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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 6, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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really free credit scores. really. free. i could talk to you all day. jon: back more in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. i want to make you aware the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, which you see here in a photo, waiting for the live picture of him speaking from the prime minister's office in jerusalem. we're not entirely clear what his comments will entail, but we are in day to go over 72 hours cease-fire. we had been reporting hamas and israel he forces have been in that cease-fire allowing things to settle down while they figure out how to keep peace for the long-term. there have been calls to israel
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to try to lengthen out the cease-fire. he may speak on the fact they have been able to use is really forces to get in on the palestinian side and knock out the tunnels where the rockies were being fired, keeping ammunition and can talk in details about their military mission as it again is in a break at this point. when it happens live, we will bring it to you. ♪ >> and this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, pete is back and outnumbered. we are glad to have you today because you have run for office before, it is very exciting for republicans. we have fresh poll numbers that
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could point to take over in a few months. >> it was brief. brief but spirited. >> that is you, you are spirit spirited. >> let's channel the spirit right now. america scared of the attraction of the country with president obama taking the brunt of the mood as his approval rating dives to an all-time low at a new poll. only four out 10 americans are okay with the job the president is doing. the approval rating for what used to be his strong point, foreign-policy, pretty bleak. only 36% approve of his handling of global affairs. another all-time low, a mounting is down it in the headlines taking a toll on how americans view their president. chris was on this morning and called this a crisis of confidence and i would call out
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the head-to-head matchup between democrats and republicans, in 2010 democrats are doing a lot better than they are doing tod today. a sign republicans could sweep the senate and house. >> something republicans are relying on in tough senate races with incumbents, you have to have the topline negative number above 54 long time, now the approval rating at an all-time low. the president did not do anything to pass the bill. people are seeing through what is happening, things that don't get done are stymied by him. the form post numbers are most impactful. what happened in may 2011? the bin laden raid. that is when it spiked and has been going ever since. >> they described as the sentiment the american people
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into words -- "fed up." one can they pointed to is the economy. a high of 56%, so let's discuss this as well. a high of 36% in 2009 now has dropped all the way down to 42%. >> 76% of americans lacked confidence their children's generation will have a better life than they currently do. so confidence is low. geraldo said right where you are on monday and told me i was wrong, the economy would be at the forefront of the midterm elections. with the president's approval ratings where they are, with the sentiment on the economy and the other paul you showed with key as well, 71% of adults think
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this country is on the wrong track, seven out of 10 directly blame the government for what they are feeling in the economy writes now, so some very revealing things. 40% said somebody in their household over the past five years lost their job, so we are not seeing a robust economic recovery. people are still losing confidence in this economy. >> almost half of respondents still think we are in a. >> when you have lost your job and have to catch up, even with the offsetting benefits is not the same as having a job. all you can best do is give less than what you had because many jobs replaced in this economy have come back with two or three people doing their old job in a part-time fashion.
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it allows them to get around that cost giving health care to everybody on staff but allows them to keep their pay low in general because it is easier to cut your hours when you are less than 40. it feels the same. >> watch these women voters. women favor a democratic congress, 51% to 37%. that is a block to have lost repeatedly. what you learn from this is if people feel like you're on the wrong track, present a vision to them so they feel like you are the people who can get them on the right track. republicans don't do that. >> why not? >> poor messaging is a start. >> a huge opportunity for republicans as they head home. >> let's take the president out
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of that issue, all you have left is the hill. >> i do think they will. and the prioritize the economy, of course. >> now three deadly insider attacks in afghanistan, one of them killing an american to start general a military academy near kabul yesterday. taking place within hours and rattling nerves with th u.s. trs withdrawal looming four months away. harold greene, a highest ranking american officer killed in a war zone since vietnam shot dead by a man linked to the taliban wearing a military uniform. heading home for burial. army investigators are trying to find out why he may have been targeted. >> he was engaged to help the
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future, but if you are more difficult to pay. he was there to actually help advance the afghan national security forces. >> raising concerns of a security pact will be signed and if any troops should stay behind, isn't that the key question? should we keep troops there after the main withdrawal? >> when you have no influence, one part of it a political leverage by being there, ability to train iraqi security forces because they were not prepared. he was a legit state's officer training the afghan army. the long-term ability of the army to fight and sustain the ability to feed the troops, that is what this guy was trying to do. they know what they are doing, they are a dedicated and many, they want to the road the trust and the road our will, headlines
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like this to not do y help. >> are you suggesting afghanistan could go by the way of iraq? >> yes. charge with sitting the insurgency to the taliban. on the countryside, city centers to be controlled by the government but at night who controls that territory, it is the taliban saying americans they have the watches and timelines. >> that takes us back to the vision behind keeping troops in vietnam because it was much the same thing. who knows who is really running things. he also said something, sandra, that kind of set afire. the highest ranking military leader killed since vietnam. such a huge loss and it does inform us of the potential if we
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don't leave some kind of a structure behind of our own military, how dangerous it will be for anybody left behind. >> what is the goal. it is safe to think we're where somehow in the country with barbaric history have to do democracy. in a culture that promotes wifebeating. i think it is a futile effort, the minute usama bin laden terrorists slip through the borders of pakistan we should have said if you continue to harbor terrorists, we will just obliterate you, but until then, note democracy because that god is not suited for democracy like iraq. >> how do politicians navigate this? they repeatedly say we want out, they don't even want these 9800 soldiers cap there.
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it is tough for a politician to advocate for more involvement or consistent involvement when people are saying no, we don't want this. >> the president's foreign policy numbers may be bad but what candidate wants to talk about staying in afghanistan? >> i have been told his senior military officials telling fox news a flight because we are talking about this with remains of major general greene has now departed. we don't have details on this flight or any potential stops along the way, but another point in the coverage of the high-ranking official in a war zone, no space remains. >> what it is to bring in an excerpt on because it was very interesting giving color based on your expertise and your experience for the remainder of the presidency,
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despite foreign challenges, which were to keep the free world from imploding before americans can arrive on the scene. make sure americans keep mowing the lawn international radicalism are exploding. don't have time to wait for pesticides or economic weed, control we needed to cut the grass to him before it involves the entire lawn. >> a phrase used in hamas. when you have so many radicals in so many insurgents r rising p you ultimately have to kill bad guys. you're not going to install democracy. islamic state taking over, taking over lebanon recently. they fought the lebanese army, this is a real movement trying to establish a state. if we are not there helping our allies and killing bad guys, nobody else is in that will keep
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growing. you have to mow the lawn. >> what is the goal now if you stay there? >> first ukrainian army better than the taliban and better than isis. want to fight the forces of radicalism. and you need a small footprint for which special operators can go kill bad guys. >> turn the middle east into philadelphia on the eve of the constitutional convention. paul revere is nowhere near th that. >> now as the ebola death for writers in africa, new steps to keep the deadly virus from spreading here. what the cdc is doing to quarantine suspect patients. and that could be a new strain with president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as white house takes a verbal shot at israel over the deft wall in gaza.
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will the two leaders have to call a truce of their own? and after the show join us for "outnumbered" logging onto tell us what you want to hear about. s charlie.
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>> we are glad you are here watching "outnumbered" and we are monitoring this as well. waiting for the prime minister to make an announcement, this is also going on. an emergency health meeting at the world health organization has just convened to explore a treatment for ebola. new numbers from that meeting, unimaginable outbreak has now taken the lives of 932 people dead from ebola. something we never thought we would see happen, two people with ebola now on american soil. the doctor and missionary in west africa. they have been brought back here
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for treatment. a drug that can speak keeping them both alive right now. what in the test results of another patient in new york city who came home and went to the hospital with a high fever and some other symptoms so they don't know, unlikely they have ebola and we are monitoring that part of the story also. workers cannot deal with it. note this, airlines like delta and united continuing to fly to hard-hit countries like liberia and nigeria. if set up quarantine zones with airports holding passengers suspected of coming down with ebola, for their handling of the way they would this kind of level four viral scare. your thoughts. >> anybody who watching this has a lot of questions has a low risk of getting this for the hysteria with incomes up isn't warranted. however this is not something to kid around about. when people get it, they die.
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british airways has stopped all flights to that region. not something i think the united states should be excited about doing that these airlines have to reconsider flying to these regions if we need to cut off air travel temporarily, don't think that is a big deal because i do think it is too much of a risk people trying to leave right now when i heard died, wreaking havoc in africa. if they got on a flight and have fever like symptoms and don't go to the hospital, which many of them don't, they go to healers, people who practice alternative tactics, it can spread, can we handle 50 cases? >> think the people who get sick and don't go to a hospital or a doctor. >> you're talking about this airport station where they are quarantining people, but will they catch everyone? people have a legitimate reason to be concerned about this.
9:21 am
people may miss things and not everyo will rush to a doctor if they don't feel well. i want to make people feel comfortable it is okay to be worried about this right now. they are handling it, but it is okay to have concerns right now. >> you prepare for a contingency that iscoming. >> the doctors trained to protect themselves while treating the patient's are contracting the virus so everything they know still not being able to prevent them from getting it. the situation is dire. in liberia may mandate all dead bodies be cremated. they're still have a very unsafe d"z practices, and to the point about people are not reporting when they are sick, they are running away and hiding causing fear, and this fear it is spreading outside the main regions we have been discussing. a man in saudi arabia just
9:22 am
traveled africa, it could start spreading outside of these countries and those people could come on airplanes. while i agree with you the hysteria is out there, still concerns it could bring the patientpatient's the quantum environment, i think that concern is unfounded because they are the most safe environment possible. >> that is totally unfounded. we have the best professionals. we can learn something about it. >> with this instrumental treatment, there are not that many doses of that, so i am not sure what the work is being done behind the scenes the world health organization's have in this emergency session right now talking about the type of monetary aid to keep these centers open to find a way to keep them alive longer. we will update you as it makes news. a programming note, fox news reporting and her bret baier takes us of close looking at obamacare how does affecting
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people in new hampshire. they are proud of their independent spirit. they love it. fox talks to a lesbian who opts out of obamacare because she does not want to pay for reproductive care she does not need. and the young doctor who retires rather than dealing with the affordable care act area did watch the special at 10:00 p.m. eastern and it airs friday and saturday and sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern timeslot. fox news reporting, a snapshot only on the fox news channel. speaking of obamacare, millions if you under the health care l law. the price shocker that you could soon get in the mail. coaching the big boys now, the first female assistant coach hired to sit on an nba bench.
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." we are waiting for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's news conference on day two of a cease-fire between israel and hamas. the latest flare-up of violence in the middle east possibly straining relations between america and israel as never before. while the president and prime minister have never been known as pals publicly, they always put on united front until now. administration officials report he had from the president on down have been highly critical of civilian death toll in gaza and methods used by israel military. he reported telling secretary of state john kerry to ever second-guess him again on how to deal with hamas. pete, these tensions between the united states and israel, it is getting very heated now. what roll should the united states be playing right now in terms of supporting israel. what should they be doing that
9:29 am
they're not doing? into stalwart, private and public allies to, a country that is dealing with a islamist, radical threat on their border shelling their people, who are holding innocents in front of them while they do so, to induce civilian casualties. ultimately comes down, we're two countries but tale of two men, two leaders. you have a community organizer and veteran of 60-day war, yom kippur war, special operator in israeli military, bebe netanyahu. you don't know the first thing about fighting terrorists. let me get this done. back me up. that is all they want. >> is it about speech? we are providing money, military aid to israel? clearly we are assisting them, seems kerry comes out to try to broker a cease-fire deal. doesn't seem like we're on their side. they're not getting the sense we fully have their back. why not? >> when leader of the free world came out and called for return of 67 borders, you can say as president obama said many times,
9:30 am
words do matter. they matter a lot. for the united states of america, to somehow, legitimatize a terrorist organization, to have the secretary of state somehow try and broker a cease-fire with a terrorist organization, the bush administration used to say, we don't negotiate with terrorists. this administration has taken a very different tact. i think actions and words matter, both of them and president obama just sent a message for the last couple of years to benjamin netanyahu that is questionable. which is why benjamin netanyahu is saying i'm going to use actions but i will use words like in the press conference to send a message i have the right to defend myself when we're attacked. >> do you think netanyahu will get tough with the united states in terms of his speech? he doesn't hold things back, sandra? >> one thing he has backing of israeli people. the left-leaning israeli paper came out with fresh poll, showed 77 approval rating for netanyahu. so and they're very satisfied with the, with his current
9:31 am
action. so i think with that backing he will come out with very strong words. >> do you think a long-term solution is possible here? and do you think the united states can really play a role in ushering that? or is it not possible? >> united states need to play the role pete's talking about. you do in public what you do in private. you tell the world this is your friend. what we're looking at by the way on left side of the screen, we see the podium live. we were waiting for that to come up via satellite. as soon as the prime minister walks into the center of the screen, we'll take him live. i think it is interesting, that were ever going to be obama doctrine, it will be one word and might be confusion. i feel, i feel confused when i look at the policy that he is applying to israel and i have to imagine if you're in israel you're confused looking back at it saying, what does this president really want? does he want to be ally? does he want to be a friend? he seems confused. i know that the palestinian
9:32 am
people elected hamas, but they're still a terror group. >> that is the trend. whether or not to talk with them. how to deal with it. >> my one friend that know i have. >> i think you're right. on number of foreign policy issues, that is how the american people feel. that is how everyone feels. what exactly is your policy here. what are you trying to do on international stage? >> feels like their policy is peace at any cost. they want no conflict, no one wants conflict. >> right. >> especially -- >> hamas does. >> hamas does, to eradicate israeli as of the face of the map if possible but this administration wants peace at any cost and will seek it without drawing moral distinctions. they're willing to talk to hamas and taliban. let's get along. the common international community and humanity reigns. it is dealing with world as they want it to be not as it is where there are still bad people who want to do bad things. >> is it idealism? is it naivete or utopia in d.c.?
9:33 am
>> yeah. >> there is perception that the democratic party is more pro-palestinian than israel. hillary clinton hugged arafat at white house. that was huge scandal. this is different, jedediah. seems to be almost implicit legitimatizing of terrorist organization. you have a former president saying they're a legitimate political actor. when was that ever the policy of the united states of america? i would say to harris's point, israelis are not confused. they're getting very clear message. >> they remain clear-eyed. >> the united states is not with us. in fact they're making it worse. i argue that john kerry has bungled this made it far worse and our meddling in egypt, a strong ally of israel, by allowing the muslim brotherhood to assend to power was a huge, huge screw-up by the u.s. >> i'm curious the tone that net-net will take -- netanyahu will take now. one thing you said in the green room, is this he is going to say they will lengthen out of the cease-fire from some pressure from the united states? you said absolutely not.
9:34 am
>> we will bring that news conference to you live from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu when it starts. we're watching the podium there meantime you may want to seriously considering changing your internet passwords. might want to think about it as authorities investigate what is being called the biggest data theft ever. did you see this russian hackers allegedly stealing more than one billion user names and passwords. getting scary, folks. plus nutrition labels may soon get a lot more confusing. the information, the fda is now proposing to add to food packaging. right after the show, head to the web, for "outnumbered overtime"."outnumbered." tell us what topics you want to hear about, twitter, facebook, email. >> i want your shoes. óqoqúúñ@
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>> just give me sugar, baby. unless you're in washington, d.c. and trying to control what i eat. this week the fda is reviewing new labeling standards and that may force food makers not to list total sugar content but how much suggest garr adding to the products. companies like campbell are not happy. distinction between naturally occurring and added sugars will confuse people. many nutrition experts say added sugars contribute to obesity than natural ones. that it is important to be informed. i want sugar. jedediah, tell them to back off. >> i will not tell people what to eat. people have the right to look at label and know what they're getting. this is quote from campbell food company. sugar is sugar regardless of the source. that is not really true. there is fructose. cane sugar. there are all different types of sugar. some have nutritional benefits.
9:40 am
some are lowgly seemic. there is able to make educated decision. i'm about personnal responsibility. >> why can't we be responsible for informing ourselves? why do we have to demand and mandate businesses to increase their costs that will be passed to the consumer, jedediah? why can't we be responsible for our own intake? >> can we determine that? the question is can we determine how much of that? how do i know -- >> you will never calculate how much extra sugar was in the campbell's soup. you will not figure. you know what is healthy or not healthy. >> people don't. >> information is power. >> true. >> transparency is good. this feels like they would ban it if they could, first step toward doing that. >> that is terrible. i don't support that. >> i don't trust intentions. this is controlling people more. >> isn't the road to hell paved with good intentions? >> paveed with chocolate. >> i'm in trouble. >> is it ebola, lyme disease, what is it?
9:41 am
cupcakes, soup? really? the more control we give them over health care the more control they want to take. this is, i think the slow creep and pete's right, they would ban sugar. >> if you have a cupcake i think you know that you probably shouldn't have anymore sugar rest of the day. it is just common sense. >> if you eat lots and lots of sugar you get fat, right? , get cavity, diabetes. people know that now. people will do what they want to do. have the big gulp. they will have two cans of campbell's soup. they don't care. you can not motivate behavior by labels too there are people who do care. i do look at labels. i care what is in my food. >> that will work itself out. >> it hasn't so far. >> starbucks, private companies, they will answer the demand -- >> i don't support bans. >> do it without -- >> i don't support bans. i hear what you're saying about slippery slope. i absolutely do. i think that is legitimate concern. a lot of people look at something. don't know what is in the product. sometimes not about calories.
9:42 am
it is about health. it is about they have a right to know what is in there. >> campbell's soup, mmm good. everybody knows it is good for you. no matter what. things are bad for you. >> i don't know. >> going a little too far. the priorities of this administration. they should be, fighting radical terror, not delicious baked goods. >> that's a fair point. >> this weekend, there was war on delicious baked goods and baked sales. first lady's let's move campaign, putting regulation on bake sales. easier to get a bag of pot into a school than a cupcake. >> isn't that a little weird? >> one thing that you both are saying about the slippery slope, i had not made the connection to heth care, i mean, it makes a lot of sense, if you are, setting guidelines for how people can qualify for health care, if you want to put some real tough language in there, then you can say, well, if you're eating foods not labeled with natural versus added sugars, we can deny you.
9:43 am
i know it's a stretch but can still get there. >> no. that is the absolute point. >> justification. >> if they're paying for health care they will try to control -- >> i hadn't thought of that. >> what you eat and what they will pay for based on what you're putting in your mouth. i think that is very dangerous territory. >> jedediah, you're making faces. >> i hear the point. i think is a stretch. i am "outnumbered" on this one. i care about what i put in my body. i learned the hard way. i had to study nutrition. >> if there is enough of you, then the restaurants and grocery stores and -- >> i think you're seeing it already. i think you're seeing it already. >> one thing i learned from this conversation, the other thing that the road to hello isdhill is paved with chocolate. >> that is exactly right. we're watching now. pop it up on the screen. we will bring you the news conference from prime minister benjamin netanyahu. when it starts, we're watching, this is the cease-fire that has been on. we're two days into the
9:44 am
cease-fire between hamas, terror group and israeli forces. will he talk about that? will he lenten it? will he tell about their military mission? that's what we're watching for. meanwhile, losing your child in crowded public space like shopping mall, that is up there among parents worst nightmares. how it could soon become a thing of the past. and getting the door for a lady. pete does this. >> i try. >> does that make a dude a sexist? new survey any kind of special treatment is holding women back. so do you let them get the door or are you miss independent? ♪
9:45 am
>> the prime minister of israel now talking about the situation between israeli forces and hamas. we are watching that podium. we've been told we are under a 30-second warning at this point. we can tell you that palestinians have been trying to go back to their daily lives, going back to their homes. israeli forces talked about tunnels they have routed. let's watch. >> shalom. >> all right, so we expected this he will speak first in hebrew. we'll talk a little bit about the conflict we're learning and
9:46 am
when he toggles into english and we'll translate as well and put audio back up. we're monitoring with our foreign desk. if he makes news in either event we'll know about it. andrea, they found some more tunnels where rockets and ammunition held on hamas side and firing farther and farther into israel. >> you get the sense this is the opportunity for israelis to wipe out all the tunnels. they have been very clear. they don't want to just let this go. they want to get rid of all the tunnels. as you point out they found all existing, very sophisticated tunnels, if you watched sean hannity and tunnels -- >> that was amazing. >> really insightful to see. this is not just some random group. they have careful training. they have been getting their missiles from our greatest enemies, north korea. and iran. and you get the sense, if you're benjamin netanyahu, you have to
9:47 am
be pretty frustrated. they're not trying to take over gaza. israel is in fact the opposite. he bought into the two-state solution. he tried to be patient. tried to go along with the cease-fires and hamas has not listened. he tried to be reasonable and they have answered with rockets and missiles to kill his people, using kid as human shields and trying to paint him as bad guy when all he tries to do is defend israel. >> palestinians for cause you're talking about with hamas, hamas is not necessarily, pete, fighting for palestinian people. that is part of the conversation that gets lost here. >> it is. gaza strip and hamas. fatah on west bank. there is conflict andities betwn two of them. we always wanted to empower moderates for the two-state solution. you have two--- you have terrorist organization firing rockets into the gaza strip. they didn't start this war. they're not seeking war. if they don't finish job, there was embarrassing intelligence miss for them not to know how many tunnels were there.
9:48 am
once there you have to look at it all, to look back at your people, we did this for a reason to get rid of the problem as opposed to revisit two years from now. >> i referenced that poll, he largely has the backing of the israeli people, 71%, 77% approval rating from his people. another poll revealed that the thing that they disagreed with was his decision to unilaterally end the ground invasion into gaza. so there is some disagreement among the israeli people. i just would be curious at this point, you know this is fresh off comments over the weekend from the state department, that did arguably make it look like the united states is distancing itself from israel. you know, we don't know what he is saying just yet, but, pete, this could be first indication from netanyahu, personally, that he is feeling that distancing. >> actually, jedediah, i'm curious to know what you think in terms of how much pressure the white house could really apply at this point and whether or not benjamin netanyahu would even listen to it?
9:49 am
>> i think they certainly could apply pressure and speech could be a lot different. they should really not leave any doubt whether the united states is allied with israel in this. there shouldn't be any doubt at all on table. i think netanyahu is making strong statement based on history. that is what he does. we're getting message, we're not backing down. we're doing what we need to do to protect ourselves. the question how much will he address what has gone on in terms of tensions with the united states and how he will frame it if he addsses at all and what that has impact on future white house decisions when they talk about this issue in the future. >> what deal is signed on whose terms? what happens behind closed doors is so much more important. israelis want to work with egyptians for regional solutions. we went to the qatari who is are allies with hamas. makes no sense, even behind closed doors what we've been doing and how we have been influencing. so, if we look at cease-fires, if we look at unilateral move out, it will be now terms that
9:50 am
are set and whether it leads to, the kind of treatment to israel we should have. international community will not come down. >> i have to imagine, and i don't want to pretend what i know is in benjamin netanyahu's head, pete points out we made number of missteps. going to qatarrys. not going to jordan. if you're benjamin netanyahu you're thinking, having rise of muslim brotherhood, mubarak step down. muslim brotherhood is alined with hamas. we have the brotherhood at the white house in this administration. netanyahu is not stupid. why i don't think he will do anything to inflame tensions or start a fight with the united states. he got this one. at this point he doesn't care what we say. >> real question, what conversation is going on behind the scenes, if you were able to be fly on the wall and overhear benjamin netanyahu talk to the administration, what exactly is being said behind the scenes. i think you're right. he is smart guy. he doesn't want to publicly flame tensions.
9:51 am
that conversation behind the scene is very tough in materials of what israel need to do too protect itself and what american support should look like. >> it is so interesting, you asked me earlier when we talking about this, jedediah, asked if a long-term peace deal can be worked out? that is the question of the century. andrea, you mentioned this before too, this thing has two sides. why so much more pressure on israeli side and not a lot of pressure on hamas side? let me tell you, leader of hamas earlier this week came out with all sorts of crazy talk about blood liable against the jewish state and how many lives they have taken and really gross, disgusting talk, that is baseless, completely untrue. nobody calls them to task. i mean, we put more effort and more push against israel that we're watching, that we know about, we don't know what is going on behind the scenes, then we put pressure on syrian regime. >> such a good point you make, harris. when has hamas been called to the table asked to explain
9:52 am
itself? if you see now the cover of "newsweek," talking about mass exodus of jews, not fleeing to israel because of zionism, but fleeing because of fear. this wave of anti-semitism people have said they have not seen in decade. it is astounding. one country that just appears, israel, is not allowed to defend itself in entire nation. i think it is very scary. benjamin netanyahu does feel alone. when he sees the united states aligning with his enemies and not perceived allies, he has got to question, what the heck is going on? >> it is in english now. let's watch and listen. >> [inaudible]. >> rockets being fired -- [inaudible]
9:53 am
>> all right. so right now, a video is being shown to the press and we are waiting for him to speak up. first there was a question from obviously that press corps in there. now they are watching this video. we don't know the length of this video. we have not been, as you might imagine given any guidance. we wouldn't need to be. this is not a white house press corps. this is the prime minister's office in jerusalem and, let's watch, let's dip in some more time to see if there is some guidance here. >> -- see how careful the idf is not to hit civilian targets. some of you have seen these before, but you see clearly how first idf fires warning shots the providing civilians with ample opportunity to evacuate the area. then you see residents leaving their houses.
9:54 am
hear you see different example. civilians climbing on roof of building because they have been asked to act as human shields. there you see we avoid it. we stopped the a tack not to hit civilians. >> well, these are palestinian terrorist attacks who are firing mortars from the vicinity of a u.n. school. this is the, does it not show on the screen? no. okay. well, the rectangle that you see in the center is the elementary school for boys. that is the thing that you see there in reddish, reddish color
9:55 am
and you see right around that, four mortars fired. five mortars are fired. one mortar fired, right around that school. very important to see that and to understand what kind of conditions our forces are facing from gaza. here's a terror tunnel near a school. you see the big building to the right of the arrows? that is a school. you see civilian houses, distance of a few meters. a mosque literally touching the school. civilian houses around it. this is where the terror tunnels are dug. may i say in many places the terror tunnels were dug from homes, from homes, from inside the homes. so, that is an example, again, of the use of civilian areas, both to fire rockets at our civilians and to dig the terror tunnels for the death squads to reach our people, kidnap and kill them.
9:56 am
i expect now that the members of the press are leaving gaza, or some of them are leaving gaza, and are no longer subjected to hamas restrictions and intimidations, i expect we'll see even more documentation of hamas terrorists hiding behind the civilian population, exploiting civilian targets. i think that is very important for the truth to come out. the goal of operation protective edge was, and remains to protect israeli civilians. that means to protect our people from roughly 3500 rockets, 3,500 rockets, that hamas and other terrorist groups fired on our cities, on our towns, on our civilians, on our children in the last month. the goal of this operation was to protect our people from the threat of terror tunnels built to send death squads into israel, to commit terrorist atrocities against israel's
9:57 am
civilians, to kidnap and to kill israel deeply regrets every civilian casualty. every single one. we do not target them. we do not seek them. the people of gaza are not our enemy. our enemy is hamas. our enemy are the other terrorist organizations trying to kill our people. and we've taken extraordinary circumstances and measures to avoid civilian casualties. the tragedy of gaza is that it is ruled by hamas. tyrannical, and fanatical terror group that relishes civilian casualties. they want civilian casualties. they use them as pr fodder. so it is not that they don't want them. they want them. and they pretty much say so. indeed hamas has adopt ad strategy that abuses and
9:58 am
sacrifices gaza civilians. they use them as human shields. they endanger them and deliberately increase the death toll. they fire their rockets at israel from schools, from, from mosques. you've just seen that. from urban neighborhoods and right next to schools where journalists are staying, you can discover that for yourself. of course nearly everyone says that they are, they support israel's right to defend itself. we appreciate those who say this but there are those who refuse to recognize, or to letsrael exercise that right. they would allow hamas to attack impunity because they say they're firing from schools or from mosques or from hospitals and israel should not take action against them. that's obviously a mistake. it is a moral mistake. it is an operational mistake. because that would validate and legitimatize hamas's use of human shields and it would hand
9:59 am
an enormous victory to terrorists everywhere and devastating effect to the free societies that are fighting terrorism. if this were to happen, more and more civilians will die around the world. because this is a testing period now. can a terrorist organization fire thousands of rockets at the cities of a democracy, can a terrorist organization embed itself in civilian areas, can it dig terror tunnels from civilian areas, can it do so with impunity because it counts on the victimized country to respond as it must, as any country would, and then be blamed for it? 6 can you accept the situation
10:00 am
where the terrorist are exonerated and be excused. it stands before the international community with a wave of radical terrorist that are seizing vast cities and doing the tactic that hamas is doing. that's what isis and hesbollah and boca haran is doing. the test now is not merely the test for the international's community attitude to israel. it is war crimes of targeting civilians and the test is for the civilized world itself and how it is able to defend itself. israel accepted and hamas rejected the egyptian ceasefire proposal of july 15th.


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