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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 28, 2013 9:00am-12:01pm PST

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day parade. it was cold million bucks and ws all of the money used for. >> inviting inspectors to nuclear sites but making it clear they will continue. is this trouble with the nuclear deal? >> and some stores opening today. but shoppers may get less than what they bargain for. what you need to know before you
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hit the malls. it is all happening now. first. the race is on to fix the obamacare website before the deadline >> we hope you are having a hap hap hap happy thanksgiving day. the obamacare technology team is scrambling to build a new part of the website. a work around the clock sort of deal that would allow people to buy insurance without relying on the site. the easy app would apply to those that are eligible for financial help from the government and let them enroll for coverage without first calculating their exact subsidy.
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using estimates only, call centers and insurance companies, and brokers, would help people enroll in plans. that is facing concerns for a great number of insurers. >> happy thanksgiving, to you. what is the main insurance obamacare concern? >> they are concerned the estimates might not be accurate enough and they will have to build for subscribers that didn't cover at the end of the year. it is a big fix to be working on this late in the government. it is raising questions why the government has a lousy track record when it comes to buying technology. california congressman said if there is one thing that is
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coming out of obamacare is bi-partisan support on how the government buys it. >> this isn't the only failed p project. getting p getting per curement right is going to be needed >> the government is switching providers/contractors for obamacare's data services hub which verifies and holds the personal information. it is getting rid of the verizon one. and higher one that is worked by hewlett-packard. >> you like to play it straight. it is thanksgiving. what is on the white house menu? >> it isn't a light menu.
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and given the first lady's effort on healthy eating, she didn't pick it. the obama's don't eat like this every day. we have turkey and ham. couple kind of stuffing. greens -- about the only green thing i see on the menu. mack and cheese. potatoes. and then there is desert. and i should point out that the desert menu is so extensive we didn't have space. there is nine pies on the menu. everything from coconut cream. and no mention of an exercise menu. >> we are looking at
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huckleberry, pecan, chocolate cream, sweet potato. >> the list goes on and on further than the graphic describes. there is going to be an exercise at the end of the dinner. but who could move? >> who cares at this point. let's say should you get invited behind the doors, you don't, which pie would you go for? >> i think i would go for several of them. i believe i would. >> for me, sweet potato dry and oyster dressing. >> that is the new orleans in you. >> of course. >> soupy sales would have had a field day. with a little more than two days to go before the deadline for healthcare.g, there is a new effort to keep the site
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glitch-free and improve the image a little. one group is now getting big bucks to collect enrollment stories. family usa builds itself as a non-partisan organization. they received a one plus million gra grant. it is asking for americans to step forward. tell us your examples of how you are benefiting from the affordable care act. some democrats are distancing prom from the president because of the whole thing. juan is here with us. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you, greg. >> this is embarrassing and the white house needs to do
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something. is this that something? >> it is just the start. if you think this is a lot of money, get ready for the shower of money that is coming in terms of rebounding and restarting the obamacare effort. it has been so disasterous in the rollout and people in general have lost trust in the system. i was at the white house and people were saying they have to get the message it isn't about the failed website and cancelations, they have to hear good stories. and that is what you are seeing. the money that is being given to the group and in talking point given to senators to deliver the message with more creditability than the president has.
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>> in the meeting you attended with the president talking about cancel canceled policies and and the failed website. did anyone say maybe this wouldn't work? >> you wouldn't believe it. and people asked about accountab accountable. he came back with a fiery response and that is this is going to work, no questions it will work, and thai they have to focus on getting the risk market in place. and part of that knows back to the earlier discussion which is restoring confidence so young, healthy people say it is good idea i get insurance coverage. you have seen ads being put up by the government that say over the thanksgiving holiday dinner trouble. families should talk about who has insurance and who doesn't and encourage people to go on the website and get insurance.
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>> i talk to a lot of young people and they are nut not going to do it. they are not going to go on the website because they are impatient. and second of all, when they look at i am going to pay $3,000-$5,000 for an insurance policy for things i don't want. or a $95 penalty. it is a no-brainer. >> not quite. lots of people do want to be able to go visit the doctor and get some kind of attention. one of the things the whoot house is pushing is even if obamacare was done away with, you have in place, things that allow young people to stay on parents insurance until 26. you have more aaacomidations.
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>> the bad stuff is kicking in now. >> i think young people want to get out the message to them there are advantages. your point was $95 and you walk away, but for lots of people, especially those are no insurance, the idea they can have some contact with a doctor, some medical care, might be attracting. >> you know what? i don't think the white house understands how young people work. >> well they do think they are immortal. >> i have two young daughters. and you have kids to and you do too. happy thangz thanksgiving.
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>> you too. >> lawmakers have a to-do list that is filling up fast. we face another crisis shutdown and work on the farm bill and immigration reform. carl cameron with the details now. carl, hi. >> that doesn't come close to how much time they have to do and no time to do it. all of the partisan gridlock and battles will resume. the president pardoned a thanksgiving turkey. and boehner put together a thanksgiving video cooking up a turkey feast with all of the fixings. check out the red argyle sweater. no apron for the speaker of the house. president obama cause out in company pushing for immigration reform. but there is a ton of business.
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the obamacare is still a mess and tens of thousands of existing policies maybe canceled. and the government shuts down in five weeks without a new plan. and another debt crisis hits ni nine weeks out askand that is a huge setback to the national community. lawmakers are taking time off for christmas and new years. as a practical matter, there are two and a half or maybe three weeks of legislative work possible. they need to pass the farm bill that is stalled over a food stamp debate. immigration reform has been stalled since 2004 when bush brought it up in the second term and it has been killed since.
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having all of the things stastast stacking up on the eve of two-year election here. you are seeing democrats putting distance between themselves and president. and that is where the president's pole numbers are going down and congress at record lows. the next two months will set a bumpy course for what is likely to be a brutal campaign year. >> you got that right. carl cameron, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> new details ahead of a horrifying story of three girls held captive by people they were supposed to trust. how a diary could turn into key evidence. >> and pizza hut employee fired for refusing to open on thanksgiving. the backlash and response from pizza hut coming up next. ♪
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>> new video for you into fox news. i want to show you there. a very special thanksgiving at the nato head quarters. we say thank you for all of their dedication to our great nation. >> new information coming in about the alleged abuse of three girls, all sisters, at the hands of their pardents. their mother and step-father held them captive for up to two
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years. they found evidence and satchel that is key. >> the conditions of the children and the filthy conditions of them and the house. evidence in the bedrooms indicates validity to what the children are telling us. >> the talk to us about the key evidence. >> there was a notebook and police say they expect more charges to be leveled against the parents. there is important evidence in the book. >> detail journals of a year and a half of days of information that detectives are looking at
9:19 am
and cataloging. >> there was appareapparently a picture of enrique englises and the gull said that was her most prized possession. the girls said their step-father seen here broke down the door to their bedroom and brandished a knife. the older sister was locked in her room with rolled towels taped to the windows. the girl's step-father and their mother are facing three counts of kidnapping, physical and emotional abuse. and the step-father is facie
9:20 am
charges of sexual abuse with someone under 15. they had a lock and video system in the rooms to watch over the kids. it is alleged they blasted music into the rooms. the music was show loud the girl didn't her the police arrive. >> thank you very much. >> rising tension after america b-52 bombers fly into a new air zone and japan flies through the same space. what that means next. and we have not sat down for thanksgiving dinner. some folks are wondering what to do with all of the leftovers. we have creative ideas. and the staff is reflecting on what they are thankful for.
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you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> right now, recent attempt to control the skies, an
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area that includes islands claimed by china and a disputed rock that china and south korea want to role. the united states sent to b-52's to show they will defy china's attempt to control the air space. bringing in former director deputy and chief of staff of the nsa. happy thanksgiving. >>happy thanksgiving to you to. >> baby, is this more about milita military? >> china is the huge country
9:26 am
with the huge economy and poised to be the number one economy in the world. china is developing something that is akin to the greater east asian spear. japan's way of doing business is like this back in the 1930's and that is what got us involved in world war ii. china set up a system where they want to control all of the resources they touch. if they do that, they feel they will have more national power and that is why you see such things as this happening where they have an air exclusion zone surrounding the chinese mainland. >> and the vice president is going over the next week and the latter two country leaders don't like each other. but the united states is
9:27 am
promoting a trade deal. and now china is claiming this air zone where two b-52 bomber went through, japan and south korea have now flown through. how will this ougalter the agen? >> he is going to tell tchinese to get rid of the air defense zone. and the discussions are what diplomats will call frank and meaningful and hopefully the vice president will have them dial back and allow commercial and military traffic to take place like it always has. >> and there is the rock. the submerged reef that is rich
9:28 am
in gas products. south korea takes right to the water. and they are like back off, china. and there is another island sitting on top of mineral reserves. how delicate is diplomacy? >> it is very del kate. you have the traditional approach that is based on historical president and then you have the natural resources being there. so natural gas, oil and other minerals being in the area, each country will exhert claim over the territory.
9:29 am
we risk this becoming a hot war if we are not careful. >> i hope the vice president has a bottle of tums to go to asia next week. >> did you hear about the pizza hut manager in elkhart, indiana fired for refusing to open the store today? he is being offered his job back. tony roar is his name. he worked his way up from cook. he said i cannot do this to my employees. >> the whole here there are only two days they are guaranteed to
9:30 am
have the day off. >> pizza hut stepping in saying most stores are close and we recommend that the local franchise reinstate the store manager and they have agreed. good for you, tony, for standing up for employees. that is the right thing to do. >> absolutely the right thing to do. >> i would prefer pizza over turkey. but that is just me. >> continuing with the news now, new developments in iran as they insist construction is continuing on the nuclear facility and state department is asking what they mean. and there crowd didn't get stopped in new york for the parade or the balloons. we are coming up with the very special guest. stick around. >> we saw sponge bob. where is squid?
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may scy's day parade
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>> in new york city, the wasn't windy enough to ground the balloons at the macy's day parade. it is chilly out there, but people braved the cold. including our own rick who was joined by a special guest. >> i am blessed to be able to do what i love. i love country music. i have been wanting to dproe grow up and do what dolly parton does. >> rick, you are back inside where it is warm. >> she could not have been nicer and cuter. >> i agree. >> it was a good moment this morning. cool out there. but again, tell you what, we had big problems with travel and pel
9:36 am
people trying to get home on the east coast, but it is gone and left in the wake cooler temperatures. the mostino noticeable part in south. upper 40s in places like atlantic -- atlanta -- and memphis. all of the moisture is gone, the winds are moving across the great lakes bringing lake snow. it will not be intense. you go out across the west and you are looking great. this upper level disturbance is going to keep it cloudy in southern california. maybe a stray shower or two. but nothing problematic. that show on the radar moving around the great lakes and maybe a light shower into the florida.
9:37 am
going through tomorrow, people are shopping a lot. they like that on the day after thanksgiving. it will be an amazing day. and sunday anybody trying to fly home, the greens at the airports, the country looks great. the only problem will be sunday and we will see rain in the pac pacific northwest but those planes don't cause ripple effects. >> we have thankful for that report. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> new developments to tell you about in the nuclear energy deal with iran. it is deal that is being slammed by republicans and democrats. iran saying it will increase production of low-enriched
9:38 am
urani uranium. this is after it agreed to stop. and the iraq nuclear plant is link today a platonium. >> there is no work on the reactor itself. no work to prepare fuel for the reactor or do additional testing of the reactor. >> israel and the united states plan to hold military exercise once the six-month agreement expires. let's talk to the former state
9:39 am
advisor. we are not sure hwhat the iranians mean by that. we know. they will not do xng associated with the accord. >> iran thinks they have a right to enrich fuel. they have for two programs and iraq is the primary point of concern. there is another thing going on that we have ignored to get to this deal. this is a year away from completion. so saying we are not doing fuel rods or reactor. if there is construction going on, it means whatever we agreed to is meaningless
9:40 am
>> iran gets to keep enriching urani uranium, they can produce weapon grade uranium, it will not dismantle the platonium reactors, and refusing to agree to inspections. and we are giving them $7 billion. that sounds like a great deal. that is a sucker's deal, isn't it? >> it is. and those are only the nuclear activities we know about. our $80 billion a year intelligence department isn't good at detecting what is going on inside iran just like north korea or other nuclear breakout situations. we learn about the new sights in
9:41 am
iran from the operation and a group called the nek. that is how we learned about the urani uranium. once you have enough for a bomb, it is easy to come down the home stretch. the first bomb we used in world war ii wasn't even tested. >> this leaves iran a few short steps away from creating a nuclear bomb, right? >> that is right. this deal actually gives them the money and breathing space stha they need. we should be looking to undermine them but make them stronger. >> good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving
9:42 am
>> from milkshakes to pie and turkey flavored bread pudding. houston's top restaurants are competing what the best way for leftovers. they are coming up with creative combos >> blue berries throw them in the blender. apple in the blender. and pucecan in there. >> we had left over turkey and i said throw that in there. >> i guess all it takes is a little imagination. what is your favorite leftover combo? >> anything with meet -- meatloaf i love. >> you can take turkey and make
9:43 am
a turkey meatloaf. mashed potatoes. >> we would like to know your favorite leftovers. tweet us at the tweets on the screen. greg with two g's. and let us -- this guy mocks me. someone said greg does say silly things. pizza isn't thanksgiving fair. >> i don't like turkey. >> okay. tweet us, guys, and we will share your leftover combos later. >> chilling details in the case of a woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff days after their wedding. prosecutors claim he wasn't the
9:44 am
only one she wanted dead. her parents as well. and the secrets behind your black friday discounts. and why you are not getting the bargain you think you are getting. >> i am lieutenant boil and i am stationed in southeast asia. happy thanksgiving, merry christmas and happy new year to my mom, dad and siobhan. i love and miss you. see you in the new year. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
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[ male announcer ] if we could see energy. what would we see? ♪ the billions of gallons of fuel that get us to work. ♪ we'd see all the electricity flowing through the devices that connect us and teach us.
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♪ e'd see that almost 100% of medical plastics are made from oil and natural gas. ♪ and an industry tt supports almost 10 milln american jobs. life kes energy. and no one applies more technology to produce american energy and refine it more efficiently than exxonmobil. bause using energy responsibly has never been more important. energy lives here ♪ >> black friday is starting early this year and some stores opening today. but the real black friday is a very big day for retailers and shoppers. research shows some folks get a
9:48 am
physical high from shopping. >> oh, i mean, yeah, my endo h endorphins rage. >> you get the bargain and dope mean is released and says that is good. let's do it again. >> i get that same feeling. the dopamine after shopping. but buyer be ware. black friday deals may not be all they same. kyle is joining me now. >> so nice to be with you on thanksgiving. >> let's talk about the consumers. give us the dos and don'ts of black friday shopping >> the dos: go out with an overall shopping budget for the holiday season. and then have a percentage of that dedicated to black friday. one thing we need to pay
9:49 am
attention to is that the better deals on black friday than there are cyber monday. so computer wear is better on black friday and clothing cheaper on cyber monday. and you have to budget. >> is there a particular amount you should set aside for black friday and for the entire holiday season? >> i think the entire holiday season is better. they away from really trying to put a lot of this on credit cards because the rates are bad in nature. i don't want to pay 25 percent
9:50 am
interest and keep the purchases on their for a while. >> what is your favorite thanksgiving leftover combo? >> i am going after the pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. >> all right. happy thanksgiving to you and my good friends and your father as well. >> i am getting a lot of tweets. people love the turkey meatloaf. you take the turkey and turn it into meatloaf. >> i am getting a lot of tweets. white meat turkey sandwiches. >> i am talking meatloaf. >> and the shopping thing is all about shoes to you, isn't it? >> of course it. do you have a problem with that? >> i have a lot of problems.
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>> welcome back, the state department with a plan to save tax dollars. it might come at a cost to the catholic church. the united states wants to relocate their embassy from the vatke vatke vatke vatkeep -- vatican -- to a nearby location in rome. >> there is no denying the importance of the vatican.
9:55 am
as the seat of the pope delivering mass, the vatican has relationships with every country and serves as the listening post for countries are no diplomats. the new location up top is a 10th of a miler closer to the vatican. and at screen left, the old embassy has no buffer from the screen. on the right, the walled off com pound will host the mission to the vatican, italy, and rome. there is no reduction in staffing the state is adding. >> for members of the roman
9:56 am
vatican to have to come inside the compound of the embassy of republic of italy to see the ambassador of the holy sea is n inconvenient. >> bush said hopefully this isn't retribution for catholics lashing out about obamacare. but there is news this started during the bush administration. >> the farm bill has not been passed and that means you could be paying more next year for thanksgiving dinner.
9:57 am
we have our works who are thankful for people. >> i want one of those babies! a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new baru. 'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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new developments and breaking news this hour. >> republican leaders looking to obama wear to get back the senate and white house. the website may not be entirely ready for the saturday dead line. we'll so what the rnc chair has to say about that. >> hopefully you have made it to the thanksgiving destination? what about getting home? we have tips. >> and a man sues after claiming that he slipped on a banana pole. but the would- be con must not
10:01 am
have noticed the camera recording him, all happening now: >> new signs for a troubled health care.goff, just days before the administration's self- imposed deadline. >>im gregg jarret in for john scott. >> and i am arthur and i am in for gena lee. tech teams are reportedly pushing to create a new part of the obama care site that allow more people to buy insurance withoutousing the website itself. the so- called easy app is the latest sign that the administration is not confident that the website will handle a bump in user traffic. we are hearing this after a a segcant piece of the law was
10:02 am
delayed. republican leaders are growing confident that it the law will collapse under its own weight. rnc chair saying that obama care is the gift that keeps on giving for the gop. we don't need to connect the dots. when somebody is getting a cancellation notice you don't need the rnc making that it case. it is made in the living rom and kitchen table. katy is a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good afternoon. does he have a point in there is more trouble to come with obama care, and that trouble is going to be long lasting, do you believe that there is legitimacy to the claim, katy?
10:03 am
or is he fluffing up to psyche out the democrat voting base or both? >> i would agree with the chairman that obama care speaks for itself. people know how they feel when they get a cancellation letter and trying to provide health care and looking forward to a surgery that they can't have because of obama care. the rnc doesn't have to it make that case. but obama care might collapse on its own weight, but republicans have to have something to fix all of the bureaucracy and legislation that we have sewn. it is not just democrats, but the republicans have to come forward with something. and now look at slewings to bring your cost down. >> and we know that 48 million americans searching for quality insurance coverage. and katy, have you sewn any indication from the republican
10:04 am
party that they do have slowings in their back pocket? >> we have sewn a couple of bills running a round on capitol hill. they are trying to delay the penalties that we are going to so next year for people who don't have health insurance. in terms of coming up with a system that is before, we all agree that health care was not perfect and it does have to be a free market solution and it is time to talk about tort reform and putting something forward saying that the government is getting out of the way and putting my health insurance in my open hands. >> is the government going to it continue to get in its own way? isn't that the problem where we sit now. guys and women in washington can't so many to agree on anything? >> it goes back to the idea that republicans from the beginning said obama care needs to be
10:05 am
repealed and the problem from the obama administration and democrats in the senate and now house as well, they kind of want to fix it without taking the system away and starting over. just two weeks ago, 40 or 70 percent of is not built yet. people are required to have insurance or pay a fine and in addition, we have sewn economist said 100 million people could lose insurance once the employer man date goes in affect and that's when the democrats will panic. president obama said if you like your plan you can cope it. >> katy, let me get one final question for you. would you say that the controversy and confusion surrounding obama care is an indictment on democrats or big government as a whole. >> i think it is both. you know, the democrats are in
10:06 am
trouble here because they are voting for it and obama is running on it. and this is what happens when the government tries to take over a sixth of the economy and tries to build an economy. it doesn't work and it hasn't in the past and will not work in the future. >> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> when you sit down for turkey and mashed potatoes, a show down is loom nothing congress about the prees of your food. law makers have not passed the new farm bill and if they don't do it before january 1st, you could pay more for next year's thanksgiving dinner. they join us in washington. steve. what could cause those food prices to soar? >> greg, if there is no farm bill an outdated agricultural law from the 1940s could kick in and that could drive milk prices
10:07 am
up to $8 a gallon. the government would be forced to buy milk on high production cost. the farmer ares would sell milk to the government and that creates's shortage for everyone else and drive prices higher and could happen for other food products because congress has yet to pass the farm bill that is one year over dow, greg. >> what are the prospects for passing a farm bill this year sometime? >> they are not looking good right now and the sticking point is food stamps, providing food to lower income families. republicans want to cut the program and the democrats want less than 5 billion in cuts. >> i am willing to negotiate and compromise and as long as hunger is not worse in america.
10:08 am
you can't get a farm bill passed without an adequate nutrition title. none republican is still hopeful, listen. >> i think it is normal to have tensions, and angst any time an author otherwised bill comes to the end. >> the differences between the house and senate, so far they have not reached a compromise. >> thank you so much, stove. >> and so the thanksgiving holiday is more of a mall- away as more retailers open the doors to all of the shoppers and hoping to get a jump. some chains renows and saying it would ruin thanksgiving for their employees. brian is here with more. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy gray thursday that's what some people are calling
10:09 am
today. retailers say it is what customers want. and others say the trend ruins the holiday for employees. some of the retailers target, and toys rus and best buy and walmart is open as it has been for 25 years and first time ever, macy's is opening at 8 o'clock p.m. because last year's midnight opening was a success. >> millennials are driving the thanksgiving night shopping and it is a lot easier when you are younger to shop through 1 or 2:00 a.m. nnational retail federation said another reason stores are open this year, is the holiday shopping season runs 27 days, shortest since 2002. and they are expecting americans
10:10 am
to spend two percent less than last year. and other retailers are bucking the trend. nordstrom and marshal and costco and others are staying close. and pc hardware store said thanksgiving should be spent at home and not buying things. the retailers are ruining thanksgiving for thousands of the employees who are underpaid and not getting enough hours year round. >> it is a trend on the rise and the only way the retailers will stop is that they so it benefits to go back to the values of thanks giving and spending time with family and employees. npilgrims saw it coming in maybe main and massachusetts and rhode island. it is against the law for stores to be open on thanksgiving
10:11 am
thanks to purittan blue laws. >> i am down with the stores closed on thanksgiving. it is enough already. >> really, sourcely? >> why are you surprised? >> fro enterprise. >> people should be at home with their families. that is my little prospect and not the law on this. >> thinking of capitalism and fro markets and letting people do what they want to do? >> shocking new details of a bride a cowed of pushing her husband to death just days after they say ido. she wanted someone else dead as well. >> and a closer look at a high- tech flight simulator that is helping israel'sary force training for long range missions and why it is particularly relevant in the fox news exclusive. hello, i am in afghanistan and i
10:12 am
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welcome back. eseral's air forces goring up for long- range migs with the help of a new flight simulator. it allows pilots to train together and flying over rolistic terreason. new technology holding increased experience as israel's prime minister reminds the world that the jewish state reserves the right to act alone to stop iran from gaining the nuclear bomb if necessary. leland has the fox news exclusive. >> reporter: greg, the prime freedom here in israel said all
10:16 am
options are on the table. it is a thinly veiled threat that the jewish state would launch a military strike against iowa ran. the problem is hitting the nuclear program is a tactical ability and military planners are trying to figure out every advantage to get to make good on the threat if they have to. each time the israeli air force f- 16 take off on a training mission the cost is tens of thousands of dollars. it is only way to practice the new thing until now. and the new simulator to make it nearly impossible between flying and make believe. this is what it looks like. the simulator looks like a private eye max theater. and in return for granting unprecedented access to the system, we agreed to console
10:17 am
their identity. >> it is a small tact and i can our air forces small, too you want big air space so you can fly and do different migs and you want to do a long- range mission. >> reporter: they have a new mission. planning a possible attack on iowa ran's nuclear program. >> i can flight all of the mission. i can when i am short fuel. >> reporter: they took off on combat migs. >> i see roads and houses and farms. >> reporter: now they can fly over them and attack them in the simulator dozens of times. the other big issue at stake is once the israel pilots got to iran and bombing the nuclear
10:18 am
facilities would do good. they are well protected and fort foyed. they don't want to talk about that. >> leland, thank you. a massive dinosaur skeleton found in wyoming auctioned for 650,$000 in england. measuring 55 foot long and 19 feet tall. the buyer is unnamed institution this we are told will put the 150 million-year-old skeleton on public display. breaking news on the syrian civil war. the key supply route that was recantured by the government and what it means for the rebel offensive. and also an american hero's last wishful filled. the veteran who fought in pearl harbor and you don't want to miss.
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
some incredible new video and look at a tornado that ripped through a middle school in indiana. you can see the gym torn apart in a matter of seconds. no one was in the school because it was a sunday. the twister part of a deadly storm that recently killed eight people in the midwest. >> a heart warming story now. a san diego family helping to fulfill the doing wish of
10:23 am
a world war ii veteran and a sailor that was on a navy battleship in pearl harbor the day the japanese attacked. erica fox has the details. >> reporter: 90-year-old pearl harbor survivors bud cloud had one request. he wanted to so the navy and ship with the same name as the one he served on in pearl harbor. >> it was one of the few ships out of pearl. that's why he was close to the dowy. >> he yells from the bed. i want to be on hospiece. i am going to see the navy before i do i. joishgs they arrived in san diego. >> we thought we were just taking pictures. >> there were 40 or 50 sailors there waiting to meet him to say i and thank you.
10:24 am
>> they carried him up on the stairs in his whole chair. and they honored him with hats, metals and a captain gave him a special medal and they went up to him one by one and shook his hands. >> he was wear wearing the hat and supglasses and croied the epitire time he was on the ship. >> authorities feel that connection from the past to where we were now. it is a great thing. >> at the end of the visit they piped someone ashore. they blow a poip and a person walks over the ramp and they did that for bud. >> he was on hospice at the time. he said i am ready to go and i
10:25 am
can do i now. >> reporter: he died 13 days later and at peace and feeling whole. >> it fulfilled something he needed. >> reporter: those who were there is a they will never be the same. >> our wishes to the family as well. thanks to erica fox in san diego for that that report. >> that was my old station by the way. >> yeah. if you manage to get away from thanksgiving you have to plan your trip home. the common dos and don'ts and talley up how much it could cost you and new details approximate a scam artist anda a banana peel and lawsuit. and staff giving thanks today. lindsay carlsson in the american newsroom is thankful for the first time she spent the days with her fiance.
10:26 am
nout couple. >> and this is rider emily and thankful for her grandmother and all of the strong woman in her wonderful family. >> i love that. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tideod pop in. stand out.
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10:29 am
welcome back a live look at the white house. earlier today president obama called ten service members and
10:30 am
thanked them for their service and wished them and their families a happy thanksgiving. respiratory right now the partnerships of a little girl with cancer are taken matters in their open hands. they have left the united states. the ten year old had tumors on her chest, neck and kid nos when her partners agreed to chemo therapy in ak ron children's hospital. but the side affects were horrible and now they want to treat it with alternative treatments. the court ruled that the hospital can force treatment. it is unclear where the family is now. >> an autistic tone is found miles from home. motorcycle mike was somehow able
10:31 am
to take public transportation from new jersey to cleveland, ohio. lippeda schmidt has more from new york. >> reporter: walter and his wife and autistic son a ratified in now ark airport from ohio. michael is still confused and overwhelmed and they department want reporterers asking him questions. it is a miracle that michael was found. >> we are extremely happy. we are glad and i feel like a new man today. i probably aged 10-15 years and that is okay. and it was all worth it. nwalter said michael left their home in new jersey a woke ago tuesday and hopped on a bus and then went to philadelphia, pittsburg and ohio. that's where he tried to check in a men's shelter and the employee recognized him from
10:32 am
a missing person and called police. >> there is a city in ohio, that may have been drawn to the city. and i am going to ma lborough. it is not in new jersey. >> reporter: he is amazed that michael exercised a high level of independence. >> he was dealing with anxiety and got so far from home and went from one place to another. thank you, linda for the story. she is the blushing bride accused of pushing her husband off of a cliff. but according to the documents, jordan graham's alleged crimes does not end there. she also wanted her mother and
10:33 am
stepfather dead as well. dan is a former prosecutor and joins us. doug, let me start with you. when you are charged with a crime. evident that is admissible is the evident that relates to the crime and wishing another crime, even evidence of furthering some other crime, how is that admissible under the rowels of evidence? i don't think it s. it is if federal court and you have prior bad act evidence. and not conviction of a crime but this is not even conduct as you pointed it out. wishes and thoughts are not prosecutable. but the judge will determine the value, and what the prem disis and there is a lot. and prosecutors have to be careful, they risque reversal on
10:34 am
a pole. and defense lawyer like myself getting up and saying, if they can prove she intentionally did this she would. >> dan, why do they need evidence that she wanted to kill her partners? doesn't the prosecutions have a confession from the defendant? >> i agree it is unlikely the evidence of expressing her desire for other people to be killed come in. she admits she pushed her husband off of the cliff. but her actions, instead of getting help like if a innocent person saw their spouse fall off of a cliff. she texted a friend saying that she would talk to her husband. and she testified he drove off with friends and doesn't know when he is coming back.
10:35 am
why is she fabricating the stories when she should be helping to save the husband's body. >> absent and confession andlies, she would have a shot at acquittal. >> she would have an outstanding shot of acquittal. reality jurors will simplify was it on purpose or an accident? >> and by the way, even if the falsity and so forth. a good defense lawyer assume the argument as we say, that it was accidental in an argument you might panic and do all of those things. >> dan, if you were defending, would you push for manslaughter instead of murder and heat of passion and sudden impulse and that would be manslaughter and that would be less a penalty. >> intent can be formed in the moment and so intentional murder doesn't have to be planned out.
10:36 am
in the moment you can intend to kill someone and she told police she was not in a physical cop frontation and she decided to push him in anger off of the cliff and tries to cover it up. she doesn't know for sure he is dead. she is fabricating stories and not trying to get his body recovered. it is hard to she that two is less than a murder. >> guys, i want to ask you about another story. this guys walks inap elevator and throws down a banana pole and when the doropens he slips on the banana pole and then he sues. >> is this a scam artist who didn't think about the camera up above. to quote a local sports caster. let's go on video. he is throwing the banana peel
10:37 am
on the floor. and i was on the case when someone falsely claimed there was a rodent tail in french fries. it is a scam and he was caught on tape. >> you are a prosecutor and could this guy be prosecuted for making a false claim? >>ee is being prosecuted for felony fraud charges. these types of claims is hurting the dc metro and other people. this is no different than stealing money and you need a strong deterrent for anyone who is thinking of pulling a scam. ndoug, you have been a lawyer for many, years how often does this happen. once you get up to bringing a lawsuit for 15,000 or hundred
10:38 am
thousand or rattail case $5 million. you are drawing too much attention to yourself. it happens all of the time for lower amounts of money but higher, you draw attention to yourself. >> and taxpayers get the bill. >> happy thanksgiving and thanks for being with us. >> you, too. >> and it is years in the making and now our cameras are allowed inside of the almost- finished 9/11 museum. we'll take you on awe exclusive tour. >> and think you will have left overs today? what would you do with all of the fecesings and make turkey and meat loaf. what you say and let you know what you guys are tweeting. and love your ideas and keep them coming and share them son at gregg jarret. happy thanksgiving, everybody.
10:39 am
i want to shout out to my husband renee. i love and miss you and hope you have a great thanksgiving. you're givi away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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. pthd . .
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10:42 am
right now syrian forces regained control of a small town near the board of lebanon. local media reports that president bashar's army cleared the area of all rebel fighters after days of heavy fighting that killed a dozen people including a dozen doctors and nurses. the region is known for being a co rebel supply route. the fighting closed the highway that is from damascus to oil refineries. meanwhile, a massive fire destroying a popular tourist spot in southwest china, the
10:43 am
covered bridge made of wood caught fire and burned eight hours. witnesses say the fire appears to have started in the center of the span and spread out wards until flames engulfed it. it was longer than throw and half football folds. >> some six months. next phase of the 9/11 memorial will be complete. it is years in the making and bill hemmer got access to parts of the museum that the public never has seen until now. >> this is the entry way to the memorial museum and history of what happened and how we responded will be told. njoe daniels president of the 9/11 memorial museum gave us an inside look at the pavilion. >> we built the glass atrium so
10:44 am
we will she the two twin tridones. they are beat up and standing strong and it is it a reminder that we have the capacity to be resilient. >> the museum is below the street and goes down eight floors to the bed rock. i don't think people understand until they walk inside here. on the second floor this will be an auditorium seating for 180 people and then a area for the victim's family and the atrium. >> it is dra matec. you can see the oak trees and you are elevated and you are above it. >> this is one of my favorite locations in the museum. it is the idea of light and memorial pools and north and south and tridepts right here and that position of the tridepds against one world trade
10:45 am
center and it is a frame and remembrance and resil yeapsy and rebirth. >> the a triium will be a place that many people will not forget. >> there is a sense of peace and life moving forward. this a triium put its in view. ngreg is the architect of the pavilion. >> we'll so how we create the triangle of light and reflection. >> it is balancing on that one spot. >> what does that represent? >> the frailty. >> and you can so people come to what we have built and created. how did they respond in>> people who approach they will so the reflection in the glass and be aware of themselves and in the joint a triium are two original
10:46 am
columns of the world war ii and it is a surprise. it is a part of the past and present. >> our thanks to bill hemmer on that. the museum is on track to open in may of next year. >> very wonderful. happy thanksgiving, everybody. we asked to you tweet us your favorite left overs and boy, they are coming in and we love it all. >> what do you have? >> from pam. best you can do with left over turkey is turkey sallid. onion and celery and dill and mayio, yummy she said. love it. >> good one. >> you want to go in >> i got one that said i get you on that gregg from selina. i hate turkey and anything without turkey is the best. my idea is turkey meat loaf and you can smother it with ketchup
10:47 am
and you don't taste the turby. >> jefr said hushingy harb and sunny side up eggs. sounds good. >> anything else? >> somebody said that he said joe floresc. what about left overs in my family we eat everything today. this is fun cope it coming. >> one of the guys said to me. thanksgiving. i am having to work on thanksgiving because i need the money and that goes to it a hume argument waging on twitter. i suggested in terms of capitalism and fro market people ought to be able to do what they wanted to do if they want to shop. i am getting a lot of folks who agree with me on this? >> that's fine and that's what we love about our great country. people agree with me. >> people can agree to disagree.
10:48 am
>> absolutely. >> go milton freedman. >> for many americans twas a rough trip to the final destination because of the horrible wide spread storm. have you thought about how you are going to get home? the tips to make it a smooth journey. >> plus, a heated argument over a chili factory is put on ice. >> and the staff working today. this is writer fan frank is thankful for her two great kids. that is very nice. hi, guys. >> and jennifer williams said she is thankful for her family here. this is from last christmas in very cold buffalo which is redundant. >> and finally, a w.
10:49 am
beautiful. thankful for the wonderful daughters grace and olivia. >> and grace on the left and olivia on the right. and they are having a wonderful thanksgiving and i will join them son. >> gracy is the one who is -- going to college? >> she will go to wake forest university next year. and then a freshman in high school. >> good girls, i hear all about you. happy thanksgiving! pp ÷ó
10:50 am
female announcer: through sunday, through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend.
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♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. ♪ >> some like it hot.
10:53 am
do you know who that is? >> i never know artists. i suck at knowing the artists, but i know the song. >> howard station. see, i knew that. >> you didn't know that. i know the song, though. sflimplt a judge in southern north carolina ordering the shutdown of a saracha chilli -- several people claim the fumes were so strong it irritated their eyes, their throats, although researchers have found no direct link. people living nearby want the place shut down completely, but the judge instead ordered the company to close its doors temporarily until it finds a way to get rid of the odor. they should have had their doors closed to begin with. >> saracha on scrambled eggs. >> there you go. >> nice, right? >> yeah. >> so you have made it to your thanksgiving destination. had some turkey. visited with family and friends. still, it's time to hit the road
10:54 am
back. well, fortunately, gas prices are down about 13 cents from this time last year, and right now the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.28, and experts suggest turning to technology to help avoid holiday travel headaches. air travellers can use the tsa's new pre-check system to speed things up at the airport. the new ios app called flying is also getting a lot of attention, although it's still in a testing phase. delta is promoting its go go wi-fi service with bundle packages at 55% off the regular f fee. okay, cue the alanis morisette music. he got delayed charles leoca, he is the editor for consumer travel alliance. you know what i'm saying, right? we're talking about alanis morisette song, "isn't it
10:55 am
ironic?" where are you? you're supposed to be in studio. where are you? >> i'm about 30 miles away from you sitting on the side of interstate 93 north of boston. >> what happened? why are you stuck there? >> well, everything happened perfectly this morning. i got to the airport. i got to go right through precheck. no problems. it was like magic. i stood in front of my gate. everything has been on time. all of a sudden they said, well, we're moving -- we're changing the gate, so i started from washington d.c. this morning, and so we had to move over to another wing of the terminal, which meant we had to go out of security and go through security again. so we went through precheck a second time, and all of that worked fine, and then the flight ended up being delayed. >> oh. >> so i'm waiting, and i get up here, and i flew to manchester, new hampshire, and i was going shoot on down to boston. >> let me jump in there. i'm glad you were giving me such great detail, but i'm running short on time here, and this happens to a lot of travellers
10:56 am
on this holiday. so tell me this. what is the best can guf in about 30 seconds to folks when they're trying to come back home come sunday or monday? >> my best advice is make sure you pack your sense of humor. make sure you have a couple of different plans. a plan b and a plan c. and make sure you cam with lots of patience because things will go wrong when there are so many people on the roads. >> all right. charles leocha, good luck to you to get back home as well. good luck to everybody else who is enjoying family time and have to get back on the road. >> i have some advice. stay an extra day. >> great advice. >> extra day or two. >> we would love to have your in-laws stay an extra day. >> okay. never mind. standing up for the pizza guy, the manager of a pie joint refuses to open on thanksgiving so his employees can spend time with their families, and he ends up getting fired for it. now, art feels very strongly
10:57 am
about this story, but i'm on his side, sort of. the story does not end there. we'll be back in a moment.
10:58 am
10:59 am
♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic.
11:00 am
he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> brand new problems and new concerns. welcome back to "happening now." i'm greg jarrett in for greg scott. >> i'm marcella neville. happy thanksgiving, everybody. the folks in charge of repairing the -- pulling out all the stops just days before their own deadline to improve the system now instead of telling you exactly how much new policy will cost now they will be getting ab estimate. they won't find out the true cost until after they enroll
11:01 am
wrfsh why, wendell, are the insurance companies word worried about this? >> well, the concern that the estimates they get might not be accurate and they might have to change the premiums they promised people based on the estimates they got from the website. the less information you provide, the faster the process goes -- all this is playing into republican complaints about the federal government rather poor record in buying information technology. it doesn't get nearly as much s as. >> $82 billion worth of i.t. spending, this is not the only failed project under this and previous administrations getting procurement right is going to take legislative changes.
11:02 am
something that hopefully the senate will realize because the house has already begun moving real reform in this area. >> the government is switching contractors for obama care's data services hub, which verifies and holds the personal information for people applying for benefits. it's losing a verizon subsidiary and hiring a hewlett-packard company. >> this is just a day after the government announced the year-long delay for small business businesses. >> the problem is there that the on-line sign-up plan was one of the relatively few parts of obama care that had bipartisan support. officials said in the daily conference call yesterday small businesses will still be able to get smurns for their workers, but they'll have to do it by talking to someone in person or applying over the phone. here's what they had to say in the conference call. >> it's also important to recognize with shop program and small businesses in particular
11:03 am
many of them today already are served using agents and brokers. there's a particular mechanism that we have outlined today in many cases is something that is very familiar with the small business community and something that we'll work for them. >> the problem here is that small businesses aren't required to provide health care to the workers, so encouraging them to do so, making it easier for them to do so is very important to the obama administration. >> wendell goler, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. well, democrats certainly have a lot riding on obama care as they head into the 2014 elections, and as polls show that americans have lost confidence in the press, some members of his own party are really keeping their distance. susan -- chief executive of the washington examiner. i was just looking at a couple of polls, our own polls, fox news polls.
11:04 am
a majority think the president lied deliberately about, you know, the whole notion of keeping your health care plan and your doctor and so forth. 60% said they think the administration knew all along that millions of americans were going to lose their health care plans. there's a question of trust that has now substantially englished where, with the elections coming up now, are democrats abandoning the president? >> slowly will you start to see that happen. right now i think they're still holding out hope that the health care law will look better over time to consumers, that the website issues will be resolved, and they're hedging their bets a little bit. they're still saying, hey, let's try to fix this thing, and they're getting behind it for the most part. as time goes on we'll see what happens, if the health care law is not looking better for consumers, if the website is not fixed substantially in the coming year, you're going to see democrats start to -- more
11:05 am
democrats to start to call for delays and other changes to the law because they need to save themselves. there are a lot of really vulnerable democrats. at least ten competitive senate races next year. the republicans need only six seats to win the majority. they're going to be really trying to save their own skin as we go into the new year and as it relates to the health care law. it's all going to hinge on whether these repairs really are mated by the obama administration and whether the plans are starting to look affordable and accessible to consumers. >> right. >> you talk to a lot of lawmakers. that's your job. are they stunned at the turn of events here? >> that's what i see. members look shell shocked to me. especially in october they were getting behind the health care law. they were criticizing republicans for their attempts to delay it. remember, the big government shutdown was all about delaying the health care law. they're walking around now looking like what just happened?
11:06 am
they were expecting this health care roll-out to go a lot more smoothly, and they were expecting the promises made by the obama administration to hold true, so a lot of them are saying, hey, we're not going to walk the plank on thing thing for the president. if this doesn't get resolved, don't expect us to stand by it because, let's face it, their re-election prospects really are going to hinge on the health care law. republicans are already running campaign ads based on this and they're just going to started drilling in on it in the new year if the health care law does not look a little more palettable to americans. if the website isn't just a complete disaster. yes, i think democrats are looking pretty much shocked right now. >> arguably it's going to get worse because so far it's just been the termination of the individual marketplace policies. wait until next year when the president's exemption of employers expires and then you've got the cdo predicting 20 million employer-sponsored policies will suddenly vanish and disappear and that people
11:07 am
are on, you know, the website on their own having to pay for it on their own with no contribution from their employer. >> yeah. imagine what you're hearing right now with the complaints, you know, ten-fold, and how on earth are democrats going to be able to separate themselves from that? so many of them were vocal supporters of the health care law. it's really tough to separate yourself from voting for the health care law and getting behind it vocally even after the health care law looked as though having a rough roll-out. it's going to be really hard for these members, so that's why i think keep your eye on the senate. you may see some legislative moves there where democrats are in control, so harry reid is the majority lead, and he wants to stay that way in the new year. he may try to give his democrats cover through some legislation. again, this all hinge on the coming weeks and months and how the health care law rolls out. >> susan, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thanks. gregg, lawmakers on capitol hill celebrating thanksgiving at home, but they have a lot on
11:08 am
their plates once they come back to work, including another government shutdown looming. the debt crisis deadline, the long overdue farm bill and a whole lot more here to break it down for us, chief political correspondent carl cameron, who is live in washington. hi, carl. >> hi. like susan i was saying there, a lot of this depends on what happens with the obama care because it is the back drop to so much of what is looming. congress and the white house has neglected so much in the last four years, they think they can cram all of catch-up work into the next few months. given a whole series of now overlapping problems. obama being the number one. it's a lot easier to imagine bitter fights coming than ways to actually find compromise. so, first of all, the website is a mess, and it hasn't been fixed, and it looks like ten of millions of existing policies will be canceled as the months unfold. then there's another government shutdown looming in less than i've weeks. another shutdown unless they can figure out how to fund the government where's there's another crisis on the debt crisis deadline.
11:09 am
it's in nine weeks. january 7th. the government will have to raise the debt beyond $17 trillion more borrowing. the farm bill, which means billions of dollars to the agricultural economy in this country, is literally a year later. it's stalled. they're supposed to be fixing that. the president is big on immigration reform. he went out on a fundraising swing to the west coast, and he was out there raising money as well as pushing congress, particularly republicans, to get working on immigration reform the senate has already passed immigration reform. these big massive bills like, for instance, oh, maybe obama care, haven't been working out so well, so the republicans in the house say we're not going to do it all at once. we'll do it in pieces. we'll have one bill for different types of visas. dreamers, et cetera. that will take a much, much longer amount of time. so now look at the calendar, and consider all of that. the house is on vacation for thanksgiving. they will be back next week. the senate doesn't actually come back until december 9th.
11:10 am
nice long break for the holiday. both of them are slated to take a week off around christmas, and then probably another week around new year's. when you add it all up, there's only a few legislative days of work time before congress, washington, and the country will be facing yet another debt crisis and immediately after that a government shutdown crisis and then a debt crisis right afterwards. simple fact, congress has been so gridlocked for so long that the work has been piling up for years. they now think they can cram it out in the next few months. it's more than ambitious and probably impossible, meaning next year's midterm election campaigns will be all about washington. outsiders, campaigning against gridlocked washington insiders with obama care. as susan was saying, the back drop to most of it. >> that's going to be fascinating to watch. carl cameron, thank you very much. >> you bet. and while it is, of course, no day off for our troops overseas, u.s. soldiers at nato headquarters in kabul, afghanistan, did take some time out to celebrate thanksgiving, sitting down to a big turkey
11:11 am
dinner there, and while it may not have been as good as what they're used to at home, everybody seems to make the best of it. we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those troops and u.s. service men and women stationed all over the world for their wonderful service and dedication to our country. >> yes, happy thanksgiving to them. thanks to their families at home who put up with so much and we don't always highlight that as well. >> and make huge sacrifices. >> indeed. we are getting new video of a protest in egypt. demonstrators taking to the streets at a university. details of what has them so upset. also, getting home for thanksgiving was not easy for many americans thanks to that widespread big old storm. flights delayed or outright canceled. how is it looking now? >> balloons soared over the macy eh's thanksgiving day parade. familiar faces in the air and on
11:12 am
the ground. >> i'm thankful for my family, and we always say that, you know, and especially as you get older. there isn't. i just want to say to my aunt rose land, i thank you so much. i'm thinking about you and your family too.
11:13 am
vo: it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare
11:14 am
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11:15 am
♪ some new video outside egypt. alexandria military-backed rulers were rallying against a harsh prison sentence handed down to a group of young female protesters. that group had been -- today's rally also comes after a new egyptian law criminalizes protests without police permits. here's some other stories
11:16 am
making headlines around the world right now. protesters in ukraine camping out in the freezing cold temperatures. they're speaking out against their government decision to abandon an agreement with the european union. the ukrainian president expected to sign a new deal with russia today. in warmer weather in thailand about 2,000 protesters marching against the government. it's the fifth day of protest as the prime minister begged them to stop shortly before he survived a no confidence vote in parliament. and hanukkah is underway. the eighth day jewish festival of lights is called. it is one of the most celebrated holidays in israel. the chief rabbi was on hand to light the first candle at the western wall. >> check out some of the liens
11:17 am
at the airport. many travellers try to keep a positive attitude while waiting to board their flutes. with all the notice and the ice storms that you heard about. thankfully we got the warm temperatures for that so far. >> we left chicago and on to tulsa. they're saying good weather in chicago. just the trick is going to be getting out of here. we've been getting naulz falls you're not going to make it. 69-mile-an-hour winds are coming. we'll see. >> and take a look how it's feeling outside where you are right now. 21 in caribou, maine. >> yikes. >> a famous tradition here in new york. crowds lining the streets where the macy's thanksgiving day parade. spectators trying to get a glimpse of those gigantic balloons. many returning featuring famous
11:18 am
cartoon characters. >> always an exciting morning at the macy's parade. all the events getting going. the balloons which are flying today, great news. the floats and clowns and bands all in one place. we had a chance to talk with a few great celebrities. take a listen to what they had to say about being in the macy's parade. >> this is not my first rodeo, okay? hi, everybody. it's actually never getting old because i'm looking at the floats and looking at the excitement of the bands and kids from all over the country. makes me very proud. that's the best part. i got up extra early to watch the macy's parade. my whole life i've watched it. to be here i like this where it's been an amazing year. >> you are like a snow bunny. >> i feel like there is a similarity between the two of you right now. >> seeing somebody that i think
11:19 am
is just -- yeah, i think we could -- i think we're a lot alike. >> we could get many some trouble together, i'm sure. >> bad trouble, but blonde trouble. >> i love your hair. >> it's beautiful. love it. >> thank you. you know how it is when you first cut it. >> absolutely. >> girl talk. >> it's an honor. absolute honor. it's really exciting. you know, like you said, anyone is gathered around the tv right now watching or getting ready to watch the parade, and it's really neat to be a part of it all. >> and we want to wish you a happy thanksgiving as well. >> happy thanksgiving, rick. would you relax? you were getting so upset over kristin and kelly's conversation. >> it had to digress into hairstyles. really. >> you have two daughters. you understand how that works. we are much more than just hairstyles, but i understand that, and these things are important as well. >> all right. national television. a new punish to rebrand obama care one group getting
11:20 am
more than $1 million to scour the country trying desperately to find stories of success. a pizza hut manager being fired because he wanted to give the employees the day off to spend with their family. now the word word of the backlash that changed everything. and our staff today reflecting on what they are thankful for. deon is our in studio audio maestro. a pic of his stairier babe who he shares with his wife. they're from york shire, england. deon says that means babe has an accent when he barks. >> and michael shore, he is our copy editor, who says he is thankful for his family. left right in the picture, ava, dara, and sue.
11:21 am
this is taken after dara's graduation last may. happy thanksgiving. le go to a ms store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the only bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. for one week only, queen mattresses start at just $599.99. and save 50% on our limited edition
11:22 am
innovation series beds. plus special financing. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized
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11:24 am
a pizza hut manager in i understand i understand who was fired for refusing to open his store today on thanksgiving. he says he wanted his workers to have the day off so that they could enjoy it with their families. >> we care about our employees and you have k have the day off. there's only two days those people are guaranteed to have the day off to spend with their families. >> he is getting his skwob back. pizza hut is stepping in, getting the local owner, the franchiser to hire him back
11:25 am
saying most of its stores are closed on thanksgiving, so good for tony. thinking about his employees. >> that franchise owner would be glad to have him as a manager. >> i would rather have pizza than turkey. i'm just saying. >> see, you messed me up. i can't even pull that one off. all right. here we go. regroup. the administration is hoping to give obama care a makeover. they're working to find success stories putting a positive spin on the new law. one group getting more than a million dollars to find americans health by obama care. let's talk about this now. jeannie banky, a republican -- a democratic strategist. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we're going start with you. this one. we're talking about a self-proclaimed nonpartisan organization called families
11:26 am
usa. it has been giving a $1.1 million grant from the robert wood johnson foundation. basically families usa will solicit obama care success stories on their website asking people for testimonies about how the affordable care act is working for them and their families. >> people know what obama care is. it's a disaster. no hair on it or a new look. people already know what the situation is. i think why waste the money? >> meantime, the administration is they're still hopeful that this -- the affordable care act, obama care will be successful.
11:27 am
>> more people that sign up the better it is for everybody. it's spread over a wider group of people. it's ultimately a lot of people, and going to one group. ultimately i think this is a marketing campaign. there have been some really good success stories. even in states like kentucky and other states that maent have supported the president in the past. as long as we can find some of these good stories, encourage people to sign up, i think the benefit overall financially for everyone are going to be -- are going to be worth the money that's spent. >> how so? >> well, because, again, this bill -- a lot of people signed up, particularly a lot of the young people that the president is counting on, that spreads the cost over a wider group of people, and it brings the cost of the insurance exchanges down, so it's a marketing campaign. like any other, quite frankly. i ultimately think this is worth it. if you spend the money now, you save the money later. >> all right. and i'll pick up with you, of course. the congressional budget office
11:28 am
estimates that 24 million will get health insurance through the exchange by 2023, 2023. only seven million will sign up in the first year. now, that is the magic number for the administration that they are hoping to have enrolled by march of 2014. again, they're still hopeful to have some success. you say what? >> i think this is a death have 1,000 cuts. every time there's a deadline that's missed, things are being moved up. we've come to find out that the president did not tell the truth and said that people could keep their health care. they can't. this probably wouldn't have even happened. it was ram rodded through, and americans aren't happy about it. polls show over and over again that people want to keep their health care. this isn't working. it's been a total failure, and i actually think it's going to be repealed. prohibition of as bad law, and it was repealed, and i think the same thing is going to happen with obama care. it's not working zoosh i think what i found interesting about what you said is that, yes, there are a lot of americans that say they don't like it, so what better time to -- than now
11:29 am
to spend money to talk about what success stories there are out there. people don't like it because all they're hearing are negative stories. there are positive stories. >> they've heard so much that people don't believe anymore. >> i'm going to jump in here because i want to ask you what do you think about talking politics at thanksgiving and the thanksgiving table? how do you feel if you have a conservative over here and a liberal on the other side? what do you do? do you just not talk politics? what do you say? >> i'm going to say something very nice to my democrat friends because in the spirit of thanksgiving. he is cooking thanksgiving for his mother, and is he going to take it to his mother. you know what i'm going to do, i'm going shopping. i'm going to macy's. i'm going to push capitalism. >> you're talking about -- you go, dee dee. >> it has to do with paying my democratic friends. i think it's -- >> thank you for the compliment. i appreciate the compliment. >> i think we try to be kind to
11:30 am
thanksgiving to democrats and republicans alike. i think you're right. >> you have to remember. >> dee dee is on a roll. >> went same outcome. we different ways of getting there. as long as you convince folks that we want the same thing, i think it's fine, but for me i just avoid it altogether. >> even though he is wrong, i think he is great. we can enjoy turkey and pumpkin pie. >> dee dee, you're going. thanks for shouting out and pulling out that -- his father, the senior -- >> thank you so much. he would be happy. he is watching. sdoo hello, mr. michael. >> i'm going to macy's. >> i'm going with dee dee. >> thanks, gregg. >> let's make a night of it at macy's. they've got all kinds of discounts going on. a lot of fun at macy's. >> they're accused of keeping their daughters locked up for years. now police combing over a key piece of evidence as we learn more details about their alleged
11:31 am
captivity. also, we have more news on -- oh, dogs. we don't have a picture. the story is going to be this. they're not your tip cal dogs, but they're moving why they're really human's best friends. those are the pictures right there. stick around for this cute dog story. >> i'm desz any gibbs from port arthur, texas. we love you and miss you. >> we would also like to wish you a happy holiday, and see you soon. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. pop in the drum of any machine...
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11:35 am
to unacceptable, visit to connect with a psoriasis patient advocate from abbvie for free one-to one education and support. sign up at, and talk to your dermatologist. >> we say thank you to american troops. we have a photo here as he called ten service members today. sdwrirchgts a diary may help police learn clues in the case of a 17-year-old imprisoned in her home with her two younger sisters.
11:36 am
>> that notebook is going to be gold for the investigation into the ordeal. allegedly at the hands of the girl's stepfather fernando richter, and then biological mother thea richter who are now facing three counts each of kidnapping, physical, and emotional abuse. tucson police are not giving away what's written in the book, but the police chief there indicating there was a lot to corroborate their accounts of the hell they endured. listen. >> this one neighbor that their stepfather was trying to break into their bedroom door. he was brandishing a knife, and they were running for fear. >> terrifying moment. police say that the younger girls, age 12 and 13, made a brave escape through a window and ran to a neighbor's house
11:37 am
for help. >>ed klg p-- the condition of te children. evidence that was found inside the bedrooms in the case of validity to the children are telling us. >> their stfrs was locked in her own room. that appears to be an attempt to block out any noise from inside where the girls were tormented with the blast of deafening music. police say it was clear the older sister had been kept separate from her siblings saying the girls noticed a change of appearance between them. police now expecting more charges to come also. >> dominik, thank you very much. a high-tech black friday with stores using social media nowadays to target shoppers and publicize their many sales. best bay, for example, taking it
11:38 am
one step further asking folks to post videos of their black friday shopping experiences on twitter. sonja is an entrepreneur and a marketing business expert and the founder and ceo of taste savant. talk to us about how social media, things like facebook, for example, are being used. >> sure. this year more than any other year these retailers are leveraging social media to amplify their black friday deals. they're using facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest to help promote deals coming out today and tomorrow as well. >> there's a risk here, isn't there? i mean, if best buy, for example, sort of rachets up the hysteria, and there's a down side to that, right? >> oh, absolutely. it will be interesting to see how the best buy idea pans out. what they've asked their
11:39 am
customers to do is to literally video record their experiences on black friday and upload them to twitter. now, we've heard crazy stories in the past where there's been stampedes and people trampled. best buy is banking on the chaos to be more controlled than in previous years, but it will be interesting to see what happens. >> yeah. hey, let me ask my producer to put up on the screen a couple of those graphics. let's put up the first one that shows the stores that are open. here they are. look at all those stores that are open. o', boy. they're really into capitalism, free market. then these are open for business on thanksgiving. i love target, by the way. lovely target. >> love, love target. >> me too. >> i want to ask you about toys.
11:40 am
>> they've been more cautious about their inventory. they're building door buster deals saying come on in, you'll get the fantastic deal on the rainbow loom. those rainbow looms will be sold out. it's a gimmick to get people into the store, and customers should be quite cautious this year. >> yeah, and, you know, i mean, stores can also be guilty of the old bait and switch, which is actually a crime if, you know, it can ever be proved. enticing people to come in when you really don't have the inventory that you are representing, right? >> and to be fair, they do have some inventory, and i was just looking at a toys "r" us circular this morning, and they very clearly stated in a circular that this deal is
11:41 am
for -- as supplies last, and there's limited inventory. they are warning the public, but if there's a toy that you really want, i would encourage you to buy it on-line today before stores even open. >> really? i would like a volkswagen camper van. >> 1970s. >> 1972 just like the one that i had back in 1972. that's the toy i want for christmas. sonja, good to see you. >> happy thanksgiving. you too. in connecticut heavy wind gusts causing problems. they knocked down tree limbs creating a dangerous domino affect. >> they burst into flames. it started coming all the way down the next wire. you could see explosion and explosion and explosion. >> crews have been working to restore power. >> well, the next time you're at the airport and you see one of those bomb-sniffing dogs, be sure to resist any urge to pet
11:42 am
the dogs or scratch their ears. not a good idea. instead, you can ask the handler for one of these collectible cards featuring members of the canine unit. they have details about the dog, its entire career. i mean, it's like a mickey mantel baseball card. same thing. same value. >> i like the idea. >> you want to talk about the bare naked ladies? >> i would like to. the bare naked ladies won't be taking their musical act to sea world. the band calling off a concert over a whale of controversy. >> bet you didn't know that was a band. plus, a decision over the future of our country's embassy to the vatican. why a planned move is getting backlash now. we have been showing photos of our staff and what they're thankful for. ah, here's fox booker sarah mark
11:43 am
with her mom. she's very grateful for her. i'm grateful for my mom too. this was the two of them after they went to see "jersey boys" on broadway. >> jason palancia, thankful his family is saving him a plate for when he gets home from work today. hope you get home soon. good-looking family. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
11:45 am
11:46 am
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11:47 am
sea world. the band confirming on facebook it decided to cancel because of controversy over a documentary which criticizes the park's killer whale shows. fans launched an on-line petition to encourage the group to step down from the performance. the group won't be performing, but they did not have any further comment about bare naked ladies. the band. >> i know. the u.s. embassy to the vatican is moving to a different location, and its new location will share space at a larnler compound with its newest embassy in italy. it was a decision based on security and cost, and some are calling the move a slight. chief correspondent james rosen is here now with more. hi, james. >> good evening. good afternoon, i should say. raymond flint, who served as our
11:48 am
ambassador to the vatican is calling this part of a broader secular hostility to religious groups. traditionally the vatican has requested that countries maintain their embassies, the holy sea, and their embassies to the republic of italy at separate locations. however, pope francis -- this state department map shows the current embassy location at the bottom of your screen. the new one at the top of your screen with vatican city over its screen left. the new location at the top, there is about one-tenth of a mile closer to the vatican. state has also released this image at screen left, the old embassy, which features no buffer from the street. at screen right the walled off compound that is now slated to host three u.s. embassies on its grounds. our missions to the vatican to the republic of italy and to the u.n. offices in rome all three will be housed in different buildings with different street addresses and different entrances. state adds there will be no reduction in staffing. we figure, the state department
11:49 am
official told reporters on monday, that we will save about $1.4 million a year in lease and operating costs and achieving increased security at no loss of independence or functionality. >> this embassy over there, i was there for four years. it's protected by a state-of-the-art technology. it's as safe as it could get. it's in a safe city, in a safe country. that is not a good enough reason to do this. there's something else behind this. >> surmising what that might be, former florida governor jeb bush who tweeted yesterday, why would our president close the embassy to the vatican? hopefully it is not retribution for catholic organizations opposing obama care. however, there is some evidence that preparations for this move were first taken under president george w. bush. the move is scheduled for about a year from now, and just so i have this straight, arthel with her storied musical lynnage -- >> do not go there, james rosen. don't listen to this guy. i know the bare naked ladies.
11:50 am
don't buy into his propaganda. >> you thought that the bare naked ladies were from a picasso painting? is that what -- >> no, james rosen. i thought you were on my side in this. always. >> i am. i am always. >> happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you. >> thank you. renoir actually. >> >> the louvre. you have to draw it out like that. if you want to really be french. holy technology, batman. there's a new app out designed to streamline the search for chris man books, movies, blogs, everything, even details of a higher calling. also, there are plenty of loving dogs who need a home. the push to help find one for them this season. oh, isn't that cute. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma --
11:51 am
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11:54 am
means keeping your family protected. welcome back. storms and natural disasters destroying the homes of not only people, but their pets as well. now there's a new push to try to find places for our furry friends to stay during the holidays. garrett has details. >> when tornadoes tore through the midwest recently, thousands of buildings were destroyed, hundreds of families were left homeless. along with many of their pets. in rabid weather, people may be forced to evacuate and leave their animals behind. >> oftentimes the pet is the last remembered and they end up on the street. >> reporter: those pets are brought to shelters around the country and put up for adoption. shelters are packed, but with the holidays right around the corner, many of those animals may soon find new homes.
11:55 am
the holiday season is the most popular time for pet adoption. as people are thinking about home and family, a four-legged furry friend can add to that picture. >> it's a very busy time for us. we have all kinds of adopt-a-thons going on. just to remind people this is the time to go to the shelter. >> reporter: teresa fernandez is getting a pet for her son this time of year and makes her house feel more like a home. >> it brings comfort. it brings the family a little bit more together. my child has someone else to play with other than myself and his father. >> reporter: but with so many people walking through their doors this time of year, shelter managers say they're a bit more careful. screening the adopters to make sure a pet isn't going to be given as an unexpected christmas gift. >> it's tragic when people give these as gifts from pet stores because they always end up in the shelters. people can't take care of them, they travel. >> reporter: a caution for pet owners -- holiday decorations
11:56 am
and treats can be dangerous. >> tinsel, a lot of pets and dogs like praying with that. very dangerous. making sure your ornaments aren't breakable and your animals aren't consuming them. table scraps, lots of holiday food out there, table scraps, chocolate, candy, not good for your pets. >> reporter: for those telling santa all they want is a furry feline or fido for christmas, animal shelters are ready and waiting, although those displaced by recent storms got their holiday wish and have new homes. in chicago, garrett tenney, fox news. >> oh, gary, nigce story. dogs really do need homes. very important. oh, speaking of doggies, those are my kids. i'm so excited. on the left, there is lucy, and on the right is george. those are my kids. >> lucy and george. >> oh, another picture of them. thank you. >> cute dogs. we'll be right back. it's thanksgiving. hi, guys. mommy loves you.
11:57 am
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happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. fox news reporting charles krauthammer, begins right now. >> happy thanksgiving. this hour, when he talks, washington listens. charles krauthammer, his uniquely american story. his journey from m.d. to the pulitzer prize. how he overcame a devastating accident with a determination to lead a life that matters. >> hello. i'm bret baier. i hope you'll enjoy watching this special as we enjoyed making it. fox viewers know where charles krauthammer sits on the panel and they probably know his position on most issues. but we bet there's a lot you don't know about the all-star panelist, syndicated columnist, harvard trained psychiatrist, and even occasional baseball analyst.


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