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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 13, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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and talk to your doctor. visit to find out about treatment options. and register for a personalized guide to help you prepare for a conversation with your doctor. tonight on huckabee. what we found out was disgusting. his 15-year-old daughter taken away by the government. but she is not the only child case mismanaged by the common wealth of massachusetts. a closer look at the department of children and family services there. and after being the face of the disastrous obama care roll out. cathleap sebelius goes out with a glitch. >> and in chick- fil- a. chicken out!
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>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) thank you. thank you very much. great studio audience. and thank you so much for joining us and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. okay bullying is bad and we all agree with that. no one respects a bully andouses force to silence or intimidate another. terroristoused foreand we don't like bigots. they believe they are superior to others and put others down to cover for their own feelings of inadequacy. and we don't like haters. moan people ruin the joy that others have. we don't respect intollerance. it means trying to shut down with force a view .1 doesn't
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want to hear? and mozila who runs firefox forced the resignation of the ceo back in 2008, he used his own personal money to support the vow of natural marriage and barak obama and hillary clinton claimed to believe. that was passed by the voters there. he wasn't uncoined to gay employees or customers. but they were mean to him and demanding he be shown to the dor. the mealy mouthed chair woman of mozila said it is an insult to belief. and the university wants to honor im hershey oly for her stand against muslim killings
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and female mutilation. muslim groups and faculty members protested and she was disinvited. so much for a university to be a place to be exposed of points of vow. phil robertson expelled from the show until fans put on the heat. >> and a photography told they had to photograph a same- sex marriage in new mexico. if i demanded that a muslim painter participate a mortrait of mohammed. bloep bleep and where patriots died so we could take a stand and speak out for our beliefs. north korea and iran and syria. those are the kinds of placis where people are killed if they
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take a stand and speak out. why do the voices of hatred and bigotry and terrorism step up in the unamerican behavior? i can tell you why? because they win. when corporations and colleges raise the white flag of surreppeder instead of the red, white and blue flag of freedom. liberty loses and intimidation wins. chick fill a was bullied about the support for natural marriage. and the mayors of boston and chicago threatened to keep their restaurants from opening despite the actions utterly unconstitutional. i urge people to show support for free speech by initialling chick- fil- a. and lines in cities like la and chicago stretched around the block and people waited as much as four hours in line.
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millions stood up. well, this week. dan cathy, the ceo of chick- fil- a. he apologized for stating his vows and told how he was meeting with gay activist to win their support because he wants to expand business to big cities. maybe he will. but his reversal of position and surrender to the very people who put him out of business is a gut punch to the millions who stood in line. we asked him to explain this and he decloined but the company wanted to talk about a new sandwich they have. no thanks. i am fighting so my grandchildren can keep their rights to free speech and religious freedom and not a tasty new sandwich. and compare that to the newly surrender chick- fil- a to hobby
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lobby. stuck to their convictions and willing to rick all they have for their christian beliefs. some called the intolerant gayath lift and gus tapio. and even the atheist bill ma ehr couldn't defend them. >> i think there is a gay mafia. >> we will create a nation of cowards when craving for cash controls our courage and convictions, we are dead. i still hope we can find a pulse on america. >> shortly after the chick- fil- a day, a virginia man walked in the washington office and started shooting and he was stopped by an employee before he could kill anyone.
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he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. he had a bag with 15 chick- fil- a sandwiches that he planned to stuff in the faces of the people he killed. joining me is tony perkins. appreciate you being here. >> thank you, governor. >> when you heard the ceo- chick- fil- a decided to apologize for the stand he had taken. tell me how you felt many of your employees stood up for his right to say what he did. how did you react to that? >> well, the first thing that came to mind. people eat chicken but don't respect it. and as you well put it, i think we are seeing those in the business community becoming cowards and i am grateful and try to look at these things with
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glass half full approach and i am grateful 238 years ago, those who founded this nation put a greater value on our freedoms and our liberties than they did seeking favors from government to open up's new store. and i think it is going to take those who are willing to defend those freedoms today to preserve them or else they will go away as you said in your monlog. >> when i think of the people on the left, places like amazon and tar bucks and apple computer. i don't necessarily want the people who work there to be put out of business and shut up. and it seems like the left has decided it is not enough to have a point of view. but they shut down the view of others. why would they capitulated to the demands when no one is
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asking the left to do that? >> yeah, that is a good point. america is really seen a whole now chapture in the cultural wars. we are told about two people who love each other and live together and marry. we are finding it is more than that. tollerance is a one- way street for these individuals. and what they want to do is force america to not only tolerate but celebrate and redefine america as the president said radically transform this country and they are doing it in large part because many, even conservatives, conservative business owners who are foreful of these and attacks are going si len and dark on these issues and capitulating and that is
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allowing the group to roll over our freedoms and libraries. you understand this, governor, this makes our system work, the ability to have an opinion and express that opinion freely and come in to the public spaes and wrestle through the issues. what they are notti doing is silence the americans who don't agree with them. >> tony, i know your own organization targeted with violence in a way that very few have. you have seen what economic terrorism and physical terrorism locks like. i appreciate you being here to respond and pleasure to see you on the show. (applause) thank you, governor. is fro speech dead? we'll have a discussion with our guest panel right after this. >> if you would like to comment
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on tonight's show, i welcome your response. go to you can connect with me on
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in my opening monlog, i talked about the forced resignation of mozila brendon iowa ke. and we'll have emily miller who later this month will be a chief investigate identify reporter in fox five nows in dc. and president of the chat aredom group liz chatterdon. great to have you here. liz, i want to start with you. do you think that there is a double standard going on where the left is pressuring the silencing of voices they don't agree with is it
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>> i really don't. the truth is, i think what is happening with chick- fiowa l- i of democracy and capitalism at work. he wants to expand his business in the northeast and in the northeast, there would be people who would not eat hischicken. nwait a minute, liz, people are buying his politics than his products. why is it that conservative buy products. and i listen to barbara trys land and she say artist. i don't buy her politics. why is it i am open minded and free about letting people disagree and still enjoy what they produce. why can't the left do that. >> hang o. there is a example. i am a huge george strait fan. but talk about a&e and duck dynasty. he espoused vows that the left and they took him off of the air
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and viewers demanded he brought back. are they the left? my mother watches it and liberals they come. there are moments in which we as americans decide to vote with our foot and pocketbooks. nemily. in this mozila case. we have a case where the pressure was to get rid of the ceo because of something six years ago that reflected the same view of barak obama and hillary clinton had. it was shutting down the view point of someone else. >> the new zceo gave money for proposition eight for the traditional family in california which passed by the way. that was his personal vow and probably his religious vows and they forced him out purely based on his first amendment right to express himself and political
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views. it is their right as a public company to do that. but is that american? is that what we do that you lose your job over political views? >> you would find agreement from an interesting source. andrew sullivan who is liberal and pro gay activist had this to say. >> you don't want to bring the political warfare in the work place. we have to get long with people whoe we disagree with. >> i agree with andrew sullivan. i don't want tim cook to lose his job or others to be forced out. why should we sit back and say it is okay if people push an executive out of positions because of his personal view. not that he's showing discrimination or acting customers in his job. don't people have a right to a personal right and personal view point. >> (applause) >> governor, i think you know
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perhaps better than many what it is like when you enter into the public life. you lose a sense of privacy and while these gentlemen and ceo's are not necessarily running for a political office. if you put yourself in a position as a ceo of a huge fortune 500 company and take a political stance, no matter what that is, you will be attacked for it. the real question is why are they caving. why did he leave. he was not forced out by the board of directors. >> yes, he was. no. that was virtually impossible for him to stay. there is a feeling of disappointment with the conservative in what chick- fil- a saying we will not talk about it. you and i as christian conservative, it is so important i would not back down.
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>> that is my point. if those beliefs were so crucial to him. why did jose i am forced out. and why not follow through. if his convictions were that strong for them and if they were, i respect. that but he did not but vanish in the night. >> but, liz, is it because. >> he took a job in sill can valley. >> the media controls the way it is presented. he will be presented as a homophobic hating bigot and maybe that's why he gets out. there is a lot of christian people, would it be appropriate if i call them to say let's boycott that is friendly to same- sex marriage. and i will not do that. because i believe in the marketplace and people ought to be having more views and that makes america a great country. let people speak.
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>> but what is what is happening. >> it is getting out of control. former secretary of state i worked for rice, put on the board drop box and they are attacking because of her vows on iraq and the war and other things. at what point does it end. how can people participate in public sector and businesses when people come after them on political vows and religious views. >> but the bottom lean freedom is a good thing. but freedom has to it be the same for everybody and not just for a few that control the megaphone. liz and emily great to have you here and i hope we continue son. nanother example of how teaching tollerance and double standards, a
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a freshman in virginia is trying to start a pro- life club in her school. the principal said the group is too controversial. it is not the only school where students for life faces resistance. they have had trouble getting approval in 35 high schools in the country. joining me now is kristin hawkins. it is great to have you here today. what about the resistance that young lady in virginia faced in trying to start a students for life organization. >> she went to the principal asking how to start a student for life. get a teacher faculty advisor. and i have everything can i start my group now.
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he said why don't you look at the christian group and join that instead of a pro-life group and she holds abortion is a human rights decision. and he went back for a third time and asked him to allow her to start a students for life. he said it is simply too controversial and he's disallowed throw other silly groups from starting this year. >> controversial. are there some that others find controversial. >> there is a republican group and democrat group. they arably to have free discussion on her college campus. >> this is high school. >> but this is over the high schools and college campuses. admenistration officials say it is to controversial and offensive and we don't want to talk about abortion.
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we are not asking for special rights or treatment, we are asking about equal treatment. it acts college and hoil girls. parent parent hods. they are five mills from a college campus and we have former planned parent hod workers like a bby johnson said they go to the high schools and run sex education programs and come back to us when you are in trouble and give them contraception and std tests. and there is no surprise back for the abortion and repoet for the rest of her life. >> and so you have trouble getting the clubs started on campus all over the counsel row in >> yes. >> is it the excuse to controversial or others don't want that vow. >> abortion labelled political or controversial or offensive. it is a human rights issue.
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just like water in africa. it is a core life issue of being born. this is a issue they will deal with. do you as a human being as a human could have the right to be born? >> do you think the case in virginia get reversed and maybe the principal will look at it again and say it is a point of vow and that's what kids are supposed to learn and how to take a stand for what they believe. any possibility that you will so a chapter there. >> i think we will. every single one of the cases it is vic torous. we had to get lawyers involved and invoke public pressure but we are vic torous because the first amendment is always on our side. >> i didn't know it had been repealed. i hope it is still working in america. >> and she was taken from her family by the common wealth of
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massachusetts. but justina's case of mismanagement is not isolated one. there are hundreds of child cases bungled byaulkner and we'
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get you back to huckabee. for all of the headlines, go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox. (applause) >> over the last few weeks we told you the story of justina pelletier, the 15-year-old girl who was taken from her family and put in the custody of department of human and family services in massachusetts. last week, her father informed us of shocking developments. >> we had our weekly one hour visit. we found out after the fact that justina went to go see her tufts doctor and he is not allowed to speak to us and give us updates. >> that is the same doctor they
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had fought to get her back to treatment. boston's doctors claimed the condition was mental. >> the psychological experiment failed and she is in severe physical distress and they are back to the doctor we wanted to be 14 monthsing on. >> after hearing the story on huckabee, constitutional attorney agreed to consult on justuna's case. this is a horrible abuse of civil rights. >> her father said the state committed a crime against his family. >> she went to boston children's and direct admission to the gi department to see her doctor. she was taken without notice and brought up to the neurology core. and based on fbi involvement, that is kidnapping. >> since their last appearance
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on the show, justina's lawyer foiled a habbuous cooperus against the state and after hearing her story, massachusetts state legislators introduced a bill to return custody of justina pelletier to her family. they are also discussing her religious rights being violated because she was not allowed to attend mass. for now she is separated from her family and in custody of the state. the massachusetts d~ cf is under fire for many other child cases as well. i spoke to a reporter who did extensive reporting on the problems. >> michael, you did a lot of reporting on the bigger picture of massachusetts d~ cf. tell us what you discovered as you looked at this agency and justina pelletier case not the only thing that is
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controversial? >> the agencies under intense scrutiny particularly over a case of a five-year-old boy, who they lost track of and now feared dead. it led to a whole host of investigations and whole host of problems that turned up overwhelmed social workers and lack of technology and lack of coordination and the whole agencies sort of under pressure right now. >> how do you lose a five-year-old boy? how does that happen? how can a state not know where a child is? i find that stunning. >> yeah, it is unbelievable case. this is a boywho was in a volatile family with a history of violence and drug abuse, and the state social worker was supposed to be checking in on him and simply was not doing that and perhaps more a greshesously, her superior lied about it. both people were
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fired but the tragic outcome, is that the boyhasn't been seen since september and presumed dead. >> since september? we are talking many months and the state who has oversewn the responsibility of the child have no idea. it doesn't give one a great deal of confidence. what has the state done or doing, michael, to try to get to the bottom of what is a serious problem in their agency? >> the child welfare league in america is conducting a review to so if they are up to par. and they are investigating the agency and the state is pouring money into it. this agencies cut dopely and they are trying to hire social workers and case worker ares that are overwhelmed and so they are not juggling as many
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families. and they are getting operational things like hand held digital devices. and the super visor knows and it is run more smoothly. >> michael, i am sympathetic to the overwhelming challenges of the agency. i am not oblivious of that. but somebody has to hold responsibility. the held of the agency worked their way the ranks up through the agency. she offered to resign and the governor doesn't accept the resignation? >> thort. she's been in the agency front line social worker and worked her way up through the management ranchings and there were intense calls for her to step down. but the governor feels that she knows the inner workings of the agency and the governor is on
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the way out in january. and so rather than bring somebody new now, the now governor taking over will instale their own person. >> i can understand that except of cases like the five-year-old missing sense september and presumed dead. you would think that someone has a better sense of urgency. how about the case of justina pelletier. a bill was filed to return custody of justina to return to her family. does it have a chance of passing through the massachusetts legislature. >> it is facing a steep climb. there is supporters of the bill mostly republicans in the house, but the leadership and the governor have not shown interest. the governor doesn't feel it is an issue to step into.
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it is a decision made by the courts, and it would be violating the separation of powers. unless something dramatic shifts. i don't see that happening in the legislature. >> michael, your reporting on this is insightful and you have taken a great deal of time to get the indepth story of the bigger picture of what is going on in massachusetts. thank you. >> i will continue to update you on the justina pelletier story. they were able to secretly record video. and in the video you can see justina wants to be home with her family and doesn't want to be in custody of the state. >> i want to go home now. >> it is a quick piece of tape. >> i will play it for you now. >> i want to go home now. >> she wants to go home now.
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i want you to go home now. i promise, i will continue to stay on this story until it meets a happy conclusion. >> coming up. kathleen sebelius in charge of obama care and had to go out with one last cliche. and some are mad that
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>> after leading the botched roll out of obama care. cathleap sebelius botched her resignation speech when she announced she is stepping down. >> the stories are heart eping and secower and knowing they can take care of themselves and their families. unfortunately, a page is missing. so i am just grateful for having had the wonderful opportunity. >> and president obama was thinking and i am grateful that this is your last day. having opinion at the podium many times, the first thing you do. you don't let the know that your world just fella part. poor kathleen. you can't blame her for everything wrong with obama care. a lot of things went wrong because the leadership is not
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good. but this is like a astronaut sitting on top of a hundred million dollar rocket. remember you are sitting on top of a hundred million worth of parts that were awarded to the low bidder, just keep that in mind. she was asked to drive something she couldn't drive. army first-class fergusson died a hearo stopping the shotter from shooting 14 unarmed soldiers in a rampage last woke. this is a letter to facebook describing the heroism. i know it will happen again and more will die and more wounded. and more families will be torn apart needlessly. it will happen again and will happen again because fort hood is a gun fro zone. why president obama doesn't resented the bill clinton bill
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making our military outpost a gun free zone is a mystery. let's hope common sense will prevail and hilo trained people to carry andous weapons effectively will be able to defend themselves if this would happen again. and this week we found out stephen colbert will replace david letterman. shapiro was upset rattling off 318- colbert tweets. he said colbert, really, why not wait until president obama is out of office and hoir him to replace letterman directly. and then let me tell you why, bark bookkeeper obama is not funny. and then fen colbert is funny. >> and a rising star in the
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>> he's one of the hottest young acts. and trace atkins the bank. please welcome back to the show chris janson. great having you back. >> good to be back. >> we talked about the beginning of your career, you slept in your car before you really took off and got started. there were some tough and lien moments. now things are just going great. when you look back, does that help you to even have the perspective about your career now. >> >> absolutely does. the great thing about it is i started on lower broad way in
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nashville tennessee. i gained notarity there. i played there for one year. a nice cap off to that was back in the fall, i played the tour for the first time for the grand ole on -- onry. it was really value investigation -- validation for me. i spent a lot of my nights in the backseat of the car trying to make something happen. to pull into the same alley i slept in and go in the mecca of country music. >> a short 5 takes a long time and a lot of effort and a lot of people never make all 5 feet from one door to the other. >> you bet. >> let's take it to the bank. >> let's take it to the bank. ♪
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♪ i've been working my job barely getting paid ♪ ♪ all the money i make i just give away ♪ ♪ to the lights and the water, couldn't get much hotter in the summertime ♪ ♪ my lawn mowers broke so i'm sitting in the shade ♪ ♪ wondering if this good weather's going to stay. i ain't going to waste a day ♪ ♪ i take it to the bank ♪ at the bank you can leave your worries and your troubles just float away ♪ ♪ take it to the bank
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♪ i've so blue fighting and the water's warm. hook line zinger at the back of the barn ♪ ♪ watch the sun just fade away ♪ and take it to the bank, the bank by the river down in the holler where the creeks come together ♪ ♪ at the bank you can leave your worries and your troubles just float away ♪ ♪ take it to the bank ♪ ♪ now, i've never known much about a rich man's life ♪ ♪ some of us got to work to survive ♪ ♪ we take it to the bank ♪ yeah, the bank by the river, down in the hollow where the creeks come together ♪ ♪ at the bank, you can leave
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your worries and your troubles just float away ♪ ♪ take it to the bank, the bank by the river down in the holler where the creeks come together ♪ ♪ at the bank, you can leave your worries and your troubles just float away ♪ ♪ take it to the bank ♪ >> chris janson. [ applause ]
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[ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to cf before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade i finally realized why none of the democrats who voted for obamacare read the bill before they voted for it. they can't read. you know? it's now quite clear. i realized it when i saw an article that senator of missouri wrote for the des moines iowa
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newspaper criticizing me for attitudes about women that she imagined she heard. her perceptions were so off the mark as so many senate democrats. honest studies show there is e quail pay. equal meaning working the same hours and having the same
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responsibles. maybe a nickel apart at worst. it would be more credible if the white house paid the women on its own staff equal to the men, which it doesn't. or if some of the democrat senators up for reelection this year would pay their women the same as men, which they don't. the average pay gap for democrats in the senate, 79 cents on the dollar for women versus the men. for the record, i hired more women in exec sieve positions and appointed more to leadership positions than any governor in my state's history including bill clinton. [ applause ] >> so if the senator wants to get onto men about treatment of women, she should read up on her democrats colleagues in the senate. or if necessary, i'll read it to her. by the way, i'll charge her the same as i would a man.
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there you go. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. tonight, the irs, sebelius, benefit ga si and the power grid. first, the standoff where the feds have been battling a local rancher in a struggle between a cattle rancher and the federal government. their cattle has grazed the nevada desert earning them land use rights on public lands. but a federal judge has ordered them to pay grazing fees. this week, they


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