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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 20, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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what you thought about the show. i have a special posting on top of gretawire so go there right now. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you tomorrow night. what will he say? find out. "the five" is next. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: you know how when your friends who voted for obama are so in the cause they say progressives want to help the little guy and they have the values as all of us? the next time they sell you garbage two stories that are perfect examples of what the left does once they get power. by the way, not looking out for you. first up, george soros, the money behind the far left group, he wants chaos at wal-mart on black friday. height of the shopping season. they want picket leans, flash mobs and mass destructions at
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wal-mart stores. is that what you want when you bring your kids shopping the day after thanksgiving? greg, i am going first off, can you imagine that you walk in a wal-mart, day after thanksgiving, and they have picket signs in the parking lot. you're crazy. >> greg: george soros wouldn't know a wal-mart if he bought one. this is as far away from the billionaire's life. is he the self-appointed labor secretary? why doesn't obama appoint him as the destroy america czar? he hates this place. by the way, chopping is, shopping is the exercise in the gym that is capitalism. capitalism is what drives america. activists hate wal-mart because it's proxy for america and represents success. i'd love to protest activists, but it's impossible to find out what they do to protest. the left are no fun. i used to be the right that were no fun. now it's the left that are no fun. they are the ones around the holidays -- except for bob. he is 125% fun.
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he was fun last night. fun all night. but no, my point is this: it used to be the right was always seen as the people that ruined everything. like they're all uptight. now the left has taken over that mantle and they are mrs. cravitz from "bewitched." she would come in and look around. >> andrea: that is what the lefties in the '6 of 0s -- 0s -- >> greg: bob was fun back then. >> andrea: used to complain about. our parents, trying to keep us from things. now all the left does is keep us from things if it's not fattening food or twinkies or something like that. keep us from shopping. doesn't social socia -- doesn'te soros own a stake in wal-mart? he is trying to drive a stake through the heart of the recovery. >> eric: 1.5 million employees in america. 2.2 million worldwide. wal-mart does their job and hire people and keep prices down. george soros billionaire never seen inside of a wal-mart.
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wal-mart. >> bob: i am not to say that you see it on a regular basis. >> eric: i have. >> bob: i went once to use a bathroom. >> dana: it's not possible. >> bob: against the law, isn't it? >> dana: to go to the bathroom at wal-mart? in the aisle, yeah. bob, no wonder. >> eric: god! >> bob: can i make a point here? >> greg: he thought it was a bathroom and it was a refrigerator. >> bob: wal-mart. >> dana: walk inform freezers. >> bob: 1.4 million employees and pay average of $11 an hour. you can't live on that wage. >> andrea: yes, you can. >> bob: really? you couldn't get out of bar on that. >> bob: i lived on $300 every two weeks. when i was in the peace corps. that is different. >> greg: my point is people can live on $11. it lived on a couple of bucks. in some parts of the country you can. not even lives in manhattan. >> eric: nearly 75% of wal-mart management team members began an hourly
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employees. sorry, in 2011, nearly 180,000 associates receive promotions. 53% of them were women. they seem to be doing evening by the book according to the capitalism. >> dana: i can see why the workers want other things. anytime you are an employee anywhere you would like to have something they mentioned like more predictable schedules. maybe that is something that managers come to an agreement on. the other thing they have here, in addition to 75% of the people that start as hourly employee and then they have a good training program so you can become a manager and you have a stake in it. they have a quarterly share plan where it f the company does well and you want the company to do well on black friday, you get a little bit more. i am hoping that everybody will find some sort of holiday cheer on friday. >> bob: cheer, cheer, cheer. that quarterly bonus you are talking about, they have it in the lunch break rooms which they have in wal-mart and it says if you do really well and we exceed the limit, we'll get a bonus.
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it works out between $100 and $500. spread that apart to enough people you are talking about chump change here. it's all cosmetics. >> andrea: people like wal-mart because it's cheap. >> greg: yes. >> andrea: if you bring -- >> bob: you have don't. >> andrea: that's why i go to wal-mart. >> bob: do you get your shoes there? >> andrea: i get a lot of stuff at wal-mart. i go home and i go to wal-mart and i stock up because everything is expensive in new york. if you bring in unions to drive up the cost of businesses, things become more and more expensive for people and then they can't afford wal-mart. >> bob: small town pennsylvania where you go, if wal-mart game in, they drove all the small businessmen out of the town. >> greg: i lived in lehigh valley and i went to the same wal-mart because it was great, affordable. you could eat at wal-mart. >> bob: what were you doing in lehigh valley. >> greg: i worked in publishing there for a long time. the anti-wal-mart sentiment is phony. people who hate it never go there. the people are arbitrary hipsters and they treat blue
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ribbon and that is blue collar and wear trucker hats but they won't shop there. is it considered uncool. >> eric: one out of $4 that americans spend on groceries is spent at wal-mart. wal-mart is important to americans. it may not be important to you -- >> bob: you can drive all small businesses out and charge those low prices and they make money on it. but they could share the money with the employees. >> greg: some of the small businesses should have been out of business. have you been to a small grocery store and they only have a can of beans and macaroni. you pray for wal-mart. >> bob: for example, massage parlors, and -- >> greg: don't stop there. >> eric: allow me to ask dana that question. i hear soros and and other union groups that want to protest at wal-mart on black friday because the union is there. i don't see them protesting at other sears. k-mart. i don't see them. this is specifically let's target wal-mart because we
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want what? the billions of union dollars that may raise? >> dana: it would probably get them the most press. wal-mart is like that big bully you love to hate. that everybody can go after them. george soros, the only thing good to come out of hungary in the last thousand years is the belash. >> andrea: goulash. >> bob: i love hungarians but soros, in some ways i keep the great american success story. he comes here and he gets to tell other -- >> greg: currency. >> bob: go to soros again. think of a more flattering picture to put up of george? >> eric: greg is right. >> bob: there is a flattering picture. >> eric: charged with currency manipulation. >> bob: looks like he is going to death row. >> eric: charged with currency manipulation in three countrys. he has been convicted of insider trading in france.
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2.2 million euros he has paid. not upstanding american citizen. >> andrea: wasn't hillary on the board of wal-mart? >> bob: in arkansas. >> andrea: i rest my case. >> bob: does that -- >> andrea: if wal-mart is good enough for hillary clinton to be on the board. >> bob: what does that mean? wal-mart rips off their employees. >> eric: next up, every december since 1953, group of churches in santa monica, california, erected scenes depicting the birth of jesus in palibeseides park. that 58-year tradition ends this year because of the freedom from religion atheist group and silly lawyers. 58 years they have done this tradition. this year, judge upheld ruling and not allowing a naytivety scene in santa monica. >> andrea: the way they did it last year was had an auction but the atheists bullied the other religion, took over the auction and took portion of the shares so the
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nativity scene only had two little slots. now the judge says they can't have any. so this is the thing about atheists. they bully the other religions and they are just vehemently intolerant. this is the issue. they expect everyone else to be tolerant of them but they're not tolerant of anyone else. the worst kind of intolerance, because it's people's religion. >> bob: you said other religions. the assumption the atheists are religious? >> andrea: they think they are. they believe in nothing. >> bob: i think it's ridiculous and they ought to put the nativity scene up wherever they want in public places. people who do that, infringe upon people's right to celebrate the religion whatever it is, if they do it in public square, i don't care. leave them alone. let them have the churches. >> dana: greg, don't you participate in like the live nativity scene? >> greg: i do. only way to have naytivety scene in california is to put obama in the manger.
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it respect atheists. it's tough to be an atheist in a christian country but they don't know how to pick their battles. they pick their battles at thee. generally displays are for families and kids. part of the fun thing i'm talking about that the left doesn't understand. >> bob: why are you equating left with atheists? >> greg: more atheists on the left than the right. dai >> dana: who do you think they voted for? >> greg: i count them. they're more cartoonist than the grinch. they get irrational over nonbelief they become as intense and extreme as religious extremists. >> bob: you got so upset about this you were clearly putting your tie on when that happened. it's a knot you are supposed to have there. terrible. >> eric: can i ask you this, is it too early to do a war on christmas segment before thanksgiving? >> andrea: it's never too early for that. >> bob: never too early in wal-mart for sure. >> greg: i want a war on da nasha to assume i could fit in nativity scene. >> eric: she didn't say baby
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jesus. >> greg: i know what she meant. >> eric: thank you very much. coming up, breaking news from israel. there they be a cease-fire with terror group hamas. but does anyone think it will last? we'll analyze next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: breaking developments in the middle east today. rockets are still being fired in the conflict between israel and gaza ruling terror group hamas. this is despite word that a cease-fire deal may be near. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in the region earlier and she held a news conference with israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu. take a listen. >> if there is a possibility of achieving a long-term solution to this problem, diplomaticbe means, we prefer that. if not, i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary. to defend its people. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message.
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america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that is why we believe it's essential to deescalate the situation in gaza. the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza, on israeli cities and towns must end. a broader calm restored. >> dana: so that was secretary hillary clinton. yesterday, she was with president obama on the asia trip. they were in burma. then it was enough of an emergency he needed to send her to do personal diplomacy there. you have 840 people wounded including 225 children in gaz gaza. several people in israel hurt as well. including and then i believe we have a soldier that died today. clinton arrived today. israelis and the gazans say there is no deal yet. but the intensive efforts are underway. if they get some sort of a
11:17 pm
deal, or they can have a cease-fire, how long do you think it lasts before we have problem again? >> eric: maybe it doesn't last. maybe a cease-fire in name only. for me, this is a test. this isn't the palestinians who are angry at the israelis like they always are. this to me seems like the iranians. they want to see what happens when this goes. they want to see where not only a test for america where america's allegiance is. test for mohammed morsi in egypt. a test for the turks. the turkish prime minister came out and said israel is terrorist group, not hamas. so they are feeling this out. in my opinion, they are feeling out what would happen if it were israeli-iran and i think it's -- we should be concerned here. the middle east is not siding with the right sides now. >> dana: what about that, bob, when the turkish prime minister says that israel is the terrorist state? does that surprise you? >> bob: it doesn't surprise me because turkey is having a massive internal conflict between muslims and the secular community and the
11:18 pm
muslim community. but they still have the most stable and necessary of all countries in the area. it would be necessary to have it work. one of the things -- i want to give netanyahu some credit here for showing some restraint. you mentioned this yesterday and i think in the face of this, they have shown a lot of restraint. one thing they need to do is what the gazans want to get the blockade lifted on the sea ports. israel is in control of them. i think one of the deals here may be the united states take over the blo cades. we get ourselves further to be in the middle east. >> dana: that would be different than leading from behind, which david sanger, who is the "new york times" columnist and writer, reporter wrote a book recently about foreign policy and the obama administration. on saturday -- sunday, actually, he wrote about the leading from behind, light footprint of the first administration. might have worn out the welcome. they will not be able to side-step the issues going forward. >> andrea: are we to assume that is the arab spring working?
11:19 pm
i don't see the democracy working. rockets are launched and ambassadors are being murdered. the reason they're doing is not just to flex the muscles because they know radical islam son the march. they know israel doesn't have the ally in mubarak. they have turkey and tunisia. they are trying to test israeli to see the weaponry they have. benjamin netanyahu is demanding a long-term deal and he should. remember, clinton tried to broker a deal. bill clinton in 2000. how did that work out at camp david? not very well. the israelis already tried to make an offer for peace at that time. said 90% of gaza. they gave away a big portion of what they had. it didn't work. months later in september, the intifada happened, the second one. rising up of the palestinians against the israelis. if i'm netanyahu, i am going they are going to do this again. finish the job. it bet the americans are saying stand down. >> dana: get greg in here. >> greg: no. >> dana: you saw hillary clinton there today. >> greg: it's good to see her continue the avoid
11:20 pm
benghazi tour. very nice. way to roll in on the tenth inning. maybe later she can weigh in on the cuban missile crisis. we should keep this episode in the vault and then replay it every six months. that is what the middle east is. it happens every six months. the earth's version of herpes. i was going to make another point that the way i said -- it reoccurs. not that i would know. the world -- >> bob: every seven years, you know. >> greg: the way i said that wal-mart is like replacement for america, capitalism, in a way israel is proxy for the west. this is an attack really an attack to draw us in. >> bob: i think part of that is true. keep in mind there were two brokered negotiations. the camp david accord in '79, which does secure for israel peace on the southern border. second thing is the oslo accord which did establish in the west bank a permanent and solid plo.
11:21 pm
palestinian authority, that is working. it's working. >> andrea: it quickly unraffled after camp david. it didn't work. it didn't work fully. >> bob: no no, no. it's working. israeli acknowledged it's working and have given up security. >> andrea: they tried to make peace. that is point. they have given up enough. >> bob: difference to look at gaza and the palestinian authority and west bank. >> eric: what is the key to peace in the middle east? what country? >> bob: two-state solution. >> eric: the key is egypt. clearly the key is egypt. if egypt doesn't want to keep the peace in the middle east, it doesn't. the problem is mohammed morsi is a muslim brotherhood disciple. under the charter there can be no state of israel. egypt right now has a big decision to make. are they with the west or going to stay with the mull las in iran -- mullahs in iran. >> bob: they have embassy in israel and recognize israel is a country. they do that. they accepted that. >> eric: they did. that >> bob: they are still there. they haven't denounced it,
11:22 pm
have they? >> greg: make a bright spot about hillary, she called it "terrorism." >> dana: how refreshing. >> greg: she called the rocket attacks terror. there is still some in the media when they discuss hamas not referring to the rockets being lobbed in to communities where there are innocent people. not referring to it as terror like it's angry tenants. what do you call it? fear of language. >> bob: keep in mind to be fair the israelis, i understand why they are bombing where they are bombing but they are sending out patchlets to say please evacuate the neighborhood. before they don't do that and they bombed houses and children died. >> andrea: palestinians purposefully put their weapons underneath children -- >> dana: we have to take a break. >> bob: this is the house of an hamas leader. >> andrea: for p.r. to show pictures of blown up children to get media sympathy. >> bob: i'm saying tall part of the ga is ans -- gaz sash
11:23 pm
hamas is a mistake. >> greg: you can't leave on that. you have to go around again. >> bob: two sides to every story. >> dana: jane fonda got an award for her work on freedom. the same jane fonda that protests the vietnam war. greg will talk about it next. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: jane fonda relieved the l.a. press club visionary award which is like giving dana an award for dunking a basketball. apparently it goes to a perp who uses the high profile status to make the world a
11:28 pm
better place. i guess they forgot about the shot of her sitting on the gun in north vietnam now she claims was her greatest regret. not that she posed for it but that the picture got out. the vietnam vet dubbed fonda hanoi jane because she was a traitor. how did she make the world a pl? she cheerleadered leftest revolution. it happened. vietnam, 155 refugees were killed. number executed in reeducation camps were up to 200,000. when you count all government murders a few million people courtesy of hanoi. jane can really pick a side. so does the press who are right to call her a visionary. [ inaudible ] the press feels wrath for anticommunist director or a young republican actress on twitter than woman rooting for a ghoulish enterprise. jane claims it was hard to deal with the press way back when. so i guess that makes her the
11:29 pm
victim. i know you should forgive and forget but only if you admit you were duped which enabled horror. at least she proved even late in life hollywood still sees no evil. she can rest easy for the press is her mattress. she spends the rest of her night sleeping on a mountain of bones. andrea, do you think she was sorry about that picture or sorry she got photographed and the picture got out? >> andrea: funny you should ask because i believe she was asked that question and she said he is wasn't sorry she was photographed on it. but sorry she got caught. cavorting with the vietnamese. i am wondering what is the vision, too. is vision for hanoi or the workouworkout videos? her co-host said she is sexy and fit and fun. so i fell in love with her bums and abs and thigh. we are giving her for being pamela anderson and richard similar mons in one body.
11:30 pm
>> greg: she built a body and while destroying a country. how do you like that? i bet you like jane fonda. >> bob: i do very much. a sad commentary one event in someone's life particularly as young she was to overshadow things he is got the award for. working for aids victims. work on malaria for children in africa. go down the list. she has done remarkable number of things. to help people. >> dana: so next year they will give it to george w. bush. >> greg: don't hold your breath. >> bob: i have given bush credit -- >> dana: my point is they would never give him the award for the same thing. >> bob: why do you hold one day in this person's life against what is a stunningly good an serious -- >> greg: i disagree. i don't think it was stunningly good. there are plenty of young women who didn't do that. who didn't go and sit on a tank. >> eric: so, given the fact that she sat on a tank, hung out -- what did you say?
11:31 pm
cavorted with the north vietnamese and wins the l.a. press club visionary award, maybe john kerry could be next year's winner, maybe not george bush but maybe john kerry. or maybe the nobel prize board who gave president obama the peace prize, they can all hang out together. her greatest regret wasn't that, though, greg. she said her greatest regret was not that picture. it was never sleeping with che guevara. >> bob: kerry is a highly decorated war hero. i don't know why you pick on a guy like that. he won those medals when you were sitting at home and not in vietnam. >> eric: i wasn't alive. >> greg: but you should have fought. >> bob: you were 7 in '75? >> eric: whatever. >> bob: don't want to give it up. >> greg: i have a theory as you age, people tend to forget how bad you were when you are young because you gape phony respect. somehow that age makes you
11:32 pm
more full of wisdom when you were a jerk most of your life. >> dana: look at bob. >> greg: that was mean. >> dana: that was a joke, bob. [ laughter ] >> greg: look at that. look at that. >> dana: i was trying to think of somebody else but nobody came to mind. >> greg: bob lived a good young life and bad person later. >> andrea: imagine bob getting an award for his vision? >> bob: leave me alone! [ laughter ] >> greg: we are going to take a break. no more twinkie juice for you. paul mccartney doesn't think americans should eat turkey on thanksgiving. should we give him a pass because he was in the rolling stop or condemn him because his song bohemian rhapsody was so annoying? our verdict on paul mccarthy
11:33 pm
when we come back. ♪
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"the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: two lucky turkeys cobbleer and gobbleer are in d.c. for the annual pardons at the white house tomorrow. they are staying overnight -- wait for it -- at the "w" hotel. no comment. so they won't end up on someone's dinner table on thursday. and if sir paul mccartney has his way no turkeys will. the beatles legend is in a new ad campaign from peta, the animal rights people who don't want people eating meat whatsoever. i look at this and i think i don't want a brit telling me i can't eat turkey on thanksgiving day. you brought up a good point earlier in the show where you said, you know, if they want
11:39 pm
to bring people over to their cause, right and they want to make them individualtarians why do they do it on holidays when they offend people? this is a holiday centered around eating meat. >> greg: m mccarthy needs to watch out because it will hurt the sales op his last ten albums, because his music sucks. pardoning stupid is turkeys. as we know turkeys are not animal or birds, they're just meaty plants. animal rights activists jeply only go for the stuff we like. they don't care about the turkey vultures which are important, because they clean up the road kill, but because we have no more road kill renot having turkey vultures but animal rights act vists don't care because they don't make little old ladies and kids happy. the great thing about thanksgiving that is awesome? this is always considered an achievement for a child to trace their hand and turn it to a turkey. >> bob: what did you take this morning? >> greg: i found it in your locker. >> bob: in the break, i have to tell you something here.
11:40 pm
i do this. i said there are two turkeys being pardoned. eric said they do that incation one dies and dana confirms this. and andrea says is he going to pardon two turkeys? no. they do one, because that one lived. what do they do with the other one? no, no, no. >> andrea: i thought they were going to kill one. >> dana: no, they live the rest of their live lives in disy land and go to the parade and everything. to be chosen as that tursky important. like getting the l.a. press club award. >> andrea: one gets -- hold on. so one is pardoned and the other one gets to go off and live? >> dana: they will be embarrassed i can't remember what happens. >> eric: the second one is just a stand-in. body double in case the first one dies en route to being pardoned. >> bob: what happens after the -- >> eric: they go and live in disney land or disney world. >> andrea: like bob's backup on "the five." >> bob: excuse me. did you say by the way can you
11:41 pm
manual sleeping overnight the "w" hotel? you haven't done that, have you? >> andrea: okay. >> bob: wait. what is wrong with the "w" hotel? >> andrea: i love the "w." >> bob: i thought you were taking a shot at it. >> andrea: it's a little lush for turkeys. i'm jealous of the turkeys. back to paul mccarney, eric? don't you think he should have given vegan recipes or something instead of telling people not do something? >> bob: peta, i thought they very vegans. whatever it is. what a waste of time to live without meat. >> eric: i don't eat meat. i don't eat red meat. >> bob: you don't? we have been through this before. >> eric: i eat fowl. >> bob: no wonder you are a wong nut. >> eric: i don't tell anyone else what to eat. or do. >> bob: no, no. unions, unions. >> dana: i was on africa in a safari, i was told if you have eye eyes in from t front of
11:42 pm
your heat you are meant as a being to eat meat. >> greg: who has eyes in the back of your head? >> dana: if it's on the side you eat grass. >> bob: okay, fine. >> dana: it's true. i learned that. >> andrea: that is a good point. >> bob: she has taken the medication. >> andrea: remember dinosaurs? t-rex were straight ahead and others were on the side of their head. >> greg: what is great about this show we operate on 30% of the information. and tell the rest. the eyes were here and that's why they only ate grass. good job. >> dana: or maybe the eyes -- it's actually true. >> andrea: i got it backwards it. yous here to see your enemy coming. >> bob: rex or the -- >> andrea: t-rex ate meet. bronatsaurus ate grass. we had all the other topics, just to let you know. just a reminder, if you want
11:43 pm
to see more fun, be sure on thursday to catch the thig show. special at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be laughing just as much as we are now. >> bob: no, we won't. >> andrea: yes, we will. coming up, should people be allowed to stroll the street in the birthday suits in san francisco? bob, agrees, because he has done this. this woman happens to agree, too. >> i will do everything in my power to defeat the legislation. i'm just not going to give up until it's gone. >> andrea: bob stopped to look down as if he could peer over the camera he could see below her neck. lawmakers are voting on a nudity been a when we come back. ♪
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11:47 pm
♪ ♪ >> bob: excuse me. of course you would expect to be my block. do you think people should be allowed to run around naked in public? some people in san francisco do. >> i love the idea in san francisco it's so progressive and open-minded you have the freedom and you can exercise
11:48 pm
that right if you want to. >> bob: okay, pal. i bet you do. okay. by the way, remember the picture back up a second? i want to see if the person next on the left is remitted to greg -- related to greg. i meaner rick. related to eric. >> andrea: very tan. >> bob: eric's brother. take the signs down? that is disgusting the nude sipe. i think it's legitimate to walk around naked if you want to. there are rules in san francisco. you have to put something under your butt for public seating. >> greg: this is another attack on businesses in the bay area and why people are leaving their businesses. make it clear, this is not about lifestyle. this is about using the rub rick of lifestyle -- rubric of lifestyle to cover up perversion. there is no difference between a person walk around naked in public and guy on the subway exposing themselves. it's the same thing. it should be against the law.
11:49 pm
that said, the worst thing about it is no nudist is ever attractive. good looking people know to keep clothed because what they have valuable. it's really homely people that are naked, which to me is the most disgusting part of nudism. it's rudism. >> bob: i know this is obvious answer to this question. we know it. but ask you, you agree with nudity in public, don't glow >> dana: absolutely. do whatever they want to do. i also think the that the people must have much more core body temperature must be higher than mine. i am freezing everywhere. they seem to be just fine. >> bob: are you freezing now? >> dana: a little bit michigan hands are cold. >> greg: you are a cold person. >> bob: she was in the last segment when she gave me the shot. what about you? you have a tan body from the neck up? >> eric: really? all right. here is why it's no good to allow public nudity. do you have kids? do you want your kids to be
11:50 pm
walking around seeing who knows what doing who knows what and exposing what? personal responsibility. teach your kids what about goes on. >> bob: you let them have the internet where they can get all that stuff? >> greg: comparing public nudity to the internet? >> eric: provechtive question. for all the people in to the freedoms and you can smoke pot, do what you want. should you walk around nude, too? i'm against it. i'm against smoking pot. >> bob: you have a personal interest in this. what do you think? >> andrea: why do i have a personal interest? >> bob: i thought you said your boyfriend is in san francisco? >> andrea: my brother is a pilot and in a layover between flights. he is not naked. i assure you. i just texted him. a lot of people say names create destiny for you. you know the man that is stopping the whole thing is named scott weinerbe. that is all i want to say. >> dana: take pictures of himself. >> andrea: he is trying to stop it. even if they ban this, they
11:51 pm
can still have naked parades? >> greg: you can be naked in certain events. if you want to talk about the ultimate free market venue say maybe there are restaurants. that allow nudity but what you have you lose people that don't want to eat in a place because they have to look at that. >> dana: can you eat turkey there? >> bob: not if you have a vegan. >> greg: there are four ways to answer that. >> bob: on a serious note it's a little invasion of other people's privacy to have someone walk in, in public, if that makes any sense. i do. it's probably not a good idea. >> dana: what happened to the people as children that they don't want to wear any clothes? something happened. >> andrea: desperate for attention. >> bob: most of them were gang banged probably. i don't know. they could have had sexual assault on them? >> greg: all right. >> bob: i didn't use crude language. i apologize for crude language. c'mon, you can't hang me with that. that is not right.
11:52 pm
there was nothing wrong with that. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i'm very excited about my hair. >> i feel beautiful. >> i love my hair. >> announcer: hair club offers all-proven hair loss solutions backed by our commitment to satisfaction guaranteed. if you're not 100% satisfied with the solution you choose, hair club will apply the purchase price to another proven hair loss solution or transplant more hair at no charge. >> and that was the best thing i've ever done. >> it looks good on me. >> announcer: call in the next five minutes to get your free brochure at no obligation. it will tell you everything you need to know about your hair loss problem, and it's free if you call now. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> i at least look, i would say, five years younger. >> i'm 52 and i look better now
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call the number on your screen or go online and let lifelock protect your identity for 60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. >> eric: all right. time for one more thing. mr. bob beckel will kick it off. >> bob: i thought i was in a time-out. okay. congressman allen west, who i have had my differences with
11:56 pm
the last couple of years lost his re-election bid. i'm not going to say that i'm sorry for a minute but i will say this, congressman west. it will give you this. you speak your mind for what you think is right. it's often wrong but you think that about me so i wish you luck in the future, whatever you do. you were an army hero. other things. so anything i did to offend you i want to take it back and say have a happy thanksgiving and good life. >> eric: you're scared because when he comes here he will kick your butt. >> bob: just like i'm scared of you doing it. okay. >> dana: i had to chance to talk to colonel west and he said give everyone regards and in particular pointed out bob beckel. this is great story for holidays and took place in my hometown of parker, colorado, write went to high school. retired army corporal nick orchowsky injured in iraq and was paralyzed and is able to slowly walk again. a service called home for our
11:57 pm
troops. they raised $200,000 and made a specialty built home for him. he has a wife and two kids and i thought that was a great way. look at how the people turned out to come and welcome them to the new home. great story. it's called again, home for our troops. >> eric: web site. >> dana: yes. organization. >> eric: okay. andrea? >> andrea: which is everyone's worst nightmare. a flight left newark to germany and the copilot what was supposed to help the pilot land had a migraine. pilot in back of the plane happened to be on the flight and stepped up and landed the plane or we don't know who else would have landed the planism want to flag another article. airlines are facing acute shortal of pilots. an article was out the other week. they don't want to go to the field because they make low wages. there is not a lot in the pipeline. so about 400 pilots are leaving the field a year. so this is a topic will probably talk about on the five five comin come -- "the fi"
11:58 pm
coming up. >> eric: they are forcing pilots to retire at 65. when they have more years to fly. >> bob: why? >> eric: for whatever reason. >> andrea: cheaper new pilots in the system. older ones are more expensive. more experienceed, too. >> greg: a lot of people ask i haven't heard enough about your book. is it out yet? how do you get the book? for young people to use a doll to illustrate how to buy a book. imagine this was an actual brick and mortar store. walk in the store. and then say i would like "joy of hate." if they say we don't have it, go i would like to order it. they can order it. it's called "joy of hate" or go to barnes and noble or amazon and order it online. dolls can't read unfortunately. >> dana: or buy things. >> bob: this is your actual size 14r0*eu79sd eye #w-s scotland.
11:59 pm
she has been diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. she has 40,000, about 40,600 twitter followers. push to get her 50,000 twitter followers. if you go on twitter, gladly give her all of my twitter followers. if we can get her to 50,000, maybe 75,000, maybe 100,000. let's get@vanessvanessariddle me followers. there is a link to her website if you feel inclined. >> dana: a brave young lady. it read that article, too. >> bob: these two would give them the twitter follower. that would put her to 200 more. >> eric: they are trying to get her the numbers 50,00,000 -- 50,000 by christmas. do it. let's do it. all on board with that. that is it for "the five." great show. a lot of fun. >> bob: most people.


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