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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> harris: this is the fox report. tonight one of america's key allies in the mideast our friend israel possibly on the brink of a ground war with islamic militants. can diplomatic efforts bring a cease-fire? >> the white house with a message for israel, you have a right to defend your self against terrorists. under attack the mideast. tensions escalating, missiles and rockets fill the air israel and hamas appear to be steps from a ground war. fox reports on the latest from the border between them. >> the white house responds to the bombshell dropped by ecia
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director david petraeus. he says he sent talking points to the administration saying attack on in benghazi was terrorism and his words were changed. >> why when the cia had it right why were those talking points changed? that is going to be a talk that is going to be ongoing. >> harris: who took out the part about al-qaeda's role? what we are learning. >> also, gas prices, you don't wanna pay. how about this. a gadget to turn any car on the road into a hybrid. one man says he can convert your vehicle into a money saving machine. i'm harris faulkner. mideast on edge lethal conflict stretching into a fifth day. calls forever restraint are lost in the din of battle as the region moves closer to what looks like a precursor to
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war. israel stepping up its assault launching 200 airstrikes. the thank you taxes leveling the headquarters of the hamas' prime minister and other government building. israel's enemies undaunted militants in gaza shooting another long range rocket bound for the city of tel aviv. israeli military up to the task of defending the home front. i want to tell you what you are watching. these pictures show israel's shield from missile tacks in action it is called the iron dome system shooting up into the sky to intercept incoming rocket and blasting it apart. that defense system is one of the newest high-tech additions to israel's persian gulf arsenal and they are using it partly funded by the united states and it is start. here's how it works, iron dome is able to calculate each
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rocket's trajectory and only intercept those that will hit a target through sensors located around israel. also today israel getting a new show of support from its most important ally, america. reiterating that israel has a right to defend itself against any attacks. meanwhile, the conflict could escalate in a major way israeli tanks amassing on the border with gaza ready to invade if the order is given. it is early sunday morning now near the frontlines. that's where we will find david lee miller in southern israel. what is the success rate of this iron dome system? >> reporter: harris, the system is very successful, so much so if you take a look over my shoulder, you can see the israeli military is resupplying one of batteries here in the city they used up all the missiles intercepting missiles at this location.
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when you talk about a success rate the figure that the military puts for the is 85%. another statistic, today militants fired 227 rockets into israel, 57 intercepted. you have to remember, the iron dome only shoots down rockets that are targeting population centers. as you mentioned, one of those rockets today was headed in the direction of tel aviv, it was shot down by the iron dome system, not just the iron dome system, it is worth mentioning it was a newly installed battery tested that the israelis just put into use and today, it proved its effectiveness. >> harris: first of all, i want everybody who is watching to understand there's a little delay, understandably, because of where you are. to work within the confines of that, my question for you, i don't want give people the impression that is automatic war. a lot is being done on the diplomatic front. what is making any progress if
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any right now? >> reporter: today in cairo, a meeting took place the leadership of egypt, turkey and qatar, all met, all have varying degrees of influence over hamas, they are trying to broker some type of sees fire. egyptian president said when the meeting was over, they took a break, quoting him, some in of a cease-fire but nothing concrete. it looks like there's a possibility, still, a long way to go. >> harris: very interesting about egypt we'll be talking later inside the fox report about their role in this. the muslim brotherhood has aligned itself with the palestinians in this conflict. let's talk about what might make a sees fire a reality? >> reporter: as -- a cease-fire a reality? >> reporter: there could be a ground incursion"z. currents wht israel wants to make a cease-fire reality is for hamas to stop the rocket
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attacks that are being launched from gaza. rocket attack fast that hamas is responsible for as well as militant groups. hamas says they want israel to stop so-called targeted assassinations. both groups come to the take with something they want. how much of it is reality they are going to achieve a temporary cease-fire? very uncertain. a few days ago, when gaza was visited by the egyptian prime minister, both sides agreed to a temporary truce, that truce never got underway. israel and the palestinians each pointing the finger at the other for its failure. >> harris: those fingers getting closer together as they begin to amass at the border. it is 2:06 in the morning where you are. how quiet or loud are things now? >> reporter: things now have been quiet, i would say perhaps eerily quiet for the
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last several hours. it is hard to read any meaning into that. it might just be people are catching their breath, it could be diplomatic progress. it might mean nothing. things can change in this neighborhood literally in the blink of an eye >> harris: we have seen you don the protective gear when that happens. david lee miller, thank you. how close are we between all-out war between israel and hamas? you heard about potential for cease-fire. the man playing an important role to keep the peace, israel's ambassador to the united nations is in the building, he will join me live, coming up >> context on the enemy facing israel, hamas militant islamic group founded in fine toon 87. the following year it made a constitution this is some what it says it stands for. hamas calls for the destruction of israel and the establishment of an islamic state that recognizes only sharia law.
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hoare now the investigation in the terror attack on americans in libya that happened in september. what really happened that night in benghazi when our ambassador and three others were assassinated? new reaction from the white house following bombshell testimony on capitol hill from the man in charge, former cia director petraeus. briefing lawmakers from the house and senate intelligence committees in a closed door meeting yesterday, telling them he knew from the start the attack was terrorism. and someone changed his words about what happened that night. those words the cia talking points for the obama administration and lawmakers. petraeus' testimony coming a week after he resigned amid that scandalous extramarital affair. questions centered what led up to attack on september 11th, that killed four americans? with this new information,
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from general petraeus, now a lot of questions from lawmakers looking for the truth. molly henneberg in washington. are we any closer to finding out who made the changes to the cia talking points? >> reporter: harris, it is still a mystery. now the white house is making the case that it did not remove the line about the al-qaeda link from the cia talking points. white deputy national security adviser told reporters today that, the only edit that was made by the white house and the state department was to change the word consulate to the word diplomatic facility. since the facility in benghazi was not formally a consulate. someone made an edit and inserted reference to extremist organizations instead of a can terror attack and pressed the idea the attacks was the result of a mob turning violent because of an anti-muss -- muslim video,
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tonight it is still a mystery. >> harris: why is it significant to members of congress? >> reporter: republicans say the altered talking points show the obama administration wanted for political reasons to minimize the possibility of terrorism early on. democrats say it shows the facts were still coming in. >> looking at the raw intelligence, there were many conflicting reports some that said there were protests some that said there weren't. there were groups claiming responsibility, others denying responsibility. it took time to get it right. >> why was the talking point memo initially released from the cia after it went through the process, why were certain things taken out? why was there such an emphasis on this youtube video as opposed to the other motivations that could have sparked the attack? >> reporter: the cia talking points memo would have been run through the justice department and other u.s.
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intelligence agencies before it was given to lawmakers. >> harris: thank you hole molly. we'll learn more about the libya probe and general petraeus' resignation from senator saxby chambliss vice chair of the senate intelligence committee and senator lieberman. both men appearing exclusive on fox news sunday tomorrow check your local listings for times. right now we are checking for the latest on the the survivors on that story in midland, texas where some of our war veterans were hurt while traveling through town in a celebration. here are picture from the parade float that got hit by a train. tonight how the injuredt]c are doing. their conditions. and the outpouring of support from those close-knit community members, coming to help. >> new word from the ntsb about what happened in the
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final seconds before that crash. >> also, answering the call to serve once again. former members of our armed services lending a hand in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> reporter: we are in the city of new york, plans of leveling 200 homes of safety concerns we are live with a group of veterans racing again the clock sometimes working 18 hours a day to save as many as they can. their story is next. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom.
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. >> harris: ntsb is saying signals at the rail crossing were activated several seconds before a parade float carrying military vets crossed the tracks and was hit that could mean even more questions now for the guy who was driving the float. for instance, why did he cross
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with those warning signals on? the story has been unfolding, four wounded war veterans were killed when a freight train slammed into their parade float carrying them and their spouses in midland, texas. some of those who survived rushed to help those who were hurt. a doctor who has been on the battlefield and at the scene of this accident says wartime instincts kicked in. >> it is amazing the human spirit in moments of a like this. the same human spirit we see in combat where when situations get chaotic and people need help, these veterans they really rise to the occasion and begin helping each other. >> harris: hundreds of witnesses, military supporters and former veterans in west texas have been donating blood. as of this morning only five of the 16 who were hurt in the crash are still hospitalized.
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one patient remains in critical. >> new details coming into fox news about a plane crash in owlhead maine the plane hit a truck during takeoff. the plane plunged into woods and burst into flames killing three onboard. officials say the truck was authorized to be on airport grounds a pilot was driving the truck picking up a co-worker at a hangar no word on who was on the plane or where it was headed. a group of volunteers who has seen chaos firsthand now in new york to help. they call themselves team rubicon. a non-profit organization that sprung up after haiti's quake. they consist of hundreds of vet prance from iraq and afghanistan using military experience and training to help victims in disaster
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areas. they arrived before superstorm sandy hit, ready to do whatever was needed. and they are needed. anna i could man is live from -- new york this is therapy for the veterans as well? >> reporter: it is they are headed to a debriefing now to share some of their stories. many of these veterans are reporting not experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and not having to take normal medications, many veterans from the wars in iraq andafter 5 are giving their fist -- and afghanistan are giving their support to the victims of sandy. >> they have this idea the sense of service that drew them to the military in the first place. when they see disaster strike their backyard it is important for them and they find it important to rise up and meet that challenge.
4:19 pm
>> reporter: they are focusing in the rockaway section of queens today, giving blood, sweat and tears, removing debris, muck, sand and mold from flooded homes residents are calling them a godsend. >> they give by serving the country and then they come to give to me individually, they keep me safe. now they are trying to keep me safe again. it is amazing. it is so cool. >> reporter: harris, for the veterans they say being able to offer their service is something they often feel like they have an a void when they get back from war and this is filling that void. >> harris: seeing that woman lets you know how much raw emotion is out there. i imagine the veterans have unique ways they can support. >> reporter: often it is a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. you just heard from mary who burst into tears when the team arrived at her home.
4:20 pm
she has been alone in the cold and wet and in the dark for nearly three weeks and she is told it could be christmas before her power is turned back on. one team leader that we spoke with broke several ribs volunteering. he tells us he's taking a more coordinated role. you see him hugging her. he says the tragedy he experienceed losing some of his comrades helped him relate to sandy victims. >> we all hit our low point it was a bad day for all of us, here i am a year later hopping somebody else. i hope for her, a year from now she will be helping somebody else. it is a low point and i shared that story with her but to give them hope too. >> reporter: team rubicon plans to be here at least until the end of the year. if folks would like to donate, head to team >> harris: we are at our best
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. >> harris: a man wanted for questioning reveals his hiding place he was in his house the whole time he says. police in belize were looking for john mcafee a technology mogul and owns several oceanfront buildings, he spent six days out of sight but taunted police by sending twitter messages speaking to the media by phone claiming his innocence. he says he was hiding within plain sight all along. police want to talk to him about the murder last saturday of an american ex-patriot. they are looking into mcafee's
4:25 pm
latest claims about where he was. commander belonging to the militant group hezbollah wanted by the united states in the deaths of five americans, is now a free man. iraq had him behind bars and refused to hand him over. going against the wishes of the united states, iraq released the suspect now home in lebanon still considered a huge security threat to america. peter doocy following the story. >> reporter: vice president biden called iraqi prime minister maliki this week and told him it was important not to release the hezbollah affiliated terrorist accused of killing at least five american troops. by the iraqi prime minister said his country no longer had legal grounds to hold them they released him. now he's back home in beirut. republican senators mccain and graham are floored by the way things unfolded and released a
4:26 pm
joint statement that says, the release further shows that america's influence in the region is waning as a result of this administration's failed foreign policy. the united states now has so little influence that it could not prevail upon the iraqi government to extradite him to the united states to stand trial for his crimes. senator mccain did not stop there. >> this is an outrage families of those who were killed by this terrorist should also be outraged. >> reporter: the state department says they've been in contact with the government of lebanon about daqduq a spokesperson says bringing him to justice remains a priority. >> we will continue to pursue all legal means to see he receives justice. >> reporter: the state department says while they are deeply dissatisfied with the iraqi government wrapped to the release they have to respect the role of the iraqi
4:27 pm
judiciary itch >> harris: nature on a tear with a city stage in the way seems like this, you might imagine, causing major problems. the mideast on the brink what looks like all-out war. i'll talk about israel's ambassador to the united nations, he's in new york tonight. what's ahead on the conflict, stay close. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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>> harris: i'm harris
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faulkner. bottom of the hour time for the top of the news: ground forces massing. it appears they are poised to invade after the islamic militant group hamas has been acceptedding rockets like rain on israeli cities. israel launching hundreds of strikes in response. earlier today, wiping out hamas government buildings. we are getting reports the united nations security council net closed session today where the situation in the mideast may have come up. for more let's bring in israeli ambassador to the united nations who happens to be in new york tonight. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: you have been sending letters to the security council for weeks, telling them how explosive the situation was. did they talk about it today? >> they didn't talk about it. thank you for asking me. i've been sending letters for weeks and for months, saying hey, we can't stand this thing,
4:32 pm
israeli citizens are being bomb barred with rockets day in and out for weeks and months. i want to remind you, israel withdraw out of gaza in 2005, never looked back into gaza and hamas, instead of tuning gaza into a flourishing entity has turned into a haven for terrorists an ammunition dump for weapons in an amass that is amazing. hamas in the sense has turned this situation unbearable for any country and any government, because the best we can to now is try to defend our citizens against this indiscriminate rocket fire. >> harris: we are looking at video that was impressive and very deadly over the past few days. i know the white house today has reinforced, if you will,
4:33 pm
its support. saying israel has a right to defend itself against terrorists. how important a role might that play in any decision to go in and have a ground war at this point? >> well, all options are on the table. the equation is simple, going to be quiet in israel, going to be quiet in gaza. we are trying to do everything to defend our citizens. the problem is hamas is an organization targets israeli civilians. it doesn't make a difference who they are. yesterday, they tried to shoot a rocket on jerusalem and it nearly hit a muslim community. they target muslims, jews, christians. this organization would do everything it can in order to hit and hurt civilians. >> harris: let's talk diplomacy. previously, egypt would have stepped in, in the past and helped to calm the chaos.
4:34 pm
now, their president morsi has said they will align themselves with the palestinians headed by now the muslim brotherhood, their new government. people have said that means that egypt plays a different role in this equation. what does it mean? >> first of all the relationship between israel and egypt is of mutual interest to both countries and the peace agreement is the bedrock of stability in this region. >> harris: is it in jeopardy? >> i think the peace agreement is not in jeopardy. we have to work together in order to stop hamas. people sometimes forget, what hamas is all about. hamas is an organization that basically doesn't see israel's right to exist. not just israel, it has on its charter genocide against jews not just in israel but all over the world. if you are a jew in the united states, hamas is after you. this organization has turned gaza, which -- purse cuting
4:35 pm
political opponents and oppressing minors, including christians, this is what we are up against. this organization, in that sense will go after the infrastructure of that military infrastructure of hamas only that would bring us to a dialogue with moderate palestinians. >> harris: i want people to understand how this got triggered. hamas says it is over the killing recently of one of its militant leaders. then go forward with how much firepower they've shown. are you surprised that hamas has been able to do what they have in the past few days? >> we have been saying for months, that hamas has rockets and they have ammunition dump one of the biggest in the mideast acquiring that instead of bringing prosperity and welfare to the people, they've used the money to buy rockets and bombs instead of building
4:36 pm
schools and hospitals and hamas in the sense has tried to turn zoo -- to turn gaza into a police where you only see terror and problems in gaza. israel is trying to defend itself -- defend its citizens for months. they provoke lately and shooting anti-missile, missile against israeli armored vehicle killing and wounding four -- >> harris: you are saying this is going back and forth all the time? >> 12,000 rockets since israel left gaza completely. >> harris: i want people to understand the grasp the urgency of this weekend and why it is so critical now? this has been going on for days. now we are told 16,000 israeli soldiers are at the border. that looks like a precursor to
4:37 pm
all-out war. what brings us back from the brink? >> simple, we want quiet for israeli citizens, israeli children and women, as we speak a million israelis are in shelters -- >> harris: tonight, right now? >> yes. the equivalent of all the west coast in shelters. no nation, no people and no government can stand idyllwild the citizens, their own citizens are under that massive attack we will do anything it takes to get that threat away from our citizens. >> harris: how much time do you think we have above those troops move? >> like i say, all options are on the table. we will take any steps to assure we defend our citizens, so children in israel and women will be able to sleep quietly in beds in jerusalem,
4:38 pm
tel aviv and in the south, like anyone here in new york. >> harris: ambassador what i hear you saying is we are not going to offer a timetable because that in' dangers -- that endangers people. i appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: new concerns about major security problem at our airports during one of the busiest travel weeks all year. tsa official confirming to fox news, there's a flaw in boarding passes in the barcodes we use when you check-in. left unchecked it could give terrorists an in, dominic that tall looking into the story. >> reporter: who would have thought a tsa security measure could turn out to be a risk? here's the problem. hackers have discovered the barcode onboarding passes could be manipulated to access
4:39 pm
tsa's reduced security screening line. >> by using readily available barcode reader tools, you can read the data out of that barcode. you can take that same string of data, alter it to make it read whatever you want. >> reporter: the barcode contain, name, flight details, if you signed up for the precheck trusted traveler lift the level of screening you get at the scanners. precheck flyers don't need to remove shoes, belts or laptops. >> if people do this, someone who would normally go through the more stringent process could upgrade themselves to the precheck line and go through a far less invasive search. >> reporter: boarding passes could be digitally edited online in minutes. tsa downplays the danger. >> to identify something as vulnerability is to not understand the entire system because there's not one hole
4:40 pm
is not going to bring us down because we have so many other patches. >> reporter: tsa tried to shrug off the story a few weeks ago. an official i spoke to, off-the-record, told me, they were aware but wasn't able to give us any sense of when they were going to fix the problem. that means that continues to be the risk. >> harris: thank you very much. speaking of security, one day ahead of president obama's visit insurgents focus of an investigation in a dead ly explosion. our top story as we go aren't world in 80 seconds: thailand, explosion killing one person in the southern part of the country. 20 others wounded. police suspect militants set off the remote controlled bomb hidden in a motorcycle. president obama set to arrive
4:41 pm
tomorrow on the first leg of his asian trip that will take him to burma and cambodia. australia, powerful storm pummeling brisbane, heavy rain and gale-force winds doing a lot of damage causing trees to sway, knocking down power lines leaving 6,000 hopes and businesses without electricity. parts of the city also hit with hail. spain, police are usually the ones keeping the protesters at bay. this time they are the protesters. 5,000 officers taking over the streets of madrid, angry over austerity cuts affecting their checks, including elimination of their christmas bonuses. china, very smart canine moved to the head of the class. the 3-year-old dachshund can do arithmetic. barking out the correct answers to four math questions,
4:42 pm
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>> harris: still following some races tonight with an update on outstanding house races in arizona democrat ron barber has won his state's second district. he was filling out the remainder of gabrielle giffords term now will serve for a full term. in florida a judge allowing for a review of the votes to
4:46 pm
go on in st. lucie county in the race between republican west and democrat murphy. we'll let you know how that turns out. latest from an oil platform that was on fire the search is still on for two workers missing. coast guard sending boats and helicopters to scour the area. the platform 25 miles off the coast of louisiana the fire believed to have started when work using a torch to cut an oil line. they put out the fire, the crews did, now there has been no other reports of or there have been no other reports of oil leaks from the wreckage. four workers suffered severe burns. they remain hospitalized. could it happen again? the scars from the awe or , colorado massacre still -- aurora, colorado mass -- massacre still with you us. >> missouri, the mother of that would be gunman heard her
4:47 pm
son -- turned her son into police saying he was planning to shoot moviegoers at a twilight show and wal-mart store he's 20-years-old and confessed to police he bought assault rifles and more than 400 rounds of ammunition. >> arizona, details coming out about the woman driving the car in the surveillance video. you can see the vehicle go through an airport fence twice ending up on the runway in phoenix. in the backseat her one-month-old daughter. the woman's mother saying publicly, her daughter is mentally unstable. >> cal cattle, t -- california, tsa stopping jeffrey mccann at oakland international airport over his ornate watch it has switches, wires and fuses, which tsa thought was a bomb timer they took name custody he's charged with possessing materials to make an explosive device. >> michigan, homecoming,
4:48 pm
brings holiday cheer. 60 u.s. soldiers with the army national guard returning home after a year in afghanistan. this is sufficient ridge air national guard base. welcome home that's the fox watch across america. >> do juan to drive a hybrid without buy -- do you want to drive a hybrid without buying one? maybe you can. how you can keep your own wheels. >> time to say good-bye to twinkies and ding-dodges. maybe -- ding-dongs. why they may not be gone for good. >> we felt it was coming on. we got notified today, today was our last day. we weren't sure until today.
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. >> harris: maybe filing for bankruptcy, there may be a way to save the life of the twinkie. companies including pabst and flour food i looking to purchase some of the brands, the company closing its doors this past week over labor disputes. the 82-year-old bakery could take a year to fully shutdown. if no one buys them out all 33 plants will close. 18,000,, 500 people -- 18,500 people will lose their jobs. millions of us are hitting the highways for the holidays this week and paying steep gas prices. if one university professor has his way we could improve
4:53 pm
our mileage by five -- by 50 to 100% with a simple electric gadget. i love a man with a plan. >> reporter: if he can relieve any of the pressure at the pump i will be happy. researchers are designing a retrofit conversion it can that can fit on any car, make or model. can 27 electro magnets, and bait pack stew -- and a battery pack students have completed a prototype they say could fit on any car. >> we put in electrical motors on then a battery pack in the back of the car with a couple of computers that tells it what to do. >> reporter: he thinks the car could be on the road within a year for speeds below 40 miles an hour the cost around $3,000. he claims it will i am prove
4:54 pm
mileage by 50 to 100%. a solution for drivers -- drivers looking for relief who don't want to buy expensive hybrid or electric car. >> it is a low power solution just for use in town, it means wer cost, lower components. batteries don't have to be as big. >> reporter: when can you or i get one of these conversion kits? it could be within a year or two he's waiting on one last patent. he is just waiting for that battery technology to get a little more advanced. >> harris: very impressive, thank you. we are going to look at a weather system that is getting serious out west. maria will join us, coming up. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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west a system just popped up we are watching in the carolinas. here's maria molina. we are looking at an area of low pressure off the coast of the southeast there was a lot of talk about over the last couple of days of this storm possibly becoming a nor'easter and impacting travel as we need one of busiest times of the year. this area of low pressure is forecast to remain off the east coast. again, that area of low pressure not forecast to be a nor'easter. otherwise out west we have two storm systems bringing in a lot of heavy rain and areas of snow. rain in seattle, down i-5 through portland and northern portions of california. higher elevations. sierra nevada, snowfall and strong winds, 50 miles per hour or greater possible, keep that in mind, travel dangerous and significant snowfall accumulations between 10 to 20
4:59 pm
inches possible along some of the lower elevations two to three feet higher up winter storm warnings in effect. >> harris: don't want anybody to get hurt, but good skiing with weather. maria, thank you. history now. american-style on this day in history in 1777 congress the articles of confederation to 13 states for ratification. the document living on inside the national archives in washington to this day. the articles read in part that each state retains sovereignty, freedom and independence every power jurisdiction and right which is not by this confederation delegated to the united states and congress assembled. by 17 89 our founding fathers decided to go ahead with the federal government instead of a confederation making our constitution the law of the land up to this day in


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