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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 4, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the dow has had a pretty good tame. four straight losing sessions. back to near even for the year. and 26 of the 30 industrials are in the positive. so there's good news. spread it, will you please? >> attention passengerses. you might want to avoid that coughing chap in seat 24d but we're ready to go today. fox on top of whether health experts are being over the top because just in case you think they're handling the panic, news you could be right. they're still letting ebola victims fly here. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto, and one is an american doctor been treated in atlanta for ebola. the other an infected american set to arrive at the same hospital tomorrow. officials here might be okay with that but let's just say fliers are not. at britain's airport passengers
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were petrified after a woman collapsed and died. tests were neglect fifth for ebola but that has not made the flight fright any less. pete center. >> there are 20 quarantine stations throughout the united states at airports and other border crossings to get the most international rhythms. one at dullless airport that cover the d.c. metro area, and miami, dallas, and los angeles, and cdc estimates 85% of all travelers who come to the ute from somewhere else passes through one of these 20 places with a quarantine station set up. they're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, just in case. but right now, the world health organization not recommending any kind of special screening of people leaving the affected nations because that would be expensive, and because symptoms
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aren't specific so it might not do too much good. but the cdc there is in west africa, looking at everyone trying to get on a plane out of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea. to make sure nobody has a fever, and they're forced to fill out a healthcare questionnaire to help connect the dots. emirates have stopped flying the flights to africa and those flights won't resume. in the u.s., 50,000 out of 350 million travelers who come to the states are from places where the outbreak is really bad. still, though, the cdc now has 25,000 sets of eyes and ears spread out across the country because they're teamed up with customs and border protection officers. they're the ones who review every passport, on the lookout for passengers with symptoms.
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when someone with ebola is spotted in airport, officers are instructed to notify quarintine stations and when someone with ebola is on the plane, ems workers get on board. as for domestic flights the tsa said this morning they don't have plans to change any of their protocols unless the cdc tells them to. neil? >> peter, thank you very much. peter doocy. >> a doctor in night ya came down with the illness after treating american patrick sauer, who died fromebola in july. it's also putting a focus on the americans with the disease being brought back to this country. donald trump tweeting, and i quote, the u.s. cannot allow ebola infected people back. people who go to farway polices to help out are great but must suffer the consequences, one doctor says the donald might
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have been a point. would be safer to treat those doctors elsewhere. probably africa. she joins me by the phone. doctor, what is the threat with them being here? >> i think that the threat with ebola we don't really know for sure how it is transmitted. it is said you have to have intimate contact with the patients but that's being said by people who are wearing space suits at the time and there is some indication that some forms may be transmitted by aerosol, like influenza or smallpox. we hope that people are not infectious until they get really, really sick, but there's a prospect they could be infectious before they come down with symptoms. and since ebola is such a dreadful disease for which there's no real treatment, and that has a fatility rate up to 90%, then people are really need to take very extreme precautions. >> for those who are going to be
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treating those victims who arrive here, what cautions do they have to take? >> i think the cdc is keeping them under very, very tight isolation. the people treating them are probably wearing the equivalent of a space suit. they're certainly protecting their hands, eyes, and may be wearing respirators and keeping them in an area where there won't be other -- other patients aren't going to be kept. probably having a negative pressure room might be a good idea, too. >> the argument for bringing them here is to get to the bottom of the ebola thing here. hospitals are better, doctors such as yourself are just better at what they do. so, that is one argument for bringing them here, so they can study it here. but what is to prevent me from fearing that the genie is out of the petri dish here and it could get bad fast.
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>> there might be people here we don't know about which are of greater concern than the one wes know about, and the recent scandal at the cdc if difficulty containing pathogens. these diseases are just a big threat, and so we really need to be very concerned, and more concerned about the ones that are not under the cdc's careful eye, like maybe the many thousands coming in without those questionnaires and without the screening at the airport. >> so what you're saying, doctor, some might come to this country exhibiting none of the symptoms but once they arrive here could start except the symptoms, and then anyone's guess what happens. but should there be a rule of thumb about how we as americans go about our day-to-day lives, or what? what do you do? >> that a very good question. i think that our physicians certainly need to be alert to the possibility. unfortunately, the symptoms early on in ebola are much like
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influenza or a whole raft of other things. so it's important to be aware of a person's travel hoyt and people who have been traveling or family now they have been traveling need to be on high alert. >> from what you said at the outset here, you're saying they're not entirely convinced this can't also be communicated airborne. what had been a safe bet by doctors that said that couldn't happen, you're saying there are indications, at here's e leaster we're getting lately, it could. >> i read about experiments where they had animals like pigs monkeys in separate cages and the only way of contact between them was the air, and some of them have become infected. but viruses can mutate. that one of the most difficult features that we have to deal with. so what may be true today may not be true tomorrow. >> any indications you have, doctors -- you have been very
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patient with my questions -- whether this is mutating or could? >> i don't know that we have any clear evidence of it at this moment. but we do know that it has happened in the past. it may be affecting different species. the course of the disease may be different. maybe more lethal than it used to be. certainly this outbreak in africa its being more difficult to control than previous outbreaks. >> doctor, thank you for taking the time, dr. jane orient youing us on what could be an escalating situation. no way to know. if the bad-mouthing between the white house and israel going viral? from benjamin netanyahu saying, don't ever second-guess me again to an administration questioning tel aviv's every move again and again. what is at stake when we're constantly sticking it to each other. after this. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring pl and even piano tuners were just as simple?
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>> to the middle east where a temporary cease fire is over, the fighting is back on. rick leventhal in the middle of it all in the gaza. >> it's been a relatively quiet night except for the drones overhead but there have been 50 plus rockets fired from gaza into israel, and the iron dome system took three of them out. also attacks by israel into gaza this morning and this evening, and a bizarre attack in jerusalem that happened earlier today. a palestinian man with a lengthy criminal record stole an excavator and used it to knock over a bus. there were no passengers on board. the bus driver was hurt and a pedestrian was killed before police shot and killed the attacker. back near gaza we have seen for ourselves some of the devastating affects of this now 28-day-old war. >> at least 22,000 residents of
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gaza have been displaced and are now living in u.n. schools converted to refugee camps like this one. at least 2,000 people living here. women and children sleep in the classrooms and the men sleep outside. israeli army has encouraged many of those folks to go home but they say they don't think it's safe so they'll stay here as long as they can. the man who owned and lived in this building says he was home and got a call from the israeli army. they said, how long will it take you to get out? he said ten minutes. they said you got five. he said, five minutes later this first rocket hit. two minutes later another rocket and then another. leveling this three-store apartment building and the factory. he says it 'twas a diaper factory. when i asked why would the israeli army blow up your business and home? he says, other i don't know. i'm not hamas, i'm just a businessman. remarkly, right across the street from the man's home there's a gas station untouched and still open for business.
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>> the idea -- no idea what prompted the attack but the conflict is not over yet. >> be safe, my friend. an israeli air strike killing at least ten people in gaza, the latest attack coming outside a u.n.-run school, prompting harsh language from the u.s. state department: the united states is appalled by today's disgraceful shelling. to democratic assemblyman bill hiken who say he is appalled by state department putting out a statement like that. >> i wish in the four weeks, where 3,000 missiles have been shot into israel -- i wish the state department-the-obama administration, had used the same kind of language once to talk about the fact that israeli civilians are being targeted. appalled, disgraceful. that's language that has not been used by the obama administration to talk about hamas using children, using
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women, using the population of gaza, as human shields. that language, appalled, disgraceful, has not been used by the obama administration with regard -- >> what changed? what has changed? benjamin netanyahu said never second-guess me again. obviously whatever they were doing hip the scenes and talking about, not in public, they're airing the dirty laundry and the strong words in public, which lends me to believe in private it's even worst. what happened? >> i don't know what happened. look, many people said for a long time that obama is not exactly a friend of the people of israel. he doesn't have the feeling, doesn't really understand. and i think that's being proven right now. the fact is that all of us feel terrible about civilians in gaza being killed. but who is to blame for it? who are we pointing the fixer at? at the people of israel who are defending. thes? >> do you think they're
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overdefending. you think their response is out of proportion? >> not at all. today, today. one hundred -- not 50 but 100 missiles have been sent towards israel. neil, we jews are not going to apologize for the fact that not more jews have been murdered in israel. we're not going apologize for that when terrorists say, how many jews have died in israel? we're not going to -- >> are you saying they that pressure. >> already -- >> you're saying the president has a double standard. >> no question -- in fact over the years in fighting the tally back -- taliban and al qaeda, american jets have killed many, many civilians in pakistan, afghanistan, and iraq. in fact maybe thousands of civilians, men, women and children, have died at a result of attacks against the terrorists. the president himself, when he was asked this year in an interview in ""new yorker magazine"" with regard to
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civilian casualties, america defending itself, said the following. he wrestles with civilian casualties about the president said that it was, and i quote, his solemn duty and responsibility to keep the american people safe. that is my most important obligation as president and commander in chief. it's good for america but not for the people of israel? not for prime minister netanyahu, to defend the people of israel? the people of israel want peace. that's all. the want the missiles heading towardsle 80% of israel strapped. there has to be one -- >> what does is mean when the prime minister said, don't second-guess me again. what was he saying? >> i think there's frustration at america, that the president of the united states -- . >> do you income aid has been threatened.
1:18 pm
>> that's the message happen. to say this as an american, what i'm going to say. i wish we could learn from prime minister harper of canada what means to be a friend and fight terrorism. this organization, hamas, uses men, women and children, stop blaming the people of israel, stop blaming the prime minister of israel. the terrorists in gaza they're thrilled. they are rejoicing, neil. they are rejoicing because they put civilians as human shields. america condemns israel, and they are thrilled. they are happy. i asked the president of the united states, stop this. support our ally in the middle east. nobody wants civilians to die, but put the blame -- when you would this language, appalled, disgraceful. we haven't used it against hamas weapon use it against israel defending itself? something is terribly wrong here
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>> thank you very much. think that netanyahu was tough on his white house critics? you should see what actor john voigt fires on hollywood critics tonight at 8:00 on fox business, how penelope cruz found that out the hard way. >> you think governors are the last to know when the illegals show up in their state? a governor said, no more, they ain't coming to her state. >> let's not do this stuff. >> this is america. uh-huh. (vo) there's good more... honey, look at all these smart rewards points verizon just gave me. ooh, you got a buddy. i'm like a statue. i just signed up and, boom, all these points. ...and there's not-so-good more. you're a big guy... ...oh no. get the good more with verizon smart rewards and rack up points to use towards the things you really want. get the lg g3 for $199.99.
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back to this ebola crisis here. a hospital spokesman just confirmed a patient is undergoing blood test for the ebola virus but stresses no diagnosis has been made, quoting here, in the early morning hours of monday, august 4th, male
1:23 pm
patient with high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms presented at the mt. sinai hospital's emergency department. the patient has recently traveled to west africa, country where ebola has been reported. they're still investigating, still following up on those symptoms. not claiming that this gentleman has the ebola virus but isn'ting studied for such. we'll keep you posted. you're not imagining it. those illegals rounded up at the border really are just showing up some states. governors seem to be the last to know. an oklahoma republican, mary fallon, says that has to stop because now she has to feed, clothe, and school a thousand of these kids. what has the white house told you, governor? >> i've been asking a lot of questions because we have been held in the dark. basically we were told we were going to have around 1200 minor unaccompanied children in
1:24 pm
october -- in oklahoma. they won't tell us the exact numbers or what countries they're from. we know there have been children from other countries other than the three central american countries. we know that there have been around 212 that have been released within oklahoma to either people here legally or illegally, into our state. we have been asked -- we asked the federal government and president obama to close the fort sill facility because we need to get back to itself purpose, which is to train our military, and just a little while ago we received word that the facility will be closing this friday, which we're very pleased and thankful for, but we also know that just last week, they extended lease on fort sill to keep it open until january 31st. so we're receiving mixed signals from the administration. so basically, we just want president obama to secure the border, send a signal to central america that we're not going to be just having an opened border
1:25 pm
policy to might -- migrant children, that parents that want to send their children to the united states to be care for. >> i take that these illegals are being housed at this fort sill facility, and if it is pushed back to john of next year, that means you're obligated to enroll the school-aged children for classes in about a month. right? >> well, the facility is supposed to be closed this friday but there have been so far, as of two weeks ago, 212 released to someone in the state of oklahoma, which means those children will be starting school in our state -- >> where would the other 1600 go if this facility closes? they're not just going to leave you state. where do they go? >> we don't know. we don't know what state they've gone to and when the turn 18 they're just released into the community. >> no one is tracking them? >> they won't tell us.
1:26 pm
they said it's matter of privacy. and that we're not allowed to know that. so that's part of the secrecy. we want to know what the plan -- what is the end game, answer our questions, why so much secrecy. we feel as citizens, as the governor of oklahoma, we have the right to know, and i'm getting asked questions by people in oklahoma. >> how can they justify not telling you? you're legally on the hook to get them enrolled in schools. you don't know how many there are, how many will still stick around if this facility closes, where they go off to, who is tracking them, presumably someone from atlanta but we don't know. this is a mess. >> it is a mess. and that's why i'm asking all these questions, why i'm putting on so much pressure. i started a petition online and we had an overwhelming amount of oklahomans signing the pit television that say close the facility give us information, secure the border, let got back to training our military, especially at a time when we have so much crisis going on
1:27 pm
around the world. we need to train our soldier as fort sill. >> governor, thank you very much. i hope you get some answer and governor fallin in oklahoma. to ed henry at the white house, trying to calm storm before the president hits the beach in mar that's vineyard this weekend. >> immigration reform still heats up, president in recent weeks has been pushing back on the lawsuit by speaker job boehner over executive power and says he has not overstepped the power. today white house aides indicated that because of boehner's failure to act on immigration reform is likely to move forward at the end of the summer on some unlateral action on immigration reform. that's infuriating republicans who say that last november the president publicly said he didn't believe he had the executive pour to move forward on immigration, that only congress had that power. i pressed josh earns today on what changed. he said it was because since
1:28 pm
last november republicans have not acted on immigration reform, although i pressed him on the fact that the congress, when the house democrats ran it in 2009 and 2010, didn't act on immigration reform either, and that did not lead to executive orders. listen. >> you recall back in 2009 there were many things on the president's plate. >> as now, israel, gaza, the economy. he has a lot going on now. >> he does but the crisis we face in fine related our financial situation and our economy bleeding jobs, that was at the focus of congressional activity and hack tight here at the white house. >> so the white house press secretary saying they could not get immigration reform when the democrats ran both the house and senate in 2009 and 2010 but a they were dealing with the financial cases. now they say the republicans have not moved forward and bottom line is they're looking at deferring deportation for up
1:29 pm
to five million illegal immigrants which will make the debate over executive power even holter. >> ed henry, thank you very much. house republicans did pass a border bill and they had one democrat join them. remember the guy who called this crisis the president's katrina moment? texas coiningman henry cuellar is back with us today, 8:00'm. >> whooshes christie chit is petty and vindictive. i think the former republican new york governor who says this is not about a bridge. this is about maybe christie burning one. [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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>> the president all but crypto night on the campaign trail, and forget finding you a speaks. eharmony wants to find you a boss.
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forget about bridge-gate. is chris christie in trouble for just slamming the gate? former republican new york governor george pat tacky is -- pat tacky is fewerout for writing off the republican challenge for andrew cuomo. christie doles out dough to a lot of republican candidates but not to new york republican who christie has called a lost caution. that's when pataki lost it. he's down 30% in the poll. >> a steep uphill climb but this is personal to me.
1:34 pm
rob reminds me of me back in 1994, and -- >> did you ever trail bit that many? >> i trailed by a lot, and if you ask people who these guy was, probably 90% would say we never heard of him. i knew i could win and i think rob can win, but what we need is to have republicans certainly come together and at least be supportive, and rob knows how to win in a democratic county. he got massive numbers of democrats to vote for him and was re-elected in a landslide -- >> what's the problem with christie and him? >> i understand saving your resources and saying, we're going to target the states where the races are the closest. what i don't understand in july writing off a race. things can change in three weeks. >> you think he should have shut up, wasn't -- >> rob is a great candidate. we'll wait and see what happens. but certainly i hope he wins. i would hope that all republicans would get behind rob and hope that he wins. and to me, an excellent
1:35 pm
executive, knows how to get democrats and independents to vote for him in large numbers. it's an uphill fight but he is our guy and has the right positions and policies for state. so i hope that the rga would certainly take a look in october and maybe come to the same conclusion, but in july don't write him off. and by the way that comment was made the day were the "times" ran a front-page story of the u.s. attorney investigating possible obstruction of justice over -- >> so that governor cuomo could be -- what do you make of governor christie campaigning for republicans who are 20-points or more down in the polls. is the cutoff at 35 or 40, what? >> i don't think there's a cutoff. what you do is continue to support, particularly if you're the head of the republican governors, you support all candidates, you try to help them in every way possible. you conserve your resources --
1:36 pm
>> well, governor christie seems to make it clear he is that going to talk about it anymore. move on. >> i think that's just unfortunate. i'm going to talk about him because he would be a good governor. >> do you think chris christie would make a good president? >> i supported him last time i'm not talking about anybody been a presidential candidate. >> sounds like you soured on him. >> this is disappoint can that the head-the republican governors i not supporting the republican candidate. >> do you think he is vindictive? >> i'm not going to say that. we have always gotten along game. was happy to be supportive of him and his effortss' we -- >> too you think there's an unspoken understanding between he and governor cuomo, main goes back to bridgegate, maybe just a personal fondness. the president, if i recall, did not campaign for his opponent when he was running for re-election in new jersey.
1:37 pm
maybe there's sort of an understanding. >> i don't know that. >> i belt you do. >> if i knew it, i would tell you. but i do know that we have an excellent candidate. the best candidates the run republicked have had for over other deck -- decade -- >> why ha show many passed up the chance to challenge governor -- >> he has tens of millions of dollars. >> you won three times. >> i think we got the right candidate. i think we have somebody who can -- >> you didn't get any money. >> i had people helping me, and mostly grassroots and we had enough money to get our message out here and i think rob -- >> christie isn't making it easy. >> making it harder and that's unfortunate. >> what do you think of this whole ebola dustup, signs at mt. sinai they might be treating a patient that might be exhibitings of ebay.
1:38 pm
>> i don't think the cdc has the greatest track record advising the american people what is going on. >> the only game we got. >> i think new york state and new york city have had great health teams. i was proud of the team we have. and i have a lot of confidence in them -- >> don't seem to be in new york. >> well, i trust the people in new york. they're great professionals and they -- from my experience, been always straightforward with the people. >> but you don't believe chris christie on this situation. >> he made it plane -- plain he is not going to help the republican candidate. that is his decision. i am. >> why democrats are run away from the president and republicans are running to the guy he beat for president. (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting...
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mitt is it and for runs flocking to him mitt romney is money in the bank. they're flocking to him as
1:42 pm
democrats are avoiding like the political plague the guy who beat him. to knoll is this mitt trying for a three-peat. >> no, i don't think he will run but the g.o.p. right now does not have a good surrogate, does not have a good representative. one of my clients, who is running for governor in arkansas, is ahead and we have mitt romney coming down for an august 20th event in jonesboro and it will be a sellout. that should tell you his star power, and candidates need that ask don't have one right now that can deliver and look what mitt romney is doing. >> the romney campaign to any extent it can, larry, disavows any other broader motive here. do you agree with that? >> i do for the time being. once you have presidentialitis,
1:43 pm
neil, as they always say, there's only one cure for and it it's being six feet under and i don't mean taking an elevator down. he has run a couple of times. he thought he was going to be president the last time. if he gets an opportunity and it's a clear path because the other candidates have destroyed themselves, he wouldn't say no, but i don't expect that to happen. >> but to that point, though, there is a history to a guy getting it on the third time. ronald reagan comes to mind. so there is some press depth. -- precedent. >> oh, yeah, politics is a crazy business. you can't ever tell. and these numbers have to be intoxicating nationally. romney -- when you give him the trial heat, romney is now leading obama. would have beaten obama by a wide margin if the election were held today. the old buyer's -- >> but the trails hillary clinton substantially. >> he does trail hillary clinton, and you know what? i think his star power has risen
1:44 pm
and fallen when it's come to running for president. but one of the interesting things i think would be great, obviously if he is a good surrogate, good representation for the republican party, i think that you might see him get a tap from somebody for a vp candidate. look at rand paul, chris christie, let's just say mike huckabee has been rattling around. >> what are you smoking? >> what? what? smoking? >> that will never happen. >> you don't think that mitt romney might get tapped for a vp position if there is someone -- >> there might be -- he would never take it. >> you don't think he whoa? why not? look how much closer he would be. >> larry, i'm looking at his fundraising prowess, has proven that. and with all the struggles weapon the other republican wanna-bes he could make a case that he saw a lot of the crises that the president and the main
1:45 pm
stream media dissed when he was running for president and come back and say, i warned you. i think he would have a powerful platform. >> i guess the slogan would be issue was right. that could be a plus or minus. i tell you one that that can help him. he is focusing on many of the and makingitive races for campaign appearances, and many of these candidates will probably win, and he will have chits with them if he wants to cash them in at the convention. i don't think it's going to happen. >> chits go way beyond assessing the number two spot. >> thanks, neil. >> you guys are the experts. all right. thanks, guys, very much. porn to be wild or wild for porn when government workers get bored if witness they're doing, take a wild guess what some start watching. that's one way to beat the time. this is another way to pick your next -- use the same web
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no wonder federal workers are aren't getting back to investigators. too many are watching porn. i thought we were over this stuff when some sec employees were caught looking at the stuff. the "the washington times" says this goes deeper. i mean wider. i mean it's more involved than we thought. to kate rogers who has been checking it out, not the porn, the guys looking at it. kate. >> reporter: government employees busted for watching porn say it's not their fault. they were just bored. a lack of work has led to watching x-rated videos on the
1:50 pm
job and on your dime. one even watched for eight hours a day while working at the federal communications. the "the washington times" says fcc declined how to hand tell worker that had the eight an hour habit. it's not just porn because para legals at the u.s. patent trial were also caught on dating sites, online dating sites. these workers were paid for bonuses for years totalling an estimated $4 million paid out for time they weren't actually work. back to you. >> they were on porn sites and shopping at the same time. shopping on porn sites. >> i don't know what the order was. they were doing both. for bored federal employees not looking at porn this next site may be just information.
1:51 pm
online matchmaker e harmony plan to launch a new service to match job-seekers with their ideal boss. using the same process of people looking for love. very good to have you back with us. how does this work? how do you hook people up to the right boss >> well, neil, we've had over 600,000 marriages on e and we have a divorce rate of only 3.86%. we have a basic problem and that is we spent over a billion dollars on advertising. we have only one product. we're pretty good at matching. we think we can take that matching to the employment area and we can help people find the job they will really fit with. we do that on the basis of getting them to the right culture, the culture that fits with them, getting them through the chart to the right boss who can really match up with them,
1:52 pm
and we think over time we'll be as successful with employment as we are with matching for marriage. >> well, i hope you're right. but bosses don't stay around long and i think in this environment a lot of potential employees are beggars that can't be choosey, they will settle on any job even reporting to a boss that's atilla the hun. >> i love having your name neil because we have the same name. i conscience it. it's like warren buffett, i say what's his first name again? it's i had name. the average lengths of a job in the united states is only 4 1/2 years. we think that's really sad because there's such a loss of productivity and such a difficulty for the person in moving from one job to the other. we think that it's not a mystery why that happens.
1:53 pm
no deep matching has been done in the area of employment, and we think we will be able to contribute that. >> what do you do, neil. do you give them a survey and say i don't like bosses always looking over my shoulder what kind of questions do they have to answer? >> well, we start off with the matter of culture. we want every person in the company that we're working with to take a culture test, it's relatively small. we're interested in what they are looking for in their work and what kind of conditions that they want. and then after culture, we begin to look at the personality characteristics of the applicant and the personality characteristics of the to person to whom they would report. that along with the people who will work in the same unit two . they could hook up at work.
1:54 pm
you never know. >> say that one more time, neil. >> a stupid point. they could combine your services, find their perfect date at work at the job you get them. that was my -- neil clark warren, the inspiration behind e harmony. speaking of doctors in a different area they are getting more details on this ebola virus and links to what is going on at new york. some developments here to keep you posted on after this. uh-huh. (vo) there's good more... honey, look at all these smart rewards points verizon just gave me. ooh, you got a buddy. i'm like a statue. i just signed up and, boom, all these points. ...and there's not-so-good more. you're a big guy... ...oh no. get the good more with verizon smart rewards and rack up points to use towards the things you really want. get the lg g3 for $199.99.
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. . . p
1:57 pm
. all right. to new york city where a man is being kept in isolation amid fears he may be infected with ebola. to john roberts in atlanta where another confirmed case of ebola success treated and another on the way. >> good afternoon. little breaking news. mount sinai hospital in upper east side of new york city tells us they are checking a man for
1:58 pm
possible ebola infection. he recently traveled to west africa. showed up this morning with high fever, gastrointestinal symptoms. they are checking to see if he has ebola. they have not made a diagnosis. they want to drive that moinlt. centers for disease controlle told me since this outbreak occurring in west africa they had half-dozen or so of cases of people under investigation. all of them so far have turned out to be negative. fingers crossed this will be the same sort of thing. here in atlanta the news for dr. kent brantly is looking pretty good, very encouraging. his wife amber says his condition sim proving. what's remarkable he might not have lived to make trip here at all if he didn't receive a do was antibody serum. on thursday he was literally on death's door going rapidly downhill. showing sichbs hemorrhaging which is the end stages of ebola
1:59 pm
virus. matt pharmaceutical a privately held company out of san diego sent him an experimental serum. extremely effective in monkeys. within an hour he had a remarkable turn around. was able to shower and make the trip to the united states, walk into the hospital under his own power. >> amazing. you know, i know they are saying, officials are, that this is not transferred by air so then why are these guys wearing hazmat suits. >> well it can't be caught in an airborne way but you can touch somebodies discharge, urine on their pants, bleeding, you want to make sure you have the utmost protection when you're dealing with a patient like that. and that's what they do. >> all right. john roberts thank you very much. we'll keep monitoring this. tonight at 8:00 p.m. whether we're prepared for a worst case
2:00 pm
scenario the way we're doing it. hello i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. a temporary seven hour cease-fire in the middle east is over and now reports israel and palestinian agreed moments ago to a new 72 hour one to take its place. israel has resumed targeted strikes in gaza after allowing humanitarian aid in today. hamas has been firing missiles and sean hannity knows firsthand because he's in israel and heard the iron dome good of this


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