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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 18, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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sunday. >> this is the fox report. at this moment the world watching and waiting for what comes next in the middle east. more than a million israeli citizens in bomb shelters at this hour as their military rises up to stop the rocket fire from the terror group hamas. new efforts tonight to get both sides to agree to a cease-fire, but here is prove that's in the happening yet. (siren sounding) >> air raid sirens blare, in heavily populated areas and millions on both sides of the divide, living in fear of death from the sky. and now, israel's prime minister saying he may be ready to take a bigger fight to the islamic militant group
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hamas. fox reports from the conflict zone. president obama with a message for the jewish state, reinforcing its right to take a stand in the face of terror. >> we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. >> but now we're learning the u.s. and great britain are saying something new, that starting a ground war is risky for israel. >> and in america, helping our own warriors from the front line, and healing the lasting emotional scars of battle. did you know there's an app for that? i'm harris falkner. the middle east at a crossroads, standing between an escalation of the conflict and the search for a cease-fire. egypt within recent days aligning itself with palestinians, but still leading the push to try to end the fighting. reports say an israeli envoy is in cairo for talks to
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arrange for a truce, but for now, a break through looks distant. the sound now of what is coming. >> people running for their lives, looking for cover. as gaza militants launch dozens of rockets targeting israel's heartland. and just a flavor now of what's been happening night and day, three rockets aimed at tel aviv, the commercial capital of the jewish state. this was not that long ago, coming to the rescue, israel's iron dome missile defense system shooting down both those rockets before they could hit anything. israel also keeping up the pressure, pounding militant targets in gaza. these pictures show a building used by hamas and the sites of a war plane and being wiped out completely by a direct hit. meanwhile, president obama doing some kind of a balancing act now, warning israel about the dangers of expanding its
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air assault into a ground war, while also defending israel's right to defend itself. his comments during a trip to thailand. >> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. >> all this as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns his country is ready to expand its military operation with thousands of troops gathering near the israel-gaza border awaiting a possible ground invasion. and amid the prospect of more bloodshed moments of reflection. hundreds of jewish worshippers gathering at the western wall and praying for those living in the fire in the southern town. it's early monday morning now on the israel-gaza border. our david lee miller is there, david lee, any reduction in
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the rocket fire? >> reporter:-- we're having audio problems with david lee miller. as soon as we work out the technical difficulty of course we'll bring him back. we're been hearing a lot and you just heard me mention about the iron dome. and here is more on that. we've gathered key facts about the weapons system. interdesigned to intercept short ranging missile threat. an israeli company raphael advanced defense began developing iron dome nearly six years ago and the united states helped pay for it by providing 2.5 million dollars to buy additional iron dome systems parts. and now, we've been able to work out that technical problem with david lee miller. let's go back out, again, i mentioned it's early monday morning. well, we're going to go back and forth. it's very he difficult when you're in that kind of a zone there, it's early, it's dark,
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and we're trying to work through the technical difficulties there. but we've had to see him don protective gear the past few days, a lot of of action where david lee is here near the gaza border so we're very patient as we wait for them to try to get the signal. last night on fox report, israel's ambassador to the u.n. joined me and made it very clear that everything is on the table. when i asked him about a potential ground war against hamas. what exactly would that look like and how would it differ from the one we saw in the late 2008, rather? >> so many aspects of the battlefield are changing and including the role played by iran. coming up inside the fox report, major general bob scales will be here, as we can bring him back, david lee miller. for now, let's turn to libya and an investigation into attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that led to the murders of our four americans on 9-11 this year. and calls growing louder about the notes originally sent out
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by former cia director david petraeus. the head of the house and senate intelligence committee they want to know who changed the talking points, petraeus's own words describing the events in benghazi. >> at some point that those so-called talking points, in other words, the narrative how we would call this event went up to what is called a deputy's meeting. when asked, there was no one in the professional intelligence community could tell us who changed what. >> this whole process is going to be checked out. we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. >> and that was congressman mike rogers and senator dianne feinstein reacting to testimony they heard from petraeus on friday, privately behind closed doors before those committees saying he knew from day one the attack on 9/11 was terrorism in libya. but he said, someone changed the wording and took out a reference to al-qaeda, from the final draft of talking
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points. he says, he just doesn't know who that was. doug mcelway is live for us in washington. it sounds like congressional republicans are interpreting the cia talking points very differently than the democrats are. >> that's absolutely right, harris, republicans are convinced that somebody in the white house or in the administration changed the talking points that came out of the cia. changed them to hide the fact that the benghazi incident was indeed a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, perpetrated by al-qaeda at a time when the obama campaign was boasting about al-qaeda's diminished capabilities. democrats appeared to be circling the wagons around the u.n. ambassador susan rice and the president. >> it's one of the most unfair attacks i've ever seen in washington in 34 years. susan rice was using the unclassified talking points which were provided by the intelligence community. they were a consensus report. >> i don't know what the democrats and the white house are trying to hide.
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and general petraeus and general clap said the intelligence community in it's entirety signed off on the talking points and went back to the administration and when they came back, key language was changed. >> ambassador rice used the changed points on the talk shows five days after the attack, harris. >> harris: i'm listening closely and hearing that they went to the administration. well, doug, that could technically mean the white house, the national security council, the state department, or many other entities. is there any one component of the administration coming under special scrutiny at this point? >> well, as of today, yes, there is. as you heard representative mike rogers chairman of the house intelligence committee for the first time fingering one part of the national security county. the deputy's committee of the nsc. he spoke on "meet the press" this morning. it went to the deputies committee top appointees of the administration and that's
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where the narrative changed and how that thing got back to secretary rice is another question. >> and they want to hear from general petraeus again in open session, harris. >> harris: all right and i also read today that general petraeus has hired an entertainment lawyer, why? >> well, he has. fox news has confirmed the political story that petraeus has hired robert barnett of the firm williams and conley to represent him. barnett's representation may suggest a book deal. and barnett is not a criminal defense attorney and he's represented many celebrities and people from the world of politics and journalism in very contract negotiations and book deals, perhaps, and only speculation on our part, petraeus wants to set the record straight by a book not written by his mistress, harris. >> harris: all right, doug mcelway, thank you very much. now we have an opportunity to go back out to the border of gaza where we're slowly
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watching developments out there. david lee miller we've been able to work out technical difficulties early monday morning there. david lee, have interest been any ceasing of rocket fire where you are? >> reporter: you know, despite the diplomacy shall the rocket fire does continue. in fact, today, harris, were there at least 80 rockets fired by militants in gaza into israel some seven israelis were injured and dozens more treated for shock and just outside the city of tel aviv, you mentioned that there were repeated rocket attacks there, they were intercepted, but one instance, one of the rockets that was intercepted by the iron dome system had schrapnel fall on the ground and had a car burst into flames. the city of ash-doed was struck multiple rockets second apart and we talked with one of the spokesmen for the police here and he believes it's possible that the militants are firing rockets in rapid succession to try and
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overwelcome the iron dome system. listen to what he had to say. >> from what we've seen today, taking most significant rockets that are flying in terms of numbers and sequences, they're coming in five at a time and not just randomly, one or two here and there all over the southern region, but five and five again, and we had ten rockets actually fired into the city of ashdodd. >> a few moments ago at the border we saw more rockets fired, one of them we're told not intercepted, it hit a home the balcony of a home and the people who live there were in a safe shelter and there were no injuries, but the iron dome system not successful all the time tonight, it missed its target. harris. >> harris: at 2:11 in the morning where you are, david lee, we knew when were you ng w difficulties out there that there were things happening there on the ground and i was trying to explain that to our audience, we never know moment from moment when we'll be able to get you. before i let you go, i want to try to get an understanding,
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too, of what the israelis are targeting to try to slow down the rocket fire coming from across the line there? >> reporter: well, the israelis continue to go after targets. they've hit 1100 targets, they say. they've gone after the rockets, after the rocket launchers and now they're sort of moving into another phase of the oranges and they say they are he' going after the homes of some of the militants and today they-- a newly installed hamas commander, and the person assassinated was replacing jabry, killed last wednesday by the israelis and now his replacement has also been killed and israelis today also went after communications facilities, used by the militants in gaza and they hit a media center that was also used by journalists and reports as many as six journalists were wounded and israel is also saying that it went off the master find of rocket technology, the palestinians say though, when they hit this home in particular, 11 civilians were
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killed, including five women and four children. and so, the israelis still have plenty of targets to go after and in addition to their military goals, the propaganda war begins. israel today, harris, took over a palestinian radio frequency and they delivered a message to the palestinian people telling them essentially, stay away from terrorist sites. stay away from hamas infrastructure, things might very well escalate if there's not a diplomatic solution, harris. >> trying to help the palestinian citizens stay out of harm's way, you know, david lee, it's difficult because hamas put weapons caches in places like schools and hospitals and it can be complicated hitting some targets. david lee miller, stay safe. thanks for your report tonight. right now, awaiting the return of an american astronaut from out of this world. he was on the brink of being back home after spending four months aboard the international space station where she is scheduled to touch down, just about 90
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>> right now, awaiting a big homecoming. three soyuz crew members, including american astronaut anita williams have now in the past little while undocked from the international space station, they're wrapping up the mission after four months in space. and dominique di-natale is following the story from our los angeles bureau. this is exciting, we're 90 minutes or so away from them touching down? >> it is indeed. it was a wonderfully emotional handover, harris, made by hair raising effects of gravity literally. great pictures of what happened in space a knew hours ago. >> with wildly flowing locks, she gushed about their fellow astronauts far-reaching work in space. >> we're honored to be fulfilling that dream ap living that dream right now. so i just wonder what is going
4:18 pm
to happen or what our future lies in store for us, ten years, 25 years, 50 years and a hundred years from now. >> williams is only the second woman to xhan the lab and-- she's passed control to another nasa commander the 34th expedition to the iss, thanks to everybody on the ground. thanks to sonny and the crew, new for a great handover and i'm ready to assume command of the international space station. >> william together with russian and japanese colleagues. and fixed a radiator leak and the dragon, the first commercial cargo he craft to fifth. and headed back to earth for touchdown in kazakhstan. and harris, it's going to be hair raising in other ways as well. the crew had a close call with a chunk of space debris, and
4:19 pm
drifted within two miles and in space, that's really, really close. >> harris: things are travelling so fast. three new crew members will get there next month and among them another american. >> reporter: yes, that's going to be todd marsh, and he's been ott program for ten years and only second mission on board. back there in '09 when he went to a 15 day trip from north carolina, and ale he'll be going with canadian and russian colleagues when they launch. >> harris: thank you, dominic, good to see you. wounded in the line of duty and showing just how strongest. a police officer shot in the head during a suspected break in on this weekend, doing something remarkable. as the search for the gunman intensifies at this hour, and also, vice-president joe biden paying a special visit to some of the areas ravaged by superstorm sandy. anna kooiman in an area where efforts are in full swing.
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>> a manhunt in tucson, arizona for a man who shot a police sergeant in the head. it happened before dawn. the local television station reports the ticket was among the police officers respond to go a call about a break-in at a house and we're told they were standing outside that home and realized the sergeant had been hit. surgeons operating on him earlier and a few hours ago, he was talking and a police spoke person says it's too soon to know if he will he' fully recover.
4:24 pm
and tucson police urge anyone to contact them. and noerl three weeks since sandy pummelled the northeast and people are still struggling. vice-president biden visited areas impacted by the storm. and taking a helicopter tour of the coastline and sea side heights, stopping at the boardwalk, and saying he understands the need to rebuild at the shore and travelling to hoboken. from new jersey to manhattan. particularly downtown, businesses flooded. things are tough. and store owners there really suffering, seeing a lot less the foot traffic and fewer sales and anna kooiman is in the beautiful seaport area which looks a lot different than before super storm sandy, anna. >> it certainly does, good evening to you and everybody at home. accord to go a brokerage company about a quarter of the office space here in lower manhattan is unusable at the moment because of superstorm sandy aftermath. they have no water, power, no
4:25 pm
heat. we're in the historical area and normally full of tourists and all you hear are jackhammers and hum of generators and krouse pumping out water and now, we did talk to one business owner who has a bike rental shop and he says he's not sure if his business is going to survive. went from a hundred rentals a day to just five. >> we're kind of 50-50, we wish to stay, we don't know. because our business is based on tourism so it doesn't make sense to hang around for a year making very little. >> and some residential towers and business towers don't have reopen dates set yet and they're telling us that it could be months, harris. >> and all of those people out of work as those owners struggle to. this is an area of manhattan that has seen disaster before. >> right. >> yeah, over the last 11 years, the area has been evacuated some three times, of
4:26 pm
course the 9/11 terrorist attack, hurricane irene last year and then super storm sandy, and we're told by community leaders here, downtown, that about 35% of the businesses do indeed have business interruption insurance, but of those that have it, they're having had a hard time accessing it. the resiliency of the community has been tested like with the 9/11 terrorist attacks and community leaders say they will come back stronger than ever. >> after 9/11, we at lower manhattan faced a 15 acre hole in the heart of our neighborhood and we did pick up the pieces and rebuild and we've been down this road before. it's going to take a long time and challenging, but wool rebuild our neighborhood. >> reporter: some of the residents here, harris, tell us that their landlords are letting them break their leases or offering them rebates, but that's just a case by case basis, back to you. >> harris: you mentioned business interruption insurance, i bet you there are people tonight writing that down. anna kooiman, thank you. let's get back to the top stories, israelis targets in
4:27 pm
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>> ichl-- i'm harris falkner, an explosive situation playing
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out in the middle east. israel and militants in gaza are calling for restraint, falling on deaf ears. israel facing a barrage of rocket fire, reaching tel aviv now. once again, the iron dome missile defense system proving its worth by intercepting three of those rockets and someone who is actually very, very much proponent of the iran dome or excuse me, iron dome is israel's ambassador to the united states. here he is speaking earlier today on fox. >> got a 90% success rate and you can watch the missiles being taken out of the sky and for that we owe a great debt of appreciation to america, to the president, to congress, who have given tremendous amount of support to this iron dome battery system, which is the first anti-missile defense system in history to actually work in war time. >> well, after launching dozens of air strikes today, israel warns it's fully prepared to expand its
4:32 pm
operation and that may mean a ground invasion of gaza with thousands of troops massed on the border already and we watched that start to top last night on fox report. if israel goes in, what will that involve and will they need our help. >> here a general bob scale, an analyst, good to see you this evening. >> hay, hires. >> just before this newscast we started hearing details about the united states and u.k. and if israel proceeds with boots on the ground, it would be very risky, why? >> well, because, right now, israel sort of holds the moral high ground, harris, their attacks against hamas have been against rocket launching sites and command and control and commune caigs sites and targeting individual hamas leaders and so, while the destruction has been tragic, to be sure, it's been limited. a ground invasion, particularly, ground invasion against gaza city, much like the invasion in 2008, would
4:33 pm
probably turn the psychological tables, harris, because that would involve masses of soldiers, many greater civilian casualties and remember, the task led operation killed over 1400 citizens of gaza. it's not in israel's best interest to do a ground war. >> harris: if not a ground war, clearly they have every right to defend themselves, even the president is taying that now. what will make hamas stop sending rockets if you don't go in? >> that's a good question. and the key is to make the pain too much for hamas. right now, look, the egyptians aren't crazy about this, it caught them by surprise, because, you know, they've got 40% unemployment, tourism industry is in the toilet and the economy is doing badly and the last thing they need is a war in the area, and hezbollah is not in favor of this, they're weakened by the war in syria and the only state
4:34 pm
that's gaining anything from this, of course, is iran. so it's in the best interest, frankly of both parties, to come to some sort of brokered cease-fire, so that both sides can back away from this without having to resort to a ground war, harris. >> what about the seemingly vast new arsenal of weapons by hamas, our reporter david lee miller said earlier this hour, is seems like they're actually trying to wear down the israelis, sending a huge barrage of rockets. whose supplying the longer range weapons to hamas? >> let's put the weapons into perspective and there's really three, one is the home grown rocket, it's actually made in gaza, terribly ineffective. the second is the rocket, a 122 millimeter soviet design. the picture earlier of the multiple launch system. what you're talking about is a 5, iranian built rocket, 200 pound warhead, a range of 80 miles, can target tel aviv and
4:35 pm
jerusalem and this is the one that's worrisome, but as far as the israelis are concerned, it's fairly easy to target because it has to be launched from a truck launcher, and so it's easy to spot and easy to engage and that's why you see so few of these rockets used by hamas in the last couple of days harris. >> harris: and why maybe they do this at night a lot. because if it's that ease toy spot something on the back of the truck you think you could hit it. hamas has proven over the years, to be ruthless and hiding the weapons cachesen and putting them in schools and hospitals and even children, using them as human shields. how do you fight an enemy like that? >> you do this carefully. and this is a psychological, not a physical war and the israelis so far i think have been doing a great job. and it's also that when you fire the fage five, you have to fire it, and the israelis are looking at it immediately after they fire and taking
4:36 pm
them out with f-16 precision guided missiles. and despite the amount of rockets landing in israel, they come to some sort of cease-fire and neither side are gaining anything by this, harris. >> harris: general, i know that you hardly ever ask a general to go on his gut because he can go on experience, but i have to ask you, how long do you think? wh is your gut telling you, how long this will take to wear hamas down from the air? >> it won't take long, harris. i think, as i said, the center of gravity for hamas is the leadership, the communications and faje five rockets and the israeli air campaign has been successful and no reason to go in yet and looks like the western powers of the united nations and egypt are achieving some success in brokering a deal. >> harris: kickly, if we were ever to get involved, what might that look like? >> the only thing we'd get involved with perhaps might be
4:37 pm
overhead sensors, some type intelligence, perhaps a back stopping, but there would be -- there's zero chance that u.s. ground troops or for that matter, u.s. air power is going to be involved in this conflict, harris. >> harris: general bob scales on the sunday night. we appreciate your context, experience and perspective. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, harris, thank you. >> harris: well, president obama travelling to burma tonight, the next stop in the three-nation trip to asia and the last trip hillary clinton is making with him as secretary of state. they spent the day in thailand and are leaving for burma shortly where the president is meeting with opposition leader, a noble peace laureate who spent 15 years locked in her home. her crime, winning an election. and president obama says his visit is not an endorsement of the country's government which still holds hundreds of political prisoners and he says he wants it highlight the progress that burma has made and the president will be joined by suu kyi, and we'll
4:38 pm
carry those remarks live at 1 a.m. eastern here on fox news. well, we have an update for you on the oil rig that caught fire in the gulf of mexico on friday. cia of black elk energy, spoke after the divers located the body of one of the missing workers. >> and the coast guard, how they would like the effort to go and where it should be transported to, and it's very sad and you always hold out hope. >> harris: the fire, believed to have started when workers were using a torch to cut an oil line, it was quickly put out, but at least 11 of them suffered burns. doctors saying today one of the four men who suffered the most severe burns has improved from critical it fair condition. black elk energy now hiring their own divers to help in the search for the remaining missing man after the coast guard suspended their search and the ceo promises they
4:39 pm
won't suspend the search to find the missing worker. a chopper was taking off and another was landing. it's our story on the fox trip across america. california, that crash in pasadena leaving the tail of one chopper split in half and its rotor blade toppled. all six fepeople survived. one kept was on patrol and the other monitoring college traffic from a football game at the roosevelt. the n.t.s.b. now investigating. idaho, the search is on for the suspects in the beating death of a monkey at zoo boise. and police say they hope a baseball cap left behind will help them catch the kill other or killers. two men dressed in dark clothing broke in and attacked one of the monkeys. the employees are shocked and
4:40 pm
outraged. >> ticking it particularly hard, and very upset. >> more than 300,000 people visit zoo boise every year. and texas, it stood for 88 years and it only took 12 seconds to take it down. the thomas building in dallas raised in a controlled implosion by demolition crews, the building, one of the last landmarks from dallas' heyday as a cotton trading town. that's a fox watch across america. florida senator marco rubio take making an important visit out of his home state. where he went and what he said about the economy that has the crowd cheering. and military might in the sky. where these jets were flying and why. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
4:41 pm
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>> new information on the close house race between the incumbent allen west and
4:44 pm
patrick murphy. and officials in st. lucie county missed the deadline on the two day recount. and the county had to finish processing more than 37,000 ballots under florida law previously submitted results will be certified unless the state grants an emergency exemption, those earlier results gave murphy the lead and murphy declared victory and his campaign is doing so again today. the campaign of allen west refusing to concede. republican florida senator marco rubio visiting a political hot bed. he traveled to iowa appearing at a featured speaker at terry branstead's fundraiser. he's told the crowd about 2016 and how to turn the nation's struggling economy around and emphasizing raising taxes on the wealthy won't get it done. >> we start with a simple notion, the way to turn aur economy around is not by
4:45 pm
making rich people poorer, it's by making poor people richer. that's the way you move forward. >> and the governor invited rubio because he thinks the senator will be a real leader in the of coming time. >> and a deadly pileup, six people are killed and investigators are searching for answers how to prevent it from happening again, our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. germany, that accident, in the southwestern part of the country, also injuring five others, one seriously debris and wreckage scattered up and down the roadway, police say a car entered the highway against traffic and crashed head on into a van. >> india, a massive outpouring of grief for a national hindu leader. hundreds of mourners filling
4:46 pm
the streets of mumbai. and his fiery rhetoric blamed for inciting riots for muslim and migrant workers. police officers were at the funeral to keep the peace. australia, this may look like special effects from a hollywood thriller, but it is the real thing. dramatic video of a huge water spout captured off the southeastern coast. stormy weather triggering the water spout. we're told it didn't cause any damage. china, look up. the russian knights aerobatics team showing off its skills at an international air show, some of the leading aircraft makers taking part and the russians hoping the fancy dramatic display from the fighter jets will attract buyers. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> carrying the hidden scars of war, as warriors from the
4:47 pm
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only from the postal service.
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>> for soldiers returning from war, too often the horrors they face on the battlefield come home with them and debilitating and making everyday life difficult for them. a new way to help for post traumatic stress disorder, there's now an app. elizabeth prann. >> that's right, prolonged therapy for decades, but this is the first time they've used it with a mobile application. retired army staff sergeant brian sullivan isn't alone in his battle with post traumatic stress disorder.
4:51 pm
veterans affairs estimates more than half of new veterans are seeking treatment far war related mental disorders. >> i was always getting angry, i had outbursts with my wife and i was having difficulty sleeping. so, sullivan turned to something called p.e. coach, a unique smart phone app developed by the defense department to help soldiers recover from ptsd. >> they're asked to listen to a recording of the memory of what's haunting them daily, as part of their homework. >> they listen to recordings of their own therapy sessions to help them relive and therefore, overcome their fears. therapists use the same program to help keep soldiers on track by monitoring their progress. progress. >> it's an emerging trend where technology can help reduce post combat stress. >> this makes sense to
4:52 pm
leverage the capability of these devices it support their health care needs. >> you're getting to understand what went wrong, and that you don't have anything wrong. it's just, you are not the average person. >> harris, sullivan told me that he's tried a number of therapies, including the medications and the first time he's starting to see progress and from the department of defense, there's been more than 5,000 applications dunloaded since july. harris? >> elizabeth. thank you very much, good to see you. well, it was the future nfl hall-of-famer, versus the rookie on the rise, so, which one has luck on his side? a little hint for you, peter slegr of fox sports, getting pretty in the makeup chair. he'll be here. stay close. [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans
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best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. >> oh, tradition. the patriots and colts the rivalry in the nfl. tom brady versus the new guy, andrew luck and ugly for one of them.
4:56 pm
peter from fox >> speaking of ugly. >> harris: no, you were getting pretty in the makeup chair. all week we heard about andrew luck playing tom brady, the first luck, the first overall pick, heard about luck. and tom brady came out here. 59-24, the most for this season. basically i'll stay quiet and talk about the or guy and show you who's boss and tom brady put on a show. and andrew luck maybe not ready for prime time, a good year, but now 6-4 and the patriots i am moved to 7-3. >> harris: he made the prime time highlight reel. >> we started off, not for the right reason. >> harris: the green bay packers look like a mash unit. >> and they're without the center, and clay mathews, the star of the team is out. so what? they go into detroit and beat the lions, 24-20.
4:57 pm
>> harris: wow. >> packers are hot and everyone is talking about the bears in nfc north and green bay looks like a team to beat. >> harris: when you're working on a sunday, an overtime game can get done and there are several overtime games. >> three to be exact and the most dramatic and exciting one was between the jacksonville jaguars who entered the game 1-8 versus the houston texans, 8-1. and jaguars had a huge lead and texans come back and beats jacksonville, awesome game. 43-37. >> harris: going home tomorrow to see the family in dallas. so, you know, didn't have a dog in this race, but i figured why not go home to win. dallas cowboys almost lost to the cleveland browns. >> would have been ugly. they're 5-5, if they win, but down 13-0 against the woeful cleveland browns, it would have been a rough thanksgiving for your family, harris. and they find a way to win and take care of business in this one and tony romo, say what
4:58 pm
you winter about the guy, they're 5-5 in the thick of the playoff hint. dallas cowboys. >> harris: all right. hi, mitt romney. notre dame? >> notre dame, the last undefeated team in division one football and bcs rankings come out and see if they're number one. notre dame hasn't been rangered number one since a long time ago i don't have the exact years, but before you and i were watching probably college football. notre dame though, they're the team to beat. play usc this weekend, if they lose, it's chaos in college football, wow. >> all right. >> good to see you, happy thanksgiving. >> great to see you, happy thanksgiving as well. >> thanks. let's do fox fast forward. look ahead to the stories, twinkies may yet survive as hostess heads to bankruptcy court and process of selling itself. our camera guy is dancing. i can get you one dude if you're that hungry. following an organized labor
4:59 pm
dispute last week never resolved and led to 18,000 people losing their jobs and twinkies has high brand recognition and other companies are interested in bidding for it at least pieces of hostess at this point. and friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year and now it, black friday although some big retailers will be open on thanksgiving day for big sales, they're hoping and already some people are camping out to be the first ones in line, really? it's sunday. as you probably know shall the name black friday is the day when companies go from the red to the black or simply make a profit for the year. it's traditionally the nation's highest retail sales day and that's how fox reports on this sunday, november 18th, 2012. i'm harris falkner, thanks so much for watching. huckabee starts in just a few moments. have a fabulous week. ♪


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