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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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10:00. hope you start your day with "fox & friends" first. ainsley, 5:00 to 6:00. hope you have a great night. no getting to the bottom of the irs email vanishing act. this is "on the record." hot on the trail. >> we need a special prosecutor. >> the irs emails poof, gone. did they really disappear? >> these guys who have the power, literally to ruin and destroy people's lives will stop at nothing. >> new developments tonight and "on the record" is on the case. plus, i take you ooff the record. >> attorney general eric holder continues to refuse to appoint a special prosecutor. he should be impeached. >> why i think time is up for eric holder. >> it started with. this john boehner getting ready to sue the president. and now this: >> the supreme court blasting president obama's decision to bypass congress. the high court ruling the
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president's actions are illegal. >> is in this check mate for the president? plus: soccer frenzy sweeping the nation. we will tell you why millions are celebrating tonight. this is a fox news alert. a new attempt by congressional republicans to find out what really happened to those vanishing lois lerner emails. house ways and means committee getting ready to fire off letters to multiple government agencies demanding they turn over any emails that they still do have from lerner. representative diane black joins us. good evening. >> good evening, greta. it's great to be with you. >> great to have you. so who are you firing off these emails to? who do you think might have lois lerner emails? >> any department that lois lerner had any blind copies or cc's to. we want their emails. anything that was a letter or correspondence with lois lerner, we want copies of those. you know, we are ending up
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now hearing about lois lerner's hard drive crashing which, by the way, was just about 10 days after the chairman camp sent her a letter asking her about the targeting so we saw that and we now there are six other high ranking officials around her who also claim that their hard drives have crashed. now we will have to go another direction and we want emails from anyone who had any correspondence with her during that period of time for those two years. >> chairman camp, i thought that was about a gift tax not specifically targeting. let me ask you. this the latest news last night which i thought was, you know, blockbuster news, really bad for lois lerner that she was at least suggesting referring a republican u.s. senator for audit for the most ridiculous bogus reason. what do you think about that? >> well, i think it's just another part of the story. if lois lerner were not guilty of anything. if there was no targeting which she by the way did admit there was targeting. she had a question planted
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at a bar association convention for her to be asked about it so she could admit and get it out there publicly. they were targeting so we know that but if there was nothing out there, why do we not have lois lerner coming forward to give us the information. why are we being stalled by every one of the commissioners? we just continue to be put off, lied to, and it's time that a special prosecutor would be named. we have obviously passed a house resolution it was bipartisan, 226 democrats joined us. this is a not a partisan issue. why people trust their government again. >> why do you think eric holder has not appointed a special prosecutor? >> i think that's a very good question. if he thought that a special prosecutor or that an investigation was necessary, for what happened in new jersey with chris christie
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and an employee of his that had traffic slowed on a bridge, why would you not think this was important? i think there are certainly enough pieces here to be questioned so-to-say no longer do we need to spend any more time with congress looking into this. they have showed us enough evidence that a special prosecutor is necessary to get to the bottom of this. >> representative, thanks. and those lost emails could be key evidence in a case against the irs. and lois lerner, obviously the government did not preserve the evidence, what's next legally? joining us our legal panel. ted, first to you. supposed to keep -- you are supposed it it keep these records. they didn't, so? >> well, to be very candid with you, greta. i smell a rat here. it is no way that i can see conceivably that you are not going to only destroy the hard drive but these emails, also. i think what is going to be needed here either is a special prosecutor, or a special grand jury. and i can tell you the drums
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are beating very loudly and sooner or later i think that's going to happen. >> it sounds like the attorney general has potatoes in here ear. what would you do to get to the bottom of this? , you know, in our current post enron era that we live in, corporations, agencies, attorneys, everyone knows we have to be abundantly cautious in preserving evidence. spoliation is no longer the person standing at the shredder after hours putting the bad documents through the shredder. it is also failing to preserve evidence whether or not it was intentional or negligence. so we clearly have a case of spoliation. spoliation is a violation of multiple laws. and violation of civil laws and evenbe÷ potentially federal criminal laws. all right. do you know what i would do. look, they have got the to get the information. best way to get the information is to immunize
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people around lois lerner. immunize everybody and put all those people. she is taking the fifth. i know ted you disagree with me. inactive heb of the bar. still subject to the bar provision. i would file a bar complaint against her. any lawyer knows you would rather have a grand jury on your tail than a bar. >> the problem with a bar complaint it could be out there infinitum. >> it puts pressure on her. right now she is getting a pension and she protection which even innocent people do. >> i think the focus is too much on lois lerner. i think the focus should be on the individuals around lois lerner. i think those are the achilles heel in this whole process. >> kimberly this email about chuck grassley one of the worst things i have ever read. insane to refer it she a lawyer. this is her job. >> right. she is doing exactly what lawyers are not supposed to be doing. i mean, she is clearly on the hunt for deserve groups.
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i tell you what, it is infuriating to me that holder will not appoint a special prosecutor for this. it's absolutely ridiculous. and my problem here is he has made this a political issue. i have heard over and over and over that the conservatives are making this irs scandal the issue holder is making this a political issue. >> the president said it's phony so he is saying he is-hood and wink to the attorney general. >> this is not bologna. it's real and integrity of the irs is at stake. what i suggest is that they set up a hotline i think you are going to find there are a lot of individuals in the irs that would love to speakaéu3 out about what's going on they -- set up a hotline and you may get some information. >> i think the president go ahead and we have to go. >> not the think tank groups.
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it's the entire american public who now has no faith in the irs and our government itself kimberly and ted, thank you. now to another potential problem with the irs investigation. turns out john koskinen. joining us political panel, "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard and washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york. byron, first to you. what about it? this isn't close. contributing a lot of money, all this money to the democrats except maybe one-to-one independent. >> we should say though the senate knew this when they confirmed him. actually wasn't a big vote it was 56, 39 he was confirmed in december. the senate knew about it i asked people on the senate finance committee which, by the way, includes chuck grassley which voted to send him on. they say they don't view political contributions as a huge problem unless there is some bigger evidence that
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the candidate will be really, really partisan. so, in this case bigger problem not who he gave money to in the past but this reay arrogant attitude that he showed in his appearances before the house in which he basically felt that he should decide what the house should know. that drove the members of the committee nuts. >> a.b., 118 contributions democrats. $86,200. 118 politicians. 116 democrats. i think these people are always chosen among their own. it's not surprising at all. democratic administration would find someone to bring in who was a democrat. i'm with byron. i don't think it's a big deal. i do think what's a big deal he testified on march 26th and couldn't come up with the truth at that time. that the emails were gone. >> did he know at that time
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that the emails were gone. >> even if he did not. >> difference between being incompetent and deceitful. >> maybe he needs a doctor's note memory lapses. otherwise he is being partisan and is lying. either one it is not adding up. managing expert and turn around artist. he has a long very impressive resume. evidence was president clinton's y 2 k council chair. he has worked for freddie mac. he has been deputy mayor of the district of clowm columbia. on and on. he was chosen for his ability and brought out of retirement for this reason. later on he was asked who told him about the emails being accidently destroyed accidentally he said he can't remember. at this point he is either being partisan and lying or he needs to step down and someone who has a better memory has to step in. >> john? >> well, he didn't need to know that he had given $100,000 to democrats to conclude that is he a partisan hatchet man hired to hire the indefensible. all had you to do isbáwatch his indefensible testimony the last woke. he said the hard drives
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crashed because they don't have enough money and monumental waste of taxpayer money if they were to hire a special prosecutor. spent $50 million on lavish conferences and star trek video. >> not under him. he didn't express outrage for it. >> buy some new computers. hire special vietor and get to the bottom of this. this is a guy said no wrongdoing has happened and then he admitted to trey gowdy in questioning he doesn't know what the law is. he didn't seem to care enough about the american people. how terrible it is what is going on with the american people i hat not been remorseful about it came in to clean up the mess. not so worried. >> they found out he knew about these emails being missing. he knew about the hard drive problem and he had not told the committee that he simply wasn't going to tell them until he felt he had all of his information together. and they said that's not your decision to make. >> panel, thank you.
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>> let's go off-the-record for a minute. time for attorney general eric holder to go. either resign or president obama should fire him. the attorney general's john is to protect the american people, and that includes protecting them from bad government officials and renegade government agencies. holder is not doing his since he won't do it, he decency appoint someone who will, a special prosecutor. he won't do that either. i don't get holder. he actually has a really fair good judge. now he seems to play partisan politics and at the american taxpayers' citizen's expense. that's wrong. by now he should be finished with an investigation of lois lerner and the irs. it's been 14 months. tens of thousands of prosecutors working for him. investigation doesn't mean conviction. it simply means getting to the bottom of suspicious behavior. and there is plenty of that. from lerner taking the fifth or email to the fec sharing confidential taxpayer information to last night's real big bombshell that lerner was target guilty a
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republican u.s. senator. so bogus her irs colleague had to pull her off the ceiling. the american people illegal. >> the bottom line of this decision online justices said to the president if the senate tells you it's in session. it's in session.
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now we wait to find out what happens to the 1,000 plus decisions the board made when those appointees were sitting on the board. >> and senator tim scott joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. it's good to be back with you. >> what do you think, sir. 9-orecess appointments check mate of the president on this one. >> absolutely necessary rebuke of the president. necessary. everyone needs to fault laws of the country. we heard just recently by the irs and now we see the nlrb the far reaching impact of their decisions reached home in south carolina where boeing and working class folks who were looking to an opportunity to go back to work were going to lose that opportunity because of the decisions of this federal government. people should not fear their federal government. >> all right. now, it is not -- recess appointments aren't any. this one is a tad bit different because the senate tried to outsmart the president by not going into recess. and then the president called it a recess. isn't that essentially? >> proforma recessions are
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still in session. that's what was unanimous about this decision. the good news is what the supreme court said is the senate decides when they are on recess and not. not the president. that was a very clear and interesting decision. >> what i thought was so interesting. what's so potent about this it's 9-o you can't overestimate that. 9-0. you can't say it's close. can't say 5-4 decision. can't blame conservatives or liberals or swing vote. the fact of the matter is what we saw today. allow new air to come into the lungs of the average person who is saying can i trust the actions of my government? does the concept of balance of powers checks and balances, does it really work and today i think we can breathe a sigh of relief and say unanimously. >> what happens to this recess appoint that's now been determined to exceed the president's authority. what happens to any decisions or any participation that he had
11:16 pm
any cases? >> well, there are over 400 decisions from my understanding. >> of this particular recess appointment? >> january 2012 through some time in 2013. my hope is that due process actually happens. where each and every person -- each and every case has an opportunity to it be re-heard. >>í:y if the president had no authority. and the president had had no authority. >> you would hope that due process each case comes back before the nlb and heard individually with time. my fear is you will see the new board rubber stamping perhaps in totality all of these decisions. that would be bad. i think we need to hear each and every case and understand the merits. i hope the attorneys in those cases brings back the requirement and request for more time for more information to be heard by this board. >> i hope that happens and the courts don't drag this out e this is real
11:17 pm
consequences no matter what's decided for people. the courts can expedite this one. they can start burning the midnight oil. >> necessary for them to do so. >> senator, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> today was the supreme court 9-o yesterday it was speaker of the house john boehner. two branches of government now taking action against what they call president obama's power grab. charles krauthammer is here to talk about that next. plus, developing right now, a building collapses sending dozens to the hospital. a live report coming up. america goes wild for the world cup from coast to coast. team u.s.a. advances to the knockout stage. that's coming up. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. president obama taking a 1-2 punch right between the eyes. all over what critics call the power grab. john boehner threatening to sue president obama. and today the supreme court telling president obama in a 9-oopinion he went too far making recess appointments, joining us charles krauthammer, author of the book "things that matter." good to see you, charles. >> good to be here. >> is the decision rebuke to president obama. >> it's a major rebuke. when you are -- when there is 9 and nobody on the other side. including the two justices you appointed when the
11:22 pm
opinion leading liberal. shows contempt for what the president did, he obviously trampled on the constitutional powers. and the way it was written. the briar decision was the president the can can make recess appointment if the senate is in recess. and breyer writes the center is in session when it says it is in session. and it is in recess when it says it is in recess. it's not when the president. the president presumed to tell the senate it is in recess and he makes the appointments and he got really smack down. this is a major statement to the president watch how you are walking over outside of the boundaries of what you can do. the reason it's important. if it was a stand alone decision, it wouldn't be important. the reason it's important is pa precisely what you said. boehner is challenging the president on all other the instances in which the president has gone way over the line. the nonenforcement of
11:23 pm
immigration laws. the nonenforcement of drug laws. the post facto changes 3 of them to the affordable care act. >> give exceptions to some and not others. >> this is arbitrary government at a very high level and tremendous level of arrogance. i think this may be a signal that the boehner lawsuit, if they get standing before the court. might succeed and obama might lose. >> do you think the president doesn't understand this or, you know, i mean he has gotten slapped down a little bit today. he doesn't see that maybe, you know, that he might be overreaching? do you think what he truly believes what he is doing is within the bounds? >> i no. i think he knows is he way beyond the bounds. no one could read this decision and not know that there was a major abuse of power. but i don't think he cares. he is in a second term. he is not running again they will never impeach him.
11:24 pm
he has nothing to lose. he has ideological agenda he wants to enact. he got half of it with healthcare. the rest of it he wants the e.p.a. and energy and carbon. the rest of the stuff he wants. he truly believes if the congress won't cooperate with him it's being kind of unamerican and he is the one acting in the national interest. even if he has to abuse the constitution here and there. what is he doing is so good for the country he is sort of obligated to do it. >> imagine if he had developed a relationship on capitol hill and worked with capitol hill. that sounds insane at this point. the president does do that president clinton did it and he was being impeached by the senate and the house ted and he could work with them. >> is he not a natural politician. i don't think he likes politics. which is odd for a man who is president. he clearly has completely failed at doing what the president has to do,that is work with the other side. the worst part of it he
11:25 pm
doesn't care about the constitution. there will be presidents after him. if he he gets away with all this overreach. creating laws, rewriting laws, ignoring laws. it will be a occasional defeat for the country and for the rule of law. and i think that's the worst part of this. if this were a republican, he would be impeached now over all of these abuses. >> charles, thank you. nice to see you. >> pleasure to be here. >> and didn't benghazi keep teach the state department a lesson? new fears about security of u.s. embassies? that's next plus learning tonight iran drones out of air field in baghdad. air field in baghdad. all the latest in baghdad is when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence.
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breaking right now. new fears about the security of u.s. embassies around the world. state department is building new embassies. those new buildings may look fancy but are they really safe. you would think after benghazi embassy security would be top priority. catherine herridge joins us. catherine? >> thanks, greta. i have a copy of the letter. it's 10 pages.
11:30 pm
it's from the chairman of the house government oversight committee darrell issa as well as congressman jason chaffets to the secretary of state. the bottom line is that they see this shift at the state department between what they call standard embassy design, which puts the emphasis on function and security and something called design excellence, which is about openness and innovation. and sort of the poster child for this is the construction that is proposed for the new u.s. embassy in london. now, i wasn't able to talk to the state department. but the published reports put the price tag of that new embassy at a billion dollars. >> a building? >> a billion dollars for that building. at the same time the question about whether it's really that secure. design shows a very large glass facade which you can anticipate what the problems would be with that what the committee wants to try and understand is whether this shift in the state department's strategy is actually creating cost overruns and less secure
11:31 pm
facilities, especially in light of benghazi. >> you would think we would pay a lot of attention to that one. a billion got your attention. >> a billion for a build something a lot of money. anyway. catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. a 0 more u.s. military advisors arriving in iraq as iraq's vice president calls on parliament to meet with the new government that could be a crucial step towards blocking the add vapszing insurgency. will it work. john kerry warning the threat from isiss far beyond iraq. just a short time ago we spoke with "wall street journal" middle east correspondent bradley who is in baghdad. matt, nice to talk to you again. is it true that iran has drones that are flying out of baghdad airfields to help the maliki government? >> yeah, that's the reporting that we are hearing is that actually the iranian government does have people on the ground. but, at the same time, of course, we are talking about 1800 new military advisors from the united states who have just arrived in iraq
11:32 pm
and are assisting in other ways. some of them are going to be deployed up north where they are going to be advising and assessing the situation there. where a lot of the fighting really started about two weeks ago. >> how does everyone -- >> -- it's not just iran here. >> okay. i was going to ask. how does anyone reconcile this? we have the u.s. and iran essentially on the team. team maliki. and this military, whether it's advising or whether it's surveillance or whatever. then you have the effort to get a new maliki government and once again you have iran and the united states on the same team. and how do we work together? >> well, we have to remember that none of this is really that new. that the entire invasion of iraq was a huge gift for iran. iran had just fought a bloody, terrible 8 year war with iraq. in the 1980s, it was one of the worst wars, one of the most devastating wars since world war -- no love for saddam hussein or for any of the sunni powers who are in
11:33 pm
iraq. so, this sort of pseudo partnership that's frenemies relationship between iran and iraq is not new. it's decades old. the area of mosul, christians, i understand, are fleeing mosul; is that right? >> that's right. isis, the islamic state of iraq or syria as some people are calling it, they took over mosul did two weeks ago. they are introducing a draconian form of sharia law. that's fan hard on a lot of the christians. we have seen the images on youtube and other places putting isis al qaeda like flags above churches in mosul. these are asyrian churches. this is one of the oldest christian communities in the world. >> would the possibility of a new government being formed soon, do you have the sense, being there, that we are going in a direction of more stability and in the right direction towards peace or if s. it still as
11:34 pm
tense and perilous or getting worse. >> i wouldn't say getting worse. what we are looking at now is extended political impasse. there is nothing that anybody can do really to force maliki from power at this point except bring the parliament together, put a lot of pressure on him and wait for him to seat light and see that he has more enemies than friends at this point. remember, maliki is still leaning on the fact that the april 30th parliamentary vote he got 92 out of 360 seats. he has three times the number of votes in his coalition broke that be the second largest coalition block that one seats in that election. he has a lot going for him in terms of electoral support. it's going to be really hard to sweep him and his coalition partners out of power. >> all right. i defer to you because you are in baghdad. because i talk to many experts here. military experts here. they say baghdad is pretty safe from isis invading. then i read that a bomb went off and 12 people were killed in baghdad.
11:35 pm
it hardly seems like the safest place in the world. >> well, the fact is that baghdad has never been the safest place in the world. bombs going off and killing 12 people. that's been happening with really shocking regulator for the last couple of years. it's been picking up in pace in the last two or three years ever since the united states troops left in december of 2012. so, again, while we're seeing these massive swaths of land in northern iraq being taken by isis, the regular bombings, the suicide bombings, especially the ones targeting shiite neighborhoods here in baghdad, none of that is tickly new. that's been going on it regular basis for the last few years. >> matt, thank you very much. of course, be safe. as obviously you noted baghdad is not a safe place. thank you. >> thank you. and developing right now, terrifying seen in texas. a second floor apartment collapses as 100 people gather inside a home. collapse sending dozens to the hospital. for the very latest we go to fox 5 houston reporter.
11:36 pm
chris, what happened? >> hey, greta. this is quite a chaotic christmas trauma situation. i have been on a lot of scenes. this was one of the craziest that i have been on. 36 people had to be taken to hospital. three urgent. the good news in all of this none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening. before we get to the video, i want to show you where it all went down. two story apartment garage you can seed where the wall buckled on the right side. that's where the wall collapsed with 40 people inside that unit crashed down. sky fox was over the scene this afternoon. 100 to 12 a people indian peace safer money. 40 people on that second floor when it collapsed much the first volunteer fire department on the scene set up a triage station in the driveway. that's where they bandaged the wounded. most of the injuries are described as cuts and bruises though there are some serious head injuries, again, three transported, urgent. no one is expected to die
11:37 pm
from this terrible collapse. i talked to a couple of witnesses who said they herd a loud boom, they saw people in the streets crying and screaming. one word that struck a cord with me they looked dazed. i sawfer five men at one point carrying a woman out of her house and she was crying. at one point we arrived at 1:00 this afternoon you look in any direction and there were people being put on to gurneys and ambulances. again, three dozen people taken to local hospitals here. the big question is what caused it? was it simply the weight on that second floor and it was too much and gave way? that's what the harris county fire marshall is working to figure out. that's the latest here in katy, texas. i'm chris stipes, fox news. >> tea party candidate defeating eric cantor. that was in virginia. is it a sign of big changes to come across the country? you are going to hear directly from it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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if republicans are going to act like democrats, what's the use of getting gung ho of getting more republicans in there. >> the washington establishment including republicans are funneling money into the anti-tea party campaign. >> there is clearly an appetite for change. >> it is ruling class vs. country class. >> they are hungry for leaders who will stand up and make the case we need to go a different path. >> republicans aren't going to stand strong on the platform then it does no good to get all enthused about them anymore. >> all right. big changes coming to washington? in a virginia primary. a tea party backed congressional candidate, college professor beating the second most powerful republican in the house eric cantor. how did professor dave brat do it it immigration is one of his secret weapons. what else does he have up his sleeve. right now dave brat goes "on the record." >> professor brat, thank you very much for joining us and congratulations.
11:43 pm
this is the first time we have spoken since your win in that primary. >> that's great. thanks for having me on, greta. great to be with you. >> i'm glad to have you. i'm curious what washington politicians whose names i might know called to you can graduate late you? >> a couple heads of the republican party gave me a ring. it was pretty exciting. >> want to put some names? who called you? >> yeah. yeah. john boehner called very gracious call. we had a good chat and kevin mccarthy and several others from the virginia delegates. my neighbor randy forbes in my backyard as well. >> all right. well, let's go right to some of the issues. you are the professor of economics. naturally the first question i want to ask you is the recent news that the economy contracted 2.9%. which was a dismal number, one that we didn't expect it. if you go to congress, what are you going to do about our economy or as a professor. what can you suggest we do to fix it? >> right. right. that's great question, greta. i did my ph.d.
11:44 pm
cross-country growth. and so to get the economy going. traditional answers always been tax cuts. we have crpt rates highest in the world right now. everybody knows we need to bring some of that money back home and invest here. we have not had a pro-growth agenda for years. we need to start mentioning that again. pro-growth and to get growth, you have to have capital working with people. so you need capital and physical capital and human capital. and so we need a set tax will ee capital accumulation for businesses. and get this economy moving again. and, of course, obamacare we need to get rid of that. we need to defund that. that is stunting economic growth as well. everybody knows firms are not hiring right now because of the additional costs of obamacare. people are working less than 30 hours a a week so they have lower wages and paying higher healthcare costs. devastating that average family out there.
11:45 pm
there is a lot we can do. amnesty is hurting us right now. thousands of folks crossing the border. crony capitalists up in d.c. have been pursuing cheap labor for themselves. >> let me separate a little bit these topics for a second. because i don't mean to interrupt you. you mentioned amnesty and i know that was one of the key issues that you clobbered congressman cantor over the head with during the campaign. i'm curious what you would do with the thousands of children crossing the border. what would do you about that? that's a humanitarian crisis. now turned into a health crisis. taps lot of crises. >> well, as an economist. the reason we have those thousands crossing the border is because of poor policy in the first place. and so i'm not responsible for the crisis that came about. the taking carol of itself. president obama and it sounded nice the dream act, the enlist act. >> i pretty much -- i know
11:46 pm
all the arguments on both sides but i'm more interested in how are you going to fix it if you come here because it's a crisis we are dealing with now. >> now, the obvious the first answer is you have got to shut down the border. we have been promised that that would happen for 25 years now!(5 hasn't happened. big business needs cheap labor. kids $250 a a day i think eric holder asked for $2 billion in additional funds. so who pays that tab? of course, the taxpayer does. >> so what do we do. >> get the right policies in place. you have got to. >> what is the policy? what are -- these are are kids that are right there right now. that's the problem what are you going to too right now. >> i'm not in congress right now, greta. when i get there, i will be responsible for that problem. right now that's a big problem you are putting on my plate. but the key to that issue is i would not have had policies that allowed that to happen in the first place. >> you know, professor, the
11:47 pm
problem is in all likelihood you are in a republican district you are likely going to be in congress right now and i sort of think people want to know what's new that you are bringing to washington because we have a lot of problems here. do you have any solution for that one? that's all? maybe you don't. i don't know. >> every night we see folks, you know, taking jet skis across the river and all that kind of thing. we have to end that immediately. every single case you see we are not enforcing the current law we have on the books. that's the obvious place to begin. if you are not going to enforce the current law, that's all i can recommend. we are a country of laws and not of men and that's where we need to start. >> you can see our entire unedited interview with professor brat after the show. sea of red, white, and blue americans going wild as team [ male announcer ] identity theft ...
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paragraph chanting] i believe that we will win. >> the u.s.a. came up and they showed up big in the so-called group of death. >> 20,000 fans showed up for today's soccer match. >> we still got a chance to win the world cup. what a way to start the world cup. >> from coast to coast americans going all out to cheer for the u.s.a. world cup. excitement still keeps on building. despite the loss to germany, advanced to knock out round. sports director scott smith joins us. scott, nice to see you. >> it's good to see you, too
11:53 pm
greta. i will tell you what, here in d.c., i'm sure as you well know, the dupont circle area in the district was just completely packed, thousands of fans out there today in and d rk they are certainly loving it. >> it's more fun to win but at least we are still in it, right? >> right. you would like to go to the knockout round are all the momentum on your side. the guys in the locker room would say i'm in it it move on to the next round. came in today's match against germany. they needed either a win or a tie to ensure moving on or rely on tie breakers and that's unfortunately the way tended. but, you know what in the end result is they are moving on to the next round, the knockout round the round of 16 by virtue of portugal beating gahannana. everybody doing scoreboard watching. you know what? suspense was built in and in the end they are moving on. so that's good news. >> tv ratings have been really huge. americans very interested in
11:54 pm
this will this change soccer in the united states give it more interest? will people go back to the status quo with some interest but not like the nfl. >> i think, greta, it's been building slowly over the last few years. i think that with premier league soccer interest has grown. tv audiences are growing. it's sort of a slow thing to take root. i would say following the world cup where we see it dip off most certainly can they carry on? i don't know. 2016. the american tournament is going to come to the u.s. so that's going to be the first time that this has taken place in north america that will be an opportunity for momentum to keep going. if they can continue on in the world cup. if they beat be jump on tuesday that could be impetus for even more momentum being gained. we will see. is it going to supplant where football is? where baseball is in the hearts of americans? i don't think so. it's going to take place slowly and overtime and it's
11:55 pm
growing. i think we have seen some of that. >> scott, thank you as always. coming up final hours of malaysia flight 370 a
11:56 pm
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the sudanese woman sentenced to death for being christian is finally free from police custody. earlier this week meriam eastbound brie him death sentence was reversed she was immediately taken back into police custody while trying to leave sudan. she was released on bail and taken to the u.s. embassy in can a tune. ran out of fuel and crashed in the indian ocean. officials announcing they are shifting their search further south. that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night 7 p.m. eastern. take the dvr remark and set a series recording for "on
12:00 am
the record" each night. if you know someone who works at the irs and knows something there is a hotline posted on good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." you. >> coming up on "red eye," the struggle to make soccer watchable takes a dirty turn. we talked to one man who may have unlobbed the secret. and is the vice president just now learning that matthew mcconaghey is the greatest actor of all time? >> i never believed it. but you know what, 20 years ago no one spoke up. >> and final looy, a man who has -- finally, a man who has been walking the wrong way up a down escalator for 42 years. is today the day he makes it to the top? stay tuned to find out. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> now let's welcome our guests. tonight's forecast, it will be very sunny with a


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