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tv   Stossel  FOX News  December 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the complete unedited version of this program please visit their web site thank you for being with us. good night. >> he ruled the war on the little guy. each and every one of these is incomprehensible to me. >> i am a constitutional lawyer i have no idea what is in these books. >> government add thousands of pages of new rules every year. >> tough performance for consumers. >> they say we need more. >> there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom. >> we have to de p pend on the government to protect our children. >> okay, but they keep passing more laws now we are drowning in red tape. >> i can't eat the way i want can't drink water the way i want. can't poop the way i want.
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>> it is like a disease like a mold that eats through. >> get out of my life. >> this magician must have a license for his rabbits? these men were arrested for offering home improvement. >> how is any normal human supposed to understand it and follow it? >> i don't have that answer. >> the constitution says i have a right to bear arms but where i live i p can't do that legally. the good news is some entrepreneurs choose to cut through the red tape. so families have a better experience and even i can drive a cab. all of these people are combatant it's not war against the little guy. >> a certain amount of regulation is good. the problem is they don't stop. >> i would be out of business. >> with every phone call there
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came more bureaucratic red tape. >> these people say law endless rules strangle them. >> our government adds thousands of new pages of law every year. >> that is on top of the 175,000 pages they passed in prior years. >> this is just what you see here just the federal part, state local government adds more. if you wanted to get state county and city laws you need to render bigger bills. >> lawyer jeff rose helps little guys deal with this red tape. >> this is an agenda for control of its own space. that's why regulators do what they do. >> come on. control for its own sake. they are not makavalian power freaks. >> i am guessing you haven't dealt with many bureaucrats. they like rules and they live to enforce rules. >> they are under paid government functioning. >> i call the regular slators l emperors. they justify their existence by
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creating legislation. >> even marty the magician is regulated. >> i got into being a full-time magician because i thought how can i be regulated as a magic n magician? >> can't get out any more. too bad. >> marty entertained kids for 30 years and like many magicians he uses a rabbit. >> give him a big hand. >> have a birthday child come up and make the rabbit magic gree appear. >> a few years ago? >> i was signing autographs suddenly a batch was thrown into the mix inspector saying let me see your license. a license for a rabbit? she said from now on you can't use your rabbit until you fill out paperwork pay the $40 license fee. we will have to subject your ho -- inspect your home. >> she is not embarrassed, right? >> she is very serious about
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this. >> he was had in violation of the animal welfare act. 10 times regular slate totors s unannounced in marty's house. >> you cannot argue with them or talk logically with them. >> she would love it if everybody says awe. my first inspect toe retired good news we increased the budget we have more inspectors now. we will be able to visit you more often. >> you got this letter. dear members of the regulating community. sounds like a family. >> it is a community i don't want to be a part of. they p wanted a comprehensive written disaster plan detailing everything i would do with my rabbit in the event of a fire, a flood, a tornado, an ice storm. >> there are 20 disasters they list intentional attack, tornado, hurricane, blizzard. >> the government called these common emergencies. >> it came in at 30 pages.
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>> do you say come on this is ridiculous they laugh and say yeah it is but we have to do this? >> they don't laugh and say ever. >> there is more you are not doing your job as a regulator unless you add more of this stuff. >> that's why government rose in one area. an island of government power. we are a sea of government power with ever shrinking island of liberty. >> let's go to the sea of government power. i would like to show you around. >> hey you want a washington, d.c. store -- tour, $10. this is the capital. this is the irs building. i can't tell you that. that is illegal. >> segs in the city offer guided tours around washington on segues. one problem. >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal if you tour. >> bill main had an idea. tours by seg way.
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>> but guides must take a test and get aovernment license to give tours. >> have you been giving tours? >> uh-huh. >> but you don't have a license? >> are you a bad person? >> i am not. >> she tried to get a license but that's not easy. >> i had to get four personal references from people i have known over a year. i had to get a criminal background check it was something like $20. >> total cost 2 h$200. >> two or three weeks later they said i could sign up for a test date i failed by 5 points. she tried again paid another $115 retook the test and finally did ying to make sure people give a proper tour? >> i passed the bar exam. i know how to give a proper
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tour. >> if you look off to the right washington, d.c. and off to the left virginia and the pentagon. the tour rules aren't about safety on seg weigay's they are about what the guides are allowed to say. many rules are limits on speech. john was told he had to get a license for his advise column. >> if he is giving criminal advice on his column dear abby was on a 50 year crime spree. >> this year. >> received a letter from the attorney for psychology license boards telling me i was practicing psychology at out of license. >> cease and desist. you are practicing unlicensed psychology. >> people are getting in trouble for giving advice without a license. i he represent a logger from north carolina giving out dietary advice out of california he got in trouble. a vet who had no access to
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veterinarians. that guy got in trouble. >> it is often the little guy who is the biggest bick vim of abusive law. >> we are going to need to check you for weapons. >> they have the nerve to offer home improvement. >> are you kidding me? >> because they didn't put up thousands of dollars and take several tests government cracked down. >> brur kratz at the state licensing board offered jobs by people saying i seek work. when the workers showed up this happened. california's proud of this. they posted this video on-line. at a time when unemployment is high our government attacks people who want to work. and stops people from starting businesses. >> i just got started. now here they come. >> she was told you need a license to help people with
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taxes. >> free enterprise is at stake. >> this man has been selling t-shirts here for 30 years was told you must stop. >> this is just the rules from friday december 16th tiny fine print. every day is another book. you have to know everything in here or you can go to jail? >> that's right. here i am a constitutional lawyer and i have no idea what's in these books. >> each and every one of these is incomprehensible to me. >> incomprehensible and unnecessary. this is the department of energy regulations on the formula for determining the energy efficiency of a commercial ice maker. now somebody who runs a bar or restaurant can go to the manufacturer and say give me an ice maker. if it works they will figure out
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what is the best ice maker. we don't need the federal government printing incomprehensible mathematic formulas and requiring everyone to form to the sort of bizarre bureaucratic standard. >> they are getting more of this stuff. >> it doesn't go away. >> it's like a disease like a mold it eats through slowly. you don't exist any more. >> the mexican gray wolf. the hump back whale. the sea lion are endangered species they need protection. >> the endangered species act seems like a good idea. i want them protected. the bureaucrats take a good idea and run too far with it. >> it is our job to protect the nation's species for future
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generations. >> the government wants to use a man's land in louisiana to protect one type of frog. >> we are haunted by casper the frog. >> the mississippi frog. none of the frogs currently live anywhere near ed's property. >> i looked it up on the web site and found out by their own publication the frog has not been seen in the state of louisiana because our land is not suitable for it. >> this frog doesn't exist in this area, right? >> it doesn't right now. it has cystically. >> why is it fair to impose this on this poor guy? >> it is a good question. there are less than 100 of these frogs. thousands used to be in louisiana. this landowner has five great ponds on his property. >> they went after his land after the center for biological
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diversity sued him for not doing enough to protect casper here. >> the government can just say oh this is a good spot? >> technically, yes. you think wild america is full america. people want to protect endangered but i didn't know there were 9 million species. some go ex tink all of the time. 400,000 species of beatles seem to be preserved. why do we need to preserve every one? is>> economic reasons ecological reasons spiritual reasons and these are god's creatures. there is a limit or line as to how far we can go. but i am going to try to save a species. >> such rules had unintended consequences. now landowners know if government finds endangered species on their land they will -- >> take this land out of commerce to stop is it from
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being developed. >> this is a new response shoot, shovel and shut up. >> landowners see endarreninged species on their land sometimes shoot the thing and then bury it and shut up about it. >> that way you can keep using your land. >> there are jobs to preserve endangered species. shouldn't they preserve these things? >> they should but the frog can't live on our land. it needs three elements. >> says you. >> says the fish and wildlife service. >> to make a new home for these frogs the government says they have to change the land. >> remove all of the trees, replant new trees dig ponds that have to be maintained and drained every six months, put the frogs back on, puburn the forest every year. >> he wanted to build houses on the land. he got it rezoned for that. no problem wework with landowners. they wouldn't agree to be
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interviewed about his complaint, instead they posted this video. >> we are looking forward to working with willing landowners in louisiana. >> they hitell you how to cooperate. >> it is a tedious bureaucratic read map. >> 300 some pages unbelievably complex. you certainly couldn't have a life and deal with this. >> you couldn't. >> this is reasonable? >> yeah. >> it is hundreds of pages. >> i think the lawyers are capable of looking at it. if i can understand it they can understand it. >> you are an environmental lawyer. what about normal people trying to live their lives. i see why you love this. >> 30-days here 40 days here. i would write it differently but make sure the government commits itself to a xros success that -- process that is transparent and fast ---er. >> it meets everybody's
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definition of crazy. >> the environment tal rules are supposed to preserve he endangered species. >> no one will argue there is a core of legitimate government out there but on top of that there is a giant mountain of useless life crushing time wasting paper generating regular regulation. >> how much money are you out? >> $34 million. that is inconsequential. if my land can be taken for no reason and no animal at all anybody's land anywhere any time can be taken don't sell it don't build a garage or swing set on it. don't even touch grass. >> land owners shoot, shovel and shut up about it. >> coming up the supreme court says i have a right to carry one of these. but will my city let me? ick with innovation.
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>> what if you want to carry these for protection? i thought the supreme court said you could. >> the majority concluded the right to own a gun is for each law abiding american.
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>> the majority want sensible gun restrictions. >> sensible restrictions what douz that mean? i tried to get a gun license they made it very hard. first you must fill out this 17 page form. the form says i must promise i know the definition of other weapons like switch blade knife, gravity might have, ballistic life, metal knuckle knife, a kung fu star. i don't want a kung fu star. ji want a gun for safety. >> people sometimes threaten me f because they don't like what i say on tv. after this appearance some said i should be shot in the face. so when i travel downtown i like to have the option of protecting myself. >> studies show americans use guns every day to stop crime. >> guns often stop crime. >> bargain got more than he bargained for. >> turns the tables on a knife
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wielding intruder. >> some states allow them to carry a concealed gun. many feel it would raise crime. >> violence appears to be dropping. >> some towns like chicago, washington, d.c., new york city make it nearly impossible for people legally to carry a gun. >> this is 50 pages. who understands this? >> it took hours and hours to fill out the forms. we had to call the police station 50 times to clarify what it meant. finally it was done. >> to get this notarized go ahead and sign here i will full in the rest. >> then you have to go in person to police headquarters. here they finger printed me asked me to list reasons why i should be allowed to have a gun then they charge me a $430 application fee. they said they would get back to me. at least they were polite. others tell a different story.
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robert martinez served in iraq and afghanistan. >> i have ten years military experience. >> i would think a military vet could keep a hand gun in his home for protection. >> it is not so easy. >> why do you want a gun permit? >> to be able to protect my family. a couple months ago a man was beaten to death out in front of my building. your shots go off it is like boom, boom, boom. >> he thought he would get a gun license. but that turned out to be an ordeal. >> they have you there at 9:00 they open at 10 they have you sitting there until almost 3 in the afternoon. >> they? >> service within 90 minutes. >> john stossel coming here to get a license. >> for you it was 9 in the morning until 2. >> yes. >> did you get the permit? >> no. >> their attitude is people don't need guns we are the police. >> the police can't get there. you have a better shot of hitting the lottery than getting a cop on your street at exactly
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the same time. >> the process was set up to be an ordeal. >> he runs this web site which advises people on navigating the regulation. >> if it you are this expert i would say it would be easy for you to get people guns. >> it is still an ordeal. it is being used as a weapon to deter people to following through the process which can take longer than a year. oh oo for me it took 8 and a half months. they told me i had to return to police headquarters for another in person interview. this time they demanded i prove an activation against me that had been dropped they said this headline was not enough. i was supposed to produce the original court documents. they also told me i had the document threats against me. fortunately i could show them things like this. 52 days later they sent me a letter rejecting my application for a carry permit. they said i could keget a licen to have a gun in my apartment.
7:24 pm
i feel safe in my apart. i want a permit to carry where i feel threatened. i was told you fail to demonstrate a special need. the license advisor told me i applied for the permit the wrong way. >> friends of the ruling class that's who gets it. everyone else you are out of luck. >> donald trump got a permit to carry a gun so did howard stern and robert deniro. >> maybe you have done work for someone who knows the senator. that's the approach you make. they will get you in front of the judge and within two or three-days you will have your permit. these individuals can afford to pay for security. my family can't. there's no way in hell i am going to let this lie. >> when we return the red tape keeps coming.
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>> people expect the city to be regulated let's move here and go
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600 miles away. he lives off the land. people call him mountain man. >> when i lived here there wasn't a clearing or a building. >> over 20-years he became popular. he thought a thousand people how to live like pioneers. last year the county told him to shut down. >> he hadn't gotten a permit. >> the county board oversees the building department. >> they said his camp was unsafe. >> we don't know whether it is unsafe or not. >> he told them to go away. they came back with lots of people. >> they brought the different departments health department, tax people, fire marshal. all of a sudden this whole team like the cars and trucks as far as you could see showed up blocked our driveway came in with armed guards and took over our home. >> doesn't it seem like over kill? >> not really. they had their pistols on the
7:30 pm
side. he had the opportunity to cooperate. >> that led to this 78 page report on what the mountain man must change. >> it is more government over kill. >> we made the report in anticipation of litigation. >> they got a picture of our dog house in there for a german shepherd. it is 4 feet long. they said it is internal housing i don't know if they thought we had midgets here or what. >> they said you have unsafe buildings resting on a piece of rock. >> like a rock solid foundation. >> we have been working with the health department for 20-years. >> i can't eat the way i want, can't drink the water the way i want, can't poop the way i want. scant sleep the way i want. >> every year we have a stack of permits where they permit every year. all of a sudden it is completely
7:31 pm
unacceptable. >> do you ever think there are too many rules? >> yes. we don't invent the building code but we enforce it. >> how is any human supposed to understand it and follow it? >> i don't have the answer. i am supposed to know all of these statutes. builders can't possibly know all of this. but they are taught to look this stuff up. >> if we do what they want we destroy the reason they are there. we want to have modern buildings. iment not going i am not going what they want me to do. >> what will happen to him?
7:32 pm
>> first how do i become a cab driver. why should this be illegal? that's next.
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>> what if before i had my tv show i had to get mpermission from it the competition. if dna rather or diane sawyer said no i wouldn't be here. that makes sense. rj brunner assumed he could get a moving company without getting competitor's permission. >> schedule this one and this one first. >> he started it. >> put an ad on craig's list pick up enclosed cargo trailer and we are busy all summer long. >> more people want your service. in a couple years he has 30 employees 6 trucks. >> over 30. cleeven cut guys that really
7:37 pm
sells. >> the guys showed up exactly on time. they have been loading and working hard. >> rj learned pleasing customers isn't enough. he got a threatening letter from state regulators. >> in order to continue to operate we need a household goods permit. a certificate of necessity saying there is room in the market for us to operate. >> certificate of necessity meaning -- >> it's a necessity within the moving market for another mover. >> a business has to prove it is needed to get a license? >> you essentially have to get permission from your own competition first. >> they took his case for free. when starbucks began it would have had to have gotten permission from all of the other coffee shops? >> that's right. if you had to prove america needed a new national chain of coffee shops you couldn't have proven it. >> no, we don't need that. >> america needed a new coffee shop. it is successful.
7:38 pm
>> competition sorts it out better. >> not when the competition has veto power. >> we are worried about consumer protection. >> president of the kentucky mover association. he has his own moving business. kentucky like half of the state allows existing companies to protest new competition. over the past five years 19 companies were prevented from entering the moving business because competitors said the existing transportation service is adequate. competition would diminish their ribbon. >> affordable moving all of these other moving companies say no we don't want to allow that. what gives them the right. >> we are not against new companies coming in. >> you don't want a moving company stealing their business. >> we don't want a scenario a license company going bankrupt. >> companies go bankrupt all of the time. >> it is the end of the line for
7:39 pm
circuit city. >> border he is a book store went belly up. >> say a town population of 20,000 people would it be beneficial to the consumers to have 15 moving companies in that area? >> maybe. how do you know? >> you would have companies that are not in the position to provide a good service to the general public. >> the bureaucracy can't decide whether there's a public need for the moving company. not even the moving companies know that. they have to try it to find out that experiment. these laws prohibit that kind of experiment. >> wouldn't home depot like to say new hardware stores you can't reopen. wouldn't gm like to say that to toyota and honda? >> i am sure. i am not the one who set the law. i am just abiding by the law. >> he says the older moving companies want to protect them
7:40 pm
from shady operations. >> say it's $80 an hour. when i get your new house i say, won't charge you 155 an hour. >> now we have this thing called the internet where people can find out if the company has a bad reputation. >> consumers for the cheapest price. >> he checkshe checked the web e she hired rj. >> if somebody didn't take care of their items it would cause problems for me. >> we are the top moving company in the state according to angie's list. >> entrepreneurs are the wealth creators of our society the engine of job creation and wealth creation. >> i would say if i wanted to start a business a moving company would be a good way to enter? trucks and strengths don't
7:41 pm
compete. >> buy a truck you paint the word mover on the side of it and you are in business and if customers like your product and services they will buy from you if they don't they won't. >> the regulators aren't just mean for safety and marketplaces make some move? >> we want a free marketplace. if we have an orderly marketplace who is doing the ordering? it should be consumers and the law stops them from doing that. that violates liberty. these laws are outrageous. >> what's with the stupid mustache on my car. that's next. ogy, ogy, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $30. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate,
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>> what if i could make some money driving my own car and help you, too. wouldn't that be great? >> your lift has arrived. >> thousands of people already do that thanks to new cell phone technology that offers rides to people. people who want a ride open an application. this one is called lift others include side car. they press a button and it flags a nearby driver. in this case, me. >> we got one. >> lyft makes the drivers put
7:46 pm
this ridiculous mustache on the car. it is a marketing gimmick but it helps the person who wants a pickup to spot the car. i have the passenger's phone number. >> your destination is on the left. >> and his name. >> kim? >> unlike normal cabs they invite customers to get in the front seat. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> is this your first lyft ride? is>> first lyft. >> he signed up for lyft because it is cheaper than taxis. 20 percent cheaper. >> i have friends who used it and they rave about it. >> he likes it that lyft passengers sit in front. it makes for a friendlier ride. >> you see the pink mustache the passenger smiles the driver smiles. you get in the front seat it's a fist bump it's a way to connect with the community. you need someone with different musical beliefs.
7:47 pm
they have been formed with drivers and passengers. >> thank you, sir. >> have a good day. >> no cash. payments by credit card only. the price is up to the passenger. if he didn't like me he would sell his app to pay me less. he would have a tougher time getting the next lift ride. >> i like him so i give him five stars. >> that will make it easier for him to hire the next liyft driver. >> welcome. offer you a fist bump. >> have you used lyft before? is>> i have. >> why would she feel safe getting into a stranger's car. >> everyone i have taken so far has been very nice. >> first of all not everyone can be a lyft driver. my car had to pass inspection and i had to pass a background check. the real experience comes from passengers and drivers rating each other. >> you can see pictures of them in their car their ratings. >> you get bad ratings you can't
7:48 pm
drive any more. >> what if the passenger gets bad ratings? >> people need rides i make money. great deal. who would object to that? >> taxi drivers, that's who. >> line up the cabs and let hem sit in protest of car sharing apps in the city. >> new ideas like lyft make them angry. >> dam right we are. it's our family. >> we have to pay big licenses get commercial insurance. piveng mustaches have nothing, side car has nothing. >> there is the background check and the rating. they don't have to de bay aobey of the city's rules. >> they rufrn the biggest cap company in los angeles. >> you want to ban the competition. >> we are not trying to ban the competition. we like to be competing with
7:49 pm
companies that follow the rules. >> the lftikhars have to meet the safety standards. >> what safety standards? >> their licensed as private vehicles there are no safety standards there. this is the honor system. >> it is better than the honor system. >> if i check on the app this driver has been criticized his passengers that's not the honor system that's the world policing him. >> that is all after the fact. >> in washington, d.c. bureaucrats got so upset with car sharing businesses they evened the sting operation. today dc tolerates services like lift. they became too popular. there is no evidence that regulated cabs are safer. >> here in new york licensed cab driver jumped the curb hit a woman said i shouldn't be driving. >> that doesn't cry out for less
7:50 pm
it causes vigorous enforcement. >> that regulation makes it hard for outsiders to compete. >> most in the transportation industry are designed to protect existing transportation companies for competition. >> in many cities more don't dare. in washington, d.c. they demanded every car service but established companies must charge $45 a ride at least. >> i have to character them $45 to go four blocks. nobody is going to ride for 45. >> it is protectionism to protect. >> when they started metro livery it was a great success. the $45 minimum inded that. >> they went back to texas. >> they went to court but the bureaucrats won. >> why would they want to protect existing businesses? >> because they are politically
7:51 pm
connected. >> in this town the hotel lobbies a bill that makes it illegal for me to rent my own apartment for less than a month. it passed. i will explain. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked himp.
7:52 pm
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got some extra space in your house? want to make some money renting it? now you can. >> here's our room. i think it's pretty nice. here's the >> here's the stairs. they were going to sand them but i think it looks good.
7:55 pm
>> they? who is they? >> this is their office. >> she doesn't know much about this apartment because it belongs to strangers. she and her mom just arrived. they were from florida but wanted to visit new york city for a few days and they prefer to stay in a home. >> beings in a city with a child is much more convenient. breakfast is amazing. >> he renovated his apartment and decided to make some ex true money renting his extra space to tourists. >> i love meeting knew people from all over the world. >> he advertised his extra space on the web site like air b and b which stands for air bed and breakfast and room awe $149. in this neighborhood that's cheaper than a hotel. plus she liked the pictures on the web site and comments from previous guests like the
7:56 pm
apartment is cozy. felt like a home away from home. >> we have a fridge, microwave, fresh hot coffee. >> she likes staying at homes because her daughter gets to learn a little about how different people live. >> messy is comfortable. >> the room arama was created her and her husband because the travel a lot. >> there must be thousands of apartments empty right now. how do we find them? how do we book them? >> why not go to craig's list? >> on craig's list you don't know who you are dealing with. we fedealt with people who neve show up people who refuse to pay in advance because they didn't know who you were. that's why we started it. >> how do i know i am not going to get a guest that is going to crash the place? >> everybody is concerned about both sides. >> the review the internet feedback. it makes the ideas work.
7:57 pm
>> they learned they were good hosts. >> most don't have as many reviews. i will try to do a facebook search on them but generally i have good luck. >> he is happy they are happy. the strangers with complimentary needs find each other and it keeps growing. politicians crack down. >> a legal hotel room have terrible experience. >> they ban any one from renting their own apartment for any one a time period for less than a full month. if you do you are an illegal hotel and you are fined up to 5 hundred dollars. the hot -- 2,500 dollars. >> they want to protect them. >> when we asked for names of complain ants they didn't provide it. >> there are people begging the
7:58 pm
legislators for the law to be overturned. >> despite the law sometimes entrepreneurs and customers still win. rooms for rent web site listings are up since the law passed. people like elvis made money, and they save money and they have an experience they wouldn't have. >> this is great, easy, fun. >> the tax tee services survivor. >> the regulators pounce and the business grows. >> we have had people say the li lyft restored their faith in humanity. >> he refused to close his carve and they got the legislatures to exempt the law from primitive
7:59 pm
camps. >> sounds like the law was written for him? >> they mixed it so he is pretty much exempt. the seg way tours continue. rj is moving people when they fight in court. marty can keep their show alive. >> he no longer must have a disaster plan for his rabbit. >> for a little magic and a rabbit for now we have the stay in the roll. >> you had to have such a dramatic story you are on the front page. >> these people fought back. >> they believer they are making the world a better place. you listen to the stories we are making the world a better place. >> some may never win but it is great they fight. >> good to be here together. we are not the only ones.
8:00 pm
>> the bad news is state capitals every where they keep adding more red tape. ther they should stop. but they won't stop. we will stop. that's our show. thanks for watching. two second >> tonight on huckabee. second in 2010, the president dismissed his reextendation for catastrophic injury. >> would you be satisfied if every member had catastrophic insurance. >> it makes sense in which we are transitioning to a system that is higher and folks are caught in the tranition. >> the wyoming's senator reaction tonight. >> christmas a time for giving. he's giving those who can't afford to to get home for the holidays. plus your tweets on


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