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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 31, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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seth myers tonight. here's my selfie from the green room, which is also on twitter. we talk "game of thrones" and bill o'reilly. he was a super nice guy. seth myers that is, not bill. he's a kind man, but nice -- see you tomorrow. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. new disturbing audio has surfaced of former president bill clinton from september 10, 2001 saying he once had a golden opportunity to kill osama bin laden. now, here's what he said just hours before the 9/11 terrorist attack that left 3,000 people dead. listen to this. >> he's a very smart guy, i spent a lot of time thinking about him. i nearly got him once. i nearly got him. and i could have gotten -- i could have killed him, but i would have had to destroy a little town called kandahar in afghanistan.
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and killed innocent women and children. and i would have been no better than him. so i didn't do it. >> he didn't do it and look what happened to this country as a result just one day later. america changed forever on 9-11-2001. what bill clinton didn't seem to understand on september 12, 2001, he had a chance to prevent that day from ever happening. president obama to this very day refuses to recognize the real and clear present danger posed by radical islam. we did in fact reach out to the clinton global initiative hoping to get a comment from the former president about this newly uncovered audio. we have not heard back. joining me now with reaction to this and much more is fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. welcome back to the program. >> hi, sean. >> what's your initial reaction to that? >> well, not at all surprised except that he actually said it. i work in intelligence in the pentagon and the army staff during most the clinton presidencies. and i will tell you there could have been multiple opportunities
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to get bin laden, not just one or two. but there was no interest from the white house, no serious interest. they just wanted the problem to go away, the way obama wants the islamic state caliphate to kind of just disappear. and so the frustrating thing to many of us, those of us who had been out in the world in pakistan, central asia, turkey, saw these threats coming. and the bad guys weren't trying to hide it. in clinton's washington there was no interest -- i mean, it was like obama in the sense that he cared far more for his personal popularity with his base than about america's security. so bubba was obama before obama. >> it's relevant to today in a lot of different ways. we see the secretary of state, we see the president pressuring israel to have a cease-fire, which by the way has just happened for 72 hours. they're pressuring them to have a cease-fire, but if i had 3,000 rockets fired into america, i would want to defeat and prabre
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up the infrastructure and find the tunnels and rockets they were using to attack america's towns and people. there seems to be a missing which i am here. a lack of understanding to radical islam even to this very day. >> there certainly is. it's just disgraceful. as many have observed, many who are not part of this administration, that in fact when you pander as this administration does to radical islam, the people like the qataris, you're undercutting the chances of moderates in the islamic world, those who don't want islam to be constant jihad. but there's this mythology clearly in the obama administration that somehow people like hamas are freedom fighters. i mean, the disdain for israel among the obamacrats is just visceral. thank you, mr. president, you appear to have saved hamas for at least the next 72 hours.
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how this administration can draw any moral equivalence between israel, which wants to live in peace, and murderous islamic thugs who use their own people as human shields. it's just stunning to me, sean. >> it's frustrating. >> yeah. let me just point out if i may, you know, the parallels go way back to, on a smaller level of course, after a hard gun battle in mogudishu, panicked and ran away. after we'd won and obama ran away. clinton runs away from mogudishu and it's continuing conflict. at some point you've got to recognize that contrary to the left, oh, there's never a military solution, war doesn't change anything. throughout history war changed more things than any other factor in human affairs.
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and there are some times when you've just got to kill bad guys and not stop killing them until there are no bad guys left. sorry. >> i am having a hard time wrapping my arms around a mindset that doesn't see who the good guys are and who the terrorists are here. for example, let's start we'll go immediately to hamas' own charter. this to me pretty much tells everything. israel will exist and will continue to exist until islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it. now, that's from their charter. and here is a former speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, saying, oh, the qataris told me they're a humanitarian group. listen to what she says, meanwhile the qataris are providing the funding so they can buy the rockets. listen to this. >> we have to support iron dome to protect the israelis from the missiles, we have to support the palestinians in what they need and we have to confer with the qataris who have told me over and over again that hamas is a humanitarian organization.
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maybe they could use their influence to -- >> the u.s. thinks they're a terrorist organization, correct? do you? >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> how could a former speaker of the house, our own government recognizes hamas as a terrorist organization, how did she not read their own charter? how does she not know the qataris are the ones providing the money to buy the rockets to kill the israelis? does she not know these basic facts? >> no. she doesn't know the basic facts. she's dumb as a rock and makes no effort to educate herself. i'll tell former speaker pelosi that, good lord. >> i think dumb as a rock is about right. >> yeah. and the nazis were wonderful humanitarians. they ran great youth camps for blond haired children. at some point you've got to recognize evil when evil is right in your face. and hamas is evil. the qataris are evil. again, sean, there's this notion among washington elites -- by
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the way, check out the washington think tanks funded by the qataris. there's this notion that if we just make friends and chummy up and do the bidding of these islamist states and qatar is about the worst right now, that somehow everything will magically work out. they are exploiting us and we're too stupid to see it. >> listen to hillary clinton. by all accounts she wants to be the next president of the united states. and she makes a comment that is equally breathtaking when she sort of rationalizes a way why hamas is using the palestinians as human shields as they fire their rockets from schools and hospitals and heavily populated areas. listen to this. >> the problem is, and this is something -- i'm not a military planner, but hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas. part of it is gaza is very small and very densely populated. they put their command in control of hamas military leaders in those civilian areas. >> how about it's an evil strategy that they want to use
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human beings in their advancement of their radical islamic caliphate. wouldn't that be a more accurate description? >> well, it certainly would, sean. but what's stunning to me is this woman was secretary of state. she should have these issues down. and she doesn't. again, hamas -- gaza is not tiny. it's not huge. it's over four times the size of manhattan. there are plenty of spots in gaza from which hamas can fight and launch rockets and shoot mortars without setting up their weapons of war right inside playgrounds or right next to schools and hospitals. it's all part of hamas' strategy. i have to say i don't expect better from nancy pelosi. lord help us, she's an example of how mediocre our political system has come. but frankly from mrs. clinton i did expect -- not honorable behavior, but a glimmer of intelligence. i mean, she's not totally stupid, but she obviously hasn't
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done her homework on this. and when she was secretary of state she obviously wasn't reading the briefing books. >> all right. pretty sad. unbelievable. there's no moral ambiguity here. >> that's correct. >> colonel, thank you. appreciate it. when we come back, we have breaking news out of the middle east. israel calls up 16,000 reservists and now both sides have just in the last hour or two agreed to a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire. we'll have a report from the region and gaza coming up next. plus, president obama's turned a blind eye as illegals pour over our southern border. guess what? the voters have now spoken. a new poll shows that in fact this is the one issue the white house should be very nervous about. we'll check in with the always outspoken ann colter. she is here on this and more tonight as "hannity" continues.
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and this is a fox news alert. israel and hamas have agreed to an unconditional 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire. it will begin at 8:00 a.m. local time on friday. now, for the very latest on this we turn to fox's own conor powell. he is on the ground tonight in gaza. conor, this just broke. >> reporter: well, sean, they've made previous attempts at cease-fires. this one sounds like it might be different. both sides are saying reportedly that they agree to it and that as part of the deal both sides will stay in the places they already are. meaning that israel will not conduct further military operations. that's been a sticking point with hamas. and it does sound as if the u.s. and u.n. have gotten both sides to agree to this temporary 72-hour cease-fire. whether or not it will hold, that's a big question. we've seen a lot of cease-fires crumble for a lot of different reasons. but this one it does seem to have some backing. we know israeli officials are on the way to cairo right now to be part of further negotiations. that was the first sign that
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maybe something was in the works. but we still don't know if this will hold. there's too much sort of history here in the last few weeks about cease-fires crumbling to be confident this one will hold. but it does appear they're in the early stages of a cease-fire in the works right now, sean. >> conor, we're going to watch that really closely here. but the israelis have been saying up until now until this announcement today in fact they were going to finish the job. and that is breaking up the infrastructure of the tunnels hamas has built to attack israel, right? >> reporter: the tunnels are the key objective right now. we've been hearing for the last three or four days that the israeli military was close to destroying all 32 of the underground cross-border tunnels that the israeli military had essentially located. so it would fit with the timeline where essentially the military might be done or will be done by tomorrow. so that gives some hope that the cease-fire will actually be agreed to, that the israeli military has essentially accomplished its main task, its main goal here on the ground in
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gaza. if that's the case, that gives a chance of a cease-fire all the more likelihood of succeeding, sean. >> conor, i know you had a tough day yesterday. thank you for that report. appreciate it. and stay safe. my next guest is an israeli woman living in constant fear on the gaza border. she recently posted a youtube video to shed light on what's really happening between israel and hamas and set the record straight about israel's mission for peace as well as the media's very pro-hamas bias. joining me now to share her story is dana. dana, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you're right on the border. you're in the middle of a war zone. how many times a day do you hear sirens blaring? >> well, today for example, we had seven sirens in one minutes about. the iron dome shot down all seven of the bombs right above our kibbutz. as you can imagine it's very scary and not something you can get used to. >> the video that's the youtube video you
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took. i know the iron dome has been 99% successful. have there been instances where you saw it did not work. >> i don't know the exact percentage, but i can tell you about our area. we only got iron dome a few months ago. the only protection we've had was to run away into the shelters. >> what about your friends and neighbors and everybody else living in the area? i mean, do you feel that you might be better off evacuating at least for the time being until this is finished? >> well, most of the kibbutz are empty right now. families and children have left a few weeks ago already. and the moment that i found a tunnel outside our kibbutz, people have started speaking about leaving because they're very afraid. this is a threat that we don't know. and i don't think people can comprehend the meaning of this type of threat because it's really face-to-face with the enemy. and personally i'm terrified.
7:16 pm
>> you're on the border where the tunnels come in. how important from your perspective is it for israel to finish the job, meaning taking out the infrastructure and tunnels that hamas has built to kidnap, destroy and attack israel? >> well, obviously i think it's the most important thing right now because i want to feel safe. and of course for my family and my loved ones. i don't know how much people know about this, but they've found also drugs and weapons to help them really just kidnap people to gaza. i can tell you kibbutz to be a very peaceful place for me and now i'm terrified to be in my home. of course i want to be clear of the tunnels. and we're waiting to see what's going to happen. >> all right. dana, thank you for being with us. stay safe. we appreciate you being with us tonight. >> thank you. now, meanwhile, over in gaza the tide is beginning to turn against hamas. more and more politicians are speaking out and voicing their support for peace. my next guest, a palestinian
7:17 pm
politician, says hamas has never been so unpopular in gaza. joining me is the palestinian leader. so we keep hearing these stories that hamas, coalition government, keeps firing rockets from schools and from hospitals and from densely populated areas. the palestinian people are suffering. they pushed them back in their homes so they can be used as human shields. has the tide really turned? are they now supporting peace? and do they want to get rid of the hamas coalition -- the hamas part of the coalition? >> well, i've been in touch with people in gaza since this whole thing has begun. and i can authortively confirm that most gazans have had enough with hamas. you have to understand that hamas is not only hamas. hamas is a part of a larger evil, if you want to say, hostile coalition with other countries. basically it's the muslim
7:18 pm
brotherhood, the global muslim brotherhood which hamas belongs to. hamas has been playing double jeopardy with my people in order to gain political gain in the region and terrorize the moderate camp of the region. basically hamas is now connected with qatar, the government or the king of jordan and syria and iran. and for that make a point, a political point, hamas doesn't mind palestinians die. to answer your question, yes, most of them have turned against hamas. just two days ago there was a process in gaza where people protested against hamas. and five of them, i can confirm, five of them were shot dead by hamas. and 20 injured. so the tide is changing. the only reason hamas is keeping the ground in gaza now is because of its military power. it's basically a dictatorship playing their agenda of other countries like qatar and those hostile nation. >> well, qatar is obviously
7:19 pm
funding hamas with the money that they can buy the rockets. but isn't this part of a much larger struggle and that being between radical islam and those that want to hijack islam as a religion and those that are more moderate that would like peace with israel but are afraid to speak out for fear they will be viewed as a postate and they will be targeted for murder? isn't that the underlying cause and why we don't hear from moderate muslims more often? >> exactly. moderate muslims would be killed if they voice their opinion. and that's what we've been seeing in gaza. unfortunately i have to speak out against the disappointment we let's say normal muslims have that unfortunately we can see the u.s. has given into the radicals. the u.s. administration i think it's well-intended but it's a huge mistake that is now caught in countries like qatar, a country like jordan's king who is supporting the muslim brotherhood in his country and
7:20 pm
suppo supporting hamas openly through media and other countries. a line should be drawn in the sand towards those countries. qatar is jeopardizing egypt, jeopardizing israel, jeopardizing my people, the palestinians, and anyone who subscribes to that. he must be basically punished. and the u.s. establishment must look into that. i cannot stand and keep seeing my people being burned alive in order to make qatar's point and radicals points. >> all right. thank you, sir, for being with us. appreciate it. by the way, it does put emphasis on nancy pelosi, former speaker of the house and her comments that the people from qatar -- they are a terrorist group. we've got to go. thank you, sir. appreciate it. coming up, catholics in america now slamming president obama for his lack of action regarding the christian genocide that is now taking place in iraq in places like mosul. catholic league president is here coming up next with an exclusive message for president obama that you'll only hear tonight on "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." the obama administration is facing increasing outrage for its failure to condemn the muslim persecution of christians in iraq. bill don hue recently slammed president obama on his group's website. he wrote a piece and wrote in part, no, mr. president, you do not stand with the people of all faiths. as you speak christians are being beheaded all over the middle east because they are christians. and those carrying out this mass murder are doing so in the name of islam. yet you continue to say and do
7:24 pm
absolutely nothing. well, about these unspeakable crimes so do christian lives mean so little to you? joining me now -- and also organized the protest including the one outside the white house, and old friend of the program, bill donahue. >> thank you for having us. >> you went to the white house. you protested. we know what's happening in iraq, convert to islam, pay a tax or die. explain what you're hearing from all the people you're talking to. >> yes. well, basically we have been crying. we have been begging. we are dying. christians including -- we are facing extinction, literally. we are the oldest christians in the world. we don't currently have the support of our pope.
7:25 pm
and our president including all the world leaders, they should all be holding hands. they should be hand-in-hand to defend the oldest christians in the world. without christians in that area, we're full of peace. we are not shooting missiles at anyone. we love jesus and we are being killed because we love jesus. >> or being forced to leave your home. or being forced to convert to islam. >> exactly. and those are not even choices anymore. they're at a mission right now to completely exterminate all christianity in the middle east. and trust me when i say this, and i hope mr. president hears this message, they will not stop there. mosul has become a breeding ground for isis and they will continue on their mission to other countries in the western world. they may already be planting cells in our country. how can you even not wait. so much and not take action.
7:26 pm
this is ridiculous. we are completely becoming extinct. the museums in the world and libraries are holding artifacts and preserving it and marking it priceless, what about the people that created these artifacts that are dying in mass numbers and completely concealed. i must say i completely have respect for fox news. and we salute you as christians, the oldest christians in the world, because you are the only channel that is covering this insane crisis. >> what a plea. bill, i've known you for years. i've never seen anything like this. is there any remarks? anything the president has done? he just gave $47 million in aid on top of the hundreds of millions we give to the palestinian government like we gave money to the muslim brotherhood government in egypt. anything? >> i've had my staff look at this in the past week. john kerry, statements not too bad, we had a number of
7:27 pm
congressman, in june we had 55 congressman, democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives raising its voice. the only person in the whole world of all senior status persons that has said absolutely nothing is president obama. now, it's not just catholics who are being murdered like this. it's jews. i commend netanyahu for the extraordinary amount of restraint that he's showing against these thugs. but what we have going on and people don't seem to understand this, you've got 151 nations in the world where christians are being persecuted. that's three quarters of the world. in 25 of the worst places they're run by muslims. now, they say islam is a religion of peace. why then do they act then like it's a religion of war? i'm fed up with the war on catholics and protestants, and some jews, for not speaking up about this. enough is enough. i support israel 100% because they're our friend. obama buys into this mentality, there's the victim and the victimizer.
7:28 pm
and it's unshakable. it comes from the academy. i've dealt with professors most of my life. i don't believe as a muslim. i believe as a -- he leans to the left. the only religion that excites him is islam. if in fact christians were doing to muslims what muslims are doing to christians, he would react differently. this is a terrible stain on our history. >> now, i would give you the final word here. >> thank you. we are demanding action. actually, these are the words from the innocent christians, the oldest civilization that are dying in iraq. this is the holocaust. we should not accept it. all world leaders should not accept this and they need to stop this. before if they're just trying to conceal it where it's at, it is going to come here. i promise you. we have to stop it where it's at. and the syrians -- demand a province. it is our native land. we will not be kicked out.
7:29 pm
we will not be murdered. our children will not be raped and killed in front of us and buried in mass graves and hidden and completely concealed. and we are not supported by our president. who should we turn to? should we just become extinct? and removed from the face of the earth when we have lasted for 6,700 years? we are people of peace. we don't want to kill anyone. why are they killing us? we demand isis to stop. we do not support you. we don't want you on our lands. we want you gone. and destroyed completely. >> unless the world -- i'll say this in closing, comes to grips with the rise of radical islam and their desire for worldwide caliphate and by any means necessary they advance this caliphate and see that these numbers are big, if it's isis, it's al qaeda, if it's the muslim brotherhood, hezbollah, hamas, doesn't matter. it is the rise of radical islamists that are a threat to every man, woman and child and
7:30 pm
every other religion. good to see you both. we wish you well, nahren. >> thank you. there's a website for the relief. >> what is it? >> it's if anyone wants to help for temporary help for the christians in iraq and the innocents that are being slaughtered. we'd really appreciate it. we thank you again, fox news. we salute you. you are our heroes in helping this cause. thank you very much. coming up, the always outspoken ann coulter is back. she has harsh words for the president this time on immigration issue and open borders. also later nancy pelosi and russell brand, well, they seem to have their facts on hamas backwards. but who's actually dumber? this busy news night continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." tonight the president has now hit rock bot ton when it comes to the issue of immigration according to a brand new poll, shocking 68% disapprove of the president's handling of immigration and only 31% approve. according to "the washington post," disapproval of obama on any given issue throughout his presidency rarely reaches over 60%. ouch. here with reaction it's her number one issue of all-time, author, columnist, ann coulter, your issue one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. >> same thing with american people. another poll showing by far that's most important issue. something like 84% said they were more interested in what's happening with mexico, and this is going back some time, than iran, syria, ukraine. this is our border here. and you keep saying and i mean, i agree, i wish we could have netanyahu as our president. but how would america react if
7:37 pm
these missiles were being shot into our country? well, i'll tell you how america would react to what's happening in israel. more than 100 tunnels have been found on our border to smuggle in weapons, guns, they're inv e invading, murdering, raping. the head of the d.e.a. said about a year ago he thinks the surge of homicide in chicago is a mexican drug cartel. we are being invaded. i wish people would talk about our border the way at least people like you and i talk about, the way we talk about israel's border. we need a netanyahu here. can you imagine? i mean, yes, sometimes palestinian kids get killed. that's because they are associated with a terrorist organization that is harming israel. and netanyahu doesn't care what the religious leaders say weeping about palestinian children. he doesn't care what the u.n. says. he doesn't care what the media says. we are a country. we have borders. and netanyahu enforces them.
7:38 pm
why can't we do that in america? >> so does mexico. mexico puts you in jail or sends you back. >> right. >> here's my question, so republicans have this big cluster where you have the boehner bill and then they schedule a vote and don't have enough votes and they have to go in a conference. >> right. >> why can't they just get rid of the provision that was for sex trafficking? >> you don't need them. you obviously didn't read my column this week. number two, we don't need to. obama's breaking the law. >> and obama's breaking the law. i agree with you. >> the only way -- look, obama is breaking the law the same way here as he is with obamacare. it's astonishing. unfortunately most americans i don't think understand. maybe many viewers of your program, but this business of him just for example just suspending the operation of obamacare, it would be as -- or the dreamers act. that was a law. people remember from when you were little kids how a bill becomes law, it goes to one house and the other house and then the president signs it. okay. that didn't happen.
7:39 pm
but obama is enforcing a law that failed to pass with the dreamers act. he is not enforcing a law that he pushed through with obamacare. >> do we impeach him? what do you say to those democrats say republicans want to impeach him. >> no, drop that language. that's fund raising for both sides. it's not going to work. it's pointless. pure fund raising for both sides. i do think boehner's lawsuit is worth a shot. this is absolutely unprecedented what the president is doing. >> boehner should use the power of the purse. it's his constitutional power. >> common sense you can do that. and the cruz bill i was getting to next, only things they can do, power of the purse from the house, sue or impeachment. technically it should be impeachment, but drop that. the lawsuit is definitely worth pursuing. i think it's a fantastic lawsuit. i'm all for it. but there's an unprecedented situation. it would be as if president bush -- remember how he was pushing social security privatization in his second term? that went nowhere.
7:40 pm
what if he just directed the irs, start not taking social security taxes. that is what obama has done over and over again. this is completely unprecedented. i like cruz's idea. i'm not entirely clear on how it really effects the fact that we are having this massive invasion of the border. normally you defund things so that a president can't do something. well, that's the problem. he is not taking care that the law be faithfully executed. how do you deprive money from someone for not doing something? it doesn't cost anything not to enforce the law. >> all right. coulter, great to see you. and we love having you in studio. >> yeah. for my full 30 seconds. >> we always need to give you more time. i agree. good to see you. >> thank you. coming up, who's dumber when it comes to their comments about hamas, nancy pelosi or katy perry's ex-husband, d-rated actor, russell brand? we'll check in to answer that pressing question. and also coming up tonight, could the ebola outbreak in
7:41 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." now, sadly, the ongoing violence in the gaza strip has driven countless of village idiots out of the wood work. they're coming out everywhere. i want to focus on two such morons and their very bizarre support for hamas. the first hails from san francisco, take a look at what nancy pelosi, former speaker of the house, had to say about the ongoing crisis in israel. >> we have to support iron dome, to the protect israelis from the missiles, we have to support the palestinians with what they need and we have to confer with the qataris who have told me over and over again that hamas is a humanitarian organization. maybe they could use their influence to -- >> the u.s. thinks they're a terrorist organization, correct? do you? >> uh-huh. >> takes your breath away. hamas, a terrorist organization, unbelievably there's another who believes. take a look at this idiot.
7:47 pm
>> missiles going off all over the place and gaza's only a tiny area. in this situation behaving like a terrorist, using intimidation unbelievable, sean hannity, that's where the terrorism is coming from. >> behaving like a terrorist, that's where the terrorism's coming from, me. not hamas. that one between pelosi, russell brand, you've got to ask the question, who's dumber? here to break this down is fox & friends co-host, fox news political analyst, kirs ten powers. >> first of all, neither of them are dumb. >> stop for a second. those are dumb comments. >> you want to say they made dumb comments, fine. but they're not dumb people. i think nancy pelosi's statements have been taken out of context. if you look at the entire -- >> come on. >> if you look at the entire interview she's saying this is what the qataris told her. >> providing money for the arms.
7:48 pm
>> she wasn't endorsing it and she refers to hamas as a terrorist organization in that interview and says they're using them as human shields. she says they have initiated the conflict -- >> she says the qataris -- >> i think you're kind of twisting her words. i mean, she thinks they're a terrorist organization. >> it was rambling and confusing at best. where she was venturing into territory and she clearly when candy crowley said hamas is a terrorist organization, the u.s. thinks, and she goes, uh-huh. that's what my dad would do when he says something in church he knows he shouldn't have said. she clearly had ventured into an area -- >> she had earlier -- >> it's not true. >> wait a minute. i've got to throw this to brian. when she says qataris, everybody knows qataris have been funding hamas, a terrorist organization, whose charter calls for the destruction of israel. that one sentence on its own
7:49 pm
does not excuse what she's saying here. it is based on total ignorance or political agenda. i don't know which would be worse. >> we got bases here and also playing both sides of the fence of qataris. they have the world cup, they don't deserve it. they don't have any fields. we'll talk about that later. here's the problem. the head of hamas actually is there in a five-star hotel doing interviews having the time of his life. so he's actually representing there. she's trying to put everything in a playing field i think she said, i have palestinians in my district. >> she's trying to play to her base the other guy is a different story this, is what he thinks he called president bush a retarded cowboy. he went to work dressed as osama bin laden with his drug dealer. he has a healthy respect for chelsea manning that went through a sex change and released documents. so you're his worst nightmare
7:50 pm
because you're everything he's not. >> he's been able to bag some of the hottest women in the world despite looking like charles manson, right? >> you have to ask what the hell was katy perry thinking? >> he divorced her. >> well, qataris tell me humanitarian organization. shouldn't the former speaker of the house know they're a terrorist organization? >> i think she makes this one statement, which you're grabbing on to. then, you ignore the fact you're talking about hamas you shouldn't be using a human shield. >> qataris tell me they're awe
7:51 pm
humanitarian organization. >> there is a little bit, you know better than i do. or ever plan to. so when secretary of state kerry wants a deal he goes to qatar and turkey. when the former speaker of the house wants to get something done, sh a subtle way, hamas on the same threshold as israel. >> and she's referring to the fact hamas does do, as all of the terrorist organizations do humanitarian things. that doesn't make them a humanitarian organization. >> i don't care about russell brand stay in britain. i care about her, she's an elected official in this country and should know better, democrat, or republican. >> i agree and nobody could
7:52 pm
replace dudley moore as a speaker. >> he doesn't know everything. >> all you need to know about the deadly ebola virus that is killing hundreds. could it be coming to america? we'll check with our experts here in studio. that is coming up straight ahead. @" she inspires you.
7:53 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". the deadliest ebola outbreak in history spreading across west africa with more than 700 deaths tied to this disease the cdc issued travel warnings for the country and one of the chances for reaction dr. eric
7:58 pm
braverman. >> it's spreading because of the culture there. they touch dead bodies they don't keep clean they don't know it's a virus. here, if it ever came here, and i can't say it won't, because more cases you get there, the more of a chance one might show up here, we'd isolate the patient and wear gloves and gowns and masks. like we did with hiv and aids. it's hard to transmit this virus, sean. you can't breathe it you have to touch the secretions coming out of someone that is sick. >> we have too good of hygiene. there will be breakouts of one person here, two people here because diarrhea exposure, exposed to stool, semen, feces all basic rules people forget. here we do it most of the time. but still, some people don't protect themselves with washing
7:59 pm
their hands on a regular basis and they still don't realize. >> don't worry on airplanes? >> it's a nasty bug. it doesn't obey the immune system. your immune system doesn't fight it. on an airplane, you can get on an airplane, but only if there is vomiting and a lot of secretions around. it's unlikely to spread that way. >> diarrhea, getting kissed and handshakes in theory could transmit it. everyone knows in airplane, when flu is around, they get blood clots on airplanes put paper on the toilet seat. >> it's likely someone is going to bring it here unknowingly and think it's the flu. then, we first find out it's ebola. we've isolated people in africa and they've stamped it out we'll stamp it out here if it comes here. >> guys you made me feel a
8:00 pm
little better. that is the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr each week night at 10:00. start your day with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us. see you back here tomorrow night. illy factor is on. tonight: >> still in the brush. >> go, go. >> get them. >> texas authorities say they are under siege at the border from drug traffickers, human smugglers and distraught children. tonight, we will continue our reporting on this very intense situation. >> stop being mad all the time. stop just hating all the time. >> relations between president obama and congress at their lowest level ever. who is at fault? we will tell you. >> if seeking the truth damages you, then we live in a pretty sorry world, don't we? >> also tonight, jesse ventura taking a massive public