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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 19, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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see you tomorrow. bye! ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: as israel pounds targets in gaza. palestinians and egyptians insist israel must meet their terms for cease-fire. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. israeli aircraft expanding the bombing cam page over gaza in retaliation for palestinian rocket fire in to israel. israel killed more of the enemy, hit more targets and shot down incoming missiles. it's the palestinians and egypt who want to dictate terms of any truth. correspondent david lee miller reports from southern israel tonight. >> reporter: for the 1400 airstrikes by israeli forces take an toll on militants in gaza and the civilian
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population. among the latest targets, a sports stadium that israel says was used as a launching site for rockets and the international media center. that israel says militants used for communications. palestinians say the death toll in gaza has now reached more than 100. half of them are zillians. among the dead -- civilians. among the dead, 11 member of the same family. five women and four children. israel says they were killed in an operation targeting the home of a rocket eng near working for militants. >> we were sleeping at the house. suddenly the world collapsed. we didn't understand what was happening. we coulded find the children -- we couldn't find the children. they were covered by rubble. >> reporter: israel meanwhile continues to come under attack from rockets fired from gaza. more than 600 so far. as 50 just today. officials say the attacks are often launched in areas densely populated by civilia civilians. israel's iron dome missile defense system on monday shot
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down about half of the rockets. at least seven people were injured. since the start of the conflict, three israelis have been killed. but the increasing number of palestinians zillians killed raises criticism from arab and european countries that israel's military operation is disproportionate to the threat of the militants. the political leader said the militant group will not compromise at the negotiating table. >> they are the ones that attack. the military campaign has one goal. >> this is clear we don't have ambition to conquer land. but to stop.
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>> the u.s. is closely monitoring evidents to end the bloodshed. president obama spoke this evening with the egyptian president mohammed morsi an underscore necessity for hamas that the united states consider aster rorrist group. mr. obama talked to the israeli prime minister to get update on the situation. many analysts say unless there is a cease-fire in 48 hours it's uncertain there will be an escalation. shannon? >> shannon: david lee miller live in israel. thank you. we are going to look at the reasons that israel is striking back against gaza furiously right now. national security correspondent jennifer griffin puts the story in per speculative. >> the gaza conflict may be phase one as they prepare for strike against iran nuclear program. conventioconventional wisdom isy
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will strike back. >> our problem is not our border with gaza, but other country's boarder with gaza. access of the arms that come from iran through sudan. among rockets fired at us come directly from iran. we know the hamster rorrist trained with iranians. strong connection. >> they can reach tel aviv and jerusalem from gaza. in the past year, they smuggled components for the rocket through tunnels from each of the desert to gaza. >> they are iranian made. 100 of them were imported via sudan. this only took one provocation for israel to go in and wipe out the rockets and the launchers. >> that provocation came on
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november 14. when hamas fired rocket at israel. now 30,000 israeli reserve forces gathered on the border for gaza and will enter the gaza strip. if they have the longer range rockets with airstrike. >> they are only going in to gaza if they need to eliminate remainder of the missiles. a lot of which supplied to hamas by iran. >> joint u.s. israeli dome antimissile shield shot down 307 incoming rockets from gaza since november 14. according to the israeli military. in march of 2010, the obama administration announced that it would provide $205 million to help israel purchase up to ten iron dome batteries. >> israel is slated to receive three times that amount for the iron dome system over three years to protect its cities. they hope the presence of the
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strong missile defense system will deter them from striking iran prematurely. >> thank you, jennifer. we will have more on what the israeli citizens are going through in the rocket attacks later in the program. the woman at the center of the david petraeus scandal said she is devastated by the fall-out. friends of paula broadwell, the biographer and mistress. and the investigation continues in the varying attacks told by petraeus, ambassador susan rice and others about the deadly libya terror attack. chief intelligence correspondence looks at the outcry of promotion for rice. >> 97 members of the house republicans oppose the possible nomination of ambassador susan rice for secretary of state. because ambassador rice is viewed to willfully or incompetently misled the american public in the benghazi matter.
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>> you want to explain to the american people about benghazi, tragic situation that four americans were killed. who do you pick? you pick somebody that you admit knows nothing about what happened. why would you pick somebody that knows nothing in you pick the person most politically complaint, good friend of yours that would read anything you gave them. >> rare joint appearance on the sunday talk show with the republican counterpart in the house, they said congress will investigate the cia talking point. >> the process will be checked out. we will find out who made changes in the orig gnat stat statement -- originate statement. >> they knew in 24 hours it was a terrorist attack.
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>> the narrative was wrong. intelligence was right. >> it went to deputy committee populated by appointees by the administration. that's where the narrative changed. in includes and is not limited to under secretary of defense james miller, undersecretary of state wendy sherman. deputy director mike morrell and vice chair of the joint chiefs, admiral winifeld. the state department has a seat at the table, a spokeswoman had nothing to add. >> i don't a comment for you one way or the other. it can't speak to that at all. >> there was no demonstration. two days later ambassador rice said the best intelligence indicate protest spot halftimeed by extremist. fox news asked the justice department who represented them at the meeting. as well as the f.b.i.
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there was no immediate response. >> more questions than answers but you're staying on it. >> everybody says it wasn't them. >> shannon: thank you. senior administration officials tell fox news attorney general holder agreed to stay on for a year. the president does not want a mass exodus at the start of the second term with the national security team undergoing changes. joe biden and jury been a slang, not a good combination. with six weeks to go, how far are we from the fiscal cliff? customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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>> shannon: your taxes are set to go up in 43 days. january 1. an event ominously referred to as the "fiscal cliff." both republicans and democrats want to avoid tax hike on middle and low income people but the fate of high earners
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is the choke point in the debate. chief national correspondent jim angle has an update. >> the head of the nasdaq exchange had harsh view of the fiscal predicament. >> they displayed the destructive market consequences by the federal date, they shake their head and think these are self-inflicted head wounds. why is this happening? >> talk on what to do are at the staff level sources say and behind closed doors. they are determined to raise rates on those making $250 a year. s. >> whatever the solution, these have the votes.
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>> the republicans argue it would hit the successful small businesses that pay at the individual rate which could hurt jobs. >> in the case of the taxes and sequester they need to plan for layoffs. >> if republicans would agree to small rate hike is not clear. they are putting revenue on the table and make it clear it those be accompanied by something else. >> the members without exception believe they are in the dilemma they are in not because we tax too little but spend too much. >> the head of nasdaq warns what seems like washington issue could become main street issue if the problems aren't fixed causing interest rates to rise. >> they will see the portfolio lose value. home buyers will see cost of mortgage to rise and homeowners will see the price of their homes fall.
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>> even with an agreement they face another deadline when it hits the debt limit again. at that point, the nation can't spend another nickel without cutting spending. another crisis over the horizon. >> shannon: tough to believe we're up against the ceiling again so soon. jim, thank you. >> stocks went surging. dow jumped 208. s&p 500 gained 27. nasdaq finished ahead 63. there is no word tonight from the campaign of florida republican congressman allen west. whether it has contest of the election. the numbers came in, though they didn't count the winner was still the democrat patrick murphy. one of big take-away from november 6 is the republican party weakness with hispanics.
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we report on the effort to do that. >> some conservatives are proposing adopting the texas solution, which would set up a 21st century tetch rare worker program. that way border enforcement could focus on the drug car tell and criminals. >> we need a demand based guest worker program that allows companies who cannot find american workers to bring the foreign workers that they need. >> some conservatives suggest giving everyone high-tech identification card to avoid fraud and holding businesses accountable. >> you hire someone who doesn't have the identity card or the new social security card, and you are going to go to jail for six montlorida senao says the u.s. must determine how many immigrants are required to meet the economic needs. >> the system needs to be modernized and take in account the opportunities that creates for investors or jobs. >> moving forward with reform as president george w. bush
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attempted in 2007 can be challenging for republicans. >> it's harming our economy in texas. the federal government failed. >> with the number of latino voters double what it was in the 2000 election and after barack obama won 71% of the latino vote in this election. there are a number of republicans who believe it's time for a change in tone. and action. shannon? >> shannon: mike emanuel thank you. still ahead, president obama breaks new ground in burma. first, adding insult to injury. after super storm sandy.
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>> shannon: 12 more new york city public schools reopened today following the damage from super storm sandy last month. 18 are still closed. gas rationing extented through friday. for many people's whose homes were damaged, insult has been added to injury. senior correspondent eric shawn explains from breezy point new york. >> amid the devastation and destruction that remains three weeks after hurricane sandy, a stinging surprise from the new york city building department. a notice, tacked to the front door, demanding the storm's victims fix their problems under penalty of law. >> the city needs to work with us, not against us. you know, to impose a fine, to
3:22 pm
threaten violations, i mean just look around. it's obviously people who have never stepped foot here, because if you saw what was going on here, you would haven't the nerve to put that on our door. >> it's called a notice of deficiency. and if there ever was an understatement, this is it. it orders homeowners to repair, and/or replace if possible and obtain all necessary building permits testimonies city says the notices are merely meant to catalog damage structures. saying, "these violations were issued solely to document the damage that occurred and property owners will not face any penalties as a result." so far, estimated 891 buildings classified as so severely damaged that the city is considering mass demolitions within the next two months. >> they may come in here and start bulldozing. they will make the people pay for it. that is not right. if you are going to come in and bulldoze stuff down you want to do the job, you pay for it. >> others are optimistic despite the challenges breezy
3:23 pm
point will one day return to normal. >> it can get back. this community has a great resolve and togetherness. >> the american spirit endures. tonight there is still no power in breezy point but some residents told us they did get their water back. new york city officials have been in contact with their counterpart in new orleans to determine their procedures for rebuilding in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. shannon? >> shannon: it's just still so hard to believe. eric, thank you. a possible reprieve for the hostess twinkie. we have just learned that hostess in the second largest union agreed to go to mediation to rethe differences. bankruptcy court judge concluded today that the two parties had not gone through that critical step. the taliban public relations department does a public relations no-no. and did joe biden call president obama a homeboy? grapevine is next.
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> shannon: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. vice president joe biden's words seem to have gotten away from him again. here is what he said to victims of monster storm sand sandy. >> shannon: >> the president up here with the governor, we're not going anywhere, gov. we are not going anywhere. and you got a homeboy in the
3:28 pm
deal, who gets it. >> shannon: it's unclear whether the vice president was referring to president obama or himself as the homeboy. but he is being criticized over both possibilities. department of the homeland security u.s. citizenship and services, us cis seems to promote government assistance in the welcome materials. the daily caller found this on the welcome to the website. depending on your immigration status, length of time in the united states and income you may be eligible for some federal benefit program. the d.h.s. page offers links an explanations on how to access benefits including food stamps, supplemental security income. medicaid, medicare and more. alabama senator jeff session ses said of the site, some of the programs are clearly not available for immigrants and just creates confusion. u.s. cis tells fox news is site is not intended to advise individuals of the eligibility. case where truth might be
3:29 pm
stranger than fiction. the taliban public relations team -- yes, it has one -- sent out a press release last week but as a carbon copy, not a blind carbon copy so all the organization's contacts were visible. the list included 400 name, most of them journalists. but it also included members of the afghanistan government, some professor, political activists and sympathetic warlords. noting the p.r. fail, p.r. newser said sarcastically, it could haven't happened to a nicer group of guys. the government of burma has a record of being not very nice to political opponents. that eased up in the recent years. today, burma got a gold star for that. a visit by the president of the united states. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler shows us. >> reporter: at the home of the once a political prisoner now member of parliament, the first u.s. president to visit the forrally closed nation of burma said the lesson there is human freedom can't be denied. mr. obama told the country's
3:30 pm
president he had taken the first steps on long journey toward democracy but later said his visit wasn't to reward those steps but instead to encourage more. >> flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguished. they must be strengthened. they must become a shine north star for all this nation's people. >> on this day, burmese authorities released dozens of political prisoners and with hundreds still in jails. some u.s. lawmakers feel be obama's visit was premature. on a trip aimed to showcase the so-called pivot to asia, all three countries mr. obama was visiting have human rights difficulties. in a news conference with the prime minister day before, admitted the country's democracy is work in progress. just six years from a coup. >> he would likely not be visiting cambodia where the human right abuses have gotten worse in recent years but the east asia summit there. meanwhile, israeli-palestinian fighting in the ongoing arab string led to daily phone conversations with israeli prime minister netanyahu, and
3:31 pm
egyptian president morsi, prompted an appeal for talks and restraint. >> as egyptians, tunisias, others have more of a voice in their government, it becomes more important for all the players including the united states to speak directly to those populations. and to deliver a message that peace is prefer to believe war. >> experts say one of the questions likely to dominate informal conversations at the summit in cambodia is where will the u.s. economy will plunge over the so-called fiscal cliff. mr. obama says he is confident it won't and that the region will decide the american economic mod is better than china's. >> it's worked for us for over 200 years now. i think it will work for thailand and work for his entire region. >> another question likely to
3:32 pm
be asked here is who will replace secretary of state clinton in mr. obama's second term. she is one of the most travelled secretary of state in history and well-liked in asia. who will replace her is a question mr. obama is unlikely to answer. shannon? >> shannon: wendell goler traveling with the president. thank you. british prime minister david cameron wants to limit options for citizens looking to appeal government decisions. bloomberg reports, told the british business leader he is wants to reduce the time limit on the judicial reviews, make them more extensive and cut possible appeals from four to two. for the past year-and-a-half many people said the statue in rome looks like factious dictator benito mussolini than the person it's supposed to represent, pope john paul ii. so now he smiles and has defineed chin, his arm is strengthened and is in a gesture of protection and the coloring evened out as well. not everyone is satisfied.
3:33 pm
a commuter says just not him. as we told you at the top of the program the death toll on the palestinian side of conflict with israel more than 100 tonight. half of them zillians according to the gaza officials. israel lost three people so far. citizens by the thousands are opposed to terror from the skies hour after hour. correspondent leland vittert with the day in the life of a nation under attack. >> the united states you have snow days from school. here in israel, rocket days. this is a rocket that came through the concrete roof of a major school here. high school. through here and embedded itself there in the ground. this is a bench where students would normally sit. we could see it's peppered with shrapnel. [ sirens ] okay, got sirens going. we're going keep going. this area was hit once before. we are going to keep moving. grab this. coming this way. we are getting inside. this is where israeli students
3:34 pm
would be hiding if, of course, they had been in school. today was rocket day. we just heard the explosions overhead. and that was really close. we literally just got to scene of the rockets that you heard inside the bomb shelter. this is what a rocket did to a concrete block walkway. you imagine what it would have done to any person who was standing out here. these are the ultimate in citizen soldiers. many of these are engineers or account tants who have now been called up. they are using every spare minute they can before the go order is given to practice through these fields. maneuvers, how to clear houses inside gaza. how they will move through the street. of course, for many of the soldiers the waiting is the very worst part. for the young guys they are gung-ho. they want to go in. older soldiers know some of the men they are with now in the camps won't come home alive. israeli field artillery. we have seen them already
3:35 pm
shooting out. this is the start of any ground operation. artillery softping up the target and laying down smoke so tankss and troops can move forward. on the israel-gaza border. leland vittert, fox news. >> shannon: israel is pounding gaza, but the palestinians want to set the terms of the cease-fire. the fox all-stars discuss when we come back. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic.
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♪ ♪ there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. >> what we want to do is live in peace. we have want to live in peace
3:39 pm
with ourselves, all of our neighbors some day we hope. and that is what we ask. that is what we are demanding and that is what will bring an end to the current round of fighting. >> shannon: the president and israel's ambassador to the u.s. talking what about is at stake for israel here. bring in the panel to talk about it. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard associate editor of the hill. and syndicated columnnist charles krauthammer. good to see you. this is heating up. what do you make of it? >> is it heating up. israel has not response but to respond forcefully as it has. when you have rockets we have seen diminishment in the number of rockets that hit israel after 2008. we then saw a ramping up. so i think they had no choice but to respond because of the immediate problems that that presents. but also, i think it's important is to send a message to the broader region. you have the governments now that are sympathetic in egypt and elsewhere.
3:40 pm
sympatheticbe to hamas in a way they weren't in the past. i think to a certain extent you have to read the provocation by hamas. as an effort to arrange the region in such a way that it's even more anti-israel than it has been. try to consolidate this anti-israeli feeling. i think that is why you are seeing the strikes on the military side and the aggressive media campaign that hamas is waging. israel had to respond forcefully. the president's words yesterday i thought were good. saying he fully understands the right of israel to defend itself and supports that right. his tone as was interesting. he was almost disgusted that anyone would question that right. >> shannon: there are negotiations going on with israeli official in hamas in egypt but what is the interest in this matter? is that the country to help negotiate what we hope will be a cease-fire? >> egypt is obviously in the spotlight. we don't really know exactly
3:41 pm
what the goals are for egypt. it's muddled. since taking power, the brotherhood decided to step back, you know, from the priest statements of strong support for hamas. it looks like hamas is in a better position. as steve points out. as a result of the arab spring, israelis are more vulnerable than they were a year ago. i think it is up to president obama to back up statements with serious reengaging with turkey and egypt right now. they might be having the talks but until the u.s. gets involved, i think there is not a likelihood of cease-fire. if there is one, it just seems in the absence of a political resolution, which seems hopeless at this point, it seems like it will be temporary. it won't be durable one. >> shannon: charles, talk about turkey. today, the prime minister there referred to israel as a terrorist state. that raised hackles here in washington and elsewhere. what do you make of it? >> it's win of the reason --
3:42 pm
one of the reasons that hamas started this in the first place. they did with a barrage of 150 rockets, over several days before israel retaliated. why would they want to do that? because hamas is strategic aim right now to change to institutionalize the change in their relations, their power. two sources of the power. number one, weaponry. the new weaponry. they can hit tel aviv and jerusalem. they shot a rocket that landed outside of jerusalem the first time. in 40 years that has happened. so their weaponry is now sophisticated. it's stronger. but they also want to translate the new strategic relation by the change of the neighborhood. turkey, which is a strong pro-israel ally for 60 years is now run bay moderate islamist, who is extremely anti-israel. he calls israel terrorist day today. egypt is run by the brotherhood, as you know is the mother organization of hamas. which is simply palestinian wing of the egyptian muslim
3:43 pm
brotherhood. lastly, they dropped in a month ago and left behind half a million dollars. there are an array of countries. what is hamas trying to do? translate the increase in strength to new agreements. the demands are for the cease-fire that israel agrees not to attack again. to allow hamas to build up its weaponry. and pledge not to hit any hamas leaders, and not to hit in the future any hamas weapons or missiles. which means it would have a truce, it will never have a peace. but have a truce. hoodna. during which they will become extremely strong, develop hundreds of thousands of rockets that can hit israel. can hit tell avive and jerusalem. and -- tel aviv and jerusalem and put 80% of israel under the rocket. israel will never agree to that. that is slow suicide. so, as long as hamas is demanding that. offensive will continue. if it keeps demanding it, as
3:44 pm
we heard david lee miller report beyond a day or two, there will be a ground invasion. >> shannon: we talked about a lo number of countries and we haven't mexed iran. what role do they or don't they play? >> they have been supporting hamas for years. the head of hamas quoted in david lee miller's piece was one of the chief fundraisers going to iran. had good relations with iran living in syria. i think there is no question that iran is continuing to play a role here, that iran is happy to have israel engage with hamas right now, that is a welcome distraction. i think a distraction that iran is pushing. supplying rockets or funding. whether training and terrorists. there is no question there is an iranian hand here. >> shannon: how likely is it that this turns in a ground war? >> charles is right. the effort and the preparation that the israelis made to mobilize their forces is significant. i don't think they are expecting this to end tomorrow. they are preparing for a ground operation. >> shannon: charles? >> the ultimate objective is hamas becomes hezbollah south.
3:45 pm
hezbollah has 50,000 rockets. which are iranian. essentially, israel is in a standoff. it cannot attack it because of the fire that would rain on rein the city. it's weaker today but it wants truce to institutionmize the immunity to the israeli attack so it becomes hezbollah. iran is behind it all because hezbollah and hamas are clients of iran. iran is thinking of israeli strike on the nuclear program. saying to israel we are going to arm hamas. it will rain rocket on tell avive from the south. hezbollah is invulnerable in the north. put you in a situation of disastrous attack if you attack us. even before iran retaliates directly. this is all about iran and israel. iran trying to maneuver israel a corner it can't attack. >> shannon: given what
3:46 pm
charles said and what we know of hamas' stated intentions are who thinks cease-fire is fool's air to this point? >> highly unlikely. >> it's the goal but i think it's unlikely, too. >> a point where hamas thinks it cannot achieve its object is, of immunity and then it will realize that it has to stop now. but it will start again in the month or two. or a year or two. >> shannon: all right. panel, stick around. next up the latest on the deadly benghazi terror attacks about all the different investigations in to that. ♪
3:47 pm
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♪ ♪ susan rice did not say this was just a bunch of demonstrators who turned violent.
3:50 pm
there was a dispute were there demonstrators, were they armed or some armed? she said clearly extremist elements came in heavily armed and attacked. the only dispute here is, you know, where there other protesters, what were they doing? she was telling us things that were false. someone gave her bad information. we need to get the bottom of who did that and why. >> megyn: we are back -- >> shannon: we are back with the panel to talk about benghazi and the fall-out of the attack that left four americans dead. steve, a.b., charles. charles, there is a lot of conflicting information here there. has to be someone who has to answer to primarily the talking points that ambassador susan rice. the white house said they made a change to the technical reference to consulate.
3:51 pm
where does the answer lie, charles? >> i think what we had, what we achieved over the weekend. there are three scandals. that is why it never happened in seven hours and the lies afterwards. it appears now in the main street press as a fact. the intelligence community given a report and assessment on the 14th. when susan rice spoke it had become a riot out of control. that means between the 4 and 16 and intelligence assessment and the white house, something changed. someone changed it. that seems to be agreed.
3:52 pm
that is clarity. i would clear the questions who changed it, why, and what exactly was the nature of the change. why was it made to protect the administration line on heated election that al-qaeda is on the heels that obama repeated at every stop in the campaign. dianne feinstein, a democrat, said we have to get the answer to that. the answer is somewhere. it could be the white house. it would be damaging. that is a real achieve in the the investigation. >> shannon: a.b., do you think the ambassador rice will testify about this? i don't know if it will successfully come to pass but the pressure is on her.
3:53 pm
the pressure is on hillary clinton as well. many people. >> shannon: she agreed to testify at some point. >> i want to say two things. one, the whole line tha at the , what was revealed about the scrubbing of the talking points. any suspicion that al-qaeda is responsible for the things. if we did this for the underwear bomber or anybody else, there would be routine person that was a scrubber and we'd know who they were by now. pushed the video. pushed the video. so whether it's charles' reason, that felt pressure because the personal life on the line and didn't lose the job. he changed his story. his story on friday was a new one. this is really, it is more and
3:54 pm
more questions. i'm glad we have a scrubber. we know that that happened. but this is not routine policy of the intelligence community to say we cannot let al-qaeda get on to us. >> shannon: or know we are on to them. clearly, they did not know that before a month ago. >> we killed their leader, rather abruptly. >> it just doesn't happen. >> shannon: the jig is up. steve, i want to ask about ambassador rice and all the talk that she could be nominated for secretary of state. the president has vigorously defended her in the news conference last week. today, 97 house republicans said they are deeply concerned a they will do everything to oppose it. they can't vote. it's senate's deal. do you think he will throw down the gauntlet and say if i want to nominate her, i will? he said those words. >> i think president is eager to move beyond benghazi as quickly as he can. there are reasons that he won't be able to.
3:55 pm
important reasons he won't be able to. the last thing he wants high profile confirmation hearing as the person seen, i think correctly, as the administration's spin on what happened with benghazi. went to defend her in an insulting way, sent her out because she didn't know anything. there to recite the talking points. you do that if you don't want her to screw up. if hillary clinton were to go out or petraeus goes out, they have institutional knowledge about what happened. they know what they were doing during the attack. they know what the stories were and the discussion of the immediate aftermath of the attack. susan rice by the president's own admission did not know those things and she can be counted on to recite talking points. it's an insulting way to use the united nations ambassador. it's odder that the president would cite that as the reason, or the defense of her. >> shannon: white house chooses who they send to the sunday shows. that is not in dispute. we know that. >> they do. >> shannon: that is it for
3:56 pm
panel. stick around. when you try to borrow from the terrorist play book, it might just blow up in your face. that's next.
3:57 pm
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3:59 pm
>> finally tonight, it was a clandestined covert operation designed to conceal the sorted truth. and the coverup which is always worse than the crime was not exactly a success. >> this week, the government launched a sexy new reboot of you've got mail. [ laughter ] david petraeus and his alleged mistress paula broadwell reportedly used a trick popular with terrorist cells by leaving untraceable messages for each other in the draft folder of a shared email account and in another trick borrowed borrowed from terrorists it blew up in their faces. [ laughter ] >> ouch o. all right. that is it for "special


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