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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 7, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we don't know if the nfl will consider this or not, but he would join the ranks of what the rollinrolling stones and youtubd springsteen and everybody with the halftime at the super bowl. martha: probably no wardrobe malfunction worries. bill: we have to run, everybody, he will catch you on friday. "happening now." martha: take care. >> a new report finding most americans will not pay any fine if they do not sign up for health insurance. hope you're having a great day so far. jon: the mandate is the financial foundation of obamacarmeant to encourage younger, healthier people to get into the pool helping lower premiums for everyone, but the "wall street journal" reports that pool is dwindling fast because of so many exemptions. the government report estimates 4 million uninsured americans will have to pay any kind of a penalty at all in 2016, so what does it mean for the affordable care act?
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john mccormick senior writer with the weekly standard. what doewelcome to both of you. 30 million americans don't have health insurance, why is it only 4 million are looking at paying a fine? >> the amount of exemption you could get is widening beyond what we thought would be the case when the law was originally passed. one thing businesses rely on from government whether it is a liberal led government or conservative led government, it is consistency and they expect the government to follow the policies that have been passed. without that, businesses can't make decisions to continue the future. there are all these companies that are saying we don't know what to do for the future because all the exemptions and because other parts of of obamacare have been delayed, they don't know how to plan for the future. that hits little guy in raise
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premiums. jon: kind of interesting when you think back to what happens in december of 2013, the whole government shutdown over the mandate, right? >> exactly. people think about it, demanding the president defund obamacare. while that was the initial request, they pass a law that funded the terror government as long as the president would agree to the president mandate. the government shutdown, republicans eventually buckled under pressure from public opinion. and then the administration quietly adds an extra exception to this list of acceptable exceptions to mandate that you suffered a hardship. pretty much anybody at all can get out of this mandate. the president could have avoided the shut down entirely a year ago if he agreed with the house republicans and passed into law rather than unilaterally creating another executive action and exempting millions of americans from this law.
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jon: here are some of the exemptions laid out in a "wall street journal" report. a hardship application form was released that laid out the 14 exemptions. among other things people could avoid the penalty, the irs penalty, if a close family member had died recently. if they are facing eviction or medical expenses resulting in substantial debt. one exemption for people experiencing another hardship obtaining health insurance as too broad. i spent and documentation but does not require it. if i tried to get health insurance and i was unable to get it, i don't have to pay the penalty for not getting health insurance? >> all of these exemptions are extremely broad. i don't the federal government will be sending out massive armies of auditors to make sure your relationship with your aunt who passed away was very close. it is so hard to check up on
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this so the real problem here is accountability. how will we know who is honest and who is not? i don't think a lot of people have faith to ensure people are being honest about these things. people have hardships that come into play. i can only imagine the amount of fraud that will be happening for people who will not want to pay a fine. if you say you suffer a hardsh hardship. jon: this is what the law is built on, right? people will be paying in. if they are not paying in, what do you have? >> to give you an idea of how essential this is, president obama campaigned against this running against hillary clinton, he mercilessly attacked her. he only agreed to this when they became convinced from experts at mit and other places that this is absolutely essential if you don't have this mandate you may have a deat
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and more people keeping the premiums low. it has been referred to as the beating heart of obamacare to not get it taking until 2016 or maybe ever, we've already seen double-digit rate increases in a number of states and i would not be surprised if they go up even higher next year. jon: it seems the most controversial or may be onerous parts this law get pushed back, gets delayed after an election cycle. >> the most popular parts of the law spring into effect very quickly and have been delayed past 2014 and u with the broader exemptions possibly delaying past 2016. president obama will be long gone and retirement when the most onerous parts of the law kick in, which will mean the next commander-in-chief is going to have to deal with it. people who pay attention pretty closely to politics could be forgiven for maybe being a little cynical about the reasons for this.
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it could be a coincidence, but i don't think people are necessarily going to buy that. jon: he may be retired but i am sure he will have a gold standard health plan courtesy of the federal government. thanks. >> thank you. jon: is he a formal cataract bringing down the quality of health care in america? fox news speaks with somebody who plans to do something about it. >> after quitting medicine he is kind of planning a run for statewide office as a republican because of obamacare. >> this was not addressing patient care or even patient health, this was all about insurance reform, and forcing people to follow one form of rules. it brought down the standard of medicine in this country, and it is only going to get worse over time. reporter: he had a practice in florida before moving to new hampshire in 2010.
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>> the mandate made the decision a lot easier for me. jon: anchor bret baier will bring more in "live free or die" tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. you can catch it saturday at 10:00 and sunday at 9:00 eastern on the fox news channel. jenna: secretary of state john kerry making an unannounced visit to afghanistan today in the wake of the murder of harold greene. the remains of the highest-ranking officer killed in combat since vietnam arrived in a solemn ceremony. that is the video you are seeing there. >> as you know the dignified ceremony is given to all fallen servicemembers. up to the family determine if they want the media there. greeting the body, the secretary of the army and the chief of staff of the army, a man who is
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no stranger to the personal loss of war including his own son lost from an rpg attack in iraq. he was a brilliant but kind man with a sense of humor. he was an expert in logistics. one of the many capabilities that makes the u.s. army so strong, several postgraduate degrees, masters of engineering degree and from usc, a masters in science, a masters in strategic studies in the u.s. army war college and other degrees as well, yet some fellow students according to the "los angeles times" today called him sergeant greene. he was willing to take that kind of teeth. he is survived by his wife and two adult children. turning to the insider attack itself now, many questions surround the attack. the afghan soldier who committed this atrocity was 27-year-old
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went by one name, he had just returned from patrol. u.s. soldiers gathering of the weapons, he apparently evaded them, went to a separate building, hit in the bathroom, he opened fire from the bathroom window killing general greene and wounding a major general in the german army and wounding as many as 13 others. it is sure to rekindled out of this process of handing over responsibility to the afghan national army. the matter how many procedures the u.s. adopts to the limit the kind of insider attacks, it all ultimately boils down to trusting these afghan soldiers with loaded weapons. right now in the aftermath of this most recent attack the trust is severely strained. back to you. jenna: thank you. jon: turning now to russia, vladimir putin strikes back at the countries imposing sanctions over the ukraine crisis saying
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he is cutting trade ties with the european union, united states, canada, australia and are way for one year. banning a variety of food products from those countries. rush is considering airspace restrictions for international flights over the territory. reports of marshaling in eastern ukraine as government forces ramp up their fight against pro-russian rebels. this has u.s. defense secretary warns moscow could be preparing for an assault on ukraine. at least 20,000 troops on the ukraine border. jenna: russia pushing back against the united states and in another way completely. granting edward snowden the ability to say in russia for three more years. federal prosecutors wants to try him for leaking information about classified programs. granted one year temporary asylum, that ran out august 1,
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so now here we are again. deciding to extend his stay. which country has more ability to hurt the other economically? the united states or russia? who has the upper hand here? go to now and click on america's asking to join the conversation be at jon: 42 hours and counting until the clock runs out on a temporary cease-fire. negotiations continuing, but israel and hamas are far apart on a deal setting the stage for possible resumption of this deadly conflict. john huddy with the latest for us. reporter: in the past two days we haven't heard the code red sirens going off signaling incoming rockets. so the question is at this point while israel has agreed to suspend the cease-fire, will hamas do the same? take a look, earlier today there
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was a huge rally in gaza city, thousands of people supporting hamas and one of the leaders continued the militant groups saying his finger is on the trigger, that is willing to continue to fight if the demands are not met including lifting the blockade of gaza. first and foremost, israel wants him off to decide. this could be a long-term negotiation, the question is they have agreed to the extension, will hamas to the same? this is t the continue to see te aftermath of the war of the bloody fighting in gaza, people returning to their homes, neighborhoods reduced to rubble. both sides on different pages of more long-term agreements and those negotiations continuing in cairo, egypt, but the clock is ticking to see if the 72 hours cruise will be extended, will it remain quiet on the ground?
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israel maintains of the rocket and mortar fire continues, israel's air force will strike back. john. jon: john huddy, thank you. jenna: ahead, a details for the largest corporate settlement in u.s. history, plus an inside look into how to americans infected with ebola were brought back to the united states. what it means for infectious diseases in the future all had on "happening now." vo: this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less.
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jon: the cdc issued in the highest alert and response to the deadly ebola outbreak. level one response it is called meaning more staff and resources will be devoted to the problem. the world health organization and the house foreign affairs subcommittee hold meetings on the ebola threat today.
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the families of the infected americans now being treated in atlanta say they are improving every day. a better prognosis has some calling on western government to fast-track experiments. live in atlanta with more. jonathan. >> the world health organization is asking to look at the potential use of emergency it bola drugs, images of the doctor with it bola writing the u.s. and walking into an isolation unit on his own power. people talking with instrumental treatment he received before leaving africa, but medical experts say it is too early why the serum played no role in his health since a small minority of patients get well on their own. president obama needs more information before approving the use of instrumental drugs but ebola can be contained in africa
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by beefing up efforts to identify and isolate people who are infected. listen. >> we are focusing on a public health approach right now because we know how to do that, but i will continue to seek information about what we are learning with respect to these drugs going forward. >> the last time the cdc moved the operations center to level one response was in 2009 during the h1n1 flu pandemic. essentially all hands on deck called to mobilize all resources across the agency in this case my tray response to the ebola outbreak in africa. public health officials believe there is little threats to any widespread outbreak happening here in the u.s., customs officials are watching people with recent travel to africa with any symptoms. in new york patients who had presented complains of a fever, gastrointestinal problems have
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been isolated in a hospital since monday. the test results came back negative yesterday. the patient's condition is said to be improving but hospitals around the country taking no chances with this potentially deadly virus. jon: very scary times. jonathan, thanks. jenna: one of the biggest banks in america, bank of america, reportedly on his way to a big settlement with the government were $60 billion according to reports over the sale of toxic mortgages. the largest corporate settlement in u.s. history. more from the fox business network. adam? reporter: it appears that america lawyers determined it would be cheaper in the long term to settle than fight, so bank of america has paid billions of dollars to settle lawsuits of fraud and its representation in the mortgage operations. recently a federal judge ordered the bank to pay $1.3 billion in a separate case involving more than 17,000 defective loans sold
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through the countrywide financial unit. sources close to negotiations with the justice department told the associated press the new deal includes $9 billion cash payment and $7 billion in mortgage relief for eligible homeowners. the bank offered doj $3 billion claiming it should not have to pay for fraud perpetrated by countrywide mortgage and merrill lynch in the years before bank of america bought those companies. but after the federal judge ruling in that other case, lawyers and bank management crunched the numbers and determined a legal battle against doj could cost more than settling. lester they agreed to $7 billion settlement, jpmorgan chase settled for $13 billion on the same kind of issues, fraud within the mortgage and mortgage securitization process. jenna: anything consumers need to know when the bank settles, does that affect the consumer at a basic level?
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>> at the basic level, no. it depends what kind of a loan you have. countrywide was a separate loan, so if you had a countrywide mortgage part of one of these religious fraudulent securitization program or issued fraudulently, he may be eligible to have your mortgage lowered, it depends on the settlement. jenna: hearing the word countrywide brings you back to the crisis. thank you. jon: not necessarily good. jenna: in a different way. jon: a stunning victory for isis to tell you about. what sunni terrorists captured in iraq and why it is being called a weapon of mass destruction. plus, new information on a serial stowaway. what we are learning the woman who bypassed security to fly to america's busiest airports without a ticket.
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jon: right now some crime stories we're following for you. action in a cold case has a florida woman charged with murdering her five-year-old son be at she reported him missing, new jersey carnival in 1991. the remains were found a year later. court action today for the recreational soccer player accusing a one punch killing of a referee about to penalize him. he was ordered to stand trial last week on a second-degree murder charge. the lawyer looking to have the charge reduced to involuntary manslaughter. an update on a story we brought to yesterday be at the woman known as the serial stowaway who boarded a flight from san jose airport to l.a. without a ticket pled no contest to trespassing got 24 months probation. jenna: isis terrorists a key
8:26 am
strategic game in iraq taking control of the country's largest dam. it took only one hour for the militants to capture the dam and now could be used as a weapon of mass destruction given isis the ability to flood major cities including baghdad. islamic militants overrunning several christian communities in northern iraq. tens of thousands of people are fleeing fearing they will be subject to demands another christian areas. converts to islam or face death. also extending the war zone to lebanon facing government forces for control of the town on the border with syria be at raising alarms for the spillover in the war. joining us now for that side of the story from london. >> it is being called the first major incursion by the group isis now called the islamic state into lebanon and has a lot of people worried.
8:27 am
happening in a town not far from the border with syria. a place with a lot of refugees fleeing have gone. now it is a scene of war. allied militants seized the town, and nasty fight. 17 lebanese soldiers as well as many soldiers and lebanese police kidnapped all triggered by the seizing of northern commander. lebanese forces backed by hezbollah fighters have fought back. a cease-fire in place allowing the wounded to be brought out, some to be freed as well as in the past hour or so the departure of many militants from the town, but apparently in the nearby area not giving up all their captives. that is not all. there has been a bombing in the lebanese city as well i as issud out of the military checkpoint as one is dead in that. militants thought to be behind that as well.
8:28 am
those kind of instances and even attacks we have witnessed in the capital of lebanon that shows how much the 3.5 years civil war in syria has spawned trouble throughout the region. jenna: thank you. jon: a political giant faces an army of challengers. the primary day in tennessee today, could the tea party reassert itself and take out a sitting senator? also, if men are from mars and women are from venus, new poll suggests venus may lean toward one party. how women voters could make a difference in november's midterm elections.
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jon: still to come in this hour of "happening now," new polling on women and the economy. which party has the edge with the key voting block ahead of the midterms? plus, isis could be a new kind of terror group, how they are fighting like disciplined armies and why that makes them so dangerous. double trouble as hawaii braces for back-to-back hurricanes, we are live in the fox weather center. jenna: folks in tennessee heading to the polls and a rare thursday primary election where the incumbent senator familiar face faces six g.o.p. challengers. john roberts in nashville with more on this today.
8:33 am
>> early voting and record numbers in tennessee, the big question, can a powerful incumbents survive a challenge for a tea insurgent? lamarr alexander a fixture in tennessee politics going back to 1978 is facing off against six challengers including state representative. he has been hammering on and on his support for immigration reform. the same tactic used in virgin virginia. also asking the question when you look at alexander senate record, what has he really done? >> when you go to the voter across tennessee, he was a fine governor, what legislative achievement can he hang his hat on? what is the great legislative achievement? >> crickets. >> alexander's touting his experience and seniority saying he will become chairman of the education committee should republicans take back control
8:34 am
and immediately moved to streamline college loan applications. alexander says he has a relationship with democrats to be able to get things done. >> in the senate that takes 60 votes. even if we have 51 or 53 republicans, we need democrats work with us so most of us want a senator who will get a result, not one who will make a really good speech about immigration or debt or obamacare. >> he says that goes to show ellis and has forgotten what it means to be a true conservative. countering saying look at my ratings, 100%, but he also adds you have to work with the other side otherwise nothing happens. jenna: we will swing voters think about either of those sides, thank you very much. jon: no question men and women are different in many ways. that apparently extends to
8:35 am
politics and views on the economy as well. a "wall street journal" poll shows women prefer democratic congress after this fall's election, 51-37%. similar to the results in a fox news poll showing women would vote for democrat 47% to 38%. our women the x factor in the november elections and the elections overall? let's talk about it with a fox news political analyst and radio talkshow host and fox news contributor. first of all to you, you are a conservative woman, to those numbers surprise you? >> a lot of women are more concerned with keeping food on the table and paying the bills, but i'm glad to see liberals and republicans have come out with that we do care about the economy. if you're talking about the war on women, the true war on women have been liberals and failed products.
8:36 am
closer to the election, those numbers will change and republicans will get the voting block overwhelmingly. >> she would put the social thing on here. we agreed milk and medicine cost the same all over the country so economic inequality is a trans-partisan issue. 5 million more women are in poverty than men. five times more likely to be in poverty than married couples. hispanic women 120. white women $41,000. only 70% of what white men have. let's agree on this, republican women have to do some lifting too because when we get the gm or the ceo of gm and makes half of what her predecessor made and now still makes less even though he is in the company. i want to hear them come out and talk about economic inequality,
8:37 am
i think we agree on that. >> equal pay if there is not a level playing field but as long as liberals put it out there, we are not going get ahead and we need more women in congress and more women raising money. the former candidate said i got more support from men than my own gender. >> liberals are not doing that, your policies are doing that. women are suffering out here. let's have this question all across the spectrum, angela. jon: here's what i don't understand, fox news for instance asked do you approve or disapprove of the job barack obama is doing on the economy? this is a female-only poll. % of the women approved, 59% disapprove, in a similar vein asked whether they see any sign
8:38 am
the nation's economy has started to turn the corner and the worst is over or not, 37% of women say yes, 59% say no. if those are the numbers coming from women, why are they so supportive of democratic candidates with a democrat in the white house and democratically run senate? >> i see both parties not doing enough quite frankly, if the democrats do a better job at messaging. i want both parties to push for an equal rights amendment. since the founding of the republic women have not been equal. we just got the right to vote, so i think we have to look at the fact republicans and democrats, why are women in poverty today? under all the administrations, angela. >> liberals are better at messaging but you will know them
8:39 am
by their fruits. barack obama has not pretty policy to create a better black america as well as in america for women, we're still behind the times. the policies he has put forth the democratic senate has aborted him 100%. republicans have a talk about self-reliance, self efficiency because i don't like big brother government making the decisions in my household and i'm sure yu don't either. >> we agree, but you should pour yourself up by your bootstraps. i hate to see this president reduced to making executive orders because you have republicans who don't want to cooperate. we have its hands partisan problem, let's be transparent about that and work on it. jon: i'm going to guess you would agree with that one. >> all caps the given the same boots and same straps.
8:40 am
by the white house doin giving s away or saying inequality, that is not going to level the playing field. also promoting free contraception and raising minimum wage. >> we have to fight for the right whatever choices we make. as a woman i don't want t you in my bedroom. keep it there. get out of my bedroom, angela. jon: a lot of agreement from you two. thank you. jenna: a few of the stories we're going to get to today. and mother brutally murdered. late-breaking developments on this case and what we know tod today. u.s. forces winding down the mission in afghanistan, what is the best way to respond to future threats there and elsewhere? we look at the possibilities next. ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before.
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jon: let's check out what is ahead at the top of the hour. what do you have? >> russia banning food imports and teaming with iran and what
8:44 am
is a move to evade u.s. sanctions. getting edward snowden more time to stay. is it time for the u.s. to take on putin? >> plus, she wants her ivy league college to let her to carry her gun to protect herself from a stalker. the school says no way. the gun rights controversy grabbing national attention. >> and our hashtag one lucky guy says raises rents should not force sterling to sell his team. rock 'n roll hall of fame on the couch. >> please join us. >> why do i have a sense you have a wild hour coming? we will be watching that one, for sure. >> thank you. jenna: a fox news alert, secretary of state john kerry arriving in afghanistan trying to hammer out a long-term security deal as forces wind it down the combat mission in the war-torn country.
8:45 am
a growing debate and if we should be withdrawn from afghanistan. he would be doing no favor with such a policy. the departure of american forces hardly ended the war in iraq. nor definitively ended the u.s. role in that war. u.s. departure from afghanistan would not end the conflict the there. others are more cautious pointing out terrorists are no longer ousted that can be easily defeated. the major general, wrote an op-ed piece on the changing nature of the military threat saying "u.s. soldiers and marines are the global gold standard but the advantage has dismissed as terror groups turn into armies pairing the fanatical dedication to newly required technical skills, renewed intervention might generate casualties on a new scale as israelis have been painfully learning. both men join me now.
8:46 am
at the brookings institution and major general, fox news military analyst. it is a big topic. let me start with you, how does the changing nature of our enemy change the management we should have of that threat? >> that is a great question, jenna. enemies change and the experience of war makes them better. the terrorists we confronted after 9/11 were just that, they were terrorists, but thanks to the iranian trainers, things to experience in the syrian war, things experience fighting us in iraq and afghanistan, they have gone from being terrorists to being military be at they are being better marksman, more sophisticated weapons, maneuvering a larger units, commanding patrol is better, quality of training is better, so the days america could march into iraq and afghanistan and dominates the battlefield, perhaps they are waning as the
8:47 am
israelis learned great pain this past month. jenna: based on the assessment of our enemies, what does that mean if we should leave troops there? does it necessarily mean more security for the american public? >> first of all i thought the op-ed was excellent teaching us a lot about the nature of these kind of war. i also think you'd probably agree with me have to provide the general argument differently to different circumstances and he began with afghanistan's let me begin with afghanistan. keep a number of u.s. forces there indefinitely to strike terrorists if and when a pop-up their head in places like the tribal areas, pakistan or eastern afghanistan. might move back to some of the areas and still present in some parts of those areas as well so
8:48 am
i am not saying we should do any long-term favors forever indefinitely to the afghan, they need our help a little bit longer. more to do with striking al qaeda and similar terrorist organizations which i agree are serious threats to make serious threats and we cannot let down our guard. jenna: is that the right way to go in afghanistan? >> michael and ird are friends but we have a little bit of a difference of degree. we need to be extremely cautious particularly in iraq. we need to let that war play itself out because isis is a well-organized, a fighting force carrying across northern iraq and syria, they have started a war in the last couple of days in lebanon. afghanistan, i have no problem with small and long-term counterterrorist president of special forces and intelligence
8:49 am
gatherers in afghanistan, i think michael is right here, he is wrong increasing our presence in iraq. jenna: let's apply it to some other places because you just feel overwhelmed by the amount of threats in different regions. is it possible to have a strategy where we do have a footprint in all of these places all over the world just in case, or is that not realistic? what do you see as a way forward? >> i think he is making a very important argument, even though he is right, we differed little bit in iraq, his discussion is essential because we can never be cavalier about any limited role in iraq is something that can do casually and not worry about the safety of our forces. i agree he is much more proficient, much more serious than it has been before, but that is exactly why i think we
8:50 am
have to worry about it. the obama administration is correct to show some wariness of how helping the government with any major new initiative we have to try to convince the iraqis to find a better prime minister and government of national unity. if we can be helpful in limited amounts, the threat is serious enough we will have to contemplate the full range of options if not today, pretty soon. jenna: we are going to take a quick commercial break but i want to end with afghanistan. we're not sure the defensive security deal he could have with the afghan that could determine the way forward in general. a quick commercial break, back with more.
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jenna: back with our guest joining us. certainly a big topic today, but the question to end on, how does what we do in afghanistan today the securities deal we may or may not establish send a message to the rest of the world to how we are going to confront our enemies in the years ahead. your thoughts on that. >> i think sometimes we have they tried to tell to big of a story connecting the different pieces into one big narrative and countries are looking at what we are doing in their neighborhood, but my second point is still you are right, some degree of effectiveness and it is a bit of on the ropes. wwe're seeing that from syria ad iraq, maybe even egypt, some extent with russia and ukraine, now south asia. i think it is important we consolidate success. the first instance requires the
8:55 am
afghan president election with counting these ballots and throwing away any invalid ballot the loser can accept the income as well as the winner. that is the first order of business getting the election outcome right i hope sustaining limited american presence for quite some time in afghanistan. jenna: your thoughts. >> i agree to some degree, but i am on the minimalist side of this argument, don't want to see any more american soldiers die anywhere particularly in afghanistan. i'm a little bummed out by the death of harold greene, and if the afghans are continuing to shoot us, shoot their allies, it puts a damper on enthusiasm for helping them. i understand we need a counterterrorism presence, i understand we need to be on god for bid if al qaeda shows up in afghanistan again, but the idea of going all in to any of these
8:56 am
countries with the situation as megan suggested so fluid and so unknown, the pendulum swinging so far in the direction of chaos and anarchy, i don't know that i want to have on the units show up. jenna: our condolences to you and those who lost loved ones. really the priority, what is the priority of the top of the list, our security or afghanistan and to michael's point, says it should be our security. great to have such great guests, thank you very much. jon: whaa new study shows about vitamin d and possible relationship to alzheimer's. the doctor tells us what we need to know in the second hour of "happening now." else as well:
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