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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> tonight on huckabee. >> israel takes out a top hamas leader. >> the militant palestinian group escalating their rocket barrage into israel saying they've opened the gates of hell. is our mideast ally on the brink of war? and former cia director david petraeus testifies on benghazi. >> general petraeus' testimony was that from the start he had told us it was a terrorist attack. >> but the message that went out to the american people was different. >> when the talking points were finalized all references to al-qaeda were taken out. >> who changed the message and why? congressman trei gowdy reacts.
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>> plus, getting to work on the fiscal cliff. is the edge avoidable? the congressman from the house budget committee on the economic cliff hanger. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. well, we've got a great audience here and we say welcome to call all of you. welcome to huckabee from the knocks news studios in new york city. from the time i first visited israel in 1973, i believed that israel is a nation of miracles, a miracle they were able to establish itself on the ground that god gave it 4,000 years before and from which it's been dispersed 2000 years ago. it's returned home despite withothe pain and bloodshed. it's been pursued and
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threatened since. and stands because of the sacrifice of its people and because of what can only be described as divine providence. when it's been attacked and by bigger and more prosperous nation, it's not only secured stunning military victories, but ended up with more land than that which closely resembles to the biblical deed of trust. its enemies demand that the land be given back, but when israel has attempted to give land for peace, it gave land, but failed to obtain peace. when it gave up any claim to gaza and actually forcibly removed its own jewish people from there, it was supposed to be for peace. it instead gave terrorist groups like hamas a beachhead to spread violence within just a few hundred yards of where israeli children play, shop keepers sell their merchandise and people sleep in their homes. i've stood in front of thousand of rockets in the city of siro that were intend today kill or maim israeli
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citizens, hundreds of missiles or rockets have been fired from gaza into israel just in the past week. like a patient and long-suffering adult who puts up with only so much of a rebellious child before finally saying, that's enough, israel this week decided it would no longer be savagely attacked. israel didn't draw first blood, but it's now vowed it will fight until the last blood. israel has not only the right it defend itself, it has the right to eliminate the cancer threatening its very existence. hamas may rue the day it finally crossed a bridge too far, because if it's business as usual by the american media, well, you might see sad pictures from gaza of wounded civilians, but you won't see is that long before the palestinians who celebrated hamas had suffered wounds, they inflicted them on israel. pray for the peace of jerusalem. and also pray for the study
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resolve of president obama netanyahu and the israeli people. that's my view and i always welcome yours. [applause] >> so, we're watching closely what's developing in israel right now. hamas has fired hundreds ever rockets from gaza onto the citizens of israel. this, after an israeli air strike on thursday took out a top hamas military commander. hamas warned at that israel's air strikes had quote, opened the gates of hell. so, joining me now from israeli's border from gaza, former chief of staff to benjamin netanyahu and a major in the israeli special forces reserves. thank you for joining me today. [applause] >> good to be on the so, governor. >> mike: let's talk about how this all started because i'm afraid the international media may try to describe this as israeli aggression, but this is a response to what has been a relentless assault by the hamas toward israel.
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>> i think your typical american doesn't know what's hang on the ground. seven years ago, israel vacated the gaza strip and handed an entire land over to the palestinians. the palestinians swarmed an independent government and they have a state, a palestinian state in gaza, a free state, they run it. but, days after we vacated it in 2005, they began shooting missiles on civilians in israel. and ever since they just went on and on, shooting missiles. we're right now, i'm standing in the southern part of israel, one million civilians in this area are right now in hundreds of missiles being shot at us, without provocation. a few days ago, enough was enough, and prime minister netanyahu authorized the killing of the commander of the hamas forces, hamas' terror of the region. and we took him out and since then we've been in this
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conflict where they shoot missiles on our civilians and we retaliate against their military. i just want to be clear, we do not shoot on civilians. they're the ones shooting at our civilians and we only hunt down the terrorists themselves. >> mike: now, there's been wide scale reports that in gaza, sometimes the munitions and even the rocket launchers are placed in schools, or in mosque in order to make them very difficult for israel to hit. can you confirm that that is one of the strategies that hamas has employed so that they essentially are using children as human shields? >> that's correct. by the way, this is the islamic tactic, i've seen it with my own eyes and aim a major in a commando unit. in many houses in the hamas areas, you have the living room, a kitchen and a missile room with removable ceiling.
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so, you have a missile launcher standing, move the ceiling, shoot the missile on us, on israelis and then cover up. in he is essential, they're using children and kindergartens and hospitals as human shields. we are being as cautious as we can, but you know, governor, when they shoot at us, at my own children, we will retaliate, we will persevere, even if they use human shields. >> mike: it sounds like the only way to effectively clean gaza out from the terrorism is that you're going to have to physically go in there in a land action. because you can't do that all from the air. how close do you think we are to a ground invasion into gaza by the israeli defense forces? >> governor, inyou're right. there's no choice, but to enter and clean it up. i don't know what the chances are the next 24, 48 hours, but i think that at some point, we will need to go in and i just want to point out, it's not
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only a battle between an army and terrorists, this is a battle of spirits. where we stand right now, we're at the forefront of a big wave of radical islam that's out, eliminates the whole free world and it just happens to be that this is the front line. it's a battle of spirits. they think that if they shoot another missile and another one, they'll wear us out. i'm here to tell prime minister and hamas, we have a been in this land for over 3,800 years, we're not going anywhere, we're here to stay. you might come and go, but we're going to fight as much as we need. i've got four kids, mai'm willing to put on a fatigue and go and fight just as every israeli. the 1 million israelis right now in the shelters are very strong and are willing to endure it as long as necessary because this is our land and we're not going anywhere. >> mike: it sound like that there is an extraordinary resolve on the part of the
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israeli people and i've sensed that from tel aviv all the way down that bashiba. in a final word, does it look like it can be resolved by diplomacy, is that still possible? >> you know, with terrorists you don't talk. terrorists, you kill. i don't recall that on september 12th anyone in the united states intended to engage in diplomacy with al-qaeda and bin laden. this is precisely the situation. there's a terrorist group not far from here that's out to kill my own children. we're not going to talk, we're going to fight as much as necessary and we're going to win. >> mike: it's a pleasure to talk to you, be safe, my friend, take care and our thoughts and prayers are with you. [applause] >> thank you very much, it's great to have you backing. >> mike: i've known him for quite some time and what you just heard is what you would hear from many israeli citizens if you were on the streets now talking to them.
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they understand something a lot of americans don't know, you cannot negotiate with radical terrorists. they have, but what goal, that's to kill us. they're not interested in talking and making peace and having a nice conversation. they're interesting in winning and us losing and by that whole process, that means we lose our lives, our culture, our civilization, our country and our identity. you're willing to let your children die all in the name of talking about peace, good luck. but i think the israelis have it right. the only way you stop a cancer is to eliminate it. and i think that's what we're going to see happen. well, he knew it was terrorism, he told himself. so why did the obama administration change former cia director david petraeus's talking points in the benghazi attacks, in order to downplay the fact that it was terrorism? i'll ask congressman trei gowdy when we come back. i'd like to hear from you, go to my website,
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. [ applause ] >> mike: (applause) >> on friday, former cia director, general david petraeus met with both the house and senate intelligence committees in closed-door hearings. according to new york congressman peter king, petraeus testified under oath that he knew right away that the benghazi libya attacks that killed four americans were terrorism. and according to king, petraeus also said that his original talking points about islamic extremists, they were taken out of the administration's narrative on the attacks. the question is, who made the changes and why did they make them. joining me now is south carolina congressman gowdy. nice to have you back on the show. >> good to see you, governor. >> mike: is there any way possible that the white house did not that this was
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terrorism, now that you've heard the testimony of general petraeus? >> of course not. they knew before anyone else knew that it was terrorism. why would the department of-- why would the cia, why would the department of defense lie to the chief executive, lie to the commander-in-chief? they knew exactly what it was, governor, but it doesn't fit the narrative. remember, the narrative was al-qaeda is on its heels. when the narrative becomes al-qaeda is at the front door, and they are he' about to kill four of our fellow americans, that doesn't bode well for an electoral standpoint. so of course they knew and of course they scrubbed out that information so that susan rice didn't have it or didn't use it when she went on the talk shows on sunday. >> mike: one of the big questions is who is the "they" who did the scrubbing? are we closer to knowing that? was this closer to the white house, was this done in the internal operatings of cia, was it done at the state
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department? can you give us insight as to who it was who authorized and put their hands to the document and said we've got to scratch this out? >> no, sir, we can't, and that is a sub tragedy to a larger tragedy a government can scrub out salient information and we're no closer to know who did it and why, i suspect we know why, but who did it on september the 12th, but i'll also say this, governor, we've had two hearings now, one closed and one only, so we've only just begun. i understand the need to have closed door hearings for classified information, but this is the same administration that wants to try terrorists in open court, if wul discovery in front of the media in new york city so we're going to have open hearings as soon as we get back, as soon as the new congress is convened, we're going to have open hearings and we can ask people under oath with penalty of perjury, the very question you just asked me. >> mike: now, there was a
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particularly strong moment in the president's press conference the other day when he was asked about susan rice being the person that went out on point, on that sunday following the attacks. why the ambassador from the united nations would be the person, not the director of national intelligence, not the cia director, not the national security director. the secretary safety or the vice-president, but the u.n. ambassador and when asked and challenged about her testimony, this is what the president said and then i'm going to get your reaction to it. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me, but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi, and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received, and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous.
5:18 pm
>> mike: now, to quote shakespeare, me thinks the man doth protest too much. and to me a legitimate question and then go after senators graham and mccain. >> a little paternalistic and left out one of the senators, a senator kelly ayotte who happens to be a female and i find it instructive that he left her out of his critique of graham and mccain, but here is the reality, governor, neither lindsey graham or john mccain told susan rice to go on nam television and mislead the american people. we didn't pick her, he did. if he doesn't like the way she's treated, you come when she's subpoenaed to congress, and answer why she did it. you don't want her to answer the question. she's a career diplomate, i don't think that she needs for president obama to take up for
5:19 pm
her in a press conference, she's done it a long time. she's going to answer the question, if he thinks that's unfair, he can come answer them. >> mike: congressman, when were you on the show a few weeks ago, you indicated you felt like general petraeus needed to come and testify and you would be compelled to do so. and he has done that, voluntarily and didn't have to, but he did it under oath. what about hillary clinton, the secretary of state. will she be subpoenaed, if she does not voluntarily come to the committees and go through a full-time of testimony? >> the short answer is yes, but i believe she's already volunteered to come, but here is the issue, governor. general petraeus has come once, he hasn't come before the oversight committee, he hasn't come before judiciary or jurisdiction, the notion that you can come once in a closed door hearing with no cameras and the public not know what's going on and the rest of us not be able to ask
5:20 pm
our questions. that's not going to cut it. i appreciate the fact that he came, particularly during a difficult week, but once is not enough in a four-person murder investigation. he may find himself back on capitol hill. i would support him coming before oversight. hillary clinton is going to come, susan rice is going to come and this is a murder investigation, governor, this is not, you know, a desperate doctor's wives having sex with army generals although that's what's got most people interested in it, it's a murder investigation. four of our fellow citizens were murdered under horrific circumstances and if it's inconvenient for the secretary of state to come, that's too bad. she's going to come and she's going to come until i can answer all of your questions and the people i work for's questions. >> mike: congressman we appreciate your tenacity and appreciate your being here today to give us insight. congressman gowdy from south carolina. [applause]. >> mike: the president with support of democrats is standing firm on rising taxes
5:21 pm
on americans making more than 250,000. now, republicans insist the tax hike is not the solution. and they want to cut spending on entitlements. are they going to be able to compromise before we drive off the fiscal cliff? let's ask the congressman when we return. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪
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[ applause ] >> since our interview with congressman gowdy in the last seg deputy security explained that david petraeus's edits and for the white house and state department was to change of the the word consulate to facility.
5:25 pm
since the facility in benghazi was not a consulate. the only edit made by the white house was the factual edit about how to refer to the facility. and now, on friday, president obama met with congressional leaders to begin talks in hopes of making a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff at the end of the year, when a combination of 1.6 billion dollars in tax increases, as well as scheduled spending cuts would send our economy right over the edge into a recession. so, can they strike a deal before it's too late? joining me is wisconsin congressman and house budget committee member reid ribble. >> good to be here, thanks. >> mike: the talks started on friday. [applause] >> and what needs to happen if we're going to be able to avoid this fiscal cliff? >> well, you know, a couple of things have to happen. our founders set up a system of government at that required us to find consensus and they said if you find consensus on something do those things. if you don't find consensus don't do those things.
5:26 pm
what this requires is some form of consensus, there' a lot of talk about revenue. we should look at that. revenue is a smaller part of it. our revenue is about the same as 2006 and yet, spending is over a trillion dollars a year more. so, it's clearly a spending-driven problem and if we talk about it just on the revenue side we're going to miss a good opportunity to solve a problem. >> mike: the president is absolutely just focused on making sure that there's a tax increase. how much difference will it make and will republicans at some point say, okay, if that's what it takes to protect people we'd rather have a tax increase than we would a disaster? >> well, i think that republicans are at a place where they recognize that revenue should be a component of it. the argument or the disagreement comes, governor, how you go about that. tax rates in and of themselves, do not really consider late well to the amount of revenue that the federal treasury receives,
5:27 pm
yet, tax deductions do, and so, i think the house plan is going to look similar and republicans are going to look similar to what governor romney talked about in his presidential race and let's cap expenditures or deductions to the increased revenue and focus on spending. >> his plan called for like a $50,000 cap. you could take the deductions wherever you wanted whether it was charity or whether it was a business deduction. >> exactly. >> but you had up to $50,000 and above that you weren't going to get the deduction, is that pretty much the way it worked? >> that's exactly how it works, i think if we stay focused on the revenue side it makes it look as if there's an appearance after win for the white house. we don't necessarily need a win for the white house, we don't need a win for the congress, we need a win for the american people. and i ran for congress because i was concerned about the debt and deficit in this country. and now, there's a lot of talk about this fiscal cliff you mentioned in your comments. we might have been over the cliff and now we're determining what type of
5:28 pm
landing we have when we land and is it going to be soft, is it going to be hard. it can be softer if we do the right things and cause economic growth and put americans back to work and lets control over the spending. >> mike: the president's been saying, look, i want to meet you in the middle. i want to find ways to compromise. is there anything specific on the table that the president laid out. this is what i'm willing to do to meet you. >> not that we've been told of. he's talked a lot about raising tax rates on the top 2% of americans. >> that's not a compromise. >> mike: that's not a compromise. >> that's not a compromise, you're going to start at his place and we'll start at ours, but both places have to be in the discussion and i think all should be in the discussion and i don't think that conservatives should necessarily complain that all things are in the discussion. we should be talking about everything and it ought to be transparent and ought to come back to the american people with a plan that sets this country's finances on the right path forward toe your
5:29 pm
grandchildren and the grandchildren you write about in your book will have. >> will we avert and avoid the fiscal cliff? will that happen at the end of year or go over and pick up the carnage? >> i think there's going to be some agreement that will get us into next year whereby we can then address the real issues that have to happen and probably the biggest friction point on our economy is our tax code. now, i think we need to have a complete rewrite of the tax code, a major reform of that. i think they'll find some agreement before the end of the year and then next year, house ways and means, along with the u.s. senate, will begun to refine the tax code and get pa pro economic growth policy forward so we can get americans back to work. >> mike: i hope it happens. >> so do i. >> mike: we'll let you go and fight hard. >> we'll work hard. >> mike: it would hit a lot of americans hard and congressman, thank you very much for being here today. >> governor, thank you for having me. >> mike: a pleasure to have you on the show here and in the studio. [applause] >> union boss richard trumka
5:30 pm
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner. now the latest in the middle east standoff. israel and, restraints from the international community. israel is saying that hamas is firing five or more rockets at once, hopefully they believe to overpower the missile defense system. and killing a newly installed hamas leader. the president spending the day visiting with dignataries in thailand. the president saying the stop in burma is not aen dorme en ent
5:34 pm
of the government that holds political prisoners, we'll carry the president's remarks live at 1 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. i'm harris falkner, let's get back to huckabee. for all the news when you want them [applause] >> last week i introduced you to chandler and scarlet, my grandchildren. my latest book is called "dear chandler, dear scarlet", it's going to entertainment and encourage every parent and grandparent who reads it. i'm going to be travelling throughout the country and signing copies of dear chandler, deer scarlet. if you want to see a list of the cities i'm going to be visiting on the huckabus, if you need a wholesome family book to get your mind off the elections. i'm sure you're going to love it.
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i know the author well, and he promises you'll enjoy it. and if i'm not able to make it to your town, it's available at and book retailers. on wednesday, president obama held his first press conference since winning his second term. and two things that happened during the presser. and one with the obsession with the president gushing over his election victory. >> congratulations, by the way. >>-- and you were there when i was running for state senate. >> that's right, i was. >> and christy and i go back a ways. >> i've never seen you lose. >> i wasn't working that one time. >> there you go. >> that's what i love, objectivity in journalism. oh, my gosh. if sugar or syrup could have poured out of her mouth we would have seen it right here. well, the other theme, by the way, was the president's fixation with raising taxes for the so-called wealthy, by the way, will kick off our
5:36 pm
notable, quoteables of the week. >> we should not the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy. we cannot afford to extend the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. what i'm concerned about is not finding ourselves in a situation where the wealthy, modest tax increase on the wealthy is not going to break their backs, they'll still be wealthy. >> mike: wealth y, wealthy, wealthy, wealthy, do you get the idea that the president is obsessed with beating up on people that he has decided are wealthy? and you wonder, what is the point of all that. can i just tell you something? i didn't grow up wealthy, i grew up poor. i didn't recent the wealthy and i was never taught by my parents to be somehow resentful or jealous or envious of people who had more than we did. i was taught that in america, if you really work hard, and you find the right thing to
5:37 pm
do, you might enend up like them. it was not so much that we hated them, and thought they shouldn't have what they did. it was an incentive so that the rest of us, that hopefully one day be able to have the things that we were able to see. i think the president's making a big mistake by dividing the country, and making some people recent what they have, and what others have. well, the facts show that every american is going to be impacted with the fiscal cliff, but afl-cio president richard trumka one of the most powerful unions in the country isn't worried at all says the most frustrating thing about washington d.c. is the way political insiders create a self-reinforcing reality out of nonsense. take what the media are calling the fiscal cliff. there is no fiscal cliff. what we're facing is an obstacle course within a manufactured crisis that was hastily thrown together in response to inflated rhetoric about our federal deficit.
5:38 pm
this is amazing that a union boss would actually tell us there's no fiscal cliff. we don't have a debt problem. we only owe about 16 trillion dollars and that's what our debt is and surely, we can just pay that off 'cause we'll just ask every american to write a big ole fat check for about $60,000 apiece. would you go ahead and write yours and send it and if you're dumb enough to do it would you send it to me, don't even send it to the government. i'd be delighted to have it. by the way, mr. trumka ought to be talking to some of the people in the union that would not budge with the hostess baking company. we're losing hostess and they're gone. snowballs, hostess cakes, ding-dongs. (laughter) >> twinkies. they will be no more. you tried to find a twinky this week, you can't find them. this is worth more than gold because now people know they're not going to get it. why? well, because the hostess company said, look, you've got
5:39 pm
to have some concessions and we can't be competitive. the unions said, he no, we'll just go ahead and see if you're really willing to put yourself out of business. well, they did. over 18,500 people who used to have jobs don't have them anymore. now, trumka can say what he wants to, but we lost twinkies and people lost jobs because of just that kind of thinking that says, there's no fiscal cliff. well, a week after losing the presidential election, mitt romney held a conference call with some of the campaign workers and he remarked on how obama used the old play back to target specific interest groups like african-american and hispanic communities and young voters and he said and i quote, you can imagine for somebody making 25 or 30,000 or 35,000 a year, being told that you're now going to get free health care, particularly if you don't have it, getting free health care worth what, $10,000 per family, in perpetuity, i mean, this is huge. likewise, with hispanic
5:40 pm
voters, free health care was a big plus. but in addition with regards to hispanic voters, the amnesty for children of illegals, the so-called dream act. i was campaigned for governor romney and disappointed he didn't win. and i'm going to take issue with the thought that people who are poor want to be. and people getting government benefits want to stay there. as a speaks person who didn't start out on the high economic spectrum, on the other end, as a pastor for ten years and a governor and saw more than half the people get off of welfare rolls and on to a payroll, i can tell you that people in this country deep down want to work. they want dignity. they want responsibility, the idea that people are just delighted as they can be to be on a government handout indicates you must not know too many of the people i've nonthrough my lifetime. now, sometimes people give up and doesn't think there's any
5:41 pm
way out of the hole and they may resign themselves the only way they can survive and exist is through government subsidies and handouts and not because they want to be there. and republicans need to talk to the fact of people's real dreams and hopes, which is not to be on government dependent programs. but, rather, to be independent on their own feet, live in the homes they choose to live in. pick the food they want. earlier this week nancy pelosi announced that she's not going to step down from her post as house minority leader. and i say, oh good. because we'd really miss her wisdom when he she makes statements like this. >> sorry? (inaudible). >> i'm sorry, i'm-- >> oh, i see what you mean, i'm sorry, well, i would hope not. i would hope by now-- well, with the 11th amendment, is it the 11th amendment that
5:42 pm
-- 14th, is it? whatever it is, i'm with the constitution. >> mike: you've got to be kidding! oh, the 11th, the 14th, give me the 10th, it doesn't matter i'm with the constitution. all due respect, miss pelosi, if you were with the constitution you never would have pushed obamacare down our throats because that was about as far from the constitution as anything that the federal government ever foisted upon the american people. [applause] well, the election didn't turn out most evangelicals wanted. so should social conservatives back off their traditional values or maybe push for them even more? and pastor max lucado joins me next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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>> each weekday hear my commentary report details at after the results of the last week's election, some say republicans ought to lighten up on our views such as abortion and same-sex marriage. should social conservatives compromise on traditional values? joining me is the author of the new book "grace, more than we deserve, than we imagined". >> thank you. >> mike: it's always a delight to see you. is it important for christians it maintain traditional values or in the culture we're in should we dial it back a
5:47 pm
notch? >> well, you never do wrongdoing what's right. we teach our kids even if you're in a minority voice, even if no one else agrees with you, you do what's right and ultimately that will win out. and there are times we'd feel like a voice in the wilderness and that's okay. that's okay. and i think that sometimes we could present our message in more winsome fashion. we could reach out to people. and sometimes i get a little concerned that we've become shrill. we become angry, and we become, we take on a tone that is, you know, that is hypocritical. but, i think our convictions as to the value of life and the sanctity of marriage, these are values that we cherish deeply. i don't think we should step away from those one bit. >> you've said that even with two very different parties, that there's a lot in common that people have. >> we do. >> mike: what do we have in common. not you and me, i think we
5:48 pm
have a lot in common. at least i certainly want to believe so. but when we talk about the great divisions in this country, you've said with optimism, there's a lot in common. >> it's a great country and we have a lot in common. we have the same creator. we have the same love of god overseeing us, not everybody accepts it equally. we have the sovereign protection of god, i think, who watches over us. and i believe that all of us, even with different opinions and social issues, in our core, we want what's best for our children and we want what's best for our grandchildren, and so, i think what unites us is far greater than anything that divides us. elections take their toll on our country, don't they, governor? >> yes, they do. and people who run in them, by the way. >> absolutely. (laughter) i think that's the reason this message on grace is so important to me. i think the greatest news in all of human history is god's
5:49 pm
grace and when i say grace, i mean his love for his people and his commitment to redeem the people for himself with whom he's going to reign forever in restored universe. this is good news, and i think that's a message that can unite us and heal hearts and change lives. >> mike: i've never ever picked up one of your books that wasn't absolutely a master piece and this is no exception. i'm delighted to have you here and wish you the very best. >> thank you, sir, thanks for having me on. [applause] >> all right, there's an old show that says, hey, could you tell me how to get to carnegie hall? and the answer, yeah, man, practice, practice, man, just practice. well, i've been practicing and you're going to get to see a preview of my debut at the legendary concert hall. you don't want to miss that, do you? no. stick around. (applause) customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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. [ applause ] >> mike: >> george ger schwinn, even the beatles, some of the best musicians have performed at carnegie hall. and next week i'll join that list. i'm not kidding, on monday night, i'm going to join pianist, jeff bennett. and joining with us a preview is jeff bennett. >> thank you. >> you're going to be part after christmas musical at carnegie hall. what on earth are you thinking to ask me to participate? >> it's going to be a great evening, the light of christmas and there's a mass choir of about 300 voice that is have been hand chosen from choirs all over the country and i thought, why not?
5:54 pm
it will be a lot of fun to have you come play with us. >> mike: it will be for me. you've arranged a lot of the music that's going to be prepared and you've arranged songs for decades now. >> yes. >> mike: and first time at carnegie hall? >> first time at carnegie hall, what a thrill. >> mike: you're pretty pumped? >> i'm pumped. >> this arrangement is one called what? >> an arrangement of a great christmas classic, carole of the bells. >> mike: and get through it, maybe by monday night i'll be ready. all right. carole of the bells. ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ (applause) >> carole of the bells. don't you wish you could play at carnegie hall? well, i hope i'm happy about it. and thanks so much for joining us, we've had a great time and thank you, jeff bennett and to all of you, i hope you have a magnificent thanksgiving. god bless you, and until next time, from new york, this is mike huckabee, good night. and god bless. and god bless. [applause].
5:57 pm
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