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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 19, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the panel. good night from washington. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the best day for stocks since election day. we'll tell you why wall street may be looking up. plus, day six of the violence between israel and hamas. air strikes, rocket attacks, violent clashes in the streets. [siren] >> shepard: tonight, hamas lists its demands for truce as israel forces and all-out ground invasion if that fails. plus, a new kick in the gut for victims of super storm sandy. tickets threatening criminal damaged and destroyed homes.
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>> if you saw what was going on here you wouldn't have the nerve to put on the door. >> tonight new york city defends its reasoning. >> and refer madness in the rockie mountains. prosecutors in colorado now trying to figure out what to do with all the active marijuana cases now that folks there have voted to legalize the weed. but first from fox this monday night. hamas says to israel: i dare you. president obama talking to the egyptian president about preventing an all-out war between hamas and israel. the white house says the president told the egyptian leader: it's crucial for hamas militants to stop firing rockets into israel. this video from hamas. supposedly showing some of today's rocket launches. fox news can't independently verify it. hamas reports it fired more than 100 rockets today alone but police say none caused any injuries.
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[explosion] >> shepard: israel firing back with air strikes. there are reports of new explosions tonight, meaning overnight in gaza. officials say three israelis in more than 100 palestinians have died in the past six days. the white house also says that president obama called the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today toll get update on the crisis. aides expressed regret to both the israeli and egyptian leaders for casualties on both sides of the border. we have team fox coverage tonight. jonathan hunt at the united nations. first to david lee miller who is live for us this evening in southern israel. today, we heard from hamas leaders. what are they saying david lee? >> shep, let me give you breaking news, just a few moments ago we got word that three israeli cities in southern israel came under rocket attack. we could see the interceptor missiles overhead. this happening just a few moments ago.
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it was the first rocket attack we have seen in southern israel in the last several hours. now, as for the question about the hamas leadership, as hamas -- as i sudden say as gaza came under fire today by the israelis. the leader, exiled leader of hamas, michelle was speaking in cairo, that's where the cease-fire discussions are taking place. and he said that hamas is not calling for any ground war or escalation, but despite the fact that hamas over the last year has fired more than 700 rockets into israel, he said israel is the aggressor in this conflict. listen to what he said. >> we will not accept any -- they are the ones who attack. a cease-fire will cure when our demands are met. >> just what are those demands? two key points that the hamas wants to make. they want an end to what they described as targeted assassinations and also want an end to the israeli blockade of gaza. shepard, in another late-breaking development, we
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are just getting word now that the israeli military striking in gaza a short time ago hit a bank with ties to hamas. so, the blood shed does continue. shepard? >> shepard: david lee, any indication that the diplomatic effort is making any difference? >> not very much on the ground. not far from where i'm standing, in fact, there are troops and tanks who are poised to move into gaza. how much of this is leverage at the negotiating table versus the reality of ground incursion, that's not entirely clear. at this hour some senior members of the israeli cabinet are meeting discussing the cease-fire proposal. i can tell you that a recent pole showed that 0% of israelis approve of the military campaign, but only 30% want to see any type of ground incursion. one thing also worth noting today, shepard, is that for whatever the reason, there were no rockets targeting tel aviv today. does that mean longer range
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supply is depleted or saving them up? that's not entirely clear. can i tell you oftentimes before a cease-fire both sides tend to increase their firing sort of get the last shot. things have been relatively quiet until just a moment ago. back to you. >> israel and hamas leaders say they are open to diplomatic solution to avoid a ground war. as we heard. each side is making demands. team fox coverage continues now. jonathan hunt is outside the united nations in new york city tonight. jonathan, i know they are talking a lot. but is there any action? >> precious little action, shep. it seems that the united nations security council is crippled by its usual divisions over the israeli palestinian conflict. in fact, diplomats could not even agree today on what is called a press statement, the text of that statement and obviously a simple statement is somewhere short of a resolution, which might actually include demands and
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potential cons quences. u.n. ambassador expressing frustration with lack of progress today. >> duration of the crisis there and we believe that diplomatic efforts need to be expedited. we're upset that the draft press statement, which was circulated by -- on behalf of the arab league is still bogged down in discussions and in consultations -- >> now, the russian ambassador said in his words, one member is holding up the agreement to a press statement he would not confirm who was that was. when asked if it was the united states he said you would be a connoisseur of the security council if you reached that conclusion. no comment whatsoever from u.s. officials here at the u.n. today, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, u.n. officials say they are monitoring cease-fire negotiations but carefully
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trying to stay out of the middle of them. >> yeah. certainly trying to stay out of the middle. getting into the middle of it is is the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon who traveled to cairo today where those negotiations are taking place. is he going to meet with egypt's president mohammed morsi tomorrow. later this week he will travel to israel to meet with prime minister netanyahu and also to the west bank to meet the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. the trouble with these negotiations as so often in these cases is who stops firing first. in the word of u.s. officials that is clearly up to hamas to do. listen. >> we have been very clear that israel has a right of self-defense. we have been very clear that rockets continue to be fired and land on israel. we have been very clear that we are working to try to get this conflict deescalated. we have been very clear about our concern for civilians and innocence on both sides. >> important to note that while diplomacy has not yet
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succeeded, neither, shep, has it failed. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt at the united nations for us. well, it was a huge day on wall street. as stocks soared to the best trading session since the presidential election since nearly two weeks ago. if you have been afraid to peek at your 401(k) it might not be a bad idea now. the dow up 207 points. nasdaq up 63. s&p up to 27. apple had biggest single day gain since way back in april. a jump in stock value of more than 7%. the fox business network anchor gerri willis is with us now from her studio. what else was behind today's big jump. >> i think you have got to say it's the fiscal cliff. investors are optimistic that there will be some kind of deal before the end of the year. steaks are high for investors. they see recession ahead if the cliff is not avoided. as you know the president has said he is confident some kind of deal will be made. folks in washington, congressional leaders saying they are optimistic as well, shep, we don't have anything
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on paper yet so don't hold your breath. >> shepard: i won't be doing that gerri willis from the willis report. thanks. some news suggests that the nation may have finally turned the corner on the housing crisis and that recovery may be recovering faster than many analysts expected. existing home sales jumped 2.1% last month. the average price of a home now $178,000. more than 11% higher than at the same time last year. in addition, demand for homes pushed home builder sentiment to a 6 year high. well, in many cases, they lost everything. victims of the super storm sandy who have nothing more than a pile of rubble, where there was once a home. but now some of those victims say they found violation tickets on their properties, threatening prosecution if they don't clean up the mess. that's next. plus, remember the mysterious and deadly explosion in indianapolis? the one that blew up several houses in one neighborhood? police have made a big turn. they're calling it a homicide
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cops say the deadly explosion that pliew up several homes in indianapolis may have been intentional. happened a little bit more than a week ago there in the neighborhood known as richmond hills. the blast leveled several houses and damaged 80 others. a second grade teacher and her husband died. within the last hour investigators say the clues point to somebody sparking that explosion on purpose. based upon interviews and results of the search warrants we can confirm tonight that there is an active homicide investigation in this matter. >> shepard: cops are looking for a white van that witnesses reported seeing in that neighborhood. today, hundreds of people turned up at a funeral for the victims. among the mourners the teacher's young students whose classes were cancelled today. $10,000 reward out for information. a worker still missing after
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explosion last week after oil rig off the coast of louisiana. officials are expressing hope that he is still alive. the platform owner black elk energy reports crews brought a search crew and a search dog on board that damaged rig trying to find signs of this guy. officials confirm another worker did i do in the blast and four others seriously burned. call it insult to injury. three weeks after super storm sandy blasted into parts of the northeast, some folks who lost everything now fear the possibility of legal trouble because they haven't cleaned up the damage or, well, destroyed homes that were left in the back. it's happened in the hard hit working class neighborhood of breezy point in queens, new york. a massive fire there on the night sandy hit. burned about 100 homes. flats to the ground. the storm surge and flooding damaged pretty much every other house in the neighborhood as well. now some folks folks in breezy y they have received violation notices. warning of prosecution for failing to repair their homes
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immediately. homes that in many cases cannot be repaired. you cannot even get in them it's too dangerous. the city claims it's all a misunderstanding. our eric shawn is live in breezy sean tonight. eric, what are these people finding? >> yeah, shepard. just imagine this: you walk up to your house, it's totally destroyed. everything is in ruins but there, as you said right on the front door, tacked to it is a legal notice threatening to put you in jail if you don't clean everything up. it is really got people here ticked off. >> this is what one looks like. it's called a notice of deficiency. and it orders the storm victims to repair or replace their home's damage under penalty of law. and with all the devastation here, they are asking how do they do that? >> i think the city needs to work with us and not against us. you know, to impose a fine to threaten violations? i mean, just look around. obviously people who have never stepped foot here because if you saw what was going on here, you wouldn't have the nerve to put that on our door.
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>> daniel turner also told us despite the heartache and aggravation he will get through it, shep. what's the city's department of buildings saying about this. >> they say they don't really mean it they say this is really just a way to categorize the houses so severely damaged. in a statement to fox news a spokesman said in part quote these violations were issued to -- property owners will not face any penalties as a result. but some here are still angry about it turns out that upwards of 900 homes here in queens and staten island may have to be completely torn down and demolished because they are damaged so badly. shep, tonight, three weeks to the day after hurricane sandy hit here. there still is no power, but some people told us that they did get their water back. shep? >> shepard: eric shawn live breezy point live in queens, new york. great news on the snack front tonight. don't write off twinkies, not yet. because hostess and some of its workers are making a
4:17 pm
last-ditch effort to save the company. and thousands of jobs. plus, man, huge changes to the college football landscape. word that not one but two schools are on their way to the big ten conference. which would technically make it the big 14. and then there is that other matter of, well, the bcs standings. oh, let me tell you about alabama. hey, look! a shooting star!
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>> shepard: oh, twinkies might be with us for a while. after all, the saginaw now and we're learning that the snack food giant hostess will not go out of business, at least not today. because today hostess and second largest union agreed to go into third party talks that could prevent the loss of some 18,000 jobs or that's the
4:21 pm
hope. a judge urged these negotiations saying that two sides need to speak face to face before the company can actually start shutting down. keep in mind the fate of hostess effects much more than just twinkies and wonder bread. you have king dongs and snow cones and who he who -- hoe -- ho-hos. >> the judge can say he gave a good last ditch effort give hostess the green light to sell off most of its assets or all of its assets there are four companies that have now come forward saying they would like to buy part or all of hostess, the biggest being a mexican bakery called groupo bimbo. they own gandz like sara lee, entenmann's and thomas muffins. new new owner would hire the old employees. the ceo of whose says doesn't think the mexican bakery will buy hostess, two he doesn't
4:22 pm
think anybody will half-time report unions. saying and i'm quoting here. nobody wants anything to do with these old plants or these unions or these cracks. in fact, he says he believes the value in hostess is no longer being tied to those union contracts. shep? >> shepard: now the teamsters have offering to help out here? >> yeah. because they know that their jobs are on the line here. riding on these discussions. remember, the teamsters are the ones that agreed to take the pay hike. they are the biggest union in hostess. it's the bakers union that did not take the pay hike. because of that the teamsters came out criticizing them saying they were, quote: not being constructive. now the teamsters are playing nice again. releasing a statement saying and i'm quoting here: this is not only about a brand or a product. it's also about real people that just want to work hard every day to provide for their families. the teamsters will assist in any way we can to help the two sides reach an agreement that keeps the company's doors open. because, remember, there are
4:23 pm
5,000 bakers in those negotiations. 18,500 jobs are on the line. shep? >> shepard: trace, regardless of what happens to twinkies, reports of the demise have caused a bit of a friendsy. the famous sponge cakes have been flying off grocery store shelves since hostess planned to close shops and start making them. some ebay and craigslist listing them for thousands of dollars in some cases. it's unclear though if anybody is actually buying. of course, they will last forever. a major shakeup today in college sports. it appears the big ten will soon be 14 university of maryland announcing its aban dogging the acc a charter member and join the big ten in 2014. also word that rutgers out of new jersey may effect the big east. all of that will give the conference a greater preference on the east coast and at least some degree access to the lucrative media markets of d.c. and new york. maryland faces a
4:24 pm
auto-million-dollar exit fee from the acc but thinks it may be able to negotiate that down. big money for rutgers, too. both programs are betting the big ten media contracts will more than make up for it. some republicans may be having second thoughts about immigration now after governor mitt romney lost the latino vote in a big way, self-deportation and all. we will tell you about some of the ideas conservatives are now putting on the table. we will see what you think. and cops say they caught up with a family of suspected bank robbers, thanks to their disguises. they really weren't that good. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. est, sweetest crafor red lobster that we can find. [ male annncer ] it's time for crabfest at red lobster! this year, try 1 of 5 entrees. like our new snow crab and garlic shrimp. a half-pound of tender crab paired with savory shrimp. just 12.99. or dig into our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake.
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say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >> shepard: the family business, the father and son and daughter are behind bars after cops say they pulled off a string of robberies in two states and they top our news across america. texas, cops say the family robbed several banks dressed as the blue collar workers. this surveillance picture shows the father and son wearing construction vests and painters masks. deputies tied the disguises to a nearby home depot and say they spotted the suspects on surveillance video buying the same vests there. officials say the family could be behind several other robberies in their home state of oregon. wisconsin. a father and his teenage daughter died in small plane crash near the illinois border. it appears that the pilot was trying to land the aircraft when it went down in a
4:29 pm
cornfield near an airport. arizona. a former professional motocross athlete taking first place in his division at iron man, arizona. that's despite a serious crash 8 years ago that paralyzed him from the chest down. >> ricky james is on the water. this is the second full length iron man of the year. he also won several truck races using hand controls to drive. some of the best video gamers in the world facing off in the donkey kong championships in november.led on 16 machines. the winner took home $2,000 prize and is part of a fox watch across america. i'm shepard smith. it's on like donkey kong bottom of the hour, top of the news now.
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president obama makes history twice in a matter of hours. he is the first american president to visit cambodia and burr matchett the u.s. government still calls the country burma even though its former military leaders changed the name to myanmar. the new civilian leaders are keeping the name but taking steps towards democracy like releasing political prisoners. president obama met with one of those former prisoners, the nobel prize winner. she spent almost 20 years under house arrest for fighting for democracy. now, she is a member of parliament. at the meeting, president obama called the country burma but listen to what he said during a meeting with the burmese president. >> we think that a process of democratic reform and economic reform here in me martha has been begun by the president is one that can lead to incredible development
4:31 pm
opportunities. >> the white house says the president used myanmar as a diplomatic courtesy and that it does not change official policy. the first stop on the president's trips with thailand, then burr matchett tonight he he is in cambodia and so is wendell goler who is traveling with the president. wendell? >> shep, as you point out the president's aides say he aimed to make a courteous gesture there no change in the u.s. policy calling country by old name. there is no such sentiment here cam body i can't. both burma and cambodia history of human rights problems and while the situation in burma is said to be getting better. in cambodia the situation is considered to be getting worse. the talks between mr. obama, cambodian leader were said to be tense with hun expressing a wish for deeper economic ties and president obama explaining that's not possible until the human rights situation here improves. aides say there were no promises from either man. in fact, it's doubtful
4:32 pm
mr. obama would have come here except for today's east asian summit which he hopes to use the challenge china's bid to increase economic and strategic power in the region. shepard? >> shepard: wendell, some critics are saying that the president's trip to burma came a little bit too soon. >> well, the concern is that that country really hasn't gone far enough down the road to cementing democrat rights to earn the visit. the president admits it has a long way to go. as mr. obama arrived -- pardon me. burma's president released dozens of political prisoners. hundreds more remain in prison. the president said he didn't go there to reward the country for what it had done. he went there to encourage burma's leaders to keep doing it. >> the flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguished. he they must be strengthened. they must become a shining north star for all this nation's people.
4:33 pm
likely to be secretary of state clinton's last foreign trip with the president. leave in the second term exactly how early, shepard? >> wendell goler live with us right here. quickly filling with water. thank you. dominating the hispanic vote and he did. today a panel discussion in washington. g.o.p. called for party to take a hard stand and hard like. >> we need comprehensive fair and just immigration reform first and foremost because it is the right thing to do. it is consistent with american principles. i can understand why hispanics would say republicans don't like us. >> shepard: and the shift begins. fox news exit polls show 71% of hispanic voters supported the president on election day while but 27% backed mitt romney.
4:34 pm
but now leading republicans say they have different ideas on just how to change the nation's immigration system. mike emanuel in d.c. tonight. how are conservatives approaching this issue that has clearly divided republicans in a huge way? >> well, shep. they suggested republicans believe they are the party of free marks and the party of family. the nation embraced fixing the immigration problem in a compassionate way. >> you know how many families were broken up in mexico? and in central america? of people who come here to work, leave their spouses, their children back home. and they never see them. they may -- they have the commitment to send remittances but then they start families here in the united states. it's breaking up families. >> others suggest what's being discussed in washington is essentially amnesty. a spokesman for a group called fair says, quote: immigration reform as it is now being discussed is centered on rewarding those who have broken our laws and making it easier for millions more people to enter the u.s.
4:35 pm
legally so there it you have the conservative divide, shep. >> shepard: that's not all of it. some of them say that the system just isn't working. >> well, right. they have say it's time to create a system that makes it much harder to create fake ids and hold businesses accountable. restaurant owner from texas says the current system is is a disaster. >> i am all for employment verification system. we need employment verification system. but everify, you know, makes the united states postal service look efficient. it's a government-run software program i don't care i don't think i need to say anything more than that. >> use technology to deal with the worker issue in a comprehensive way. then focus border efforts on going after drug cartels and criminals, shep? >> mike emanuel on capitol hill. immigrants with lots of money could -- to to spend could find themselves on the fast track to u.s. citizenship. that's through a special government program which issues visas to foreigner who's invest at least a half
4:36 pm
million dollars in american business. the feds say this program has already created tens of thousands of jobs and generated billions of dollars for the u.s. economy. phil keating has more from our south florida newsroom. if you don't have a lot of money, you probably don't like it so much. >> no. it really doesn't apply to you. from rich, latin americans, primarily venezuelans, tired of hugo chavez, to chinese wanting their own american dream. this growing popular way to get a u.s. visa is also funneling money, much needed capital into the u.s. economy. here in south florida, most of these eb 5 visas are funding construction and development projects, creating hundreds of u.s. jobs. in return, the rich investors get a permanent green card. and the personal reward of boosting the economy of their new found home. >> i'm part of a larger thing. very good feeling, yes. the social impact and the benefit for the u.s. economy is very good feeling. it's not only the financial profit that can get out of it,
4:37 pm
being part of something more important. >> as word of this visa program spreads to other nations, interest does as well. here is an educational seminar put on by the miami beach chamber of commerce just friday. the state department is issuing more and more of these visas. 1300 issued two years ago. that more than doubled last year. and this year we're on track to nearly triple these visas from last year. immigration attorney randal specializes the in the visas and investment projects nationwide. >> the immigrant gets a benefit. and the united states gets a benefit. which is employment creation. we need jobs. and this capital, this foreign capital creates employment. in the united states. >> seems like a win-win all around. and also happening, another benefit since all of these new immigrants are coming here already rich, they are far less likely to then become a dependent drain on u.s. society.
4:38 pm
shep? >> shepard: phil keating live with us from miami. phil, thanks. the director stephan phil spielburg i shouldn't say first ambassador rice isn't officially a nominee for secretary of state. that isn't stopping a growing number of lawmakers stopping her from getting that nomination. details ahead. a plane packed with passengers plunges 10,000 feet in seconds and rattles everybody inside. that's coming up. and rihanna. she filled a jet with booze and journalists but no food really for them. there is a clothing shortage as well. sing it now. ♪ ♪ oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula.
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>> shepard: target: susan rice. close to 100 republic lawmakers have written to president obama saying the administration's response to the attack makes now u.n. ambassador unfit for a
4:42 pm
promotion. it comes after word got out that the white house is considering nominating her to replace secretary of state hillary clinton. just days after the deadly attack in libya. ambassador rice went on the five sunday talk shows and described it as spontaneous protest over that video that insulted islam. u.s. officials now say it was actually a planned tear attack. the now former cia director david petraeus reportedly told congress the administration knew right away it was a terror attack. but according to those who heard the closed door testimony last week j jen petraeus claims the administration changed official story to remove references to terrorism. as to who changed it, that's unclear. lawmakers from both political parties say they are working to figure that out. some republicans point the finger at the white house accusing the administration of a coverup though at this point we have no evidence of that. the white house says nobody on its end removed the references to terror. ambassador rice was saying only what she could say without giving away classified secrets.
4:43 pm
the president even said last week don't blame her for the misinformation, blame him. oh, but she is san easier target. catherine herridge live from d.c. tonight. what did the republic lawmaker group say in the letter. >> thanks, shep. in this letter from the president, all republicans opposed a possible promotion because, quote, ambassador rice is widely viewed as having either willfulfully or incompetently mislead the american public in the benghazi matter. the intelligence about the attack what rice works from and whether her statements went beyond the intelligence provided are now the subject of a congressional investigation. this is what i know. i know the narrative was wrong and intelligence was right. >> we gave the direction yesterday that this whole progress is going to be checked out. we are going to find out who made changes in the original statement. >> requests by fox news to find out when paula broadwell knew she was the subject of an fbi investigation and whether it was before the attack in
4:44 pm
benghazi there maybe no comment from the fbi, shep. >> shepard: all right, catherine. you are learning more about what general petraeus said in that closed door meeting? >> well, shep, fox news has told the former cia director david petraeus insisted at least twice during the classified hearings friday that the cia memo about the attack included the term al qaeda and there was tremendous pressure to get at the talking points and not to quote relitigate every issue. reviewed by the deputies committee which includes appointees from the white house as well as under secretaries from defense state officials from the cia as well as the miller. i don't have any comment on that one way or the other. i frankly cannot speak to that at all. the cia may have some comment later today or the dni may have some comment later today with regard to the time line on the talking points. >> that said, today there was no response on the time line from the dni. the nation's top intelligence office, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge
4:45 pm
from washington tonight. turkey is close to putting american made missiles on its border with syria. that's according to the head of the nato military alliance. he he expects the turks to formally request the patriot air to surface missiles in the coming days any deployment would be for defensive purposes. turkey shares longest border with syria and former allies have recently exchanged rocket fire. meanwhile syrian rebel firefighters claim they seized a military base on 00 outskirts of capital city of damascus and group of islamist within the rebel ranks claims that it has rejected the new western-backed' session group a potential major set back in the effort to topple the syrian president bashar assad. basically i just said it's very confusing. passengers on the italian airliner survived what one of them described as 10 seconds of terror when their plane hit turbulence and plunged some 10,000 feet. airline officials say it happened over the atlantic ocean on a flight from cuba to italy. sudden drop injured 30 people
4:46 pm
or so. nothing serious but just scrapes and bruises. pilots reported the plane itself is fine. they alan landed safely at their destination in millan. what happened to people facing charges for illegal activity which is now no longer illegal? after all, can you smoke for fun in colorado now. we'll he will it you the different ways that prosecutors are dealing with the change. plus, researchers say your d.n.a. may tell when you to wake up and also when to die. the new explanation about the so-called death gene. when fox reports returns.
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>> shepard: marijuana, legal illegal in america but legal in colorado. state voters decided it but not the feds. there is a lot of confusion in the sports. specifically district attorneys say they are trying to figure out what to do with people who are were already facing criminal prosecution for possessing pot back when it was illegal in both the united states and in colorado. some say they will dismiss existing cases. other d.a.s in the state say they are standing firm and plan to go ahead with prosecution for the weed. alicia acuna is in the mile high city. so some people will still face charges. some people will not. how does that work? >> shep, it's up to each jurisdiction. some district attorneys are holding firm that until the last day it is illegal, they will prosecute and the weld county d.a. for example is issuing a statement saying accordingly wee will not be dismissing existing marijuana possession cases but, more importantly, our office prosecutes low level possession cases to get drug users help with their
4:51 pm
addictions. that practice will continue until state law changes and state law changes mid december. shep? >> shepard: isn't it just a matter of driving to where it's legal? >> it is, actually. and because of that, the bolder d.a. and the denver d.a. are saying they don't want to spend time and money on something that's going to be legal in a matter weeks. but even before amendment 64 passed, in denver, you really had to work hard to get arrested for pot because city voters had already made marijuana a low level offense a few years ago. >> the only way you could go to jail under the old law was if you didn't come to court. so if you smoked too much of the stuff and forgot that you had to go to court, then you would get arrested. >> law enforcement is concerned that there is no residency requirement on this. and they think that's going to mean pot tourists, shep? >> shepard: oh, pot tourists hello amsterdam.
4:52 pm
hello alesion i -- alicia acuna in denver. want to know when you will die or probably die? get this, scientists say there is a specific gene variation that determines whether you are a morning person and that same gene variation can also predict the time of day at which you are most likely to die. oh yeah. researchers examined the sleep patterns and d.n.a. of more than a thousand senior citizens. they found a genetic combination consistent with the time at which each person would naturally wakeup. the shows many of the early risers died before 11:00 in the morning while those who slept in later died in the evening. researchers say they hope to use the information predict timing of medical events like heart attacks and strokes. there may be a mutiny on board rihanna's so-called party plane. rihanna, look it up. the singer invited more than 150 reporters and fans on her
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777 plane the boeing jet. the plan was to hit seven different companies in seven days to promote her new album. people on board say the booze is plentiful but things like food and blankets are a bit harder to come by. one passenger even streaked to protest the conditions. emily zen ler shared her experience on twitter remember that movie 2012 when they selected a the bunch of people and put them on plane and then the world ended? well, to more important matters as violence continues along the border of israel and gaza there are suggestions this might be precursor to even bigger conflict involving iran. oh, big picture? live report from the pentagon next. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve
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4:57 pm
powerful rocket that now has the ability to reach israel's most largest city. jen griffin with the news at the pentagon tonight. is the gaza situation essentially preemptively a preemptive strike against iran? >> not the stated reason for response to hamas' rockets certainly is a likely reason that israel wants to destroy the long range rockets that it says iran has provided hamas. here is israel's ambassador to the u.s., michael orrin. >> our problem is not our border with gaza but other country's brs with gaza and the access of libyan arms and arms that come from iran through sudan. among the rockets being fired at us are the fawjer a rockets which come directly from iran. we know that hamas terrorists have trained with the iranians. strong connection they are iranian made. and about 100 of them were imported into gaza via sudan it appears. when the israelis learned of the existence of these
4:58 pm
rockets, all it took was one provocation on the part of hamas for israel to go in and wipe out those rockets and those launchers. >> that provocation came when hamas fired on november 14th at an israeli jeep using a guided anti-areartillery missil. that was the provocation. now israel hopes that its reaction to hamas' decision to launch longer and longer rockets towards cities will serve as detecialt to hamas and hezbollah to the north in lebanon i don't know if they choose to serve iran's proxies in the future. >> shepard: you could back the proskts back to when the israelis killed the hamas leader, right? >> that's right. >> shepard: you could do it that way. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, thank you. and on this day in 1977, the egyptian president anwar sadat made an unprecedented trip to
4:59 pm
jerusalem in an effort to secure peace. egypt and israel had fought a series of wars over control of the sinai peninsula. by the late 1970s, anwar sadat began pursuing an end to the violence. he was the first arab leader ever to visit israel. meeting with the israeli prime minister right then and there. and a year later, the two met with then president jimmy carter at camp david in maryland laying groundwork for a lasting peace. now the analysts warned that the fighting between israel and hamas could force egypt to take sides and ultimately unravel that just different as it was an arab spring ago. egypt extended olive branch 35 years ago today. now you know the news for this monday, november 19th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow 3:00 eastern time


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