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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 26, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> bob: those things? >> greg: in six months they will eat you. they're so cute when they're tiny. it will eat you. >> bob: that happened to me when i got a monkey. cute when he first -- >> kimberly: why do you have a monkey? >> bob: the son of a -- >> john: the most highly anticipated decision since obamacare might be no decision at all. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier tonight. today, the supreme court took up the prop 8 case. ban on same-sex marriage in california. although, ruling is not expected for some time. one justice suggested that the court could dismiss the case with no ruling at all. correspondent shannon bream has our lead story tonight. >> following arguments today, the supreme court must now decide whether or not to uphold the wishs of california voters in 2008 ratified an initiative known as prop 8. it amended the california
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constitution to limit valid and legally recognized marriages to only those between one man and one woman. today, a number of justices asked why individual states shouldn't be able to make their own decisions about the relatively new concept. including justice alito who said the idea of same-sex is nurer than cell phones and internet. >> on a question like, that why should it not be left for the people, either acting in true initiative or referendum or through electing public officials? >> after california attorney general and governor opted not to defend prop 8 in court, supporters of the initiative took up the legal fight. arguing that marriage is a unique relationship that must be protected. today, justice elena kagan asked how allowing same-sex marriage would undermine? >> what part do you see happening and when a how? what harm to the institution of marriage or to opposite sex couples?
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how does this cause and effect work? >> charles cooper representing the prop 8 supporters argued it's impossible to foresee how redefining marriage will ultimately impact society. several justices also noted that same-sex couples already have expansive rights in california. with that in mind, chief justice john roberts asked wh why? >> if you tell a child that somebody has to be their friend, i suppose you can force the child to say this is my friend. but it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. that is what seems to me the supporters of proposition 8 is here. all you're interested in is the label and you insist to change the definition of the label. >> justice kennedy who many believe could serve in the swing vote signaled he is empathetic how the ruling will impact children of same-sex couples. >> there are 4,000 children in california -- 40,000 children
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in california living with same-sex parents. they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. the voice of the children is important in this case, don't you think? >> reporter: just like the comment from justice kennedy. he cautioned that the court is wading to unchartered waters. he said at one point that he is not sure the case is properly before the court. there are technical issues about the standing to the party of the dispute and several justices signal they may not get to merits of the case. >> shannon bream outside the supreme court. thank you so much. >> same-sex marriage is a game changer. democrats support president obama and not in lock step with his support of same-sex marriage. other democrats changed their mind. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at democrats on the issue. >> they have been falling like dominoes lately. prominent democrats who opposed or quivcated on gay
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marriage now voice support for it. the ranks include the former president of the united states who signed the law that preserved for the last two decades the state's rights to decide the issue for themselves. >> yet a rally stageed by the national organization for marriage revealed there are still constituencies of the democratic party that remain doe voted to the traditional definition of marriage. among them are devoutly catholic hispanics. >> the only democrat. the only one. >> as well, african-american who are more culturally conservative slow to embrace what they call marriage equality. >> i and many other thousands of people march in this same location years ago. i stood by with people who faced discrimination. but what they are going does not compare to what we have
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been through. >> at the national level, senator john tester, democrat of montana held firm his opposition to gay marriage and won re-election last year in a state that mitt romney carried by nearly 4 points. today on the facebook page he called himself proud to support marriage equality. other senators like kay hagan of north carolina, mary landrieu of louisiana and mark pryor of arkansas facing mid-term election. >> i think that the democrats who are elected officials in more conservative states. they're worried they may be getting too far ahead of the constituencies. a lot of people have, continue to have religious based questions and issues related to their faith. >> language is crucial in the culture wars as those who are pro-life or for marriage equality will attest. politicians switching sides on the issue. preferred option is not to say one is reversing himself or doing a complete 180, but
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rather speak on evolution. >> john: there is a theory of evolution to believe in this case. >> capitol hill. >> john: james rosen, thank you so much. on monday -- we told you about some of the bizarre things the federal government spends your hard-earned tax dollars on. part two of the week-long series "what to cut," correspondent doug mckelway finds billions in federal real estate, much of which is just sitting there. >> reporter: until the sale this month to private developer, the steam plant in the pricy georgetown neighborhood sat vacant for ten years. it was only when the house committee on oversight dragged the general services administration in the structure for a hearing that a forsale sign went up. >> you can't get your job up. you have 124 properties out of 14,000 properties. this is a property i don't care if it's a republican or democrat administration, this administration or previous administration, the job is not getting done.
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>> there are presently between 55 and 77,000 vacant federal properties. no precise inventory is kept. selling them off could save taxpayers between $3 and $8 billion a year. >> these properties could be used first to consolidate agencies that are now in lease building. >> this is a problem that has been identified for years. an every time someone in the white house says let's sell property, it can't get through that process. the red tape is simply too much for this process. >> in 1987, congress passed a law that said unused government properties have to be offered to other federal agencies. then to state agencies. indian tribes. last resort for use as homeless shelters before they could be put on the market. >> we spend $8 billion a year, spending money maintaining properties that we have no use for. that is $8 billion that is just thrown down the drain, because we can't get past the homeless lobby to get a common sense way the take care of
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their problems and also us to unload properties. >> rath than have the government get the first choice. the first choice should be to sell and then go back down line. there are plenty of places for homeless shelters. >> many mens in congress have not been in business. but it means they haven't had to be in a position of running something. making hard decisions. having scarce resources and set priorities to say we can afford a, b, c but d, e, f maybe not. >> legislation to require the federal government to expedite the sale of underused properties died in the last congress. resurrected this year in the paul ryan budget the senateown . >> the oversight and the government reform committee just passed again its bill, which i think has a decent chance of getting all the way to the senate. >> even if congress manages to pass a bill and sell the excess federal properties, nobody knows how many there are. because they are spread throughout the government. inventorying them is undertaking to save the
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taxpayers $15 billion in the next five years. so how much do empty building cost you as a taxpayer? go to and scroll down to what to cut and use the taxpayer calculator to find out. john? >> john: doug mckelway tonight. thanks. more on this with the panel in a little while. in addition, we told you monday about vice president biden high six-figure hotel tab for a one-night stay in paris. during a recent official visit. well, now his limousine costs are raising some eyebrows. however, state department says $321,000 bill for limousines for a day is, "nothing out of the ordinary." the vice president official car was flown in from the united states so the figure represent the cost to shuttle around everyone else on his team. there, biden met with the u.s. embassy staff and their families, in addition to french president. that was two events for $320,000. big march madness tickets,
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the richest price are the day? think again. that is later in the grapevine. up next, no end in sight for the syrian civil war, but a rebel leader is at the arab league table. zap technology.
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>> john: secretary-general ki-moon man asked swedish scientist to investigate allegation semicall weapons were used in syria. this comes as clashes between regime forces and rebels continue and before the transition has become deafening. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more for us. >> at the arab league summit in doha today, new calls for the u.s. to get more involved in syria. >> we are welcoming any political solution that takes syrian blood. >> more significant than the plea is who it came from. the leader of syrian opposition. since president bashar assad is holed up and was not
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invited anyway. >> translator: this is part of the restoration of legitimacy that people of syria have long been robbeded of. >> just this weekend, he was stepping down. republican senator john mccain charging that was caused by a lack of u.s. support. state department spokesman v vintreell was vague about the status. >> we are reaching out to him. >> the arab league authorized member state to give military support to rebels. the white house still rejecting the calls for the u.s. and his allies to go that far. >> at this time, fato does not -- nato does not intend to intervene in syria. >> administration is dancing around reports they are training syrian rebels in jordan, with the pentagon spokesman george little say nothing element of the u.s. military are training the syrian opposition. our focus is on training our jordanian partners and our policy is clear. we are providing nonlethal assistance to the syrian
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opposition. that leaves the door open for military training jore danians who are training the rebels. or the c.i.a. doing it. which is why carney was more vague. >> equipment and training to build capacity of civilian activists. and to link syrian citizen to syrian opposition coalition and the local coordinated councils. i can say that much. >> so what does that mean in english? >> i was speaking in english. >> the rebels want u.s. and nato to authorize use of patriot missiles in turkey to try to defend rebel stronghold in sir yeah. so far no, dice. >> to add more saber-rattling today from north korea, what is that all about? >> well, the white house dismissed it as the same old, same old for north korea and say this further isolates them. this is yearous. north korea said today they are putting their military on the highest state of alert to try to hit targets ranging from south korea to the u.s. military bases in hawaii
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and qualm. remember on march 13, the defense secretary chuck hagel said he would strengthen the missile defense operation to defend against attack from north korea or iran. this is getting serious. the rhetoric is heating up. something bearing close watch. >> ed henry tonight on north korea. thank you so much. president obama will appoint julia pearson as the secret service director. the first woman to head the agency. pearson had been chief of staff. there are high expectations for her to change the masculine culture of the service. last year, you will remember 13 employees were caught up in the columbian prostitution scand thascandal that rocked the agency. officials going through books of cyprus to determine what is there and if it covers their portion of the bail-out commitment. rich edson is following the story. >> reporter: two more days. they waited ten. cyprus government says the banks will stay closed until
3:17 pm
thursday. they continue to shutter second largest bank and rescue the largest with billions from investors an wealthy account holders. >> we were on the brink of disaster. by this agreement we brought it back. >> in europe, confusion over comment from a finance minister that the cyprus bail-out is a template for other countries an later clarified saying cyprus is unique situation. an in the capital city, more protests. in front of the central bank of cyprus. gates of parliament including thousands of teenagers. >> they made the wrong choic choices. >> for cypriot, more unanswered question. how much will they seize from the uninsured account to fund the bail-out?
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will this lead the country deeper to recession? john? >> rich edison for us in cyprus. thank you so much. at home, the market shrugged at the crisis. the dow added 112 points closing to another new high. the s&p 500 is up 12. nasdaq gained 17. still ahead, au treaty with second amendment advocates crying foul. first, south africa is decades from apartheid. but the economic troubles remain.
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>> john: 13 south african soldiers part of a mult million national army died fighting rebels in a central african-american republic. the heavily vit sized intervention is one of the
3:22 pm
myriad problems facing the former home of apartheid. senior former affairs correspondent greg palkot has that story. >> reporter: south-kay the, the biggest economy in africa. gleaming downtown. stadium from the success 206810 soccer world cup. state-of-the-art infrastructure. only a few decades ago, the country was the scene of deadly riots. against the impressive and racist apartheid regime. those protests would lead in the following years to peaceful transition to black majority led got. headed by icon nelson mandella. >> so it was a huge change. so, it was a massive movement. >> mbecki was activist at the time of transition. >> there was a huge number of lessons. most importantly, removing the conflicts from society. suddenly, the conflicts disappeared. the bonds disappeared. >> his brother also an
3:23 pm
activist would be the second post apartheid president after mandella. they help establish the most sophisticated government and restore south africa's place in the world. >> south africa was becoming a normal country and we could go about our business like anyone nellis the world. >> then attention turned to the problems at home. the challenges were huge. it's claimed many blacks in south africa are worse off now than in apartheid. >> masses of people living in squalor demanding more. from their government. >> many live in housing like this in the neighborhood of johannesburg. crime rates are high. jobs are scarce. schools are underperforming. this 24-year-old single mother shares a up with-room shaq with her two children. >> that is difficult to stay
3:24 pm
here. >> many blame corrupt and unresponsive government for the ongoing problems. including the long-time area resident. the gap between the poor and well off is as big as ever. the premise of the fruit of freedom are not evident. >> academic businesswoman and former world bank director ramfella is speaking out. >> destruction of our society actually may be getting out of poverty very difficult. >> she is targeting current south africa president zuma. he and the national african party are well enfrenched. the party is so dominant it has led to wide-spread corruption. >> people are takers in government of their own country. which is tragic. leading to greater and greater
3:25 pm
despair. >> south africas go to the poll next year. the same dominance leads some to say that they have little chance to defeat zuma. she, too, a former activist. her partner in the '70s was leading antiapartheid figure stephen beko who died in prison but he gives her courage today. >> small group of students. yet, we shook the foundation of the then apartheid government. >> for the part, the government claims to address the needs by public housing, rising incomes for system. the party has supporters who are generally satisfied. about the state of the country and relations between the races. >> every home has a problem. >> those who were favored by past apartheid government have a different view of the way things are right now in south africa. >> there is a lot of tension. >> simmering tension between
3:26 pm
black and whites. more instance of police brutality. all leave many pessimistic about the prospect. not beki, he, too, looks to the past for encouragement. his father was activist for 20 years before being released. >> it's a struggle. we have to work hard and make all the sacrifices. we did make sacrifices to get rid of apartheid. it worked. >> some, in fact, think, though, it will be up to the next generation in south africa to get the job done. they are dubbed generation born free. the born after the apartheid struggle. freer of past prejudices and allegiances. ready to race ahead to a hoped for new and better south africa. joining us and you know, it's becoming great. in johannesburg, south africa, greg palkot, fox news. >> john: drinking and
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driving legally? find out where and why. plus, the expresident's club. exclusive and expensive. guess who is on the hook? the grapevine is coming up next.
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>> john: now for fresh pickings from the political grapevine. front row seat to broadway "the lion's king" is $400. face value for prime seat at super bowl, $1200. watching the supreme court take up the issue of same-sex marriage.
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up to $6,000. supreme court tickets are supposed to be free but for those who did not have the days to spare, camping out in the d.c. snow to secure the tickets there were people willing to do the waiting. for a hefty fee. some d.c. companies charging up to $50 an hour to hold a spot in line, which amounts to about $6,000 for five days. those who hired line standarders told the "associated press" you can't put a press on witnessing history. former president are costing taxpayers $3.7 million a year. the nonpartisan congressional research service came out with the annual figures which include pension, salary for office staff. travel. even post-its. costliest former president george w. bush who cost the government, well, taxpayers, $1.3 million last year. the least costly, jimmy carter whose expenses came in at half a million. what is not included in this figure, secret service protection for former
3:32 pm
presidents and their families. those figures are kept confidential. speaking of retirement. the future looks awfully bright for the current administrator for alameda county california. she is garp teed to make her present salary of $423,000 for the rest of her life. susan muranishi makes $300 thank you a year basalry with another $100,000 in bonus, equity an longevity pay. she even get askar allowance. "the san francisco chronicle" reports the south supervisors granted her that same income even after she retired. one supervisor says she is worth every dime comparing her job to being ceo of a multibillion dollar corporation with 9,000 employees. finally, you have been waiting for it. town in ireland passed a law legalizing drinking and driver if the driver is heading home. from their nearest pub, after
3:33 pm
having two or three drinks on little used roads, driving at very low speeds. the bill was proposed not surprisingly by a pub owner. there is a potentially life-saving treaty contain seeds for violating second amendment rights? eric shawn takes a fair and balanced look tonight. >> the united nations armed trade treaty aimed to stop flow of illegal weapons around the world. from tankss and helicopters to handguns. it fuels the conflict. costing thousands of lives each day. the critics fear the treaty will impose a system of international gun control. and violate american constitutional rights. >> the treaty isn't clearly limited to the international arms trade. there are points in the draft treaty where it seems like it could apply to domestic arm sales and transfers inside the united states. that would raise serious
3:34 pm
second amendment problems. >> the treaty calls for government to create list of weapons. opponents charge it would create a nationwide gun registry. the national rifle association has lobbied against the treaty. calling at it violation of americans' gun rights. but the treaty supporters say it's not so. >> this is about the international arms transfers. it will be have no impact, zero impact on domestic issues within the u.s. here. zero impact on second amendment rights. very clear. this treaty is about the international transfer of arms and ammunition around the world. >> critics predict any u.n. declaration cannot stop the international flow of illegal weapons. >> at best, this treaty will achieve nothing whatsoever. it will be just a worthless piece of paper. >> if the treaty is approved in the u.n., possibly this week, it must be ratified by two-third of the u.s. senate. that is unlikely.
3:35 pm
this weekend, the senate passed an amendment prohibiting the u.s. from signing on to the treaty. at the united nations, i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> john: virginia republican governor mcdonald signed a bill to have all voters with a photo agenda next year. they're free to any registered voter who lacks one. the democrats blasted legislation as jim crow era tactic to suppress vote of elderly, minorities and the underprivileged. north dakota republican governor signed legislation baning most abortions if fetal heartbeat can be detected, something that could happen six weeks in pregnancy. the statem they say is attempt to tis cover boundary of roe v. wade.
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>> an inspection of the clinic showed dirty, unmonitored medical equipment and cheat sheet that told untrained staff what anesthesia and painkillers to administer. dr. gosnell pleaded not guilty to the murder charges. same-sex marriage goes to the high court. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come right back. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it.
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the problem with the case, you are really asking particularly because of the sociological evidence you cite for to us go in to unchartered waters. >> justice anthony kennedy at the supreme court today commenting on arguments before the court as to whether or not california prop 8 should be held up or overturned or whether the court should be weighing in on it. let's bring in the panel now. susan, coach correspondent for "washington examiner" with us.
3:40 pm
kirsten powers for daily beast. welcome tim farley, manager editor and host of morning briefing on the sirius/xm. tim, because you're new, we'll start with you. whether the supreme court should have the case before it standing is a large part of the discussion today. you were in the court. what is your sense of it? >> the first 15 minutes almost of chris cooper arguing the case for the proposition 8, i think in each one of the attorneys who got up there had to explain it. one of the big problems for the court right there is to decide even if this case should come is there or not. i thought it was fascinating to listen to. whether or not -- i think the court was probably looking for a way to narrow down eventually where they are going to wind up on this. if they can come up with standing they don't necessarily address the issue specifically about the same sex marriage. i use same-sex marriage, because gay people can get married but not who they want to get married to. it's technical but this is the
3:41 pm
technicalities involved today. each of the lawyers addressing the court had to go through it today. >> john: what is your sense of this? does the court have standing here? >> i don't think they made that decision yesterday. they are trying to figure out with whether or not this plaintiff should be before the court. first, what is the injury to them? they are asking about that. they are trying to figure out if the court ruled narrowly on appeal to be brought to that level. they may never get to the merits of the case. as your reporter said in the report earlier in the show which means we will never get to broader argument of supreme court taking up gay marriage. it suspect listening to the audio. it sounds like they are looking for a way to avoid ruling broadly. that is what the general consensus is right now. >> that is right. they seem to not rule on this to say, justice kennedy saying why do we have this case? which will be a major disappointment to everyone involved. on both sides. people are hoping for some sort of clairryty on the
3:42 pm
issue -- clarity on the issue. if they don't provide it, there will be huge disappointment. >> john: to that point, let's assume they find standing and go ahead and rule on the case. there is a chance they could rule narrowly, as ninth circuit did in california. just on people in california who got married before prop 8 came in effect. or whether they might as theodore oleson is hoping to rule broadly on the constitutionality of gay marriage. listen to cooper and olson as they made the arguments today. >> there is four ways in which we can succeed in this case. the broadest argument that we made is that it's just wrong, it's not consistent with the ideals and the laws and the constitution of this country to take the gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to put them in a class and deny them rights we give to everyone else. >> victory here for us, means that this issue returns to the people and their legislature and the elective representatives where the debate belongs. >> so there you have both
3:43 pm
sides of the argument, who takes away a win or not. yeah. i don't want you to presuppose what the court is going to do here. is this an issue that should be ruled on broadly so we have guidance here nationally? best of all worlds? should it be thrown back to states? should it just deal with the thousands of couples in california who are married prior to prop 8? >> i guess i'm idealist. i think when something comes before the supreme court of such importance, where people are being discriminated against so blatantly, ted olson and david boyd have a column in the "wall street journal" today talking about the supreme court 14 times, 14 times that the right to marry is a fundamental right. this is discrimination and it's unconstitutional. i think the supreme court should rule on it. this is -- for them to have, cowardedss and say we don't want to touch this, because it's a hot topic. sending it back to states. we have don't send -- we don't put rights up to a vote.
3:44 pm
it's the same thing with zil rights. this is a civil right. this is the same argument made with race. let the state decide. no. you don't let people vote on whether people have fundamental constitutional rights. >> every time this is put to a vote, on a state level, it's gone against it. should this be something do you think susan decided by the courts or should it be decided democratically through referenda across all the states? >> the counter argument would be allowing the states to decide, you have more buy-in, whatever the outcome will be. nine states voted to endorse marriage between the same-sex couples. so there is buy-in for the states. if you have it hoisted on them by the supreme court, don't forget 30 states that voted that decided marriage should be between a man and woman, you are forcing the states to take on something they don't support. is that the right way to approach it? don't you want people to decide what is going to be,
3:45 pm
the way their state will op buy-in. >> people don't get to vote on what is constitutional. that is what the court is for. that is the point. >> there are people in the south said it was perfectly fine for segregation. that is not -- >> it didn't make segregation unconstitutional. >> or illegal to be interracial marriage. >> should this be a constitutional issue or democratic issue at the state? >> clearly, ted oleson thinks it's constitutional issue. clearly, the other side thinks it is not. i think ted olson is much more adroit to make the argument about the institution of marriage as something that -- justice kagan asked at one point what is the harm if this goes through? we have the effect of same-sex marriage. eventually the court has to decide. even if they don't decide this time they have to make the decision. i have the feeling, i may be wrong about this, but i keep thinking in a sneaky way justice roberts will try to figure out a way to rule on
3:46 pm
this so he is able to be a part of a court that moves forward on something he has to face if not now, five years from now, ten years from now. >> john: what about the idea brought up at the court that we are too early in to this to be able to make any learned decision at the court level? >> alito talked about this issue newer than the internet, newer than cell phones. it's something that really, should they be taking this on or let it sort of -- i think justice kagan said perk at the state level for a while before they decide whether or not to weigh in. don't forget if you look at poll numbers, more and more people support gay marriage; particularly, young people. the trend is eventually more people will be voting to support this. should the supreme court interfere or let the states work it out? >> john: leave it there. coming up next, we talk about the crazy spending by the federal government. don't go away. a growing majority of americans have come to believe it's time to allow marriage for gay and lesbian couples. here's why. our daughter, emma. a gay couple in my ministry.
3:47 pm
my sister-in-law. my brother, octavio. a business partner. our moms. my son. my sister irene, a police officer. my brother keyan. my neighbor. our godson. it's time to give gay and lesbian couples the freedom to marry. it's time for marriage.
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one way to save money right now is not build another structure and not release another structure, but force government agencies in the structures we have. that is what you do if you were broke. we're essentially broke. but we have nothing like that coming from the administration in terms of the executive order. >> 45,000 properties, with the government of paying almost $2 billion just to keep operational, even though nobody may be in the properties. >> john: delicate norton talking about all the spending going on at the federal level. seemed to have stolen my suit as well. [ laughter ] coburn did. let's talk about that. doug mckelway, you are familiar with doug mckelway's reporting among other things. talking about this idea we have all of these thousands, tens of thousands of
3:51 pm
properties, that are sitting vacant, underused, unused whatever. costing us billions of dollars a year in upkeep. meanwhile, the sequestration, benefits for veteran tuition have been cut off. that was $373 million in 2012. sometimes you got to slap yourself upside the head to say where are the priorities here? >> i recommend anybody google wasteful government spending and you will have so many things to make you feel so angry. the government, we are not getting this undercontrol. if you just do the math, 55,000 buildings, 1300 empty buildings in every state could be sold and used for whatever. it's true. >> john: as doug pointed out red tape -- >> they can't do it. i love the list to go through. everybody but stray animals get a say on where the vacant buildings will go. they created that purposefully. because they don't want to let it go. ent to forget the gsa, the government services administration are always under the gun, trying to sell
3:52 pm
stuff. this is the gsa the group with the $800,000 conference in las vegas. should we trust these people to fend spend money frugally? >> john: sequestration prescribed how the cut take effect. veterans reasons getting tuition. that's what sequestration said would happen. >> the question is did sequestration have to happen? if they were willing to make cuts that need to be made, this wouldn't have had to happen. the reason that sequestration happen -- >> they can't turn back the clock. >> they don't want to, they don't want to take on the issues. when you survey americans they want to cut the government spending. pew did a sur ray in february that looked to 19 different areas. would you like to see spending cuts? in every area, not a single one got majority support. so people broadly want cuts but they don't want specific cuts. none of the politicians want to actually make cut.
3:53 pm
so we end up with sequestration. >> this is a problem on capitol hill. they are allergic. they break out in hives. >> three magic words. waste, fraud, and abuse. [ overtalk ] >> we are going to save money so we'll have waste, fraud and abuse. somebody says specifically what they will cut. how much waste, fraud and abuse is there out there? >> i don't know. go to the golden fleece awards, been around forever. you have all of entitlement spending for medicare, 40% of the budget. we have a window now that something could be done. but then we look to the election and everybody will pay attention to 2016. a time and a place where it those be taken care of. if congress wants to show courage or willingness to do
3:54 pm
it, that's where it should be focused on. these are interesting and in many ways distraction to a larger issue. what will we do with the huge entitlement package we have. >> we were talking about this earlier. when you look at the white house, obviously, our elected officials have to travel. but when you think of joe biden's one day in paris, limousines and hotel rooms, the president and the white house is defensive about this. did he have to go to florida and spend $78,000 just on the local law enforcement to play golf with tiger woods? >> no. look. it always comes down to this oh, but bush did it. someone else did it. yeah, they have all done this. this isn't an obama problem. all parents do this. we haven't always been in an economic downturn. you can say under bush we were, i guess. clinton did the same thing.
3:55 pm
we dote need this pomp and circumstance. cut back on this and it looks bad. more important things to spend money on. >> this makes it hard for the administration to make a case that is see questions tration is hurting people -- sequestration when they spend money on thing things that are trivial. are you kidding me? this is outrage. >> could tiger and butch harlin flown up to play golf at the andrews air force base? >> there are ways, this is all symbolic in some way. symbolism matters in politics but there are ways to figure out how to make cuts here and there. i think the miles per hours are about ready right now. face it. we have not had to sacrifice at home. if you make the cutbacks, we can deal with that. let's deal with the semblance of doing it together as miles per hours. march forward to glory or whatever. this is a reach.
3:56 pm
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