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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 21, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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drones, yeah, what the heck, kill a few more terrorists, fine. it won't fix the problem, however. the cockroaches will find another trash can to breed in. just my thought, folks. have a great weekend. i will end this war as president. >> four years ago i promised to end the war in iraq. we did it. >> isil, a terrorist organization that operates in iraq and syria, made advances inside of iraq. >> president obama then and now, two and a half years after pulling out of iraq. the u.s. is back to considering options there. some 300 u.s. military advisers on that way, on their way to a country in crisis while shiite militiamen make a show of force in the south. isil militants appear to launch a new offensive, taking two more strategically located towns in the north. we'll have live team coverage. plus lieutenant colonel tom mcnurny here to weigh in.
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what's next, is he an enemy combatant or criminal? alberto gonzalez will be here to break it down. and an agency americans love to hate gets a grilling as angry lawmakers react in disbelief to the head of the irs' unapologetic answers about missing e-mails related to the targeting of conservative political groups. we'll have the very latest on lois lerner's lost e-mails from d.c. hello, everybody. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with this fox news alert. iraq remains under siege as 300 u.s. military advisers make their way to that country. sunni militants continue to capture iraqi cities and are less than 50 miles from baghdad. a battle rages on with one of iraq's major oil refineries surrounded by militants and insurgents claiming they won't stop until the al maliki government gets out of the way. now we are seeing thousands of shia supporters parading through
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the streets of baghdad as a show of force. we have fox team coverage. john is standing by in our middle east bureau but let's begin with molly right here in d.c. >> uma, the white house says there is strong concern here and among our allies over the, quote, rapid progress that the sunni muslim militants have been able to make in taking over parts of iraq. president obama, as you said, has sent 300 military advisers, not combat troops but advisers, to help stem the insurgency, but some military analysts say that may not be enough. >> i think it's absolutely a step in the right direction. it's not sufficient, though, to truly address the crisis that we're facing in iraq in terms of security crisis. and i don't think it's sufficient to really address the political situation where we have to reach out to the sunnis and attempt to reconcile some of them and also put together a coalition government. 300 advisers i don't think will convince the parties at play
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here that the united states is really making a commitment and is serious. >> president obama also has left the door open to order, quote, targeted and precise air strikes if baghdad requests such help. but at this point the president says he wants to see if iraqi leaders, including iraqi prime minister newouri al maliki can compromise. the president said in an interview yesterday, quote, if they can't, meaning compromise, if they can't, there's not going to be a military solution to this problem. there's no amount of american fire power that's going to be able to hold the country together, and i made that very clear to mr. maliki and all the other leadership inside iraq. u.s. officials say there are manned and unmanned u.s. aircraft flying over iraq 24 hours a day now on intelligence missions. now to my colleague john hutty in our middle east newsroom. john? >> reporter: well, molly, along with what you were saying,
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there's a new group of fighters joining the fray and this could be very dangerous for the united states. i'll tell you why. take a look. several thousand heavily armed shiite fighters madder through sadr city today in southern baghdad. according to their reports they drove their vehicles over american and israeli flags. they are supporters of al sadr. he is aligned with the ayatollah who we told you yesterday said u.s. military advisers being sent to iraq would be attacked. all this comes as iraqi forces continue to battle the isis militants. there are also growing calls, as we mentioned, for iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki to step down. in the meantime u.s. forces remain in the persian gulf awaiting any orders from
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president obama about whether to gear up for military air strikes against the isis forces. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, the stakes remain quite high as the drama continues. joining us with reaction and insight, fox news military analyst, lieutenant general tom mcinurney. it's very interesting as we hear advisers heading to iraq, you have situations with the oil refinery under siege at the moment and iraqi soldiers trapped there. what does will these 300 advisers have when you have situations like that going on and the fact that these insurgents have taken over other cities? >> well, i don't think it will have much difference really. the fact is that they're going to be at high risk of being killed in action, wounded in action or being prisoners of war or, in fact, a green on blue, which we've seen before. and so the risks are far higher than the returns that they'll get. it's a different iraqi army than
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we left in december of 2011. some of the people in washington, i think it's still the same. they still have the same connections. it's not the same. >> you think our guys and gals could really be targets now? >> absolutely. they just said that. if we send them over there, we're going to make them targets. who do we know in the iraqi army that isn't going to flip on them and you have the green on blue. and even if that doesn't happen, i don't think what they're going to do is going to make any difference because we had a failed strategy. and that's what worries me. >> what makes it even more difficult is that al maliki got rid of all the people there in the shia government and the sunnis and also said he didn't want anything to do with them. they have taken to the streets, they have armed themselves and are getting others to join in this fight to help them in this march towards baghdad. do you think that's going to happen, that they're actually going to be able to take control of that city? >> i don't think they'll be able to control baghdad, but they clearly have got anbar province
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and the cities out there, mosul, tikrit, et cetera. but what concerns me, we had a strategy called coin, counterinsurgency strategy and that was to win hearts and minds. the fact is they don't want our jeffersonian maliki, that's whye didn't include the sunnis or the kurds, so you had this fracturing. when we talk about a jeffersonian democracy, it is inclusive of everybody. that's our problem. until they elect a new prime mr minister, make them make the decisions to get a new prime minister that would bring that country together. >> would we be in the same mess if a status of forces agreement had been put into place? >> well, i think it would have taken longer. whenever we left the training wheels were off. depending on who the prime minister was, that would be
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determined. if one was going to be inclusive, fine, they may have had a chance. but without that, and clearly maliki was getting pressure and is aligned more to iran, iraq has become a proxy of iran whether we like it or not. >> and right now going forward, there are a lot of people believing that the ultimate answer here is to divide that nation up and redraw the lines. >> well, i think they'll go through a temporary division. and then the iraqi people themselves will have a chance of coming together. look, let's realize the sunnis are being funded by saudi arabia, the qataris, the emirates and the kuwaitis. we have got to work with them and this uprising is a fire break to put a sunni break between the sunnis and the levant. >> what kind of pressure can the u.s. bring on saudi arabia and kuwait if they stop funding this group? >> well, we can bring a lot of
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pressure, but we have to work it through those primary people, the saudis et al. the saudis are driving this because they don't want the shia crescent to own the whole arabian peninsula and i don't blame them. but let's work together on it. let's not do what they're doing right now. >> general, thanks for your insight, we really appreciate it. radical jihadist group on the march and on the rise. that's the finding from an influential global think tank. the threat to the u.s. from global jihadists has escalated in the last three years with a number of groups spiebing by more than 50%. joining us with insights on this and why it's happening, a closer profile of these al qaeda-inspired jihadists, author of the book "a battle for the soul of islam." and bridget gabriel president of act of america and the author of
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"they must be stopped." welcome to the both of you. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> doctor, let me begin with you. is it true that the civil war in syria has been the largest driver of the growth of the jihadist activity and is now a breeding ground for insurgents including the group isis that's wreaking havoc in iraq right now? >> that's exactly what's happening. to see what a few thousand isis are doing in iraq, imagine what they were doing in syria. the vacuum that happened in syria, if you look at general keen reported and discussed in the "wall street journal" last week, if you look interestingly, isis was not being bombed in searia, it had sanctuaries. bottom line is moderates in large neighborhoods and jen sides have been happening to the moderates in syria while they allowed the radicalization of the population. and the isis movement is about levant and they have moved forward to push forth their faith and ideology. why does this happen?
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when america is not involved, saudi arabia cuts -- they won't fuel pro israel and pro western so this has happened because of our absence. so the syria policy is advancing into iraq. now the iranian crescent is taking over iraq and syria and into lebanon even. >> the isis or isil fighters released its own annual report. it's a 400-page document revealing its chilling breakdown of murderous activities which boast 10,000 operations in iraq alone, 1,000 assassinations in an effort to attract funds from donors and operates like a well organized military group rather than a rag tag band of islamic militants. what do you say about this group? >> well, they are very organized and they did not start yesterday. they have been organizing few years. the problem is we had a vote of leadership in the united states would send a very clear message
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that america was not looking at the radicals. president obama was not interested in fighting the radicals, he looked the other way. they knew this was their opportunity to organize. now let's remember that these what we colorado. >> caller: were the same freedom fighters we were supporting in syria. these are the so-called rebels in syria we were supporting. now once they cross over to the iraqi border, all of a sudden they are terrorists. we in the united states miscalculated and misunderstood our enemy for so long that now the cat is out of the bag and they are very organized and even armed with our own weapons and have received our own training in jordanian training camps and even have american fighters on their sides fighting with them. >> it's really a big mess. doctor, can you tell us more about the funding that's coming to this group and why many political observers seem to be caught off guard by this faction which seemed to gain quite a bit of ground in syria. >> again, because of american
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absence. bottom line there's not only two sides in syria. yes, over time because their funding has come from saudi arabia and the hundreds of millions and from qatar that funds brotherhood islamist type groups, the more moderate groups that exist, the free syria army is not one monolith. islamists have more control in aleppo versus the southeast and other areas so as a result there have been enclaves where saudis and qataris have funded the more mull tant versus the more moderate syria army where we could have helped evolve a more western-looking type of revolution in syria but we didn't do that. as a result the more vicious, the more extreme have dominated the free syria army because of america's absence. we need a vision in the middle east, and as the general mentioned earlier, i agree in the fact that muslims can evolve into a jeffersonian type democracy. the radicals have a vision over 100 years. our president, our policy has no
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vision. it's all black and white. it's crisis management. unless we have a vision for liberty, we're going to continue to be caught on surprise. >> you're shaking your head. >> yes, because i come from lebanon and lebanon is a republic exactly like the united states of america. the islamists there and the muslims were exposed to democracy. democracy was squandered at their feet once they became the majority in the country, they rebeld against our democracy and destroyed the country and look where it is today. we have to address a major issue in the united states and that is where is their ideology coming from and what's driving it and why is it not compatible with our democracy. >> let me ask you about. a level of brutality from isis pales in comparison to others. why have other sunnis also decided to join them in the fight to tear down al maliki's government? >> well, because we didn't -- because we didn't end the ba'
9:15 am
ath. and they are in bed with the radicals and allow them to cheer them on because they want to see the end of the maliki shiite. so the two fascist types of ideology come at one another and the moderates disappear. and because we haven't supported liberty movement, to say that they have had a liberal democracy, i disagree. there's been no opportunity, no defense of reformists, imams. they have had no protection, they disappear because of the vicious climate that they exist. just like in russia, we had a long-term policy against the soviets even until today russia still has not evolved because we've dropped the ball on advancing liberty. the same thing has to happen -- >> i've got ten seconds. >> the middle east is different. the middle east, they are very few moderates and the majority are radicals. it's a different ball game. what we colorado caall radicals they call the norm. >> that's an inhumane view.
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>> i was raised 24 years of my life, that's how they operate. it's the norm. >> that's not american. >> it's certainly a very tough situation and we face lots of challenges with the drama that's continuing to play out there as we speak. my thanks to the both of you. i know you'll both continue to watch as developments unfold. thank you so much. now let's hear from you. what do you think? will 300 military advisers at this point help make a difference in iraq or should the u.s. make a bigger commitment? tweet me your responses and i will read some of your answers later in our show. turning now to other news, we have fury over those missing irs e-mails. >> and that was an apology to this committee. >> i don't think an apology is owed. there is not a single e-mail has been lost since the start of this investigation. every e-mail has been preserved that we have. we have produced or will produce -- >> you don't think the time period between january, 2009, and april 2011 is relevant to
9:17 am
this investigation? >> it is a very relevant time frame. >> fireworks erupting at the hearing on capitol hill yesterday. we'll take a closer look. plus, how to handle the crisis at the border with thousands of children continuing to cross from the rio grande valley from texas. the obama white house wants to spend $250 million in their home countries to stop the flood of people coming here. will that work? first, former a.g. alberto gonzalez will be joining us with his thoughts with what's on tap for benghazi suspect khattala as he gets set to arrive in the u.s. stay with us, back after this. my name is michael,
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9:22 am
prosecuted terror suspects in a civilian court has a nearly 100% conviction rate, a rate that's at odds with gop people that say postpone it so interrogators have time to get valuable intel and ultimately try him in a military court. what say you? >> under the bush administration we had two priorities. the first was prevention, which means we needed information and the second priority was prosecution, bringing someone to justice. in this particular case the president has made the decision that this individual is going to be brought to justice in our criminal courts and you're right, it appears that they're taking advantage of the way they're transporting him by sea to ask him questions. arguably you can make the argument that he's being detained by the military and, therefore, is not in custodial -- is not subject to custodial interrogation. but, you know, again, i think the president appears to want it both ways.
9:23 am
he wants to say we're bringing someone to justice in our criminal courts because they're the best in the world and they truly are. yet he appears to be taking advantage of this transport method in order to question him without, i suspect, without reading him his miranda rights. >> interesting. what about the fact that there are folks who really want to push to get him to trial quickly? the group called human rights watch says the u.s. is obligated under international law to provide him due process protection and a fair trial. libya is calling khattala's capture a kidnapping. what are the political ramifications when you're dealing with a highly charged backdrop on the attack of our consulate where four americans died? >> i would never make apologies for our system of justice, which i think is the fairest in the world. obviously the way that we deal with captured terrorists is going to have ramifications around the world. people will be watching very closely how we deal with this particular individual. and there may be long-term ramifications in terms of how someone may reciprocate when
9:24 am
they capture an american citizen, so it's something we are going to be worried about. but our system of justice in my judgment whether it's military commissions, whether we detain them indefinitely at guantanamo all are consistent with the rule of law as are our trials and criminal justice system. >> i want to talk to you about the military teams going into iraq. we did not get a status of forces agreement with iraq, so what about legal protection for the military adviser reteams that are going to be embedded with iraqi forces? >> i would worry about that, quite honestly. the status of forces agreement is very, very important for our military. we do not want our soldiers in any capacity because things happen, unexpected events occur. and someone may be subject to accusations of breaking iraqi law. so it's very important that we have a clear understanding of what legal rights and obligations exist with respect to these individuals, no matter whether they're add vierkvisers
9:25 am
there on a combat role. this is a very, very important agreement that we need to have in play. >> isn't it true that these legal protection are aimed to ensure that the u.s. troops will be subject to the u.s. military system of justice if needed and not to the iraqi judicial system? >> well, again, the key is if someone engages in conduct that is improper, they are going to be brought to justice. but we want to do so under our system of justice, which as i said earlier, is the fairest in the world. and so it's not a question of are soldiers being over in iraq doing something and then escaping any kind of culpability, this is about making sure that we have due process protection in place for our soldiers when they go in a combat role or advisory role in another country. >> what happens if our folks get up in a situation where they're forced to defend themselves and there may be collateral damage, with innocent people caught in the crossfire who are hurt or killed. what protection should be in place for our troops who are
9:26 am
there, even if in a limited role? >> well, again, it will depend upon the status of forces agreement that we do have in place. of course you're always allowed to defend yourself. there's always the right of self defense. but we don't want -- what we want to do is have that discussion within our own military system, our own criminal justice system. was it the proper use of force. was this a proper situation of self defense. but clearly if you're over there and your life is in danger, your buddy's life is in danger, you're allowed to defend yourself. but to the extent there's any disagreement about that or we have to defend that kind of action, we want to do so under a procedure we're very familiar with and again which i think this my judgment remain the fairest in the world. >> we are being told they'll get some written assurances from the iraqi government about these particular forces but we have yet to hear exactly what type of assurances has been in place so a lot remains unknown at this time, sir. >> well, no question about it.
9:27 am
i've listened to some of your previous speakers. i do believe this is something that's very, very important. i don't know if it's as simple as signing a piece of document and standing over the fax. there's a reason why we can't get the status of forces agreement in the past because these can be very technical, very difficult, very complex. so hopefully this is something that we can work through. but it remains to be seen how long it's going to take. >> absolutely. we thank you as always for joining us with your insights. really appreciate it, sir, thank you. >> good to be with you. russia's president, vladimir putin, ordering a combat alert involving 65,000 troops that will last until next saturday. this after skirmishes, but no large-scale fighting on the first day of a cease-fire in eastern ukraine. nine ukrainian troops were injured in clashes just before and after that cease-fire began. ukraine's president ordering a nearly week-long standdown as part of a peace plan offering amnesty to separatist fighters
9:28 am
who lay down their arms. lawmakers are fed up with the irs scandal. >> it is unbelievable, because that's what everyone in america would have done. they knew in february they had a problem. >> the marine who made a wrong turn is still locked in a mexican prison. but it must have slipped the president's mind maybe? we're going to explain. and youngest golfer at the u.s. open just 11 years old. did she make the cut? you'll want to stay tuned for that. [male vo] inside this bag is 150 years
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9:33 am
allows them to move more easily with weapons and heavy equipment to different battlefields. president obama is calling his mexican counterpart, but this time he makes no mention of the marine that's being held for taking a wrong turn, drawing criticism. >> it is inexcusable, it is inexplicable, it is obscene. the president of the united states spoke to the president of mexico. didn't we just ask about -- no, demand that he be freed immediately. we are beyond the status quo of this marine. we are demanding that he be released immediately. >> and this news, parents filing a $50,000 lawsuit against an alleged third grade bully in an elementary school outside chicago. the boy's parents say he was punched, kicked and hit by a classmate. it also includes the school president. 11-year-old lucy li finishing her historic run at
9:34 am
the women's u.s. open missing the cut by 7 strokes. li is the youngest qualifier in championship history. so in my book she's still a winner. that's a quick look at some of the top stories making news right now in today's fox news flash. this is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. i don't -- i don't believe you. this is incredible. >> i have a long career. that's the first time anybody has said they do not believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> well, fireworks erupting at friday's contentious irs hearing with lawmakers leveling blistering attacks against the head of the irs and allegations of a cover-up in the irs targeting scandal. at issue thousands of lost e-mails and hard drives with rips accusing the irs commissioner of lying.
9:35 am
we have the very latest on the fallout. >> well, the irs commissioner played defense on friday telling congressional lawmakers the agency is not at fault for ex-official lois lerner's hard drive crashing before getting recycled and destroyed. backups he says were only kept for six months. >> i don't think an apology is owed. not a single e-mail has been lost since the start of this investigation. every e-mail has been preserved that we have. >> and while the agency says hard drives belonging to several other staffers had crashed as well, a number of republicans dismissed the story. dave camp suggested a special prosecutor investigate the irs. representative paul ryan told him he has a credibility problem. and others say it just means they can continue the investigation into what they see is a pattern of denial and obstruction. >> you know, we're going to have to continue to do what we have been doing, which is continuing to dig and dig and dig. we obviously want to use our
9:36 am
technology experts to determine if what the irs is saying is true. >> a number of democratic lawmakers thought the treatment during the hearing was unfair and they said the investigation is a political witch hunt brought on by republicans. >> this hearing has been conducted as less as a hearing than it has been as an inquisition and you deserve better. you certainly are obligated to give us truthful answers, and we appreciate that you are trying to. >> now, he will return monday to testify at the house oversight and government reform committee hearing. uma, back to you. >> i guess we should stay tuned for more fireworks ahead on monday. >> thanks. >> thank you. coming up, the latest on the humanitarian tragedy at our border. border patrol agents pushed to the brink with thousands of children continuing to cross over, often without any adults to guide them. we'll hear from a texas congressman who brings us the very latest on what's being done
9:37 am
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9:42 am
to do it. there will be increased enforcement, so that's actually turning around illegal immigrants as quickly as they can using those lawyers and immigration officials. those removal proceedings will be part of that process. we mentioned the judges and attorneys. also there will be $255 million being spent in central america, taxpayers money, to improve security, aid and support, particularly targeting criminal gangs that are driving out these women and children who are turning up on the u.s. border. of course the u.s. government finally admitting that it's not just violence in central america that's driving these children and adults across. listen. >> that misinformation is causing some people who are in a rather desperate situation to risk their lives to come to the united states border expecting that they'll be able to stay in this country. that is simply not true. >> well, the u.s. vice
9:43 am
president, joebiden, has been traveling through central america and saying to leaders there that it is completely unacceptable. the speaker of the house has said, look, the national guard now needs to be sent into arizona, southern california and texas to deal with this immigration crisis. but we've also seen just yesterday senator john mccain visiting the na nogales refugee center and he said the measures that the government proposed now need to be much stronger. listen. >> his message should be no more allowance of people to stay in this country who cross our border illegally. >> reporter: so the department of homeland security opening these centers together with the health and human services facilities. the ones in red are permanent centers. at the moment we have two temporary centers in arizona and down in texas there is discussion that perhaps in virginia and maryland that we
9:44 am
also need to get open because of just the sheer numbers coming across, as many as 1,000 a week. we do know this is having repercussions for the custom and border patrol. they are saying the effort of handling all these children coming across is detracting from the efforts of protecting the border and they're saying that drug seizures they would normally see this time of year have fallen as much as 62% because customs officers are so focused on dealing with the children. of course that is creating more worries about securing our border. >> yeah, they're stretched to the max. thank you so much for that update. we ask you to stay with us because when we come back, we'll hear from a congressman who's been at the front lines at the border. he'll share his insights about what's happening right now and how our border patrol agents are coping with the flood of immigrants. stay with us. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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welcome back, everybody. we have been talking about the escalating humanitarian crisis that continues along the u.s. southern border with thousands of children who are coming here often alone and crowding into centers in the u.s. joining us now, congressman henry cuellar, a texas democrat who's been on the front lines and he joins us now. welcome, congressman. great to have you here today. >> thank you, uma. >> i know you've been following this very closely, you've been down to the border yourself. give us some real perspective about what you're seeing and what's happening with these children. >> well, first of all, let's look at the big picture. just in the month of may of this year, 48,000 people were stopped and detained by border patrol. 48,000 in just the month of may. about 9700 of them were kids with no parents at all.
9:50 am
so thaet tells you there's a hue amount of folks coming in in just a wave of humanitarian. to go into those stations and see those young kids and the people coming in, it's just heart heartbreaking. some of the border patrol told me, look, some of us are former military. we've been in iraq and afghanistan. but when you're a father or mother and you see kids with no parents coming in, that's where the humanitarian crisis comes in, besides the homeland situation we're facing on the border. >> it's so tragic. what are the children telling you? why are they there alone? they are fleeing their countries because of safety concerns? >> they gave me two basic reasons. one was the economics. number two, the violence. they told me stories about people being killed and saying, one father that i was talking to, he had his son in his arms. they said, if you don't give us your son to join our gang, we're going to kill him by tomorrow. that's when he said, that's it,
9:51 am
i'm leaving. but i think tied into that also are the fact that some of those kids told me that they've got parents over here, whether it's in chicago, new york, l.a., other parts of the country. they're trying to join their families. but the other thing is, the bad guys, the smuggling organizations, are telling those people in those three countries, guatemala, el salvador and honest r honduras, if you come over with a child, if you're pregnant, you come in and they'll give you a notice to appear and that means with that piece of paper you can pretty much travel anywhere in the united states. and that's the misinformation that's going on, but practicality that's what we have to change. uma, let me just say this quickly. i've told the obama administration since last month, and i wrote them a very detailed letter as to what we need do. a lot of the things that i've requested they're starting to go now, but when they bring in the immigrations judges down to the border we have to make sure we send a message to those
9:52 am
countries that people can't just come here and stay here, but they are going to be returned after they're given their immigration hearings. >> you know, it's a big mess. i know that the border patrol agents vndz stret ss have been the max with so many of them serving as babysitters and child care workers because no one is there to take care of kids and they're not there to take care of more urgent business to making sure our borders are protecting and seizing drugs at the border. >> excellent point. excellent point. and i've spent a lot of time with the men and women of the border patrol. let me say they're dog an outstanding job. but when they tell me that 40% to 50%, their numbers, not mine, of an agent's time that a's working on this type of cases is used to process the individual, move them around, taking care of them, the question then becomes, who's taking care of the border if 40% or 50% of an agent's time is done processing individuals?
9:53 am
that means drugs are coming in, the bad people are going to come in. and that causes not only a humanitarian crisis but in my opinion a homeland situation. >> let me ask you quickly in the few seconds we have left. texas governor perry wants those borders to be secured by the national guard. what do you think about that? >> well, you know, the national guard or even the dps. he's talking about bringing dps in. as long as they do -- focus just on the criminal element, not immigration because they're not equipped to do immigration patrol, but as long as they do the support or watch or take care of the criminal element and go after the criminal element, i think as long as they coordinate with border patrol, together as a team, that would be fine. >> but are you hopeful we're going to sort this out? it's a real problem right now. we've got so many people at odds, and we don't really know how we're going to coordinate all of this ultimately to get these kids put back with their parents or sending them back. nobody wants to do that.
9:54 am
>> right. it's a difficult issue, but, again, we are playing defense on the 1 yard line. that is the u.s./mexico border. we've got to play defense on the 20 yard line, work with mex cove, secure the border with gaut mall ra, work with the central american countries. because, again, we can't return anybody back to one of those central american countries if they don't give us a travel visa. we can't just put them on a plane. by the way, several time a week there are about 25 flights that go from the u.s. to central america to sendok back the male adults. the problem is, the mothers and the kids that are over here, how do we process that faster so we can send a message that we've got a problem and you just can't come in and go into the u.s. at any time? >> i know you're keeping close watch on this and something that is very important and something we have to get under control. congressman, thank you for joining us. we'll check back with you as this continues. >> thank you. >> thank you. well, we asked and you answered. your twitter responses are next,
9:55 am
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we have been flooded with responses on twitter about the response to our crisis in iraq. merrill writes, i think 300 is too little too late as far as not going back. not with the leadership we have now. jackie says, the u.s. needs to make a big erg commitment in iraq. we need to send troops to stabilize and train. we started this. we need to follow through. karen writes, 300 advisers will not help. it's nothing more than a bucket of water on a forest fire. thanks to many of you who weighed in. it's a story i know that you're following very closely. that will do it for me in d.c. "america's new headquarters" will roll on. in new york, kelly wright and heather childers will take over. one more thing, we have something very special. staff sergeant andy wolf reunited with his best friend iris who fought with him in
10:00 am
afghanistan. the two have been separated in two years. andy came home after his deployment. iris stayed on for another year. enjoy your first day of summer. make it a great day, everybody. hello, everybody. i'll kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. >> good to have you here. >> it's nice to be here. we do have some serious news to start with. shia militia is taking up affirms amid more clashes in iraq. with bad dag on the brink, there are growing calls for iraq's prime minister to go. we will have a live report from the region. also, did the irs lie about those lost e-mails in the tea party targeti ining probe? the agency's chief face egg firestorm. and gm feeling the ripple


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