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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 6, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: great to have you new york. >> been incredibly welcoming. bill: tell the folks in boston hi. >> i will. bill: happening now. have a great day. jon: it is 160-game season plus or minus. that pitch will live on for a long time. >> that's for sure. jon: brand new polling out on the mood of america and not good news for washington particularly for president and congress. good morning, i'm jon scott. >> i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee today. president obama's approval rating taking another dive, hitting a new low in the wall street journal/nbc news poll with just 40% approving of the job he is doing. that is not much different from what our own "fox news" polling found, showing that 42% approve of the president's job performance. jon: congress, well it is doing even worse with the wall street journal/nbc news poll.
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14% approve the jobs our representatives are doing. almost same as fox news poll results, which put the congressional approval number at 13%. joining us now, charlie hirt, columnist for "the washington times.." joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager and fox news contributor. all right, joe, you're a man who likes to look at polls, kind of do that for a living. when you look at these numbers, what does it say about the midterms coming up? >> i don't like looking at these polls, jon. they're pretty -- they're bad for the president. they're bad for congress. i mean they're bad for anybody in washington. look, i have been saying all along this year that i think the republicans, this is going to be a good year for them and, you know, whether they will win four u.s. senate seats or 10 u.s. senate seats, the most of the incumbents that are up right now in troubled senate seats are democrats. it is anti-incumbent year. president's approval ratings are low. i just don't know whether it
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will be four or 10. that is what i think everybody is waiting around to see. definitely will be a sea change. it won't change much in the house because those seats are pretty safe, even against these ki of numbers. jon: charlie, there is a poll, one of the polls out from nb c&w sj asked about, you know, why do we have economic problems facing this country? 71% of those responding say because our public officials simply have no ability to solve them. 23% say, these are long-standing problems that predate the administration and congress. 3% are, say it is some o of bot. 3% not sure. but when 71% of the people think economic trouble is here simply because the politicians can't solve it, you're in a bad place, aren't you? >> oh, in a real bad place. obviously you could debate how much of these politicians have, you know, really impact the economy but what it reveals is,
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that people, a, feel like it's a really bad economy and they're not happy with it. and b, they really don't like politics and they don't really like politicians in general and specifically, obviously no one bears more of the brought of that than president obama, for a number of reasons. one is, he is most visible figure. a lot of his policies caused problems. i point to the crisis on the border right now. also, if you look back at his campaigns, president obama ran two but especially one, the 2008 campaign, as it was a brilliantly-non-political campaign. jon: hope and change. >> and, exactly. and today, what we're looking at is a hyper partisan, very, very, very political administration and i think that i think voters are fed up with it and they are furious with it and they want, the throw the bums mentality is pretty strong. but i would caution though, that you know, anybody c get hurt in this environment. it is not just democrats who can
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get hurt. we've seen republicans get taken out. jon: sure. >> and you know, we may not be done with that. jon: eric cantor being one example. joe, you know, talking about the expectations bar, i mean when president obama came into office, the bar was way up here. is that part of what we're seeing reflected in these polls? >> i think that is, you know, he had expectations no one could succeeded achieving. and i think that is definitely a part of it. i think, look, polarizations happen on both sides. you know, this anger is, as charlie points out, is sort of, could out either side right now. it just turns out i think that most of these republican house seats are really safe. i mean those districts were redrawn and on democratic side too frankly in the house. those districts are pretty protected from the numbers. you have some surprises like eric cantor. there will be more in november
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but i think the reality is this is going to boil down tohose 10 senate seats in november that are out there and look, democrats hold majority of those, i mean ones that are in play, are democratic seats and this anti-incumbent fervor should help republicans but i should point out, look, republicans have had this chance two or three of the last cycles and have managed to mess it up going into november. saying something, one of their candidates saying something that hurt their chances and they lose the seat. it could happen again. but right now, you have to look at these anti-incumbent fervor and see, hey, it will help the republicans in november, not the democrats. jon: so, charlie, just about every day, at least when the senate is in session, harry reid, the majority leader gets out in the well of senate and rails on the koch brothers and blames them for everything going wrong in the country. he has done a masterful job masking the fact that republicans have virtually no voice in the senate right now,
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almost no republican amendments to any legislation is getting, are getting through the process. if republicans take over the senate, and you've got a republican house and republican senate, does that help move legislation through and does that lift congress's opinion in people's viewpoint? >> i donon't know how much it wl lift congress's opinion, just because congressional numbers are sort of goofy, everybody hates congress but a lost people like their congressman. it is sort of a, mixed bag trying to read all that stuff. but i do think that what you just described is exactly probably what americans would like right now, which is to have an adversarial government where you have congress, you know, completely in hands of one party and white house in the hand of another. but whether they get anything done i have no idea because this president has been so obstinant about rejecting any sort of input from republicans. he says he wants i. he says he wants their input on health care issues.
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then it is way or the highway. i don't know that it is going, the stalemate is going to break just because of that. but as you say, harry reid has brilliantly, i would say dishonestly, made thease every single day that somehow this is all republicans fault, simply because the house exists, i think his argument must be that the house should not exist. it should just be the senate and white house right now. jon: yeah, it is true, joe, i mean president obama had democratic majorities in both houses his first couple of years and could have done more to get the -- >> filibuster-proof majority. >> he could have gotten, he could have done more the first couple of years, could he not? >> yeah, but look, i think part of the problem here for the republicans, be careful what you wish for. they want majority in the senate and may well get it. but then, then they have got to put their proposals out there. frankly boehner can't hold republican caucus in the house together to agree on anything. maybe it will be a stalemate but
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a stalemate with republicans fighting over whether it is establishment ideas or tea party ideas that get passed. i mean, we've seen them fail on immigration and other issues, to be able to come to agreement. they have got ideas but they can't agree by which way to go. and i think that could be a problem. i mean we're way ahead of ourselves now. they haven't won the senate. like i said, they may only win four seats. jon: true. >> be careful what you wish for. jon: unfortunate truth, charlie, the world is on fire. isis taken over syria and much of iraq. you have russians threatening to gobble up ukraine. you have uneasy peace between gaza and israel, i'm sorry between palestinians and israel and hamas. it is a mess right now. >> and people are just sort of mystified that, that all of this is going on right now and that they're angry. i think more angry about the domestic stuff. but, everything is going wrong around the world right now, it is a perfect, even the,
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horrible, ebola virus in africa. it kind of all builds up into this real nasty, nasty feeling that people have. and they're taking it out on politicians. in particular, president obama. jon: we're going to see what happens, when everybody goes to the polls, in november. joe trippi, charlie hirt, thank you both. >> thanks, jon. >> thanks, jon. jenna: right now new information out on afghanistan where there has been another deadly insider attack. after a gunman, wearing an afghan army uniform opened fire, killing an american two-star general. major general harold greene, becoming the highest-ranking u.s. officer killed in combat overseas since the vietnam war. and today, as the u.s. prepares to fly his body home, we'rere learning more about the shooting, including reports on where the shooter hid right before the assault. as well as the weapon he used.
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doug mckelway live at the pentagon with more. hi, doug. >> reporter: hi, arthel. while the formal investigation continues into this insider attack, little bits of information continue to dribble out from various sources. associated press is reporting from afghan military sources that the gunman has been identified as a three-year vet of the afghan army who went by single name of kulah. he was in his early 20s. he apparently returned from patrol. other soldiers turned in the nato issued, automatic weapons. he diverted to separate building and hid in the bathroom. he fired from a window at that building at major greene's entourage outside, wounding as many as 13, including a german army general and killing of course major general harold greene. one of the real terrible ironies in this, so many other inside attacks as well, is that major general greene's role as deputy commanding general of combined security transition command in afghanistan was devoted simply
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to helping afghans stand on their even feet. -- own feet. >> he wasn't there as infantry kicking in doors. he was there to help advance the afghan national army and afghan national security forces. >> reporter: major greene's falls church, virginia home, neighbors were gathering yesterday afternoon, hugging. an american flag flew out front. demoralizing blow to u.s. efforts to withdraw from afghanistan by the end of this year and to maintain stability. >> the taliban hasn't turned the page. al qaeda, isis are not turning page. they're redoubling efforts. they're identified that we're retreating. that we don't care. we're not invested in the outcome. you have islamists on the march. taliban really controlling the countryside. >> reporter: major general harold greene's body is scheduled to be returned to the united states, returned to dover air force base in delaware tomorrow morning in the vicinity
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of 3:00 a.m. arthel, back to you. >> unfortunate tragedy. doug mckelway, thank you very much. jon: the family of an american aid worker infected with ebola are hopeful she will make a recovery as she continues to be treated at an atlanta hospital. along with the american doctor, who is also infected with ebola while working with a christian missionary group in west africa. meanwhile a team of researchers making a discovery that could prove to be an effective treatment for this deadly virus. jonathan serrie live in atlanta with more on that. jonathan? >> reporter: hi, jon. when the ebola virus infects cells inside of your body it turns off their ability to alert your immune system there is an infection. a team of researchers at auburn university has developed a compound that acts as sort of an on switch, restoring the immune response in animal cells exposed to ebola and other viruses with similar immune blocking properties. now it is too early in development and testing to use on people currently affected with ebola.
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however it may offer hope for future outbreaks. >> in the future, what we learned from how viruses turn off the immune system, it will open up these other 10 or 12 categories viruses that may be leads there. >> reporter: the auburn drug is a relatively small molecule developed in a lab. it differences from zemap, the experimental serum given to the two missionaries before they left the africa. that is made from purified antibodies. >> called monoclonal antibodies. they work in three different ways. one binds top of virus and alerts i am human system to the virus and affected cell can be destroyed. they apply to different part of surface molecule. they newt alize the virus. they block the infection. >> reporter: those two american missionaries, dr. kent brantly and nurse nancy writebol are in
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a special isolation unit at emory university hospital here in atlanta. their conditions are saved to be improving but medical experts say it is too early to know whether z map is playing a role. jon: we wish them well as they try to recover. jonathan serrie in atlanta. thank you. >> her parents say they tucked her safely into bed saturday night. in the morning she was gone. coming up new details on the search for this missing little girl and what investigators are doing to try to find her. plus more than a dozen wildfires raging in the west. we're very go have live update on effort to contain the situation there. and our live chat is up and running and we want to know what you think. do you believe america's economy and their problems here, that we're having here are caused by politicians inability to act? go ahead and log on to and click the america's asking button to weigh in. @"
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jon: right now, new info on some crime stories we're following.
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the fbi joins the search for a missing 6-year-old girl in washington state. her parents say jenese wright went to bed saturday night. by morning she had vanished. they are combing through the trailer in the family's mobile home community. police are investigating a deadly shooting in a walmart in ohio. two people were killed. a 37-year-old woman and 22-year-old man. we're told the man was shot and women may have suffered a heart attack. police are trying to determine exactly what happened. a philadelphia mother found dead in a park near her home. her husband says 46-year-old connie murray went out for a jog monday night and he never saw her again. police are treating it as a homicide. arthel: raging wildfires, gripping five western states. crews in california struggling to contain more than a dozen fires there. and mother nature is barely cooperating. will carr is following all of this live from our los angeles bureau. hi, will.
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>> reporter: hi, arthel. well severe drought conditions are fueling many of these fires across the area. there are 30 large fires in western states right now. 13 are burning in california. the most dangerous is the iler fire which is threatening 700 homes. it has burned more than 30,000-acres and is 35% contained. evacuation orders have just been listed for the bald fire in northern california. in oregon, firefighters using cooler temperatures and scatter showers to hold the line against the beaver complex fire which threatened homes throughout the week. >> we were battling 75 mile-an-hour wind and, probably 120, 125-degree heat blowing off the fields at us. we watched 100-foot fire tornadoes across the field as trees were coming at the house. >> reporter: several of these fires have been started by lightning. the irony here, that a large part of california and throughout the western united
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states is in severe drought and really need rain right now. so many areas finally got thunderstorms in the past couple of days but many of those storms started the fires that we're seeing rage today. the good part with those storms is the humidity goes up, there is extra moisture in the air. that does a lot to help firefighters on front line. what is not helping? congress decided to go on its five-week summer break without deciding to provide additional $615 million for firefighters throughout the rest of the year. now the secretary of agriculture has a couple of options he can use to free up some more money, arthel. as of right now the money in the bank that would go directly to federal firefighting operations will run out at the end of the month. arthel. arthel: just can't get a break. will carr, thank you so much. jon: a plane forced to make an emergency landing. firefighters on board that aircraft. the plane took off from the u.s. before being diverted to canada. tell you more about what happened there. also, amid a temporary cease-fire between israel and
8:21 am
hamas, is there a double-standard when it comes to outrage over civilian deaths? one mideast expert says there is. he will tell us why he thinks so next. reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in.
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8:25 am
killed more than900 people. israel had been facing international criticism for its civilian casualties but nynex guest says this outrage has a double-standard. in a "wall street journal" op-ed he writes, quotete, people often point out how peculiar it is that the jewish state seems to arouse a level of condemnation that never seems to apply equally elsewhere. perhaps real racism is muslim suffererring around the world when the person dropping the bomb or pulling the trigger is another muslim. joining us author, bret stephens. foreign affairs columnist for "wall street journal." bret, good to see you. >> good to be here. arthel: while the focus is on the israeli-palestinian conflict there continues to be deadly fighting in syria, pakistan, libya, nigeria. but as you noted in your "wall street journal" column this week, the reaction to these wars by, say the u.n., the u.s., france, germany, italy, is
8:26 am
lukewarm. what is your take on that? >> i mean just take the case of pakistan. i'm sure manyiewers have no idea that the pakistani army has launched a major offensive in the last 60 weeks or so in north waziristan. they have displaced more than a half a million people which is more than the number of displaced people in gaza. 1500 civilians are believed to be dead. pakistani army calls it antiterrorist operation. they found terrorist tunnels. sound familiar, right? found munitions factories used by terrorists. yet the world effectively not only slugs its shoulders but doesn't even know about this. similar things happening in terms of boko haram. arthel: tell m me why you beliee this is the case, bret. >> quite frankly because it happens to be the jewish state on one side of the conflict and seems to be incrediblep sometimes for anti-semetic reasons to condemn military
8:27 am
operations while the world is completely indifferent to muslims in some other countries. arthel: referring to killing of other muslims by muslims you're saying. >> last week, 2,000 persons, they were killed by government of bashar al-assad. you hear next to nothing about that. it is happening around the world, in a sense those muslims victimized by other muslims are suffering because the world only seems to be interested in palestinian suffering at the hand of allegedly israel. they're not even interested in palestinian suffering at the hand of hamas which is real victimizer in this conflict. arthel: if i may jump in, not at all to seem insensitive, those other references you point out, is it because the wars, the fighting continues and continues and ongoing and perhaps there is not that much attention being paid to those situations if. >> obviously there are many
8:28 am
reasons. the war in syria is a long-standing war but when you take the operation in pakistan, that just began on the 15th ever june. as i said the amount of human suffering there is immense. you see virtually no international attention. much less condemnation. so you have to ask yourself, why is it that israel here in his operations receive such incredible level of scrutiny? what does it mean -- there is limited stock of attention in the world. why is the operation in gaza getting such an overwhelming preponderance of it? i think readers and viewers should ask that question. arthel: what is your answer specifically and shortly. i want to be more specific about at that israeli-palestinian conflict? >> my answer the world often looks for opportunities to condemn the jewish state, to condemn israel in a way it doesn't look anywhere else in the world. people talk about, you know, holding -- arthel: why, why the obsession if you will to condemn the jewish state? >> well i think a lot of it, as i said earlier can be explained by anti-semitism.
8:29 am
sometimes people say, well, israel needs to be held to a higher standard than other countries. i think israelis hold themselves to incredibly high standard. they agree to multiple cease-fires which hamas didn't honor. israel, you should at least judge israel by standards of other democracies by which it is performing very well. arthel: so, in a nutshell, what is the takeaway that i'm getting from you? >> the takeaway you're getting from me that the attention that is leveled at israel both deprives other muslim victims of their fair share of attention and also unfairly singles out the jewish state in a bay that doesn't apply to any other country and certainly no other democracy. arthel: so, unfair attacking, if you will, on israel and the way they proceed with their operations and whatever defensive -- >> there is a level of wilting or unwilting anti-semitism if you want to get nutshell of my view. arthel: okay. i have to go, love to keep talking to you. more questions swirling in my
8:30 am
head but i have to roll. bret stephens, thanks so much for your perspective thi morning. >> thanks, arthel. arthel: jon? jon: the point he makes about the pakistani army, very interesting. a rising star in the democratic party sits down for an exclusive interview with the fox business network. coming up what senator elizabeth warren says being thrust into the national spotlight. and all the rumors about 2016. a sad update in the search for a mission mother of two in oregon. what happened here? a live report coming up. covergirl and olay invented facelift effect firming makeup. luxurious coverage plus the firming power of a night cream to plump skin with moisture. new facelift effect makeup from olay and easy, breezy, beautiful, covergirl. two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew!
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at we put the law on yourur side. jon: still to come, the search for missing oregon mother comes for a tragic end. where police found the body and why they are not suspecting foul play. they can be the biggest theft of internet data ever. russian hackers stole a billion usernames and passwords. are you at risk? and how it woman managed to get through security and board a flight without a ticket. >> just in, elizabeth warren a rising star in the democratic party just sat down forinterviee fox business network. she sounds the alarm over ticking financial timebombs and lays out some solutions, did they include a run for the white house? adam shapiro has the details.
8:35 am
reporter: writes now she says she can do more in the senate and the oval office. when it comes to savings, half of all americans have less than $10,000 set aside. the national institute on retirement says 45% of working age households have no retirement savings at all. >> absolutely and national retirement crisis with three things happening simultaneously. the first thing is people hitting retirement age and worse financial shape than they did a generation ago, that is as they hit retirement years they have more debt, less savings, their homes are worth less, they are under more financial constraint. reporter: she is proposing, no space taxes on americans who earneearn more than $1 million. helping to expand social
8:36 am
security she also backs proposed legislation to create mandatory 401(k) type retirement plans for all working americans who would have to opt out of that retirement savings plan. you can see the entire interview on page. >> thank you so much. >> there is every indication we have recovered the body of jennifer houston. we do not suspect foul play at this time and there's nothing to suggest the public should be alarmed because this is a pending death investigation, we are not t releasing the apparent cause of death. the oregon state crime lab along with police detectives are processing the scene. our purpose is not delete any unanswered questions for our investigation, for the family or for the public. >> that was police chief confirming the news last night that investigators found what
8:37 am
they believed to be the body of jennifer houston. reported missing two weeks ago. dan springer in oregon with mo more. reporter: they believe they know how houston died, but they will not say until after the autopsy is finished perhaps as early as today, but every indication points to a suicide as you heard yesterday, foul play is not expected and the public is not in any danger. it was spotted by property owner at 10:30 roughly 25 miles from her done the oregon home. they found the body 50 yards away. the car had not been in an accident. she was wearing the same close from two weeks ago when she told her husband she had to run some errands. when she didn't come back the disappearance made local and national news. the property owner's wife knew
8:38 am
it was her. >> right away. i said was it dark green? he said yes, i said that is it. reporter: it looked as though the car had been there the whole time. to get there, they had to remove a rope gate from the secondary driveway. the area is remote with a lot of trees hidden from ground and aerial searches conducted over the week. a facebook page had a message thanking those who had helped houston's has been said she seemed stressed but had no history of depression or mental illness. jennifer houston leaves behind not only her husband but those two boys ages two and six. jon: a very sad ending to that story. thanks. jenna: new information and a first, a woman in ends
8:39 am
basketball. talking about wnba star who has just been tapped to be the next assistant coach for the san antonio spurs, the first woman to hold such a position and get paid for it in nba history. fox news contributor, jim, good to see you. >> good to see y. artha: i'm sure she is good with her approach with the players, she knows how to interact with them, would you say that is why becky was tapped to be the trailblazer? >> she has had a tremendous career, she has been in the wnba for 16 years, she got hurt last year and had been in san antonio watching the men's practice. she was able to observe, then let her in, gregg popovich probably the best coach in the nba acknowledged widely as one
8:40 am
of the greatest coaches ever gave him some of her thoughts and ideas, now it has become this. becky hammond has paid her dues as a player, and all-star on several occasions, all-pro several times in one of the assist leaders. she is a great iq. i don't think the gender came into account. because she is female, she is a trailblazer and will make history here. artha: every coach, female or male, has his or her style. what style will becky bring to this team? >> i think that is going to be determined, but obviously having played the game and having a brilliant basketball mind, she is going to be able to offer something that these others have had that don't. otherwise he would not do it. they just won the championship, he knows what he is doing, they have a tremendous diversity on
8:41 am
that roster. this is another step in the progression in the line of trying to win. he thinks becky hammond will help them win. that is why she was hired. artha: thank you for spending by with a new information. >> take care. his jon: some new threats to tell you about for the security of your personal information online. what could be the biggest data breach in world history. a number of websites that could be affected is staggering. plus, she became a cult superstar after her role in the original texas chainsaw massac massacre. now so unfortunate news to report for fans.
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8:44 am
jon: we are 15 minutes away from the top of the hour. and "outnumbered." >> as we monitor the progress of the two americans known to have ebola, we are waiting on test results for somebody being
8:45 am
treated here in new york for possible symptoms. >> and the killing of the highest-ranked u.s. military officer to die in the line of duty in decades. the concern his death brings. >> the nba getting the first full-time assistant female coach, how soon we may see her remove assistant from her title. and how the guys are taking all of this. jon: see you then. artha: and actress known for her role in a popular horror flick has died. tmz reporting marilyn burns was found dead at her home in texas. burns was the heroine of the original "texas chainsaw massacre" movie in 1974 turning her into a cult superstar. burns also had cameos minutes 94
8:46 am
and 2013 remake, and no autopsys being performed. burns was 65 years old. >jon: we're learning more about be the biggest internet theft ever. the security firm indicates russian hackers stole 1.2 billion usernames and passwords combinations. they were able to exploit weaknesses in more than 420,000 websites to get that informati information. live from london with more. reporter: according to one expert i just spoke with about this saying the scale is unprecedented. but he throw another number at you, included in this digital heist, over 500 million unique e-mail addresses pulled off by small group of hackers in russia that the government has nothing to do with it and i don't usually go after hackers to strenuously. the hacked into any website they could crack from big fortune 500 companies, mom-and-pop stores.
8:47 am
they have not used it for their own gain or sold on the record yet, instead utilizing it to spam focus on various social webpages. unveiled by security firm in milwaukee which said it is in touch with some of the companies involved to decide to go public before they bring the information to the authorities. the fear in all of this as we are involved in a cyber war that will be very hard to win. last october they hacker in vietnam able to get their hand on 200 million personal records from an american brokerage firm. in december 40000000 credit card numbers and other details stolen from target, accounts thereby hackers in eastern europe. all of this wa with a huge secuy industry. even the milwaukee firm says it will provide help in finding out
8:48 am
about your own password at a price. they have gotten bigger and more frequent and more costly and in the words of another expert, the ability to defend against this has been outpaced by the ability of the criminal to get into the internet. back to you, jon. jon: thank you. artha: woman arrested at the airport after getting past security and even boarded a flight all without a ticket. plus, provocative military moves at ukraine border, russia doubling the troops. is vladimir putin getting ready to invade eastern ukraine, and what would the u.s. do it that happens? we will go in depth.
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artha: you can call her a serial stowaway. arrested four times before trying to board a flight to san francisco airport. this time she made it past security at san jose airport onto a flight to los angeles all without a ticket. the report says public safety was never compromised, passengers are still concerned. >> one single person able to do something like that raises the hackles in the back of your neck a little bit. >> that is concerning because that means anyone can get on a plane and do whatever they want to do. artha: authorities are still trying to get to the bottom of this. she was taken into custody and arrested for trespassing. jon: some new developments in the crisis in ukraine with word russia is flexing the military muscle at the ukrainian border. doubling the forces. now totaling 21,000 troops in a battle-ready force.
8:53 am
"the new york times" writing the moves show there is bind the standoff in ukraine returning to the tools they know best. president obama and european leaders the tool is calibrated economic sanctions but for mr. putin the tool for raw power and increasinglgly willingness o use it, all this raising concerns at the pentagon. >> these are highly capable, highly related forces. and they are relatively close to the border. closer than we saw before in the spring. i would not begin to speak for their exact readiness posture, but we believe they continue to be very capable and very ready. jon: joining us now. this is really couple and stuff, thousand troops on the ukrainian border, what is vladimir putin doing?
8:54 am
>> the one thing we do know is nato has confirmed that 20,000. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. yesterday said russia is escalating this conflict, so we have to go independent bodies, united nations through the u.s. and nato confirming this is happening, russia is on the offense. this is all happening seven days after sanctions were implement implemented. i go back to the president saying when he lamented sanctions, at least don't work we will do more. clearly in the seven days since the sanctions have been implemented, russia has done more, we need to do more, we need to pull out all the tools for the diplomacy and use some of them ratcheting up the sanctions. jon: he seemed to us trying to stir things up without leaving his fingerprints. when pro-russians shot down the airplane with a russian missile,
8:55 am
i happened to think this is going to what forces him to leave ukraine alone and run back to moscow with his tail between his legs, that hasn't happened. >> they are owning the fact they were there, now they are launching artillery and rocket strikes from russian soil. what this speaks to is that sanctions and the idea europe and united states are coming together to stop the offense from russia is not working, and it is okay if it is not working, i would not blame president obama for what putin is doing but president obama and the national security team have to look and say what we did is not working, we have to do more. we can't talk about this in october, november, december. we have to do this now. jon: the former ambassador to russia says he wrote that piece
8:56 am
in politico saying he doesn't think putin's move is succeeding, that he isn't becoming this strategic mastermind, seasoned restoring the glory of the old russian empire which some people suspect he wants to do. >> he is the one who designed the russian reset button, he said let's start over with russia, he is the one who crafted this strategy that really allowed putin to read the u.s. was weaker. now that he has left, the u.s. ambassador to russia position, he is much more forceful, all over twitter and social media being very confident. if he had only done that when he was there and challenge the white house to do more or strategically read the tea leaves to say it wasn't working.
8:57 am
artha: coming up, she accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl and holding her hostage for months. the latest on the battle playing out with key evidence in this case.
8:58 am
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credit karma. really free credit scores. really. free. i could talk to you all day. jon: back more in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. i want to make you aware the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, which you see here in a photo, waiting for the live picture of him speaking from the prime minister's office in jerusalem. we're not entirely clear what his comments will entail, but we are in day to go over 72 hours cease-fire. we had been reporting hamas and israel he forces have been in that cease-fire allowing things to settle down while they figure out how to keep peace for the long-term.


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