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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 30, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream, good night from washington. "on the record" is next. another bad day for president obama. the supreme court slamming him again. fourth big loss in seven days. today in the hobby lobby case the high court ruling that some employers, contrary to president obama's signature healthcare law do not have to cover birth control for their workers. it's a a to 4 decision. the justices saying closely held companies can can claim religious held exemption obamacare exemption mandate. another win for hobby lobby and another loss to president obama. joining you us is our panel. steve, i say it's a real big loss a blow to the president. am i wrong? >> i don't think it's a huge loss. it's an important statement on religious freedom and conservatives hoping for this outcome. in terms of the long-term
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impact on these kinds of cases in the future, i don't think it's going to have a huge impact. the court very carefully narrowed this case to apply basically just to the facts that was presented. in this particular circumstance. and went out of its way, particularly in the majority opinion, to say don't think that you are going to be able to read this into all sorts of other opinions down the line. this is pretty narrow. >> i guess i think it is because josh earnest the press secretary said something about having a constitutional lawyer in the oval office. and got hit with two 9-2 decisions last week which is horrible. he lost to hobby lobby and the union won today. i think when you are on the receiving end of four big losses, 2-9-0 pretty big blow. >> tried to recast this so broadly and basically implied that women across the country are not going to get contraception because of this decision. this which is totally false and really sort of unworthy of the spokesperson for the president of the united states.
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>> a.b., you and i talked about this in the green room what the democrats. you and i both think this is a big loss for the democrats. >> i think they are pretty happy. steve is right from a policy progressive, it was narrowly tailored decision. there is only four forms of birth control that are banned here. all the other popular oned we covered and paid for. the government will end up paying for these anyway. that's not what the democrats would you have think today. if you watched on social media what their message was, what the rhetoric was. never find contraception at any store. certainly won't get it paid for. republicans hate birth control and they are raising a lot of money off of this. instead of taking executive action, again, this is easily fixed. josh ernest indicated that the president will only act when congress fails. so they really want the issue. they want it hanging out there. and republicans underestimate the power of the contraception issue at their peril.
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it is not related to abortion. it's dinner. it moves young women and it's going to cost them. >> david, this is deeply important to the owners of hobby lobby because they have a deep religious commitment. the ads are going to be run out that there is a war on women coming out of the supreme court because it was the five men who voted against and three women. of course you have one male on the minority side. but it's incredible fundraiser for the democrats. >> you have two frames here. you have the constitutional frame which is what the republicans are using to defend this. and then you have the social ideological frame, that the democrats are using. hillary clinton out at the as pen ideas festival this afternoon said there should be a broad outcry against this. martin o'malley, just this afternoon, sent out a fundraising letter saying you should donate to wendy davis in texas today because of this. so, i think -- and when republicans are facing a double digit gender gap in a lot of of the battleground senate races, i think democrats are going to use this as a bludgeon on the
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social issue context. >> do you think they are going to be able to use this frankly because the media are so a lazy and so predissupposed -- disposed. the fact it was rather narrow. the idea that women are not going to be getting contraception across the country is preposterous. >> who pays for it. >> should government pay for it? >> here is what clinton said. that's why i'm pro-choice. that's what hillary clinton says because i want people to be able to make their own choices. she doesn't want the hobby lobby owners to make their own choices. she wants her team to make own choices. >> even people working for hobby lobby are going to get every single form of contraception just a few that won't be paid for by hobby lobby. >> goes back to what steve says the lazy reporting. anyway, panel, stand by. the hobby lobby, a ruling does not solve all the
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controversy surrounding the contraceptive mandate. fox news correspondent shannon bream joins us with more on emergency petitions to the supreme court. shannon, there is more beyond this. >> there is, because today we got the decision that deals with the for profit corporations, closely held groups that are businesses that are secular businesses, we have a number of religious groups that have also filed suit and are challenging this -- the accommodation the administration has made up for them which essentially says if they as religious entities don't want to have anything to do with this contraception coverage, they can essentially sign a waiver form saying we want to be out of the mix and a third party takes care of it a edge number of those religious groups said we don't want to sign a permission slip for something we would never give permission for. we don't think we should have to sign that form that should go as well. their new deadline kicks in tomorrow july 1st. we have seen three emergency petition goes to the supreme court from these religious based groups saying we don't think we should have to comply. my understanding at this late hour is two of them have gotten stays from lower
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courts which means they have the injunction, protections they want from now. unless something has happened since i walked over from the "special report" set i think the third one is still pending from the supreme court. >> midnight is the dead lien. what happens at midnight? >> these companies religious entities will have a decision to make. if they refuse to comply fines can be astronomical and can't afford it. >> today outside of the supreme court. pretty wild seen as always. >> thank you. both sides well represented. pro-choice, pro-life. groups that showed up today. a lot of chanting and signs. it's always a fun super bowl kind of day for us. >> it's sort of interesting. a-4. i actually had hoped that it would be more commanding in a decision one way or the other. now it's so -- five were appointed by republican presidents and the four on the other side were democrats. so, now, we can't escape the political nature of this. >> yeah. you know, last week it was interesting that you saw a couple of 9-odecisions because we don't get those a lot. we do get them.
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fact we got one that took a slap at the administration and his use of executive power it's interesting they were united across the board. two of the president's appointees. >> you mentioned last week, i thought the real sort of case that nobody is paying enough attention to the 9-ohave a warrant to search someone's telephone. i think that the nasa spying on americans ever makes its way up to the supreme court where there has been no warrant, government goes in cases in contravention of the fourth amendment i think last week's 9-0 is going to give you an idea how that decision is coming. >> that case is coming. >> today's hobby lobby ruling drawing fierce reaction from all sides including the white house. [chanting] >> today's decision jeopardizes the health of women by these companies. >> ted's decision is a landmark decision for religious freedom. >> two evangelical christians who are imposing their views on 13,000 people and they should keep it in
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church. >> no american should be forced to choose between their faith and their livelihood. >> five male supreme court justices would essentially state discrimination against women, not really discrimination in this country. >> joining us lori wyndham senior council for the beckett fund which represented hobby lobby. >> thank you, greta. >> how big is this decision? i realize it's very important to your client, to the family that closely holds hobby lobby. but beyond hobby lobby, what's the impact. >> this shows that the religious freedom restoration act is here to say. >> been around for a while. >> passed overwhelmingly by both houses of congress and signed into law by president clinton. it was important and a needed to be protected. here health and human services ignored that law that congress had pass in order to try to carve out some very narrow religious exemption and today they got struck down. and i think that aspect of the ruling is very important. >> how many idea how many
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companies are closely held in this country? we are talking about closely held companies. and with employees of 50 or more; is that what we are talking about? >> yes. that's right. most employers in the country have fewer than auto employees. they are excepted to supply health insurance at all under obamacare. talking about a real slower number of companies still closely held still have a handful of family owner like hobby lobby and big enough to have 50 employees. number of companies that you see central challenging in mandate in the future is small. >> you have to take a look at the green family not all of a sudden they developed faith last week when the statute has passed. this family has lived -- they are very devout; is that right. >> that's right. hobby lobby is closed on sunday. they carry religious materials in the stores. they pay double minimum wage something that the president would love to see them do because they believe that's the right thing to do. this is the way they have run this business for 30 years. they have just said to the government hey, stay out of
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it. let us continue to run our business in accordance with our faith. >> if this hadn't gone your way, what was hobby lobby going to do? >> that's a really scary thought. massive finds $1.3 million a day for keeping the same excellent benefits they have right now. the green family said what we will not do is we will not violate our faith. i'm proud to say they don't have to make that decision. >> are they opposed to supplying all contraception to women or certain types. >> only certain types. they provide the contraceptions that most women prefer to use like the birth control pill or sterilization. only four specific drugs or devices that can terminate embryo that is what they object to providing their plan covers that today. their plan will cover that tomorrow. it's just these four specific drugs and guesses. >> take me behind the scenes. who got to make the phone call to tell them they won how was that done. >> my colleague was on the phone with the green family today to let them know.
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they are of course thrilled. pack home in oklahoma city. eager to get back to work and continue running their company. >> 5 to 4 decision. so naturally this got political implications, you you agree? >> i think it's unfortunate that we have seen this religious freedom question go to broad bipartisan agreement. overwhelming support in congress to now people fighting and dividing very narrowly on political lines today. >> dig into the opinion. i read the opinion if the government had some up can spacekly the government didn't find any other good al term itives to deal with the problem. that's in layperson's talk. we had a serious right. religious right and the government didn't find the most narrow effort to try to solve it for them. >> that's exactly right. what the law says is you have to balance the burden on religious freedom with the government's interest. in the government has other ways to do this, then they have to choose that other way instead of trampling somebody's fundamental rights. >> thank you, obviously
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congratulations. i always say that to the winning party. >> thank you, greta. >> let's all go off-the-record for a minute. you have heard the drum beat from the far left insisting that the very liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg resigned from the supreme court. yes, her pals on the far left or maybe now ex-pals are pushing for her to step down. now, it's hard to believe after all she has done for them. just today in her 35 page dissent in the hobby lobby page she smacked the conservative justices with word. telling her scram. loyalty doesn't exist in a town that's a snake pit. right now the far left is terrified that come november, republicans will regan the majority in the senate. which means if something does happen to ginsburg after november. serious health problems. justice ginsburg, moderate liberal who can get confirmed by moderate senate. the far left wants to strike
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now while the senate is still democrat. so they can cherry pick 'the next justice. it's all politics. it's not loyalty. maybe justice ginsburg should heed president harry's advice. if you want a a friend in washington. get a dog. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. >> this is a fox news alert. israel says it's going to make hamas pay. israel enraged by the vicious murder of three israeli hitchhiking teens kidnapped more than two weeks ago. their bodies just found in a shallow grave. now the threat from israel. fox news correspondent john with the latest. what is the latest? >> well, at this point, greta, there is a large military presence in and around the area where the teens' bodiesy found and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had a special emergency cabinet meeting earlier this evening to it determine exactly how to respond to the murder of the three teens. and whether that involves military action is unclear but he also released a
4:14 pm
statement saying, quote: hamas is responsible and hamas will pay. having said that, let me kind of walk you through how this all developed earlier this evening. israeli officials say the bodies of the three teens were found buried under a pile of rocks in an open field. this just north of the palestinian city of hebron in the west bank. israeli military sources are telling fox news they were identified by their clothing and appeared to have been shot. the three teens, as we know were walking home from school on june 12th when they disappeared in the west bank. since then the israeli military has arrested hundreds of palestinians in the west bank where fighting has really intensified. not only there but also along the gaza strip where rockets have been launched over the weekend and yesterday into southern israel. while no one has claimed responsibility for the teens' abductions. israeli officials have
4:15 pm
blamed hamas and released name of two palestinian militant suspects connected to hamas. that said, during the past several weeks, since the teens went missing, their families and supporters have basically called for their release in fact, last night in tel aviv, there was a massive rally, thousands of people calling for the teens to be released. at this point, greta, as we now know, the search for those three teens is coming to a tragic end. >> greta? >> two quick questions. does one of them have dual citizenship? american first question. second what was the motive for picking up they teens hitchhiking? >> at this point we don't know. nobody as i said has claimed responsibility. the one teen that you are talking about, natali frankel has dual.
4:16 pm
it's early in the morning here. we are going to hear a lot about that going into the morning and throughout the next -- going into the afternoon here. greta? >> john, thank you. and i can't imagine prime minister netanyahu doing anything but a very forceful response. thank you, john. >> and straight ahead, thousands and thousands of immigrant children continue to stream into the united states their parents, some are sick, scabies, swine flu. get. this house minority leader nancy pelosi says it's not a crisis. that's next. plus more trouble for the irs. and this time it isn't congress. this can be a bigger problem for the irs over lois lerner's vanished emails. that's the latest coming up. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. thousands and thousands of immigrant children without their parents pouring into the u.s. from central america. many are sick and swine flu and swabbies reports. sounds like a crisis. well not if you ask house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> this is a community with a border going through it. and this crisis that some call a crisis, we have to view as an opportunity. >> so opportunity or crisis? we're back with our political panel.
4:21 pm
steve, i have said sometimes that i have regretted later and maybe she is trying to look for the silver lining. that one was a stretch. >> i think it's a pure political play. she knows how important it is to get hispanic votes for both people running in competitive house districts and senate. and i think she made a political calculation and decided we're going all-in on this argument. >> i think if you are for comprehensive immigration reform you don't want nancy pelosi saying this is an opportunity. president obama says these people need to go home. he has called it humanitarian crisis. it's dangerous, it's expensive, it's heart-breaking. yes, can you make all of the pushes you want rhetorically from talking about this development for immigration reform and say if we had a system in place this wouldn't be happen. the calling it a mistake. >> the house is going to act like so he is going to act himself. >> if it was an opportunity,
4:22 pm
why would the president come out and ask for $2 billion in resources and asking congress to change a law. a law that's been in place for over two decades now. that when you have children that cross into the border. not adults. when children come across the border, they are required to try to place them into the country with their family or friends. and that definition is very wide. their immigration cases can go on years and years. that's a burden. that's a financial burden. that's a moral burden. but, now the president is asking for congress to change a law. the interesting thing will be will republicans sign on to his changes. many of them have been asking for this change. basically being able to expedite the process to move the children back out of the country. >> i don't have the perfect answer but i do find it appalling at this point you say will anybody do anything. november is coming up and no one wants to cast a vote anyway. between now and november, how many -- whatever your position is on it, these members of congress, do they have the courage to at least act, do something? >> well, john mccain
4:23 pm
suggests that we invest in some kind of, you know, refugee expediting process. assistance programs in these different countries that would allow them to it would be slower. many would come. but they would apply for refugee status. they have to do -- you are right. other people have to join with john mccain and show that they care about stopping this. that, even if they are opposed to immigration reform, they think our government has to do what it can to make sure we don't have all of these unaccompanied children that are sick. >> poem don't do it -- people don't do it because of political purposes. >> one thing we shouldn't do. our elected officials shouldn't do is send messages that encourage people to break the law likes nancy pelosi just did. setting aside the actual debate about immigration reform. she is in effect saying this is an opportunity, keep coming. >> i totally agree. she never should have said that you know what else i'm opposed to the fact that probably beginning august 1st, that all the
4:24 pm
members on capitol hill who have the responsibility for doing this will be going on five or six week vacation go home and campaign for their seats. i find that appalling. this is a real problem. no one is going to do anything because everyone is a bunch of cowards and running for the vote. no one is standing up with the courage to solve. this that's why nancy pelosi isn't the best spokesperson for the democratic party. i think that line could be used. i know you don't want to talk about the political ramifications. >> i'm happy to talk about that. >> that line is going to be used in a republican ad. they are going to ask mary ran landrieu is this an opportunity or crisis? do you agree with nancy pelosi? >> they are not going to agree with nancy pelosi. >> what she said was totally political. totally appalling. not designed to reach any solution or to fix this. not one. >> i don't think it meets the political end of her party. which is get some reform. >> dumb political statement. a dumb political statement. >> immigration reform. you wish that she didn't sail that that's it. >> panel, thank you. >> and are lois lerner's emails really lost forever
4:25 pm
you? are about about to hear from a computer expert who says no. the irs scandal heating up next. is the u.s. military facing a new and different kind of threat? should you be worried? colonel oliver north is here to talk about that coming up. no matter where you want to be or what you want to do, chances are we're already there. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. like super 8, where every destination is super. save up to 15 percent and earn bonus points when you book at really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms...
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more trouble for the irs tonight. this time it's not capitol hill and a bunch of politicians. actually worse a federal court and very determined federal judge. the hill beck cert joins us. good evening. >> thanks for having us. >> what's going on for the federal court for the irs. >> a freedom of information request out for these missing lois lerner emails. and so what they say is the irs should have told them and the court back in april that these emails were missing. they didn't. they asked a federal court to look at it and a judge responded very quickly to say that he would. >> when did the judicial watch first make the requested emails. >> the first request was way back more than a year ago. >> in april they learned from the media that these emails are missing. >> they actually learned in june from the media and from
4:30 pm
a letter to congress that these emails were missing. they had filed suit back in october and they had actually started getting emails from the irs. so they are sort of wondering why the irs didn't come clean with this. >> what's the irs's excuse for why they didn't tell judicial watch? i mean this is all in a court. well, they haven't responded specifically to that. what they have told lawmakers is that they learned there was a problem with the emails in february. the irs chief knew in april. but they basically wanted to just finish the investigation and be able to tell lawmakers in congress everything they knew before they moved on. and so that's why. >> now, the bigger problem here, which people don't realize is it's the judge. it's judge imette sullivan, is he not going to stand for this funny business. not like capitol hill where you sent out a letter and you never get a response or a letter and nobody shows up. judge sullivan has a reputation for demanding things. yes, he does. ted stephens case about four or five years ago. he was not shy in showing his displeasure for how that was tried. there was a special
4:31 pm
prosecutor. he accused them of sort of willfulfully concealing evidence. so, you know, going back in front of him is probably not a great thing. if you have concealed evidence, i don't know if the irs would say that they have done that though. >> i don't know people realize the courtroom is just so much different. and sort of dancing around be a and not coming straight with the judge on the other side is far no more than the gamesmanship you see on capitol hill. >> we should point out appointing a special prosecutor is a huge step. >> done by the judge. >> done by the judge. he has that power. but it's a very extraordinary step. there is no -- we don't know if he is going to take that step in this case. >> members of congress have asked attorney general holder to appoint a special prosecutor. still no special prosecutor. so maybe if judge sullivan gets annoyed enough he may appoint a special prosecutor so we may get one? >> it's possible. >> he certainly has shown that he is not afraid to. >> that's true. >> thank you. the next guest trying to get to the bottom of the disappearing emails. morgan wright doing some of his own investigating.
4:32 pm
nice to see you. >> hi, greta. >> he is what the latest on this hard drive, what do you think. >> the hard drive is a red herring. it's irrelevant that the hard drive crashed. at the he this v. a network drive. the email system is not a back up. they have a records management system the official keeper of all the official records. the other thing they have greta is, they have a log of every ethat is considered a record, the address that was sent to, who sent it and the date it was kept that has to be kept by the federal records act. >> why does commissioner koskinen say that these things are gone. >> i think either he doesn't understand the issue or somebody is giving him bad advice which is even worse. lois lerner, her ability, i actually talked with people from the irs, the criminal investigation division over the weekend. confirming things with people who did the criminal investigations. it's very difficult for people to get pass the irs will. this technology is locked down. encrypted, stored. they have managed this email. that email exists somewhere. it's maybe in a records management system and, at
4:33 pm
the minimum. the header information, the metta data, the data around the data, exists somewhere. i don't know why he said what he said. but it's definitely he is misinformed because the hard drive is irrelevant. it's a red herring. it's the network storage. it's the email server. i want to talk to the exchange server. the person who administers that i also want to talk to lois lerner's admin because she had access to lois lerner's account. >> how easy would it be. if people would cooperate, how easy would it be to get this information. >> if people would cooperate it would be tough it but you would do it in weeks instead of months. >> and, i mean, are people that you talk to, are they suggesting that there is a deliberate effort not to provide information or they just saying people are confused or it's just so dysfunctional because it's such a big organization or what? >> i heard this word from people who used to investigate these crimes. they-it's the opinion of a lot of people it's a criminal act. you are not just talking about emails that have disappeared. they have to disappear records management systems. it would be really foolish to think is that people could store. if anybody knew what a
4:34 pm
record was, it's lois lerner, she was a senior executive service. there is only three ways that you define a reasonable doubt rovment she had to know what that was. they are gone. nobody believes it because it would be like the emails only existed on a foia camp. judicial watch administering. system level not at computer level. >> i guess because i wouldn't have a clue how to crash my hard drive. i don't know how to hide emails. baffling to me. >> that's why it begs the questioning it's not lois lerner or somebody like that. even in her own email she says this is personal files. she doesn't know how to do this. she is not competent from a technology standpoint. this goes higher to somebody in technical skills. somewhere out there is this information. you have got to interview the right people. >> why would someone in the it department, more sophisticated skills why would somebody do this? it's sort of hard for me to think that anyone is in the it department would have much interest in this. >> you know, in many cases
4:35 pm
you prosecuted cases, i investigated cases. we always. >> i defended them but you always came away wondering why would somebody do something like this. a lot of times there are no explanations. somebody somewhere taking orders from somebody else. their job at jeopardy you might believe. you never know what people will do under the right kind of pressure. >> bottom line is we can get the answers. >> yes we can, it's out there somewhere. people who know that have been inside that environment say it's absolutely doable. >> thank you. >> you bet, greta. >> many of you signed the white house petition to free a u.s. marine from a mexican prison. good for you for signing that 100,000 signatures later why hasn't president obama responded? we will talk about that with colonel oliver north back. he is back straight out of rehab mayor rob ford. everybodiens favorite returns to toronto city hall. as you might imagine. mayor ford has a lot to say. you will hear from mayor ford coming up. r your bravery.
4:36 pm
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tahmooressi who served our country, that means us, two tours of duty in afghanistan. will spend the next months behind bars in mexico it could take as long as six months. why won't president obama at least try to speed things up. white house petition for the marine's release got the required 100,000 signatures a month ago. still no response from the white house. lt. term oliver north joins us. ollie it, drives me nuts that we can't accelerator this for this guy. >> they could. we know that because we have seen that kind of thing happen in the past. the problem is, barack obama and the o. team at the white house don't give a damn. i hate to put this that bluntly this early in the evening. the fact is if they really cared. all they would have to do is pick up the phone and call the president and say we need this expedited because it's hurting the relationship between mexico and the united states. >> is that like big footing him and saying release him. expedite it what could be wrong with that? >> nothing. i got a way in which until i
4:41 pm
drove it? >> did you it okay. so fact of life it was an error. it was a mistake. had all his households effects i think every marine at camp pendleton t t at the recruit depo ought to immediately stop going to tiawainna. the merchants down there count on their dollars. number two. >> that's easy. >> i'm urging awful of us in america boycott mexican produce let it rot on the shelves in american supermarkets and think will learn. they are the people who pull the strings to pena. the president. he knows that third, the next time one of the cartel its cartelistas we ought to send somebody over to get them. pick up some of those guys and bringing them to the
4:42 pm
united states and putting them on trial. because they will spend the rest of. >> what's the cartelistas. >> the guys who run the cartels. we are honoring their side of the border, right? we are being very cooperative with them. and finally, i would suggest we all become recruiters. we are going to talk about recruiting here in a minute. we become recruiters. tell a friend, who has not already gone to that web site to sign that petition. and urge the president to do the right thing like picking up the telephone and saying something publicly. he goes to the rose garden today totally improm to you make speeches. >> he made a phone call to the president about something else in mexico and never brought it up according to the read out. >> because he doesn't give a damn. >> it's very disturbing. anyway, colonel north other disturbing news today. 71% of americans would fail the military if they tried
4:43 pm
to enlist. >> we have none. >> discipline we have none. >> are americans unfit for duty. 71% would not meet the requirements to even make it into basic training. a new pentagon report showing that more than two thirds of american youth, 71% wouldn't qualify to serve in the military today. >> it's a miss conception that people have that they can can walk in and sign in and join. >> the biggest disqualifier, obesity. it but there is more. adhd. felony convictions. dropping out of school and failing a math and reading test. that is 71% doesn't even include cosmetic requirements. the military bans some piercing and tattoos. >> they're disqualified based on the tattoos alone. >> the raising serious concerns over america's military readiness. >> if they needed to get a whole lot of people mobilized they are going to have slim pickings. >> placing a huge burden. >> you have to tell somebody your dreams are not going to happen in the marine corps.
4:44 pm
>> halle, 71%. i guess bob beckel said it well slim pickings. >> beckel has something talking about being slim. >> i didn't say that. >> i did. i heard me -- i'm sorry, bob. 86600 active recruits this year. we need 70.6000 in the garden reserve. there are 157.2 thousand that we need in the military. what they are saying is that the disawfers, drug abuse, the kinds of things that youngsters get wrangled up, in things like tattoos, body piercings, sorry about that the bottom line of it is our -- think of this 238 years ago this friday, 56 guys got together and signed in philadelphia a document called the declaration of independence. for the very first time, since that war, everyone
4:45 pm
serving in an american uniform in time of war a volunteer. think about that never happened since. >> right. but 71% of them who are eligible to volunteer can't do it. >> and you need the brightest and west and bravest of a generation to serve. because you can't oont and maintain and employ the most sophisticated weapons and equipment. >> does this disturb you? >> it does disturb me. the goofed news is and i called two marine recruiters after you and i talked about this issue this afternoon. i called two marine recruiters. they are overbooked as they say and on quote as it but they already exceeded their numbers through december. >> so we're in good shape. >> at least the marine corps is. and the reason the marine corps is the marine corps they joined for one reason. they know that they are going to go to a war and they want to fight. here's the problem. what's about to happen with this administration are a number of things. one, they are treating the military like laboratory rats in a radical social experiment. that hurts recruiting. number two, if you don't
4:46 pm
fight a war to win, people will not volunteer to serve. no one want to be the last one killed in this war. i have spent the last 13 years young americans who volunteered to serve in this military, they do not want to fight to lose. so this administration is hurting the readiness of the armed forces by the way they are treating those today. worst of all the v.a. scandal is affecting people. what if i get hurt? what's going to happen to me? finally the family benefits are being chopped to pieces by the congress and the white house. so long term, getting enough high quality really good fit bright young people to serve in the best military that's ever been is in jeopardy because, once again, this white house doesn't give a damn. ollie, nice to see you cheered up or awful alli, nice to see you. >> murder mystery
4:47 pm
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the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. a murder mystery in new jersey. a 19-year-old college student gunned down in a parking lot. and now police trying to track down two men seen running near the scene of the crime. for the very latest new jersey reporter cybil marcellas. any idea who might have shot this young man. >> there are no arrests so far. police are trying to use the public to help them in their investigation. they released these two surveillance pictures showing these two men who police believe may have witnessed the murder of brendan tevlin. they. >> he is found dead of a gunshot wound in his vehicle. do they think attempted
4:52 pm
robbery or if this was a carjacking of this college student? >> police are not sure. they responded to gunshots in an area of walker road and northfield avenue. his body was found in an suv in an apartment complex just a mile away. so police are investigating this. there were multiple gunshots and in the suv you can see both the driver's car. driver's side windows and the passenger's side windows were all blown out. >> where was the teen just prior to being shot? >> he was hanging out with some friends in the area. they were playing video games and he left by himself. texted his mother. told her he was on his way home and never made it. >> any trouble with him? does he have sort of a checkered background or any like have any issues? brendon was the textbook golden boy. straight a student. prestigious high school. seton hall prep. came home freshman year from the university. no, he had no disciplinary issues. no drug issues. it's a complete mystery as
4:53 pm
it how he ended up gunned down in west orange when he comes from a very well-to-do-area in livingston. >> do you know if he was found behind the wheel of the car or shot and moved to the passenger side? >> police wouldn't give those kind of details. i spoke to a resident at the apartment complex where the suv was found. and the resident told me actually saw somebody driving that suv. but wouldn't be able to identify anybody because he didn't know. he wasn't really paying attention. people come in and out of that parking lot all the time. >> how about the neighborhood where the gunshots were? anything unusual about that neighborhood? >> not really. it's very residential area. that intersection, there is a bunch of cars going both directions. no, nothing unusual in that area. >> that's a terribly tragic story as all these shootings are anyway, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> and coming up, fresh out of rehab torrent mayor rob ford is out back at the
4:54 pm
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bill o'reilly is next. first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. troops arriving in iraq. president obama says they were sent to reinforce security at the embassy at baghdad international airport. who can forget this battle. a judge getting ready to punch a lawyer. >> you know, if i had a rock, i would throw it at you right now. stop pissing me off. just sit down. if you want to fight. let's go out back and i will just beat [bleep] >> today the florida judge saying he is sorry for hitting the public defender. the judge got some anger management counseling and returned to work today. oh, brother, right? also returning to work today toronto mayor rob ford after two months in rehab. rob ford going back to city hall and right back in front of the cameras. >> we have come a long way despite my personal struggles.
4:59 pm
and i'm extremely proud of my public record. >> mayor ford hoping to get reelected in october. and also hoping to get reelected despite a scandal. vance mcallister back in april the louisiana congressman was caught on camera smooshing a female staff. he said at that time he would not run for re-election. well now he has changed his mind. and scare in the air for some united airlines passengers. the emergency shoot suddenly opening mid-air. now the flight from chicago to california was did i settered -- diverted to kansas. that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. just a reminder you are just getting home pick up dvr remote and set a series recording for "on the record" each night. right now though go to and answer this question. is the influx of the immigrant children at the border a crisis or as leader
5:00 pm
pelosi says an opportunity? go to gretawire poll. go to also post on the open thread. good night from washington. see you tomorrow night. >> today, i will be getting a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as i can on my own. without congress. >> president obama realizing he has a disaster on the border. now trying to fix the immigration problem himself. is that even possible? we'll have a special report. >> the context is all out assaulted on contraception production services. >> liberal precincts as the supreme court sides with traditional americans allowing some to opt out of funding some kinds of birth control. analyze. >> do you know why i'm really here? >> i can't


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