming up. a new chance for lawmakers to review the key details on the deadly attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others
7:11 am
in libya. what they are expected to learn. bill: remember this. martha, jetblue pilot freaking out on that plane. that was like at 35,000 feet. why he is about to learn his fate. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:14 am
bill: here we have new protests break out in egypt. have a look at this. [chanting] bill: apparently these are ultraconservative muslims rallying demanding egypt's new constitution be placed on islamic law or sharia law. moderate -ts and liberals pier it could endanger civil liberty. this is after mubark's regime was taken out last year. martha: we are learning that there could be some big changes at the top of the cabinet level
7:15 am
positions in washington. including possibly attorney general eric holder that told a group of students yesterday that he doesn't know if he will stay in his job. >> i have to really ask myself the question about, you know, do i think that there are things that i still want to do? do i have gas left in the tank? it's been an interesting and tough four years. so i just really don't know. i don't know at this point. martha: interesting and tough is a good way to describe what the last term has been like for eric holder. joined now by chris wallace ""fox news sunday"" good morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: it's atmosphere interesting for a president to reset, send some signals to the people that he chooses, what do you expect? >> i think there will be changes, i don't think it will be so much the president that is determining it as some of the members of the cabinet who have kind of indicated they want out. hillary clinton has made it
7:16 am
absolutely clear. it may not be tomorrow, but certainly in the next couple of months. she said she'll stay on until her replacement comes in. she wants out. she's exhausted, understandably so. leon panetta who come phaout commutes from washington to california he wants out. he's over 70 and wants to row tire. timothy geithner the treasury secretary wanted out a while ago and was pressed to say. i would think in the case of panetta and clinton that republicans will be unhappy to see them go because they are pretty popular up on capitol hill, a lot of respect for both of them. obviously hillary clinton with the libya situation there is some criticism there, generally speaking i think conservatives have been happy with a liberal democratic president having people like hillary clinton and panetta running national security. geithner not as popular with conservatives. and eric holder definitely because of fast and furious and
7:17 am
other policies not as popular with conservatives. martha: it race raises the questions in all four of those spots, who do you think are some of the names that we might see tpulg those spots, chris? >> the most interesting one, i guess, is susan rice,s u.n. ambassador was considered one of the frontrunners to be the secretary of state, very popular with president, has enormous regard for her: she was one of his top policy advisers during hit 2008 campaign. this is susan rice that did the five sunday shows a few days after the libya attack in which she put out the story, apparently they claim still these were the cia talking points that this was all a spontaneous protest over the video that went bad, but there's been a lot of contradiction of that. i think she'd have a tough time getting confirmed. she might get confirmed but it would be a real battle and the president has to decide whether
7:18 am
he wants to have that battle. somebody else that is clear is desperate for the job is massachusetts senator john kerry who of course played mitt romney in the debate. one of the questions there, i think he would sale through the senate club, on the other hand i'm not so sure that they want to lose a senate seat. they may feel with all the pick ups that they made in november it's not going to be -- on election day it's knots going to be a question of control of the senate one way or the other so they might be willing to give up that seat potentially to scott brown who might come back in another special election. martha: they have a little bit of a cushion now which gives them a little bit of flexibility on john terry as you point out. in terms of the attorney general position, obviously heale obvious obviously eric holder has been through the ringer in the last four years. i don't think anyone would be some surprised to see him step down. any thoughts on who would replace him in he did? >> one of the people who is being mentioned and again we don't know how serious that is
7:19 am
is janet napolitano, secretary of homeland security. she really apparently would like the job, and there is a lot of thought. and i would think if she were named, two if's, one holder has to leave and he hasn't indicated firmly that he wants to leave. secondly if she's he name named i don't think she would have a tough time getting through kofpblgt. >> jack lews chief of staff to the president and somebody who has a good deal of respect and support on capitol hill, i wouldn't think that would be a property for the u.s. treasury secretary. also a name, erskine bowles of the bowls commission, former chief of staff for bill clinton and a moderate. if he were to come in i think that would be very supported by republicans. remember, republicans don't have the majority in the senate which confirms all these appointments. also i would think there would be some interest in the
7:20 am
president, there was some feeling that he needed to have somebody in business. whether he'd like to put a businessman in charge of treasury that will be interesting to see. martha: when you think that bill daley didn't last too long in the chief of staff position he was somebody viewed in that way as sort of a bridge builder to business and that didn't last, so we'll see if they pick somebody who might be along that same lines, who knows. chris, thank you. always good to talk to you. >> real quickly if i may we're going to be all over the fiscal cliff. we've got four top members of congress to talk about that on sunday and we've just booked dianne feinstein the head of the senate intelligence committee. she is going to be on the show and talk about closed hearings that they are holding on libya this week. we'll have the very latest on libya. martha: i hope you all don't go literally over the fiscal cliff. i hope you'll say on this side. >> i hope we don't go over the fiscal cliff it will be a hit to our 401k. martha: we'll see you then.
7:21 am
bill: there are new reports suggesting that top obama adviser valerie jarrett may have been involved with secret tkpwoerbgts negotiations with iran. if that is true why she was chosen for that task. >> a robbery caught and camera and they quickly learned the suspect was not playing around when bullets started to fly. >> he pointed it at both of us. give me the money, give me the money. he got it. i gave him everything, she got hers, and he told us to get on the ground and kiss the floor. ÷
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: just about 25 minutes past the hour now on a friday and a new generation of the bush family running for office. george p. bush. george prescott bush is the
7:25 am
nephew of the former president, and the son of the former florida governor jeb bush. he's 36 years old. he filed his paperwork to become a candidate. as of right now we don't no exactly what office he will seek. he is a young man to watch, has been for some time. j.c. penney customers not buying the store's new pricing plan eliminating hundreds of discounts. the chain is reporting 123 million losses, dismal sales. hundreds of packs of cigarettes going up in smoke in burbank, california. a raging fire breaking out at a cigarette wholesale company. talk about secondhand smoke. tough neighborhood to be in right now. bill: sure is. we are three days after the election, there is still no winner in the battleground state of florida, that delay due in part to a deluge of last-minute absentee ballots which are very popular. phil keating is live in miami. is the day finally the day for
7:26 am
florida, phil. >> reporter: everyone has told me as of right now 66 of 67 counties in florida have caught up with the rest of the nation in tab hraeugt all of the rehrebgs-day votes leaving one county remaining, where else, palm peach county, the county, the home of that famous 2,000 butterfly ballot. all of the absentee ballots a record number came in. florida residents opted to vote from home and mail it in this year and those take longer to count and tab ooh late. simply put there are about four or five further checks on those ballots to prevent voter fraud. the scoreboard as of right now in the state of florida president obama leading mitt romney with president obama has 49.93%. romney 49.21. president obama has a 60,000 vote lead. take a look at the map of how the states voted. broward county finished counting all of their outstanding ballots last night.
7:27 am
up pwof thaabove that palm beach county. as for the long waits, long lines, nobody is happy. >> disappointed by some of the things that happened, absolutely, but i have to focus on simply getting it right. >> reporter: basically florida, the republican party spokes people that we spoke with last night they are not conceding. the romney campaign conceded the entire national race. as for the state of florida everyone sees the writing on the wall and they'll wait for the final numbers to be tabulated. bill: what about the republican governor rick scott, what is they saying about that. >> reporter: there was a lot of talk about extending early voting. he said i'm not going to extend early voting, and the republican legislature, also which the governor signed, passed a bill reducing early voting from 13
7:28 am
days to nine days. a lot of critics said that would have helped with the long lines on election night. the governor as of yesterday is accepting no blame. >> 4.4 million people had the opportunity to either do absentee ballots or early voting. some states even allow early voting, like pennsylvania. so that is the policy. >> reporter: the governor is committed to meeting with everybody in the next week or two to discuss how things can improve next time. bill: thank you, phil keating hanging out with the butterfly ballots out there. i know those are 12 years ago. still, good to see you. martha: as we've been telling you there are frustrations boiling over right now in new york and new jersey and it's getting worse in some areas where people are forced into tent cities to live and they have no power, no home to go to. we are going to talk to one person who wants to know where the help that was promised is. bill: new details about what happened in benghazi. lawmakers now being allowed access to key documents, but will that give them the answers
7:29 am
they are searching for? >> hopefully now that we're past the election the administration will do the right thing. coming up to the election they did not. they need to do this. they claim to be the most open and transparent administration ever but they are not doing the basics in sharing with congress this basic information. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options.
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bill: you know the frustration on the response to to hurricane sandy it has boiled over.
7:33 am
people in staten island, new york furious with the lack of help that they are receiving. >> temporarily you're not allowed to stay in your house. they want you to fix it. if you have children they are not allowed in the house. if the children come in the house for a t-shirt let alone sleep in the house they'll call childrens services. you're going to lose your house, you're already losing your house, you're losing your life savings, and there is no help. bill: that is one guy in one street in one neighborhood. so many compare this response as a katrina reaction. fema announcing it started to have mobile homes and move mobile homes in the area for people to live in. william boden is one of them, a queens, new york resident. lost a lot in the storm. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: you have no power. i'm not even sure if you have a home right now. >> we don't have a home. bill: what do you need? >> we need a home, we need furniture, we need everything, we lost everything. bill: where are you living?
7:34 am
>> there's six of of my family, six homes were affected from breezy point, rockaway and broad channel. there are 25 of us cramped here sleeping on floors at any sister's house and doing what we can to survive. it's just horrible. and there is no one to help us. we are on our own. bill: we have heard that, sir, from so many people, that there is no one there to help you. >> we are on our own. bill: i'm certain -- i'm certain you asked for help and you get what in return? >> nothing, we're more fortunate than most of the people out there because i do have a sister who is allowing us in their house. there are people out there who have nothing living in their cold houses. we live with propane. there is no electric or propane deliveries. all of our boilers were gone, the water was eight foot, we have no heat, we have nothing, they are shutting water down too we have nothing, we need help. bill: you feel like you've been forgotten, don't you. >> absolutely. bill: what do you tell each other, you're sitting around in the dark at night, it's cold.
7:35 am
>> yeah, that's what is going on. in the daytime we are ripping out houses, we are helping each other, it's just us. bill: where is the government been for you? >> i don't even know. i'd like to know. because they are not there. we are just -- the only people that actually head us in broad channel was sanitation, can you believe it or not and they've been wonderful for us. bill: how long will this last do you believe? >> it's indefinite right now because our town is a ghost town, it's done, it's over. broad channel is hurt really bad, so is the rockaway's breezy point, that's where my family lives. we don't know where we're going. bill: the other thing i don't think folks on the outside understand is that when the water came in all your cars were still parked there, all the electric has been knocked out of the cars. the cars are destroyed, you can't get anywhere if you wanted to. >> can't do nothing, can't go nowhere. i mean i was lucky i was able to
7:36 am
go out to long island and rent a u-haul and i brought clothes and food in from the fire department here on long island. we are doing it ourselves. bill: what word can we put out that might bring you some relief? >> help us. please come and help us. there's people who don't have clothes, food, shelter. bill: i'm sorry. >> we need help. bill: sir, our best to you. >> all right, thank you. bill: we wanted to tuck to you because we know you are suffering out there. >> we are. bill: if we can anything to get the word out and drive that home to the folks who need it we shall. >> thank you so much. bill: william boden on the phone with us there. if you were with us gentlemen, we had a gentlemen from staten island across the new york harbor and it was difficult to get a word n. that man was so angry and upset. you could tell for the past ten, 12 days that the anger just boiled up inside of him an
7:37 am
wanted to let people know. martha: the. martha: the problem there is just such a shortage of housing according to what david lee is saying. what you want to do is go in there and bring in vans and bring people to a police that is warm so they can have shelter and food and water and start to get their lives back together. i think about the promises that every 15 minute no call would be unanswered in more than 15 minutes, and the president saying that the red tape would be cut through, you know, you don't want to -- i really don't want to point fingers, but that's what he said. and now these people are suffering, and it's like nobody is paying any attention to them at all. you know, you look at those american flags flying over this area and you do have to ask yourself, is this the united states of america where these people are suffering like this? bill: i think you also have to understand the area. this is a huge part of the east coast that was affected. and the damage goes on and on. martha: but the places that are devastated to this extent are, you know, a series of towns in
7:38 am
new york and in new jersey. outside of those areas, you know, people don't have power, they don't have certain things, i don't have power, big deal. i mean these people are dealing with, like this man said, he has nothing. and i find it hard to believe that we can't figure out a way to get in there and to give these people some temporary help, shelter, food, clothing. some people are complaining that they haven't seen the red cross to the extent that they would like to see them. and i don't know what the answer is, but i know we've got to figure something out for these folks. bill: hang in therele william there william, and to your family as well. martha: let's go back to this story now, which is new developments on the deadly consulate attack in benghazi libya. fox news has learned that some classified documents will be made available to lawmakers today on capitol hill. we heard from hillary clinton a little while ago that this investigation is on going and it has been on going for our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge to join us
7:39 am
now to tell us what she has learned about this meeting. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: thank you. there is real and significant pressure on the state department this morning to produce these classified cables and other sensitive documents. but the security lapses and intelligence leading up to the benghazi attack n. a series of letters lawmakers are complaining that the obama administration is not living up to its stated goal of greater transparency. fox news has also learned that the house foreign aeu pairs committee is speaking among dozens of documents the classified cable first reported by fox news that summarized an emergency meeting in benghazi lesses than a month before the attack. the regional security officer, the top state security official in the region quote expressed concerns with the ability to defend the post in the event of a coordinated attack due to limited manpower, security measures, pweps weapons capps capability, post nation support and the overall size of the compound. this for told the manner in which the ambassador and three americans would be killed a
7:40 am
month later. this meeting today is in camera or classified which means that lawmakers can review the documents along with their staff but no documents can be taken away or copied in that venue, martha. martha: that document details pretty much exactly play-by-play what ended up happening to those four people who lost their lives that night. what do we know, catherine about this leak investigation that is on going. >> reporter: this is a very important development. based on a letter from the director of national intelligence and the cia director to the house homeland committee chairman a leak inquiry has been launched after a journalist reported that they received the same intelligence briefing as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice whose controversial appearances on the five sunday talk shows september 16th less than a week after the attack portrayed benghazi as a demonstration that spun out of control and not a terrorist attack. >> was the white house aware of what the cia director or the director of national intelligence was going to be saying about the video, about it being a spontaneous attack,
7:41 am
about the refusal to call it a terrorist attack for so many days? was that done totally by the intelligence community or were they in discussion and consultation with the white house. >> reporter: the larger question with this inquiry is whether this journalist, leslie geld received classified information that with us not authorized in a briefing by the cia director, or the director of national intelligence. this is just an inquiry at this point, but congressman king told fox that this may be the first step toward a more formal criminal investigation, martha. martha: catherine, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. bill: there are new reports that president obama's top adviser valerie skwrerette may have been involved in secret talks with iran. now why would that be? martha: plus, why the pilot on this terrifying plane midnight is back in the headlines today. more from "america's newsroom" after this.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
bill: now we find a federal judge in texas expected to rule today on whether or not a jet blues airlines pilot that disrupted a flight can go free. this was a terrifying scene on the flight from new york to las vegas. the pilot running through the plane yelling things like, terrorists can go free. the ruling will come months after he was found guilty by reason of insanity. the judge could order him to be committed to a mental health facility. martha: there are new questions today about whether a top president obama adviser has been involved in secret negotiations with iran. these reports suggest that valerie jarrett, president obama's senior adviser, may have held secret talks, bringing together officials from the obama administration and the iranian regime. such talks would be the first, formal one-on-one negotiations between these two countries in
7:46 am
more than 30 years. unpresents tkepblt ned that ti unprecedented in that time period. i'm joined by john bolton. former ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. what do you think about that. >> when i first heard that story i thought i must be reading something from the onion, or mad magazine, and to be honest i still don't believe it. i don't believe even the obama administration would send valerie jarrett to negotiate with the iranians. not that i put it past them, i just find it very hard to believe. martha: apparently she was born in iran to american parents, her father worked in a hospital there. could that be a reason to, you know, sort of think that she might be a person that would be able to sort of bridge a relationship there, or at least in a very initial kind of informal way start to have some discussions or make arrangements for further, higher level discussions? >> well, my understanding is she
7:47 am
left when she was five. unless she is a very precocious lady i don't think her experiences between age zero and age five qualify her to negotiate with the iranians. moreover, it is presidential malpractice to put what by all accounts is one of the president's closes adviser, maybe the closes adviser in touch with a bunch of munchkin s from teheran. they are like a wall as far as she is concerned, yet she is able to give them insights about the president, about the white house that dozens of iranian spies couldn't get. if i were the iranians and told that valerie jarrett wanted to meet i would be delighted. i'd have long dinners, long lunches, long breakfasts, i'd just get her to talk for days on end to provide insight into the obama white house. i -- as i said i don't put anything past the administration, i'd be stunned if this were true.
7:48 am
martha: we'll see what comes of that. we want to move you onto another issue as well and that is syria. because we are learning that, you know, there are -- there are 11,000 people leaving as refugees to turkey and jordan, that was the headline that crossed this morning. now there is some discussion in the international community about whether or not bashar al-assad is better than what you might get, you know, if he is deposed, if he is pushed out of the country, you know, there have been so many human atrocities under his watch, that's a difficult, you know, that's ao difficult thin a difficult thing to even put out there. what are your thoughts? >> well, you know, there are wars and conflicts where no participant is somebody whose victory would be beneficial to the united states, and this could well be done of them. look, this has been going on for 18 months, and for 18 months i think we've been waiting for the administration, for our intelligence services, for
7:49 am
somebody to identify leaders of the opposition that we could trust with american assistance, maybe up to and including -- i'm not aware of a single opposition leader that anybody has advocated that somebody we could trust not to conduct a blood bath if they were successful. speaking for myself, until i hear the name of somebody who shares our values and we can trust i don't think there is any point in intervening. this is just a terrible tragedy that likely is going to go on killing a lot more innocent people. martha: not a great solution. ambassador bolton thank you very much. always good to talk to you, sir. >> thank you. bill: 11 minutes away jon scott rolls on "happening now." how you doing, jon. jon: i am doing well, bill, sure better than the folks on staten island. the northeast is reeling, two major storms including the nor easter this week spreading
7:50 am
misery, plus the approach fiscal cliff. will speak speaker of the house john boehner and president obama lay down their arms to safe the country from that armageddon. fox news watch takes a look at the mainstream reaction to the election. proper reporting or in appropriate victory laps. you decide coming up. bill: have a good friday and a good weekend. alarming video of an armed robbery, a masked gunman proving that he is very serious about getting his hands-on that store's cash. >> i thought it was a joke. he hit the counter, cocked the gun, shot the case and was like, i'm serious, give me the money. my friend told me about a great new way to get deals. it's lled bankamerideals, from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. put in my account. this is cash back on top of other rewards we already get.
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martha: a scary armed robbery
7:54 am
was caught on surveillance video in san clemente, california. the robber walked in, demanded money. at first one employee thought he was kidding. he clearly was not ca kidding. he pulled the trigger, shot into the case. it's hard to see some of what we are describing here. it was scary for these folks. lislisten to this. >> a bullet went right by the girl's lake. the tra skwrebgt rewas down here. he broke this case. she was like right here. martha: they handed the wash over and the robber just in and out in about 40 seconds. luckily the store employees were not hurt but they were sure shaken up. bill: colorado voting to legalize marijuana for recreation aluses by not requiring a medical prescription, though, that measure puts the state on a collision course with the federal government. what is the state going to do about passing a law that
7:55 am
directly contradicts with the feds in washington? >> reporter: good morning, bill. the colorado governor today high school a phone call scheduled with u.s. attorney general eric holder. he is required by law to certify the ballot within 30 days of the election. at that point the state will no longer go after possession for up to one ounce. the measure also allows folks to grow up to six marijuana plants. eventually after a tax system is set up and licenses are issued there could be stores to sell it. the state's attorney general john suther says he too hopes feds will provide guidance. >> we owe it to the people of colorado to state your intentions. are you going to criminal until lee prosecute grow operations and things like that? people contemplating going into the business need to know that. >> reporter: he opposed amendment 64 but he says it's his job to uphold the law. back to you. bill: thank you. lisa ac u.n. a is out there in
7:56 am
denver. we'll see how that battle is waged. martha: a long and grueling campaign is now done. president obama should not expect much time to savor that victory. simmering spots overseas and here at home, when you talk about the economy. but the foreign hurdles are the main focus we are going to talk about next. i've got a nice long. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him.
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bill: been a long road, hasn't it? matte it's been a long road. what town are you going to this weekend to talk to voters to see how they're feeling. bill: just for good measure. thank you for all the support. we had terrific run during the election. now we enter a new phase. that is the president's second term. that is issue we're talking about every day here. they have not gone away. we'll continue to provide you the best fair and balanced coverage we can going forward. martha: stay tuned for "happening now." have a great weekend. we'll see you back her


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