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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 24, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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bush library. we are told they are flying off the shelves at just $30. >> how about that? tweet us. >> here's shannon. >> what was concluded in the geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. >> my greatest concern is seeing followthrough here. >> we will not standby, just let this be the final deal. >> critiquing a deal with iran. many are skeptical about what this short-term deal really means. the plan, set to last six months, could mean lifting some sanctions against iran in exchange for curbing the country's nuclear program. i'm shanno shannon bream from te nation's capitol. we start with reaction from one of our closest allies, israel. jennifer griffin is live in
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washington. peter ducey at the white house. and leland vitter is in the midwest. jennifer? >> already differences are eedgerring in washington and tehran over interpretations of what the deal does and doesn't do. >> no matter interpretations are given, i announce to the iranian nation that iran's enrichment activity will continue as before. >> there's no right to enrich. we do not recognize a right to enrich. it is clear in the npt, in the nonprproliferation treaty, thers no right to enrich. >> here's what the deal does include. it pauses construction of the iraq heavy water reactor, which could provide weapons grade plutonium, a second track to a
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bomb, key to the french. it neutralizes uranium to a concentration of 20%, suspends enrichment to 5 for six months. iran leaves intact more than 18,000 centrifuginges. the deal does not require iran to ship its current stockpile of enriched uranium out of the country, which means any enrichment pauses can be reversed. the deal received a less than ring endorsement from key democrats on capitol hill. >> i think that this is a marginal improvement. it does freeze some of their activity in place. it continues the major sanctions in place. it's going to be costly on a continuing basis to them. >> it's disappointing to me that iran is still going to be allowed to enrich while they're talking. i would have thought that would
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be a kind of talks without asking them dismantle any of their centrifuges. so that's disappointing. the agreement is here and we have to make it work. >> iran's leadership just issued a statement, that if congress imposes new sanctions the deal is off. shannon. >> jennifer, thank you very much. shortly after the deal was reached, president obama made a public statement to explain to americans why he feels this is, quote, an important first step. peter ducey is life with more on what the president had to say. peter? >> shannon, iran is in line right now for about $7 billion in economic relief mostly from reduced economic sanctions. as long as they freeze their nuclear program for six months and prove to the international community that the nuclear material and facilities they are allowed to keep will only be used for peaceful purposes. that, president obama says, is as a good first step. >> as president and commander in
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chief, i will do what is necessary to prevent iran from preventing a nuclear weapon. i have a profound responsibility to try to resolve our differences peacefully rather than rush toward conflict. today we have a real opportunity to achieve a comprehensive peaceful settlement. i believe we must test it. >> on a conference call late last night, white house officials laid out the economic relief for iran like this. they say, quote, the deal that was struck is very limited in terms of the additional business that iran can engage in, that's able to sell petrochemicals and able to sell or export automobiles, but that's it. full stop. there's no other business activity that is permitted under this first step deal with iran. now, something else president obama said last night, he wants congress to hold off on imposing any new sanctions on iran, but based on what we're hearing from congress they may not get their wish. listen to this from democratic new york senator chuck schumer. he says the disproportionallity
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of this agreement makes it more likely that democrats and republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in december. across the aisle, republicans had similar reservations. >> i think you're going to see a strong movement in the united states senate to move ahead to tighten sanctions. >> if iran is caught building a nuclear weapon, the white house promises that the deal will be reversed. >> thank you, peter. the most poignant criticism of this plan is coming from israel. as you heard at the top of the show, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a historic mistake. leland vitter has more reaction from that region. hi, leland. >> hi, shannon. in jerusalem, betrayal,
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abandonment, the israeli foreign minister said if the united states is going to make a deal like this israel might need to start looking for other allies. this program has been the centerpiece of prime minister netanyahu's past 10 years of his political career. he was clearly very upset today about this deal that he and many others in israel feel puts iran on the path to a nuclear weapon. after today's cabinet meeting, he spoke publicly. >> israel is not bound by this agreement. we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. >> and that was of course a very thinly veiled threat about a unilateral israeli military strike on the iranian nuclear facility, something israel has not done so far, obviously something at the very edge of israel's military envelope in terms of their air force
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capabilities. also diplomatically now it would be difficult. its goal would be to destroy some of the centrifuges, enrichment materials. they want iran to fully give up its uranium program, give up the stockpiles. break it down like this, israel's red line is they do not want iran to have the ability to make a nuclear bomb. it seems as though the united states is happy with iran simply not having a nuclear bomb. for two allies that used to resolve their differences very privately, this public split in the world view between president obama and prime minister netanyahu is really beginning to shake that bedrock relationship between the united states and israel. shannon, baca. >> leland, thank you very much. president obama says now the burden is on iran to prove to the world its nuclear program will be exclusively used for peaceful purposes, but our next guest says softening sanctions
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now will be hard to change them in it future. congresswoman thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> i want to touch on something leland vitter was talking about from our middle east bureau, the fact that israel's prime minister has reacted strongly to this. they are one of our closest allies. what message does this deal send? >> well, there's no doubt that this is a real threat to israel's security. the democratic state of israel, the jewish state of israel, has been our strongest ally. remember iran has said time and time again, death to israel, death to the united states. they have not changed their tune. it is a state sponsor of terrorism. they want to wipe israel off the map. just because you have a new president who's smiling and using his charm offensive in iran, he's charming the pants off of us, but he's not -- netanyahu is not to be fooled. what we have in this deal that was cut in secret, the details of which we're just coming to know now, it sets a lower bar
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the u.n. security council resolution. the u.n. security council resolutions were very specific, direct and unambiguous. iran has no right to enrich. this deal we've signed gives iran that right to enrich. it doesn't matter how many times secretary kerry says it, it's not true, the iranians say it's true. the proof will be what will iran be doing? all of this is trying to not put any more sanctions on iran. sanctions are not just the process, it wasn't to get iran to the negotiation table, it was to force iran from becoming -- having nuclear breakout capability. so this scenario, shannon, is very dangerous for israel. it's dangerous for the united states. it's dangerous for an arms race that's going to build up in the entire middle east. saudis are going to have nuclear power. so will all of our allies in that region. >> all right. let's get to the point that you discussed there about
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enrichment, the rights to enrichment, or no rights. secretary kerry, said this, and this is a quote, there is no right to enrich. it's clear in the treaty, this agreement, there's no right to enrich. yet iran's president is saying this, no matter what interpretations are given, iran's right to enrichment is in the text of the agreement. is something getting lost in translation? >> that's right. we've got to look at the details. i don't think we should try to close our eyes and wish and pray we've got this great deal. the united states was already negotiating from a position of weakness when we did not demand as the first point specifically, unambiguous, in a clear way, just like the u.n. security resolution said, that iran has no right to enrichment enrich. a 5% level means you have the right to enrich. so it's not right whether you have the right, it's whether you're allowed to do it. so i think you have to be
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careful about the semantics here, whether you're saying it's a right to enrich. we're saying you're banned from enrichment. the iraq reactor, that's designed to have belo blue tonet for energy. the resolution says the facility will not be built, yet this deal allows it to be built within specified requirements. that's a lower bar than what we had all of these years at the u.n. security council resolution. bad deal all around. we need sanctions. we need to enforce them. >> congresswoman, thank you so much for your time today. >> thanks, shannon. >> all right. there's also this, you remember
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an american pastor, jailed in iran for more than a year. the american center for law and justice has been urging secretary kerry to secure his release before finalizing any deal with iran, but we're told the pastor's name was never mentioned during the president's remarks last night, you know that, but also we're told it didn't come up with the negotiations. did the u.s. miss an opportunity to free one of its own? stay with us. later in the show, we'll talk to the chief counsel to the aclj about what happens from now. we want to hear from you, the nuclear agreement with iran. are the daily inspections going to make a difference? sound off on twitter. we will ready a little bit oe your tweets a little bit later in the show. stick around for that. meanwhile while the negotiations have been playing out, there has been bipartisan support in the senate for tougher sanctions. they were put on hold while the administration asked for some time to get a deal done. now that we have this interim deal the table that could mean scaled-back sanctions that could benefit iran to the tune of
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$6 billion or $7 billion will the signal act? joining us former senators and fox news contributors scott brown and evan bayh. thank you for having in today. >> good to be with you. >> you've been in the senate while issues of this kind import have been hammered out. negotiations with iran have been going on for multiple administrations. senator bayh, do yo, what do yok about this deal? >> i'm skeptical. my guess is what they're hoping to do, get sanctions relief, have the europeans start to do business once again, and slowly we'll lose interest so over a period of perhaps a couple of years eventually they'll need to get where they need to go. we have to be hard-nosed over the next six months to make sure there's no cheating whatsoever. it's hard to do, but my own guess is in the long run the iranians have not changed their power to a great power, a nuclear power. >> up until this point, senator
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reed, of course the senate majority leader leader, a democratic, said there would be an additional vote on sanctions after thanksgiving. now we have the deal in the interim. we have a number of people, including the white house, the president on down, saying this isn't a time for more sanctions. we have senator dianne feinstein talking about this saying this agreement is a giant step forward, and shouldn't be undermined by more sanctions. senator brown, would you be pushing for them on the nil. >> we should push for sanctions, hold them in escrow, so to speak, so if the iranians don't do what they're supposed to do, you have that pressure. as president reagan said, trust but verify. i'm deeply concerned also about the fact that one of the first things that iran has not done is recognizing the sovereignty, the existence of israel as an independent state in that region. they still are exporting
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terrorism around the region and the world. if they're going to be a real world player, they have to step back from that terroristic attack. >> i thought your report about chuck schumer's comment was potentially significant. if you have the number two democrat in the senate saying, look, there's loopholes in this agreement, we may need additional sanctions, that makes it more likely you'll see something like the kirk proposal that says, look, we'll have even tougher sanctions, iran, within six months if you don't follow-through. >> senator schumer, a democrat, says it doesn't seem proportional, all it does is freeze the nuclear capabilities in iran, but we're reducing sanctions. he says this disproportionallity of the agreement makes it more likely that democrats an republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in december. so it sounds like he's a big proponent of moving forward. >> i have to respectfully disagree with some of the comments i've seen. i don't think this is going to prohibit iran from actually stopping the stockpiling and enriching. i think it gives them more time
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to do what they need to do, have everybody step back. it puts israel in a tough situation, because if in fact they go and they do launch an independent strike, then they will be seen as the -- kind of the pariahs in the area, and will face, i think, incredible world scrutiny. when they say they'll go out and find other allies, it's going to be very difficult. someone as yowe supply them wity aid. that's a carrot dangling over them. if anyone's been there, it's about the size of rhode island. you can run across israel. to think they're consistently being threatened by all boards , it's a tough way to live. >> i want to ask you about a different nuclear situation, in the senate. there's a new limit on the threshold of votes you need on nominees, giving a lot of power to the president. a lot of folks it's equating the
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senate to a rubber stamp. it's something democrats said when talk was bubbling about, republicans doing this back in 2005, the president and vice president, then members of the senate, both railed against this, and now it's happened. how do you think it impacts the senate? >> well, my first observation, shannon, would be that if hypocrisy had a monetary value, we could balance the federal budget. i think it's going to to make the senate a much more volatile place. this is the first step. eventually this will be extended to supreme court nominees as well as other judges, and presently in the long run one side will get frustrated enough they'll apply it to legislation. for example, if the republicans were to elect a president, had a variability in the senate, repealing the affordable care act, they would be tempted to do that. when democrats have a majority, more of a lurch to the left. when republicans have a majority, a lurch to the right. a lot more volatility in our
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politics. >> i think it's going to contribute another contribution to harry reid being the worst majority leader in the history ever our country, number one. it's going to completely unravel our history, the way we do sixth. what goes around comes around. people aren't be going to sitting around the table talk being thanksgiving, they'll talk about how they can't healthcare coverage, get online, get the coverages they were promised. >> another issue with the deadline looming at the end of this month. senators, thank you. >> good to see you. >> hamid karzai is refusing to sign a deal with the u.s. until after elections in april, and wants to keep negotiating with americans, coming after a frayings his assemble of elders. it would provide protection for thousands of u.s. soldiers to stay in afghanistan beyond 2014 to train and advise afghan security forces. he said he'd be blamed if he signs the deal now and hopes for more concessions from the americans. the obama administration wanted the deal signed by the end of this month. wicked weather is gripping
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much of the country, and could play a factor in your holiday plans. what you need to know live after the break. and later, wisconsin governor scott walker stops by our studios for a candid conversation on the future of the republican party and what he is going to do next.
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>> thanksgiving travel could be tough depending on where you're headed. take a look at this snow in kalamazoo, michigan. lake-effect snow there has caused cars to slide off the roads in that area. parts of the northeast could see a substantial storm over the next few days. what does the mean for? we have the forecast. >> hi, shannon. much of the country is going to see the results of this winter storm. the lake-effect snow continues. look at the temperatures, though. dangerously cold across the upper midwest, the great lakes, even into the northeast. we still have some lake-effect snow downwind of all the popular great lakes. then we have this storm system, a complex storm system, developing across the southwest in toward the central plains. you can see the results of freezing rain and/or sleet across portions of northern texas, central texas.
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we're still getting snow over the higher elevations of the four corners. so taking a look at your forecast temperature, the radar as we go through time here, we're going to see the potential for freezing rain and/or sleet, not only today, but tomorrow in and around the dallas area, which is going to make travel very slippery and treacherous. do be careful on the roadways, shannon. winter weather advisories posted for all of these areas. this storm will travel eastward, up the coast, in time for the busiest travel day on wednesday. back to you. >> wow. all right, thank you very much for the warning. >> okay. >> well, missouri school district is facing a lawsuit being accused of violating the constitution because of voluntary prayer gatherings, which included a teacher, and were held before classes started in the morning. the lawsuit filed by the legal arm of the american humanist association says the teacher violated district policy that teachers remain neutral at any student-initiated activity. though the teacher is no longer at the school, the group says the lawsuit is necessary because it believes the sessions are
10:25 am
continuing. the school district says it will, quote, vigorously defend itself against wrongdoing accusations. an american jailed in iran for his christian beliefs for more than a story. we'll talk to those work hard with three benefits in one.
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>> now the really hard part begins. and that is the effort to get the comprehensive agreement, which will require enormous steps in terms of verification, transparency, and accountability. we know this. we're determined to work together. we will start today literally to continue the efforts out of geneva and press forward. >> this a fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry and uk foreign secretary william hague discussing the deal to curb iran's nuclear program. more reaction coming up, but first we have the rest of your
10:30 am
headlines. steve? >> hi, shannon. a group helping to push the sign-up for obamacare may be in hot water, this after the release of an undercover video reportedly showing a top official of the group enroll america bragging about his political connections, that he might be able to sell information from obamacare. officials in new york state are issuing this warning about a new scam. they say phone calls and emails are going out from people claiming to be tax collectors and threatening fines, arrests or deportations if people don't pay up. state officials say agencies will contact you with a phone number that you can call to verify. and willie nelson suspending his tour after three band members were hurt in a highway accident. a website says the tour has been suspended indefinitely. and pope frances honoring
10:31 am
st. peter at a special mass today. the vatican publicly unveiled fragments believed to be from saint peter, the first pope. the bones were carried in a special box by pope francis at a special mass. >> extensive, than steve, thank. we're joined by amy from our london bureau. amy? >> the key is for people who believe this deal with iran is a good deal, it lengthens the breakout time for iran. in other words, the time it would take it to build a bomb's worth of highly enriched uranium, and also it keeps it from getting to that critical capability whereby iran could do that unnoticed. finally the deal caps all aspects of the program. >> what i was most excited about
10:32 am
was reading the details, seeing what a good deal this was, how much intrusive verification there was, the daily inspections, the inspections of the work sites of centrifuges that goes beyond what iran is required under the rules. >> it does not allow iran to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium. anything added to the pot at this point must be oxidized, reworked if iran decided to bump it up closer weapons grade. it puts the brakes on a facility, used for making medical isotopes, but experts believe is much better suited for making weapons grade plutonium. it was the french who made a stink about iraq days. >> this confirms the right of iran to civil nuclear energy, but totally forbids the possibility of access to nuclear energy for military purposes.
10:33 am
we'll operate it to controls and of course we will have to be vigilant about the implementation. >> what the deal doesn't do, shannon, and we've heard secretary kerry say this, lay out the final solutions to iran's nuclear program, the endgame deal. as it stands right now, of course, some of those lingering issues about what iran has got up to in the past, parts of its program, that ha, the military , so it's hoped that that can be dug up, but it's not guaranteed up. shannon? >> amy, thank you very much. well, this week's out of the in box segment where we look at stories that you at home tell us you want to hear about is timely. it comes from greg danson via twitter. he asks, why can't we get pastor have saeed out of prison? what is the administration doing
10:34 am
about christian persecution? pastor saeed abedini has been jailed in iran for more than a year because of his religious beliefs. last night there was no mention by the president of pastor saeed despite an appeal from our next guest from the american from for law and justice. jay, welcome. >> thanks, shannon. >> tell us what you had been working on, specific appeals you've made to this administration ahead of these nuclear talks. >> well, we've been working with the state department for a long time now on obtaining the release of saeed abedini. i think we had an historic opportunity when the united states decided to not only sit down with the iranian regime, but when the president of the united states spoke to the president of the islamic republic of iran, and brought up saeed abedini and other americans by name. now what we hear from statements released, that pastor saeed's case does not come up in the discussions. the idea we cut a deal, so to speak, we've reached this agreement with the iranians, and
10:35 am
does not secure the release of americans held hostage in iran, which is exactly what's happening here, is outrageous. i sent a very strong letter off to secretary of state kerry on friday, urging him to obtain that release of saeed abedini before they execute any agreements. not even getting to the merits whether it was a good deal or bad deal for the united states, i have opinions on that, but focusing on saeed abedini, this was the perfect time for a confidence-building measure from the iranians to release this pastor and the other americans held. the secretary of state evidently, according to the sources we've had, including the state department release, did not bring that up at all. and, i mean, shannon, this was a historic blunder of huge proportions with significant repercussions. we're easing the sanctions on iran while they continue to torture american citizens held in their jails. to me, it's outrageous. >> well, my first question always with this case, and why we haven't taken a tougher stand in this point, you know, there
10:36 am
was an historic opportunity for negotiation. >> right. >> why? why didn't we do more? when are we ever going have a better opportunity to negotiate over the lives of these americans? >> i'm not sure we will have a better opportunity we just had. we'll have to use diplomatic sources outside of the united states as a fallback. we have no choice. the united states of america, our country, let one its citizens, actually three of its citizens, rot right now in a jail in iran because we did not put as a precondition to negotiations, including -- i want to everybody to hear this -- giving the iranians money, easing sanctions. what they said, we're going to make sure there's a flow of humanitarian aid. that's what secretary kerry said. you want humanitarian aid on both sides, that would be the americans being released. it was than easy thing for the iranians to do, easy for the united states to ask for, but evidently when we got to the table, the united states of america through its secretary of state decided it wasn't enough
10:37 am
of a priority, that they would singly focus on the iranian nuclear situation and they were going to ignore the plight of americans held captive by the people we're negotiating with. >> well, you mentioned the statement that we got from the administration. this comes to us when our white house correspondent, radio white house correspondent, asked specifically did this issue come up, was told the talks focused exclusively on nuclear issues, but the statements goes on to say the president has brought this up before with iran. we know you'll keep up the pressure. we think of his family all the time. multiple americans there we're talking about. jay, thank you for keeping us updated. >> thanks for covering it, shannon. >> thanks to greg danson for the question. now if you have a story or hear more about, check out all these ways to reach us, whether it's an update or something you've heard about it in your hometown, we'll follow up on it and get you answers in our out of the in box segment. coming up, my one-on-one with wisconsin governor scott walker. how he says the gop and its
10:38 am
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and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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>> first new jersey governor chris christie, now wisconsin governor scott walker is making
10:42 am
the rounds. is he making a run for the white house? he has crossover appeal with independents. i talke sat down to talk to abos new book. a lot of folks didn't appreciate your policies, but in the end, winning by a bigger margin in your recall you did in the original election. you've done some convincing. how can the gop get better? >> be optimistic. that's what we see in the states with governors and state lawmakers. we're not just against things, we're for things. we lay out an optimistic view of where we'll take our states. we talk about it in in terms that are relevant. we don't with sequesters, fiscal cliffs or debt ceilings. we talk about how to make our schools better, how to lower the tax burden on hard-working taxpayers, how to help people down the block get back to work. those are things people care about. most importantly, what i learned from the states, not just mine, but other states, have the courage to act. people are hungry for
10:43 am
leadership, not just conservative or republican voters, but i think swing voters, persuadable voters that win elections. more than anything we want leaders they can respect because they have the courage to act on their convictions. >> what about things that are tough topics, things like entitlement reform, that sort of thing? a lot of politicians are afraid to touch things like that, thinking it will scare off voters, but you seem think if you can have blunt conversations with people, they respect that. >> i think they do. in my book, i tell the larger story about how we met with republican lawmakers early on. i told them, you know, this is our moment. we need to think more about the next generation we do about the next election. and all too often it's the other way around. people are always so afraid in politics to lose. we can't be afraid to lose. we need to do what's right. i think in the end if you worry about the next generation more than the next election, the next election will take care of itself. >> folks on the hill, now senators, former governors, i've talked to them about the fact
10:44 am
they felt as governors, they could get more done. they had to balance the budget. they had to lock people in a room and hammer out compromises. they come here to capitol hill and find it's a completely different beast where a lot of things never get resolved, there's a lot of infighting. what's it like to be at the state level and be able to see things accomplished, you sign off, they're done? >> it's a night and day difference. it's a frustration not only former governors z but americans as a whole have. they're frustrated, because they hit people in washington are fighting for the sake of fighting, not fighting for something. the differences we talk about, one of the critical turning points in our reforms in wisconsin when people started to see the reforms work, and realized they weren't fighting to pick a fight, we were fighting to stand up and take on the big government special interests and stand for the hard-working taxpayers. at that point they didn't mind the fight as long as it was for them, as long as they felt they benefited. what they see in washington all too often is just gridlock that doesn't benefit anyone.
10:45 am
again, that's part of the lesson we talk about in the book, go out there, stand for something, stand on principle, be willing to have a fight, but make sure it's for the people you represent. >> the name of the book is "unintimidated." a lot of people still come after you, plenty of critics. >> yeah. >> twitter, those kind of things. i mean, a lot of attacks from, you know, folks who still aren't happy about the success, what you're doing. how do you come to this place of being unintimidated? >> for some of those folks, it's because they're intimidated a bit, threatened by our successes, because they understand if we can do it in wisconsin, we're not a red state. in fact, some would argue we're hardly a purple state. last won we won the presidency, carried the state of wisconsin for a republican, was 1984, ronald reagan's landslide across america. so even though i won, it's still a battleground state. that threatens people. what we found, though, getting out of the capital, seeing people. when i went at the height of the protest, 100,000 people in and
10:46 am
around my capitol, i would go out to farms, factories, small businesses around my state, and people would come up to me, telling me to hang in there, praying for me. those prayers sustained us throughout this more than anything, more than anyone could ever imagine. >> i asked the governor what comes next for him. while he wouldn't make any news about a potential 2016 run, he says he's still got plenty of work to do in wisconsin. well, in the wake of the irs scandal over targeting conservative groups, there's reports that several groups helped governor walker survive a recall effort are being investigated and told they must turn over for donor lists and communications regarding incomes and fundraising. eric o'keefe of the wisconsin club for growth says that investigators have raided at least three homes seizing computer files and other documents. the investigation is being done under a wisconsin law, which blocks those who received subpoena from talking about them publicly, meaning this
10:47 am
investigation plays out while the targets of the probe are barred from talking about them. could your backyard stream be under the federal government's regulatory jurisdiction? coming up, we'll take a look at the debate over a potential new regulation proposed by the epa. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. ♪ [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. [ female announcer ] can you heal a broken heart with a bundt cake? of course you can! even if that heart was broken by zack peterson. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house.
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several republican lawmakers say a draft of the new e.p.a. regulation could significantly change the definition of which waterways are regulated by the government and potentially have a wide ranging impact on your private property. congressman lamar smith at the house science space and technology committee says the proposal could extend the e.p.a.'s power over things like streams and ditches on your property. officials from the e.p.a. say it's simply not true. millions of you at home are anxiously awaiting black friday and so are small business owners. we have a look at why those business owners are optimistic their cash registers may be very busy this holiday. >> that's right. small business planning on a big holiday, a word from a news survey. small business starts the holiday season with more optimism than recent years. 34% believe business will be better than in 2012.
10:52 am
the younger the owners the more optimistic they are. half of small business companies with owners between the ages are 18 and 24 are more optimistic about the holidays. the optimism is born of confidence that shoppers will be opening their wallets. nearly half of all small businesses surveyed believe there will be more consumer demand this season, the most important time of the year for all retailers. small business will be following the example of the big boys taking a queue from major retailers such as wal-mart and target which will open doors on thanksgiving. more than a third of small business owners surveyed say they will begin sales and promotions on or before turkey day this year. but it's not all about brick and mortars. a survey shows small business is going all out to go on-line to sell. 32% expect ecommerce sales to grow this year and predict nearly a third of sales this season will be on the web. hopefully for all of us cash registers will be ringing this season. back to you.
10:53 am
>> brenda, thank you very much. the pundits and politicians are not the only ones really fired up about this nuclear deal with iran and what it means for israel and the u.s. you at home have been sounding off and then some. i'm going to share some of your tweets and facebook posts. stick around. stick around. they're next. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can.
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benjamin netanyahu says the iran nuke deal is an historic mistake. we're focusing today's most clicked segment on how this story is playing on-line. prime minister netanyahu tweeted today the world has become a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world made a
10:58 am
significant step in achieving the world's most dangerous weapon. iranian president hassan rouhani took to twitter writing iran talks to us that peaceful energy enrichment were acknowledged by world powers. here at home senator john cornyn, republican out of texas, tweeted it's amazing what the white house will do to distract attention from obamacare. that sparked a response from former senior white house advisor david plouffe, he tweeted a real distraction would be war like iraq. steve says i bet iran has more nuclear sites hidden than we know about and no amount of inspection is going to uncover it. raul says it doesn't matter. theul continue to develop nukes in secret. not a lot of support from our followers for this nuke plan but some support for senator schumer's take that this new deal will make bipartisan support for new
10:59 am
sanctions closer to reality. william writes it's the first time i've ever agreed on anything with schumer. log on to fox for the latest development and follow us on twitter at shannon breen. coming up next stprobgz stprobgz, an exclusive -- coming up on "fox & friends," an exclusive reaction from sarah palin about martin bashir's comments about her. the olympic force's journey to moscow took it below the sea. that is a water resistant flare. that started october 2. s longest in olympic history. it's already been to the north pole. and the journey continues. thank you so much for
11:00 am
watching fox. >> i'm chris wallace. breaking news the u.s. and its allies reach a nuclear deal with iran. >> for the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. >> the world powers have recognized iran's nuclear rights. >> what do israel and skeptics in congress think of the agreement? we'll get first reaction from two key members of the senate foreign relations committee, bob corker and ben cardin. then, washington gridlock intensifies with a power grab in the united states senate as republicans accuse democrats of trying to divert atten


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