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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 31, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> haven't you heard that line before? >> that's how carlos danger rolls. >> see you tomorrow. "special report" with bret baier up next. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. republicans in congress issued an official finding that attorney general eric holder sought testifying under oath to deceive them. it is prompting fresh calls for president obama to fire america's top cop. holder has already been censured by the house over lack of cooperation in the fast and furious case. now he's in hot water over another scandal that hits us pretty close to home. chief congressional couldn't mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with breaking details. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. house republicans asked that eric holder gave deceptive
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testimony to congress in handling of the james rosen case. holder assured the american people may 15th that the potential prosecution of a member of the media was something he never contemplated or even heard of. then we found out a few days later release of the rosen warrant showed holder approved that as a suspect to seize his e-mails. if rosen was a suspect, holder gave deceptive testimony to congress. house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte says, quote, deceptive, misleading testimony of attorney general holder is unfortunately just the most recent example in a long list of scandals that have plagued the department. these kinds of missteps are not acceptable and i will challenge attorney general holder's mismanagement of the department of justice at every step. the judiciary committee republicans are calling for a change in leadership at the justice department. also today, some pretty remarkable revelations in
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another investigation into the benghazi terror attacks. >> 11 months after the deadly benghazi attacks, the revelation that cnn journalist conducted an interview with one of the lead suspects while the fbi has not has lawmakers demanding answers. >> right now, the media has been speaking to more individuals alleged to be involved and that have information than we have gotten information from from our fbi. it makes me wonder at this point are people not pursuing answers to this investigation? >> reporter: jay carney referred reporters to the fbi and said president obama who stood with then secretary of state clinton before the caskets of four americans killed wants accountability. >> the president has absolutely instructed his team to do everything they can to bring to justice those responsible for the death of four americans. >> reporter: eight gop lawmakers signed on to this letter, sent to newly confirmed fbi director james comey, demanding he brief
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lawmakers on the status of the investigation in 30 days. they write we appear to be no closer to knowing who was responsible today than we were in early weeks following the attack. this is simply unacceptable. also today, colonel george bristol leading an elite taskforce in africa when terrorists stormed the consulate spoke in a classified briefing. sources say bristol confirmed and told them u.s. officials weren't prepared heading into 9/11 anniversary for an attack. >> american lives were lost, not just here, in colonel bristol's voice, you could hear the passion and heart break because of the american lives lost due to things from the administration to the white house. >> reporter: the president leading a charge for a select
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committee to investigate benghazi. >> less known about where the other americans are still in benghazi, in the cia annex. what was it, when was it established. >> reporter: fox news reported on the benghazi suspects with multiple military sources saying they're walking around and living freely in libya. our sources indicate they've had eyes on the suspects since last november, but at this point there's no indication american officials have spoken with them. bret? >> more with the panel. just while we were talking there, a response from justice department on the report out by republicans on the james rosen case on the record from justice spokesman brian fal on. its findings are contrary to the record and strongly disputed by many of the committee's own members. we'll talk more about this with the panel in a bit. the obama administration is
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going to the mat to defend its sweeping surveillance program. officials sought to reassure senators today that their powers are rigorously monitored and narrowly crafted. one conceded the intelligence community is open to re-evaluating its once secret program. for the first time, the government acknowledged publicly certain elements of its telephone eavesdropping, for example, the average person calls -- if the average person calls 40 unique people, analysis could allow the government to mine the records of 2.5 million americans. when investigating one suspected terrorist. a top senate democrat ron wyden says documents show, quote, the executive branch repeatedly made inaccurate statements to congress about the value and effectiveness of the bulk e-mail records collection program. he had this exchange with a top intelligence official in march.
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>> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect, but not wittingly. with obama care sputtering to get off the ground and the rest of his domestic agenda in peril, president obama did something today he hasn't done too often, made a trip to capitol hill to ask congress for help. he talked to democrats, shunned republicans, and moved a step closer to the epic battles expected to play out when summer comes to an end. we have fox team coverage, james rosen, on what republicans are cooking up. we begin with ed henry on the president's new recipe for success. good evening, ed.
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>> good evening. the president said this was about jobs and the middle class. in private, he spent a lot of time defending his health care law which was dealt fresh blows today. with his signature health care law falling deeper into danger, president obama's meetings with house and senate democrats had the air of a campaign style rescue mission, on the heels of days on the road, trying to drum up support for a stalled second term agenda. >> if i had poll numbers as low as his, i would probably be out doing the same. >> democrats that huddle with the president say he spent a lot of time reassuring them health care will be implemented, despite a barrage of attacks from republicans. >> there have been a lot of talking points on the other side about the train wreck. he made the commitment this will roll out. >> the train wreck comment was uttered by a democrat, senator max balk as, and there was trouble today as the congressional budget office revealed the decision to delay the mandate will cost taxpayers
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$12 billion. white house aides defended that cost saying they're being flexible with employers and the law will save far more in the long run. >> there will be significant reduction as the affordable care act is implemented. >> republicans long dispute that claim, as well as the president's contention health care premiums will drop, especially this week with state officials in florida declaring insurance rates for individuals could spike 30 to 40% next year. officials in georgia warning rate hikes of 20 to 100%. >> we are consistently seeing in states across the country that premiums are lower than expected. >> nonetheless, democrats reveal the president did seem concerned about congressional town hall meetings coming during the august recess. democrats wonder about a repeat of 2009 which fired up the debate. >> we learned our town hall meetings aren't boring, that may happen again.
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>> and they're getting a flavor of that in a tough new ad from a conservative group. >> will my time be spent navigating a complicated system or helping people get well? what will happen to my patients if i have to close my practice? >> the president only met with democrats, not with house republicans that need to pass his agenda. white house aides responded saying the chief of staff was meeting separately with senate republicans and say those conversations will continue. >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. most republicans agree on the desire to slow down or thwart the president's plans, but exactly what form that opposition should take is the subject of much consternation. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the party faithful. >> we're not just making noise. >> reporter: they are racked with noise how to confront his campaign style push for second
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term agenda. the attention on vivid display when house republicans forced a vote to enshrine delays in implementation of obama care into law. some thought it a tactical mistake, tantamount to ratifying the law they are for. now they face similar dilemma whether to tie it to looming budget battles and government shut down that will consume congress on the other side of the august recess. >> harry reid and president obama would scream and yell those mean, nasty republicans are threatening to shut down the government, and at that point we've got to make the case and say we want to fund the federal government, and why is president obama threatening to shut down the entire federal government in order to force obama care down our throats? >> reporter: speaker boehner signaled only the desire to preserve his option. >> we have made no decision how we're going to rereceive. >> reporter: boehner and cabinet kicked the can, delaying consideration of the senate bill and prospect of passing smaller piecemeal laws until after
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recess. stall wart conservatives warn that will take them only so far. >> if the want to wait and do something comprehensive, i don't see that working in the house. our goal is to push things as far to the right as we possibly can and meet our obligation to effectively govern. >> reporter: there's no shortage of outside counsel. >> republican party decided capitulation with a democrat seems to be the on-going strategy. i don't see any push back against anything obama wants to do. the republican establishment seems to be going along with obama care, immigration reform, amnesty, whatever it is. there's no disagreement. there's no push back on it. >> the gop and conservative tichl face recurring tension on law enforcement and social issues as some like senator rand paul of kentucky urged the party to demonstrate as much commitment to personal liberty in the bedroom over our skies as
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they do from the corporate board room. >> thank you. up next, a story that practically writes its own punch lines, but it is no joke. and here is a live look at phoenix, arizona from fox affiliate ksaz. the big story there, fire storm over a state official blaming the leader of an elite fire fighting team for their deaths last month. forestry division this afternoon is apologizing for those comments. that's their top story there. we will be right back. ♪
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former congressman and current new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner isn't going anywhere. even with chaos in his personal and professional life.
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julie banderas has an update. >> reporter: a new ad from embattled mayoral candidate anthony weiner saying he won't quit despite a growing sexting scandal. >> i know there are newspaper editors and other politicians say i wish that guy weiner would quit. they don't know new york, they don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> reporter: it has been another bad start to the week for weiner as his campaign was dealt yet another public relations nightmare. first, his campaign manager quit, followed by a drop in the polls, and now this. weiner's communications director, barbara morgan is apologizing for calling a former campaign intern a slew of expletives, after she wrote an article that appeared in yesterday's "new york daily news," saying most of weiner's staffers were very inexperienced or only interested in his wife's connection to hillary clinton. when they reached out to the campaign, they quoted him with
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i'm dealing with like stupid [bleep]ing interns who make it on to the cover of the daily news even though they signed nondisclosure agreements and or they proceeded to trash me. he says in a moment of frustration i used inappropriate language in what i thought was an off the record conversation. it was wrong and i am very sorry. talking points memos editor writes on twitter the interview was clearly on the record. meantime, last night at a campaign event, the former congressman was asked why people should trust him when he continued sexting after being force today resign from congress two years ago. weiner again explained why he isn't quitting. >> i violated trust of my wife. that was wrong. people have to every right to say it disqualifies me, but i'm not going to quit based on that. >> reporter: unlike quitting congress, his mayoral campaign is receiving full steam ahead if the staff doesn't do him in first. according to politico, weiner's
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wife is taking extended time from her day job working with hillary clinton. >> thank you. republicans have their own internal issues, the top man in the senate is about to face what could be a strong challenge from the inside. here is chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> reporter: the longest serving senator in kentucky history, five term in couple bent gop leader mitch mcconnell faces a tea party primary challenge from matt bevin, first time candidate has says mcconnell is not a conservative. >> after 30 years in washington, mitch mcconnell no longer represents what we believe here in kentucky. >> reporter: some tea parties view primaries as hunting season for rhinos, republicans in name only. mcconnell has 100% score from american conservative union, but that didn't stop bevin from this attack ad. >> mcconnell is for higher taxes, bailouts, debt ceiling increases and congressional pay
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raises. >> reporter: for the last three years, democrats have hammered the gop leader as a tea party panderer. >> republicans in the senate are enthralled with the tea party. waste precious time catering to tea party trends. it is a love note to the tea party. >> reporter: he won endorsement of the madison project which helped them challenge gop incumbents. other groups are eyeing bevin, too. he is banking on big tea party donations as well. mcconnell's national organization is huge, has $15 million in the war chest. he is a savvy veteran, seldom caught off guard, rarely pulls his punches. >> all of you know i love a good campaign. >> reporter: he ripped him in this web video. >> bevin's company failed to pay taxes, then got a taxpayer bailout. bailout bevin, not a kentucky conservative. >> reporter: bevin denied the charges on an interview with fox news. >> this is a smoke screen,
3:20 pm
charade, typical of mitch mcconnell. there's nothing in his own record he feels proud enough to run on. >> reporter: he trailed mcconnell by 40 points, but the primary isn't until may. a long time. he hopes to focus tea party and voter frustration against the gop leader of the opposition to obama in the u.s. senate. >> carl, thank you. arkansas freshman congressman tom cotton is already betting for a promotion. the war vet plans to challenge democratic incumbent senator mark pryor next year. cotton will make that announcement tuesday. up next, they tell you to take off your shoes. some are telling them to clean up their act. later, one of the world's longest running dictators facing a challenge to the throne. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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the people who are supposed to prevent bad things from happening at the airport and in the skies are apparently causing more trouble than ever. doug mcelway looks at new information about a much maligned group. >> reporter: tsa misconduct cases have risen 27% in three years according to gao report. it documents 9,000 cases of wrongdoing by agents, largest category, 32%, showing up late. >> stop with the tardiness, disrespect, earn americans' trust and confidence. >> reporter: one cited a theft network in newark, new jersey led by a supervisor. >> the supervisor was advising the tsa employee how to steal contents of passengers' luggage. totally embarrassing for everyone. >> reporter: out of 56 cases of
3:25 pm
theft from fiscal 2010 to 2012, 31 resulted in termination, 11 resulted in letters of represent ri manned, 11 resulted in suspension of defined period, two resulted in indefinite suspension, one resulted in resignation. stealing is stealing. and these are incidences of stealing from american travelers. >> reporter: of greater concern to passengers, screening and security issues comprise 20% of infractions, the gao report cited minimal consequences for those that didn't do the tests. >> if they fail the test, they're taken off the line and instructed what they failed. there's no consequence or penalty. >> reporter: an administrator defended tsa. >> going to have somebody do something stupid, it will get in the press, make 20 rounds in the press, but for every one of those stories, sir, i will tell you there's probably ten more great stories about what our people do. >> reporter: the report bolsters those that want to privatize passenger screening because companies can be fined for poor
3:26 pm
performance. some find the work itself, no matter who does it, can be unpleasant and dull, a recipe for mistakes. >> thank you. the u.s. economy grew as a rate of 1.7% in the second quarter. that's up from 1.1 in the first, but still sluggish. stocks were mixed again today, the dow dropped 21, s&p 500 was up a quarter, and nasdaq gained 10. the house just passed a bipartisan compromise to lower interest rates on student loans. the rates doubled first of july. it links interest to the financial markets. undergrads this fall would borrow at 3.9% rate. virginia republican governor bob mcdonnell says his daughters returned engagement and wedding gifts from a major campaign donor. mcdonnell has given back a $6500 rolex watch and repaid $125,000 in loans from johnny williams, the head of a ncompany.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a college student getting a $4 million pay day from the feds after being locked in a jail cell with no food or water for four days. daniel chung was brought in after a drug raid. the officer told him he would not be charged and said, quote, hang tight, we'll come get you in a minute. over the next four days, he drank his own urine to stay alive, tried to carve a good-bye note in his arm. when he was found, he had kidney failure and perforated esophagus. he lost 15 pounds. the justice department says he accepted that $4.1 million settlement. dea has new policies in place as a result of this case, including daily cell check and cameras in cells. hawaii wants to say aloha as in good-bye to the homeless. the 50th state has budgeted
3:32 pm
$100,000 to buy the homeless one way tickets to the mainland. honolulu civil beat reports the state's 17,000 homeless are overburdening the system and the cost of getting rid of them is a worthwhile investment. the department of human services tells hawaii news now it is concerned people will buy a ticket to hawaii, knowing they'll get a free trip home. the president of belarus growing a list of people mocking russian president putin's latest show of outdoorsmanship. last week, there were pictures of him reeling in a pike which the kremlin weighed 46 pounds. some russians say something is fishy here, seasoned fishermen in the area posted pictures of their own fish which looked larger but weighed much less. one person posted online wonder who planted that fish for putin to catch.
3:33 pm
and yesterday, belarus president raised the stakes on putin's fish tale, claiming to have caught a 126 pound catfish. one of his deputies saying, quote, it was as long as i am tall. despite worries the fix is in and worries of disappearing ink, people are flocking to polling stations. there's a serious challenge to a long time ruler. >> reporter: is this his last stand? the 89-year-old ruled zimbabwe for 33 years, corrupt, progressive, racist, he is up for re-election. a turnout is a sign people want change. started in the same place as nelson mandela. helped topple white run government, preaching
3:34 pm
reconciliation. then their paths diverged, helping them turn the country into a wreck. inflation soared. a rival is given a chance of beating him. 200 people were killed in that disputed election. there were signs of more vote irregularities this time around. >> all these things and issuing of ballots is a contestable issue. >> reporter: washington called for fair election. european union says it is fair to lift sanctions against zimbabwe. they remain defiant. >> if you don't like the elections, don't want the result of our election, it is up to you. >> reporter: the economy of zimbabwe has improved, inflation is under control in part because the government threw out the zimbabwe dollar in place of hard currency. some show no sign of throwing
3:35 pm
him out. >> he demonstrates how things are. >> reporter: so far there are no reports of major violence in zimbabwe, but that didn't happen in the last election until the results were made known, and that won't happen, we are told, for another few days. results by the way that he claims he'll respect. bret? >> greg malkot in london, thanks. egyptian police ordered to clear protesters from two sites in cairo. supporters of morsi are a threat to national security they say and terrorizing citizens. previous action against sit-ins led to violence. more than 260 people killed since morsi's ouster july 3rd. republicans are going after eric holder again, and a key witness in the benghazi investigation talks. we will talk to the fox all stars about it all when we come back.
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right now, the media has been speaking to more of the individuals that are alleged to be involved in this and to have information than we have gotten information from from our fbi. the fact that no one has been held accountable almost 11 months later is completely wrong. >> how is it that someone that's a lead suspect in this terror attack could sit down with a media organization for a couple of hours and never be contacted by the fbi? how serious is this? >> i would refer you to the fbi for details of their investigation. the president has absolutely instructed his team to do everything they can to bring to justice those who are responsible for the death of four americans. >> well, there are some questions about that investigation in tracking do you know who is responsible for the benghazi attack, 11 months after the attack, no one is in custody, and a lot of questions
3:40 pm
about the investigation. you may remember back in may adam housley talked to a special operator that said people in the military and in the administration and in justice and people in law enforcement know where the suspects are in libya, they're just not tracking them down. >> we basically don't want to upset anybody, and the problem is if ambassador stevens' family knew that we were sitting on information about the people who killed their son, their brother, and we could look them as a government in the face, then we're messing up, we're messing up. >> cnn journalist arwa damon went to benghazi, did a two our interview with one of the suspects listed by the fbi. here is what john king wrote. among those identified, a person of high interest from the hours after the september 11, 2012
3:41 pm
attack by both u.s. and libyan officials, ahmed abu khattalah. in a recent conversation with arwa damon, he acknowledged being at the diplomatic mission after the attack but denied involvement. in that conversation, he told cnn he has not been questioned by either libyan authorities or the fbi. we are told arwa damon talked to him for two hours, and he is one of the people put on the pictures put out by the fbi. let's bring in the panel. pepper carlton, a.b. stoddard a and charles krauthammer. >> this is remarkable. this basically confirms what many on the right have said from the beginning, the administration isn't making effort to get to the bottom of the crimes, which is a remarkable allegation, but there's no other way to read it. this guy has not been
3:42 pm
interviewed by the fbi or the syrian -- >> libyan. >> libyan authorities of any kind? and the white house press secretary's answer to the question, i refer you to the fbi? that's a wholly inadequate response. what is the explanation for that, what could be the explanation for that? the obvious point is anyone familiar with any federal investigation into a crime knows the most ancillary possible witnesses, suspects, anyone within 100 yards of the crime is interviewed, and this guy who is head of an islamist organization at the scene of the crime isn't interviewed? i mean, what is the explanation for that? >> ab? >> this is the administration's problem all along with regards to the irs investigation, benghazi, people involved are not interviewed, people involved are not located, they can't find them. they don't even do the basic steps to assure the public and congress in particular that they're trying to get to the
3:43 pm
bottom of any of these investigations, so they invite the continuation of the probes, more bad press about it, and if you look at -- >> interrupt you one second. in the same press conference, jay carney said again that benghazi was a phony scandal. >> right. >> i mean, it is, can we just determine that it is fairly scandalous that ten months after the president has said repeatedly that the u.s. was doing everything in its power to go after these people that cnn can send a journalist to talk to one of the people that the fbi has put on a poster and they can sit in benghazi unobstructed for two hours and chat. isn't that just in and of itself a scandal? >> i think that is shameful. i truly believe if you could stand up and say we are an fbi that cannot locate a suspect that we've named but the media can go and find them and spend hours with them, that's not just incompetent, it is shameful. with regards to other investigations as well, this is a pattern where they say they
3:44 pm
blow it off as a phony scandal but don't do the most basic thing like reach out to parties involved, suspects involved, the conservative groups in the case of the irs that were targeted, and now you have people criticizing attorney general holder for giving misleading testimony to the congress, you have accusations from chairman issa of the oversight committee that these -- that werfel, director of the irs is also dragging his feet and trying to avoid giving congress answers. there are four people named in the state department in the accountable review board as responsible somehow and at blame, at fault in the benghazi investigation. still on paid leave, but no one has done anything about that. >> you know, in the response, first of all some officials said it has to do with diplomatic deal of getting into the country with libya but they're saying even the libyan authorities
3:45 pm
haven't talked to this guy and libya is saying they're cooperating with the u.s., it doesn't make sense, charles. number two, what about this, you have eight lawmakers sending a letter to the fbi director, the new coming fbi director, james comey, and they're saying we need a status on this investigation within 30 days of you being sworn in. >> look, what makes this scandal different from all of the others is that there are dead americans. it is not a matter of corruption, it is a matter of respect for americans who served america and were killed in the line of duty. the cynicism of this administration, the way if you look at the photo, you showed that clip of obama and clinton receiving the body of ambassador stevens and the solemnity with which they said we will go after this, we will bring justice, the one word to describe the response of this administration is a watergate word, the word stonewall. their objective from the first
3:46 pm
hours was how do we handle the crisis in a way that will not hurt the president and the seco secretary of state politically, with election day, counting on a press that would be supine as it did in this, cooperated in doing nothing, except for fox, and a couple other outlets, and then after the election when there was persistence on the part of people who say this is a scandal that we have no idea, no investigation worth anything, that they imagine you simply draw it out, you shouldn't have to have anybody in congress writing a letter and demanding account of the investigation. it should have been done months ago. the only person in jail as a result of these attacks is an american who made a video and you'd think we have a first amendment in this country. >> the response has always been these are partisan efforts to stir this up.
3:47 pm
these investigations are continuing. you had colonel george bristol testifying behind closed doors today, special ops taskforce leader in north africa, about military side of things. we're told that despite the white house claims that the u.s. was not prepared heading into the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. >> yeah. >> this is going to continue, right? >> it is going to continue. by the way, these investigations are to some extent partisan and do breakdown unfortunately on party lines. what charles said sadly is true, which is the majority of media outlets ignored it like it wasn't a story when it is, four americans died. no getting around a cable channel can find a suspect and the fbi can't. something was missed. let's bring it back to the beginning of this, their explanation of the murders, it was a spontaneous street demonstration in response to an internet video, there's been no evidence in the subsequent ten
3:48 pm
and a half months of investigation into what actually happened that they had cause to believe that. it was a lie from the beginning. we established that. it is worth repeating again and again. their first instinct was to lie about the cause. i think it is very revealing. >> i should say cbs has done some good reporting on this story and it is good to have cnn as well. going to call an audible and do a second panel about this breaking story, a new report out about the doj and chief washington correspondent james rosen.
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
>> bret: breaking news just before the show started about attorney general eric holder and a new report out by the g.o.p., the judiciary committee in which they find that the
3:52 pm
attorney general mislead congress. here is from the report, quoting: rather than admit that he gave deceptive testimony and that mr. rosen, james rosen, chief washington correspondent here was actually a target of prosecution and further raised the ire of the media, mr. holder, instead, represented that mr. rosen was never a true suspect. to thread this legal needle the attorney general argues that the the privacy protection act is written incorrectly. he maintains that the current law permitted him to tarnish mr. rosen as a suspect but only for the purpose of investigating a third party. the committee rejects this facile reading of the law and legislative correction that serves only to provide cover for mr. holder's misleading testimony it. republicans now, again, calling on president obama to fire the attorney general. over, this we are back with our panel. a.b.? this is a long report, very
3:53 pm
detailed about the attorney general, his testimony, about james rosen. the justice department is responding that it's all partisan. >> right. democrats have complained that this is a republican report, but the fact is that within days of attorney general holder's testimony, when he was asked about the espionage act, whether or not journalists have been prosecuted under it he has oh i have never heard of such a thing. i wouldn't contemplate it. he said it wouldn't be wise policy. everyone knew right away because of reporting own the case that that wasn't the case. he approved the designation or whatever the technical term is of james as a suspect. and it -- again, it's another case as i brought up in the first panel of the administration of person after person, whether it be at low level or highest levels of leadership. refusing to take the basic steps to tell the truth or
3:54 pm
investigate the people that need to be investigated. there is no reason why eric holder had to talk that way and get caught immediately. this is a report that dug into the details. but immediately people were questioning his testimony and asking whether or not he had lied. and to say he misunderstood the law and that's why james rosen was designated a suspect is ridiculous. >> bret: there is no indication that the president is going to let attorney general holder go or spend more time with his family. >> he never does. i'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing. the one thing president doesn't get credit for is sticking with very unpopular aides. susan rice. larry summers now, potentially to be fed chairman. chuck hagel. valerie jarrett wildly unpopular in the business community wildly and i would say for good reason. the president has stuck with her. he digs in his heels. holder the very first days of tenure being cowardly on race elm bare rationment.
3:55 pm
no indication -- >> bret: he has been censored by the house for fast and furious. >> if i could respond i would say that is true of obama's cronies, when it comes to underlings, the space under the bus has been all used up. gregory hicks, for example. >> yes. >> who was demoted. the guy who courageously spoke out about what happened in benghazi. he was in tripoli on that night. and he did stuff that the state department didn't like, like speaking to congressional delegates. he ended up under the bus and demoted. i would say as per the holder investigation, his defense of you lied in speaking with congress, his defense is oh, i just lied to a judge in saying that rosen was a perspective criminal suspect. that's a hell of a defense if you are a attorney general of the united states. he ought to be under the bus, but there is no chance. is he too much of a friend of the president. that's what saves you in this administration.
3:56 pm
probaty doesn't. >> bret: more on this and politics we talked about in the beginning of the show and online show coming up in just a bit. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see a little girl caught red-handed and her brother caught white-faced. we will explain all of this. mom always got good nutrition to taste great. she was a picky eater. we now i'm her dietitian... ...anlast year, she wasn'tating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great! [ male announcer ] boost drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. and now boost comes in two delicious, new bars. look for them next to boost drinks.
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4:00 pm
>> bret: he is okay. if you have a possible kicker video. drop me a link bret baier. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fir, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. really, government? now you come clean about spying on everything we do? and o.j. gets paroled but doesn't get out of prison yet. plus, security screeners at the airport. they are very busy. >> stop with the napping and the disrespect. >> screeners accused of sleeping, smuggling, even doing drugs at work. >> the overwhelming majority of tsa employees are good people. >> shepard: we'll look at the facts. plus, keeping passengers safe once they hit the skies.


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