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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 11, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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abusing their power is a government official. >> paul: that is this week show. >>. >> heather: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, some new fallout from the resignation of the c.i.a. director david petraeus with an affair of his biographer. >> heather: and honoring americans veterans giving thanks to those who served. >> gregg: a chronic controversy growing over the legalization of marijuana in two different states. voters may approve but the federal government's drug enforcement agency does not.
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>> first we begin with a massive cleanup under way in long beach, new york. the entire community devastated by super storm sandy nearly two weeks ago. many of the residents say the lack of power, basic necessity says making the recovery effort much more difficult. anna is live. what kind of progress are you seeing with the cleanup? >> reporter: gregg, the cleanup efforts it's been mixed. we have seen a lot of people cleaning clearing out their homes and backhoes coming in and picking up the debris but only a few feet away you see these cars they look like they have been forgotten for two weeks. there is sea gunk underneath them. we talked to the red cross and $40-50 million has been invested by them into relief and urging everybody to clean up because of concerns over mold.
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other health concern is carbon monoxide poisoning. a woman in ocean side died after she had a generator she was using in her garage. concerns over power go it's coming back in pockets. really the numbers to be misleading we're getting from power companies because they don't include tens of thousands of storm ravaged victims whose electrical systems that the power companies can't get in there to help them. >> gregg: the coastline lost a whole lot of sand during sandy. what is going to be happening senator sn. >> reporter: you can see hundreds of thousands of tons of sand behind me from nassau county crews. when i woke up on tuesday morning, all that sand was all over the streets. they have been clearing the streets. it will take another couple of weeks to do so. the next part of the process is
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sifting the sand and then figure out how they will be redistributing go it around the shoreline. no word on how that is going to be working. a lot of i's that need to be dotted and t's that need to be crossed. >> gregg: we have talked to people that their insurance company i can't do anything until you talk to fema. they try to talk to fena, they say you have to talk to the insurance company. what is the level of frustration over that, not to mention the lack of power and just how angry people may still be over the long island power authority? >> quite frankly, they just seem very confused. we talked to them after the storm. some of them fast forwarded and thinking about insurance but most of them are doing so. initially they were concerned to have a roof over their head and a blanket and a little bit have
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food, but now they are faced with this. they say everybody is kind of pointing fingers it's tough for them to figure out. >> gregg: sad situation. we'll check back with you as well as our meteorologist in just a moment. >> heather: long chnd power authority pay some of the highest rates in the country. >> gregg: is that what they get for it. >> heather: as the northeast recovers from super storm sandy a new net on the horizon. maria molina joins us with more from there. >> good to see you. that is right. we're talking about another storm system that is going to be impacting portions of the northeast. relatively good news impacted by sandy is we're not expecting to see significant snowfalls but there will be a big drop in temperatures behind that next cold front. let's take a look at the forecast. today was beautiful day and good day for cleanup efforts. tomorrow during the afternoon hours we are expecting some sunshine, some clouds to be moving in later in the day and
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temperatures won't be too bad. high temperature on monday 64 degrees, on tuesday, it will be moving late monday night. it will start to move in rain overnight hours monday and early tuesday morning. it could be quite heavy at times. behind that system very, cold air, tuesday the high is only 53. during the nighttime hours right around the freezing mark. very cold temperatures as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. not good news for people across new jersey, staten island or long island. very cold air mass. the storm system is bringing in heavy rainfall in western parts of the great lakes and missouri, iowa, very heavy rain with these thunderstorms. some of these storms will actually be producing severe weather. we'll be looking at large hail possible and even some tornadoes possible with the tornado watch in southwestern portions of
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arkansas and northeastern portions of texas. we'll keep you updated on that. big temperature divide. with this next front. very warm currently, 76 in memphis, behind it 33 in kansas city. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> gregg: new details emerging in a scandal rocking washington from c.i.a. headquarters to the white house even capitol hill. at the center of the storm, former c.i.a. director david petraeus and his biographer lawmakers are asking questions who knew what and when did they know it. >> reporter: f.b.i. never give anyone a head up. david petraeus was at the center of an investigation and the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee says she plans an investigation of her own to find out why. senator dianne feinstein revealed that the affair came to light after the bureau was
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trying to figure out who was harassing another female friend of petraeus. >> there was somebody else he knew and he was close to. mrs. broadwell sent these threatening e-mails to her. she was frightened and she went to the f.b.i.. >> reporter: petraeus is no longer to testify in front of congress about benghazi but lindsay graham the truth will never come out if petraeus keeps quiet forever. >> we have a national security failure in the making. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> a whistle-blower was an f.b.i. agent got a hold of david rikert to a national security concerned tied to this concern.
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he reached out to jart leader eric cantor who alerted the f.b.i. on october 31. but president obama first learned of the affair on november 8th which means two republican congressmen knew about the investigation well before the president did. >> gregg: peter, thanks. >> heather: new pentagon report on the terrorist attacks in libya showing top u.s. military leaders were not immediately told about the deadly assault on 11. consulate on september 11th. time line shows that leon panetta and martin dempsey were only alerted after 50 minutes. special operations were not going to respond for five hours.
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>> gregg: honoring america's veterans. president obama laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers at arlington today. then sending this message to our military men and women and their families. >> we take care of our own. we take care of our verses. we take care of your families. not just by saluting i on one way dai, once a year, but by fighting you every day of every year. that is our obligation, a sacred obligation to all of you. >> gregg: national correspondent steve centanni with more. steve, what was unusual about today's commemoration? >> reporter: the vietnam memorial to mark the 30th anniversary of its dedication. the wall contains the numbers names of 58,000 americans killed in vietnam between 1958 and 1975.
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the name carved in the panels. ceremony, general a general was the main speaker. >> all of us who fought in vietnam came home changed, older than our years, tougher, more serious, no less vital but somehow less light-hearted. >> it marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of that war in vietnam. >> gregg: what other ceremonies were held in washington? >> you had the big event in arlington. a quiet remembrance the world war ii memorial. a few hundred of the surviving veterans from that war were on hand for the event. there are only a few of them, fewer every year since they are in their 80s and 90s. a few of them shared their thoughts with fox news.
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>> reporter: veterans' day is celebrated on november 11th. on this veterans' day a special ceremony in the mojave desert a cross honoring those that died in world war one, it was stolen from federal land. finally returned to the rightful place. dominic, the story of the cross has an bizarre twist? >> first of all you join us at rededication ceremony as the mohav desert cross that was raised in 1934. it was in a center of church at
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state and went all the way to the supreme court. caretakers who have reinstated the cross today comes as huge relief to them because the cross at one point was boxed up to obscure from public view. it's been up and down in a mighty fight. listen to the caretaker as she tells the story. >> it's been a 13-ye a lot of ups and downs. we were told it has to come down. we cried over that. oh, no, it can stay. it's going back to court. we're so happy to have it resolved finally. >> reporter: what happened to the cross was two and a half years after the supreme court said it could stay up. it vanished in a nighttime heist. incredibly it turned up a week ago hundreds of miles away from
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the site. it was found near san francisco with a note on it saying that it needed to be returned to the rightful owners. no indications who took it but it's a huge relief. they made a replacement cross so as a result the new cross is going up today today. there is lasting symbol really to commemorate the war dead, america's soldiers who died in that foreign fields over the years, not just the first world war but all the wars since. >> heather: on this veterans day that is what is most important. thank you so much. >> gregg: we aren't the only nation honoring. november 11th in france is known as ar migs tice day. the president laid a wreath there and in england, they were observing remembrance, queen
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elizabeth led her country in two minutes of silence. >> heather: a lot more to come. a deadly house explosion that leveled an entire block. fire crews says it looks like a war zone. the latest in that investigation is up next. >> gregg: a shaky start for wall street. what will the relationship between wall street and the white house look like over the next four years. how could that affect your 401-k. brenda buttner is here with the answers. >> new controversy, should sex offenders be forced to register their online screen names with police. our legal panel debates.
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>>. >> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines, israel is being drawn into the fight for the syria for the first time. firing warning shots after a stray mortar shell hit an israeli military post. an earthquake rocking myarmar. 12 people are feared dead. and phil jackson reportedly to rejoining the los angeles lakers
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as coach. two days after the team fired mike brown after a poor start to the season. >> heather: killing two people in indianapolis. force of last night's blast damaged three dozen other homes. fire lieutenant saying the scene looks like a war zone. seven other victims were taken to the hospital with injuries. the names of the two people were killed have not yet been released. >> gregg: in recent years the obama administration and wall street have endured what might be described as an uneasy if not shaky relationship. the dow is back to its pre-recession levels right now but some of the president's rhetoric using terms like fat cat bankers prompted top executives to contribute millions if not tens of millions to governor romney's campaign. some are asking if wall street can get along and mend fences
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with president obama. joining us is brenda buttner anchor of fox's "bulls and bears." after being demonized by spending money. >> a lot of it. >> now that it is all over. in the words of rod can i king can we all get along? >> the financial services spent $61 --61 million on romney's campaign. but we really saw what wall street thought after the election when the stock market had the worst day of the year. you could see that was definitely election related. you saw investment banks get very hard hit because there will probably be a lot more regulation. you saw that utilities went down and hospitals and insurers would benefit from obamacare and managed health companies go down.
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wall street said we don't like this. we're seeing a lot of lobbyists come out with more conciliatory language. there is hope there can be a compromise. because in the fiscal cliff comes on january 1. >> i think the cbo was saying 9.1% unemployment and it could be catastrophic and drive us into another recession. look if taxes go up on the wealthy and that has been the president's mantra, could that be a long term drag on the stock market? what does it do to people 401-ks? >> it's definitely less incentive to invest in stocks. not so much as rich people but people at the level tend to be small business owners. they are the ones who hire. that is a huge issue because jobs drive the economy. that is what the cbo is looking
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at if the fiscal cliff goes through we will see a contraction of the economy. >> gregg: over the next four years, what industries or companies could be winners or losers? >> i mentioned some of the ones that were hard hit and some of the others that did well after the election. if you look at things companies that pay out dividends. >> gregg: utilities. >> very good point. we'll see that the sector hit. it's been down 5% just for fears of this. you could see tech companies go up. they don't pay dividends. they plow their cash back in the company. their lobbyists have been success withful with the congress. >> gregg: financial industry despises the dodd-frank hyper regulations. they were trying too to overturn it. it doesn't look terribly likely right now unless the courts do
1:23 pm
it in some information. is that still negotiable because the rule making is still in the hands of regulators? >> yeah, it is but a lot of pessimism by banks about this whole issue. they will be facing these regulations. they were hoping there would be a different outcome on election day so we might see this overturned. there is little chance of that. you mentioned the courts. a lot of times what lobbyists and what the industries will do is take this down piece by piece as you say again with some of the regulators. >> if i'm a banker and not loving the new massachusetts senator elizabeth warren? >> she is the nemesis of big banks. they lobbied her against getting the post as head of the consumer protection bureau. if she gets on the senate banking committee you can be sure the banks will not have a great audience there.
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>> gregg: nobody will be on first term basis with jamie dimon anymore? all right. great to see you. catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: coming up the u.s. economy is getting close to falling off that so-called fiscal cliff. president obama and house speaker boehner they have promised to compromise but what does it mean and can they get it done? >> gregg: approved by voters in two states but federal government says wait just a minute. don't pop out the pot quite yet. it is still against the law. which side is going to win this fight? i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose.
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>>. >> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, breaking details in the scandle behind the resignation of c.i.a. director david petraeus. he admitted to having an affair with his biographer paula broadwell after being outed by the f.b.i. the investigation was triggered by threatening e-mails from broadwell to another woman. that previously unidentified woman is in fact a state department military liason. >> heather: plus 150,000 households remain without power after hurricane sandy. >> gregg: president obama marking veterans' day at arlington laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> heather: with the election behind us a and the fiscal cliff fast approaching, we have been hearing the word compromise a little more this past week.
1:30 pm
today on fox news sunday, two high ranking members of the house who will be hammering out the deal explained how far apart they are right now on the topic of raising taxes. >> i'm all for doing tax reform. the issue is from what starting point? i think that the simpson-boles starting point that assumes 39% is the right way to go to get the mix at hitting their deficit reduction target. >> you got to have economic growth. a tax increase never created a new job in this country. >> heather: so, can a deal be reached? tony, former it is aide to jack kemp and joe sestak a retired u.s. admiral. happy veterans' day to you. if congress does not act by the
1:31 pm
end of the year, $607 billion in spending cuts and tax increases are scheduled to take effect in january. that was part of the deal to raise the federal debt ceiling sasmt compromise possible, congressman, i'll begin with you? >> absolutely possible, but i don't think you will see it until the middle of february. that is because it is possible because of two reasons. you have two men, more boehner and president obama who came close to a compromise but mu now you have a president who doesn't have to be pulled to the left because we have to address spending cuts. you have in mr. boehner that was chastised for not being moderate enough. i think he will come together with the simpson-boles line for a debt commission you have revenues raising and you have entitlement debt reform.
1:32 pm
much like reagan did did when he raised taxes as well as had debt reduction. >> heather: is that a good starting pointed? >> i would agree with the congressman. it is possible. it's essential. this fiscal cliff is very well. it doesn't benefit any american and doesn't benefit any political party if we go over. you are talking about an almost instant recession occurring if nothing is done. i think the challenges for both sides, you saw in that clip, both people are leading with the rhetoric. they are not leading with their best offer which is negotiation 101. republicans have to understand the quicker we transition this conversation from defending tax cuts to the wealthy to spending cuts is really where the majority of the reform has to occur, the better off we are. you saw a poll right after the election.
1:33 pm
35%, only 35% of americans believe it is important to wage this kind of defense to prevent tax cuts. what is more logical to say, $250,000 is way too low a threshold for a wealthy american. if republicans are able to do that, pivot the conversation which are the big drivers of our deficit then we can see real progress. but he also indicated to something i fear. we'll probably get a stopgap measure to take us over the cliff for a while. not real reform. i think we have to be very serious about approaching this. >> heather: you've only got two or three weeks to reform the tax code. is that really possible? boehner says the we can hope for a band-aid solution? >> the reason i said probably mid-february you are able for the month of january and half of february to hold off on some of these tax withdrawals you are
1:34 pm
able to do treasury department. in the first year of defense cuts only about 15% of what you actually appropriated is spent. it's paid out over four years. so you are able to get into the 1st of february february before real damage is gone. if you go into march, you will have a minimum negative g.d.p. growth and negative reduction. tony had another pointed there. bipartisan debt commission said two-thirds of this should be done by approximately spending cut entitlement reform because that is a large part of the budget but about one-third has to be done by tax revenues. they understand what a principle bipartisan compromise is needed must be done for the good of the american people. >> heather: i wanted to talk more about that. this is nonprofit partisan congressional budget office. they said the current national debt exceeds 70% of the gross
1:35 pm
domestic product. they went on to say the debt could shrink to $200 billion by 2022 but we have to have those tax increases and spending cuts. they also went on to say in the immediate term those will cause us to fall into another recession. some analyst it would be deeper and more painful than the recession and continuing the current policies would lead to faster economic growth now. weaker economy later n later years. my question, is there an alternative to either of those approaches? >> i think the simpson-boles commission did lay out a reasonable framework. to the congressman's pointed it's not going to happen overnight. its long term solutions. its conversation that should have been happening already but it didn't because of the politics. main issue we have to focus even though every single metric from
1:36 pm
the cbo report to ernest & young study shows that maintaining all bush tax cuts are better for the economy. politics is the art of the possible. i don't think it's possible for republicans to think that we're going to be able to get the full extension of those cuts. to get to the table i think the most important thing to do is to be on the side of being reasonable about tax reform being reasonable about revenue increases but shift to it spending because is that problem. >> heather: this conversation has to end right now. thank you so much for joining us. >> gregg: well, there is a heated debate raging over the rights of sex offenders. voters in california overwhelmingly passing a measure aimed at protecting children from internet produce lesser but it is -- prowlers.
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. on election day, californians overwhelmingly voted passed prop 35, california against sexual exploitation act. the provision of law requires sex offenders to give police a complete list of their computer screen names and internet providers but a federal judge has issued a restraining order against that provision citing constitutional issues. joining us is now, fox news analyst. mercedes and bob massi. they are normally okay but does the new law infringe on the first amendment free speech rights of sex offenders? >> not at all. because there is a public issue
1:42 pm
at large. public safety. these are very vulnerable population, children and women. these are sex offenders. who wants to rally for the sex offenders? they have committed atrocious crimes. they are targeting those who have been convicted of human trafficking or sexual mow less station of children. no, we need to broaden their rules. we don't want the public at large to noet know that. frankly what does it do it allows those people to prey upon same viysz. >> they have held sex offenders forfeited some of their rights as long as what is called a rational basis for it. we know that predators use the internet to prey on victims. isn't that, bob, the rational
1:43 pm
basis? >> it is but they are relying on this case, i was riding today the mcintyre case versus ohio back in 19915 where the supreme court said there is a certain amount of protection. i'm with mercedes for protecting our children and women. but there is certain amount of protection afforded to those anonymous people for purposes what they call a retaliatory society. here is the concern. from from what i understand, i think they are saying it goes back to 1944. what they are saying there is some people like a nurse, i was reading -- when i was a young woman i as prostitute. i'm 50 years old. i have been a nurse for 30 years. i grew out of that. i think that is concern that the net was too large and that, they are doing this. i'm for protecting the children and women. >> gregg: i read the decision and justice kennedy, sex offenders is a serious threat to
1:44 pm
this nation. look, mercedes, the supreme court has upheld things like sex feornld registries, housing restrictions to protect the public safety. giving police your on screen name and service provider, that is just another way to protect the public and doubt very much it has a chilling effect on free speech. there is restrictions on the same population. this is just becoming more savvy. welcome to the digital age. that is how continued victimization is going to happen. they aren't going snatch the kids off the street but prey upon the children and prey upon these women, that has to be controlled and overseen and has to be controlled in order to prevent that from happening. >> gregg: we know statistically that sex offenders are more likely than other criminals to
1:45 pm
rio fend and so it means to restrict their activities. wouldn't you agree? >> yes, i was researching this issue. it's a great issue we brought up today. that so many cases that you and i have covered, look who how many young people have been victims in the last five to ten years, how, through the internet. luring these people in. so when push comes to shove the other thing is that the the people of california have spoken. even though we know noe something could be constitutional, we wanted our kids and women protected. it will be interesting to see what the judge does. >> gregg: its temporary restraining order but the thing will be overturned and thus the law upheld. mercedes will you consider that the supreme court is actually ruled that sex offenders could be kept behind bars indefinitely even after they have served their sentences. my goodness, by comparison this new law seems tame?
1:46 pm
>> it's absolutely needed. 81% of california yanks voted for this referendum to pass. that is incredible. california is saying this is really serious issue. we truly believe that our children and women could be preyed upon. >> gregg: thank you both for being with us. good to see you. coming up, residents of two different states voting to make marijuana legal but don't break out the bron anys are still billing. >> reefer madness. a huge controversy, black friday it's slowly creeping into thanksgiving thursday and well actually wednesday. that has a whole lot of shoppers crying foul. we'll talk about it.
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backed measures to allow anyone at least 21 years old to carry an ounce of weed. how can officials go through with it because it is still a federally banned substance. here is alan colmes and tammy bruce, fox news contributor and radio talk show host. tammy, what do you think. how are states going to move forward with this? >> i have to tell you, politicians generally are saying there is certainly people want bread and circuses, now it's bread, circuses and pot. people were voting under the influence of something. when it comes to when it comes to colorado and washington has done. california we did that a couple years ago. in our ballot in november 6th many cities reverse that had because of crime rates
1:52 pm
surrounding these dispensaries. look, this is a serious issue. not only it conflicts with federal law and conflicts with parents tell their children. for those of us who have had marijuana and actually inhaled in our teens and early 20s. i don't know how a nation full of pot heads are going to help the direction of this country. >> heather: i want to expand on tammy just talked about. we actually have some of those numbers, some of those developments following california's legalization of marijuana. 50% spike in burglaries in that stated. 5 --57% jump in burglaries and tripling robberies around the marijuana clubs? >> do we know all those crimes attributed to marijuana? one of other things when you legalize drugs not just marijuana, put the cartels out
1:53 pm
of a business. furthermore, i guess who said the amount of money and energy we spend on this is aj outrage on our civil liberties. the cato institute that has done a study on this, we spend so much money going after small offenders and we could save $8.7 billion a year in a cost benefit analysis, it's ridiculous to spend our energy and money going after offenders who have an ounce or two of marijuana. >> heather: tell me about that. >> look, that was pre-obamacare. it's clear according to john boehner that obamacare is law of the land. we have mayors banning sodas and we have first lady to eat more healthy. now in colorado and washington
1:54 pm
smoking another substance. i'm not quite sure if we're going to pay for everyone's health care that we want addicted people with cancer and how that is going to help us save money at this point when we are focused on health issues. let alone, car accidents, unemployment rates rising. i don't know if alan has had marijuana, i remember the impact on me and all i did was want to eat cheetos. >> it's funny to have conservatives say, states should be able to make decisions which is what they normally say or that the government tells us what to put in our bodies. >> hey, i wanted states to make their own decisions, when we suddenly and skiots are trying to get rid of obamacare. if the nation wants obamacare for everybody to paying for everybody's hells insurance it becomes pretty difficult, doesn't it. maybe that is what liberals wanted. >> it's based on romney care,
1:55 pm
but what obamacare does it gets rid of free riders. >> heather: let me jump in. alan we're talking about health implications. you jumped. there are health implications that have been proven from smoking marijuana. >> you are making the presumption because of this law, more people will be unhealthy and more people won't be able to be well -- let me finish -- the government isn't saying pleasing smoke marijuana. it doesn't make sense to have a law that costs society a lot more in terms of energy and money to have a law that makes it ridiculous -- >> but it is linked to cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer risk of leukemia in offspring of women that smoke it during pregnancy. >> if the government tells you everything that caused any disease or something you couldn't have we wouldn't be able to have anything.
1:56 pm
it's not the role of government to tell us what to put in our bodies as adults. >> thank you. >> gregg: veterans' day ceremonies all across america honoring those that fought for the country. an upclose look at some of the biggest events straight ahead. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>>gregg: glad you are with us and welcome to brand new hour inside america's headquarters. >>heather: a deadly explosion in indiana that levels dozens of homes in a scene that police are comparing to a war zone. we will have a live report in indianapolis. >>gregg: new developments in the investigation that toppled c.i.a. director david petraeus with threatening e-mails. >>heather: is there a war on thanksgiving which is taking over turkey day and is ruffling the feathers of employees and
2:01 pm
shoppers. but, first, in new york, two weeks ago, this entire community was devastated by super storm sandy. some residents state road to recovery is going to be longer. now that story. >>reporter: there is some progress, with word that there are 150,000 businesses and homes if new york and new jersey still waiting to get the lights turned back on. those numbers from the power companies could be misleading to some because there are still tens of thousands of victims whose electric system is so water logged the power systems can not get them out of the dark. angry residents and protesters have been speaking out and new york governor cuomo has called for an investigation into the power companies but the long island power authority contends
2:02 pm
their workers are repairing as fast as they can with 6,400 linemen working compared to the normal day of 200. the american red roz has -- red cross has invested $40 million in aid. >> generators create carbon monoxide and in almost every disaster in the last 10 years people have died because they have failed to provide enough space. in this neighborhood we have reports that someone passed away because they had a generator in a garage. that is exactly the sort of thing you cannot do. >> another sign that nationalcy is ahead of the commute tomorrow, the rush hour will go smoother as trains are starting to get more back on line and, also, the tunnels are opening. >>heather: you have heard
2:03 pm
amazing stories of survivors, right? >>reporter: yes. it has been unbelievable. one in particular, a couple in ocean side, that is not far from long beach and they say their new neighbors literally put them on their backs and carried them across the street rescuing them from storm surge. the 75-year-old is who i spoke with and the water started coming into his home at all angles like a sprinkler. he decided to take a flashlight and shine it across to the neighbors and listen to what happened. >> i said i am trying to get in touch with 9-1-1 and they said we will come and get you. the guy next door, our new neighbor, he is 6' 3", a monster, and he says we will be there. and they all came across, one took my wife, and he took me and we walked across the street.
2:04 pm
>>reporter: unbelievable. he is happy to be alive. residents in long beach island, emergency, were allowed to go back in their home, and custody is the first full day they have been with their belongings, and collect them and survey the damage. they were evacuated ahead of hurricane sandy. >>heather: we have a couple of colleagues that were thankful to get back home. so many remarkable stories of survival, thank you very much. >>gregg: the calm after the super storm less than two weeks after hurricane sandy's unwelcome visit, and the mid-southwest now facing a strong system that is set to drench the mississippi river valley through the great lakes. and now, maria from the weather center. maria: we are talking about another storm system now impacting portions of the midwest and producing heavy rainfall and it will be bringing in changes across portions of the northeast including the
2:05 pm
residential portions of new york, and new jersey and long island trying to recover from the impact of sandy. we will see cooler. >> lifing to this area as we head into tuesday with the storm system we will be getting a lot of heavy rain monday night into the day on tuesday. ahead of the system it will be warm today and it has been a warm day if this time of the year across new jersey and parts of new york and 67 is the high temperature. as we head into tuesday and wednesday, dropping back into the 30's at night. many people without power this is not good news. staten island, the same for you, rainfall headed into the overnight hour on monday and into the day on tuesday and long island, the same for you with high temperatures only in the 40's wednesday into thursday and cool out there. the front is bringing if heavy rain across western portions of the great lakes, including wisconsin and illinois with a severe weather component with cold air behind it and warm air
2:06 pm
ahead of us causing the violent storms to fire up. you can see the line of storms in arkansas and texas with a tornado watch in affect across this area. we do have the possibility of seeing tornado activity with the storms and large hail and damaging gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour at times. we do have very warm air ahead of the system in the 70's and 60's across the southeast and in chicago, 66 right now but behind it, very cold and big drop in temperatures and minneapolis only 28 degrees. 34 in kansas city. southern texas, warm up to 80 right now. tomorrow, the cooler air will push to the east and cleveland has a high of 58 and 52 in memphis. >>gregg: thank you, maria. >>heather: no confirmation on what sparked a massive and deadly explosion in an indianapolis neighborhood, a blast killed two people and
2:07 pm
damaged or destroys three dozen homes. now our fox affiliate latest. what does it look like right now? >>reporter: well, we have been through the neighborhood in richmond hills and two houses are scorched earth. can you see that in a video. the target house where the original explosion occurred, no one was home, but in the house next door two people were getting reports, a local schoolteacher and her husband and for a two block radius every house in the two block radius was damaged to the point they will likely be total losses. 80 houses have been examined and 50 are found to be structurally sound, another 30 are very shaky and a lot of folks are not allowed town their homes tonight. that is why we are at a church a couple miles away where they are serving dinners with supplies for the folks displaced by the
2:08 pm
blast. an investigation does continue at this point and the leading cause is thought a natural gas explosion. we have folks from citizens energy and investigators out there who have not found any leaks or other problems in the neighborhood and they are just now getting into the target location, the origin, to determine if they can figure what set the blast off. >>heather: thank you from indianapolis. >>gregg: events marking veterans day taking place all around the nation today. president obama laying the traditional wreath at tomb of the unknown in arlington national cemetery. and highlighting the sacrifice of those serving overseas. >> for a decade of war our heroes are now coming home. the next few years more than a million service member will
2:09 pm
transition back to civilian life. they will take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting role. they will be veterans. >>gregg: and now live to washington, dc, with more. >>reporter: there is a special event at the vietnam memory of the dedication of the memorial and that is one of the most popular attractions in washington, but few are prepared for the emotional impact of seeing the names carved with the reflection of your face staring back. 58,000 americans were killed in the war between 1958 and 1975. a ceremony tomorrow, the secretary of veterans affairs said this. >> others may have passed the nations you know and you reach back in time and connect with those who remain as young and as vibrant as when you last saw them. in that instant the granite
2:10 pm
memorial and the visitor are one. no other monument i know of attains this level of intimacy. >>reporter: and the world war ii memorial, a few hundred world war ii vellets were -- vets were honored. their numbers are dwindling, now in their 80's and 90's. >> great to see the reception the veterans get, treated like royalty, which didn't happen before. >> it is very difficult for the young people today, i realize with the kind of world we have, but don't give up and stay with the american spirit. >> 16 million americans served and 400,000 lost their lives in world war ii.
2:11 pm
>>heather: a unique memorial cross honoring our world war one veterans returned after a bizarre crime. the cross was stolen two years ago from the desert and now we are joined like from california and the return. >>reporter: it grabbed national attention when there was opposition to it being on public land and it stirred up the debate of church, separation from state, but, today, finally returned to the spot or re-instated, a brand new cross because 2 1/2 years ago the original cross was actually stolen after going through an incredible story because the fight was so intense over it. it was boxed over, and covered up so the public could not view it and then value -- vandalized, and 9 original was returned a
2:12 pm
week ago found by the side of the road hundreds of miles from here in northern california near san francisco. there was a note saying why it needed to be returned to the original spot and the original owners. there was a rededication ceremony here and there were many veterans from past wars including the current war in afghanistan. really, for the veterans who attended here today, it carried quite a message. listen to a veteran. >> before it belonged to the veterans of foreign wars and we have shed blood for the rights and the freedom around this country, the great united states and this cross coming back is another symbol of that. >>reporter: the caretakers of this particular site are not sure what they are going to do with the old cross. they could keep it or they could offer it to the church but what is most significant, really, about the desert cross, it is a
2:13 pm
lasting true symbol and dedication to our fallen heroes. >>heather: thank you. >>gregg: new questions of the events leading to the resignation of general petraeus. the investigation has just begun as new concerns emerge about a potential national security threat. >>heather: black friday kicks off the holiday shipping season. >>gregg: i am always ready for that. >>heather: is it kicking turkey day off the calendar? those deals are slowly creeping into thanksgiving thursday with shoppers called "foul."
2:14 pm
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>>gregg: anti-government forces in syria have elected a syrian clerik as the first president this evening. 10,000 descended on the greek
2:18 pm
capital over new spending cuts which is expected to pass but without it greece cannot secure yet another badly needed $1 billion bailout installment from the european union. >> the national hockey league owners are back at bargaining player holding to end a lock out in the 57th day at odds over key economic issues including player pensions. >>heather: and now with thanksgiving days away, retailers are ready to lure early christmas shoppers. but this year, black from it is more like black thursday with retailers prepared to open for business as early as 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. that is kicking off a firestorm among traditional holiday observers. here with her thoughts is our senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." so, some concerns do not like
2:19 pm
this idea, and employees do not like the idea. what is driving the early start times? >>guest: it is good business and a tough retail environment, we expect the sales up only 4 percent compared to 6 percent last year. retailers have to do anything they can to get people in the door. last year, we saw that one out of four black friday shoppers were out before midnight. we saw that jc penney had terrible sales so there is a trend toward this. many consumers love it. they love getting a deal better than sleeping a turkey. >>heather: but do they really get deals? consumers only are expected to spend $9 more than last year. will it be worth the tonight go out thursday evening? >>guest: the stores are staggering the seas.
2:20 pm
at 8:00 at walmart you get a good deal on wii and between 10:00 and 11:00 you get the best deals and this is done for crowd control because there have been safety issues with door busting sales literally people are being trampled to get the big tv sets. so, they are doing it in a different way right now, to try and deal with the problems and they have to get consumers excited about coming in the stores. this is one way. they are competing with online retailers, whether it is 24 hours so they have to figure a way to get people in the stores and to buy. when they get the people in the stores they often spend more than expected. when i go to walmart i always bust my budget and that happens to a lot of people. >>heather: and walmart will greet the initial shoppers with an $89 wii console and $38 blue i -- blu-ray.
2:21 pm
and monday is cyber monday. which is the better source of deals? >>guest: we have done research and actually, there is really good deals right now. black friday is not the day where you get the best deals and it is not the day when most things are sold because a lot of times closer to the christmas holidays during tough recession times as we experience now, people wait until the last minute to see if stores are going to try to move inventory and bring prices down. we have seen a lot of sales that way. >>heather: will it end? will stores next year open before 8:00 p.m.? >>guest: they could. when you talk about employees with an unemployment rate like we have, it has been above 8 percent, but, very, very high a lot of people would be thankful to working at 8:00 p.m. on
2:22 pm
thanksgiving. a lot people feel that employees do not have much to complain about. you are probably working on thanksgiving. >>heather: we have, worked many of those. will you shop on black friday or early thursday? >>guest: i have my christmas shopping done. >>heather: you do? you probably went shopping with gregg. he is super organized. >>gregg: i bought, brenda is right, i bought a shirt yesterday, $13! >>heather: but what about our wish list? greg it was an ugly shirt but it was only $13. health you can catch brenda every saturday morning on o'brien ask and bulls" right here on fox news channel. >>gregg: i will get you something for christmas. campaign insiders are back for a
2:23 pm
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>>heather: at the bottom of the hour time for the tonight news, 150,000 people in the northeast remain without power two weeks after hurricane sandy, down from 8.2 million. those still in the dark say the lack of power is hampering clean up efforts. investigators trying to determine what caused this massive explosion in indianapolis suburb that killed two people. at least two dozen homes were destroyed and another dozen damageed. >> president obama laying a wreath at the tomb the unknown
2:28 pm
at arlington cemetery and thanking all who served. on this veterans day a special honor for a marine who made his mark in war. a baseball hall of famer delayed playing the game to seven his country, still, he says, he is no hero. and now more on that story. >> gary coleman keeps on swinging. >> he has served his team and his country but don't call him a hero. >> a lot of people look at you and say you are a hero. you know who the heroes are? they didn't get back. i have friends in the pacific and korea did not come back. >> he walked away from professional baseball to fight alongside the friends and serving with distinction in iowa and korea, called the colonel he is the only major leaguer who
2:29 pm
saw combat duty in two wars flying 120 combat missions, mighting a bomber and earning 13 air medals and two flying crosses. >> your country is the dominant factors in your life especially the united states. if you have not been out in the world and seen how other things go you don't know what you are talking about. when you have seen that you realize this is heaven. >> heaven also meant playing for the new york yankees as a starting second-baseman he won rookie of the year in 1949, all star and world series mvp and took home four series titles before retiring. he spent 40 years in san diego calling games for the padres where the team has a statue in his honor and an exhibit recognizing ballplayer whose have served.
2:30 pm
>> a person, a lover of american history and baseball hero a true hero in my eyes a pleasure to sit down behind me and share in his journey and his life experience. >> he is a walking history lesson and it is funny he never pushed upon anyone and he is bitty and sharp and has jokes and tries to deflect attention to himself but we keep digging to get the stories of the guys he played with and flying airplanes in battle. >> stories which don't define his life. >> to me, the most important thing you have is someone who loved you and your country, and the people that love you. that is my opinion.
2:31 pm
>>gregg: it is all over but inevitable recriminations a nailbiter with razor thin poll numbers all the way to election day and election night, quicker that anyone expected, ohio was called for president obama and the re-election was sealed. how did it happen? what were the defining moments? we will bring in our campaign insiders with us all season, john leboutillier, and pat caddell, and doug schoen, and, gentleman, i must say, you were all absolutely correct. you predicted the president would win re-election, and, indeed, he did. and in the details you were also quite right. what i want to start with, going
2:32 pm
through the pivotal moments that returned this election. pat, we will begin with you. >> i will let doug talk on his statement but i will talk about ryan, to take a candidate in the house of representatives which never worked out for a vice president, and run someone who carried the heavy burden of his plans on medicare with senior citizens, the republicans needed to win, we said on the show, i said, take rubio, make an effort of inclusion, take condoleeza rice, do not, do not take ryan who gives you nothing but makes your base happy. >>doug: i will focus on the conventions. bottom line, the republicans had a critical opening, an opportunity to define mitt romney's program, goals for the future, and plans. they didn't do it. they concentrated on his
2:33 pm
biography. on the democratic side, bill clinton. >>gregg: a reaction to the negative advertising and he had to build up his personality. >> he was on the defensive and on the democratic side, bill clinton got president obama reelected. >> what i picked, first, the 47 percent video, regrettable but if there is more to it than just the video. it is the reaction by other republicans when it calm out how few of them, not just talking elected officials but people in general, who did not condemn this, and, it fits a pattern i see that has to change which is, republicans have to like the american people. they have to want to like our fellow citizens. yes, you can disagree but you have to like each other and be likable. we can not be a nasty party that
2:34 pm
has nasty opinions of our fellow citizens. we are losing, we have lost five of the last six presidential races. if that is not a warning to change our fundamental ways we will keep losing. >> i would pick three things, auto bailout, amnesty bailout and contraception as being critical. you were all giving advice along the way what romney needed to do and other predictions. doug? >>doug: i would say in terms of prediction, pat and i a year ago said that president obama was going to run the most divisive campaign in history. we said he could get re-elected but we said it would be impossible to govern after being re-elected and sadly, the events of the week, the budget, suggest that sadly, pat and i were absolutely right. >>pat: two things, the big
2:35 pm
one, i kept saying the number to watch was obama's approval rating, about 51 on election day and he will get that, but about holding the ball after the third debate when we were on this show, we talked about the impact that the effort on libya, letting that issue go and not developing that, it took away something away. he was daring to be cautious, and that does not work. john: since we first came on with you in march, each of us in our own way would say that the first of these two candidates, romney or obama, who presented a positive vision for what they would do in a second term, would win. now, really, neither of them did it, but, obama at the end did a little bit more, the hurricane
2:36 pm
put him back on talking positively, bipartisan, nice stuff. >>gregg: what happened to the turnout the vote strategy that governor romney had? >> it collapsed. second, john's point is one that we have to begin with. if you are only really competing for white voters over the age of 40, it is hard to is that town out. obama was inclusive. >> do republicans need to be more conciliatory and give up on taxes the rich? remember the debates we have had when romney lost and gingrich went after bain and the entire
2:37 pm
republican party was defending wall street and reunited? >> this problem is more than just coming up with immigration. you have to have a policy approach that is not just negative. no, no, no, what we are missing with this election and what it could have been was vision for the economy. the vision for jobs. the real vision. >>gregg: we will take a quick break. is it tainted? time to panic? >>heather: also coming up, a powerful earthquake shakes southeast asia with a dozen people feared dead and priceless buddhist relics destroyed.
2:38 pm
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2:41 pm
>>heather: and now a quick check of the headlines, with a strong earthquake in burma
2:42 pm
killing a dozen people with your damage reported to temples. another nato service member has been killed by an insider attack in afghanistan. the service mobile's nationality has not been released. california senator feinstein telling fox news sunday the intelligence committee has questions about the extramarital affair of c.i.a. director petraeus. that before is on fox news sunday coming up at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >>gregg: and now the campaign insiders. congressman when you look at the final electoral vote, romney and the republicans got bumped and spanked in the senate races. so, what is the future of the republican party? is the brand tainted? john: damaged and tainted. but sometimes the way to fix something is to recognize you have a problem.
2:43 pm
i went on friday to long island which is republican territory, roosevelt field, i went to the apple store to look at a computer. i was standing there waiting to be waited on and i looked at the people that came in there in suburban long island. they were black. hispanic. asian-american. white. mixed race couples. all these people in there. all buying great computer stuff. i looked at them and here is the thing: all those people are all the same. they all want the same things inside they are the same. republicans don't believe that. they don't like them. they don't want to include them. i think politically you have to see them and say they are potential voters for us. our message of conservative fiscal stuff and strong defense can be sold if you do it right. >>doug: what is missing, john,
2:44 pm
what is missing from the republican narrative, is growth. job creation, expanding the pie. >>john: asian marks are the most ambitious in our society, they voted 3-1 for obama. they really are individuals and entrepreneurs. but the senate races, the senators got killed. there were 33 seats and 23 democratic seats and 12 in trouble, and democrats -- republicans lost seats. it reminds me of 1948, it looks like the 1948 election. >>gregg: there is a fiscal cliff looming and potentially another recession. what dot republicans do to try, if they obstruct again they are going to get the blame. john: it is crazy not to make a deal. we have to make a deal. we run the house of
2:45 pm
representatives, we have to be part of the deal with obama and the democrats. if we have to trade raising taxes on rich people politically as a republican, i'm all for it. i would do it. >>doug: obama doesn't seem like -- he is my way or the highway. to me the republicans have a simple plan, and that is to come out with their own tax reform program that lowers rates, limits deductions and raises more revenue from wealthy people and say we are true to our brand and doing what the republican wants. >>gregg: looking to 2016, pat, who are the people that the republican party need to look to? pat: they will look to jeb bush and clinton and rubio by beyond this, what we missing is the 70 percent of the country who against the way washington works and there was no candidate for them or party for them in this
2:46 pm
election. that is someone would will speak to that majority who looks at the situation and says we failing you. >> the three of us, for a year, we said there would be a third option in this race, and if ever there was an absent establishment wave against both parties, 2012 was it but it never happened. and the event next weekend, a grand stand event? >> what pat and john talked about, an outsider, with a agree narrative with the history, and he is optimistic. >>gregg: paul ryan? >> you cannot look like a man who wants to cut everything, that costs him being on the ticket. that is it. >>gregg: they predict the outcome. they were right.
2:47 pm
thank you, gentleman. they will become political insiders and they will be here next weekend, as well, and you can get them monday at 10:30 a.m., eastern and they will be back here, of course, next sunday and you can follow them on twitter. >>heather: coming up, we honor america's veterans new questions of the men and women in uniform returning home today and whether the sons doing enough to help them deal with the lasting effect of war.
2:48 pm
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>>gregg: today we mark 94 years since the end of world war ii and we honor 23 million military veterans who have protected our freedom. now as they return home, the question is, who is protecting them? >>gregg: many are unable to get needed health care, and many are unemployed, some are homeless. how can we as a grateful nation help this? a retired four-star general and
2:52 pm
fox news military analyst, great to you have on the set, general. it is an important day, always, for americans. how can we help our veterans? >>guest: frankly, two things they want: they want do have a job like everyone else in america. two, to have the health their needs taken care of. on the health care side, we have serious issues here. it takes more than a year for disability claim to be processed by the v.a. they will fix that in 2015, that is outrageous. we should look at that as a major crisis, bring in the resources and fix it in six months. the second health care issue is, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. i think it is a medical epidemic given the others who also have it. the v.a. cannot deal with that scale. we should let them enter the private national health care system of america as a health
2:53 pm
care benefit. we have the resources, the doctors, the facilities, we do not need to build new facilities or increase the staffing at the v.a. all doctors are already out there. let them use the existing facilities and doctors in the wonderful medical centers that we have all over the united states. >>heather: we have 50,000 wounded in iraq and afghanistan alone so it is a huge problem. talk about unemployment, the national average for veterans is higher than the national average. what can we do to provide incentives for people to hire the veterans? >>guest: it is almost double the rate. it is frustrating when you come back after that sacrifice. and you burning your family more because you cannot find unemployment. we need to have incentives for the private sector with incentives for government agencies to hire them but there should be tax credits and the like for the private sector, and, they need in some cases, some training and development so
2:54 pm
they can get qualified for jobs. helping them get in to those areas, those career changes for them, that is useful. the last thing is, they need assistance from private placement agencies. that requires the public and private partnership. some of the public and private partnership is tough. we have to find ways to break that down so we can work together with the private soak tore. >>gregg: do you think the skills and intelligence and capability of many of the veterans are in a workforce in america underestimated? these are folks who have tremendous command and organizational skills they can bring to businesses across america. >>guest: absolutely. you get disciplined and worth eggic and people who understand goals for an organization and willing to commit to something larger than themselves and to do that routinely. the personal attributes are there. but, face it, we have never in
2:55 pm
our nation asked so far to do so much for so many for so long. a lost america, while they support our veterans and our troops, many of them do not have a connection with them. that is one of the problems we have, and true of the corporate world and industry at large, as well, they do not have a connection so they do not know who they are and the kind of people they would be. >>heather: today all across the country people remembering and honoring our veterans and we certainly need to move it beyond today and do it every day. what about family members what can we do to assist them more? >>guest: what they need, they need the support, as well. some of them, actually, have problems themselves because of the stress and strain they have been dealing with for so many years. so they have to be able to access services to take care of them. by and large, the primary veteran, you take care that person in terms of a job, that
2:56 pm
family starts to be taken karen. >>gregg: we respect of and honor all of our veterans on this special day, sir, and we need to do it 365 days a year. >>guest: you bet you. greg greg thank you for your service and thank you for coming today and telling us about this important subject. >>guest: i am proud to say a few things how wonderful these people are. >>heather: that does it for us. >>gregg: fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next and, again, thank you, all veterans across america for your wonderful service and dedication. where others fail, droid powers through.
2:57 pm
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