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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 22, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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at hope to see you right here next week. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. john kerry just landed in jordan to rally support for a new government in iraq. this as sunni militants in iraq press on with their offensive, reportedly capturing two border crossings, one with jordan and another with syria, they also seized the town of rufa, making it the fourth town to fall since friday. president obama is warning the crisis could spill over into
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other countries in the region. elizabeth pran is live in washington with the latest. what's the administration's plan here. >> the white house wants secretary kerry to tackle a number of tasks. first and foremost to cut off any regional financing or afi affiliation for isis. president obama says iraq needs to become a more inclusive nation, that includes the shiite sunni and kurdish citizens. troops already on the ground. officials are monitoring the unrest very closely. >> we're going to have to be vigilant generally. right now, the problem with isis is the fact that they are destabilizing the country that could spill over into some of our allies like jordan. and that they are engaged in wars in syria where in that vacuum that's been created, they
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could amass more arms, more resources. >> now earlier today, secretary kerry focused on his meeting with the egyptian president. specifically the country's political transition, the nation's security and its relationship with the u.s. >> arthel? >> congress is keeping a close eye on this as well. what kind of a reaction are you hearing from them? >> well, obviously the turmoil in the middle east dominated sunday's talk shows. opinions varied, but many law makers agree, the conflict is not exclusive to iraq. they want the administration to take a more aggressive foreign policy approach and even a clearer one. >> what i think we need is a broad strategy that alets us address this whole range of issues. that includes reversing the policies of the obama administration. >> i don't have a problem sending the 300, what is the strategy you're going to have going-forward. what military options do you have? >> while the president acknowledges the militants could spill over into neighboring
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jordan, we heard them say that, escalate in syria, the u.s. can't go at it alone, and says it requires local assistance. arthel, back to you. >> secretary of state john kerry arriving in jordan today, that's after a quick stop in egypt earlier. the trip serving two functions. to improve u.s. egyptian relations, as well as to urge american allies in the region to avoid a spillover effect from the growing chaos in iraq. james rosen joins us from amman jordan. before secretary kerry made it to jordan, he met with a strategic partner in the middle east, if you would tell us about that first. >> jordan is secretary kerry's second stop on the week long tour of capitols which is unfolding as we know. very tight security. earlier the secretary became the highest ranking u.s. official to
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visit egypt since the national election last month. a large part of kerry's message to egypt and other sunni allies in this region was to urge them to do more to cloak off financing for is the islamic state in syria and iraq, which kerry describes as a highly capable terrorist organization and a ruthless and well financed criminal syndicate, that is mounting an assault on the central government of baghdad. >> we also discussed as i said earlier, the grave security situation in iraq. over the next week, i will make the same case to other leaders that i made to the president tod today. isil or dash as many people call it here is the ideology of violence and repression. is a threat not only to iraq but
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to the entire region. >> during that visit, secretary kerry announced that the obama administration is committed to restoring in full the $1.5 billion in military assistance that has been partially withheld after the violent coup in the country last month. >> is part of his job to nudge iraqi prime minister al malaki out or is it to sure him up? >> the u.s. finds itself in a real bind, not as bad a bind as the one maliki finds himself in. senior u.s. officials including kerry say they don't want to pick iraq's leaders for them, that's for iraq to do. kerry made plain his thoughts on the issue. at the same time, the results of the april 30th election in iraq,
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leave no other party or politician there to put together a governing majority as readily as maliki can. kerry and other administration officials, the u.s. just in the past ten days or so, has greatly improved american intelligence capabilities on the ground in iraq and in the air. for now, the diplomats there are urging maliki to form a broad and inclusive coalition, but do it fast, before isis advances further toward baghdad. >> for sure, it's a delicate dance. james rosen, we'll be looking forward to your reports. recently discovered records showing veteran affairs knew two years ago, that employees in the south west were falsifying doctor appointment data and failed to stop it, in particular, employees created inaccurate data on patient waiting times, allowing them to collect bonus pay for reducing delays in patient care. at the phoenix merchandise
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center alone, reward checks totaled $10 million over the past three years. now, last week's acting va secretary sloan gibson ordered monthly in person site inspections to ensure that department policies are being followed. major developments in the irs political targeting scandal, the head of the irs is back on capitol hill. tomorrow after a heated hearing on friday, an attorney representing several tea party groups blasting commissioner john coxman, claiming the agency simply lost thousands of e-mails from lois lerner as well as six key irs employees. >> i've had irs employees who have e-mailed me this week who said all of their servers, it's not one little computer in washington, there are servers in three different places in the united states, the irs has a
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contract with a professional e-mail archiving company, i want to know why the fbi has not stepped forward to say what they have done to try to bring in their sophisticated capabilities. >> what's going to happen, tomorrow's hearing, will uncover, is the big question. and will it finally get to the bottom of those missing e-mails or should a special prosecutor be brought in to find them. we're going to discuss this a little later in the show, stick around for that report. meanwhile, there are new developments on the crisis of our southern border. the u.s. government now preparing to fly hundreds of undocumented immigrants from texas to california, in hoping of easing the strain on overwhelmed immigration agents. do i understand, they're going to do some daily flights from texas to california, specifically to the san diego area? >> yeah, let me explain that to
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you, arthel. here's what's going to happen tomorrow, there will be two flights from southern texas, which will take 140 passengers each to san diego and then 100 miles east to el centro, where they will be processed. it's unclear if they will be processed for deportation or what their fate will be. what we're going to see is this happening every three days is what we understand from the border patrol officials. no indication of when precisely that will start. certainly once every three days is what's going to happen. it will be families and young children who are aboard these flights, and also adults. we don't believe there will be unaccompanied children put on board these flights. it's the crisis involving unaccompanied children that really has brought this to a fevered pitch right now. critics of the government's plan have looks at the issue, the government needs to tackle a two pronged problem, listen.
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>> there's a humanitarian disaster of 50,000 kids beak dumped on this side of our border. because you have a beacon forgiveness, and you don't have a secure border. >> now, that beacon of forgiveness that rand paul is referring to is the fwakt that there is a perception down in central america, that there is some form of amnesty in the united states, if you cross the border illegally, you'll not only be forgiven, you'll be allowed to stay. and the u.s. government is going to extraordinary efforts in central america to quell that rumor. it's become a big debate in washington of how to tackle this, words from the democrats is that president obama may go it alone and make his own plans there, before the august recess, we'll see exactly what happens. right now, the federal government struggling to find places to put all these immigrants coming across. >> thanks a lot for that live
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. are you ready for some futbol? fans all over the country getting together to cheer on the usa. the mens team will be taking on portugal in the world cup. the stakes are big, if the u.s. wins, it will advance to the next round. david lee miller joins us live from new york city. hi, david lee. >> arthel, i'd like you to meet some of think newest and loudest frie friends here at the sports bar in midtown. folks began to trickle in as early as noon, now there are hundreds and hundreds crammed into this sports car. consider this, team usa doesn't even play for another 2 plus hours. nevertheless, they are here in great numbers, to cheer on their teams.
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another game is now being played in algiers. they're in a cheering type of mood. consider this. last week, there were so many people here, they actually had to shut down the street. so while many americans think of football, baseball as -- at this bar, right now, soccer is the only game in town. >> the world cup is 20 times busier for us than the world series or the super bowl. it's unbelievable. every day we're busy, but when it's the u.s. game, it's phenomenal. >> there is as i said, a great deal of enthusiasm here, i would say 120 decibels worth. and it's hot in the amazon,
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where team usa is playing. it feels like it's equally hot here, just about two hours until game time. >> i tell you what. they need some ammunition down there. great job. that man needs the protection from that crowd. >> okay, he talked about the weather in the amazon, let me tell you what's happening in the midwest. we're talking about major flooding in that area. take a look at cedar falls, iowa, it's one of the hardest hit places where earlier this morning, the water was more than six feet above flood stage. now, the region is bracing for more. janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the latest. >> more flooding and the threat for severe weather exists this afternoon, in some of the same areas that have been hit hard over the last seven days, thunderstorm watch until 7:00 p.m. local time, we have several
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thunderstorm warnings in advance of this front that continues to move eastward, we also have your pop-up thunderstorms over the southeast and the gulf coast, which is typical for this time of year, the severe threat where we could see hail, damaging winds, isolated tornado s exist across the central and southern plains. some of these areas received over a foot of rain the last week or so. we could see several inches plus, as we led into the new workweek. flash flooding is a concern, flood advisories are already posted for those regions that received incredible amounts of rain. it's hot across the central portion of the u.s., the southern portion of the u.s. and just look at the southwest. second day of summertime, they are feeling it. 108 in phoenix, 107 in yuma, and that's going to continue into monday and tuesday. temperatures well over 100 degrees, reaching 110 in some of these regions, yes, summer is
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here, time to be in the air conditioning. arthel, back to you. >> janice dean, thanks so much. >> the irs commissioner getting ready for a new round of testimony on capitol hill tomorrow. regarding missing e-mails from former official lois lerner. will the questioning get as intense as it was on friday. you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain... it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing.
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>> i don't believe you. >> that's fine. we can have a disagreement. i'm willing to stand on our record. i'm willing to remind you it was not buried in 27 pages. most of that is exhibits. we advised you -- >> being forthcoming -- >> which we knew for one day. i'm sorry -- >> congress investigating -- >> will you let him answer the question. >> i didn't ask him a question. >> joining me now a reporter with the real clear politics. so, let's start here. as far as you can tell, are there any questions yet to be asked? >> well, house republicans certainly have a lot more questions to ask or many statements to come in hearings this coming week. they really didn't get much from the irs commissioner. they asked for an apology and didn't get an apology. >> for what? >> for the missing e-mails, for the -- the targeting of the -- >> but he's feeling that he's
12:54 pm
not needing to give an apology. >> right. >> so we just move on. i want to talk about this because i think we have a lot to tell us here. what about the tone of the hearings moving forward? is it helpful or does it hinder the process when it gets so heated and almost takes on a personal tone? >> right. i think republicans here, as many republicans have said, that there is the risk of overreach here. we saw from the hearing on friday democrats, you know, asked members of the panel to let the commissioner answer the questions. there is a lot of heated arguments back and forth on this issue because they haven't gotten the answers that they've wanted and because these e-mails are missing. so i think on this coming week when the house oversight committee chairman has the commissioner to his hearing, i think it will be equally heated. over a year akbgo lois lerner pd
12:55 pm
the fifth and republicans have since held her in contempt of congress. we're waiting for the justice department to issue thoughts on that. >> speaking of which, we're not sure president obama would sank it, do you think a special prosecutor or inspect investigator to get answers different than what's been provided thus far? >> congress is upset at this point because they have reached the limits of their subpoena power, they think. so house republicans are calling for a special prosecutor for this case. democrats are not willing to go to -- agree with that. they think it will be a waste of taxpayer money, that there are several committees already looking into this for the past year. the white house issued statements saying that they had no correspondence with lerner over the time asked. so i think, you know, there will continue to be growing calls for one and whether they end up going with one remains to be seen. >> i'm short on time here.
12:56 pm
give me about 20 or so seconds. is it possible that the investigation is at the end of the road and perhaps there's nothing more to discover? >> well, i think democrats essential feel that way, that they've -- they have recovered 24,000 e-mails that lois lerner had. i think republicans are building a case against the president using this, using some other issues to show kind of the trust deficit. also, you know, the irs is not a popular agency with the general public. so that is what they can really make stick here. >> good job. i got to go. see you next time. thanks for watching. stick around, a healthy you and carol alt is up next. what age you are. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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