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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 25, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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interview, easily the one i did with anthony weiner a couple months ago. why did you change your hairstyle? because it was getting a little old and i was starting to look like everybody else. see you tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. and this is a fox news alert. tonight shocking e-mail evidence has emerge that had shows disgraced irs official lois lerner once directly attempted to target a veteran republican senator. those details are straight ahead tonight and that's not all. we can also report at this hour that speaker of the house john boehner in an unrelated matter has now announced he is suing the president of the united states for what he considers a brazen abuse of power. more on that breaking news also coming up, but first the irs scandal is widening tonight as more and more proof has been unearthed to indicate there was indeed a cover-up. a new report by "the daily caller" reveals the disgraced tax agency went to great lengths to rid the world of these incriminating e-mails penned by lois lerner and others.
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here to explain more is political reporter a try how will i with us tonight. patrick. >> sean, thank you for having me. as i reported today, it came out in an inspector general report that between the years 2009 and 2013 the irs made the decision to deactivate and what they call retire a number of high capacity data storage computer devices that were being kept at the irs i.t. headquarters in suburban maryland. they continued paying maintenance fees on these devices during this time so that it appeared that these devices were still active. other irs officials, other independent contractors thought that the storage devices were still active. little did they know that the entire time these devices were sitting in maryland and were deactivated and were retired and all of the information on them was also retired, so what we're seeing right now i think is a developing pattern where the irs
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is actually actively trying to destroy all of its own capabilities to store data. we saw the irs cancel during the conservative targeting its contract with its e-mail or diving company. we saw the irs refuse to look at the six months of backed up e-mails that were on a disc from lois lerner after her computer crashed as the irs commissioner said. nobody at the irs looked at those discs, so we now have three examples of the irs actively either destroying evidence or willfully trying to retire or sweep under the rug storage, data storage devices. >> unbelievable story, patrick, thank you tonight. more breaking news rocking washington, d.c. speaker of the house john boehner announced he is in fact filing a lawsuit against the president of the united states over his abuse of executive powers, and for the very latest we turn to fox's chief
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congressional correspondent mike emanuel who is standing by live on capitol hill with the latest. mike? >> reporter: house sources say there's a big picture covenent to this, not just about this particular congress and president obama, although house republicans have certainly expressed plenty of frustration about the president tweaking or fine tuning laws. house speaker john boehner says he's suing from stopping this president from going around congress. >> what we've seen clearly over the last five years is an effort to erode the power of the legislative branch, and i believe the president is not faithfully executing the laws of our country, and on behalf of the institution and our constitution standing up and fighting for this is in the best long-term interest of the congress. >> president obama has done fewer executive orders so far than three out of the last four presidents, but gop sources note all the delays and tweaks of his signature health care law,
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obamacare, as a prime example for why they are suing. at the white house press secretary josh earnest says mr. obama is just doing his job. >> the decisions that the president made were well within the scope of his legal authorities as described by the constitution and as described by the law. again, you can ask republicans. i think that the reason that they are raising all these concerns is because they disagree with the steps that the president has taken. >> speaker boehner says he'll bring a bill to the house floor in july authorizing a lawsuit. the speaker was quick to say that this is not about impeachment. sean? >> mike, thank you. meanwhile as isis continues its bloody march through iraq we're learning more and more about a missed opportunity to take action against this terror group and that's not all, according to a senior intelligence official while these extremists will likely target jordan next, they also have, quote, an as operation and intent to target u.s. interests, and for the very
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latest we turn to fox's own catherine herridge who is standing by in washington with those details. catherine, this has been my greatest fear. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, sean, congressional sources confirmed to fox news that a major opportunity to launch air strikes was missed about a month ago when isis was still in camps up on the syrian border and away from civilians and when isis began to move personnel and heavy equipment the u.s. military assessed that the terrorist group was at its most vulnerable but the administration did not act. asked today about now intervention by syria and iran in the conflict, the white house spokesman read from a prepared statement. >> an overreliance on military tactics may address some of the symptoms but will not get at the root cause of its problem. >> reporter: and a senior intelligence official confirms that isis wants to strike american targets but offered no firm evidence of plotting, quote, we believe while their focus appears to be on their operations in iraq and syria that they do at least have some aspiration and intent to target and/or threaten u.s. interests.
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asked whether american recruits are now among the isis fighters this, video is from yesterday just west of baghdad, the senior intelligence official said it's a given adding that the best estimate is that 10,000 fighters between iraq and syria and of that 3,000 have come from other countries, many carrying u.s. or european passports. the head of the powerful house intelligence committee telling reporters today the administration was warned. >> i argued this is a result of an indecision -- which i argue indecision which is a policy failure. this is not an intelligence failure. it's a policy failure. ultimately this is the president of the united states. this is his policy. >> reporter: separately fox news is told the same al qaeda group behind the 2009 underwear plot has operatives in syria, and they are working with the official al qaeda affiliate there sharing bomb-making skills and operatives. sean. >> all right. catherine, thanks for that report. really appreciate it. the leader said we'll see you in new york. pretty scary.
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thank you. meanwhile fireworks in mississippi last night after six-term mississippi senator thad cochran narrowly edged out tea party challenger chris mcdaniel in the republican senate runoff but this is not the end of the fight for mcdaniel or the tea party and mcdaniel made that perfectly clear when he declined to concede in a speech to supporters last night. watch this. >> we fought. we had a dream and the dream is still with us. we have fought too long. we have fought too hard to have a voice in this party. and today the conservative movement took a back seat to liberal democrats in the state of mississippi and the most conservative state in the republic it happened. if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere and that's why we will never stop fighting. >> the mcdaniel campaign issued a statement this afternoon explaining that they would look into the results to determine
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whether or not a challenge is in fact warranted here. here with reaction to this and much more attorney columnist david limbaugh and fox news political analyst juan williams. you know, david, i spoke to chris mcdaniel. he'll be on the show tomorrow night, about this today. he's a kid that worked at 13 for the republican party. he was a delegate. he was a state representative for a number of years. what bothers me, and i'm really angry about this, every despicable tactic, false characterization, smear that the left uses against tea party members and conservatives in this country was used by the cochran campaign against a fellow republican, and you know what? if there's one thing i can't stand, especially on the issue of race, to me it's almost unforgivable. if i was in mississippi i would not vote for this guy. reaction. >> sean, i said the same thing. i said the exact same thing
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f.cochran's forces and the gop establishnent aided cochran in depicting the tea party as racist, that has set the gop back for decades in terms of ration relations. we constantly tell minorities and the whole world that we are for lifting everyone out of poverty and prosperity for everyone, but when the gop establishment joins in the median and liberal narrative by depicting tea party candidates as racist, that is, as you say, unforgivable. i cannot believe they would do that, sean. >> you know, juan williams, i guess maybe you're sitting back on the left and thinking oh, this is great. i love to see republicans fight each other. i'm not a registered republican. i'm a conservative, and i've got to tell you, this is what i don't like what your party does. 1998, missouri radio ad where david lives said if you elect a republican black churches will burn or the james byrd ad in
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2000 or any of these ads, the fearmongering, paul ryan throwing granny over the cliff. that's the stuff i expect your party to do, no offense intended. that's what your party does every election. >> oh, stop it. sean, let me just say -- >> those are facts. >> where is the evidence that you have other than your resentment, david's resentment against the gop, establishment gop, where is the evidence that they did anything? >> let me play some. >> let me educate you. let's listen to the robo calls. >> have you seen the fliers. >> 35,000 democrats crossed over in this race yesterday. >> yes. >> 35,000. >> let me play the robo call ad that they were hearing. listen to this, juan. hello, neighbors, the time has come to make a stand and say no to the tea party, no to their obstruction, no to their disrespectful treatment of the first african-american president. next tuesday, june 24th, tea party candidate chris mcdaniel is going to run off against
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senator thad cochran, if we do nothing tea party candidate chris mcdaniel wins and causes even more problems for president obama and pushes cuts in funding to our public education system. with your help we can stop this. please commit to voting against tea party candidate chris mcdaniel next tuesday. say no to the tea party. >> that's the race card, juan. >> that's not the race card. you kidding me? >> why did they refer to the race of the president then, why? >> that's fine. wait a started, they appealed to african-american voters. they are saying -- >> they are talking tea party members, opposition to an african-american president. they were targeting, they were using this to get democrats -- >> no. >> the establishment was using democrats to help win when they were going to lose. >> specifically if i want david limbaugh or sean hannity to vote a serb way i will speak to issues that concern david
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limbaugh and sean hannity. >> and thad cochran has literally joined ranks with the democrats in the narrative against conservatives and the tea party, david? >> sean, is juan saying it's an appropriate appeal for the gop establishment to tell a my north, specifically african-americans, that they better vote for thad cochran, otherwise they will get a racist tea party nominee in there who may get elected. is that what is in the black people's interest? is that what you're saying, juan? nothing to do with politics, just depict us as racist. >> i don't think it was depicting anybody as racist to say this is a candidate who is opposed to the best interests of this black community in a very conservative state, mississippi, and in specific alienated by president obama. >> it gets worse than that. >> there were fliers distributed. >> you guys are filled with sour grapes tonight. >> juan, there were fliers, racial fliers distributed in
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predominantly black neighborhoods playing the race card, insinuating mcdaniel was racist. >> oh, gosh. you know, you guys had such grand hopes. this was going to be your big victory after cantor, you didn't get it and look at two of you. >> we've got to go. i'm out of time. david, you'll get the last word next time. >> sorry. coming up next, right here on a busy news night. >> instead of the criminal code you want to rely on common sense. you can shake your head all you want to, commissioner. you have said today that there's no evidence of criminal wrong could go, and i'm asking you what criminal statutes you have reviewed to reach that clulgs. >> congressman trey gowdy not mincing words there. the current irs commissioner, debating him and laying him out. now we'll lay out time line of deceit when it comes to the disgraced tax agency's cover-up, plus proof that lois lerner once targeted a republican senator for an internal irs audit. we have those details. plus tonight -- >> this issue of being in touch with average americans is even
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more complicated for mrs. clinton. >> the main street media is now coming out in full swing in defense of hillary clinton. ainsley earhart will join us at the big board to share the truth about the clinton finances and ed klein joins us as well as hannity joins us straight ahead. introducing nexium 24hr. finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. who gets the allstate safemma, driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 877-218-2500 now. zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera.
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and fox news alert. stunning e-mail evidence has emerged indicating the disgraced irs official lois lerner once targeted veteran republican senator charles grassley for an internal audit and this story continues to develop this hour. we'll have more on that this hour and first earlier this week lawmakers grilled top administration officials about the missing lois lerner e-mails which is at the center of the irs targeting scandal. no some of the most heating questioning came from south carolina congressman trey gowdy. let's take a look. >> you have already said multiple times today that there was no evidence that you found of any criminal wrongdoing. i want you to tell me what criminal statutes you've evaluated. >> i've not looked at any. >> well, then how can you possibly tell our fellow citizens that there's no criminal wrongdoing if you don't even know what statutes to look at. >> because i've seen no evidence that anyone consciously --
7:18 pm
>> how would you know what elements of the crime existed? you don't even know what statutes are at play. i'm going ask you again. what statutes have you evaluated? >> i think you can rely on common sense that nothing i have seen. >> common sense, instead of the criminal code. you want to rely on common sense. can you shake your head all you want to, commissioner. you have said today that there's no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, and i'm asking you what criminal statutes you have reviewed to reach that conclusion? you're repeating a talking point from our colleagues on the otherside that we're obsessed with the white house. it was jay carney who perpetuated the myth that it was two rogue agents in ohio. it wasn't any of us. was that accurate? was that first initial line of defense that this is just two rogue agents in ohio. was that accurate, commissioner? >> not that i know of. >> so that wasn't accurate and that came from the white house. who said there's not a smidgeon of corruption? who said that, commissioner? >> my understanding is that was the president. >> it was the president. so that's jay carney and the
7:19 pm
president both inserting themselves into the irs scandal, and you want to blame us for bringing the white house into it? >> i haven't blamed you at all. >> you just did, commissioner. you just did. >> all right. now before we get to our guest let's go to the hannity big board and take a look at time line involved in all of this. june of 2011. now this is when lerner's computer crashes. the interesting thing is the investigation began ten days earlier. is that a mere coincidence, and we go to september, 2011 in as welch the irs cancels their or diving program, which by the way we now know is illegal because the archivist testified this week that that was not legal and we move forward as we check in augthe 13th, darrell issa subpoenas all of lois lerner's emamps that's an important date. let's follow the rest of the time line. february of 2014, the irs knew that the subpoenaed e-mails from august the 2013, that they were gone. did they bother to tell congress which had subpoenaed the
7:20 pm
e-mails? no, they didn't tell them that. as a matter of fact, in march when the irs commissioner testified before congress he didn't mention it at all, and i'll get back to that in a second and finally in june of 2013 they revealed to congress that in fact they were unrecoverable. let's go back and look at march 26th hearing. remember, they knew in february right here, knew that the irs e-mails were gone. let's go to march and jason chaffetz was told that all the e-mails were archived on an external server and could be retrieved. take a look. >> you checked the set box a-- sent box and the in box and suddenly have all the e-mails, correct? >> they get taken off and stored in servers and you've got 90,000 employees. >> i'm not -- i'm asking to find one. they type in her e-mail address. >> we could find and we in fact are searching -- we can find lois lerner's e-mails. >> really? >> well, they knew in february
7:21 pm
that that probably wasn't the case. why didn't they inform congress at that time considering it was august way back before that they requested and subpoenaed them. that doesn't make sense. the irs commissioner also told darrell issa he would provide the missing e-mails during the hearing on monday night. let's take a look at this. >> all the e-mails we have will be provided. >> i did not say i would provide you e-mails that disappeared. if you have a magical way for me to do it i'd be happy to know about it. i said i would provide all the e-mails. we are providing all the e-mails. the fact that three years ago, some of them, not all of them, some of them were not veil. i never said i would provide you e-mails we didn't have. >> joining me now we have attorney mitchell and from the american law center jay seculo. the irs prematurely retired the storage devices. this is after the archivist said what they did was illegal, and the exact words they did not follow the law. lerner's computer crashed ten
7:22 pm
days after the investigation began in this case. they ended their contract with the storage company, after the computer crash happened, interesting timing and the irs commissioner is a democratic donor. what am i missing here? >> you're missing nothing what's missing is lois lerner's e-mails and the reason they are missing is what we've alleged in our complaints for our clients, it's bad action behalf of the irs. i expect the e-mails were worse and the commissioner of internal revenue when he was testifying was giving false statement because he already knew as you pointed out in the time line that the irs e-mails from lois lerner were gone and if you look at that time loin and focus in on fact that as soon as they were notified that congress was looking into the targeting, what happens ten days later in the so-called crash, and there's another e-mail, one from lois e-mail to the i.t. director where she says i'm trying to restore my personal files i lost on this computer crash, and the subject line of that e-mail is be careful of what you ask for, and it may have been tongue in
7:23 pm
cheek but the resalt a crime has been committed here and the commissioner of internal revenue service needs to be advised when he's testifying under oath to tell the truth. >> it's interesting, as i go to you here, first we were told it was rogue agents in cincinnati until the rogue agent told congress, no, it wasn't us. we were taking orders from washington. the president says not a smidgeon of evidence, that's not true. what do you make of this new development as it relates to senator grassley tonight that in fact they were targeting him? >> well, you know, that doesn't surprise me. nothing surprises me anymore. the irs scandal reminds me of those infomercials where they say wait, wait, there's more because every time you think you've heard it all, you hear something new, something outrageous that they have done. how about when we learned barely six weeks ago that the irs, lois lerner, had sent a database of 12,000 citizen groups to the fbi to go through and see about possible criminal prosecution of these citizens groups. look, we've had four
7:24 pm
commissioners of the irs or acting commissioners in a row who have trotted up to congress and lied. that's what they have done. they have made false statements. doug shulman when he was commissioner told the oversight commit they was no target of conservative groups. that a lie. steven miller who was the acting commissioner testified last may that there was nothing that the irs or he had done wrong. that was a lie. we had danny worfel dispatched by the obama white house to go over there last may, and he testified in june of last year there was no intentional wrongdoing, even though he did an interview, that was a lie and now we have koskinen. this is the problem. the irs is the problem. that's the problem. >> and the question is are we going to get to the bottom line here ultimately were they able and capable of destroying all the evidence? 90% of the american people fox news polled, jay, think that the irs -- that these files were deliberately destroyed, these e-mails. even 74% of independents and 63%
7:25 pm
of democrats. this seems to be a growing scandal, cancer is beginning to sort of work its way certainly around the irs, maybe the white house? >> i think so, sean. there is no way that these e-mails vanished, okay. first of all, there are recipients of these e-mails and are they going to come out and say all the recipients that received lois lerner's e-mails. they floated the idea saying there were six other crashes put out there, may not be able to recover those, backtracked on those. we're in serious litigation right now. if they exist we're going to find them. if they do not exist then the presumption is what we've alleged in the complaints are true. sean, you now know the connection between the treasury and irs and the white house and that's the chief of staff, so lois lerner may not have sent an e-mail to president obama or to his name but nicole flack sure did and had a lot of business at the white house while that was going on. they knew exactly what they were
7:26 pm
doing when he did the state of the union speech. >> they said that before congress. we're running out of time and we'll stay on the story. guys, good to see you. >> coming up next here on "hannity." >> this issue of being in touch for average americans is more complicated for mrs. clinton. >> and ainsley earhart joins me with cold hard proof that the clintons are doing pretty good and author of "blood phuea thai feud" ed klein is here to weigh in on that and we'll explain the real dangers that isis, the terror group, is posing, not just in baghdad but the united states as well. this and more as hannity continues tonight. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. welcome back to "hannity." hillary clinton still facing heat for saying she was dead broke when her and bill left the white house and now her husband is coming to her defense. how you doing. ainsley earhart joins us. good to see you. >> food to see you, too. >> a lot of people talking about this. $12 million in debt, technically it is correct, but however, i think your wife would go in knowing she was leaving the white house making so much money on speeches. making $200,000 per speech. guaranteed an $8 million book advance. >> and had a $4 million league defense, right? >> going to put this up on big
7:30 pm
board. and they had all of these things. >> from monica and from whitewater. >> she had a lot of debt. however, they had to piece together a lot of money for mortgages, plural, houses, plural. >> look at this. this is their struggle with money, $2.85 million home, $145,000 senate salary and $5 million in speeches just from hillary. >> and she's making these comments after she was in the white house eating on fine china with silver and being, you know, served. >> let's go back to their finances which is the full screen we have here. $200,000 white house salary. go to the very beginning here. you've got $10 million for bill clinton's memoir, $8 million for her book advance, 9 million in speaking fees for bill and a $2 million home. >> when she was interviewed by diane sawyer she said will america understand you're making from one speech five times the median income of the constituents she is hoping will vote for her? >> what about the comment that she followed up with that we're
7:31 pm
not really wealthy. >> they are. >> this is not wealthy? >> i think that's pretty wealthy. >> now the question, chelsea clinton says she's struggling not to care about money, but chelsea is doing all right, too. the cost of her wedding was what, $3 million. her salary at nbc news. >> only been on a few times. >> $600,000. >> not a bad start. >> can you believe that. they are wealthy. this is wealth. have you seen their houses. their house in washington, house in chap kwa, they are large. >> and she's married a hedge fund guy. >> she married well. they are not hurting. making a lot of money but bill clinton was on "meet the press" with david gregory. take a listen to what he said about this. he was defending his wife. >> it was factually true that we were several million dollars in debt. everybody assumes what happened in the intervening years is automatic. i'm shocked that it's happened. i'm shocked that people want me to come and give talks and i'm grateful. >> when you say you pay ordinary, secretary clinton did, unlike other people who are really well off who pay taxes
7:32 pm
maybe just off cap gains, can you understand as a political matter that that can strike people as being out of touch? >> yeah, but she's not out of touch. >> okay. because he says so. >> he did defend his wife which was very nice, i guess he has to do that in this situation but he says we go to the local grocery stores and talk to regular people because we're regular people ourselves, so anyway, there's an article in "washington post," and they compared hillary clinton to marie antoinette and not a future democratic nominee. >> thanks. >> joining us now his book is actually number three on amazon as we are live here and that's ed klein, author of "blood feud, the obamas and clintons." you chronicled this whole thing in the story but there's a lot of lying that goes on with them. >> a lot of lying. i'll say there's a lot of lying. >> yeah. >> just think about bengzy when she knew for a fact that it was a terrorist attack from the get go and then she went out and told the families of these dead
7:33 pm
people, these dead heros of ours, that she's going to do something about this terrible video that she knew wasn't the cause. >> didn't get to this the other night but obama wanted her to take the fall for benghazi. we didn't get too deeply into it. >> obama called her at 10:00 on the night of the benghazi attack, by which time she had been given updates by david petraeus of the cia, tom donlon of the national security council, the deputy ambassador in libya. she knew the score. she knew it was a terrorist attack. she was prepared to say it was a terrorist attack until the president asked her to put out this cockamamy story. >> all right. do you think in the end, because you talk about the deal, bill clinton will come to obama's rescue in 2012. obama will support hillary in 2016. do you think obama lives up to his part of the bargain. >> i don't?
7:34 pm
>> why? >> let me tell you what bill clinton thinks and then i'll tell you what i think. bill clinton thinks, and he said this in front of several people, that obama's looking for a mini me, a guy who will come -- a woman who will come out of nowhere the way he did and take the mantle of the left wing of the party which obama represents and beat hillary in the primary campaign. >> wow. >> so there really is a blood feud here. >> oh, there's definitely a blood feud. >> since we had you on your book is selling gangbusters. you're doing tremendously better than hillary clinton's book out there, but i notice that no matter what you do and what you say regardless of your background with "newsweek" magazine, editor and all the years you spent with them that every time you talk about sources and you say you can't reveal them because they are people close to the clintons, people close to the obamas, people say, we, we can't believe you because the sources run named. what -- what is the mainstream, how do they do sourceing?
7:35 pm
>> that's a good question, sean. you know, i'm reminded of the fact that i was on your show two nights in a row playing the tapes that i made with the reverend jeremiah wright. >> i remember. >> do you realize that you were the only person who played those tapes. the main street media completely ignored those tapes and this guy is speaking about a bribe that obama's friend tried to make to jeremiah wright. >> last question. do you think this tape that came out of hillary, then an attorney, in the 508s defending a guy that she knew was guilty of rape and getting him off with two months time served, will that be an issue? >> i think it will be and should be. >> she was caught on tape back in 1980 cackling over the fact that she knew the guy who raped this 12-year-old girl was guilty and got him off anyway. >> got him off.
7:36 pm
>> tell your friends at media matters hi. >> i will. >> coming up tonight, things in iraq are going from bad to worse as isis is now considered to be a direct threat to the united states. we'll check this with our military analysts. they will weigh in and later tonight. >> this is a fanatical religious terrorist organization. >> fanatical terrorist propagandist organization. it isn't reasonable, is it? >> the not so funny comedian takes aim at fox news. our great great american panel. you don't want to miss it. i can pay my bill. tap it here, digital insurance id card. and tap it here, boom, roadside assistance. on'tday ooklay, it's axwellmay. the igpay? otallytay. take an icturepay! onephay, onephay! really, pig latin? [ male announcer ] geico. anywhere, anytime. just an aptay away on the geico appay.
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avo: withbook any flightways get the lowest price and with that in mind... or hotel and if you find it for less, we'll match it and give you 50 dollars off your next trip expedia, find yours welcome back to "hannity." the left's war on fox news rages on tonight. this time it was actor russell brant who took to youtube in a ten-minute long rant to attack our very own judge janine piro for telling it like it is regarding the crisis in iraq. >> a fanatical religious
7:42 pm
terrorist organization. >> fox news, fanatical terrorist propagandist organization. it isn't reasonable, is it, the way she's talking them. bomb them. she's worse. like wait you see the video of someone with a rifle, hey, i'm going to bomb and bomb and you're like [ bleep ]. she's doing it. just doing it with a city backdrop. she's talking savage values, volatile angry combative language. i don't think that's helpful. i'm not being just sensational. that is more dangerous than isis. that attitude because that's far-reaching. that's affecting millions and millions of people. >> here with reaction our great, great, great american people. the "imus in the morning "producer bernard mcguirk. fox news senior correspondent our friend geraldo and former
7:43 pm
speech writer phonofor condi rice and way ahead of the curve on the bergdahl solution. great to have you back. we missed you, and we're sorry about what happened with your husband. >> no, no, you're the sweetest. thanks for being so kind to mow. what's your reaction to that? i love janine. >> i love it. the reason why his ex-wife dumped this guy. did my due diligence and looked up on wick piedia. he got fired from mtv for showing up to work the day after 9/11 dressed as osama bin laden, and he rags on my israeli brothers and sisters all the time so where know where he's coming from but in the video, sean, he also says we should give these people aid and self-determination, and in that respect he sounds like dick cheney and geralda rivera circa 2003. we already gave that, gave them all of those things and they are
7:44 pm
ingrates. we left iraq in the dead of night so this guy should dummy up. threatening to attack america, see you in new york, we should bomb them. >> dick cheney is on this program, and, you know, he points out the attack on the u.s. could be worse than 9/11, geraldo, and you know how bad it was. >> putting aside from the vice president said may i address russell brand. he's a horrible actor, "arthur" was the worst movie, the remake of "arthur," worst ever but where are the beheaded bodies here at fox news? that kind of hyperbole only undermines any argument he has, and by the way, despite bernard's kind of back-handed slap about 2003 and our retreat, i believe we should have bombed the columns. i think judge janine piro was right. it's not too late. wherever you see a vehicle with
7:45 pm
a black flag flying in northwest iraq let's get them. >> what do you think? >> i agree with geraldo that this kind of hyperbole does not help the public's understanding. we can't have a serious discussion about the news at hand. you know, kind of like when you compared my husband to al qaeda militants. >> did you really? >> yeah. >> ouch. >> may he rest in peace. >> flattered that you found him as powerful as the worst terrorist organization in the world. >> welcome back, elise. >> really, i -- >> i know, i know, i'm just picking own, thank you. >> let me ask you this. look at the breakdown of media coverage of recent scandals, and the most by the way goes to bridgegate, not the irs, not the v.a. scandal. look at these numbers here. 112 minutes and 23 seconds and four and a half days. v.a. scandal, no coverage for almost two weeks. irs, three minutes and 14 seconds. you got what, "new york times," "washington post," bridgegate, 50 stories in the first week,
7:46 pm
v.a. two stories and irs scandal three stories. geraldo, these are your liberal media. >> now i'm a defender of the liberal media. there's no doubt that bridgegate was an easy scandal to get your arms around. the world's busiest bridge, live under it. >> you live under a bridge. >> i live under the bridge. i am the hobit under the george washington bridge, literally do, and 350,000 commuters every day, their lives disrupted. easy scandal to get your arms around. the irs was slow in evolving. the v.a. scandal slow in evolving. >> the irs scandal -- give credit to jon stewart, he takes a fair amount of cheap shots against fox news and all but something reaches critical mass like the irs nonsense, the abuse of power and insulting loss of e-mails at least he addresses it, maybe he'll give some of the
7:47 pm
obama psych fans like brian williams a pair. >> typical "new york times." they run this story a1 above the fold. there is no story just because they erroneously report it from the beginning so they are trying to make a non-story a story. >> let me see you book. >> that's what the last magazine is about. >> elise lost her investigative journalist husband, what he was working on about a year ago? >> actually finished that a year ago. >> and you published it on. >> glad you took a shot at geralda and made it very entertaining. >> we love geralda. give him a hard time. coming up, new details on the threat posed to the u.s. by the terror group that is in iraq right now, isis. our military analysts will weigh in on that and much more at "hannity" continues.
7:48 pm
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and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "hannity" so reported earlier tonight iraqi prime minister malaki has concentrated troops around baghdad as forces march towards the capitol city. now, information suggests isis has intent to target u.s. interests here with reaction is colonel bill cowan.
7:53 pm
colonel they said they wanted to come to new york. right? >> they do want to come to new york you know, listening to vice president cheney last night on the show, he laid it out well. this is a serious threat a nuclear weapon is not outside the realm of possibility. >> what do you make of dick cheney saying the possibility of attack worse than september 11th in the next decade? what do you think of that? >> i think it's realistic. >> it's just a matter of time when you consider these isis guys have 6,000 hard core, and 4,000 foreign fighters walking around with foreign pass ports. to get into the united states and set up cells here would not be difficult. >> yes. >> so what are we to do with this point? as far as i'm concerned, we had iraq. we had iraq stable.
7:54 pm
now, city after city falls. colonel cowan what do we do? >> the biggest problem now is intelligence and law enforcement attracting people that kept the masses mentioned because those are the guy that's are going to want to come back here. secondly we have take a look at what kind of weaponry, like a nuclear weapon, isis can get their hands on. remember, north korea, which has nuclear weapons, their number one business is exporting weapons to people that want to use them the work is really cut out for our intelligence and law enforcement communities. >> good to see you both and when we come back, plenty more "hannity" coming up, right after the break. my dad has atrial fibrillation, or afib. he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)...
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8:00 pm
friends first, each weekday morning at 5:00. then, steve, elizabeth and brian at 6:00. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> in new jersey there is late word tonight of a widening investigation of a george washington bridge scandal involving the administration of governor chris christie. >> a shocking report says that while the network news spent a a vast amount of time on governor christie's bridge problems, the nets are avoiding the v.a. and irs scandals. we will give you the facts and bernie goldberg will analyze. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. >> i still get emotional just thinking about it. [ laughter ] >> so what happens to stuart and colbert if the obama administration and the democratic party go down? we'll answer that question.