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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 21, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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afghanistan. the two have been separated in two years. andy came home after his deployment. iris stayed on for another year. enjoy your first day of summer. make it a great day, everybody. hello, everybody. i'll kelly wright. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. >> good to have you here. >> it's nice to be here. we do have some serious news to start with. shia militia is taking up affirms amid more clashes in iraq. with bad dag on the brink, there are growing calls for iraq's prime minister to go. we will have a live report from the region. also, did the irs lie about those lost e-mails in the tea party targeti ining probe? the agency's chief face egg firestorm. and gm feeling the ripple effect from all of these
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recalls, now getting hit with a multibillion-dollar lawsuit. what's next for the nation's largest automaker? first, let's get right to it. new developments in the crisis in iraq. sunni militants seizing another town in the western part of the country, the town is less than 200 miles from the capital city of baghdad. meanwhile, thousands of shee yiet my lish thatmen going on parade in several iraqi cities in a show of force. sending a signal that they're ready to fight. john is live in our mideast bureau with details. john, what can you tell us? >> reporter: kelly, they're definitely sending, this new group, a clear signal that they're getting ready for battle. that could be a problem, by the way, for the united states as well. first, take a look. the several thousand heavily armed shiite fighters paraded through sadr city. they're supporters of mack taud
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da al sadr. he is aligned with who yesterday said u.s. military advisers being sent to iraq would be attacked. now, meantime, the al qaeda linked militants isis have reportedly taken control of a border crossing in the northwestern part of the country, and this as iraqi forces continue to battle for control of that major oil reserve also in the northern part of iraq. and this continues to be a key battleground because if isis fighters were to take control of it, that would obviously continue to fuel their fight. now, we're getting reports that the first group of u.s. military advisers are on the ground right now in bag dad, this of course as u.s. military forces remain in the persian gulf awaiting orders from president obama about whether to start gearing up for military air strikes against isis. >> john, thank you very much for
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bringing us an update on what's going on in iraq. as tensions surge in iraq, 300 american military advisers are now on the way to help prevent the government from falling. we'll discuss the challenges they face and what they might achieve a little later this hour with retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash. more than 30,000 people flocking to one of england's most popular tourist attractions, the ancient stone circle of stonehenge. they are watching the sun rise on the longest day of the calendar year known as the summer soels tis. it has become a huge tradition, largely because it's an important part of europe's pre-christian calendar. the summer solstice happens here in the u.s. around 6:15 eastern time this morning. severe storms are developing across the midwest and northern plains, possibly producing large hail, damaging winds, and even a few tornadoes.
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meteorologist janice dean is live in the extreme weather center for us with more. hi, janice. >> hi, heather. >> are you there? >> i was sitting down just a moment ago behind the scenes, but i'm here and happy summer to you and to everyone out there. we've had a long winter, haven't we? we deserve this first day of summer. caught my breath. let's take a look at the showers and thunderstorms across the map here. we could see the potential for severe weather across the parts of the central plains and the southern plains and flooding is a potential over the next several days. this area over the last seven days has seen over a foot of rain so any more rain is just going to exacerbate an already bad situation. we're going to watch that. in terms of severe weather, large hail, damaging wind and possibly tornadoes across portions of the southeast today. that's an area we're going to be watching for hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. then we have a couple of other areas over the great lakes and the midwest where we could see the potential for strong to
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severe storms. so throughout the day today we'll be keeping an eye on it. of course bring you the latest watches and warnings and also as i mentioned, the forecast rainfall, some areas could get a couple of inches, some spots don't need any more rainfall because we're dealing with flooding, moderate to major, with all of the red and purple gauges. so that's an area of concern. we'll certainly be monitoring it and speaking of summertime, 80s for a lot of you folks across the southeast, gulf coast. beautiful here in new york, 76 degrees, 80 in minneapolis, 83 in el paso, the warmest spot on the map would be phoenix at nints 95 degrees. happy summer, heather. >> to you, too. janice, obviously you have a lot to monitor today. it's understandable you were off camera doing some work. >> thank you for the cover-up. i appreciate it. >> great to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you. well, there's major fallout as thousands of illegal immigrants, most of them
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children, pour in across our southern border. republicans and democrats are going at each other tooth and nail for who is to blame for this growing crisis. we are live in l.a. with the latest. dominiq dominique, good to see you. this is growing to be a very, very big argument on both sides of the aisle. >> it most certainly is. republicans certainly are giving the white house about why it's taking so long to come up with a plan. which on friday they timely hanged to do. now they're working on multiple fronts to stem the flow it's taken a while to come up with this, it's been three weeks since the crisis really hit peak here. so now they're setting up a series of priorities. let's show you what it those priorities are. it's about bringing out about -- it's about really bringing more juj judges and officials to speed up deportations. and that's something, as i say, is a serious es of priorities.
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listen to what the white house said on friday about what that means. >> i think what i would say is our most acute concern is the immigration courts and the backlog building up because of the surge that we've seen along the southern border. that's why we are in fact surging resources to try to address that. >> what it also involves is not just dedicating those officials and judges but also coming up with $255 million aimed at central america's security because it's been xursecurity issues that are behind the flow largely of the people. $162 million was spent on immigration and gang of control including rule of law. in guatemala you will see $40 million spent on violent communities or communities where there is actually excess violence driving women and children out and into the united states. in el salvador, $25 million on youth outreach centers to are prevent them from joining gangs. in honduras, you'll see $80 million policing against gangs. that's improving the local
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police force and how to deal with gangs. that's elaborate and something that joe biden was talking to central american leaders about as he actually traveled through the region. what we've seen is not just dedication of money but an immediate backlash coming from the republicans where there is anger at the amount of money being spent overseas with this problem. listen. >> the vice president was in central america working with the central american countries from which these children and families are coming, gauatemalg el salvador, honduras, giving them money to try to take care of them and yet not offering to texas the money we need to better secure or border. >> well, the latest detention center set up is in nogalas, arizona. we can show you pictures of that where our crew visited earlier this week where you'll see hundreds of young mostly male central americans who have come across. this is supposed to be a temporary center. there are two sem praer centers in the united states at the moment, three permanent ones
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with the possibility of three more health -- sorry, two more health and human services centers coming up to deal with the crisis. the government looking into the possibility of others depending on the scale of this problem. we certainly have seen a tide, at least 2,500 children coming across the border and no sign yet of that stopping whatsoever. we'll see how the white house measures s start to take effec. back to you, kelly. >> dominic, thanks so much. it really makes you think about what's going on south of tborde. still to come, a deadly attack overseas. a soldier turns his gun on his own comrades. opening fire on them and now he's on the run. plus, general motors hit with a massive lawsuit. we'll tell you what it's about and what the impact might be. and then the irs chief refusing to apologize after e-mails go missing tied to the tea party targeting probe. now he's on the hot seat.
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>> to say this is the most corrupt irs in history ignores a lot of history and seems to me again is a classic overreaction to a serious problem which we are dealing with seriously. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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. time now for a quick check of the headlines. in south korea, military officials say an army private opened fire on his comrades, killing five soldiers and wounding five others. the army private is still at large. the shooting happened at an p outpost near the border with north korea. in ukraine, clashes injuring nine ukrainian troops just before and after a cease-fire began. but the large-scale fighting there after ukraine's president ordered a 6 1/2 day standdown. russian separatists are dismissing the cease fire as fake. back here at home, the search continues for an outdoors writer who went missing while hiking in washington state's mt. ray near national park. karen sykes disappeared late wednesday while working on a
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story. fireworks on capitol hill at a congressional hearing into how the irs lost thousands of e-mails covering the time period from when the agency was accused of targeting tea party and conservative groups. the house ways and means committee chairman blasting the irs chief for not alerting congress more quickly about those lost e-mails. >> what i didn't hear in that was an apology to this committee. >> i don't think an apology is owed. there is not a single e-mail that's been lost since start of this investigation. every e-mail has been preserved that we have. we have produced or will produce by the end -- >> you don't think t time period between january 2009 and april 2011 is relevant to this investigation? >> it is a very relevant time frame. >> elizabeth fran live for us in washington with the very latest. i find it interesting that he said since the investigation has begun. elizabe elizabeth? >> hi, heather. and you heard there lieu makers want to know why the agency
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claims the hard drives belonging to ex-official lois lerner and other staffers crashed before getting recycled and destroyed. john koskinen told them the agency is not at at all tifault >> this is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. i don't believe you. this is incredible. >> i have a long career. that's the first time anybody has said they do not believe me. >> many republicans accuse the agency of obstruction committee chairman -- others say the irs as a whole is corrupt. >> this is a criminal enterprise. let's first of all just be honest about it. what makes this so very i think disheartening to the american people, the irs is the only federal agency that operates out of the bounds of the normal constitutional process.
10:17 am
they can investigate you. they can charge you. they can punish you. all one-stop shopping. >> but a number of democratic lawmakers thought the treatment during the hearing was unfair. they say the investigation is a political witch hunt brought on by republicans. >> this hearing has been conducted as less as a hearing than it has been as an inquisition. you deserve better. you certainly are obligated to give us truthful answers, and we appreciate that you are trying to. >> but it's not over for koskinen. he'll return to the hill on monday, testifying again. heather, back to you. >> thank you, live from d.c. joining us now for a affair and balanced debate, angela mclalen and former aide to senator harry reid row dell mole aknow. we thank you both for join iing us. how would you characterize the
10:18 am
behavior of the irs chief during this congressional hearing we all witnessed? angela, we'll begin with you. >> very arrogant and condescending but this is nothing new to this administration, kelly. whenever there's failure, whenever they have to explain, they become arrogant, including the commander in chief. so i'm not surprised. the only thing i'm disturbed by, how many committees do we need to oversee this hearing and the process of corruption? >> row dell? >> i thought that hearing was political theater at its best. i can't believe i'm saying this about an irs official, but i was very proud of the way that he handled himself because it was the theater of the absurd. whatever problems that you might have with the irs, the way that the republicans acted in that hearing, it was to score political points. it wasn't actually to answer any questions. >> no, it wasn't. >> hold on, angela. >> it wasn't to answer any questions. it was to score political points. they were vamping for the cameras. look, i think you have to go pretty far to make the irs look good. i think the republicans made the
10:19 am
irs look good in that hearing. >> wow, that's kind a statement, making the irs look good. i've got to ask you, many americans find the actions of the irs to be very disheartening at best. here's why. this is an agency you would have to agree that can investigate you. >> yes. >> charge you, punish you and treat you like you're guilty without ever presuming you're innocent. >> uh-huh. >> given that scenario, you still want to hold on to the fact that this was vamping and political theater? >> yes, i do. >> why? >> for a couple of reasons. one, in this whole process, this is actually has been foerlgten. it wasn't just conservative groups that were targeted. >> but they proved at the hearing -- >> let me be clear. here on fox we have stated it's not just the tea party but also liberal groups. but angela, getting to the poichbt, is this political theater when president obama once said of the irs tea party matter that there is not a smidgeon of corruption in the irs, yet we see this situation where the hard drive 0 is gone
10:20 am
when you want to get to the e-mails to find out how many tea party, conservative and liberal groups were targeted? >> first of all, the hope and change president said that he would have transparency and accountability. you can't have accountability without transparency. and they act like these e-mails we're looking for the malaysian plane. it's not rocket science, folks. in this day and age, if you delete a file, you can find it. even if hard drives are destroyed, you will be able to find it. for the president to say there's not a smidgeon of corruption -- kelly, let me give our commander of chief props. this didn't just happen in his administration. the irs has been corrupt since nixon. that's why dick armey got it right, let's apolish the irs and have a flat tax. what's wrong with that? the irs is supposed to be a nonpolitical organization to collect tax revenue to give to the treasury. point blank. >> rodell? >> therein lies the point, that republicans don't like the irs.
10:21 am
they flefr liked the irss. >> oh, you do? you love the irs? you love it? you love paying taxes? >> angela? >> i love paying my fair share. they're an easy target. liked to say one other thing. the way the republicans have presented this is lois lerner two years ago knew she was going to -- knew that she was going to do what she did so she erased all of these e-mails two years before there was an investigation. she then sent an e-mail to her i.t. people saying, i've lost awl these e-mails to cover her tracks. i don't believe that. lois lerner must be the best criminal mastermind ever. could it may be just be that the computer crashed? >> no. >> rodell,s let me ask you something, you being an astute politicians and very savvy, if you lost your e-mails and you went to the irs, before the irs, knowing they're investigating you, said, i lost all my e-mails and the hard drives for the last seven years, how would you anticipate them treating you? >> this is what i would say.
10:22 am
back in 2006 when the same thing happened with republicans when 5 million e-mails went missing during the u.s. attorney general -- i'm sorry, the u.s. attorney scandal and white house, we can't find the e-mails, democrats fumed and at the end of the day there was absolutely no proof that the republicans did anything wrong. >> distraction, distraction. >> if republicans and congress right now will find proof something was done wrong, then they should bring it up. but for right now, this is a lot of conjecture and a lot of political theater. >> he asked what you would say, rodell. this is deflection and distraction. that's what liberals do. we didn't start this scandal, but i'm very thankful, hopefully ways and means, darrell issa or something can finish it where we can find out the answers. the american people are losing their freedom and also their ert. >> rodell, you didn't answer the question. we thank you for joining us, angela. boy, what a feisty discussion. >> i know, i know.
10:23 am
>> you guys go home and settle what you need to do with the irs. >> thank you for having us. >> good-bye. well, got to have some humor for this sad situation that goes on in our own irs. don't miss this. congressman charles bu stanny chairman of the house oversight committee will try to make sense of all of this. he will speak with maria bartiromo on the irs scandal tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. on sunday morning futures on the fox news channel. be sure to be there to watch it. but still to come, continue to watch us as well, coming up, president obama announcing the next steps in iraq. >> we do not have the ability to simply solve this problem by sending in tens of thousands of troops and committing the kinds of blood and treasure that has already been expended in iraq. >> so with the u.s. refusing to get into the battle, does this
10:24 am
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welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news for you. a tragic accident killing six people in montana. a fire engine crashing into a pickup truck on a highway, killing the chief of the fire department. five members of a family, a couple and their three children, the cause of the accident is under investigation. soccer star hope solo reportedly arrested for allegedly striking her sister and her nephew. reports say the 32-year-old got into an argument during a family gathering at her home in kirkland, washington. and hundreds of afghans
10:29 am
taking to the streets protesting alleged fraud in last week's presidential runoff. this as the country's former foreign minister accuses electoral officials of trying to rig the vote against him. the preliminary results expected to be resulted on july 2nd. in today's "jond a dream" we focus on a woman who came to 0 this country as a child in pursuit of her american dream. nina reese achieved that dream through the power of a great education and now, well, she's championing the cause for charter schools because she says they're working. in many cases even outperforming other schools. >> what's special about charter schools and what really excites me about this sector is the diversity of it. so you have people on the conservative end of the spectrum, the liberal end of the spectrum, all coming together to advocate for better education for students and they're very customized. >> nina rees believes when it
10:30 am
comes to education one size does not fit all. as the president and ceo of the national alliance of public charter schools she knows that these schools effectively operate in unique settings to provide a quality education for students. whether they're in low income, urban areas or rural farm areas. rees says it's more important now than ever for all children in america to get a great education in order to compete globally. >> i would say maybe 10, 20 years ago there were certain jobs that would have been suitable for those without a good education and those days have passed us very fast. there are students abroad in india and china and other places that are producing highly educated individuals who have the drive and the desire to move to this country and a lot of the jobs that should be going to our students. >> for rees, the cause to champion education for all classes of americans is personal. she grew up in iran, where her opportunities for advancement, as a woman, were nonexistent.
10:31 am
her parents wanted something greater for their daughter so they emigrated to america. >> so this is after the iranian revolution and after the war with iraq had started, and my parents moved here really to give me better educational options. in iran as a woman at the time i didn't have a lot of opportunities. every morning when i wake up, i'm reminded of the fact that they left everything in their home country to give me a better opportunity. so it's really imperative for me to take their dreams and aspirations and make sure i'm giving some back. >> upon completing her collegiate education, rees began working tirelessly to give children better access to a greater education. she worked as a domestic policy adviser to vice president dick cheney, then went on to serve as head of the office of innovation and improvement at the u.s. department of education. in that role, she got to know and understand the charter school movement. she saw it as an opportunity to empower families to provide better educational options for
10:32 am
their children. >> so long as we have close to a million names on waiting lists to attend charter schools, my dream is never fully realized. again, we've discovered a silver bullet, but we haven't been able to really expand it as broadly as we possibly can to make a difference. >> nina rees's dream to make a difference in education is very much alive. her personal journey through life provides her with a unique perspective on the world. her experience at the higher levels inside washington will help the charter school movement remain a great option for families. well, the iraqi army struggling to maintain control of the country, as sunni militants seize two more strategically located towns. now shiite militiamen are taking up arms. amid the raging battles, there are growing calls for prime minister nuri al malaki to step down as sectarian violence
10:33 am
threatens to tear that country apart. and all of this coming as 300 american military advisers are due to arrive in iraq to help prevent a total collapse. let's bring in retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash, our fox news military analyst. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> we're talking about 300 american special forces headed over there. that's in addition to 175 troops currently protecting the embassy and 100 more on standby. if you were in charge, what would you have the u.s. do? >> right now, i would gather intelligence. i would make it clear to the malaki government that they probably ought to look at a succession plan, and more importantly i would get in touch with the sunni tribal elders and convince them that it is in everyone's interest right now to establish a cease-fire. they've already gained the ground that they need to substantiate and bolster their
10:34 am
negotiating position with the government, but continuing on much beyond this is going to push the country into a civil war. their grievances are valid in that the malaki government is an iranian puppet and that the sunnis have been disaffected. so the last thing i think we want to do is get into a position where, since those sunnis have been persecuted by their government, then we double it by going in and actually bombing them or doing something like that. that would be counter productive at this point. >> you mentioned the possibility of pushing it toward civil war. explain it in a larger context to our viewers. >> here's the grievance. the overall context is sunni/shia, a religious war that's been going on since the death of mohammed. but what this really is about, this is a trifecta. you have a religious issue, which is what i just xmraichbed. you also have an economic issue in that the sunni tribes in the north and the curds in the north have been disaffected from being able to ship oil that they
10:35 am
believe is theirs out of the country without baghdad getting the cut and holding the purse strings. so they see that as an intrusion. and the third thing is political. the baathist party which was outlawed after saddam fell is still very much alive in the subculture. that's where the sunni have their political base. so you have all of these iranian puppet parties that stood up after the fall of saddam. so you have the perfect trifecta of disaffection. it's religious. it's political. it's economic. >> speaking of political, would it help or hurt for al malaki to step down? >> oh, it would be very beneficial. in fact, that's one of the three sunni demands. they want compensation from the government. they want malaki to step down. and they want some autonomy, i.e., federalism. they want a federal republic, not this tightly controlled government from baghdad because
10:36 am
that government has been abusing them. >> well, you've heard the saying the grass is not always greener. if al malaki steps down, who do you think would replace him? >> well, there are a couple of people, and that's not something for the united states to muddle in. it's something for the iraqis to determine. there is a french educated former finance minister who is a shiite who could be tapped for that job. former prime minister allow we who was the first prime minister after saddam hussein was overthrown is also out there. and some people are actually intentioning ahmed chal aby again, which is kind of a stretch. but it's up to the iraq cis to determine their political successi succession. it has to be somebody everybody will support but at the same time they have to realize that like many other places what the people are arguing for is a less powerful central government and more autonomy within their own sections. >> what about our gulf allies?
10:37 am
what are they saying about what we should or should not be doing? >> great buoyant. they're saying stay out of it. don't get involved in this fight because if you do, you're actually being drawn in to fight the sunni. if you do, you're being drawn in to fight our enemy, which is iran. so this back to the original religious side where you have our gulf allies all sunni and the potential healdge amman in e gulf are the iranians. we don't want to get back into that. we don't really understand this. we've been out of there too long. we've lost our intelligence viewpoint, the eyes on the ground and an understanding if we ever had one of what's going on over there. now is not the time for us to jump back in. >> thank you so much for your insight. we really appreciate it, captain chuck nash joining us. thanks. >> my pleasure. >> he always has such great incredible insight. you can find an abundance of sodium in some of our favorite foods. now the fda is proposing a plan
10:38 am
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or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. welcome back. hard times are far from over for general motors, the car company now facing a $10 billion class action lawsuit. that's 10 billion with a capital "b." it involves potentially 15 million people who owned or leased vehicles affected by one of gm's many recalls. so how would thisgm's business?
10:43 am
joining me now is president of john vento accounting firm. thanks for join us. this $10 billion lawsuit, what does that potentially mean for this company, general motors? >> i think in the big scheme of things it probably isn't going to mean much simply because lawsuits such as these are very, very common. the way i like to look at it, a recall is as common as a storm in the middle of april. just a very common occurrence. >> i was just figuring they make $3.8 billion that they settle at anything more than that, would that wipe out the company? >> no, not at all. if they were able to survive bankruptcy, this i would say is not as significant as? are making it sound. >> here is another point. recall after recall, gm is still enjoying profitable sales on its cars. how is that possible? because this for any company would be a pr nightmare, yet
10:44 am
they've been able to keep people buying their cars despite the recalls. >> well, it comes down to the fact that their reputation, general motors is out there, people know it to be a very, very reliable vehicle. even with these recalls, i still think the brand name, the goodwill so to speak is still very, very strong. this company is not going out of business anytime soon. the big mistake i believe they made is how they handled it, from a public relations point of view. made some major mistakes here. you want to take elle problems like this face on. you don't want to ignore it or put it on the side because it's just going to come back to haunt you. not just with some lost sales but also your goodwill, your name and reputation. that's what's going to keep customers coming back year after year. something like this really hurts the company in the long run. >> john, as you mentioned, something like this hurts the company in the long run and they've been accused of having a culture of corruption inside gm because they knew this was going on. it resulted in at least 13
10:45 am
deaths,accidents, numerous recalls. what is the plan they put into effect to at least keep the customers coming back to buy their vehicles? >> well, first and foremost they have to put customer safety first. that is by far the most important criteria that any business especially in the auto industry should be running their company by. when you have a person's life at risk, you better make sure your product is safe. that's, a, number one. so i think their culture needs to basically be reevaluated and rather than it looking at a immediate profit and worrying about how this quarter's profit is going to be affected they have to look at this as a long-term thing they have to deal with. >> having said that, how are they faring under the lead leadership of the new ceo, mary barra. we've seen her go to congress twice now and answer a lot of questions, as best as she can. how is she performing as a ceo, and what kind of vision is she
10:46 am
making for this company? >> in terms of the bottom line numbers, the company seems to be dog quite well overall. they continue to have growth in sales, profitability. so from a fundamental, are they operating the business from the numbers point of view soundly, seems like they're doing a fairly good job with that. again, the problem is not how they're running the business but how they're treating their customers. >> has she appeared forthright in trying to get to the bottom of this? >> i guess that's all a matter of opinion. i'm not sure what my opinion is on that one. >> but her leadership really counts publicly. >> absolutely. she is the face of the company, at least for now. >> and your assessment of her is what at this point? >> i would just say neutral. i can't are really give you a strong opinion one way or the other. but the company itself seems to be doing fine. >> it does indeed, despite all the problems they'vor encountered and caused. john vento, we thank you for your perspective on this.
10:47 am
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welcome back. americans apparently consume on average about 3400 milligrams of sodium a day, and that's about 50% more than the american heart association's recommended intake. now the fda is planning to roll out some new guidelines for food companies and restaurants to reduce sodium levels. so how much sodium should we consume a day? dr. dave sa mahdi is the chair of urology, also professor of urology at the hofstra north shore lij school of medicine and a member of our fox news medical a-team. you're a busy man. >> that's a long title. >> good to ask you, then, how much sodium should we be taking in every day? your opinion. >> if well, if you talk to the american heart association, they recommended about 2300 milligrams of sodium. you just mentioned that we're consuming about 3400. so about 1.5 teaspoons.
10:53 am
that's a lot of sodium. salt and sodium means high blood pressure. in the picture of having an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, now you're adding high blood pressure to it. you're basically coming up with what we call a metabolic syndrome. what is that? the basic precurse or for heart disease and stroke. so, heather, this is very important. the question is, how tough the fda is going to be, how far they'll push the restaurants and companies to really lower the amount of salt. >> and what might be surprising to people is really how much sodium would be in necessarily this one bag of potato chips. it says all natural so you might possibly think that it has less sodium in it, but that's not the case. we looked at the back, and this has basically what you should eat all day. >> yes. what's interesting is, at least for me and we've talked a lot to our audience, we always look for fat, right? fat is the fist thing i look at. we look at trans fat and fat.
10:54 am
but you don't look for potassium and sodium. so salt is really sneaking up on us. if you look at all the potato chips, processed food, hot dogs. there's so much salt hidden in the food so you're already getting it. my first advice to a lot of people is get rid of your salt shakers. you don't need to add. right off the bat, don't add any more salt to your food because you're already getting plenty of it. and also stay away from processed meat because there's enough there. from 3400 milligrams to 2300, that's a lot of salt we're adding to our food without knowing. why is this happening? longer shelf life is one reason why companies are adding this. it tastes better. and also to prevent bacterial growth. >> but then if you were to strengthen these guidelines or the fda makes a stronger push for them, that could potentially make the prices of the food go up. >> well, that can certainly be the case. but i'd rather eat less and eat healthier and live longer than
10:55 am
just eat a lot and have all of this stuff in it. we really have, the health care system is going toward bankruptcy because we are not taking care of ourselves. we talked about personal responsibility. >> yes. >> should the government really push this guideline on the company or not? >> another regulation. >> right. so, look, if we are self-responsible, we don't need the government. if they're not doing it, i think they should be forceful. lower and put a standard across the restaurants, no more salt. it's too much. >> i can tell you how many times i've just seen people do this, salt salt salt salt salt. >> i don't even think i have salt in my apartment. i use salt on nothing. and i do always look at the salt content. >> i always do what i preach. i got rid of all the sugar for my coffee. you feel much better. you start losing weight. i got rid of salt as much as i k. you get plenty of it in food. i feel a lot better. >> thank you, doc. >> we're glad you feel better, doctor, thank you very much. well, still to come, for
10:56 am
more on this and all the stories dr. samadi is covering, watch sunday house call 12:30 p.m. eastern time. that will do it for us. i'm kelly wright. >> and i'll see you at 7:00. and bring the kids to our free family summer camp. c'mon, you want heartburn? when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact. and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... tums! let that phrase sit with you for a second. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back
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