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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 21, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. on this saturday, iraq is on the brink. this as sunni militants take over yet another key city. those insurgents launching a new offensive by storming another town northwest of baghdad. this is now the second city to be captured in the critical anwar province which saw some of the worst fighting during the iraq war. hello, everyone on this saturday afternoon. welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> thank you for being with us. as the terror group isis gains more ground in the north, eric, we're seeing thousands of heavily armed supporters from the opposing shiite community
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parading through baghdad, sparking fears that the country could descend into an all-out civil war. molly is live in washington with the latest are reaction from there. molly, as we know, president obama is sending 300 military advisers to iraq. but one iraqi cleric is already warning against that move. tell us why, molly. >> ar them la, high-level shiite cleric according to sky news warned on friday if u.s. military advisers come into iraq, the cleric said, quote, we will be ready for you. one fox news military analyst says this is a dangerous mission for those advisers. >> if we said them over there, they're going to make them targets. who do we know 0 in the iraqi army that isn't going to flip on them? and you have the green on blue. so that's why i'm -- then even if that doesn't happen, i don't think what they're going to do is going to make any difference because we had a failed strategy. that's what worries me.
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>> president obama said on thursday that he would be sending those 300 military advisers not combat troops into iraq to help with intelligence and training of iraqi security forces. they are not on the ground yet. >> molly, is president obama concerned at all about iraq breaking apart? >> yes, concerned about that and concerned about some kind of full-blown civil war. president obama says he wants to see if iraqi leaders, including iraqi prime minister nuri al malaki, can rise above religious and tribal differences and compromise. if they can't, the president said in a media interview, quote, there's no amount of american firepower that is going to be able to hold that country together. the white house says the president's top priority is the safety of u.s. personnel in iraq, but he believes that the 300 military advisers might help iraqis quell the insurgency. >> there has been an enduring military to military relationship between the united
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states and iraq and we're going to ramp up that support through training, through the provision of equipment and in other ways, and in the context of advisers. >> u.s. officials say there are manned and unmanned u.s. aircraft flying over iraq 24 hours a day now, on intelligence missions. >> molly, thanks so much for that perspective from d.c. meanwhile, in afghanistan, hundreds of people taking to the streets of kabul protesting fraud in last week's presidential runoff. adding to the tension, the country's former foreign minister accuses electoral officials of trying to rig the vote against him. the preliminary results are are expected to be released on july 2nd, but abdullah abdullah says he will not recognize the results. also in ukraine there is relief to report today. we're told there are no large scale fighting today. that one day after the country's new president ordered a unilateral cease-fire with those
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pro-russian separatists. the conflict has left 300 people dead and placed more than 34,000 others so far. separatists leaders reject the cease-fire saying they will not disarm. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin now says he is backing what he calls an unrealistic cease-fire, but he is still ordering his troops on the week-long combat alert. nato says moscow has resumed that mill ter buildup that could potentially threaten ukraine on the border. speaking of borders, thousands of children caught in a political fire fight. they are immigrant children pouring into the united states, running from poverty and violence in central america. the problem is how to care for them as politicians bicker over who's to blame. dominic live in l.a. with more. >> well, the white house has a plan, but it is by no means a master plan to fix the united states' illegal immigrant problem. what instead on friday they came
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out with was an emergency plan to tackle all these children and families that have been coming acro across. this is what the plan looks like. let's talk through the bullet points, show you what we've got. it is increased enforcement of the borders. that's trying to prevent these children and families coming across. increased r ed removal proceedi the form of more immigration officials, more judges to more expediently process deportations. more judges, more attorneys to back all of this up. plus $255 million of u.s. taxpayers' money which will be spent in central america tackling security issues, providing some aid and supporting those governments in cracking down on criminal gangs that are creating the violence that is drive 0ing a lot of these people north. but the white house finally admitting on friday it's not just this violence in central america that is driving the children and adults across. listen. >> that misinformation is cau causing some people who are in a
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rather desperate situation to risk their lives to come to the united states border, expecting that they'll be able to stay in this country. that is simply not true. >> not true and not acceptable according to the vice president joe biden who spent much of the week traveling through central america, meeting leaders telling them how to help the united states stem this problem. but arizona senator john mccain was down at a temporary processing center for illegal il grants in nogalas yesterday. he's been saying, look, whatever the white house has come out with, it is by no means tough enough. >> his message should be, no more allowance of people to stay in this country who cross our border illegally. >> here you can see the processing centers that we have across the united states. nogalas, one in the center of the map, you've also got one in texas as well at brownsville. san antonio is one of the main
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permanent centers, ft. sill in oklahoma is another one and actually just outside oxnard in central california, naval base ventura. those are are the permanent ones. there was going to be another one out in virginia, but unfortunately people living in that area were absolutely adamant that they didn't want these illegal immigrants, whether they were children or adults, on their doorstep. so now the government is trying to find somewhere else to where they can put them. at least two more temporary centers needed for health and human services to house all these kids coming across. back to you. >> dominic, thanks so much. eric? workers are now cleani a greasy mess happening outside ft. collins, colorado. about 7500 gallons of crude oil dumped in the river near the town of windsor, colorado, that crude spilled from a tank, officials say the tank is on the riverbank and that floodwaters then washed away the ground under the tank which caused it to drop and break a valve. they say the oil has stained plant life down the river but so
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far thankfully has not yet affected any drinking water. i want some lemonade right about now. here is the good news. it's the first day of summer. not so good news in many parts of the country, facing some severe storms today. meteorologist janice dean with the details. high, j.d. >> i should be selling the lemonade outside, right? next time. let's take a look at the temperatures. it feels like summertime across much of the central u.s., the gulf coast, the southeast. a little cooler than average for parts of the northeast and the great lakes as well as the northwest. but otherwise, yes, 80s and 90s for many of you. with that, the threat for severe storms in the afternoons through the evenings, we actually have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 p.m. including the city of chicago. but i want to point out where we have severe thunderstorm warnings, south of the atlanta area, southeast of mont gom ary, alabama, then we have a couple
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of severe thunderstorm warnings south of the chicago area. that's why they've put that watch in effect for the next several hours, conditions are favorable for severe storms, including large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes as well. so we'll continue to monitor this region as well as parts of the carolinas throughout the afternoon and the evening. again, we could see some strong to severe storms. we'll certainly keep you up to date. future radar will show you the threat for storms throughout the evening and into the overnight and into tomorrow. that's where we have the threat today. mainly across the central u.s., the southern plains, central and southern plains, certainly we'll keep you posted. probability for tornadoes in june, we're right on target here across the sent acentral u.s., of florida as well as the southeast. and just taking a look right now, by month, we're close to average right now. we started off very quiet, but as we get into april, may and june, things start to certainly tally up. so we'll certainly keep you posted on all the watches and warns.
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we had an active week this week with the dual tornadoes that we saw earlier in nebraska. so not a volatile situation but certainly isolated tornadoes are possible. back to you. >> definitely. i know you'll stay on top of it for us. thanks so much. it's been nearly one year since that pack ed jetliner crashed in san francisco. in 72 hours we're about to hear what the ntsb has decided what caused that deadly accident and what they say should be changed. eric, republicans choose new leaders in the house for the next 40 days at least. will they get anything done before the midterms? >> i make one promise. i will work every single day to make sure this conference has the courage to lead with the wisdom to listen. [male vo] inside this bag is 150 years
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live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares. there's new leadership in the house after congressman eric cantor's defeat at the hands of the tea party. republicans electing kevin mccarthy from california as the next majority leader. but it could be a short-term gig. there will be another leadership election in november. guy len benson is political editor at town and fix news contributor.
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christy sensor is president of new heights communications and was a spokesperson for former vermont governor howard dean. good to see both of you. >> good to be here. >> guy, i'll start with you. what do you think this means for the party? and i want to pull from susan's weekly column released yesterday. she's saying, can you call this a victory? >> well, i think that, as you alluded to, there are only a few dotz legislative days left on the calendar because now and the next leadership election, which will come after the midterms. so this was a status quo sort of placeholder, if you will, leadership election that the republicans just held. and whether the current new leadership team with mccarthy as majority leader, remains intact remains to be seen because in late november we're going to do this all over again. and i know there are democrats, whether it's susan's trich or
11:46 am
others that are experiencing -- over the republican çupheaval the house, but i think republicans might want to turn that right around on democrats and say, look, we have some changes going on and some shifting, no doubt, but on the democratic side of the aisle, the leadership team is not budging. barack obama, harry reid and nancy pelosi. >> that was good, guy. let me go to christy now. guy says, listen, don't worry about it, this is it a placeholder. do you see it that way, christy? i want to ask you, why do you think the gop chose representative mccarthy? he is not a tea party choice. >> yeah, he's not a tea party choice, but on some level it actually doesn't matter. no matter who is in leadership, the party is controlled by the tea party. kantor's loss was a shot across the bow to any republican politician who might be thinking about working with the president or democrats on any issue, immigration or otherwise. and so i mean eric cantor was actually seen as the architect
11:47 am
of party of no. now it seems like the party is doubling down on that. regardless of whether it's being led by kevin mccarthy or somebody seen as more of a tea party leader, i think they're going to go along the same path chshgs is no no no to anything the president or democrats might want. >> guy, let's look at the immediate agenda. what should be on it and will immigration reform make the cut? >> let me answer the second part of the question first on immigration. i think the answer now more clearly than ever is no. at least this year. i think that's actually the right decision politically. i have written and said on the air in the past that i am in favor of a smart responsible immigration reform bill at some point, and i think just the crisis that you guys just covered in the previous segment playing out on the southern border really underscores the fact that our immigration system is broken and needs fixing. however, it is such a toxic issue in conservative circles,
11:48 am
dropping a daisy cutter in the party in the leadup to an election that will require unity by trying to tackle immigration is crazy politically. >> i hear your point. so what should be the immediate agenda? >> i think both parties are digging into an election cycle mentality. rare glimpses of unity and urgent action like we've seen on the v.a. reform issue and sort of those efforts. but i think both parties are going to resort to a lot of messaging voting. i would expect in the fall obamacare votes, job votes, energy votes and we'll see how this new leadership team on the republican side performs and how their colleagues look and evaluate their performance. >> i've got to go. christy, i'll give you the last 20 since i started with guy. >> sure. look, i agree. i think the next month is going to be a whole lot of nothing. that's a shame. i think republicans should undertake immigration reform and i think kevin mccarthy as a californian whose district is a third latino understands it
11:49 am
better than anyone but i don't think it will happen. >> you know the americans are over 0 a whole lot of nothing. i've got to go, guy, christy, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. it's a very small group, but some u.s. forces are going back to iraq. as we've been reporting, the white house sending 300 military advisers to try to deal with the situation. but is that enough to stop the rampaging islamic militants and should they have been pulled out in the first place? we'll speak with a member of the house armed services committee about what we can expect in iraq next, what we can do, will it help and the future of the region, so crucial. coming up. what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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islamic state of iraq and syria are on the march. they are said to be 40 miles away from baghdad. with those 300 u.s. military adviser on their way to iraq to help the shiite government the crisis under control, will they? trent franks from arizona joins us now from san diego. congressman, good to see you. 300 american adviser. can that number turn the tide against these fired up, ruthless islamic militants. >> our special forces and adviser we are send having incredible ability to organize and understand the danger we face there. there is some efficacy to that. to the bigger story here, you opened the program, you mentioned islamic state of rock and syria. that really sends -- tells the whole story if we examine
11:54 am
carefully. this administration somehow has this magic ability when it comes to the middle east or anywhere else in the world to get it wrong every time. their generals warned them that if we pulled out of rock without establishing forces agreement that something like this could happen. this isis group that makes al qaeda look like cub scouts, one of the most dangerous and brutal groups in the world. they are killing especially christians and yet, we have moan about it for quite some time. this administration simply had to read their own reports and some 10,000 operations of military capacity there and they claimed to have -- had 4,000 improvised explosive devices, over a thousand assassinations. i just don't know how this catches this administration every time. it seems like niatit is naive.
11:55 am
>> he didn't want us there. the obama administration insisted on the parliament approving that status of forces. that wasn't going to happen. this is al maliki's fault. >> maliki is obviously a failed leader. there is no question about that. this administration projected weakness and vacillation all over the world. if you just grant me diplomatic immunity, columbine to be harsh, but somewhere on a peanut farm in south georgia, jimmy carter must be breathing an enormous sigh of relief because he knows he will not go down in history it is a most inept president we ever had. >> i want to point out you are a republic republican. republicans speaking point that out. there is an article about a secret u.s. plan to aid iraq fizzled among mutual distrust.
11:56 am
the administration tried to do something secretly says "the wall street journal" but interest didn't work. to get your reaction. >> well, ultimately, as you know, there are your use all over the country and the world now that i think represents pretty serious danger in this country. this administration talked about aligning ourselves with iran and that will only give them additional credibility and if iran gains a nuclear weapons capability, which i think this helps them in that pursuit, we will need a new calendar. lit change our world that much. our children will then walk in and shout talk dollar terrorism. it just boggles and be wilders me. >> we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. sfx: car unlock beep.
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. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shawn. the white house keeping an anxious eye on iraq. this as the u.s. responds to the growing sectarian violence there. we will have a live report from the region. the irs scandal wideens. lawmakers accusing the agency's chief lying about those missing e-mails. the u.s. soccer player that with s a role model for many girls, well, noun under arrest. we will tell what you she is
12:01 pm
accused of doing. we begin in iraq where pressure is mounting between the two major religious sects and the government trying to keep a lid on everything there. shiite militiamen paraded through several cities in iraq showing they are ready to fight. today a warning from the shiites to the u.s. about getting involved. meanwhile, sunni militants took over another town in the west less than 200 miles from baghdad. we have the latest from the mideast bureau. >> reporter: there have been many more developments like you have been talking about in iraq as the battle continues to raging on several fronts and this as a new group is now joining the fray and this could be a problem for the united states. i will explain. first, take a look. several thousand heavily armed shiite farmers paraded through sadr city in southern baghdad. the shiite forces are supporters
12:02 pm
of man named al sadr. she aligned with sistani who said yesterday u.s. military adviser being sent to iraq would be attacked. pox is being told those military adviser have not yet arrived in baghdad. meantime, the al qaeda i willtants have taken control of two keyboarder crossings along the iraq-syria boarder in northwestern eye g iraq. this as iraqi forces continue to battle for control of a major oil refinery in the northern part of the country. that continues to be a key battleground because if isis fight were to take control of it that would continue to fuel their fight and all of this, of course, as the call for iraqi prime minister al maliki to resign continue to grow louder and at this point u.s. forces remain in the persian gulf awaiting orders from president obama about whether to start
12:03 pm
gearing up, gearing up, and getting ready. military air strikes against those isis militants. >> john huddy in jerusalem. thanks, john. accusations now of a coverup and officials lying. this part as the tea party targeting scandal has gotten bigger this past week. did you see the hearing on capitol hill with the irs commissioner the anger and accusations. he is facing questions and why more than two years worth of e-mails from lois lerner disappeared. the e-mails just happen to be covering a critical period of the congressional investigation. they say a hard drive was destroyed and vanished. more from washington. >> reporter: rithe irs commissioner remained adamant as he told lawmakers the agency is not guilty. ex-official learnes's hard drive crashed before getting recycled and destroyed.
12:04 pm
backups e-mails were kept for six months. he pointed to a report about inspector general of the freshry department concluding while agency employees had acted improperly, there was no evidence of political motivation. >> i don't think that an apology is owed. there is not a single e-mail that has been lost since the start of the investigation. >> reporter: while agency says hard drives belonging to several other staffers also crashed, a number of republicans dismissed the explanation. >> they have no credibility eith either. what's frustrating is to have the commissioner of the irs say repeatedly no e-mails have been lost since an investigation started. knowing that the targeting began before the investigation. >> the committee chairman suggests a special prosecutor to investigate the irs and congressman paul ryan told him i don't believe you. other critics say that it just means they must continue the investigation into what had see as a pattern of denial and obstruction. >> this is a pattern. that's the key thing. this isn't an instance. it is an ongoing pattern.
12:05 pm
and for obama to say there is not a smidgen of corruption in the irs destroys his credibility as well as the irs. >> reporter: the commissioner returns to capitol hill on monday for another round of questioning over the missing e-mails. >> elizabeth, thanks. democrats are standing behind the agency. they accuse republicans of conducting a witch-hunt. we go to ukraine now. a day after ukraine issued a cease-fire with pro-russian rebels. russian president putin ordering his military to be on combat alert. nato says russia is once again renewing its military buildup on the border. and in ukraine, clashes injuring nine ukrainian troops just before and after that cease-fire began. no large-scale fighting there after ukraine's president ordered a unilateral 6 1/2-day standdown. russian separatists are dismissing the cease-fire as
12:06 pm
fake. >> a deadly military shooting in south korea. defense ministry official there confirming that an army private ooped fire on his comrades. killing five soldiers and wounding five others. media reports are that soldier is still now at large and the shooting happened in an outpost near the border with north korea. so far there is no indication if north korea was involved. severe weather hammering the midwest and the northern plains. heavy rain, hail and wind. plaiding is a big problem as well with some states of minnesota. take a look at the water flowing over the banks of the river which could reach a record-level tomorrow. the highest in nearly 50 years in omaha. heavy rain vladded streets last night and knocked power out for about 14,000 homes. meteorologist janice dean standing by in the fox weather -- extreme weather center. it is extreme right about now.
12:07 pm
what's happening? >> you got it. we have the potential for more flooding you will in the areas that you saw on the video and the watches out right now for parts of missouri and illinois and including chicago until 9:00 p.m. local time where we see hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. we already have severe thunderstorm warning just west of peoria and we had a storm south of chicago and they lifted that. again, very heavy rain south of the chicago area. certainly check ahead if you are flying out of chicago, flying to that city. looking at the future radar a line of thunderstorms that will push across the midwest. also, the great lakes and watching the southeast as well. another area where we could see? severe weather this afternoon and into the evening and this is going to continue overnight tonight and into tomorrow. we are talking about rainfall. flood watches and warnings and all of those areas. some n some cases we could see several inch owes top of a foot of rain we received over the seven days. not out of the question.
12:08 pm
seeing more video like what we just saw moments ago across some of the areas. moderate to major flooding over the gauges you see in red and purple here. certainly something to watch for. there is your severe threat today. again, where we have thunderstorm watch and over parts of the carolinas where we could see hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will remain on alert and give thank you latest. arthel, back to you. >> we look forward to that. islamist militants said to be 40 miles from baghdad. this is as confrontation looms. 300 adviser are on their way. coming up, we will examine all of this from a former member 82nd officer who will join us to tell us what it is like on the ground. one program is helping our vets find success in the workplace. we will show you that. there is a deadly accident when a tractor trailer smashed into a
12:09 pm
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the time now for a quick
12:13 pm
check of the headlines. police in denver say shooting at a concert on thursday was likely not random. there was rapper school boy that was not hurt but three others were injured. no arrests so far. in ithica, new york, police confirming one person has died after that horrific crash yesterday afternoon. it happened when a tractor trailer carrying two decks of cars mashed into a restaurant. four other people were injured. the texas department of criminal justice, fans to help fight the oppressive heat. they want cooler temperatures. as we told you earlier, the irs commissioner is facing a firestorm on capitol hill yesterday. denying allegations the agency is involved in a coverup of the targeting of tea party and conservative groups. that's after over two years of e-mails from former top official
12:14 pm
lois lerner goes missing. now lawmakers turning up the heat. >> monday our investigators asked your agency whether any other hard drives crashed and we learned six other hard drives of the people we are investigating were involved. you didn't tell us that. >> we told you on monday. >> on monday. >> what did you do -- >> because we asked you! >> what did you do with that information? >> you told us on monday because we asked you whether any other hard drives crashed. this sun believable. >> joining us now, john mccormack, senior writer for "the weekly standard." that got hot. john, let me start by asking you -- we -- your analysis of the commissioner's investigation of the events as a whole. >> it just seem to defy belief that he would lose that many e-mails from that many people at the center of an investigation. it raises a lot of red flags.
12:15 pm
he appeared smug and defiant. optics look bad. he said he offer nod apologies because they 00 lost any e-mails since the investigation began. critical e-mail years talking about are from before the investigation began. so that was really bizarre. he just seemed to be, again, very dismissive of any wrongdoing here. ryan really drove home the point, i thought, very well, when he pointed out -- let's just assume -- let's suspend this belief for a moment and accept their argument that this is accidentally lost. if you or i made that argument to the irs that we lost our tax receipts or tax documents, you know, we could be fined thousands of dollars and go to jail possibly. when the irs loses two years of e-mails, no apologies whatsoever. it looked very bad. >> some may be plausible. some of it preposterous? what do you say? talking about the explanations.
12:16 pm
>> there is a possibility but this require as lot more investigations of people at the irs. i think need to go to the -- for everyone, need to talk to guys who are working on the computers p.m. i don't think they had any reason to lie about this. but you need to get forensic analysis done on what was lost. e-mail lost from that hard drive and people -- the i.t. experts say it is implausible. not only were the hard drives lost but the backup tapes supposedly on the servers, those were tossed away as well. this does not really -- you know, does not look good. i think we have only begun to scratch the surface. i wonder if it could be a tipping point with two years of lost e-mails, any american can look at this situation and say something is fishy here. we need to dig deeper. >> if it is a tipping point, is it possible on get to the bottom of what might have happened? >> it is possible if you can -- investigate the right people. mine, i think another -- avenue to go down is to try to get access to these e-mails by, you
12:17 pm
know, subpoenaing e-mails that were sent to people in other agencies. you know, maybe we can't get the intrairs e-mails but they were sending e-mails to people in other departments, justice department, the -- maybe we can get to it that way through the back door. or there is a chance some of the e-mails were saved in backup fashion. a lot of e-mails are known to be out there in record somewhere. we don't know just yet but i think this necessary estates a lot more investigation. >> john, let's play this for a second. what if the committee hearings, findings are ultimately inconclusi inconclusive, then what? >> it depends if the american people are outraged that they called in a special prosecutor. that's up to the -- justice department to do that. if they don't want to do it, then they don't have to do it but it was outrageous, i thought, where the commissioner said we don't have enough money. a monumental waste of taxpayer money to have a special investigator on this. you know what, the irs spent $50 million on lavish conferences
12:18 pm
for the past couple of years. how about they invest insome of that money in new hard drives and special investigator and let's get to the bottom of this. >> i think you made me recall pictures some of one in a hot tub. >> that was another scandal. tens of thousands of dollars on a star trek parody video at as irs conference. they are complaining they don't have enough money to keep e-mails. i have every e-mail i have since 2005 on my gmail account. >> thanks very much. we owe them so much. many of our nation's veterans have difficulty adjusting to civilian life in their return here from overseas. in the midwest there is a new program to make it as easy as possible. >> reimburse. >> wearing a shirt and tie in an air conditioned office is quite the change for gary who is used
12:19 pm
to wearing layers of body armor in the heat of iraq. his transition to civilian life hasn't been easy. >> for about six months there, it is really just finding part-time work here and there. nothing that could support my family. >> reporter: after eight years in the army, two tours in iraq, he had the qualities, skills and abilities employers should love, commitment, working well on a team. like so many veterans returning home he struggled to find a steady job. he heard good a new program aimed at helping vets in western michigan. >> the veterans had a this h great military experience there was a chasm between taking military experience and converting that into the civilian. so we want to try to bridge that divide. >> reporter: renee dibble, who served five years in the navy is another of the few dozen veterans taking part in spectrum health's explorer's program. a 30-week paid internship program that you can spend ten
12:20 pm
weeks rotations in the network of hospitals. learning job skills along the way with the goal of landing a job. >> they immediate to do this program, they need to make it nationwide. it is a really good thing. >> spectrum health decided to expand its program to include more than 60 veterans by the end of the year. across the country, though, this is a much bigger problem with more 720,000 unemployed vets. the group hopes with the success of its program, the other businesses across the country will be encouraged to develop their own programs as well. u.s. women's soccer star hope solo is under arrest. police say she assaulted her sister and 17-year-old nephew at a suburban home in seattle. the officers responding to that house call earlier this morning on a report of a woman who was hitting people and refusing to stop or leave. police say that they found solo intoxicated and upset and the victims were injured.
12:21 pm
solo is now facing domestic violence assault charges and remains in jail. it is not immediately clear if she has a lawyer. speaking of soccer the latest now from the world cup. iran lost. a goal by argentine's star player in the final minute gave argentina the 1-0 victory over iran. now that moves argentina to the second round of the world cup. let's take a lye look now as the crowd nears the stadium. that's where argentina and iran faced off. we will be watching and monitoring the next game as germany goes up against ghana as team usa -- our guys are set to play against portugal tomorrow. for extended coverage you can be shug to logon to fox news and get the latest details and catch the reports from our own reporter who is down there reporting on the great games. >> he is working hard. good assignment. iraq is beginning to boil over with shiites parading in
12:22 pm
baghdad and sunni militants taking over. iraq war veteran brings his perspective to that crisis next. no, check this out. not a movie for a taxi driver. it is the real thing. checkered cabs and other vintage wheels roll once again in new york city. this is a blast from the past. i'm laura ingle reporting from brooklyn. they are not picking up fares. we will tell you more after the break. let me ask you a question. if you've had chickenpox, what do you think the odds are of getting shingles? those odds are high enough.
12:23 pm
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12:27 pm
members of a family a couple and their three kids. the cause of the accident now under investigation. also, the white house announcing a plan to combat the decline in the number of bees in the u.s. po a task force will help efforts. hundreds of afghan it is taking to the streets protesting alleged fraud in last week's presidential runoff. this as the country's former foreign minister accuses electoral officials of trying to rig the vote against him. preliminary results are expected to be reiesed on july 2. the crisis in iraq escalating even more today. this as thousands of militia parade through the streets of baghdad. the followers of the cleric al sadr. this as sunni militants take yet another town into the western n anbar province. other sunnis are said to be 40 miles away.
12:28 pm
president obama says there needs to be a political resolution between the shiite, sunnis and kurds to potentially save iraq. is that even possible? one person who has been on the ground in iraq is republican new york state senator, iraq war veteran, member of the u.s. army reserves. welcome. you have been face to face with both sides. sunni, shiites. mine, talking about a thousand years of hatred. is there reconciliation even possible? >> there's so much distrust, resentment between both. they identify first whether they are sunni or shiite. they identify themselves as iraqis second. i think that the history the is centuries, as you mentioned, so long of the distrust through generations, it is going to be quite a challenge. i think it is a really leadership challenge that al maliki built. >> you have been on the ground and dealt with the military esches. sending 300 advisors. what type of response do you expect that they will receive
12:29 pm
and can they achieve anything realistically in an eye jake ar -- iraqi army? >> it seems like they are laying down in history when you are studying with -- u.s. went in, persian gulf the first time. when we went in 2003, we used that term army loosely. we can't compare it to our own whether it is the training, resolve, the spirit decor. they are there are so many different ways they are failing. it is allowing a group to really move free and about wherever they want all over iraq. it is a huge threat to stability of the region and to our interests abroad. and -- for all of those sacrifices that have been made by american forces through the years, lost lives, lost limbs, missed holidays and birthdays. it is sad to watch as someone that has been there and serve as major in the army rezbloyf they in the army reserves having been
12:30 pm
there, mine, what do you think they can realistically achieve? they have 300 officers, advising the iraqi military and then got al sadr on the side. his -- his folks are running around killing sunnis, too. >> it takes -- it requires incredible leadership that al maliki just doesn't seem to have. i just don't see how this particular prime minister is capable of bringing this to a conclusion that is going to preserve the integrity of the government the way it currently exists. i think that it says a lot about his leadership and his failed leadership and also the manner in which our president with drew. i think that that in many respects also -- just bled away a lot of goodwill, lot of effort that's been made all over that country with american forces working on building infrastructure. building relationships and training and not just army but also the military police. and the rule of law of iraq is eroding. and i think that in many respect
12:31 pm
it is way we withdrew and leadership we left behind issing if direct result. >> blaming al maliki not wanting to sign the status of forces agreement. and others say if american adviser had been there it could have help. we had no choice. what do you think will happen? they talk about 45 days that -- take 45 days for the political parties to get together to potentially choose a successor to al maliki if there is one. >> when they do choose someone it has to be someone who is capable of bringing everyone together. whether you are kurd, sunni, shia, if you are -- empowered with running the country of iraq, you have to have the ability to put together a coalition government that brings everyone together. or you will never have any chance of stability in the country of iraq. >> you see anyone there theoretically who could do that? it seems luc an impossible it is a. >> you know, it is one of the --
12:32 pm
these times, these challenges, where -- that strong leader hopefully arises. every once in a while through generations you have great leaders in countries all over the world. i don't know if iraq has that person who can be able to keep this all together. the fact is that as long as is keeps moving with brute al-- bre alex kugss it is impossible to help. the ability to use resources both on the ground and in the air. we have to be willing to assist. we have to have that resolve or this will get worse. we will have more of a challenge later if we don't do what we can to help. >> you talk about the iraqi military and tremendous quick successes isis has had. having served side by side with the iraqi military.
12:33 pm
are you surprised with that? >> i don't think i am. when we fwhewent in in '91, '93 saw an army that cared about their family and there wasn't a tremendous amount of loyalty and passion for their country. they are seeing obviously what's happening all over the country. they don't want to be the next victim. so i think that there is -- huge lack of resolve on the part of the forces. i think -- isis as i they move through has instilled pier amongst any of the powers that be that would have any shot of keeping ining integrity of thi country intact. there are natural allies on the ground. there are other people who share resentment towards this particular government. want in iraqi government to fail. i think that this is going to get before it gets better and we are to do whatever we can as a nation to assist because we have
12:34 pm
resources to help. and we have spread thin 13 years of war out of military that has been outstretched and we are looking for taunt to have our -- opportunity to have our service members spend time with their pam lease and regroup and be prepared for what's next. what this doesn't require us to send, you know, 30,000 troops on the ground, this is just, i think, a limited investment of personnel but certainly a huge investment of resolve in standing with those who share this goal and, unfortunately, this whole situation in the manner with which we withdrew from iraq, the lack of leadership on the part of al maliki, we are talking to done threes hate america. >> iran is there. we are out of time. iran is there on the ground. it is a difficult situation. worse before it gets better. thank you. we want to point out in fairness you are running for congress. george dimos is one of your
12:35 pm
opponents you face in november. >> thank you. >> for more on the crisis in iraq be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for sunday morning futures. maria bartiromo. she will down with an exclusive interview with peter king right here on the fox news channel at 10:00. we are going to shift gears. really. talking about cars. anyway, you remember those old new york city checker cabs? at least you probably have seen them in the old movies, right? throwback to the long past era in the city. this weekend, those iconic checkered cabs and other vintage cars will cruise the streets of the big apple one more time. >> reporter: hi. it is certainly a very big day for checkered car enthusiasts in new york city who have come here to the big apple to enjoy and celebrate this iconic vehicle.
12:36 pm
we have cool stuff to show you. take a look at the beauties. vintage checkered cars produced by checkered motors corporation from 1922 to 1982 and kalamazoo, michigan. they are on display in green point, brooklyn. most people probably know checkered cars by the well-known checkered taxy cabs that have been made famous in tv shows and movies filmed in the big apple. they worked city streets, chicago, pittsburgh, and minneapolis. they are yellow and big and boxy and haven't been cruising the streets looking for fares in over a decade. but still people love them. >> a special look. they had the checker boards on them. they were different. it is a real new york icon. you know. it goes along with pizza and bagels. that type of thing. >> the last time an autsz enparticular checkered taxi was in 1999 which is when new york city stop tligd checkers to
12:37 pm
operate after they began to fail inspections. still collectors say that they enjoy the cars because they are rare and collectible. >> i get a lot of waves. people follow me more 10, 15 miles until i stop to get a look, get a picture in the back. car shows. it is a very popular car. every time i pull over at gas stations people come over to look at it. once they know the history they are more amazed it is a survivor. >> this car could be considered the rock star of the show. remember the tv show "taxi"? how can you forget it? this is the original checkered use in that series. can't you just feel danny did a viet owe in spirit. cars from all over the country to be here. a part of the weekend and part of the show. michigan, florida, kentucky, pittsburgh. they are all here tone joy this very special weekend. >> when you just said that, the theme music popped into my head. laura ingle, thanks so much. meanwhile, iraq, big story
12:38 pm
that we are covering all week in the fox news channel. that nation keeps them coming apart. the survey shows more americans are losing confidence in what we can do. coming up, we will have the latest survey on the president's foreign policy strategy and what he can do to try to shore up his numbers. yeah ♪ ♪ don't stop now, come on mony ♪ come on, yeah ♪ i say yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ 'cause you make me feel ♪ like a pony ♪ so good ♪ like a pony ♪ so good ♪ like a pony [ male announcer ] the sentra with bose audio and nissanconnect technology. spread your joy. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ mony mony ♪ innovation that excites. ♪
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> what's really behind the benghazi suspect arrest? on "justice." more americans are getting impatient with the president's handling of foreign policy. so finds a new "wall street journal" poll. approval rating of 37%. that's an all-time low for the president. 57% disapprove. what's behind the change in opinion? veteran newsman marvin is here
12:43 pm
to help us get lie the root of it all. she a former diplomatic correspondent, moscow bureau chief and moderator for nbc's "meet the press." if that's not enough, he is now a fox news contributor. good to see. >> did you hi. pleasure to be with you again. >> okay. i want to start here. what do those poll number s suggest? >> to me, it is two large points. first, according to all of the data right now, more than 50% of the american people believe that the united states exercises less influence in the world today than it did, say, ten years ago. and point number two, flowing from that, the american people believe that what is the point of sending troops abroad if we are not appreciated anywhere in the world? i think that is an exaggeration but that's the backdrop for understanding all of these points. >> you think that it is not completely right to say that the u.s. is come pleat lynn appreciated around the world?
12:44 pm
>> no, it is not right at all. the american people have one view is going on in iraq now and it is a terrible mess and very important. the president's view is we should not send troops back into iraq. we should send 300 special forces there and we should take targeted shots at areas where we could benefit from it. the american people have essentially the same view. so although will is that large picture of dissatisfaction, 57% you talked about a moment ago, on specific issues, there isn't s an overlap between what the president wants to do rs, say in iraq and what the american people would like him to do. the shame of this all is that the president is taking a position in iraq that sounds remarkably at least to me what it is that president kennedy said in september of 1962 about
12:45 pm
vietnam. that it is really for the vietnamese to do this. it is not for the united states to do it. it is not for us to send troops in. that'ses enly what president obama said just a couple of days ago. you send 300 troops in, what's to say that you then send 3,000 troops in? 30,000? >> marvin the president did say no mission creep is going to happen. >> yes. that's exactly what kennedy said, too. >> yeah. yeah. it is definitely not a good situation. that's putting it mildly. i want to ask you to talk about the gop ideas for iraq. and if they are perhaps any better than the president's ideas. >> this is the point now. if you say what's the gop's position on iraq? what we have is a firmly articulated position by senator mccain. he is immediately followed by senator -- griffin of south
12:46 pm
carolina. now that is not necessarily the position of the republican party but they speak for the party. they are saying not let us send troops in there but they are implying that. they are implying a military solution is the way to go. but they are not being specific. the president is saying no military solution is going to work. it is a political problem. so you have that clear difference between the democrats and republicans but at the end of the day, neither side really appreciates and can express complexity of what's going on in iraq right now. >> what in -- unfortunately i'm going to ask you this question and wrap it for me in 40 seconds. but what is the better strategy then? how much does iran factor in? >> well, iran factors in a very definite way. overall, in my judgment only, what the united states needs is an overall long-term strategy
12:47 pm
for all of the middle east. and including iraq, syria, iran, all of the middle east. it cannot be in a position time and again of responding to a challenge. that makes the united states it is a most important country in the world. i'm proud to say that. responding to other people. we ought to be setting the tone and creating the policy that others respond to, not for us to respond to them. >> well said. we leave it there. thank you. >> can you. it was rough hair day for some pooches as they strut their stuff. one of the world's most exciting dog contests. take a look. full of faces only a mother could lov ♪ you've reached the age where you know how things work.
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trouble on our southern border. for a look beyond the news, here is journalist liz trotter with her weekly commentary. >> as our foreign policy lurches from one ill conceived notion to another, a threat to national security is unfolding at our own southwest border. you've probably seen the nightmarish pictures of the dream children sleeping on cement floors. the swamped border guards, the effects of spreading disease. having heard the rumors of a guaranteed instant border crossing, the new arrivals, mostly unaccompanied children, eagerly surrender. why not? the word is out in central america and mexico that entering the united states is no problemo. still the administration insists
12:53 pm
that smugglers and drug cartel violence are driving the human avalanche. and yet when questioned by border guards, the reasons they gave for their flight suggest these children have been rehearsed. that the explosion across the rio grande is a result of one factor -- obama has turned the u.s. border into an open city. we're seeing the fruit of his dream children policy, a weakening of immigration law that would virtually guarantee legal status to all who arrived in the u.s. before age 16. the more mr. obama could gut the law of the land, the more he can replenish the ranks of democratic voters. after the children cross, border guards assign them to shuttlers. and supposedly three days later, buses ferry them to airports where they board flights to reunite with their relatives. they're also illegals. the truth is, the administration is dumping them into military
12:54 pm
bases and holding pens. perhaps giving them an immigration court date. and that's that. the courts are jammed so many just don't show up. so no official seems to know or is willing to say how many illegals disappear forever along the way. the whole process reeks of an orchestrated event. are there community organizers in honduras working their magic? most important, while the president is conducting a second military adventure in iraq it, surely terrorists are contemplating another strike at america. what a temperaturing opportunity to enter the country by way of a border under siege. there's no acceptable argument for the administration in this calamity. security at the border should abemergency, instead, the president continues on his lackadaisical path always late in catching up to a disaster in
12:55 pm
the making. children of legal immigrants who respected the law founded and formed this country. we're watching it unravel in the hands of those who think america is merely a means of getting something for nothing. >> the west minister dog show this most certainly is not rather, it is the contest for the dubious honor of world's ugliest dog. most of the contestants meet the entrance criteria but it's okay. we love them all anyway. here's the winner. his name is peanut, a 2-year-old mutt from the north carolina. there he is. who was burned as a puppy leading to his unique appearance. so if peanut looks like he's ready to chel on the mailman, his mom says he's really a sweetie. by the way, she plans -- look at that face. >> oh, my gosh. the owner is going to use the 1500 sd prize to pay for other animals' vet bills.
12:56 pm
>> that's wonderful. >> really sweet. >> hats off to peanut and his mother. >> very sweet. okay. that's going to do it for us. a healthy you i'm back at 4:30 eastern. we're here. but then you grow up and there's no going back. but it's okay, it's just a new kind of adventure. and really, who wants to look backwards when you can look forward? marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones.
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