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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 29, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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corporate welfare, it is a first step toward saving america. that is our show. see you next week. week bandara you for watching and so you back here on the same time, same channel. huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee. >> plose let me go home. n16 months after she was taken from her parents, the night mayor is over. she is back home and joins the governor in a huckabee exclusive. and the lost irs e-mails. >> the president continues to blow off the scandal, the republicans are demanding accountability. snrngs we have a text message that he is on the way home from school and waking up he is not there. namerican citizen kidnapped in the west bank with two friends. the governor's interview with the tone's parents, tonight.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. tonight you will meet justina pelletier the connecticut tone ager that is back with her family after 16 month was being held hostage bite state of massachusetts. she and her family share their story back here first time since she was home. i just rurped from israel and where i met the family of a 16 year old boykidnapped by hams. the boyand two classmates are still missing. my visit with that family is coming later in the show. here at home, shocking rev laegz
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of the criminal enterprise known as the irs and the evidence that just went missing. we learned that the va failed to serve our veterans worse than we thought. senator coburn said there were not 40 deaths in the mismanagement of our veterans, but the number is a thousand. these are people who survived the battle field but couldn't survive the bureaucratic mine fold. even the liberals on the supreme court couldn't abide the president's reckless disorder of appointing members to the labor board. they voted 9- 0 to over turn his autocratic rule of pen and phone. the supreme court rowelled that the government can't just snoop
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through your smart phone because they stopped you for speeding and the government can't strip first amendment rights of pro-life advocates who stand on the sidewalk. if you detect a pattern in all of these stories, it is because of every one of them, government is working against the people instead of for them. government can be like a fire. a little can cook food and warm a home. to which the house burns down. our world is on fire. whether it is the state of massachusetts believing they can trample over the rights of a mother and father or a terrorist organization becomes part of a palestinian government and your tax dollars continues to fund even as t-cell wrats the kidnapping of throw school boys and a rogue agency so drib by partis an zeal it used the
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unlimited power to destroy businesses and people, to carry out revenge on those who express dissent on their government. and stifle from the search and sewsure. houston, we have a problem. and the problem is a government that is a cancer instead of a cure. government thatbu23÷ destroys hy parts of our freedom to feed itself and disregards its intended purpose, to serve and to serve honor. our republic and the world itself it is on the brink of collapse because of the lack of morality. we know the problem, but it is time ta we demand a solution. and that requires diminishing the power of the plutocrates and return the power to the people before the last voice of liberty is snuffed out, we better do it
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now. (applause) in february 2013, lou and linda pelittier brought their child to the boston emergency rom. they didn't know they were about to experience a nightmare that lasted a year and a half. >> she's been treated differently. every other patient said see their parents and free discussions. and justina could not only see us or talk to us. all of the holidays and birthday asks eastern and christmas and thanksgiving she was alone. >> this is what justina's life was like. oisealated from her loved ones and in custody of the common wealth of massachusetts. >> she was meant to so her doctor. and she was taken without notice
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and brought up to the neurology floor and as far as i know and based on fbi involvement that is kidnapping. >> the psychological route the experiment failed. >> she spent most of her time in a mental health facility in massachusetts. we continued to fight for her release on the show. >> if it happens to you it can happen to go parent in the country. and that should not happen in the united states of america. if our bringing light to the case helps justina to be getting the help she is. i apologize for nothing. i hope the state of massachusetts will apologize to justina and her family. in april, reverend mahoney discussed a face-to-face encounter he had with massachusetts governor duvall
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patrick. >> i think she should be. >> then. let me say. >> we have appeared in court in order to have her sent home. >> we'll see if they can end the nightmare. >> parents know what is best for their children more than the government or bureaucracy. >> and may 12th, the state ordered that justinna could be moved from massachusetts but not home to her family. justina arrived in a connecticut facility and the only thing standing in between justina and her family was justice johnson. and justina pleaded with him. you can do it. you are judging it. please let me go home judge johnson. >> finally on judge 17th, the judge signed the order. she was returned to connecticut back to her home and back to her family and back to her life. ladies and gentlemen, it is my
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role pleasure to welcome justina pelletier to our show. (applause) so glad you are here. (applause) also with us are her incredibly brave parents. and sisters julia, jessica and jennifer. thank all of you for being here. what an honor. and christina, i can't tell you how excited i am to meet you in person. network thank you. >> did you know all of these people were praying for you while you were away? >> yeah, i heard from people, from people and it was, it made me feel better to be, having all of the support. it helped me to go through this. >> you went through something that no one, no one should have to go through. >> no. >> i think everybody in america
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who heard about your situation was outraged by it. now that you are out. when you were there, what was the hardest part? separated from your family and notably to talk to them when ever you want to. >> yes, very hard. i couldn't talk to my father. one hour super voiced with d~ cf. one phone call a week super vised with d~ cf. and it was hard. you couldn't talk to about things you wanted to talk about. and you couldn't talk about anything that, you can't talk about what is going on. and it was just. >> they kind of say this is what you can or can't say. and you are 15 when you were kidnapped. i think that is what they did. >> and you spent almost a year
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and a half. you are 16 now and just had a 16th birthday. >> uh-huh. >> you know, i guess the hard part for me. you weren't there with your friends and had limited contact with your family and not able to go to church or school, i guess part of what i think all of us, were you ever told why you were there? what did they tell you? >> they told me they that they d~ cf took custody of me, and that my family can't talk to me and they were saying that they were over medicalizing, which they were not. they were bringing me to gi because i had flu- symptoms, and my gi doctor went to boston children's. and then he move he was at tufts and then went to boston children
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and went to emergency room there. >> that must have been scary for you. >> it was very scary, i had, no one was on my side there and believed me there. and everyone thought i was faking and that all of this medical stuff, they stopped all of my medicine. >> when they stopped your medicine, your condition went downhill? >> yes. >> so instead of getting stronger which is why people go to the doctor and hospital, you went from being a figure skater to being in a whole chair in >> uh-huh. >> for over 16 months they had you and instead of getting better you got worse? >> they didn't care. they were saying that i was improving, which i was not. and they were just trying to
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make excuses repeat words around with my family which were not doing anything wrong. i love them so much and i cannot believe i am home with them. >> you have a beautiful family and i have gotten to know them as i tried to get you home. and one of the things i found they love you so much. they were, i mean, i never sewn a family who wanted so much for someone to come home as your family did for you. you gou they loved you. >> always. i know they loved me and they are my family. and i love them so much and they love me so much. >> linda, tell me as a mother, i can't imagine what the horror was like for you that the state of massachusetts takes your daughter from you and never gives you a good reason ever, and forces you to just stand back and fight for her, tell me the worst of all of these 16
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months that you have been through. >> the worst thing that i went through, i was so worried every night, all day long, not knowing what they were doing to her, i could not call, or get an update of what was going on with her. i found out she had pneumonia and one doctor final loo called me and said lunda, she's not doing well. i said why am i blocked out. i don't know what they have done to her and i was continuously worried and days i couldn't function because i don't understand why they did this. there is no explanation. >> there is not a mother in america not crying their eyes out for you, linda. everybody feels that. we'll talk to lou, justina's dad and all of her sisters and we'll and all of her sisters and we'll be right back with this
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>> we are back with the peliter family that have been through the america's worst nightmare. this is justina. one thing i want to correct you, 14 when you first went under the custody of the state of the massachusetts. you experienced two birthdays while in captivity i would say. lou, as a father, you fight valiently for your daughter. and you've come on this show and we talked before. you have been out there. and one of the things that people don't understand. this disrupted your whole family and your ability to make a live anything provide for your family. i don't think that people don't understand it is not only the
8:18 pm
separation from justina that you have been through but the separation of being able to provide and earn a living? >> governor, thank you again for having us. and you have been a champion for us. we can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. >> absolute loy. >> that last 16 months, the whole system the way it is set up whether it is in massachusetts or whatever. you are fighting the state you are in and they have dope pockets, the state of massachusetts and d~ cf and the hospital behind them. >> can i point out the reason they have dope pockets that their pockets are your pockets and they continue to reach in them and they have unlimited ability to take money from us. on the other hand you have limited resources with which to fight for justina. >> again you are fighting the two headed go li ath.
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boston children's which is known by harvard and they are wealthy. you are a private citizen and not work anything attorneys fighting and going back and forth. in a short period of time it is amazing how many assets you can go through. and that's part of the problem. once they take the child they go down the a lois and wonder land rabbit hole. and that needs to change. >> that is disturbing. not only did they take her and kept her and never gave an explanation for why justina was being held in their custody. and all of this time you can't get information. you asked for it and you are told you can't have it or see your daughter. i think most people are just stunned and they never came up with a reason other than they
8:20 pm
wanted to test her for what they believed all being in her head and turned out not to be the case. >> it was a mad psychiatric experiment and jeopardizing her safety by not following the protocol which for justina was taking off all medication because they said it was in her head. dr. coating a blow said it takes over a year to diagnosand one of the most nebullous diagnosis. and to do it after a 25 interview they had their own agenda. they have pet projects to work on and happens to be boston children's pet project. a pet psychiatric illness and that is their speciality. but they do it because they can.
8:21 pm
>> justina, when you got home, i am assuming your sisters were glad to see you, did you have to start sharing a room with one of your sisters. was she okay with that. >> it is tough. but i am changing it. >> we are going to have more with the pelletiers and including the sisters i will give them equal time so they can and asked for less.
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i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >> we are back with will petittier family this is justina and we have prayed for her to get home for a long time and she's home. and here with us today. we are happy to have her whole
8:25 pm
family. linda and lou and her sisters. wee gooif you the opportunity. what were you feeling when you found justina was coming home foenlly. >> it was shock at first. i know justina called me at 4 o'clock on tuesday, she was jan, i am coming home tomorrow. i put it on spoker because julia was with me and she said i am coming home tomorrow and it was great to hear. i was not sure if it was role because of how long it was dragged out and it was fantastic to go up there and help her move back home and more fantastic to have her home. >> jessica did you croi or laugh? >> my mouth dropped down first of all, i just came back grocery shopping with my dad and we were in our drive way, my dad got a phone call and it was my mom's
8:26 pm
cell phone and we picked it up justina on the phone. daddy, daddy. and she had the speaker, i am coming home. we are like what? it is a long, you know, over 16 months to hear that, i was beyond shocked. >> justina, what are you wanting to do, you are finally fro and back home with your family. what do you miss the most? >> of course, my family, and going to school, i love school. and be back with my friends. and later, i will be on the ice figure skating again. yeah. did you miss that a lot? >> ice skating and hanging out with your friends. a girl 14, 15, and 16, not being able to see your friends and call them on the phone and little things like that? >> couldn't talk to them. >> had a lot of catching up to
8:27 pm
do. >> i had a surprise party when i was 16. and i was so1awç[surprised, i t believe it at first and i saw my friends and it was amazing. >> and i saw the wonderful picture of you and your dog and that touched all of us. xi those of us who missing our dog was a big thing. >> yeah, i have three dogs. >> throw dogs were were they glad to so you. >> yes. they cuddled me. and roxy is a german shepherd and roxy is a german shepherd and she gave me
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>> life from america's news headquarters i am kelly wright. robert mcdonald is former ceo of proctor & gamble also an army veteran and graduate of west point. if confirmed by the senate he will replace eric shinseki who reli resigned last month. staff members are also accused of falsifying records. hundreds of firefighters getting a break from the wind as they battle a wildfire in eastern arizona. those winds whipped up the flames in recent days. now the two-week old fire is holding steady. it will has burned through about
8:32 pm
eight square miles crews are trying to contain containment lines. they are looking forward to the rainy season which will bring much needed moisture to the area. i am kelly wright. now back to "huckabee." to huck did you know that there is a law that is being planned in congress named after you? did you know that? >> i heard from my sisters, i was like this should not happen again to any body or any kid or any person. it should never be but the what i was put through. and they were so mean and nasty to me and they were being mean and terrible to my family also. and you know, no one should put through that. >> no one. >> and this is an amazing piece of congratulation and
8:33 pm
congresswoman michelle batch man and this is the full strekt rum. and one thing that people agree justina the way you were treated should not happen. justinna's law will cut off federal funding to an organization that carries out experiments on the child without the family's permission. it is wonderful because of your parents, their tenacity and family strength. hopefully the laws will change and no one will have to go through what you have been through. that's what we hope for. >> oh my gosh, that is awesome. >> it is awesome. you are the only one i ever said going to. and long- term, what are you hoping happens with all of this
8:34 pm
for your family and for you. >> it is good to be back to normal and go on vacation like we used to. >> go do normal things with her. we share a room together. it was a long time for her to be in the house. she wants it blue, of course. but i am really excited for everything to start going back to normal. it is a long road ahead but we'll get there. >> lou, and will you pleaseda, you have a long recovery for justina to get back to where she was before she was taken by the state of massachusetts. >> she is starting school next week and starting baby steps and everything has to be back ward baby steps. and now an hour a day is all she can do. and constantly, i think she has grown so much spiritually right now and i do thank pat reverend
8:35 pm
mahoney for that. he was so much part of our lives and you were so supportive and pat talked to her many times and he's never sewn such a spiritual child. >> she is a beautiful, beautiful person. justina, we all love you and lou and linda thank you for sharing your story. i hope people will help you. they go to your website. free; thank goodness you don't have to fro her. >> save justina. >> if they go to urth one. >> we have a lot of bills coming forward and like right now we found out we may not be able to use her gi doctor. and she has had a massive stroke when she was younger and there is a lot of complications in her medical and we don't know, we don't know where the future will bring us. there is other hospitals to go
8:36 pm
and payout of pocket and things loc. that whatever anybody can do will be greatly appropriated. >> every person that experiences this maybe help. none final question. will you come back and let us know how you are doing? would you do that for me? >> yeah. >> good, we want to so you. thank you. >> thanks to the pelletiers and thanks to all of you who prayed the beautiful young woman got home and she is. glad she is here. >> house speaker john boehner plans to sue the president for abuse of power and the democrats call the
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>> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test
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republicans question irs claims that a computer hard drive crash is to blame for a loss of, mails, it could prove that lois lerner targeted conservative groups. the democrats and president dismiss gop concern. >> it is a fabricated issues and phony scandals and all gear the toward the next election or gening up the base. >> all right. time for the hot society. my challengers today.
8:41 pm
fo obama cam 59 mark hannah and legal analyst ken zimmerman. >> lois lerner pleads the fifth and now she targeted and specifically tried to get charles grassley in trouble even though there was no evidence he accepted the invitation for his wife. is it time for a special prosecutor. >> i think it the be a lot of time and money. i would tell you this, hard drives crash a lot. mine has crashed and other people's hard drives have crashed and data out there. hard drives, 20 percent of them don't make it pass the fourth anniversary. there is no crim nalg. >> most of us have had that experience. but the oars was to keep back up taken tapes and why department
8:42 pm
they keep them immediately and are by law to archoif the information. and they did not. and a lot of us are having a hard time to believe that her e-mails and that went to someone. even lany davis suggested a special prosecutor is in order now. mark, let me turn to you. if this same thing was happening under a republican administration, you think there would be as much attention. we have had more news about chris christie and a bridge and scott walker and things that turned out not role issues and these are localitate things and made more national news than the irs that touches every single american. >> and so if something like this went on in the bush administration and liberal groups were targeted by the irs. it is very well documented that george bush went after the na cp and a progressive leaning church
8:43 pm
in pasadena and that didn't receive a lot of attention from the mainstream media or this network and so there is not a standard. fox did a good job when it a pores there was foul play in political activity was happening, as darril isis investigation continues and fails to be evident to support the allegations, that's when the other media outlets are turning off to this. >> you think it is because it is destroyed? there is evidence that funny stuff was going on when the person claims the fefth amendment they are usually protecting themselves from incrimination. >> they are transparent and they have turned offer this happeneds of pages. and we are talking in the green rom. darril issa wants to subpoena e-mails in '86. it is political, governor. >> john boehner might sue the
8:44 pm
president and a lot of people are saying does he have grounds for that. we have a minute left. give me your thoughts, dow think there is any basis or standing and where does it go? >> the federal courts said many times, they are not in the business of settling fights. back in ten members tried to sue the president. even if the federal courts hear. it the president has immountainity from damages for official act in office. the president upons it will not go anywhere. it is a nonstarter. >> mark? >> look, i think we should, if congress wants to constrain the powers of the excutive they should pass legislation instead of going after and suing hip. you have too many lawyers when we elect to congress. they are just sowing the white
8:45 pm
house. >> i think you may be right on this one. congress has the power of the purse, they can dut off the funding and if there is an agency that has gone rogue they can not fund. it i would be delighted if they would tell the irs they are defunded. pass the fair tax and repeal the 16th amendment and get rid of the irs. >> sounds great to me. >> thank you, guys. we will have you back. >> a new york synagogue calling for the free release of kidnapped american teens. the bottom of the bill board hash tag bring back our boys. why isn't the kidnapping a bigger deal on our government. why isn't the first lady tweeting bring back our boys.
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>> this past week i was in israel. my first trip was in 1973. and one of the things i never understood, is why the irrational antisemitic racism directed toward the israelis? during the kidnapping of throw teenage boys, official website page for the palestinian authority has a picture of three rats and they're being celebrated of being caught. this is what the israelis have to put up with. it is something that most americans never would teleerate. i remind you, that the united
8:50 pm
states gives funding to the palestinian authority whose website put that on. i can't imagine. no other and i've spoken and i asked them, how they found out their son had been kidnapped. >> he actually sent a text message he's onm, his way home from school. and it's an evening. we went to the police. waking up in the middle of the m night, discovering he's not there. realizing such a responsible kid won't just disappear. and it's a just really unbelievable. everybody is looking for him, army and itelligence everybody is doing their best.. it's horrifying. >> thousands of israeli soldiers are combing the countryside
8:51 pm
looking for the three boys do you sense, and understand the attention that the people of israel are giving to the safe return of them? >> we feel we hear from everyone that all r of the country is with us he all of the people are with us. the soldiers and their familiesr and the whole country. we feel is one big unit. and we're worried for our son and his friend and we're worried for all of thp soldiers up there, looking for him. day, night, weekend the heat of the day. and at night. and in one area, which is sort of ais cooler area. so we feel everyone, together with us. >> if you can say something to those who might know their whereabouts, what what would yom say to them? >> i speak out to any decent
8:52 pm
person in the world that hears about this story, any parent that could imagine what it is waiting for your kid to come nd home from school and learning he was kidnapped.ap if there is anything to do to help us, if it is intelligence, if it is prayer. a and goodwill. and public opinion, everybody sh should hear about it. we want to get the three boys back home. >> have you had contact with other families? whoseon sons were kidnapped? t is that a source of th encouragement? >> of course d we met. we're going to meet again. they're the only ones who can understand what we feel. so, it's like a support group, and in a way. and it helps. it helps. we haveps other people together with us.og and seeing what we can do to
8:53 pm
help bring ethem, all three of them safely, back home. >> hamas has denied involvement, the prime minister suggested they're behind this. and they're obviously must be evidence to make that claim. do you feel this may be a wake up call to people around the world to see this new partnership between hamas and the palestinian authority to be reminded what hamas is really all about? a >> well, really, i don't want to go into politics of it po but anyone who is capable of doing something like this, something morally, basically wrong with this. now, our energies are limited we're trying to stay sane during these crazy days. ou we limit ourselves to preserving the afamily, the sanity, bringg our story out we know the government, american government and military are
8:54 pm
doingib everything humanly possible to i get them back. . >> i wasen struck by the childrens' understanding of the role of god. with independence day this week, you should all remember god's incredible role in making america the incredible nation that we are. i'm proud t to be part of the learn our history dvd series for children. you can get a free dvd to teach your kids to the series. you can get it at free god so you're getting ready to host orei attend a cookout how you can help veterans get a pizza party on their own. my dad has atrial fibrillation,
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well, before we go, i've got our friend, master sergeant mark evans with me. he's the founder of pizza for patriots. they send hundreds of thousands of pizzas to our troops, serving around the world, to give our members who are in the military a little taste of home. mark, you've got something very special planned for the fourth of july and you've sent pizzas to folks in afghanistan. something different this year. what's up? >> yes, sir, mike. we're so blessed, i want to
8:59 pm
thank you. we plan on doing pizza parties at 50 different veteran hospitals. we call it adopt-a-va. >> wonderful. >> for our warriors coming home. >> the va's in the news and a lot of controversy about the neglect. what you're doing is trying to make sure these veterans are not forgotten and a little taste of pizza during the fourth of july week just lets them know that there are a lot of americans on their side. >> yes, sir, it sure does. it's just telling them, hey, we really care about you. everyone should do what they can, that's my theory. i've been doing this for years and years with the v.a. and we've shipped over a million slices to our shoulders in the middle east and this fourth of july, 5,000 pieces will go out. >> sergeant, i just thank you again for what you do. it's a great honor. i hope every american will get out and get on your computer and make it happen for the veterans. let's do it. >> thank you! >> that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new
9:00 pm
york. good night and god bless. now stay tuned for "justice with judge janine." >> tonight al qaeda is back and taking over iraq. who are these militants? >> they took credit. >> what do they want? >> this is the islamic caliphate talked about a decade ago. >> should americans worry? >> there is a real danger of somebody losing a nubbing liar w -- /* -- nuclear weapon in the united states. >> iraq and the rise of a terrorist estate. >> good evening. american finds itself being drawn


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