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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 26, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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news alert. music drowned out by sirens at a boston concert. >> anna kooiman is here with what happened. the show featuring the swedish dj behind the hit song "wake me up." late last night this was the scene outside of the concert. ambulances as crowds spilled into the streets. dozens of people were hospitalized for dehydration, drugs and alcohol. most were teenagers. >> he was drunk. might be molly. i don't know. >> took four cops to get him down. he was wiped out. took four of them to take them down. >> avici,tweeted just hearing
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the awful news about tonight. terrible thing. i hope everybody is okay. my thoughts go to those affected and their families. >> the electronic dance music concerts prompt scrutiny. electronic zoo concert was cut short after two fans died on the club drug known as molly. a spokesperson for life nation say the majority of those taken to the hospital were outside of the venue too impaired to be allowed inside the concert. >> also new overnight a security scare outside of a miami airport. tsa agents found a suspicious liquid in a checked bag it was found in a container labeled bomb sick toc-- tick tock. they are not saying what it was but trying to find out why he had it in the first place. the flight to london was delayed
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but eventually did take off. >> a soldier is dead after an enemy attack in afghanistan targeting checkpoints and government buildings in a key southern providence. government clashes have been going on it killed at least 35 civilians. >> one of iraq's largest air bases take control of several small oil fields on the road to baghdad. it was known as camp an canada where the u.s. held during the war there. insurgents surrounded three sides of the huge air bass where it could be serious american hardware left behind. listen to this. >> isis has a clear goal and they are well on their way to achieving the goal and at risk of a caliphate and it would be a terror state. it is absolutely criminal that this president has done nothing.
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>> isis now trying to surround the capital of baghdad. >> where is the uss new york? that's the navy ship holding the benghazi terror suspect ak mid abukala and has been dark for more than a week. it he is expected to be arraigned in washington, d.c. sometime soon. but the fox poll shows america thinks he should be taken to gitmo instead. they think he should be tried in a military tribunal. 52 percent of americans say the president should keep it open 36 percent wants gitmo closed. >> remember what president obama said to bill o'reilly about the irs? >> mass corruption. not even a smidgen of
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corruption. >> new e-mails show learner targeted chuck grassley. it is getting deeper and deeper. >> it is the kind of information to a group from republican senator chuck grassley we don't know how ended up with lois lerner at the irs. the invitation invited grassley to attend and offered to pay for his wife to attend. instead of forwarding the invitation to the senator learner suggested maybe grassley should be audited. according to e-mails uncovered learner e-mailed three irs officials saand said quote look like they were inappropriately offering to pay for his wife. perhaps we should refer to exam. >> senator grassley responded in a statement saying quote this kind of thing fuels the deep concerns many have about political targeting by the irs
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and officials at the highest levels. gop lawmakers are furious about learner's prconduct. >> you mentioned this latest example of targeting. senator grassley's integrity is on question is another example of political targeting. it is clear these guys who have the power to ruin and destroy people's lives will stop at nothing. >> the irs said in a statement, xoet, as quote, as a general ma they have checks and balances in place to look at the audit process. >> it cannot be initiated solely by personal requests or suggestions by any one individual inside the irs. we don't know the name of the group but senator grassley's office says he did not attend the event. republican congressman daryl isis says this recent development further supports its call for the special prosecutor
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in the irs case. >> ainsley? >> molly henneberg, life for us in washington, d.c. >> oo the irs scandal is not an isolated incident. back in 2012 a confidential list of people giving money to the national organization for marriage was linked to a gay rights group. one of the employees linked that list on purpose. even though the judge said it was a single employee's mistake eric erickson from red said this is another example of a pattern of behavior one which the nation's top laurier rick ho -- lawyer eric holder is willing tol -- not willing to investigate. >> eric holder going in and looking at this stuff? >> you would think so. the national association of marriage requested it given he admitted in e-mails he had a
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conduit in the irs. the attorney general said they are not going to investigate it for criminal activity. >> you think of a reason? why not? >> not to my knowledge. >> eric holder, the attorney general said i am not going to investigate anything that may make the obama administration look bad. anything. >> right. if this has happened to the bush administration the media would be outraged. >> the irs had to pay the national organization of marriage a 50,000 dollar settlement. >> the irs is not the only government agency with missing data. the eps saying they can't locate e-mails alleged employee misconduct. a hard drive crash destroyed its e-mails. committee chairman darrel issa is now threatening to hold the epa in contempt. >> first the irs law and now the epa. log on to our fox and friends
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first facebook page on the show we will be talking to you live. >> now to the extreme weather alert effected to crest in st. paul, minnesota today. the river reaching more than 20 feet some of the highest waters on record. >> it is not just the midwest. in texas heavy storms causing a flash flood at the six flags theme park. massive roller-coasters. look at that right there. maria molina is in the weather center with what we can expect today. a real mess out there. >> mess across texas and parts of minnesota. we are looking at areas of heavy rain in new england. there are concerns about flash flooding here. we have picked up several inches of rain in the overnight hours and during yesterday. we are looking at that being a concern out there. further west we have activity scattered across the plains and into the northern rockies. the storm system will continue to move eastward and tap into
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moisture and temperatures. over the next several days we are looking at severe weather activity starting in montana and the severe weather ramps up for friday and saturday. it will be centered along the northern and central plains. damaging winds tornadoes and hail a concern. heather and ainsley, several inches of rain said to have accumulated out here before the end of today. let's head over to you. potential presidential candidate hillary clinton pushing back against criticism she is out of touch with america. they said they were dead broke when they left the white house. she said it had nothing to do with her achievements. >> i don't need anybody to
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defend my record. it speaks for itself. >> the comment came out wrong but doesn't change who she is as a person. san francisco giants a pin list to come, history repeat itself? >> on the ground. looks as though he is done it again. >> it is simply an amazing feat. lin cec um no hit for the second time in two seasons. he sent the next 23 batters right to the bug out. lium is the first in histo second in history to no hit a team twice. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. it's a ground breaking decision effecting every american with a cell phone. what the supreme court rules about cell phones and police means to you and your privacy. >> a raging river coming
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>> tragedy hitting the show "survivor." the former contestant banks ston died in a railroad accident. he was checking something between two-cars when the train went off the track and he was caught in between the cars. the host of the show jeff probst saying caleb was one of the most humble likeable contestants we have had the privilege of working with on the show. he was just 26 years old.
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>> also this morning rob lowe and his family getting quite a scare on their vacation after they were caught up in a flash flood. >> you are looking at the first floor of the vacation home in france. it was totally submerged. he his wife and one of the sons had to be rescued. lowe later snapped that picture hugging the man who saved her life. the caption reads, glad we are safe, thankful to first responders. >> he was arrest -- if arrested by police they don't have a right to look through your cell phone. if they want to they need a warrant for it. we look at what this means for you. >> in a ruling marked for the digital age the supreme court ruled just because you have a cell phone in your pocket or purse it does not mean police have the right to search it. the nine justices recognized
2:16 am
everything from your financial to medical information might be on your cell phone. chief justice john roberts wrote cell phones are quote not just another technological convenience with all they contain and all they reveal they hold for many americans the privacy fies for life. >> lisa is a constitutional lawyer. she says the ruling does not put police officers at risk or interfere with their enability to keep the public safe. they can take your phone as evidence but there's a specific process they have to follow. >> this ruling requires the police to pull out the battery, bag the phone, pick up the phone, call a judge and within 15 minutes get a search warrant. the search can within 15 minutes get a search warrant vis-a-vis e-mail. >> the justices view cell phones as much more than just phones.
2:17 am
>> when they search the home they have to get a warrant. the cell phones contain so much information that it is a lot like our homes. >> there is one exception to the rule like if the cops think they are in danger they don't need a search warrant to search your phone. birthday snacks are under attack. a school district near seattle banning kids from bringing treats like that to birthday celebrations. people get things like pencils. >> some parents think the ban is too much. some think the kids get enough treats anyway. >> is it okay for kids or does it ruin the fun? >> e-mail or twitter and we will
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>> a navy veteran comes to the rescue after this horrific scene. the truck was on fire and the driver didn't even know it. so the veteran turned on its
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flashers started weaving on the road hoping to get his attention. when he did he got out of the car and used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. the off cutie cop and his wife in the burning truck were able to escape through a window. >> i was totally impressed. it's not something people do every day. >> now it is my time in return to recruit the police department. >> the truck driver and his wife gave the veteran $1,000 for his horrific action. >> that is quite a story. thank you so much. >> ghana stages a world cup mutiny over unpaid team bonuses. they refused to board a plane until the country chartered a jet and flew $2 million all of the way to brazil. it took a call from ghana to reassure players they would get their money. player bonuses has been a contention. >> jacksonville florida
2:23 am
residents will have to cough up $1 million to have wi-fi. jacksonville has the 5th lowest attendance of any nfl team out there. that team hoping the luxury of internet will entice fans to come to the games. taxpayers are paying $43 million to upgrade that stadium. the massive sink hole which nearly destroyed the national corvette museum swallowing the sportscars back in february is now here to stay. the wreckage has become so popular officials want to preserve it. they are
2:24 am
car. the chevy cruze. there's a potential problem with the air bag. 2013 and 2014 cruises may have been assembled with an incorrect part and as a result have a faulty driver side air bag inflator. this is not a recall yet. >> any one who goes food shopping knows that. the usda says overall food prices going up you fruit and milk much worse. fresh food prices expected to jump 5-6 percent this year. after a drought a threatening site truss crop in florida dairy prices are forecast to jump another 3-4 percent. >> and google wants to take over your living room. it is pushing further into the crowded tv market with the an droud t -- android tv.
2:25 am
that's the version of the tv operating system on the big screen. it can be moved to smart tv's and video consoles. you can go from netflix downloading movies to video games. sony, sharp, will have android tv built in next year. wall street flat and a little bit mixed this morning. a terrible report showing u.s. economy shrank sharply during the winter. >> simonetti, thank you. 25 minutes after the top of the hour. he brought down his political career sexting things like that. yuck. wait until you hear the real reason anthony weiner is keeping his mouth shut. >> we will tell you how he spoiled his own greatest scape. but first on this day in history, something we are all
2:26 am
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>> it is thursday, june 26th.
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concert chaos, booze aheat, boo drugs a dangerous combination that sent dozens of people to the hospital. >> oops they did it again. first it was the irs. now another government agency losing thousands of e-mails after a hard drive crash. coincidence or criminal. we report you decide. >> perhaps the best story of the day, usa, usa. we are hours away from america facing off against top ranked germany. we will go life to where a whole lot of americans will be spending their lunch break today. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> look at that shot. american flag flying in the
2:31 am
forefront. it is thursday. it is june 26th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. great to be with you today. i am in for heather childers. we begin with the chaos. an electronic music concert in boston. thousands of people rushed to the hospital -- excuse me. dozens of people rushed to the hospital because of drugs and alcohol. >> anna kooiman is here to give us the details. >> good morning ladies. this show featuring the dj avicii. the hit song "wake me up." ♪ >> late last night this was the scene outside of the avicii concert. ambulances lined up as crowds filled into the streets. dozens of people were hospitalized for dehydration, drugs and alcohol.
2:32 am
most said to be teenagers. >> dragged four people out. might be drunk, might be molly. >> one kid it took four cops to take him down. he was on something. i have no idea. he was trying to fight back. took four of them to take him down. >> after the show avicii tweeted this hearing the awful news about tonight. terrible thing. i hope everyone is he can oh. my thoughts go to those affected and their families. >> drug and alcohol over use at electronic dance music concert prompted recent security in recent years and scrutiny as well. the electric zoo concert in new york city was cut short after two fans died overdosing on the club drug known as molly. majority of those were outside of the venue two impaired to be let into the concert. >> tick tock the ominous words
2:33 am
at miami airport. the package was filled with liquid. it was found inside a traveler's checked bag heading to london. it was harmless but the fbi questioned the man a romanian passenger. no word on what the liquid was. >> terrorist militants attached one of the largest air bases taking control of several small oil fields on the road to baghdad. camp anaconda, remember that? insurgents surrounded three sides of the huge air bass where there could be serious hardware still left behind. they were caught off guard by the surge but others disagree. >> the white house is lying. this president is a could yourd a. he won't make tough decisions to defend america. at some point, yes, it's a hard decision. presidents are suppose the to make hard decisions. >> isis fighters now reportedly attempted to surround the capital. fighters were seen within
2:34 am
six-miles of baghdad. >> back home agencies in washington seem to be having all kinds of problems with our hard drives crashing. the environmental protection agency says it can't locate e-mails and other crucial document oos involving ladies and gentlemened employee misconduct. the eps telling the house oversight committee a hard drive crash destroyed the e-mails. >> to the other missing e-mails at the irs scandal. daryl issa -- darrel issa calling for investigation. >> lois lerner targeted chuck grassley. the scandal just keeps on growing. >> good morning. here we go again with lois lerner. this could be the tipping point to actually pull in a special prosecutor. we know learner was involved in the irs effort to target political groups that were entangled in that at least. now she is accused of targeting
2:35 am
chuck grassley of iowa. this began in 2012. but for some reason learner received an invitation to speak at an event that was meant for grassley. here's what she wrote in an e-mail to other irs officials. looked like they were inappropriately offering to pay for grassley's wife. perhaps we should refer to exam. the official reigned in learner saying an audit would be premature but for republicans this is more evidence that the irs is being used to target conservatives. >> this case calls for true special independent prosecutor who has the ability to issue car rants, to cease material, to safeguard documents and other information before it goes away and get to the truth. >> here's what the irs said. as a general matter the irs has checks and balances in place to ensure the fairness and integrity of the audit process. audits cannot be initiated seoul
2:36 am
ly by personal requests or suggestions by any one individual inside the irs. many of lois lerner's e-mails will never see the light of day. the irs blamed that on a hard drive crash. >> doug luzader live in washington for us. thank you, doug. time to look whose talking. joe trip pee and speech writer for george w. bush they agree the scandals are problematic but they say for different reasons. >> the presidency may not be imploding but his favor ability and approval numbers sure are. that creates all kinds of problems in terms of getting things done. not just that but has huge implications for the 2016 election. he wants to hold on to the u.s. sen that the but as these problems pile up and these numbers go down that makes november holding on to the senate tougher and tougher problem for him. >> all of these crisis we have talked about are self-inflicted
2:37 am
wounds. every president faces crisis. the different is these are self-inflicted. it is a self-inflicted wound. the va scandal self-inflicted, the irs self-inflicted. these are conscious choices the president is making. another president can make different conscious choices. there's no sign that barack obama sees it and changes course in any way. >> first the irs and now the epa. >> log on to our fox friends first facebook page. >> there's a new report out that hillary clinton is trying to keep the former congressman anthony weiner. clinton has some sort of a secret deal with her top aid aberdeen to keep her husband
2:38 am
wiener out of the spotlight for years. clinton says this is not true. you may remember his 2013 bid for new york city mayor failed miserably after he sent a woman not his wife sexual messages, behavior that forced him out of congress years earlier. oh, my. it appears someone on the white house press staff might have forgotten to use spell check. they misspelled ronald reagan's name not once but three times on media documents including the official schedule wednesday. in the version on-line reagan's name is spelled like that. there are two a's in his name actually. it was misspelled twice on a daily e-mail briefing sent to members of the media. doesn't even look right. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour. if you are out of work, a lot of people are, we have five states where the job market is booming right now. we will tell you which ones they
2:39 am
are. >> it seemed like a clever way to appeal to millennials using the movie "bridesmaids" but not to call young people poor when you are the federal government. >> they should of she should have my seat. she shouldn't miss out because she can't afford it. >> i am afraid that's not allowed. spokesperson: the volkswagen passat is heads above the competition, but we're not in the business of naming names. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans. and the volkswagen passat has a lower starting price than... much better. vo: hurry in and lease the 2014 passat s for $199 a month. visit today. smoking with chantix.
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>> they stopped the u.s. social service. a house sale voting to restore a long standing mandate requiring the post office on saturdays. gop leaders have a 6 day mail delivery which could save 1 billion per year if they got rid of the saturday service. >> could pot smoking start seth rogen international warfare. >> you want to kill kim jong-il? >> totally. >> they are warning the new comedy called "the interview" starring warden and james franco would they would face stern and mers sill lis retaliation if they don't block release of the movie. rouge began said people don't want to kill me after one of my movies until after they paid $12
2:44 am
for it. hiyooo. >> remember this scene from the movie bridesmaids? >> i will give her my seat. everyone should experience first class. she shouldn't be punished because she can't afford it. >> the if he had rale college financial aid office under fire after tweeting a photo from kristin wigs prides made with the caption help me, i am poor. if this is you you better fill out your fafsa. the tweet led to outrage on the internet. they took the tweet down and apologized. >> 800,000 fewer jobs in the united states said before the recession as the economy takes the deepest plunge in years. how on earth could this happen? laurie rothman is here with more. >> we know the 800,000 jobs
2:45 am
figure may be worse than expected. the u.s. economy is shrinking faster than we thought. no surprise the job situation may be worse offer as well. the government's report on first quarter growth was shockingly bad bringing in a drastic 2.9 percent annual rate two percent worse than the earlier estimates. econist ins placed the real jobs not at the 8 percent but closer to 5 and a half million missing jobs since the start of the recession seven years ago. they point their fingers squarely at the obama administration. >> this is a result of the administration five years of policies which are high taxation high regulation, high spending and high debt. when you look at the regulation and unseen stopping of economic
2:46 am
activity as a result of the over regulation and uncertainty of obamacare. >> another quarter of negative growth and the economy is back to recession. >> the job market is booming. 1.9 percent to shame. number 5 colorado with 2.4 percent. number four utah with 2.5 percent. texas and arizona tied for third and second coming in with 2.6 percent. number one is north dakota topping the charts for the fastest job growth with a booming 3.3. >> a lot of oil stuff there. it is 15 minutes before the hour. sometimes a job really is a bore. the attack the cameraman could not escape. >> not slim enough to slip away
2:47 am
from the cops. this chubby crook who got himself stuck between a can ro and a hard place. >> first let's check in with the deuce. >> the chubby crook. listen to you guy talking about the poor guy. >> poor guy? >> guilty. stuck. ladies, coming up, the irs can't find low kiss learner's e-mail but they manage to locate and hand over the private information to one pro marriage group. that group's founder is here. you are going to want to hear his story. it's really something. common summertime injuries, what could treat at home and when you need to go to the er. also it's throw back thursday, tbt. showing off our favorite summer memories. we want to see yours as well. governor mike huckabee live from jerusalem. we kickoff right here on your channel for news. what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut.
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all eyes on the world cup today. u.s.a. versus germany just a few hours away. are you planning to skip work to watch the big match? we're live in new york city. hi there, robert. the u.s. coach has something to say about that. what is he saying? >> he sure does. heather, good to see you. good morning to you. the u.s. men's coach is saying skip work if you can. let's take a look at the note, the letter that he tweeted yesterday. it's really entertaining. he wrote in this letter, quote, i understand this absence may reduce the productivey of your workplace but i can assure you it is for an important cause. the u.s. men's national team has a critical game
2:52 am
against germany and we will need the support of the nation if we are to advance to the next round. give that note to your boss and see if it does you any good. one estimate says u.s. workplaces will lose $190 million in wages today. back to you. >> long lunch break for all of us. thank you so much. transformers age of extinction set to take over theaters this weekend. the latest film in the franchise promises to be bigger than ever. michael tammero got the inside scoop. >> good morning. big doings in new york city last night. thousands lined the streets for the premiere of the fourth movie in this billion-dollar franchise, tracking to be the first
2:53 am
million-dollar opening. it has a tiewj following, sure to do well. we caught up with some of the stars last night. mark wahlberg. sheila booth is not in it. they told us it is not just a big action-packed thriller. it is a movie with a little bit of heart. >> it's bigger and better and also more character driven. the human element of the story i think is the anchor in this movie, an ordinary guy having to do extraordinary things to protect his daughter, something a lot of people will relate to. >> i think people will enjoy it. it is very relatable. >> i think they'll be blown away. it is bigger than any of them. it has a more -- it has a more heartstrings resonance to it i guess you can say with mark and his daughter. there's something really sweet about it. >> it opens up friday
2:54 am
nationwide. we have a big announcement. join us for fox fan weekend at yankee stadium by e-mailing us at foxfanweekend at fox for your chance to receive two tikdz for toronto blue jays versus new york jane keys for july -- new york yankees for july 25 or july >> thanks, michael. we can check you out at? >> for all the celebrity interviews. find me at twitter where the party continues at fox light michael. .stay with us, we'll beri .stay with us, we'll beri back. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things,
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it is 58 minutes after the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. the mississippi river expected to crest in st. paul, minnesota today. the river reaching more than 20 feet. some of the highest waters there on record. dozens of concert goers rushed to the hospital in boston for dehydration, drugs and alcohol after the group avicii performed. punishment expected for the u.s. soccer player who bit an opposing player during the soccer match. he could face a ban to the rest of the world cup. time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. tommy schaffer surprising
2:59 am
his sister at her elementary school giving her flowers. a cheerful reunion more than four years in the making. the bad, a japanese cameraman getting knocked to the ground by that wild boar oont -- on the street. the ugly, a chubby crook getting stuck after a failed escape trying to rob an apartment. a school district banning kids from bringing treats like cupcakes to school. the policy says they will bring pencils instead. does this ruin the fun? >> gina says the government has no right to stick its nose into. >> bonnie in pennsylvania says what's next? take away recess? they need a little treat to get through their long day. thank you so much to all of you who responded.
3:00 am
time to start talking about the i.r.s. scandal. now it's the e.p.a. really? log on to our "fox & friends first" facebook page and i'll be chatting with you live after the show. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is thursday, june 26, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. concert chaos. dozens of people, mostly teens, rushed to the hospital in the middle of a show overnight. we're going to show you what happened. >> busted. one of lois lerner's e-mails been found. not good. yes, she's been busted. not good at all. we're going to tell you about it coming up. >> it's game on. u.s. set to face germany at the world cup in a matter of hours. but does watching soccer mean the moral decay of our nation? i'll debate that. you can guess which side i'll be on. but you can play that game at home. by the


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