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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 9, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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have a great rest of the weekend. see you back here next week. tonight on huckabee. five taliban bad guys free to go in the swap for sergeant bowe bergdahl. will the president release the prisoners of gitmo. >> senator lindsay graham on why that move could lead to impeachment. >> and dropping everything to find bergdahl. the major said the five released 7g their partners and the peers in this community. >> why a high school prisoner
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has athiest seeing red. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) thank you. thank
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soldiers, the full weight of the law should come down on him. the families would not be comforted by the punishment meeted out to sergeant bergdahl. and the five terrorist we turned loose, will likely kill again. i am not sure what word of comfort president obama could give to the families of the future victims of the horrible monsters. why did the president act in direct violation to the law that required him to notify congress 30 days in advance of some detainees from gitmo. the president's sympathizer can't deny he broke the law. some argue that bergdahl was sick and needed medical attention. why did he negotiate with terrorist at all? does that not endanger more americans from capture so they can be hostages to pressure the
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president to open more doors from the lock up in guantanamo bay. if we traded one deserter for five of the worst dogs of gitmo. imagine what they would have in kidnapping an ambassador or ranking officer or innocent teenage tourist just tooling around europe on a spring break. and why is it susan rice was made in the white house stooge and this time peddling a laughable line of bergdahl rescued with a swap of the terrorist because. >> he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> she or at least the people who trotted her out with a notebook of clap trap must have known that honorrv,of and distinction means different to the military and allegedly walking off of a post and joining up with the enemy is neither. i honestly thought she would
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blame a youtube video for the crisis. but there is one unanswered answer. was it to take the desgusting and outrageous maltreatment of the veterans off of the front page and make the president look like a hero for getting a soldier out of the captivity. the president and his members of the team justified the hostage swap because we leave no man behin. they don't desert ussine if they desert us. my question for the president and honest to god, i really want a answer. if you were this committed to saving sergeant bergdahl that you would break the law and let five mad dogs loose, then when, why, why on god's green earth didn't you rescue the four americans slaughtered in benghazi? why?
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(applause) why, mr. president, did you roll over and go to sleep and fly off on air force one the next day for a las vegas fundraiser instead of moving heaven on earth to save chris stephens and tyroen woods and glenn dautery. i hope you will answer that real question. (applause) republicans and democrats are outreasonablinged over the president's move to release five taliban prisoners from gitmo without congressional approval. the first guest said there should be consequences if the president releases prisoners are ongñ it will be impossible to flow prisoners out of gitmo without a huge back lash. there will be people calling for impeachment if he did that. i spoke to senator graham this
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wednesday. >> if the president were to continue to allow gitmo prisoners to go free as we have seen this past week, republicans would be calling for impeachment and do you stand by that statement that this could be that big of an issue? >> well, the question, mike, was. what if the president unlaterally mchled gitmo. we have restrictions of bringing them in the united states and they were bipartisan in nature. if the presidente]%gz%v tries t the jail it would be a constitutional crisis between the congress' power and the president. we have the ability to deal with detaining matters and there are many restrictions on gitmo. he decided to empty the jail ?t tired of the war he would face severe
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consequences and i hope he will not do that. don't do that. >> he wanted to get rid of gitmo and said he would do it in 30 years and it is six years and is this a political move or a sincere effort because of getting baring dal out of afghanistan? >> the deal is dangerous for america and that is a bad deal. the president embraced a noble concept that we don't leave people behind. but greater than that in the military, we don't undercut the military and put our nation at rick. no soldier wants their country at rick when they get captured. we left loose five taliban killers, and the taliban dream team that worked with al-qaeda and helped to plan the attacks of 9/11. these are the people who killed women in soccer stadiums for sport. can you imagine how young women in afghanistan must feel that
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our counsel row let those killers loose and how they feel in afghanistan? can you imagine the threats that americans face today because of this president of dealing with xç serving overseas is subject to being kidnapped and the taliban commander acknowledged that to time magazine. this is a bad deal ingk-áñ amer this is the president who never pecked up the phone in the benghazi attack and was awol. thank you for keeping benghazi alive! >> we talk about the guys being let out. you made it clear they are not bush-league terrorist that got picked up for speeding? these are the worst of the worst. does that give you concern it was not negotiations for's few guys that are marginal but some of the leaders? >> i think he was looking for an opportunity to get rid of the bad guys. he wants to close gitmo.
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and i want to keep gitmo open and it would have been fine with me, mike if they died in jail. the taliban is a 3j al-qaeda that attacked our country. and the recommendations is not to release these guys and they did not reform themselves and there was no evidence that they become save to be released. he tryed to do two things in one week. end the war in afghanistan by r withdrawal in 2016. we told the enemy when we would leave. and we should have had a line of defense against future attacks and as an insurance policy and. he announced he retreeched the only captive. what he didn't realize most mefrns are upset that we let five hardened killer who killed americans and war criminals back on the battlefield. within a year they will be back
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in afghanistan and god help the people of afghanistan. the security and it was a dumb and dangerous position. >> senator you served in the jag arm of the military for many, many years. there are a couple of questions. there are reports that and james rosen said bergdahl converted to islam and declared himself to be an enemy. they are reports that are published and leaked out. i want you to speak to it from the stand point of the military process. does this change anything? &wsç how should the military deal with bergdahl if in fact he deserted his post and ended upç joaning with the taliban? what does that do? >> this is a good question. you and i believe in the rule of law for everyone. this man deserves due process.
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he will be part of a investigation. you heard from members of the unit about what they think happen. he will have a chance to provide information on his own behalf and if there is it evidence of a crime here, his commander can convoen a court martial. he is not be tried on television or internet. but when someone deserts their unit in a time of war, that is a capitol offense under military code of justice. i am all for due process and everyone is presumed independent until proven get. but the military will investigate his conduct and if the allegations are proven to be true, he put his unit at great risk and they will not try him on gossip. there is a process in the military. but desertion in a time of war is a capitol offense and that's how serious theln4
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its. he is presumed innocent. but we have the right to hold detainees until the end of hosstillities. and we are not at war with the people of afghanistan or governor of stan tan we are at war with terrorist groups like al-qaeda and like the taliban. this war is far from over. and as a matter of fact the enemy is stronger today than they have been. so the end of hosstillities will not be when we withdraw but when al-qaeda surrenders. we could hold them as long as necessary to protect the country and i hope the president understands that. >> did the president underestimate the reaction of the release of those five prisoners? >> at the end of the day. i think there was a political dynamic and the rose garden ceremony blew up. radical islam is on the march and most of america want the
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guys off of the battlefield and stay in jail and they are upset that we traded five hardened killers under this circumstances to any back to put our country at risk. he is weak command and indecisive and he is now detached and dangerous as commander in chief. >> scrambling to help in the search for sergeant bergdahl. mange rusty bradley will tell us the behind the scenes story of what really went down. that's coming up next. >> if you would like to comment and share with me your response. go to you can connect with me on
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>> an american soldier was
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missing and so when sergeant bowe bergdahl walked away from the post the tactical operation center in the south of the country supported efforts to find the missing sergeant. major rusty bradley who was the center's chief at the time and author of the outstanding book called the lions of ka ndahar. >> i appreciate you being here. walk me through the day you got the call about sergeant bergdahl. what did you do? w will start with my responsibilities first. we are responsible for all operational control ands logistical control, close air support and medical evacuation of every special operations and
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special forces unit in southern afghanistan. when they are troops in contact and need help or resources, the talk chief and at that time myself was the one they talk to over the sat comro. when that redline message came cross the secower system. we realized quickly that this was the first and only time we had seen a dire circumstance like this in afghanistan. and the first thing i had to do was brief the commander and start looking at what resources can we pull from#i]bxd currently not in an active four fight and push them to the east if they need support from special forces. >> you are moving assets to go look for the soldier. >> and we are hearing things that there was a lot of indications that he walked away. is that what you were told or
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were you told he was captured and what was the message early on? >> the first redline message we received that a american soldier was missing. that's all we knew. and the report we received in 24 hours, essentially number one he left a note saying that he didn't agree with certain things that were happening with the efforts and he left his equipment and we had matching enteleigence reports that stated that he had made communication with local villagers and inquiring to the location of the insurgency and in that area was the ha cani fighters. >> within 24 hours, it becomes clear to everyone in the command that this guy left voluntarily and he did it intentionally and joining up with the taliban.
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does it become clear to a military member regardless of about the rules? how black and whites it for any soldier to it understand the repercutions of that >> governor huckabee, it is so chlor from the time you join the army for bask training and advanced individual training and to the 20 or 40 point shoes that you get two weeks prior to arriving in theater. and what your requirements are and legally obligated to do and not to do, from everything in separation and detention, to your engagement with the enemy during the rules of engagement. there ism;ú0 nothing that is not clear about what your obligations are. >> he was so trained as any
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military member would, it is clear as when denner is suppose to be and what he can and cannot do. i don't think people have heard that. and i want to continue on. coming up. i will ask major bradley why the president
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>> we are back with major rusty bradley. major, i want to get back into this. what happened with the five bad guys? these are bad, bad terrorist who killed thousands of people, you know, what did we expect from
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them? how dangerous is it tow).5fq l loose? >> these are the five highest ranking taliban insurgens that are held in gitmo. they are war crimes and crimes against humanity equal what the nazis did during world war ii. unfortunately as far as back at 2005 and 6, when i first arrived in afghanistan as a special forces commander, we were already starting to see the early releases from gitmo arriving in afghanistan and rejoining their tribes and their clans to again combat operations against the u.s. forces there. let me clearly let the american people know, that these five will return to afghanistan or pakistan, and u.s. and coalition members will be maimed or killed
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because of these guys being released. >> does that outrage you as you soldier who put your life on the line and dodge bullets in iraq and afghanistan? does it tick you off, major. they are running los and they will not go back to afghanistan and open a starbucks, they will go hurt people? >> these guys deserve lead poisoning and unfortunately i am not in a position to administer that anymore. it goes beyond infuriating to know that special forces and spec-4nópç operations members a u.s. service members and civilians and contractors are still over there fighting with no support from the administration and they are doing it because of what they believe in. and they are doing it for the american people, and these guys are going to be, these guys are going to be no better than when they were captured. >> one of the things that the
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president tried to tell us, it was necessary and to get bowe bergdahl released and it was worth it. i am not asking to you seek the office, but you have been there. we know that the president didn't listen to the military and intelligence counsel he was given, all of which don't do this. he did it anyway. what should have been the advice? what would you have done and advised the president if you were sitting in the oval office. and he said major, i have a guy we need to get him out. what would you tell him? >> if an insurgent contacted a member of my administration and threatened to kill a detained u.s. service member. i would be in direct contact with their leader and tell them if you harm him for propaganda purposes, i will destroy you. and i will set aside everything
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on my desk and use the assets available to me and the world will forget you existed you because i will dismantle you and if i have to invade pakistan to do it that's what i do. >> major, i wish so much you were in the oval office giving the advice. i don't think the president would have taken that advice. i appreciate you being here in light of the firsthand knowledge of what was going on when he disa pored. i encourage people to get your book. lion of kandahar. major rusty bradley, thank you for joining us. >> coming up. new details of the justina pelletier case. step closer to going home. to
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huckabee and for all of the headlines go to fox >> well, we have great news on 16-year-old justina pelletier. on friday. mass they agreed to file a motion to return her to parents in connecticut. the family attorney of the liberty council said this. we are thrilled that justina
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will soon to be returning hope. the family is thankful for the prayers and support. we hope that very soon we'll give you the update and tell you that justina is in fact at home. if not for your prayers and pressure, i don't think this would have happen. i thank you and i know the petlier family does as well. (applause) >> during an interview to promote the science channel series through the wormhole morgan freeman was asked if race had a í2s[cdrole. >> you think it is a mind set. no, no. i don't. you and i. we haven't had going to do with. it stick with it and go for that. it's kind of like religion to
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me. it is a good excuse for not getting there. >> wow, thank you, morgan freemanan. i just want to say thank you for being candid and up front and saying things that a lot of people are afraid to say. you can say it and we are all listening and thank you for w0ñf.p level of you and others, not everything is about race and i am glad you were able to put that out. atheist groups are making a stink about the commencement peach from a high school principal. what did he say that made people angry. >> so it may not be politically correct this evening. i would like foritous have a moment of silence in honor of tonight's graduates. thank you. in case you are interested.
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i give thanks to god for the students and partners and teachers and for this community. >> ah got to love. that thank you kevin for saying it and!ñq7qcú] courage of your conviction. people are upset and the atheist are threatening lawsuits and all sorts of things. he found a subtle way to bring god in the consideration. i found out how to make atheist happy. they are ticked off because christians and christmas and easter. i will give them a day as theyác have one. april 1st would be my suggestion. back in march, hillary clinton compared vladimar putin's action in ukraine to those of hitler in europe. putin shot back at former secretary of state and he said this. it is better not to it argue
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with women, but mrs. clinton has never been too graceful in her statements.  obtained the exclusive video ofotñeó the recent meeting between vladimar putin and former secretary of state hillary clinton. (laughter) yes, that was the very interesting behind the scenes meeting and we were there to capture it indeed. >> coming up. the producer and star of home and yet not alone. it is a thorough story under the worst of circumstances. stay@g
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the film alone and yet not alone. faith helps two sisters battle through time. >> ♪ >> it is to get here son. it weakens us. well, the film is based on
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a thorough story involvingan cestors of dr. jim lagenner. along with actress kelly grayson. great to have you here. doctor, let me begin with you because this story relates back to members of your own family, youran cestors and was this passed long or did you just happen on it? >> it happen over 250 years ago in 1755 in the start of the french and indian war. this was the first attack on the natives in pennsylvania. and they had had 73 years of peace and never had problems before and they were not expected it. ten families were wiped out and two little girls and eight other people were taken captive. it was recorded and basically lost to history. my mom came across a write up in
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a legislateeran publication of the story and she noticed the last name was same as ours and read the story to us and my youngest daughter really related to regina and she decided to write a book about it and she did. miraculously. the book did wonderfully and solid thousands of copies. they picked it up and put out a movie addition of the bock and three producers came to metb said it is a wonderful story and we need to make a movie of it. >> it is a powerful film. and not only because of a family story, but kelly, you played barbara in this film. you studied for the role and found out more about the remarkable story of the girls and disappearance and finally able to come home, what drew you
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to the film and from that, what do you feel like it did for you as a person and not just an actress. >> how much time do we have? >> multiple things that drew me to the role. being a true story and being history is always great. and you can have an inspiring story and learned the lessons of character and perseverance and faith in the story. that drives me to a project. and so another,szpi i loved the part. stories that inspire and encourage people and gives me hope and just in the midst of the world that, i think this story has aspects. and in fact i think, i hope families take away the impact they have on the children and
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partners. when you see the story. and you see the little;k"ñpt)ás listen to the father reading!8;e boibl and the songs that the mom sings and faith that instilled them and carried them through years and years in the indian villagers and captured and gone. and never anyhow if they would see their families and ultimately coming back together is a beautiful picture. >> as an actor, do you find the roles that you play about hope and encouragement that encourages people and their faith, does that give you a better sense of &#q9!3:uñfulfs an actress stand point? >> i think when something inspires you and you care about other people you want to do that. and the reason it is told today hundreds of years later because they went through hard times and they overcame. it is encouraging to me in my
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life when you go through hard times. >> you know, i am just thinking it is a great story and the fact that it is it true make its more powerful. and kelly, great to have you here, it is a real pleasure. >> and a hope you will see the money. harry joe performs with
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she made her debut with the first album in 2009 and since then won four dove awards and received a agreement nomination. it is a brand new album called majestic. and please welcome ka ri jobe.
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>> thank you. >> let me ask you about the new album majestic. you wrote the songs and what do you that. so on this album, i wanted to go back to the roots of that. i wanted to record with the people instead of in the studio. >> this is a beautiful album, a great song you'll do with us today called breathe on us. >> yes. >> carrie jo. >> ♪
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>> ♪ there is a shaking ♪ let hearts awaken ♪ our god is moving ♪ forever changing us ♪ there is a trembling ♪ there is a revival ♪ the sound of worship ♪ so great and glorious ♪ holy spirit hear us now ♪ breathe on us ♪ holy fire fall ♪ come and fill this place with your presence ♪ like a rushing wind ♪ send your spirit here ♪ breath of heaven breathe on us ♪ breath of heaven breathe on us ♪ lift up your hands and shout
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♪ the lord is with us now ♪ lift up your voice and sing ♪ he is holy ♪ lift up your hands and shout ♪ the lord is with us now ♪ lift up your voice and sing ♪ he is holy ♪ come and fill this place with your presence ♪ like a rushing wind ♪ send your spirit here ♪ breath of heaven breathe on us
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♪ like a rushing wind ♪ send your spirit here ♪ breath of heaven breathe on us ♪ breath of heaven breathe on us ♪ [applause] >> kari jobe from her brand-new album called "mmajestic." you'll love every cut on it, i promise. i'll be back with closing
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>> this past friday was the 70th anniversary of d-day. that was the day that 160,000 allied troops stormed the five beaches of normandy in an overwhelming show of force that would be the beginning of the end of world war ii. james gavery of massachusetts landed on omaha beach that day with the fifth ranger battalion. he said he and his fellow soldiers were young when they went over there but came back as old men if they came back at all. 10,000 died that day on the hallowed ground of those beaches.
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and tens of thousands of others would suffer wounds. i've walked on those beaches. i stood at attention at the flag ceremony and the u.s. cemetery in normandy. few moments have ever caused me to reflect more soberly on the sacrifice of those brave men than to see thousands of graves lined up ever so neatly in the well-kept cemetery. there was nothing neat or orderly on june 6th, 1944. it was chaos. despite a wall of gunfire coming at them, those young americans kept coming off those boats and moved forward. it was the turning point in the defeat of hitler and his nazi murder machine. those incredible boys of-point dehock as president reagan described them came home to create the greatest period of posterity in our nation. they raised families, they bought homes, they worked hard. they never whined about what they had to sacrifice to make
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america a country where there was an upwardly mobile middle class. today it's not that just self-centered people of government have turned it into a atm of other people's money, it's their cronyism, the me first and me only brand of capitalism has reversed decades where hard work and a good education meant a good job and a good future. those young men who ran up those beaches toward the sound of the guns didn't distinguish among themselves whether they were rich or poor, jew or gentile, urban or rural, they were just americans. they were in it together. i hope that we can reclaim that spirit as we rebuild this great nation, because we're still in it together. [applause] well, that's our show for this week. thanks for joining us.
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this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for "justice with judge jeanine."hannel finder at "mediabuzz" with howard kurtz begins now. have a great sunday, everybody. on the buzz-meter this sunday a feel-good story quickly turns bad. president obama under fire for trading five taliban commanders for an american soldier. as the media keep digging out new details about his decision, his explanation, his failure to consult congress, and at the heart of it the conduct of bowe bergdahl. >> tonight we are hearing stunning new accusations from the soldiers who served with bowe bergdahl and those who risked their lives to save him. >> all the early joy and celebration over bergdahl's release has indeed been clouded over several growing controversies. >> he deserted not only the army, but he also left myself and my platoon and my company to clea


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