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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 15, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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you watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you all right here next week. new details on what's being called the worst firefighting disaster in arizona's history. hello, i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's news headquarters. 19 elite hot shot firefighters as they're known killed while battling the yarnell hill wildfire back in june. now, audio and video being released shedding light on their tragic final moments. will karr is live in our l.a. newsroom with more and what are we learning from these recordings? >> these recordings will take you right into the gut-wrenching
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moments right before the fire killed these 19 firefighters. i want you to take a look at some of the video. the video comes from a helmet camera that was being worn by a firefighter who was very close to the granite mountain hot shots a short time before they died and in the video you can see the elements. you can see the thick smoke. and that helmet camera ended up recording the last known transition from the hot shots. >> mountain hot shots. our escape route has been cut off. we are preparing a deployment site. we're burning out around ourselves in a brush and i'll give you call when we're under the shelter. >> shelters are fire shelters, really only supposed to be used in a worst case scenario. they were obviously in that and in the end 19 firefighters died in that fire. >> will, what else are we learning about what caused their deaths? >> well, it's interesting. there was a report back in
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september that said the weather and the fire conditions played a major role in this tragedy, but with these new recordings there's a big question about a breakdown in communication. the local paper, "the arizona republic" had to file records requests to get the recordings and the paper reports the air tankers were bombing the wrong targets. commanders didn't have safety plans and almost everybody on the ground that day had radio problems. the paper says the reports don't show negligence but could potentially be used in lawsuits in the near future. greg? >> will carr in los angeles. thanks very much. a stunning new report about the obama administration's actions before the 2012 election. fox news, of course, has previously reported they purposefully delayed key elements of obamacare until after the election, but now "the washington post" is reporting the administration went a whole lot further than that delaying several controversial
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regulations on harmful environment, workers' safety, all to help get the president re-elected. the administration disputing the reports saying that delays were coincidental. we're going to be talking about this volatile issue a bit more later this half hour. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, house lawmakers passed a bipartisan budget deal this week that could help avert a government shutdown next year, but it has prompted a split within the gop. conservative groups such as the tea party loudly denouncing the agreement for not doing enough to rein in government spending. straight line republicans like house speaker john boehner angry over the rift, and today on fox news sunday house budget committee chairman paul ryan addressed the tea party's concerns. >> the way i look at it is this. they're part of our conservative family. i'd prefer to keep these conversations within our family. john was frustrated because they came out against our agreement before we even reached an
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agreement. i was frustrated about that as well. but i see the tea party as indispensable, invaluable in helping keep the taxpayer in the game, keep washington accountable, and when i look at when we lost our majority in '06, we deserved to lose it again. they helped us get our ship righted again. >> you can catch more of paul ryan's interview on fox news sunday airing at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. new developments now in the nsa spying standal. a presidential panel has drafted 40 recommendations to overhaul the surveillance agency's tactics. they reportedly include limiting how the nsa collects and stores electronic information on millions of americans and change in the leadership. steve is live from washington with the latest. >> hi, greg. a special review board has reported to the president with recommendations on changing the way then sa operates. the president has not made that report public but according to
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other reports, media reports, one recommendation is that control of individual telephone records be shifted from the government to the phone companies or to a third party. meantime, the nsa is trying to become more transparent and reassure the public the agency has opened its doors recently to reporters, including a "60 minutes" crew. their story airs tonight on cbs. all this comes after former nsa contractor edward snowden released information on the scope of the nsa's surveillance. there is reports the nsa is considering making a deal with snowden to acquire the secret documents he's still holding onto. some feel this has hurt u.s. surveillance worldwide. >> what i worry about is there has been a bit of a retraction in our ability to collect information worldwide, and it's being done based on some mythical political belief that something -- they're listening to my phone call and reading my e-mail. not true and we're paying a real
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price for that. >> a former director of the nsa, michael hayden, said today the nsa's activities are all done according to the operation of powers in the u.s. constitution. >> there is no abuse, and by the way, i don't see any unlawfulness either. that was all done according to the madisonian formula. >> the president expected to speak publicly about the nsa recommendations in january. greg? >> steve, thanks very much. secretary of state john kerry returning to vietnam for the very first time since he served there during the war. he took a boat tour through the waterways of the delta region. during the war lieutenant kerry patrolled this region on a naval gun boat. that later became an issue of contention during his 2000 presidential run -- 2004 run. kerry says going back felt, quote, weird and it's going to get weirder.
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he's on a mission to promote trade and new farming techniques between the u.s. and vietnam. south africans saying their final good-byes to nelson machine deal mandela. he was laid to rest during an elaborate state funeral. mandela became a hero to millions for his struggle against apartheid. he died earlier this month after a long battle with long infection at the age of 95. more sad news to report. hollywood legend peter o'toole has died at the age of 81. the steel-eyed irish actor shot to fame in the cinematic masterpiece "lawrence ever arabia." passing away after a long illness at a london hospital yesterday. o'toole went on to have a very successful career receiving eight oscar nominations over the years for his roles in films like "my favorite year," and
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"the lion in winter." he formally retired from acting just a year ago but then briefly came out of retirement this year to perform in the yet to be released "katherine of alexandria." o'toole was known to be a hollywood hell raiser a hard drinker who lived his life over the top. the actor also beat stomach cancer back in the 1970s. he is his two daughters and his son. peter o'toole dead at the age of 81. we'll be right back.
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. . . . welcome back. general motors creating quite a buzz with big announcement of its new ceo. mary barra will become the first woman to lead a global automaker
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when she takes the helm next month. her new position also makes her a standout among her generation. according to a recent pew research poll, far fewer baby boomers say they want to be the boss compared to twice as many millennials. wonder why. joining us with some answers, brendon butler. why would baby boomers not want to be the boss and conversely millennials anxious to take the helm? >> when you're young, you're ambitious, you're naive, and you think your career is ahead of you. you could make it all the way to the top. now, for baby boomers with age comes wrinkles but also some wisdom, and i think they realize that being in the other than office carries a lot of responsibility, it's around the clock. you may get high pay but it's a very, very stressful job. also they're at the point when they realize the corner office may not be in tlheir future.
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>> it's hard to get there on. once you're there the stress is incredible. plus once you grow older your decisions on life choices may change. >> you have children and all the rest, yes. >> this is interesting. the widest gap between men and women among generation "x," which would be age 33 to 48, 17% more men than women want to be the boss. what's the deal? >> well, you think about that age group, 33 to 48. most women have their children during that time. they have dependent children. even if they don't go completely on the mommy track and stay as a stay-at-home mom, most women take off some time, they look for flexible hours and/or working from home, and that really can side track from you -- if you're going to go be a ceo, you have to be straightforward all the way there. so i think that's why there is that difference. >> there's some great -- we
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mentioned in the introduction the new head of the big automakers, a woman. sheryl sandberg at facebook is i think coo. you have marissa mayer of the head of yahoo!. some great female role models, but, of course, millennials see their role model as people like mark zuckerberg who is only 29 years old, who, of course, is the ceo and the founder of facebook, and, you know, maybe those millennials think they're going to get to the top a lot sooner rather than later -- >> yes. you can drop out of harvard and be bill gates or mark zuckerberg, and the thing is they are the exceptions, not the rule. >> right. >> and i think that when millennials see, you know, in their 20s people making billions of dollars, they're hoping for that as well. but, again, for women they're not that many women in the
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corner office. there's 4% of the fortune 1,000 companies have ceos who are women, and that's up from 1.4% a decade ago. that's very, very low. >> it still is. you know what? maybe more people are going to be bosses millennials than they think because the research shows by 2020 more than 40% or 60 million americans will be freelancers or independent contractors, so, you know, you're kind of a boss, maybe not a lot of employees, but you're autonomous. >> absolutely. you may not have many subordinates, but you are independent and on your own. that's very important to millennials. also, the economy just makes it such that it's hard to get jobs, so you may have to be on your own or start your own business. >> my wife is her own boss. >> yes. of you. >> of me. yeah. >> and, you know, here who is boss? >> yeah, you. >> oh, very good. >> as always, thanks very much. on bulls and bears, you can
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catch her over saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> read the tease now. >> she's the boss. whatever she says. the white house reportedly delaying a number of controversial rules to secure the president's spot at the white house for four more years. so were these changes really delayed for political advantage at the expense of american citizens? we'll discuss it next. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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back now to a stunning new report. "the washington post" today saying the obama administration purposefully delayed enacting
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several key and critical rules and regulations to avoid more controversy before the 2012 presidential election so as to help secure a second . these delays over everything from obama care to environmental safety, worker safety regulations. joining us to talk about this, erick erickson, editor of and fox news contributor. good to see you. if this is true, and by the way, it seems to be very well sourced by "the washington post," is this a president, barack obama, who put his own personal ambitions ahead of the interests and welfare of the country and its citizens? >> you know, i would say it differently. the reason he postponed the regulations is because the regulations are deeply burdensome to the american people and american business, and he didn't want to be seen as
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a big government liberal in the ways the company might have seen him had he done it. he postponed very unpopular regulations in order to get re-elected. in effect, he tried to obfuscate the american public that he wasn't as bad as he was going to be. >> our correspondent jim engel's sources have confirmed the white house delayed key elements of obamacare so it wouldn't damage the president's chances. erick, all of those promises, keep your plan, your doctor, your hospital, lower premiums that were revealed to be untrue only after the president was re-elected were purposely designed, one could argue, to be hidden from the public. >> yes. look at politifact. they said if you like your insurance you can xeep it, if you like your doctor, you can keep it. those were half true on two separate occasions. once the regulations were
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produced after the election was over, now that's the lie of the year, him saying you can keep your doctor is the lie of the year all of a sudden because they waited to submit these regulations and make them public and implement them until after he was re-elected. the american people probably wouldn't have re-elected barack obama if they knew they were going to give up their doctor, hospital and insurance because of this law. >> we reached out to the white house and haven't heard back yet. they may deny it. here is what the "post" wrote about this, seven current and former administration officials told t"the washington post" the motives be hintd many of the delays were critically political as obama's aides focused on avoiding controversy before his re-election. the post says that its findings on all of this is backed up by an independent agency that advises the federal government, and that agency interviewed more than a dozen senior agency
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officials in the obama administration who confirmed it all. it seems reliable to you? >> absolutely. this is an administration may be amateurish when it comes to policy, but as an expert political player, they encourage people to get political over christmas and thanksgiving and politicize sandy hook to deny they're politicizing regulations would be absurd. of course they are. >> yesterday the obama administration bragged they had dramatically cut the number of errors. in today's "new york times," insurance companies are quoted as saying that sutter nonsense. they say obama officials are overstating the fixes and this exchange is still riddled with mistakes. yet more deceptions from the obama white house? >> of course. this is a white house that for the past month has been trying to tell people we'll fix the website and everything will be okay. so they fixed the user interface
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elements, but the behind the scenes stuff, the accounting mechanisms, the accounting mechanisms, the database, they're still broken. you can get on the website and get an e-mail saying you have insurance, but you haven't really paid for it so you don't have the insurance and the insurance companies don't know who you are. come next year you'll be in a world of hurt. they're going to force the insurance companies to take care of these people. the insurance companies are going to face big government if they don't. >> absolutely and could be punished by being kicked off exchanges. that's the latest alleged threat. when you dig deeper, erick, into this story, it's not just obamacare affecting tens of millions, but the white house is alleged to have delayed rules on worker safety and environment to the environment that affects people's health. can one argue -- again, i put my question to you that the president put himself ahead of the welfare and safety of the people he's supposed to be helping and serving. >> that's what environmental and
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labor groups would say is that he did. look at it on the opposite side. the reason he delighted the environmental and safety regulations is because local businesses and local towns and communities in florida and elsewhere said they didn't want them. they said it would drive up the cost of business, the cost of government, drive up individual costs. they postponed the things that would increase costs to the american people until after the election. they gave a win, wink, nod, nod, who want these regulations. no one else wanted these. it was just for his lobbyists. in effect he was using these to get environmentalists and labor support in the election. now he'll give them what they wanted because the american people don't have a choice. >> now you have union leaders and even democrats in the u.s. senate criticizing the president over obamacare. is it only going to get worse as employers drop health care plans for their workers in the next year as the exemption to them --
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>> of course it's going to get much worse. >> erick erickson, thank you very much. good to see you. appreciate you being with us today. >> thank you. that's going to do it for us. i'm gregg jarrett. i'll catch you back here at 7:00 p.m. eastern for the fox news report. "a healthy you" with carol alt is up next. hope you have a great weekend.
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