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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 4, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> i am ainsley earhardt. we begin with the fox news alert. the water crisis in toledo. the drinking water is still contaminated with an allergy toxin. the allergy coming from lake erie feeds off from suage running off treatment plants and fertilizer warms. it cou -- farms. you should not drink it, kids shouldn't bathe in it and don't think about giving it to your pets. boiling the water only makes the concentration worse. >> sometimes people would like to move quickly, but the way i look at it and the way the mayor and i have discussed it, i want to make sure i would be comfortable with my family, my daughters, my wife drinking the water. nearly half a million people now relying on bottled water. the state sending in the in aingsnal guard with nearly 50,000 gallons. if you have been exposed to the
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toxic water see a doctor immediately. >> public panic over fears of an ebola outbreak here in the states as the second patient is about to arrive in atlanta. doctors say the ebola infected doctor is improving. that in fact is a good sign. this is dr. ken brant lee. he was seen walking into an isolated unit where he is being treated for the deadly ebola virus. brant lee and nurse nancy right bowl are missionaries from samaritan's purse. he she is expected to arrive at emory under the same precautions tomorrow. >> the reason we are bringing these patients back to our facilities is because we feel they deserve to have the highest
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level of care offered for their treatment. >> the rising death toll in africa from ebola is causing some americans to fear if it happened here. the cdc says the risk to the public is net zero because of the extreme protective measures it is taking. >> i can understand why people are scared of ebola. it is deadly. it is a gruesome death. it is a terrible, mersless virus. i am confident our fears are not going to overwhelm our compassion. >> unfortunately this is the same cdc that is being investigated for miss handling flax and bird flu. >> the plain fact is we can stop it from spreading in hospitals and we can stop it in africa where it is really the source of the epidemic. >> passengers from sierra leone which is in the grip of ebola.
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one died at the airport. they try to insist her death is not because of ebola. thank you, kelly. let's keep talking ebola. do you agree with bringing infected americans to the u.s. comment at #keep talking. >> while you were sleeping a ferry boat full of people capsized. of the 250 passengers were on board when it happened rescue workers racing to the scene so far about 50 people have been pulled from the waters. ferry accidents are common due to poor safety conditions. in may 50 people died in a similar accident in the same area. >> at least 381 people are dead nearly 1900 more are injured after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit southern unan.
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12,000 houses have been destroyed and roads are caved in making it difficult for rescuers to search for any survivors. it is the strongest hit in the past 14 years. >> israel's nearly monthly gone operation is winding down now. tanks were turning to the loader as israel declares a 7 hour fight. the short window of calm comes after an israeli strike near the u.n. schools leaving 10 people dead that school a designated safe zone. the gaza conflict left 1800 palestinians and 60 israelis dead. now to the crisis at our borders. the white house setting a deadline that could effect up to 5 million illegal immigrants. doug luzader is live in washington. what is the obama administration saying now?
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>> first of all a lot of saber rattling from the white house. but a clear threat the president is willing to act on his own. potentially set up a constitutional standoff. >> congress will still need to act. but because of the fixed immigration system and sup tal meetings to deal with the specific crisis on the border congress has no choice but to act. >> it will be at the end of the summer. >> there are reports the president will legalize 5 million or so immigrants already in the country illegally. republicans and legal scholars think he is violating the separation of powers in the process. they are already ready to sue for over stepping the bounds of the office. >> i want to encourage the president please don't put america into a constitutional crisis. there's too much at steak in this country for you to take over the constitution and write
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it out well. a republican led congress passed an immigration measure late last week. no action from the democratically controlled senate. congress is now on vacation. >> doug luzader live for us. thank you, doug. >> time for "look whose talking." he's from massachusetts on justice with judge jeanine. he says he's concerned about the criminals crossing the border offering these disturbing details. >> they interviewed several kids at the border who were teenagers, young teenagers. one of the teenagers admitted he committed his first murder when he was 8 years old. he's already in our country. we know a lot of ms 13's, young teenagers a part of these gangs are coming in. we know they are being sent out into other communities through out the country. we are faced with the very, very difficult threat of courses not knowing judge who are the individuals who is their history
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in the countries they came from it. that's a huge threat to people in our country. ripping democrats for what he calls a witch hunt. the report called it torture and effective. the process has helped spoil terror plots. >> there's a theory on the part of the senate sem kratz, they are the only ones who carried out this investigation. no significant information was obtained as a result of the use of some of those interrogation techniques. that is absolutely wrong. he information gleaned from these interrogations were used to interrupt. >> a spat between the senate and intel community over shadowed the report after it was revealed
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the cia spied on staffers who were compiling the report. we definitely need to talk about the weather forecast for you on this monday morning. >> talking about bertha. i understand we have a new advisory. >> good morning. hello everybody. we are looking at bertha a little stronger. the hurricane center has the brand new update at the top of the hour. it has maximum sustained winds at 70 miles per hour. it could become a hurricane by late today or also in tomorrow. we have winds out of the west that is helping push some of the thunderstorm activity to the east of where the eye is located or the center of circulation. that is what's going on with bertha. the current forecast track is keeping it away from the east coast of the united states. you could be lacking at issues along coastal areas possibly rip current out there. great news as far as forecast over open water.
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potentially a category 1 hurricane by late tonight and into tomorrow. temperature wise across the country last week you saw temperatures below average. places like new york city and raleigh, north carolina. expect the temperatures to climb over the next several days. meanwhile portions of new mexico into the 80's upper 80's for the high temperature in the city of denver. parts of the carolina expecting more areas of heavy rain. that will be continuing. there will be concern or flading out there and flooding further ques west. we have been seeing mud slides happening across parts of california. we will keep you updated. heather and ainsley back to you. >> a person now dead from an apparent overdose at a maryland concert. a 17-year-old boy from northern virginia died at the hospital two-days after his death from an
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overdose at the music festival. 19 others have been hospitalized because of the drug they had related symptoms. all this days after dozens of keith urban fans were treated at a concert near boston for alcohol related illnesses. >> actor glover beaten and stabbed in a dc club after a fight breaks out. glover who started the hit hbo drama "the wire" says two men started beating him before one pulled a knife and stabbed him in the side. he is hospitalized. his representative says he is in trabl condition and expected to make a full recovery. >> not once, not twice dale ernhardt, jr. doing it right now. >> he is going into a third win of the season. >> junior taking home the checkered from aing at pocono international raceway. his third win of the season at that track.
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he hold the number one seed in that chase for the sprint cup championship. celebrating by grabbing a broom and holding it over his head. pga golfer sergio garcia hits a golf ball into a crowd knocking the diamond out of his ring. garcia officials and fans were searching for the stone p. it was eventually found and it was returned to the woman. >> wow. >> now he doesn't have to buy her a new ring. >> that's a great story. it is 11 after the hour. new hope for a u.s. marine what is expected today? >> have you started the back-to-school shopping? why today might be the best time to start. >> brand new research about video games and kids. they actually might not be as bad as you think. ♪
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not even a smile? huh... maybe someone should tell your face. ohhh that is your face. (angry cat purr) ah! part of a good breakfast... for almost everyone! extreme weather in california. >> a pier of wildfires in nourt earn california tearing their way through houses prompting massive evacuations and a state of emergency. both fires starting within one day of another' and burning 90
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square miles. fire crews are scrambling to get all of the flames under control. >> a florida marine held is coming together in their home town to pray for his safe return. here is reporter kimberly williams. >> they came together to pray pore tahmooressi's safe return home. >> it is the first time they had been really excited about his situation meaning he has hope. he can see life at the end of the tunnel. >> they arrested him three months ago they say he
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accidentally drove across the border with weapons in his truck. they held a prayer service on sunday. he is due back in court in mexico monday for his second hearing. >> when i spoke to him over the phone his lawyer is going to present additional evidence. the paperwork that was submitted was submitted not on the proper date of his incarceration. until then many signed petitions raising money hoping for his avenue return. >> i think he can see his relief lease is on the way. even if it is not monday. we are praying it is monday. >> it is already time for back-to-school shopping. can it be? lauren simonetti is here with that and why today is a good day
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to start. >> hi heather. good monday morning. you can score big back to school deals at today. you can save half to have of backpacks and go pro dam rcamer. they saw their sales after the christmas tol days. back too school will be all month but tweeting them on-line only today. bank of america looks through quarter million complaints made by the financial protection bureau. double the number of folks complaining about chase and citibank as you see here. this is something to tr when you choose your bank you want to do business with. city had the highest complaint ratio. folks most peeved about billing there and id praud.
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ex peer yaw is the most complained about credit bureau. $94 million to put that in perspective to you that's the third biggest opening this year. marvel has had four films at 90 million. lucy came in a distant second place with 18 million and get on up took third place. show you the stock futures coming up finally. this after the broughter markets worst week in two weeks last week. ladies back to you. >> lauren simonetti live for us. thanks, lauren. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. gutting our military brand new bing slips being sent to troops in war zones. image seeing this roming around your neighborhood. where the mysterious animal is on the prowl.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". new development in the search for a missing oregon mom. brand new footage from a ferry boat that may show jennifer houston and her car heading to san juan island also in the washington coast. investigators and houston's family are anxiously awaiting word from the ferry company. they reportedly planned the trip to the islands for the summer. they are wondering if she decided to go alone. coming up at 8:15 on "fox & friends" jennifer's husband and father will talk about the latest in the search. stay tuned for that.
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a washington man lucky to be alive after his boat fuburst in flames. the coast guard releasing this dramatic helicopter rescue video. it took rescuers an hour to find him due to heavy fog. the man found severally hypothermic. a hand-held radio likely saved his life. >> a mysterious cat like creature on the lose in california. the city warning the residents to look out for a mountain lion. they determined it is not a mountain lion. they have no idea what it is. pretty scary. a run away reptile spotted wandering very slowly around the streets of the los angeles suburbs. it took officers officers to
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pick up the 150 pound tortoise. their pet somehow escaped their house while they were at a baseball game. clark wanted to go to the game. >> it is time for your monday motivator. a new jersey community going above and beyond to help a 9-year-old little boy. >> logan phelps spent most of last week selling lemonade to help raise money for hearing aids that he needs. they cost $6,000. his family covers only a small portion. he set up a lemonade stand and raised nearly $4,000. on the last day of sales a local company had hearing aids for free. >> i am crying. i am tearing up. i just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> without these hearing aids i wouldn't be able to hear anything. and i just like to hear. >> logan's family they are going to donate the money raised to a
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little girl in a nearby town who has a similar situation. >> sweet story. >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. what do we know about the illegals crossing the border. he says they are not just coming from latin america. try pakistan and afghanistan as well. that's not all. >> one long time prosecutor is running with the big dogs. meet the pooch on the ballot. up next.
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>> it's monday august 4th, 2014. we start with a fox news alert. water crisis. half a million people told their water is not safe to drink or
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even touch. brand new tests just in and we have a live report straight ahead. >> another american infected with ebola will soon be back in the united states. as we learn more about the doctor being treated here right now. >> did you know there are some things that you should be buying this month. the deals you can only get in the month of august. we are talking laptops, cars and much more. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good music vene morning. a little country music over times square. >> thank you. it's monday. we are going to have a great
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week together. appreciate you watching. begins with a fox news alert. the water crisis in toledo. the water is still contaminated with an allergy toxin. it is coming from lake erie and feeding off of sewage from treatment plants and fertilizer farms. the water can meake you extremey sick. you and your pets are not allowed to drink it and your kids being warned not to pabath in it. boiling that water only makes it worse. more testing needs to be done the mayor says. >> i am not going to make a decision and turn around 24-hours a 24-hours later and say we are back to where we were. that would be absolutely irresponsible. >> nearly half a million people are relying on bougttle water. the state sending in the national guard with 50,000 gallons. if you have been exposed to the toxic water you need to see a doctor immediately.
2:32 am
to another fox news alert this morning, americans panicked over a possible ebola outbreak in the united states as a second patient is set to arrive in atlanta. kelly wright is live with the deadly virus. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. the outbreak is causing fear amo among americans that it could spread beyond the borders of west african nations even here in the united states. some expressing concern about public safety after kent brant lee one of two american missionaries battling ebola arrived in a special suit in atlanta to undergo treatment. the doctors being cared for at a special unit at emory hospital. >> he appears to be improving. that's encouraging. it is probably the case people who are mal newhealthy are bett those with tenuous health as many patients who are tragically
2:33 am
dying from ebola have. >> because of the ebola crisis two african leaders will not attend a summit of african leaders that president obama is hosting this week. this due to the fact that they are just fearful that they had to take care of the crisis in their own country. the cdc says there is no concern about travelers arriving here from america -- or from africa. >> it is a deadly disease. it is understandable to be scared of it. the bottom line with ebola is we know how to stop it. infection control in hospitals and stopping it at the source in africa which is the single most important thifrng we cng we can just to save lives but protect ourselves as well. >> a second person battling ebola a nurse an american missionary from samaritan's purse is about to arrive under the same precautions as brantly
2:34 am
arrived. should infected americans be brought to the united states? join the conversation on our facebook page right after the show #keep talking. now to the crisis at our borders. the president set the deadline for dealing with immigration. the president's own policy is driving the crisis. doug, what's the white house saying now? >> there's little question the president is going to be tempting the boundaries of presidential power if he acts on his own when it comes to the nation's immigration policy. it is the white house raising the sector of impeachment. >> what i said was it would be foolish that this republican congress at some point in time would consider impeachment. >> the chairman of the house judiciary committee said it wasn't going to happen. >> they said there's no way we will shut the government down over healthcare. lo and behold we did. >> the government blames the
2:35 am
lack of enforcement of the current border crisis. a fuelling belief that central americans can stay in the country if they cross the border. >> according to the president of honduras ambiguities are in our life. that began with a very well intentioned law to prevent human trafficking and address it. it continued in 2012 with the president's deferred action program. the combination of those two things have allowed trafficking groups to go into the communities and tell people america has some special law that will allow them to come here and stay. that's serving as a lure that is driving the crisis. >> the white house says to expect some kind of action from the president on this by the end of the summer. >> doug luzader live for us in dc. >> time now to look at who is talking. this morning it is rick perry with shocking statistics. did illegals come from the borders not just latin american
2:36 am
countries. pressing him on whether or nthe calling up of the national guard is political ahead of a 2016 run for the white house. >> i am the governor of the state of texas my residents safety is number one p. nothing to do with anything other than those numbers of individuals coming across the border. when you think about the idea that some of them are from countries that have substantial terrorist ties whether it is pakistan organ stan or syria, historic record highs with individuals being apprehended for most countries. we say it is time to secure the border and have anything to do with anything other than the american citizens expect washington to respect the constitution and secure the border. one of the things that is enumerated in the constitution is for them to do their duty. >> terrifying moments aboard ago american airlines flight as a
2:37 am
passenger charges the cockpit. 55-year-old mary lint is in custody after becoming violent aboard an american airline headed from dallas to boston. the plane forced to land in nashville after he allegedly rushed the cockpit. it took several officers to try to arrest her. she is being held on 30,000 dollars bail. more pink slips in the war zone p. some currently serving in afghanistan. we are told we have to receive the service by next spring according to a down sizing. only some will be eligible to officially retire. it is cutting 4,000 soldiers with another 60,000 over the next few years. prince charles is fuming over the the release of a new book which details the break from
2:38 am
diana. it is a book called "on duty with the queen." according to sources he became a very close friend of charles. charles is furious over the book which promises a behind the scenes look of a puturbulent ti for the royals. nema is a nine-month old terrier and a write in candidate for a prosecutor in washington. the current prosecutor has always run unopposed for ten terms so the owners decided to throw his dog's collar into the ring saying he is charming and honest, features we like to see in politicians. we will see how she does in tomorrow's primary election. >> lots of flooding over the weekend in parts of our country. more are infeaffected today.
2:39 am
>> we have had a lot of flooding over the weekend across parts of california across much of the west including nevada and arizona. this is in california. out here swept away by flood waters. one person was killed and several people were rescued as well and treated for hypothermia. another area affected by the flooding is cathedral city to the east of la were people were forced to abandon their cars. we had a mud slide that cut off the road to thousands of people out there. the one bit of good news we have extreme to exceptional drought conditions across the state of california. we need the rain not just in california and nevada also the rockies. we are getting too much too fast and now we are seeing issues
2:40 am
with flooding. we have a number of watches in effect. travel is going to be a big issue across california into the rockies. further off to the east the watches are in effect as well out here. places like wilmington expected to see areas like heavy rain. on the warming trend across portions of the east 80's in raleigh in new york city. heather and ainsley temperatures tomorrow could be in the upper 80's. get ready for some more of that summer heat. >> thank you so much maria. the time now is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up caught on camera a daredevil trying to tight walk across a bridge. how did this one end? we will tell you. >> facebook goes down and panic sets in. should the cops be called for that? some people thought so. now the police are sending them a message.
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♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away
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: ♪ >> i like that song to get you moving this morning. one daredevil celebrating his 21st birthday by going on a tight rope walk on a bridge in oregon. benjamin lovett scaling a draw bridge above the wilmette river fearing he would jump. he made it across the wire, snapped a photo and came down before he was arrested. he is charged with tress passing. >> new york times first came out
2:45 am
in favor of legalizing marijuana. now they are raking in the advertising dollars. this ad helped users find different pot dispensaries. >> the times ran this ad shows the perception and reality of the marijuana industry and how it has become as bad as the tobacco industry. cashing in on the growing debate on pot. >> who do you call if facebook is down? not 911. the los angeles county sheriff's department reminding people about the reason calling for help about the social media. users flooding the emergency line with calls. the public administration officer tweeting this, facebook is not a law enforcement issue. please don't call us about being down. we don't know when facebook will be back up. it was back up about an hour later. >> the five things you need to be buying in august.
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cheryl is here to list them all for us. >> i don't have much facebook here but i have the month of august and the month of august is here that means one thing. retarryls across the country back-to-school shopping. second of course to the christmas shopping season with all kinds of promotions and deals coming out this month. experts weighed in at daily finance and came up with the top list of things to buy during the back to school season. believe it or not august is a big month for car purchases. they have the newest models which means you can get a good deal on older inventory which they want to clear out. look at the discounts this year. they are already cutting prices by as much as 30 percent. other items for sale laptops 42 inch televisions both of these items at record low prices in many parts of the country you can get a good size notebook for 400 bucks. 42 inch tv's 299 in some stores. other items popular in august
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include linens not just for dorm rooms for the college kids but newly married couples. june is a good month for weddings. believe it or not because of the timing of season for grapes wineries are beginning to put last year's bottles on sale to make new room for the newest vintages. you are going to see deals at retailers and grocery stores when it comes to wine. this year a lot of great deals for all kinds of stuff. august is the month to shop. >> get organized and plan ahead. >> i will take your credit card. >> breaking overnight new tests for toledo's water show that it is still toxic. you can't drink it you can't touch it. how nearly half a million people are coping. >> window washers are dangling 350 feet in the air at the site of a skyscraper. the incredible images that will
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s>> a fox news alert. brand new information revealing the drinking water is still contaminated with an allergy toxin. it is new satellite images showing how big the allergy is allergy algae is. >> good morning. i am live in cleveland. people are entering the third day without usable water in toledo and surrounding areas. the water is northwest ohio still unsafe to drink, drink, unsafe to boil. they're asking people, they can't even brush their teeth. this is a pretty big deal. look at this video. this advisory remains in effect until 8:00 this morning. this is according to the mayor of toledo. he issued the morning early saturday after tests revealed the presence of a
2:53 am
toxin possibly from algae on lake erie. it turned the color of the water this pea soup color. governor john kasich ordered a state of emergency. the national guard has been brought in with bottled water as well as a water purification system. they have brought in meals for people that have been inconvenienced in all of this. he, again, the governor issued a state of emergency for lucas, wood and fulton counties. the city of cleveland has also sent 400 gallons of water over the affected area as well. >> thank you, melissa. moving on to another story, something that is apparently actually tbood fr your kids, at least in moderation. video games. a mu study shows children
2:54 am
that play video games for less than an hour a day are better adjusted than others. they have higher levels of sociability and are happier with life overall. but studies show that children who play video games for more than half a day are not so well adjusted. running five minutes a day could add years to your life. a study says runners are 45% less likely to die from heart disease or stroik. -- stroke. researchers say you will get the same result running five minutes a day. >> the best part of waking up is not having to get out of bed to pour that coffee in your cup. the coffee alarm cup is being developed. it is not on sale but is expected to cost between $200 and $300.
2:55 am
would you buy it? >> the time is 54 minutes after the hour. coming up a u.s. marine sitting in a mexican prison hours away from facing a judge. what is expected today in the case of sergeant andrew tahmooressi. >> men, the side effects of marriage coming up. ♪ ♪ : by top-rated providers, conveniently stay up-to-date on progress, and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with the angie's list mobile app. visit today. ♪
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here is what's happening. a marine held in a mexican jail is due back in court today. sergeant thames tamtion's lawyer expected -- tahmooressi's lawyer expected to argue to get the case dismissed. a second person battling ebola expected to arrive in atlanta tomorrow as the first patient is said to be improving. do you agree with bringing the infected americans to atlanta for treatment? log on to our facebook page #keeptalking. >> the the good, the bad, and the ugly. chopper the bad to the bone dog celebrating his birthday with spins around the parking lot. next married men are said to be fatter than their single buddies. >> a person scaling a sky
3:00 am
scraper stranded but eventually rescued. >> what a scary job. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. good morning. today is monday, the 4th of august, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. ebola in the united states, one infected peasht -- patient here and another on the way. plus a scare at an airport in the u.k. after a passenger suddenly died after getting off the plane. developing details ahead. >> another story breaking overnight. contaminated water in ohio has half million people on edge this morning. residents are being told don't drink it, don't touch it and you can't boil it. it makes it worse. new tests just in. we'll have a live report from toledo. >> as democrats run away


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