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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  July 5, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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skirting heresy. about a real religious hero. it's great read. thanks for watching and have a wonderful holiday weekend. >> it's the fire storm after the fourth of july fire works with all the problems here at home and abroad. the house will only be working 28 days between now and the midterm elections in november. u.s. taxpayers are busy working so how about our public ser vans get off their lazy butts and start fixing the va, the irs, and everything else that is broken. how the high cords slamming the gavel can help all workers in america. and the land of the free ain't so free as they used to be. mr. president, can you hear us
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now? >> hi everyone. welcome to cashing in. here is something to think about during your time off this holiday weekend. that works out to about a day and a half per week. hard working americans, folks like you and me, are will be busting our butts three times as many days during the same period of time. while they are off, nothing is getting done. i could go on, but why don't you? >> there are a lot of serious issues that need to be addressed right now. like the va scandal.
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members of congress should not be out and about drinking mimosa while veterans are dying. democrats like to say this is all republicans fault. harry reed is the problem. he has shut down the senate. he doesn't want democrats to take any votes on anything because he is scared they will be vulnerable. >> let me bring it over. really? 28 days between now and november what i believe is november 4? 28 days? come on. this is the least productive congress in history. >> this is an intentional strategy to break the american government.
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>> you lit a fire cracker in a crowded room. phoney scandals? that's another topic. john, i have books on my desk. it's spending money, slush funds and bottled waters. anything they want to spend. all they have to do is put in the books and the taxpayer pays. >> eric, i think that is a wrong mentality. government has got to do something. we have got to do something. what is government. it is a gun. it should be very judicious.
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to michelle's point it should start by cleaning its own house. >> why don't we sol f the pressing problems and phoney scandals. >> let's fik these things instead of creating more? >> i guess i'm the lone -- i would be very happy if they did nothing. i like do nothing congresses. they pass regulations and spend an awful lot of time. if you look at the laws they have passed in the last so called do-nothing congress, it's unbelievable. we were -- living in this country to have a -- the government interfere in our lives every day. if they did nothing we would be much better off. all of these regulations if they pazed it, all of those things
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that they do, it's a waste of our time and money and a waste of the nation's resources. >> then you're very happy because they are pretty much do nothing. >> american taxpayer s. have had it. they're fed up. >> it's unfortunate. they are living as though they are aristocrats yet the american people can't put food on the table. it's unfair and they need to stop spending our taxpayer dollars. >> shouldn't we maybe -- term limits or how about members of congress don't get paid? then we find out who really wants to serve the country? >> people would be fine paying
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$200,000 a year if they actually represented american interests. we think do nothing means passing regulations. can't start because of all the clock. do nothing shouldn't be do nothing. it should be do what is proper for an american government. keep us safe, protect individual rights and that's it. >> wayne, a day and a half per week fwebetween now and the election. i can go wait a minute. so the american people will realize i will only work a day and a half every week and then i have to be re-elected? >> wait a minute. that gives him less time to do more damage. i'm happy if they don't put in the day and a half because they will do more damage.
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>> they can impeach the president or cutting off funds. they are paralyzed to do that. so i don't want if they can do that in a day and a half. do that. that's fine. don't be blowing our money on something that will restrict our freedom. >> final thought. wrap the block up. >> most of these guys are millionaires and all they do -- this week you know what they did? the sponsors of their travel. to me these guys are outrageous.
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>> i give you the last word. you throw four topics out there. >> i'm telling the truth. the american people deserve a hard working troop. >> you know what? you represent the hard working men. >> phoney scandals. >> you can continue the conversation right now on twitter. young says the victims keep voting for the dictators. 174 grand, millions in allowances, perks galore so why is congress only working 28 days between now and november. hash tag you're fired. if you're with me, retweet that one.
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>> the high court delivering a major blow to big labor that could have a lasting impact. the supreme court ruling home held care workers cannot be forced to pay union fees if they're not in a union. this could be good for all workers? >> any time you can get rid of force in america, that's a positive thing. unions have to use it because
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they can't compete in a free market. so they use government as a weapon getting special deals and advantages that are not given to any other group or individual. they get medicaid dollars. you can't be in health care without getting medicaid dollars. what are unions in today's economy? they are fasist trorists. they only support a free society when they're at the helm. >> the fascist parasites. this is a strike against you. are unions a dying breed? >> yeah, they are. there is no question. you look at the statistic. oh my gosh. unions, remember, they helped raise wages for the very workers. that woman that we just saw, she gets higher pay because of the union negotiations.
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go ahead. >> let me clarify why i use that term. fascism refers to the combination of government. you know what? unions have a six time higher representation in the government in as they do in the private sector. >> jonathan, what you're -- let me tell you what's bothering the american worker. >> it certainly has. >> stay on this ruling. this is a good ruling for the american worker that is not unionized, is it not? why is that. the union.
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>> to johnathan's point, instead of trying to get people back to work, don't prevent them from working. don't interview in the free market process. >> one thing that also needs to be pointed out is unions donate very heavily to democrats. it's upwards of 90% of all do nations go to the left. >> of course not. there is a business. this ruling is great. it's great for the economy. if unions are so great, why are people not voluntarily joining that. they know that their money is
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basically stolen and given to democratic candidates. they have all basically collapsed because of unions because they drive up the cost of doing business. >> at least we came to the point of this. just eight unions. you have no objection to the big corporations. >> you are always changing the subject here. >> yeah. you hate unions. >> they are -- >> i could go on and on. i could watch these two go on forever. >> more and more americans are now saying they are sent to freedom and slipping away.
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the president might want to listen to this one. test.
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the crisis back here at home, this one over immigration and what to do with the thousands who have crossed into our borders. tempers flaring and immigration rallies in california. california congressman just back from a trip to texas where he gets a look at the situation and will tell us more about what he saw. and one of the first women to head a fortune 500 company challenging the so-called war on women. she will join us. more on this and the rest of your top stories making news at the top of the hour right here on "america's news headquarters." i invite you to join me. farewell freedom just in time for independence day. a new gallup poll shows america, the land of the free, has slid to 36th place in the world in freedom. we're now behind cambodia,
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uzbekistan a uzbekistan. >> i think the use of the president of executive orders, of absolutely -- the congress not doing anything about it. not trying to curb the president. the constitution was written for the purpose of protecting its citizens from the excesses of its own government. and that is not what has been done. the government is operating pro forma to do things that it thinks are better for its citizens. all wrong. >> michelle, we dropped 24 spots under president obama in freedom. any surprise? >> it's not surprising. we have an administration that spies on us, an administration that wants to tell businesses what kind of birth control they have to provide for their employees. we thought we elected a president who was a professor of constitutional law. instead what we got is a president that wants to rip up the constitution.
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>> john, what about it? we should be aspiring to be more free and instead we're sliding. >> well, define what freedom means. freedom means freedom from force, from physical coercion, not freedom from worry or freedom from want or free condoms or free health care or free college for anything else. it's only possible in a free society like america where your life always belongs to you, not the czar, not the king, not the priest or not to the greater good. does that sound familiar? that's what obama talks about all the time. we're all in it together, it's all for the greater good. that makes every individual a slave. >> one of the things that's happened under president obama is we've been mandated which means forced to, which means take our freedom away from choosing not to do it. obamacare, health care. do you think that had something to do with it? >> pay taxes, obey air traffic rules, stop at red lights, it's just too much for me. but i must tell you on this
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fourth of july, i happen to think america is great and that we have tremendous freedoms. i don't want to live in china or uzbekistan. i'm going to come visit you when you end up there. >> the united arab emirates is more free than the united states of america, i'm concerned -- >> as long as you value freedom, why do you work to destroy it? >> they don't allow grumpy old folks like we have here -- >> if you value freedom from force, why are you always proposing ways to expand that government force? >> exactly. >> what are you talking about? >> obamacare. everything eric's talked about. >> you guys only expand rights for corporations and the rich. >> oh, come on. >> wayne, what's going through your mind? >> juan, when you say it's only for the rich, for god's sake,
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that sounds like you were born in the depression and, oh, woe is me. the law -- everybody should respect the law, rich and poor should be even among the -- >> absolutely true. we have to leave it there. thank you all for joining us. forget independence. what we should really be calling this holiday weekend. own ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you! when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
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time for what do i need to know for next weekend? >> back in may, i picked something called trinity industries. i think it has some air in it and somewhere to go. it's a basic structural steel company. >> very good. how about you, john? >> junk bonds have been anything but junky. i think they're about to get a lot more junky. >> very interesting play. thank you very much. guys. that's it for us.
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before we go, for the 238th time america is celebrating the fourth of july. the day the 13 colonies declared our independence from great britain. so i want to take a minnesota to reflect on our independence. folks, america's changed. we were once a strong and proud people built on a rock solid work ethic, independent. recently however we've evolved for the worse. a massive 55% of all americans depend on the government for an entertainment. 46 million are on food stamps since barack obama took over as president. nearly half of all american households pay taxes. barack obama and his minions keep telling us how great the recovery is. gasoline's up 100% under obama and many food prices are at a record high. sadly, americans' median household income has plummeted.
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on this holiday weekend, may i suggest we observe a new day, january 20th, the day president obama was sworn into office. may i suggest a name for that day, how about bependence day. have a great weekend. immigration flashpoint, a california town split in two, more and against. waiting for another round of illegal immigrants to be bussed into their community. and a california congressman with a look at a situation where thousands of many illegal immigrants, many of them children, are being held alone. israel boosted forces near the gaza strip after a week of tension.


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