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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that's it for this "special report," fair, balance and unafraid. we will keep you posted throughout the night as primary results come in. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> this will rattle the white house. maybe even make heads roll. the news tonight, american people are losing faith in president obama's foreign policy. this is "on the record." iraq under siege. moments ago a classified briefing ending in the senate. only "on the record" taking you inside. plus. >> we are prepared to send a small number of military advisors up to 300 to assess how we can best train, advise and support iraqi security forces going forward. >> american boots on the ground. but do americans have any faith in president obama? also,. >> this would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. >> criminal? incompetent?
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flat out ridiculous? tonight, the founder of the compani' who backed up some irs emails goes "on the record" and says don't blame us. >> how could you possibly tell our fellow citizens that there is no criminal wrongdoing? >> "on the record" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. just moments ago, the full senate wrapping up a classified briefing on the volatile situation in iraq. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with the latest. mike? >> well, greta. good evening. this comes as 90 more u.s. troops have arrived on the ground in iraq. we are told that 50 more are due in the coming days. of the 300 u.s. troops that president obama could send to iraq, 130 are there right now. and i'm told from some senators who are in that classified briefing that there are grave concerns about the situations on the ground there in iraq. changing very rapidly. some of the senators expressed concern saying the president's hesitation or his team's lack of decisiveness may be costing
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the u.s. and its allies in the reasoning. they have expressed concern about other allies in the region being in jeopardy as this terrorist army, isis is marching across iraq and so, there has been some talk from senators about the need for air strikes to attack the von i haves as they are crisscrossing iraq, cut off their supply line. some have been talking about the need to wait for a coalition government, a new government to be formed in iraq. but senator mccain came out a few moments ago and said he doesn't know if there is time to wait. that the air strikes may need to happen now. we have heard some senators saying air strikes are needed because there is concern about this isis plotting to attack the united states on the homeland and so grave concerns about the situation in iraq, greta. >> mike, thank you. and senator lindsey graham was in that classified iraq briefing. he joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> i know it's classified so we can't hear all of it but we can hear some of it. were you satisfied?
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>> i thought it was a good briefing and my take aways that the isis is mounting an attempt to attack us abroad and at home. american interests. >> us americans? >> yes. it's pretty clear that their agenda includes more than iraq. they are going to go into jordan unless someone stops them and that's the last moderate voice in the mideast. the take away was that this group is very much interested in hitting america. >> why are we learning that now? i mean, i take it that they didn't just decide last week to hit america. >> director clapper the head of national intelligence told bus two months ago, six weeks ago that they represent a threat of homeland. thousands of europeans and some americans have gone to syria. this all started in syria. so my belief is if we hit them in syria where they are exposed that air strikes could really do damage to the leadership of this group in syria. it might change the outcome in iraq. and here is what i got from iraq. there is a glimmer of hope that the sunnis and the kurds and the shias feel threatened enough to form a
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new go. that we could rally around. a government of the center. i think that has to happen before anything changes in iraq. >> mike just reported that the president's hesitation is creating problems. >> i think his hesitation tonight isis months ago maybe even 30 days ago was a mistake they have got son much stronger. thinking this thing through, if you drop a bomb in iraq and you don't have diplomacy, a political solution the bomb will do no good. if you don't step up form a government. it's chicken and egg. focus should be getting a new government formed that we can all rally around including the iraqi people and then to help with air strikes. >> mike also says that senator mccain says we should move right now with air strikes. here is the problem. from what i understand from talking to the military experts is that you need intelligence on the ground to show where to hit. >> see, that's the point. i think these troops going in on the ground will give us better targeting. but we know. >> are you talking about these 300? >> yes.
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the purpose is is to find good information, not drop bombs randomly. know what you are trying to do. you don't want to blunder into. this we have made mistakes. we know where we're we can deliver a really strong blow to isis and syria which i think would help us in iraq, give us some momentum. >> that may handle it in syria, which is one problem. but if you have got isis already in iraq and. >> buys you time. >> because their supplies are coming from syria american people are very war we'rey. >> i hope they are not too weary to defend ourselves. >> what do we get out of this? if we do the air strikes, what do you get? what do i get? what do the rest of americans get. >> you can stop another 9/11. if you don't do anything how convince give me more proof. >> do you believe that the people who are shooting
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folks in the head, killing children in front of their parents, beheading people by the hundreds, if not thousands, would not attack us if they could? >> i suspect -- i mean, i don't have much -- i suspect they would. but they are very busy over there doing -- doing the dirty work over there. >> the weaker we are here. so now is the time to blunt their strength. if they have a safe haven in syria and iraq. they will use that safe haven to attack america. there is some hope to iraq around. but jordan is next. >> you don't think anyone just build islamic state, that they want to go out -- if they had all their great success in iraq. let's say they built islamic state, sharia law, you think they would want to come here to get us? >> they believe the biggest impediment to building islamic state is the american presence in the middle east. they are trying to drive us out. they are trying to destroy israel. kill every christian in the middle east or drive them out. make every muslim bend to their will and they see us
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as impediment to that. they are telling us they are going to hit us. >> one quick question is, is that what you got out of briefing tonight. >> i got out of the briefing tonight the stronger they get in iraq the more likely we are to get hit. there is a chance to turn it around. we better act quickly. if we don't help the king of jordan who is the last moderate voice in the middle east god help us all. >> thank you. just released fox news poll that is going to wrap up at the white house. president obama losing point with many americans with the violation in iraq. 60% of those surveyed disapprove of the job president obama is doing on foreign policy. just 32% approve right now. democratic strategist joe trippi joins us. that is an interesting poll number. american people 60% disapprove of what the president is doing. senator graham says we need to be more aggressive. i think than what president obama is doing in iraq right now. >> these numbers are bad. obviously. and but they are very similar to the kind of numbers george bush was receiving at the end of his second term. again about iraq.
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it's interesting that they're the same almost identical. president clinton i went back. you are right about president bush 43. he has the same numbers. 1% more. president clinton his disapproval was only 46% foreign policy. >> that's right. which i think someone of the things responsible for some the clinton nostalgia that's going on right now. i think fundamentally these numbers don't matter to the current president what the pragmatic thing about these numbers is look, it's bad news for democrats, who have to defend the president in the november 14 election. the lower his numbers go, the lower their chances of being reelected many of them in senate and house races across the country, the better it is for republicans. in the end history, as it will with george bush, decide whether going into iraq was the right decision or the wrong decision. and whether the president's decision was the right one and how is he handling iraq today. not the poll numbers. the poll numbers are not going to effect what the
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president does. >> president pay attention it these poll numbers? i don't think so. no, i don't think bush did. i don't think this president did either. they are both doing or did what they thought was right for the country. can you disagree with that the american people, obviously do. the one thing i would though we are a country that tends to go to opposites, if nixon had these numbers we go to jimmy carter, the honest guy. eick the older guy we went to john f. kennedy. >> where do we go from president obama? >> i think if people think he was inexperienced, didn't have enough foreign policy experience he started to look for a lindsey graham. a john mccain, a hillary clinton, i'm not -- i know people like set their hair on fire when i say this thing. but i es set up is in terms of 2016, if the american people become convinced that this president didn't have the experience or the foreign policy chops, and look now to the new president it's
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likely it's going to be somebody who is more experienced than usual. more thinking on these issues. other candidates and the lot of the ones showing up. >> see what's happening with iraq bump the number up farther. just arrived in iraq. they are part of the hundred special forces president obama is sending to advise iraq's military. joining us is live with the latest. what is the -- secretary john kerry is in iraq. tell me how is it received there? is he having a good impact there? >> well, this moment is not clear what the -- between kerry and prime minister maliki. that was not very clear yet. what we do know is here on the ground people are really asking for the americans to come back. a lot of people have need
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the american army to protect them because their own army is not strong enough. >> so in terms -- what do they want from the american people? you say they want more from the american people. exactly what do the iraqs want? >> 300 soldiers have been sentenced to iraq. it's only to protect the own interest of the united states. what the people in baghdad and iraq want is that first of all the united states urge maliki to step down because everybody believes that going forward with al maliki will not be possible. that's the first step they have to take. secondly, they want american soldiers to come back so they can can fight alongside iraqi army to fight the extremists. >> what is the prediction what will happen if the american people don't do anything? or the u.s. doesn't send anything? >> well, of course, america at this point they have to wait for a compromise with
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iran as well because iran is also in the game this time again. so, they first want to talk together first iran and the united states have to become clear on what they will do and what they can do before they will take action. >> anna bell, thank you. >> >> this is a fox news alert. fox confirming that house speaker john boehner is considering suing the obama administration over executive actions. within the next few days, speaker boehner plans to announce whether or not he will sue the administration over what republicans believe is an abuse of power. this is a fox news alert. tens of thousands of immigrant children constantly streaming from central america into texas and they're crossing that border alone. there are no parents. so what is going on in south texas? reporter joshua is live at the mexico/el paso border. joshua, tell me what's going on now. >> yeah, hey, good evening,
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greta from. el paso here, el paso's congressman confirming this afternoon that we are, in fact, getting another plane full of immigrants. at least one of them being flown into here. we have had this happen a few times, greta. we are talking about the last couple of weeks we have had a total of four plane full of migrants coming from central america. fleeing violence from there. being processed of course by federal immigration officials. and then they're being released here to church groups. enunciation house. that's one of them here. and they're helping give them shelter, food and water, healthcare among other things. and then they are helping them get to relatives, family members here in the united states. a lot of them saying they have places to go. and then, of course, from there they are facing deportation hearings. >> just so i understand the planes aren't originating from central america. the planes are collecting these illegal immigrants in the united states and flying them to el paso; is that right? >> yeah, that's correct. they're being flown in from
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the rio grande valley here. that's about a good 12 hour drive here from el paso, texas. they are being flown in here because resources there, the immigration officials they are completely overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants that they have seen including unaccompanied like we have been talking about here. >> joshua, thank you. >> and from the border to capitol hill. today, republicans on the homeland security committee blasting obama administration's handling of the border crisis. >> this administration is inviting illegal aliens to come to this country and i find that intolerable. >> we're not the atm machine. >> we don't have fancy down there and if we did we wouldn't have a-year-old children coming across. >> if you knew up to 65,000 unaccompanied children were going to be coming to this country, you should have been doing something about it. >> it's sickening to watch these children sitting on the top of these trains coming up thousands of miles through mexico. you can't send your children up here and let them stay. >> representative jason chaffets joins us. nice to see you, sir.
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>> thanks, greta. >> i should point out 14 months ago you were here and you told us this problem was going on. here we are 14 months later, now what? >> we were down on the border and at the time there were 6,000 unaccompanied minors coming across the border. now estimate that number will be over auto thousand. next year over 100,000. they had the gull from the administration to come before the homeland security committee and say that they had adequate staffing they obviously don't have adequate staffing secure border. >> so what happens? i assume at some point it gets more catastrophic than it already is? >> what's happening is kids will come relative or the person they want to go to. homeland security upwards 70% 'of the people come
4:16 pm
here. when they claim asylum, they get this hearing. when they get a hearing, it could be years from now. in phoenix, if you claim asylum, you are not going to get a court date until after 2020. >> what should president obama be doing or not doing? >> we he have got to lock down that border. but i talked to one of the border patrol agents. in fact, is he the head of one of the unions. is he going to testify before a judiciary committee tomorrow where we are having another hearing on that. if that child comes across the border and we are going to take him to the relatives. we should, of course, reunite that family and then we should deport them. >> deport, who the child. >> the family. bring back the whole family and take them back to guatemala, hun dor russ. >> the family at this point there may be some americans in that family, maybe children born in america or whatever. >> here is what they're not doing. they're not vetting who we are turning this children over. some of them we fear are part of drug cartels it. maybe there is human or sex trafficking going on. what sort of vetting are they doing? last week our staff talked to homeland security and asked them how they vet the people that they turn these
4:17 pm
kids over to, they wouldn't tell us. >> so, what's going -- they are children. >> they are. i mean, some of these kids are four and five years old. some of them are 8 or 12 years old. it is huge massive crisis. >> i assume president obama is going to say he doesn't have the money to build a fence. >> well, they are asking for a lot more resources now. but i was on this show 14 months ago saying this is a problem now. and they didn't do anything about it they exacerbated the situation by enticing people here telling them they wouldn't be deported. that's in part while they are flying north. they think they are going to get their golden ticket to stay in the united states of america. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. we have breaking election news. let's go right to bret baier for the latest. >> there is a winner the associated press has declared a winner district 19 in florida. this is a special election. it's the only special general election tonight. and republican kurt claw son has defeated democrat april freidman as well as
4:18 pm
libertarian nether word. not really a surprise. this includes lee and collier county leans heavily republican. this is a special election to replace congressman trey radel after he resigned in the wake of his cocaine. again the republican kurt clawson winning district 19. become congressman six months and have to run for re-election again. greta? >> more on tonight's primaries. that's ahead. first a sudanese woman sentenced to death, why? because she is a christian. suddenly she is freed from death row guess what, detained again. that's not all. latest on this con standly changing story is next. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement
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this is a fox news alert. a sudanese woman sentenced to death for being a christian suddenly released. that didn't last long. she was detained again. then she was freed again. a christian woman who nearly escaped sudan's death row on a roller coaster ride to freedom. family detained airport trying to leave sudan. just a short time ago the u.s. state department confirming the family has since been released and joining us ravel reid chairman of the faith freedom coalition. ralph, nice to see you. >> good to be with you, greta.
4:23 pm
>> could there be any doubt that there is a war on christianity in sudan? >> there can. the cartoon government is one of the most brutal, oppression and blood thirsty regimes in the entire world led by notorious dictator. mariam's only crime is that she professed to be a christian. she was shackled and held in a prison for months. she was forced to give birth in some of the most inhumane conditions on the planet. and today when she and her husband daniel and their two children, 20 months old and a few weeks old were trying to leave the country with the assistance of the u.s. government, they were detained. we continue to pray and intercede for her and her family. but, you know, greta, sadly, it's not just this one case. it's also the fact that there is a war on christianity that spreads across the horn of africa through the middle east into syria. you have got catholic
4:24 pm
priests being beheaded and executed in syria by off chute of al qaeda. you have got tens of thousands of christians. frankly what little remains of the christian community in iraq is now fleeing isis, trying to get to safety. you have got the coptic christian community in egypt under fire from the muslim brotherhood. it is -- the christian community in many parts of the world is under assault today like in many ways never before. >> all right. well, let me tell you about president bashir of sudan. he is the most evil man. i have had a war with him going on on gretawire for some time because i have been to the mountains, is he starving people. under indictment for genocide. he visits these countries like chad signatory to the international criminal court but they won't pick him up on the indictment. i have called him evil some times on gretawire. go to gretawire and search. he sent his foreign minister to washington to tell me to stop calling him evil there are ways to get under his skin and get him. the world looks the other
4:25 pm
way on this horrible rotten evil man. this is just another example of what he did with this woman. >> well, and we have to resist evil and at the faith and freedom coalition we launched save and generated tens of thousands of petitions to the white house and the state department to call on barack obama and secretary kerry to make mariam's case a cause -- with various organizations left, right, and centered, greta, hundreds of thousands, millions of people all over the world have called out for this woman's release. and it's just a reminder that if we will make our voices heard. that we can speak out on behalf of human rights, and religious freedom, even in as dark and dank a corner of the world as sudan. >> you know what though? and i'm going to take the last word on this. it's just the tip of the iceberg in sudan. more and more people speaking out. i don't know if you follow on twitter. me a farrell is all over sudan and what this horrible
4:26 pm
evil bashir is time the country does something about him. is he about the evil as as it there is. >> totally agree, thanks, greta. a one-two punch. republican lawmakers come out swinging at the irs over the lois lerner emails.eopl that's next. much like these majestic rocky mountains. which must be named after the... that would be rocky the flying squirrel, mr. gecko sir. obviously! ahh come on bullwinkle, they're named after... ...first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. our cheese is going thin in a big way. with our ultra thin slices, you can now enjoy the same natural sargento cheese you love, at just 45 calories a slice. the same cheddar, swiss and provolone.
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first the irs commissioner and then a lawyer getting grilled over the lost lois lerner emails in the irs scandal. here are some of the overheated exchange between john koskinen. >> it hard to love the irs but not trust the irs. >> i did not say show you emails magically disappeared. if you have a way to do that i would be happy to do that. >> this maybe a major news story for the last 13 month. you don't remember who came up to you and said hey boss, we lost lois lerner's emails. you don't remember anything. >> i remember being told in april. >> you don't remember who told you. >> i do not remember. >> instead of the criminal code, you want want to rely
4:31 pm
on common sense. mr. koskinen, can you shake your head all you want to, commissioner. >> i have seen no evidence of wrongdoing. >> how can you possibly tell our fellow citizens there is no wrongdoing if you don't even know what statutes to look at. >> i have seen no evidence that anyone consciously. >> how do you know what elements of the crime existed? you don't even know what statutes are at play. >> the fact that barbara boxerman, the maxed out contributor to the president's campaign is running this commission is a joke. it's wrong. >> we have a problem with you. and you have a problem with with maintaining your credibility. >> this would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. here is one big difference between the common criminal on the street and this scandal. one huge, important difference. the baghdad guy on the street doesn't get to have his friends run the investigation. >> and take a look at this just released fox news poll. 76% of those surveyed believe the missing irs emails were destroyed deliberately.
4:32 pm
76%. and joining us representative jim jordan who we just saw on some of that tape. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> did we learn anything new tonight. >> we learned that john koskinen when he did find out that lois lerner's emails were lost, he didn't tell anybody except the white house. he didn't tell the congress. more importantly he didn't tell the justice department. think about if you are an average -- greta your prosecution background. you got an average citizen out there who is under investigation by the fbi. they lose documents in a critical time period critical to the investigation. critical to the case. and they don't tell them? they just hold that information which is what mr. koskinen did for a couple months? that starts to approach obstruction. >> why do you think did he that? >> i think he did that because he wanted to give the white house a heads up. wanted to make sure they got their stories straight. that's why 700% 'of the american paye people say we don't trust this guy. they don't trust the agency. frankly they don't trust the white house and this administration. they certainly don't trust this agency. they had a duty to preserve the documents. then they had a duty to produce them when we subpoenaed them. then when they found out they were lost, they had a
4:33 pm
duty to disclose that they had lost them. they didn't do any of those three things. >> this last couple of months here city notify consequences. let's accept everything you say is true. they did a duty, i agree they did have a duty to preserve them. they didn't do that i totally agree with that what are you going to do about it? >> we hold lois lerner in contempt. i said this last night. i'm waiting for one member of this administration to have the courage that 26s did the displayed last month when 26 of them voted with every single republican and said we needed a special prosecutor. just somebody. who better than the guy who runs the agency? >> the president said it's a phony scandal. >> that's what is so frustrating. the dallas morning news said we need a special prosecutor. 26 democrats had the courage to step up and say we need a special prosecutor. american people when 76% think they are not being truthful think we need a special prosecutor, maybe eric holder should listen to the folks is he supposed to represent, the people of this great country and say, look, i will appoint someone
4:34 pm
who wasn't ax mad out contributor in the thousands of lawyers of the justice department they have got to be able to find out who wasn't a maxed out distributor to the president's campaign to run this investigation. >> you think this is a dirty investigation? >> when boxerman gave $6,750 to the president's campaign dnc. when the fbi leaks to the "wall street journal" on january 13th, no one is going to be prosecuted. when the president goes on national television and tells the whole world that there is no corruption here not even a smidgen and when we found out the fbi was working with the irs clear back in 2010 and the irs gave the fbi 1.1 million pages on c-4 organizations, including some confidential donor information of course, this investigation is a joke. it's a sham, and that's why we need a special prosecutor. that's why 26 democrats were saying, you know what? even though it's our party, in light of all of, this we are going to do the right thing. that's what we need more people to do. >> congressman can, nice to see you sir. >> food to be with you from now to the question that we can't seem to get the answer to, at least we have tried
4:35 pm
to get the answer to but we can't seem to get the question to, that has to do with why didn't they bother to back up any of these emails? that's the big question. one of the people who seems to be getting a lot of the heat is andy, the founder and ceo of a software company. nice to see you. >> thank you very much for inviting me. >> all right. andy. you have -- your company sold backup software to the irs; is that correct? >> that is correct. >> all right. did you cellar cifl sell archival software to the irs? >> no we did not. >> what's the difference? what's the difference between the backup and archival? >> the backup is just a process. you take the image of the whole server and you back it up. to another server in the event your main server goes down, you, you know, recover your data from the backup device. whereas in archiving, what
4:36 pm
happens is when the emails come into the company, or they go out of the company, they are first capture ited by the archive server and they are flagged and they are stored and if anything tampering, or any changes to the content is there is notified to the administrator. even the administrator does not have the ability to make changes or any removal of any email archive server. >> are you also sold software for the backup only for the lawyers in the irs not for the entire internal revenue service? >> that is correct. we sold our product to the irs council. that's the division of main irs. >> did you think it peculiar or odd that, number one, they didn't have archival
4:37 pm
system as far as you knew and, number two, that your backup software only went to the council's office? >> well, the irs council purchased not the backup software, they purchased the replication software from us. and the replication is the try image of one server to the other server. that's what we sold to the glirs what do you make of this controversy? >> i think it's a sad because we live in technology world and a lot of people take this very lightly. i also believe that if you implement procedures and also software or hardware properly and you have to then develop the policy. what you want to do with it.
4:38 pm
the data is always there. if you don't set up don't know what to do with the data. and such as product. what we do is we capture the data, log it on email server, and archive server and the data is retained there and that server is separate from your backup server. and this server is designed because we live in litigious society. everybody can sue everybody and when you go to it a court. >> andy, i have got to go. i appreciate it i get what you mean. i appreciate it thank you, sir. >> okay. let's all go off-the-record for just a minute. talk about lucky. lois learner is one of the luckiest people alive. she hit the jackpot. all her emails from the critical time period january
4:39 pm
'09 to mid 2011 are poof gone. so lucky. luck keeps on going. rather than the irs being scanned daized by lerner and wanting to protect the american people and pushing for a special prosecutor, lerner has the irs teaming up for her and blaming the crummy hard drive for the missing emails. think about it is that the irs would do for you if the hard drive crashed during audit? defend you? no of course not. they would make your life hell. i'm betting lerner's lawyer will cry the blues saying he wishes the hard drive had not crashed that the lost emails would exonerate her. i don't know but, but i wouldn't buy that there are reports that lerner was emailing back and forth with the fec about the tea party and sharing confidential information. that's against the law. she is a lawyer. she knew it by the way, if i were lerner's lawyer, the mere chance those missing emails may get recovered from some recipient email's account would scare the pants off me. but right now, unless something else surfaces, lois lerner, who took the
4:40 pm
fifth, and now says her dog ate her homework hit the jackpot. and that's my yawch the record comment tonight. and governor sarah palin at odds with quarterback brett favre, what did the former governor and football star fighting over? n you have to see it next.
4:41 pm
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you don't try to catch... ...will get away. seize the summer with up to 40% off hotels from travelocity. this is a fox news alert. it is election night and it is a cliff hanger. right now we are awaiting the result of primaries in seven states. keeping eye on all the key races. mississippi republican primary runoff six term g.o.p. battling. john roberts is live in jackson. john? >> hey, good evening to you, greta. polls closing here in just under 15 minutes. the fact that senator thad cochran six terms in the senate is even in this position is stunning. never faced a primary challenger. last minute somewhat competitive he won with 64.1% of the vote. this sun charted territory for him. what he needs to do is get out a lot of votes left on
4:45 pm
the table in the june 3rd primary. people thought they didn't need to come out and vote for cochran because he was going to win it in a walk. we ran into some of those people today a woman terry matthew at home baby-sitting her grandson on june the 3rd. brought her son to the polling place today. a an immigrant from nigeria traditionally a democratic voter answered the appeal for thad cochran's campaign for democrats to come out and vote for him. the task for chris mcdaniel might be more difficult than for thad cochran. there is some thought that the protest vote energized as it was on june the 3rd was maxed out but a lot of tea party groups, conservative groups have been throwing a lot of money and manpower into the race so really it's anybody's guess if it please, greta. >> john, thank you. now to oklahoma where in just minutes the polls will close. the big race there, the republican senate primary retiring senator. fox news chief political correspondent is life in oklahoma city. karl? >> hi, greta. this is really a fascinating race and illustrates how the national political language
4:46 pm
that we use, the rhetoric and the slang doesn't always really represent what's actually happening in some of these races. it's been described for weeks as a tea party vs. establishment contest and tonight there is actually seven candidates for tom coburn's senate seat. is he going to be retiring. this is a special election primary. james lancaster ford a two term congressman who came in on the 2010 wave and prior to that has spent most of his adult life in christian services industries didn't have much of a political experience at all is running against t.w. shannon former house speaker here in oklahoma. first ever black speaker and youngest speaker as well. in between these two candidates heck of a battle. much waged by super pacs. some aligned with the tea party and others from washington and antiestablishment mode. they put a lot of money into shannon and beat up lancaster ford quite a bit. most oklahoma republicans don't like the negative attacks and in the case of tom coburn outgoing senator himself who has iconic stature in this state they
4:47 pm
say the ads are unfair should shut up and let okys make the decision. polling mid 40s. takes eplus% in order to win this outright there. is a distinct possibility he could be doing that tonight. if not it will go to a runoff with shannon which will take the race to august 26th to be finalized between the two of them. this isn't a tea party vs. establishment situation although lank ford is the republican leadership number five in ranking. it's really two hard republican conservatives fighting hard against one another, trying to win the nomination and in some outside noise, that for a while has been really what people have been talking about rather than the candidates themselves. greta? >> karl, thank you. and the u.s. marine jailed in mexico and a new plan, sergeant andrew tam reissy's mother is here. has she heard from the white house yet? update on her son's fight for freedom next. >> o'reilly here, were the conservative radio guys right all along about president obama? we will hear both sides very
4:48 pm
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they were messing with me. >> we are trying to get this case fast tracked. >> it's the right thing to do. >> i played tic-tac-toe with one of prisoners and he made it seem like the it was going to be the last tic-tac-toe i would ever play. >> he is an american hero and he needs to be out. >> i think this administration should pick up the phone. >> i'm challenging him and i'm asking him to do the right thing. >> so is the u.s. marine who did two tours in afghanistan and who is now jailed in mexico getting any closer to freedom? sergeant andrew tahmooressi has a new lawyer and new defense strategy. jill tahmooressi joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> you have heard from the white house at all or the state department? anyone to say we are trying? >> no, 26 days after we met the threshold of 100,000 signatures total silence, can i only assume they don't have anything to say. perhaps they haven't done anything, perhaps that's why there is total silence.
4:53 pm
>> 100,000 signatures you are talking about the petition on the white house web site. >> correct. >> where they said you get 100,000 signatures in 30 days and we will answer your questions. all right. now, let me ask you. why a new lawyer? >> because the lawyer number one lawyer, lawyer number two were not experienced criminal attorneys as i found out. and i brought in a criminal defense attorney from california this time to help me evaluate the situation. and very clearly he determined that we needed to start interviewing other teams and so we did that together. and so we made a decision together. >> you know, i don't know if many people realize. the idea when you go from lawyer to lawyer to lawyer. you are spending more money and more money and more money and more money. you you are getting more delay, more delay, more delay, more heart break. you know, this whole thing has just been endless since march 31st. it is so disheartening.
4:54 pm
and i don't even know what to do for you anymore. we have banged the drum so loudly. and nobody will help. >> yes. well, confidently, this new attorney that is his prime -- that is his only job is to do criminal defense, and so i was grateful for the assistance of attorney from california to help me because as a mom, it's near impossible. lesson learned. it's near impossible to even begin to select a mexican attorney that will do justice. and expeditious due process. so he we are almost 90 days, in greta. there is not one stitch of evidence in andrew's file from attorney 1, attorney 2. nothing in his file to defend his innocence of the accidental entry. however, i'm confident that that will change with the strategy of the new attorney. >> well, in my wildest dreams i cannot believe that a call from ourselves or president to mexico just simply fast track the judicial proceedings in mexico. i'm not saying that they should dictate what happens.
4:55 pm
just fast track the consideration of the case that we couldn't get that done with a simple phone call. for the life of me, i don't understand why we don't. but, jill, good luck and actually, jill, if you get any news, call us, of course. >> i will. thank you. >> and tomorrow night, sergeant tam reissy's new lawyer, who jill just mentioned does go "on the record." we will get the very latest straight from the lawyer in mexico. don't miss that tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. straight ahead. you don't see this every day. the queen of england refusing to it take the throne. that's next. ghts or actions whie
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help keep teeth clean and breath fresh. with beneful healthy smile food and snacks. he'll love the crunch of the healthy smile kibbles. you'll love how they help clean. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture, healthy smile snacks help keep a shine on his smile. it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks. let's speed read the news. we are awaiting results of primaries across the country. one big break in mississippi star power former nfl star brett favre backing senator thad cochran and former governor sarah palin backing chris mcdaniel. stay tuned for updates. chris elizabeth paid a visit to queen throne. stars and upclose look at the iron throne. get, this the queen declining to take a seat on
5:00 pm
the throne and that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 and answer this on bill o' do you think the irs is being straight with the american people? vote in poll. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i personally am calling to impeach the president of the united states. this is impeachable. if you don't want your vote back, what will it take? >> the conservative radio talk show hosts are very hard on president obama. but now with all the chaos, have they been correct about him from the beginning? we will hear from both sides tonight. >> we have a problem with you and you have a problem with maintaining your credibility. >> the new irs commissioner, once again, under siege but are republican congressman people being unfair to the man? darrell issa will answer that question. >> the revolutionary


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